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The games:

  • Louie's notes. While most of Olimar's notes on the creatures are about their behavior, biology or how dangerous they are, Louie's notes are all about how to cook them and make delicious recipes out of defeated boss monsters!
    • His culinary talent with insectoid beasts earns him the title "King of Bugs" after the Titan Dweevil is killed and he is rescued as the final "treasure".
    • Remember the terrifying Titan Dweevil, the final boss of the second game that held Louie captive? He gets his revenge on it, as he describes in his notes that "eaten raw, it's bold and full-flavored" and has a "satisfying crunch".
  • Several of Olimar's treasure hoard notes in the second game, as well as Louie's cooking notes.
    • The suspicious blue color paint that Olimar used for the ship. Olimar gives a nutshell of what happened after.
      "But did it thank me? Nooooo."
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    • Louie's notes on the Caustic Dweevil.
      "Inedible. Effects of consumption include uncontrollable arm-flailing and enthusiastic dishwashing."
    • Olimar's notes on the Waterwraith, just because of how correct it was in how the player would react to it.
    • Olimar's notes on the Silencer, namely how he complains about the President.
      • Made even funnier because the Silencer is obtained in the Wistful Wild - that is, after the President joins your party. One can only hope the President never reads Olimar's journal...
    • Louie's notes on the Mamuta.
      "Inedible. Tastes Like Chicken.'
    • Louie's notes on the Queen Candypop Bud.
      "Eating this flower leads to spectacular, breathtaking indigestion."
    • Olimar finds the Paradoxical Enigma, a severed rubber duck's head, to be a stunning work of art. When he finds a more complete rubber duck in the Shower Room...
      "The first time I laid eyes on this hideous treasure, I though it was a giant aquatic monster! It took me several terror-filled seconds to realize that it's just an ugly statue. What a relief... I was ready to run all the way back to Hocotate!"
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    • It turns out Olimar likes karaoke, which his family apparently looks down on him for.
  • One of the treasures found in the second sublevel of the Cavern of Chaos is the majestically-named "Child of the Earth." It's a potato.
  • Louie's first interaction with the Pikmin. After pulling one out of the ground, it tries to get closer to him, which Louie responds by trying to run away from it, with the Pikmin chasing after him.
  • A few of the ship's sales pitches count too.
    • For "Innocence Lost":
      "Think back and remember the starry skies of your youth...Innocence...Every being once possessed it, but lost it over time. This star is the shape of that precious memory. All major credit cards accepted."
  • The Waterwraith is the most terrifying enemy in Pikmin 2, both in-universe and out, and is heavily implied to be an Eldritch Abomination. You can only bring blue Pikmin into the cave you find it in, whereas it's invincible to everything except purple ones. It appears whenever you take too long on a floor in the cave, complete with Scare Chord; can kill all your Pikmin in about a second if it catches you; and, even if you don't have them all with you, knows exactly where to go to screw you over the most. Needless to say, when the final floor provides you with purple Candypop Buds, throwing purple Pikmin at it, making it cower in fear as they smash its rollers, is not only hilarious but also deeply satisfying. The funny factor is turned Up to Eleven when the rollers are destroyed; the Waterwraith runs away in panic, and the music shifts from creepy to zany. The best part is when you actually defeat it, it strikes a few poses and blows up.
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  • The Pikmin going and beating up the Bulborb in the Good Ending of the first game. Doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The bonus video for completing challenge mode in Pikmin 2 shows us some more detail about the reason for the plot. Louie was lying about the ravenous space bunny. He ate the entire shipment of golden pikpik carrots.
  • Some of the ship AI's reactions, especially after you make it store a deceased enemy, attempt to enter the Submerged Castle, and after it becomes gold plated.
  • Enemies falling off the side of the rusty metal stages. Especially if they're a Bulbear marching after your Pikmin so blindly that it walks out onto nothing and falls.
  • Plenty of the letters you receive. Highlights include the President realizing he accidentally took a loan out with the All-Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks, the President accidentally eating all the cookies that were for Louie, spam letters, and Olimar's family attending a performance and falling asleep during it.
  • Doodlebugs.
