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Heartwarming / Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Main Story:
She's really good at making fires.

  • Dromarch is a Servile Snarker to Nia, but he is also easily the most loyal companion she's ever met.
    Nia: Dromarch, I'm a bit tired. Can I rest on your back for a while?
    Dromarch: That is what I am here for, my lady.
    • When they first make camp with the party, Dromarch positions himself behind Nia, who settles back against him without a second thought. Later, Nia is seen flopped on top of him, sleeping soundly. It shows how close their bond really is without a word of dialog.
  • The beginning of Chapter 2 has Pyra giving Rex a Lap Pillow while waiting for him to come to.
    • Rex later returns the favor for Mythra beginning of Chapter 8 after the whole party becomes separated after falling into the Land of Morytha, waiting for her to come to before going off to find their friends.
  • Rex's Adorkable moment at the end of Chapter 2, where he tries to deny indirectly calling Pyra pretty by complimenting the fire that she made. She smiles, and the two of them continue to enjoy watching it burn bright.
  • Chapter 4
    • At the Lemour Inn, Mythra hits Rex in the forehead after thinking he snuck into her room while she was sleeping (she was actually sleepwalking and ended up in the boys room). Afterwards, Pyra ever-so-sweetly tries to nurse Rex's bruise in a scene that's both touching and fan-servicey. (Although, she does mention having her own headache from that night...)
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    • Rhys and the other Cordell orphans, whom the group meet when one of them, Rhys, steals Roc's Core Crystal from Rex, prompting them to pursue them back to Gormotti Province. After retrieving the crystal, Rex offers to hear the orphans out. When they learn that the bandits that razed their village are planning to attack Torigoth, Rex offers to stop them, especially since he and his friends, by defeating the consul, have effectively left Torigoth vulnerable. After leaving the defeated bandits to the Ardainian army, Rex brings the kids to Goldmouth, where he convinces the workers to let them on as apprentice salvagers, even citing their skill with their "quick fingers". Rhys is surprised and very grateful. Even better, if you check on them over the course of the story, Rhys and the others slowly get into salvaging, even retrieving a rare item (given the regular gear they were using) that they pass on to you.
      Rex: [jovially] All right, work hard, ya rascals!
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    • En route to the bandits' hideout, Rex finally re-summons Roc in order to clear a miasma storm blocking the way. Once he's done, what's the first thing Roc asks Rex? What kind of person his old Driver was. After being told, he promises the team that he will strive to be a Blade that his former Driver would be proud of, despite no longer having any memory of him.
    • A Heartwarming in Hindsight example that takes place in the hot springs: Nia asking Mythra to keep her Flesh Eater nature a secret from the others, and Mythra agreeing.
    • At Mor Ardain, Tora and Tatazo finally reuniting, and Mythra tearing up a little at the sight. And when Rex offers her something to dry her eyes, she gratefully takes it.
    • Despite having said that there's no hope of freeing her, Tatazo throws himself between Poppi and Lila, since Lila is all that he has left of Soosoo, Tora's grampypon. After Lila breaks free of Bana's control device, Poppi catches her, telling her, "I very proud of you, sister."
  • While on their trip to Tantal, Rex learns about Zeke's backstory from Pandoria and how his father essentially disowned him. Pandoria tells the story in a very teasing way, much to Zeke's chagrin, but then notes that she really loves Zeke, which is why she's able to mess with him the way she does.
  • At the beginning of Chapter 7, after Rex's Darkest Hour where he plans on giving up, following up on Nia and Brighid each giving him a rather percussive Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!, it looks like Poppi is going to follow that up with a Megaton Punch... only for her to tap her knuckles against his head, gently put her hand on his cheek, and give him a tearful Rousing Speech that helps pull him out of his funk.
  • Nia's entire character arc coming to a head in Chapter 7. Where she accepts her nature as a Blade is to protect those she loves, and declares her love for Rex. And even though Rex is being Rex, she takes it in stride.
    • Nia's relationship with her father. Most of this is revealed in Chapter 7 coinciding with the Blade reveal, but it's clear that despite her father's very heartbreaking (and creepy and weird) reaction to Nia's sister's death, Nia still cared deeply for him, showing that he tried his very best to treat Nia like a nobleman's daughter despite the elephant in the room.
  • Rex’s speech to Pyra and Mythra. They are begging him to stop, saying that their goal this entire time was have the Architect let them die once they reached Elysium. But Rex responds that the entire reason he set out was for them, and that he feels their pain. He promises them he won’t let the world burn a second time, and this causes Pyra and Mythra to finally let go of their suffering.
  • Rex takes his All-Loving Hero tendencies to new heights when he unlocks the Aegis' true power and finally has Jin on the ropes. Rex has the opportunity to finish Jin off, but notices Jin's eyes twitching with despair exactly once. This is enough for Rex to completely give up on wanting to pay Jin back for kidnapping Pyra, setting Mor Ardain and Uraya against each other, and even killing Rex himself at the start of the game. From this point on, Rex utterly refuses to kill Jin and in fact invites him to join the party for a short time while Jin is injured, despite being told repeatedly that showing Jin mercy will not make him change his ways or abandon his own goals. Rex openly admits that he's giving Jin the chance to stab him again, but he trusts that it won't happen. All because of ONE. TWITCH.
