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Heartwarming moments in Fire Emblem Fates.

Unmarked spoilers below.

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Multiple paths
  • Elise's "I love you so much" voice clip.
  • Doubles as a Tear Jerker, but after throwing herself in front of the shards of the Ganglari blade in Chapter 5, Mikoto's first words to the Avatar are asking if they're okay. This is after the Avatar mentions to Azura that they're struggling to connect with Mikoto because they didn't remember her and didn't really feel anything towards her. That is an example of ultimate dedication to your child.
    Mikoto: You were not hurt? Tell me you're OK.
    Avatar: I'm fine...
    Mikoto: I'm... so glad... (dies)
    • Similarly, this being the first time that the Avatar directly calls Mikoto "Mother" is heartwarming in a Tear Jerker kind of way.
  • What ultimately stops the Avatar's berserk state in Chapter 5 isn't exhaustion, Magic Music or being beaten to a pulp—it's Azura's quiet plea for them to regain their senses. Her request reaches them when nothing else does, and they revert to normal.
    • The fact that Azura is asking this while being strangled. Even when faced with the possibility of DYING, her immediate concern is for her friend, not herself.
    • What makes this extra heartwarming is that shortly after this, Corrin states that while they've only known Azura for a few days, they still feel oddly comfortable around her. The fact that she's the one to calm them down proves this quite well, and it's clear that she feels the same way.
  • Depending on how you see it, all three endings can qualify as a happy ending, though some more bittersweet than others.
    • Despite the massive casualties suffered by both sides in Birthright, Hoshido wins the war, and begins to help Nohr rebuild. Despite the deaths of the possessed Garon, Xander, Azura and Elise, and despite the negative Nohrian public's opinion on Hoshido, both deceased royal siblings give Corrin their love and support, and Azura's last words is for Corrin and his friends to live happily. Better yet, with Ryoma and Leo crowned king of their respective kingdoms, things are finally beginning to look up for the world Fates inhabits.
    • Even though Corrin's quest in Conquest to peacefully change Nohr from within goes Off the Rails, it still ends on a positive note because not only is King Xander ready to finally change Nohr for the better, but the dark age of tyranny and injustice that has plagued the nation was finally over. Even though Ryoma and Takumi died in the conflict, and most of Hoshido's populace despises the Nohrians, with Hinoka as queen, the world is finally set to rebuild and ends on a similar optimistic note as does Birthright. And given the big, fat Trauma Conga Line that was this route, a happy ending is all but deserved.
    • Revelation quite possibly takes the cake for heartwarming endings: with Anankos defeated and Corrin now the ruler of Valla, both Hoshido and Nohr finally bury the hatchet of years of conflict and strife and finally let the continent obtain the peace it yearned for years. With all the love in the world from both families and both the physical and invisible kingdoms set to heal, things are, once more, looking bright for everyone.
  • The Avatar arriving in Hoshido and getting to meet the family they were taken from years ago. The siblings all have heartwarming reactions, but Hinoka deserves mention as, unlike the others, as soon as Chapter 4 ends she immediately recognizes the Avatar, runs over, and hugs them while crying Tears of Joy. Up until now Hinoka had taken the kidnapping of her sibling much worse then the other siblings, so seeing the Fiery Redhead burst into tears of joy about this was extremely heartwarming.
    • Hinoka's reaction is even more profound if you reach Hinoka and talk to her before taking out all of the Faceless, where she gives you stronger potions and mistakes you for part of Ryoma's army before acting very shocked when you tell her your name.
    • Another nice touch is that Hinoka specifically comments that she knows most of Ryoma's troops. Despite the fact that the siblings all have their own retainers, they all still care about each others' soldiers, too.
  • When talking about their plight with the Faceless, Hinoka laments that sometimes they turn on the magic users who summon them, but Nohr doesn't care as long as their forces are bolstered. It's nice of her to show concern for more than the people of Hoshido.