  • If you're not going for a No Casualties Run, try finishing off a boss by poisoning it. It will only cause minor damage, but if you pull this off, it's your personal Moment of Awesome and pretty hilarious to boot.
  • In 2, the ship writes sales pitches for all the treasures found. Even the food.
    "The consistency of the half-cooked yolk says "Mmm! Good!" It is packed with nutrients, too. I can sell it, but I have never eaten it. I am UNABLE to eat it. Not even a nibble."
  • Both notes on the Flare Cannon. The Ship says it should "never be used to cook sausages". Olimar says Louie keeps trying to use it to cook sausages.
  • The Comedy Bomb is nothing more than a makeshift whoopie cushion.
  • In 3, all Pikmin can throw bomb rocks now. Those who do throw the bomb and run away screaming the Pikmin equivalent of "Run away!".
    • Also in regards to 3's bomb rocks, if you use it to kill an enemy they may give the bomb an Aside Glance and try to clear out, though they usually don't get far enough fast enough.
  • Charlie's odd fascination with his Rubber Ducky becomes an amusing Running Gag. It's especially funny when Louie runs off with it.
  • In the third game, when a Puffy Blowhog is defeated, it rapidly deflates, followed by the hilariously tiny deflated corpse dropping pathetically with a light plop onto the ground.
  • Between days in Pikmin 3, the crew mates can speak to each other. These random conversations can be quite funny.
    • Alph goes on about Charlie's legendary acts of heroism, such as "Operation: Rubber Ducky Stucky" and "Operation: Rubber Ducky up a tree".
    • Brittany tells Alph that she thinks that Pikpik carrots are gross.
  • After you save Charlie, his rubber ducky can be seen floating around aimlessly inside the ship, even floating past the map sometimes. When you capture Louie after he stole all your juice, he's tied up and does the same thing.
  • When the ship crashes at the beginning of the third game, you can hear the laugh of the Duck Hunt Dog.
  • Anytime your Pikmin tries to carry treasure by itself, or starts taking on a large enemy solo. Granted, it will usually get killed in the latter case, so this can be annoying.
  • If you return to the ship in Pikmin 3 after encountering the Vehemoth Phosbat (but before defeating it), Alph comments that it's giving off Charlie's distress signal. Alph correctly assumes it must have eaten him, but Brittany draws a different conclusion.
    Brittany: Typical! We leave the Captain unattended for five minutes, and he goes and turns into a giant ghost moth!
    • After rescuing Charlie, the team has an amusing conversation about how the Phosbat resembled the captain.
    Brittany: I actually mistook that strange creature for you. You two have very similar features, did you know that?
    Charlie: To be honest, while trapped in the belly of that vile beast, I thought of only one face, Brittany...My own.
  • The Plasm Wraith gently stroking Olimar's unconscious body might be creepy in a way, but it's strangely amusing considering the legend people associate it with.
  • The Extraordinary Bolt in the first game. Turns out Olimar bought a mostly worthless screw because of a bafflingly effective sales pitch claiming it of "extraordinary quality." Extraordinary!
    Olimar: I bought this incredible bolt because the salesman told me it is of extraordinary quality that is indiscernible to the average person. Exactly what makes it so extraordinary is a secret. But just look at it! Extraordinary!
    Olimar again: This bolt's bolt holds the kind of value that only a true connoisseur can understand.
  • One of the ship pieces in the first game is a Geiger Counter, and in a moment of Black Comedy, Olimar's description admits that he doesn't really know what it does and that he always ignores the annoying beeping noise that it makes from time to time. It's a miracle that our hero hasn't died of radiation poisoning by this point!
  • One of the Quaggled Mireclops' main attacks is belly-flopping in a manner comically similar to the break-dancing move called 'The Worm' (though it's less funny when you realize it can kill a lot of your Pikmin doing this).
  • At the end of every level in the third game, when a fruit only fills a bottle halfway, the next fruit automatically fills it, leaving one to wonder just what the heck the indiscriminately-mixed fruit juices would even taste like.
  • Somehow you can get lots of clear juice from a banana and an avocado, which aren't really very juicy fruits to begin with.
