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  • The best ending of Pikmin 1. As Olimar says goodbye and leaves, the pikmin are shown attacking and bringing down a Spotty Bulborb, having been taught how to survive on their own.
  • The ending of the second half of Pikmin 2. As the spaceship flies off into the sunset, Olimar sees a light dot the ground below, followed by another one, and then another one, until the whole land is filled with sparkling lights. The source of the lights? The Pikmin, who are glowing as they watch Olimar depart. It's their way of saying good-bye and thanking him for helping their species survive.
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  • After finding Gyromite Blocks in dungeons as treasures throughout the second game, what is the name of the treasure that is ROB's head? Remembered Old Buddy. Awww.
  • That may be quite a stretch, but the fact that the Sagittarius and the Libra are considered mandatory parts is heartwarming: these parts serve no purpose to the Dolphin, as the ship can fly perfectly fine without them. However, they are souvenirs given to Olimar by his children, and as such are considered mandatory, meaning, in a way, that Olimar would rather die than leave behind a gift from his kids. Awwww...
  • The treasure description for the Memorial Shell is as follows:
    Olimar: "I've observed several species of shell-dwelling creatures inhabiting the Perplexing Pool. One of these feisty beasts forms a spherical gem within the meaty depths of its shell. In a way, this gem could be considered this creature's lifework. I consider my children my life's work."
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  • There's just something strangely endearing about the Mamuta's description about how it loves flowers for their decorative purposes. Who'd have thought that this hideous lumpy creature could be so fond of pretty things?
  • In the Treasure in a Bottle short movie, nobody can deny how adorable it is when the Red Pikmin gratefully hugs the Blue and Purple Pikmin who help him escape the bottle.
    • And of course, how hard his buddies work to free him. They all really do care about each other!
    • What's more, seeing how much he still wants that marble, they all carry the bottle home together, letting the one who was trapped ride on top.
  • Hey! Pikmin is chock full of in-level cutscenes, most of them showing a couple of Pikmin getting themselves into trouble. It’s incredibly cute to watch, especially the few times that Olimar gets involved.

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