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  • So the circumstances aren't all that warm and fuzzy, but if Chris ends up confessing his crush to Ashley in the Psycho's second trap, his delivery is still pretty "awwwww"-inducing. Pro tip for maximum "Awww": Have Chris shoot himself or don't do anything during this segment, and Chris and Ashley will get a Relationship Upgrade, complete with kiss!
    Chris: Every second that I spent with you was the only thing I ever wanted to do with my time.
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  • Beth and Hannah holding hands, just before they fall off the cliff.
  • Emily's police interview, if she and Matt have survived and the player has managed to max out their relationship. Emily will ask about Matt, mention that they are dating and she's concerned about him, despite not being the most well-liked person. It not only shows a certain amount of admittance that Emily is aware that she's kind of a bitch, but she does care about Matt.
  • If the player happens to find Hannah's diary inside the mine, she mentions that she took the sweater off of Beth's corpse and is wearing it to keep warm. Hannah mentions that her older sister is still looking after her.
  • As awkward, goofy and out-of-place it is, the snowball fight between Jessica and Mike to the sound of bedroom music.
  • Ashley kissing Chris, if the player has picked the right choices previously and got them together.
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  • Depends on the player's view, but it can be oddly heartwarming that Wendigo Hannah recognized Josh when he said her name and took him deeper into the mines, likely to be together with her brother. In turn, one can also see Josh's almost immediate take to cannibalism and turning into a Wendigo being a strange, skewed way of wanting to be with Hannah again.
  • Again, this depends on the player's point of view. But Wendigo Hannah pouncing on another Wendigo to save Sam when she is running out of the house to the switch. (If that was indeed the case.)This shows that she may have recognized Sam and was trying to keep the other Wendigo from harming her. Having at least some humanity left.
  • The Ship Tease that Sam and Josh have can also fall into this. Josh will tell Sam that he's especially glad that she came to the lodge, which appears to be a genuine, heartfelt statement. In the cellar, if you choose the "Concerned" option when Sam hears a noise, she will grab onto Josh's arm for protection. They also have some playful banter with Josh asking her if she needs help taking a bath or poking her while they're in the cellar. Sadly a relationship is not to be thanks to the events of the game and Josh's fates and Sam herself, if she survives, will lament at the interviews that she thought she and Josh had something.
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  • Regardless of how angry Chris is at Josh for his prank (including if Josh hit Chris's crush Ashley and Chris hits him back in retaliation, and if the player chooses the more aggressive dialogue options for Chris), he is still disturbed by Mike's rough treatment of Josh, he tries to explain to Mike that Josh is mentally ill (if Sam didn't escape the Psycho and find all the clues),can choose to skeptical about Josh killing Jessica,believing his frined would never do such a thing and will even possibly disarm Mike to protect Josh from being shot. If he knocks out Josh, he'll get mad at himself and admit he didn't like doing it. Even after all this, he always goes back out to the shed they left Josh, risking his own life despite Ashley's attempts to talk him out of it because he wants to make up for feeling like he let Josh down. Similarly heartwarming is when Flamethrower Guy sees how determined Chris is, he doesn't bother trying to talk him out of it and decides to go with him to look out for Chris and save Josh himself. He doesn't know either of them, but he's that committed to protecting human lives and keeping the bodycount to a minimum. Especially remembering how he tried to save the twins - now he's trying to save their brother, which might be why he so readily agreed to it.
  • Mike's options when he and Jessica go up to the second cabin. He can be respectful towards Beth and Hannah's deaths, he can comfort an injured deer, and he can reassure Jessica when she opens up about being insecure.
  • Mike quickly killing or comforting the deer after the animal was attacked. It's not a good idea to get close to an animal such as that, even if the animal is almost dead, but Mike made a very kind and humane effort to ease the deer's suffering. It's a moment that shows his character among the other silly moments he has (at least until everything goes to hell in a handbasket).
  • Mike, upon seeing Jessica get dragged away by some...thing strong enough to pull her through a door, instantly grabs the rifle from the wall and charges into the night after her. He doesn't even know if the rifle works or has any ammo, but he doesn't care: his girlfriend is in danger, and he's going to save her.
  • The wolf in the sanatorium. If you don't kick it upon first meeting it, it'll recognize you as a friend later on and help you out. Bonus points for being able to stroke it's head and feed it a bone.

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