  • Hey! Pikmin may be in an interesting area regarding the fanbase but there's no denying it's treasure logs aren't a source of hilarity. In particular, the amiibo notes tend to be hilarious because Olimar is commenting on various Nintendo characters with near zero context. Some highlights include:
    • Him just trying to figure out just what the heck Yoshi is, especially how it makes little sense that he'd be born with a backplate and shoes.
    • Confusing the Inklings with harden war veterans and hoping they get a break soon. As anyone familiar with their home series is aware, the Inklings are perfectly okay with the sport.
    • Becoming incredibly paranoid over his own amiibo over how someone on the planet already knows what he looks like.
    • Can't figure out what Donkey Kong is but sympathizes with him because since he has a tie, that means he has an office job.
    • Gets wrapped up in the eternal mystery of whether or not the mushroom on Toad's head is a hat or part of his head.
    • Spends most of the Animal Crossing amiibo line unable to figure out if they're people or animals.
    • Upon only seeing her amiibo, Olimar claims Isabelle would be a better president at Hocotate Frieght than the current one.
    • After getting the Mr. Resetti amiibo, the S.S. Dolphin II starts talking with a Texan accent. Olimar considers the best course of action to fix this would be to reset it.
    • The Kicks amiibo has Olimar lament over how Kicks apparently has more going for him than he does. While wondering over what else he could possibly have over him, the ship chimes in with 'probably doesn't dwell on such trivial problems like this one." Olimar's response?
    Olimar: I think that's the worst I've ever been burned on a voyage. Where are the Red Pikmin when I need them?
    • Similarly, he also comments on what he thinks is on the NES cartridges he finds. He thinks Ice Climbers is a tale of violence and that Super Mario Bros is a tragedy and hopes the mustachioed man on the cover will have better luck in his next life.
  • In the third game, the onions fuse together to form a single bigger onion with swirling stripes of the assimilated colors. As the first three colors acquired are yellow, red and black (Rock), the merged onion for a while resembles the flag of Germany!
  • When the Sandbelching Meerslug is killed, it vomits out an entire watermelon, followed by an early 2000s flip phone, which flips open to reveal a wallpaper showing a pair of ferrets. No, it doesn't make sense even in context.
    • Unlike most large boss monsters, which drop a body part that the Pikmin can easily carry home, they haul the entire Meerslug all the way back to the base - followed by the Onion sucking in its massive, lengthy body into itself like a strand of spaghetti!
  • The Koppatites name the peach a "Mock Bottom." The plum is also christened with the rather unappetizing moniker of "Lesser Mock Bottom".
  • While from the captains' perspective the boss monsters seem massive and Kaiju-sized, remember that the captains themselves are only one inch tall: meaning that the monstrous-looking Armored Mawdad is only the size of the lobsters you'd buy from the supermarket, and the titanic Quaggled Mireclops is roughly as big as a truck tire!

The animated shorts:

  • The Night Juicer
    • The red, yellow, and blue pikmin all think that the pikpik carrot Olimar just juiced up is one of their own, and are afraid that he's reaching for them next. Olimar hardly even acknowledges that they're there, even casually pushing the Red aside to grab more carrots from the box they just knocked over.
  • Treasure In A Bottle
  • Occupational Hazards
    • There are a few funny ways which the pikmin carry back the parts of the digger. One red is rolling on top of another red, covered in washers. Another red is carrying two washers back by putting them around its arms and rolling them like wheels. At first it looks like one really tall Red pikmin is carrying six nuts at once by putting them around its body, but it's shortly revealed that it's three pikmin carrying two nuts each stacked on top of each other.
    • After getting kicked in the eye by a pikmin hiding in a wheel, the enraged bulborb tries to kick the wheel and remove the hiding place. Evidently though, bulborb legs aren't very strong (and besides that, the wheel is partially buried in the ground). The resulting hopping around the bulborb does on one foot is pretty hilarious.
    • When the yellow pikmin enters the cave with the bulborb in it while spotting some treasure, it eventually ends up waking the bulborb up in curiosity. When the bulborb turns around and spots it, despite Yellow's lack of facial features outside of ear, it still manages to give a pretty epic Oh, Crap! expression.
