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  • Ascended Fanon: It was often thought that the Onions were capable of space travel despite the fact that neither Pikmin 1 or 2 showing them outside of orbit. Pikmin 3, however, does show they are able to leave orbit and survive in the vacuum of space just fine, though whether or not they can travel to other planets is still up for debate.
  • Developers' Foresight: If one should stay around in the center area of The Formidable Oak without encountering the Mysterious Life Form, there is actually Sunset music made for the Formidable Oak and its rainy variant, though one wouldn't know that unless they actively stayed put.
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  • Development Hell: Pikmin 4 was "very close to completion" circa 2015, but hasn't been released as of 2019.
  • Dueling Games: Overlord is considered Pikmin's Evil Counterpart.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A lot of people tend to refer to Rock Pikmin as simply 'Rockmin'. May or may not have to do with a certain blue robot's Japanese name. People also tend to call Winged Pikmin 'Pink Pikmin' simply out of tradition; the same goes for referring to Rock Pikmin as Grey Pikmin.
    • Olimar after being turned into a Pikmin in the first game's Bad Ending is called "Olimin" or "Pikmar".
    • The Red Leaf Pikmin is forever known as Steve the Trooper.
    • There's also the 'Koppai Crew' for Alph, Brittany, and Charlie.
    • Some parts of the fandom refer to the creatures on the Pikmin Planet as "Pikavores" considering they only ever seem to go after the Captains and their Pikmin.
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    • The President of Hocotate Freight tends to get his name abbreviated to "Prez" by most of the fandom. Some people often call him "Shachou" or "Shacho" thanks to some tie in sources from Japan. note 
    • Hey! Pikmin has been referred to as Pikmin Mass Attack due to its similarities with Kirby Mass Attack.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Pikmin 3 redesigns the planet of the Pikmin so that it looks different from the past games, making it less obvious that it resembles Planet Earth. However, those with the scientific knowledge can point out that the new design now makes the planet resemble Pangaea Ultima, a possible future version of Earth.
    • The Pikmin planet houses some very large insects, even taking into the account the rather minuscule stature of our heroes (some insectoids still looking like they could be a couple feet long/tall). Its mentioned that the planet has an usually high concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere, and in prehistoric times why were real-life insects capable of growing to such gargantuan sizes? An usually oxygen-rich atmosphere in prehistoric times.
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  • Jossed: A common fanon idea was that if rain were implemented into the game, only Blue Pikmin would be able to go out on those days, being the only ones who can deal with large amounts of water. Pikmin 3 shows that this is not the case, as all Pikmin types are able to handle rain just fine.
  • Late Export for You: Even though every other release made it to America at more or less the same time as other regions, the New Play Control! version of Pikmin 2 for the Wii was released in every region except America in 2009, and America didn't get it until 2012. This was likely because Nintendo of America didn't renew their deals with the owners of the many trademarks in the game.
  • Name's the Same: The treasure known as the Crystal King may bring RPG fans back to the end of the Nintendo 64 era.
  • Saved from Development Hell: It took eight years before anything solid was revealed about Pikmin 3, despite Miyamoto hinting about it since Pikmin 2 was released. At most, all Miyamoto would say is "we're making Pikmin" and even tease about it at some E3s by specifically asking people not to ask about it. Eventually, it was released in 2013, a little over a whole nine years after Pikmin 2 was released in 2004.
  • Sequel Gap: Took little over nine years for Pikmin 3 to be released after Pikmin 2 came out in 2004.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda:
    • Back during the early days of the franchise when Pikmin 1 was still new and dumping ROMs online and looking at the code was still in the very early stages, there were hundreds upon hundreds of supposed "cheats" that would net you colors of Pikmin that weren't in the game. The most infamous was a possible "Rainbow" Pikmin, who's appearance was either striped with multiple colors, Pikmin that changed color at random similar to Hyper Sonic from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, or Pikmin that had red, blue, and yellow on their body in some way. The only thing most of the "rumor"s shared was that they had all the other Pikmin facial features and possessed all Pikmin powers too. Exactly how to get them, however, varied from source to source, from beating the game in an impossible amount of days which would unlock a New Game+ you can use them in, to one source that said you had to throw Yellow Pikmin holding bomb rocks into the spring at the Impact Site then immediately end the day as soon as they hit, and the Rainbow Pikmin would be there the very next day. Naturally, they were all fake, but this hasn't stopped people from wanting actual Rainbow Pikmin in a future game, even if it ends up being a Bragging Rights Reward.
