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  • The "Maternal Sculpture". Olimar's notes make it worse.
    "This shape resembles a mammal appendage. But I have no idea what it actually does. It's dripping with what can only be described as beast drool. I can't blame the ship for not wanting to touch it. I don't want to touch it either! But I've got a duty to my mission, and sometimes a captain has to take one for the team..."
  • The description of the Meat Satchel (a sausage) is rather disturbingly...sexual.
    "This wand of meat makes me inexplicably hungry. The parts used to produce it seem to be of ambiguous origin and questionable quality. calls to me... Maybe I'll have just one bite..."
  • The Arboreal Frippery bears a striking resemblance to a marijuana leaf. In the Japanese version, Olimar even expresses a desire to try it some day.
    • It's allegedly supposed to be the leaf of a Japanese maple tree, which admittedly does bear a resemblance to marijuana, however it doesn't exactly match it. In any case, the European release changed it to a Canadian maple leaf.
  • Some of Louie's notes about toxic recipes and their side effects are rather similar to drug use and intoxication.
    Caustic Dweevil: "Inedible. Effects of consumption include uncontrollable arm flailing and enthusiastic dishwashing."
    Clover: "Mildly poisonous. May result in nausea, headache, fever, fatigue, chest pains, paralysis, loss of bone density, moodiness, feral rage, sauciness, dilly-dallying, strokes of brilliance, and untimely doom."
    Beady Longlegs: "Poisonous. Consumption results in prolonged writhing and uncontrollable mirth."
  • Louie's description of the Waterwraith, which is more similar to the player's reaction than it appears at first glance.
    Inedible. Known to cause mass hysteria, followed by leg spasms and internal thunderings.

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