  • Rex and Mythra bonding when she wakes up in his lap in the Land of Morytha. Its quite a nice scene to show how she has softened and opened up to openly saying she cares about Rex, as most earlier scenes focused on Pyra's feelings for him. Its at this point you can also start getting a post-battle conversation where Pyra or Mythra (after transforming back from Pneuma) will tell Azurda how Rex warms her soul.
  • Poppi begging Jin to tell Brighid the truth of her journal counts in Chapter 8. It says a lot when the artificial robot of the group understands the importance of a Blade's memories the most.
  • Though its a bit of a Tear Jerker, Poppi makes Mythra promise to destroy her should she ever endanger Tora or even the entire world.
  • Jin surprisingly has his moments in Chapter 8 as well:
    • When being rescued and with ample opportunity to kill Rex and the team, Jin prevents Torna from firing, even going so far as to temporarily short out the systems; likely as recompense for the times Rex saved his life despite the fact that they're enemies.
    • Despite being cold to her earlier in the chapter Jin takes a moment to tell Brighid that she's exactly like she was 500 years ago.
  • One Heart-to-Heart has Zeke defending Rex's dream to Elysium, because regardless of whether it exists or not, Rex believes it does and that's good enough for him.
  • Within Chapter 9, Malos gives Jin a hug and whispers something in his ear that makes Jin stop to ponder peacefully for a bit. Whatever was being said, it's clear that the two share a strong bond of companionship, despite everything they've done.
  • Many moments in Chapter 10 during the party's chat with Klaus where Rex's optimism continues to shine though. Such as him saying that even after everything Malos has done after stopping him Rex would just punch him and them have a drink with him (even though Rex is not old enough to drink) and be friends. This causes the normally despondent Klaus to actually give a small smile. And later when the party does defeat Malos, Rex openly mentions that if only he was able to bond with Malos's Core Crystal like he did with Pyra maybe they could have lived peacefully as friends, with Malos replying "kids say the darnedest things" not completely against the idea.
    • The scene where Rex, Pyra and Mythra are having a nice dinner seems like this... until you remember what was happening just a few minutes ago to Rex. Thankfully, Pyra manages to get Klaus to stop the whole thing before it gets too harsh on Rex.
      • The fact that Pyra and Mythra immediately stop the test and comfort Rex when he breaks down just shows how much the two cares about him and can’t bring themselves to hurt him.
  • The ending: not only does Klaus, in his final moments, make all the Titans form a new mainland, an "Elysium" for humanity to live in, but Pyra/Mythra's core crystal reactivates, finally giving them and Rex a much earned happy ending. The music definitely helps, especially with how the final verse is timed to accompany Pyra's and Mythra's resurrection and Love Confession.
    • Pneuma's internal monologue thanking Rex for shining a light on her long life, before going out with a smile. Additionally, the fact that, despite everything that's happened with Malos, she hears his voice asking her how she felt about being alive, showing some measure of reconciliation between the two Aegis'.
    • One that's easy to miss when the team is falling out of the broken escape pod, Zeke is clinging to Pandoria to protect her.
    • As the group is flying towards the new continent that Klaus created over the ages from the Titans, Pandoria has wrapped herself around Zeke's arm. When he notices he tries to shake her off but she just clings tighter so he accepts it. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
    • Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it one, that happens in the background of one of the most tragic moments: after Poppi reveals why she can't help Rex, Tora doesn't pressure or judge her. He just wordlessly gets her attention and offers her a hug, which she quickly accepts.
    • And then the title screen upon finishing the game showing Rex holding hands with Pyra and Mythra on the new mainland while they look upon the World Tree.
    • After finishing the game on New Game Plus, if you wait on the title screen for a bit, Pyra will turn around and wave offscreen, signalling Nia to come over, and she and Rex will take her hands. Nia even looks back at the viewer and gives the sweetest, most heartwarming smile. Alternatively, she'll run up and shove Rex out of the way, then just hold hands with Pyra and Mythra.
    • While possibly unintentional, if you watch the heartwarming ending and then immediately start a New Game Plus, the very first thing you see after the opening cutscene is that Rex is already accompanied by Pyra/Mythra, adding an And the Adventure Continues sort of vibe to the ending. Even better is that they don't leave the party at moments where they did during the initial playthrough and are there to stick it out with Rex all the way through.
  • In a sense, the reveal of why Blades lose their memories between incarnations has a heartwarming aspect. The sad side of it is not addressed by the Architect, nor the question of what becomes of the "person" the Blade was, but we do learn that the experiences of those blades are not lost or erased, rather they are used to enrich and evolve the Blades and Titans that will come after them.