    • When a yellow pikmin firsts grabs on to the battery and receives a jolt, a few more yellows join in, all of them enjoying it. A blue ends up noticing and, out of curiosity, tries to join in... The end result is it getting zapped and jolting around comically, before its ghost floats out of its now paper thin body, all the while the yellow that it touched looking on at the sight in utter oblivious confusion.
    • Later on, when we're shown the scene with the yellows again, we see that tons more have joined since the above scene, their buds and flowers glowing different colors from the electricity as they all hold onto each other, strung about every which way. The end result ends up looking like Pikmin themed Christmas lights.
    • Early on, the Pikmin come across some dusty pipes, going through them results in the Pikmin getting covered in the dust, one blue Pikmin gets a dusty afro. The best part however? A yellow pikmin pulls out a mushroom, and the camera pans up to a very familiar green pipe, coupled with gold coins popping out with the appropriate sound effects. then, the red Pikmin in said pipe gets dust all over its face that resembles Mario's hat, nose, and mustache... with the first few notes of the Super Mario Brothers theme playing as he jumps out with the pose and sound effect of Mario's jump.
    • As the Pikmin and the Bulborb are dumped from the digger's scoop, the Pikmin's leaves quickly sprout into flowers to allow them to safely glide down to the ground. The Bulborb gets an Imagine Spot of its mushroom pattern extending to act as a parachute... before realizing that it can't do that and falling to its death.
    • When the Bulborb dies from its fall from the digger's scoop, many of the Pikmin start to gather around it. When Olimar realizes that the bulldozer was collapsing, he calls back all the Pikmin from the Bulborb...and they leave behind a censored space. What did the Pikmin do to warrant that kind of censorship?!
      • Given the noises they're making are Pikmin Digging/Combat noises, it's very likely that Olimar's Pikmin were subjecting the Bulborb's corpse to Extreme Mêlée Revenge for the Pikmin it killed. Even funnier is that they do this without any prompting from Olimar.
    • The cost of the destroyed digger: 1,000,000,000,000,007 Pokos! Olimar makes a triumphant jump and pose, and you can tell: he's about to salvage that digger. Another interesting note is that, in Pikmin 2, Red Bulborbs (of whom one is trapped under the wreckage) are valued at 7 pokos.
      • The digger collapsing itself is pretty hilarious since Olimar didn't stop to think about what removing all the bolts from a giant structure would do. Luckily for him this also unintentionally made salvaging the incredibly valuable wreck easier for him.
    • A White Pikmin gets a nail dropped on its head and it starts angrily squeaking... then it sees two Blues trying and failing to launch a Purple Pikmin on a catapult-like contraption and just gets angrier. The Purple steps aside and lets the White go... only for two Purples to jump onto the other end of the catapult, sending the White Pikmin flying.


  • Of course, Chuggaconroy's famous playthrough of the game, and the resulting Steve the Trooper meme that arose to such a point that even Emile himself's gotten tired of hearing it endlessly.
    • To put it in context, in one early day of the playthrough, he casually nicknamed one red leaf Pikmin "Steve" and joked that every time a Pikmin slows him down or acts stupid it "would always be Steve". This reached its peak in day 8, where in the last 10 seconds of the day he barely manages to rescue a red leaf Pikmin trying to carry back a dead Blowhog all by itself. And thus the meme stuck, with him even musing in later episodes how some of the fans even made a Facebook page for Steve the Pikmin.
    • There's also one moment when a glitch made him think he'd left behind 100 blue Pikmin. Cue a complete freakout on his part.
  • Tom Fawkes' playthrough, made all the funnier by him giving Olimar a raspy mad-scientist voice and Louie a hippie-like voice similar to Shaggy from the Scooby-Doo series.
    • And in his playthrough of Pikmin 3, he gives Captain Charlie the voice of Kronk from The Emperor's New Groove!
  • StephenPlays's playthrough is also filled with hilarious moments, mostly when his girlfriend Mal takes control every other episode and Stephen breaks out into screaming fits of panic whenever things don't go according to plan.
    • That one incident when Stephen accidentally drowns a whole bunch of yellows in the Distant Spring. Even better when ProtonJon repeats the exact same mistake in The Runaway Guys LP of it.

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