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  • Some of the viral videos and teaser trailers have some really subtle adult jokes slipped into them. For example:
    • In a 2011 christmas video, a Rabbid is building a snowman but before he decides to put the carrot nose where it belongs, the rabbid first looks somewhere else.
    • The Rabbids Go Home teaser, where a Rabbid tries to get abducted by aliens by disguising himself as a cow, only to get "milked"
    • Also, a backstage teaser for Rabbids Go Home featuring the Sani-Bots was never released in the USA. It basically has the Rabbid have fun with a Sani-Bot by urinating everywhere.
  • Rabbids Go Home is constantly playing Ding-Dong Ditch at the radar's doors.
    • One NPC: "Hey! My wife is almost pregnant!" ...Almost?
    • Another says "You're pissing me off!"
    • Patient, eagerly: "Oooh! Is it time for my suppository yet, Nurse Betty?"
    • In the Wiimote design mode, you can "tickle" the Rabbids with an electric prong. But they have the greatest, most giggly reaction if you prod them... in the crotch. Erm...
    • And in a group of characters with a "Boy/Girl Scout" theme...
      Guy: "Aah! I'm naked! Everyone's going to see my little totem!"
      Girl: "No peeking! Especially you, Slippery Beaver!
    • The radar caught on, with the game quickly being reissued with a PEGI 12 rating as opposed to the 7 it launched with just a few weeks after its release.
  • A teaser video for Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time has a Rabbid traveling to the 1966 World Cup, but his private parts are pixelated. The Rabbid runs away from the angry players but crashes into a pole, when it falls to the ground, the pixels remain stuck to the pole.
  • The facebook game Rabbids Invasion might be the most profane game in the entire Rabbids franchise. The trailer features the announcer having a swear word bleeped. And the game itself has its dark moments as well. Rabbids defecating on crops, Rabbids making out on cartoonishly huge beds. And there are also some buildings that are shaped...very...oddly.
    • They're not just making out in a bed, they're being filmed making out in a bed
    • Farming lesson 101 says "Because we need crap.... cans!"
  • A viral video from the Rabbids' Daily Life series features a Rabbid in a hotel room all alone, when he finally manages to turn on the TV however, a sexy lounge music begins to play and the rabbid stares at the television admiringly. It is implied that this rabbid was watching an explicit sex scene.
  • In Rayman Raving Rabbids, a Rabbid cover of the song Hip Hop Hooray by Naughty By Nature is present. The song covers many adult topics including mentions of sex and adultery and there is even a curse word around the start of the song, which is uncensored here.
  • In Rabbids: Alive and Kicking, one of the 2D mini-games has a male Rabbid blowing a kiss to another male Rabbid, the other Rabbid looks confused by this expression.
  • The entire video for Make the Party don't Stop by Bunny Beatz which features explicit dance moves from female dancers (including twerking). And at the end of the video, the Rabbid DJ takes off his underwear in the middle of the dance floor in front of everyone.
    • Worst of all, the game Just Dance 4 features an UNRATED version of the video which has Rabbids crossdressing, admiring girls' Jiggle Physics and even having their private parts pixelated at two points. This unrated version can be viewed here
  • At Ubisoft's 2014 E3 press conference, a pre-show featuring the Rabbids was played entitled Quick Tips for enjoying E3's show, but it's not such a kid-friendly video. The second tip we are given is called An empty bladder is a happy bladder, and shows a Rabbid peeing on a water bottle and putting it back with the rest of the water bottles. And the final tip Turn off your devices, which has a Rabbid getting frustrated for not knowing how to handle his phone so he throws it and the phone hits an innocent unseen bystander. The unseen person, if you listen closely, says Hey! What the hell!
    • The third tip had one rabbid going mad over the cable on his TV going out, and when he re-inserts it, you hear a woman's moans, and he instantly gets shocked, albeit awed, while another rabbid peeks in Head-Tiltingly Kinky. They're watching porn, and it's not even subtle. Just watch the video here.
  • Surprisingly, the graphic novels by Thitaume and Pujol probably contain the greatest amounts of adult jokes seen on any Rabbids content. How the writers have managed to get away with a lot of these jokes remains a mystery.

    • In the first volume , one of the gags conists of an entire page of a group of young women(and a Rabbid wearing a wig) wearing nothing but bikinis taking their tops off, only to have a lawn mower cutting off the parts of the page where their bare breasts should be. Given the age group the Rabbids franchise is aiming for, which is children, this is a very shocking image to put in the comic book. What's worse is that because of this one page, the book received a lot of negative reception from parents who purchased it online for their children to read.
    • Also from the first volume, we have a two-page spread of a Rabbid who stole a painting, ate it, and tries to pin the blame on a kid even though the Rabbid has literally taken the shape of the frame he ate. The walls of that page are plastered with parodies of famous paintings (from The Mona Lisa to René Magritte's Ceci n'est pas une pipe. Then, one of the paintings is a parody of L'Origine du monde, which is definitely Not Safe for Work because the original painting depicts a woman's genitals.
    • Volume 2 has a gag on the 7th page where a Rabbid is watching a female Rabbid unclothing herself through a peep-hole in a locker. The female Rabbid only manages to reveal her thong before realizing she's being watched, causing her to angrily walk towards the peep hole, and the reader gets to see a close-up of the Rabbid's breasts, which are really just tennis balls. As an added bonus, this particular page was removed from the English version of the book and replaced by another gag, but it can still be seen in the French version.
    • There's also one gag in volume 5 where a Rabbid's cosmetic surgery lab is going out of business because the other Rabbids are buying watermelons from the shop next door and using them as breasts.
    • In volume 7, a Rabbid steals a curtain from a fitting room, revealing a naked woman covering herself.
    • Also, in the very first page of the 7th volume, there is a female Rabbid with a rectangle covering much of her body that reads scratch here, mimicking a sensor bar.
    • Volume 8 has an interactive gag where you seemingly have to tap bongos that are drawn on the page, only to later reveal a Rabbid lying on a bed in the next page, with the impressions of the reader's hands on his butt, as if you had given the Rabbid a massage. The Rabbid also has a very relaxed expression on his face, meaning he enjoyed what you had done to him.
    • The back cover of the 8th volume has various Rabbid-related comic panels, and one of them has the price tag placed where the Rabbid's private parts should be, mimicking a censor bar similar to a gag in volume 7. Take a look for yourself.

  • Episode 2 of the Virtual Rabbids trailers. Ubisoft may or may have not gone too far with this one. The teaser basically ends with a close-up shot of a Rabbid and another one dressed as a nurse. Those whipping sounds in the background combined with the nurse's blushing face, plus the fact that the two Rabbids are extremely close to each other... Yeah.

    • It is later revealed that it's actually an electric fan hitting the nurse Rabbid in the butt, but it doesn't make it any less suggestive.