    • There was an old 'glitch' rumor that you could get the Beady Long Legs out of its arena in one and taking it to where the Libra is causes it to crash the game. Not only is this impossiblenote  but hacking the game to have it go out of bounds to where the Libra and abyss are simply causes it to de-spawn if it goes too far into it.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game started out as a game called "Adam and Eve" which focused on their lives. The game was set in a prehistoric environment (mammoths and all) where you would watch the life of two characters unfold and eventually the amount of characters would expand. You were originally in a "God" role, mainly watching the characters and making them either fight or giving them love. The idea was scrapped because they couldn't figure out an objective for the game. The one aspect from that stage to survive into the finished game were the Bulborbs, which were originally meant to be the aforementioned "mammoths", before being retooled into predatory enemies.
    • Originally, Pikmin didn't have a protagonist and the characters were weapons shot by the player. Eventually the Pikmin were changed into being more like companions and tools, and Olimar was created.
    • The Pikmin themselves had several design changes. They were first around the size of a house cat, but were made smaller later in development. The original design was completely black with no facial features. Later on, they were changed to be pastel colors, but the final product uses just red, blue and yellow. The Pikmin were originally meant to be different shapes (fat, tall, short, thin, etc.) and they each had their own life meters, but it was deemed too complicated, so they opted for one size of Pikmin in three different colors. The idea of Pikmin with different body shapes was eventually brought back, as the variants of Pikmin introduced in later games all have distinct body shapes and heights in addition to unique colors.
    • Strawberries were originally supposed to be used as twenty pellets in Pikmin 1, but for whatever reason they were replaced with the literal twenty pellets of the finished game. Their model would later be reused in Pikmin 2 as one of the various treasures on the planet, and re-reused in Pikmin 3 as one of the kinds of collectible fruit.
    • Originally more than 100 Pikmin could be on the field, but this was changed due to the limitations of the GameCube.
    • Yellows weren't originally the only ones to carry bomb rocks in the first game. Red and Blue Pikmin could have carried them too, and Yellows would have had their electric immunity they had from Pikmin 2 onwards. However, problems with getting electric hazards to work right and time restraints forced the development team to abandon electric hazards until the sequel, and in order to give Yellows a purpose, they were made the only Pikmin who could carry bomb rocks. In Pikmin 3, all types can now carry bomb rocks.
    • There were originally four captains in Pikmin 3. The fourth was cut due to complications with using four captains.
    • Brittany's captain color was originally supposed to be yellow, as seen in some early E3 Pikmin 3 videos, but was later changed to pink/light red. Similarly, Charlie's captain color was going to be red but was later changed to green.
    • Early media pertaining to the captains in Pikmin 3 stated that Charlie was an Abhorrent Admirer to Brittany. This was completely absent in the game itself when it was released, with the two having a more professional relationship, albeit Brittany does tend to treat him as a Butt-Monkey pretty frequently. Rumor has it this is still present in the Japanese version of the games, but there has been no solid confirmation on that yet.
    • A user managed to hack in various unused objects in Pikmin 3 into the game. These include poison generators (that actually do kill all but white Pikmin), a large "candypop bud" that kills Pikmin, and, most bizarrely, a "Pikmin" that actually IS a Pikpik carrot. The game's files also included a number of enemies that went unused, including a purple, burrowing leech-like creature and a bizarre wollywog with a rock growing from its belly.
    • Rock Pikmin were supposed to have more varied designs, with each one having a subtle difference like one being wider, another being thinner, one having more jagged edges, and so on and so forth, like the original idea for the Pikmin. This could even be noted in their E3 debut, albeit ever so slightly. Like the original idea for the Pikmin having more varied designs, this was scrapped for unknown reasons, with all Rock Pikmin looking identical to one another in the final version of the game.
  • Word of Dante: It's a wildly believed fact that Olimar is incompetent because he didn't use the Nova Blaster to destroy the meteor, despite the fact that the manual for the first game, and later one of the tie-in websites, actually does provide a justifiable reason for this. Namely, Olimar had set his ship on auto-pilot at the time because it was a route he had traveled many times before without trouble. Also, if one pays close attention to the cutscene, the meteor does notably blindside him before he can react.

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