  • Addam's messages. Despite all the pain he went through in the DLC as Mythra's Driver, he NEVER blamed her for what happened to Torna. He lamented the fact that he was scared of her power and that he passed that fear onto her, and his greatest wish was for her to find the person who would be able to fully accept her.

Side Quests:

  • All of the interactions between Moban and his Blade, Vess, who has become his caretaker in his old age and playfully chides him like a naughty child for eating too much Bitter Choclit. Talking to Moban's children also reveals that Vess was their mother figure growing up after their own mother died.
  • The events that lead up to obtaining Poppi's QT π upgrade include one minor objective to help gather material for Lila to make a new outfit for her. Seeing Lila and Poppi dote all over each other as sisters makes it the best part of that quest.
  • Wulfric's Heart-to-Hearts and exclusive side-quest show that despite his monstrous appearance, he’s actually a huge softie who just wants to have friends. His eagerness and enthusiasm to go into a mine to save trapped miners compounds this. Plus, going into the Pouch shows he's into literature.
    • Wulfric takes on greater significance towards the end of the game, as when the Architect describes the way the memories of Blades and their bonds with their Drivers contribute to the creation of new Blades in the life cycle, as he is among those shown when this is being explained. If this is the next stage of Blade evolution after countless generations of memories, humanity must be doing something right.
  • The end of Ursula's quest can be this. Not only with Ursula getting the confidence she needs to put on a public performance and personally thank the Gormotti girl that got her into music, but for the player, after a ton of hard work, it's a huge relief to see Ursula's many, many lessons bear fruit.
  • The conclusion of Agate's questline, another game-long ordeal. She succeeds at getting a rock named after herself. Particularly because this is an achievement that won't disappear with her memories - every time a new driver happens to walk past a merchant of semi-precious stones, she gets reminded that one time, she succeeded.
  • Electra's questline is this in essence, as it begins with her lamenting her Power Incontinence and believing herself to be a liability for the party. To develop her ability to control herself, you need to solve challenges where, by the end, pretty much every electric Blade in the team will chip in to succeed for Electra's sake.
  • The Theory and Praxis blade quest is full of this for the eponymous duo, but something Mòrag says at the end of it, while Theory is still struggling with the concept of being like a sister to Praxis when she considers herself dead weight, deserves special mention, especially given her own relationship with Niall.
    Mòrag: I think Praxis doesn't give up because of you, Theory. It's thanks to that synergy that exists between you that the townsfolk are smiling. Siblings have a duty to look out for each other, and amplify each other. This is what's happening here.
    • Prior to that, there's the end of Praxis' quest. The gang gets into one last rumble with Theory and her evil driver. By this point, Theory's tried everything she could think of to win Praxis over, but nothing works. Finally, the driver makes one last rush at the party, but Theory intervenes, cutting him down and ensuring she dies in the process. At the end of a life of crime, she was able to do some good for her friend. Overlaps with Awesome and Tearjerking (the latter mitigated by the fact that you claim Theory's crystal and can wake her up in due time).


  • Watch Tora's attack animations carefully when he's using Poppi QTπ's Variable Saber. The auto-attack animations very closely resemble Rex's attacks with the Aegis Sword. Tora's admiration for Rex-Rex's style as a driver show through clearly.
  • A meta example can be seen in KOS-MOS's very appearance in the game. For many fans of the Xenosaga series, it was an unexpected, but welcome surprise, especially since many had come to accept that at most, the Xenoblade series would merely reference its predecessors, if that.
  • One Heart-to-Heart in Uraya has Tora question his worth as a fighter, and if Poppi would be more effective with another driver. After unsuccessfully trying to convince him that his fighting is fine, Rex and Nia just ask Poppi what she would do if Tora stopped being a driver. Her response? She'd probably break down and cry. Cue Tora immediately back-pedaling on his previous claims.
  • After completing Cannadea's sidequestnote , she reveals that her love potion worked but the man she used it on accidentally looked at someone else first and fell madly in love with them. She apologizes for tricking you into helping her with the potion and decides to make a potion to change the world for real.
  • Shulk and Fiora's interactions with each other. Just like in the original Xenoblade, the two are grateful that they at least have each other to lean on and are always worrying for the other person's safety. In addition, several of their after battle quotes indicate that they were picked up from some time after the end of their game, meaning that these versions of Shulk and Fiora were living out their new lives in their new world before they were summoned to the world of Alrest. Though we don't get to hear more about it, it's nice to know that the two got their happy ending.
  • Though the Torigoth Cemetery in the expansion is a sobering place, if you match it with where the location is in the main game, it's revealed that, after 500 years, the cemetery eventually became the Torigoth Flower Patch. Adding to that, Torigoth was once just a small village that got ravaged by the Aegis War; 500 years later, it has since recovered and developed into a thriving town. While it is part of a foreign country as well, Torigoth is in considerably better straits.
  • Some Blades act rather excited and grateful when using Pouch Items they adore. Even the usual downtrodden Herald sounds a little happy when using one of her favorite Pouch Items.