  • A very, very subtle one at the start of chapter 6: when the Nohrian siblings first arrive on the scene, Camilla hangs back near the edge of the map, Elise moves a bit further forwards but still stops a few tiles away from the river, but Leo, of all people, straight up charges across the bridge, directly into the range of renowned warrior Hinoka, just to get to the Avatar. Regardless of whether you see their dynamic as fraternal or romantic, you can't help but "d'aww" a little over the fact that, despite all his aloofness and complaining in the earlier chapters, he really does care about the Avatar that much.
  • The bond the Avatar and Azura share, romantic or platonic, is really just this entirely. You have two people, one who has been locked up their entire life, the other who has felt alone most of hers, finding someone else in similar circumstance, and just instantly being able to bond over that, despite the short amount of time they know each other. Bonus heartwarming points come from Fridge Brilliance—given Azura's issues, it's very likely the Avatar was her first friend.
  • At the start of both Birthright and Conquest's Endgames, the Avatar is mortally wounded by the final boss (Blight Dragon Garon in Birthright, or possessed Takumi in Conquest) and finds themselves in a state between life and death. They are suddenly approached by the spirits of their friends and loved ones who died in that route, who encourage them to survive their wounds and return to the living world in order to finish the fight. After receiving words of encouragement from each of your surviving units, each spirit gives the Avatar some final words of encouragement before they return to the living world.
    • In Birthright, Flora tells the Avatar how proud she is of them and promises that she will always be watching over them, Elise reaffirms her love for the Avatar, telling them that she believes in them and asks them to tell Leo and Camilla that she always loved them and that they should stop fighting for her sake, and Xander reaffirms his belief that the Avatar can succeed where he failed and bring peace to both Hoshido and Nohr.
    • In Conquest, Ryoma reminds the Avatar of his final words to them, in which he implored them to create a world of peace, and tells them how proud he is of them even though they ultimately ended up on opposite sides of the war. Takumi, meanwhile, apologizes for all the harm his body has done under Anankos' control, passes down Fuujin's power to the Avatar, and states that his only regret is that he was unable to accept them as his sibling.
    • In both routes, Lilith appears to the Avatar right before they wake up, reaffirming her belief in them and giving some final words of encouragement before helping them repair the Yato.
  • How and why Fuga adopted Hayato. Fuga was deeply in love with Hayato's mother, but he never told her and she ultimately fell in love with another man, who'd be Hayato's father. When Hayato's parents were killed by Faceless, Fuga took an infant Hayato as his own son, raising him as well as he could and into the Adorably Precocious Child the audience knows. This man took the son of the woman he loved and love rival as his own, without any second thoughts, and loved the boy unconditionally no matter his origins.
  • King Sumeragi. He married a woman who was a single mother, loved her and treated her child like they were his own biological kid, and even gave his life to save his adopted child. King Sumeragi may have not been the Avatar's blood-father, but he was everything a real father was. The Avatar still calls and refers to him as their father even after learning the truth in the third path. After defeating him in the third path he tells all of his children the Avatar included how proud he is to see how strong they've grown. He also tells the Avatar that he truly loved Mikoto and wished the time they all had together as a family could have been longer.
  • Ryoma's relationship with Mikoto. Despite knowing she wasn't his mother, he always called her his mother and loved her like she was his actual blood mother.
    • In a similar vein, his S-Support with a female Avatar has him reveal that he knew all along that the two weren't related by blood, but never intended to tell her or his other siblings. What makes this heartwarming is the fact that he still fights to bring her back home, simply because his father Sumeragi loved her as his own child, and because she was the daughter of his step-mother Mikoto, who raised him and his siblings like her own children. It doesn't get pointed out with a male Avatar, but it's likely still the case.
    • Actually, all of the Hoshido siblings loved Mikoto like a real mother, even knowing she wasn't. And at the end of her fight with them and the Avatar in Revelation, while this moment is mostly a Tear Jerker, she dies saying how much she loves ALL her children.
      • Special notes should also go to Hinoka and Takumi. Despite the fact that Hinoka was apparently the slowest of the Hoshidan siblings to warm up to her, she still clearly loves Mikoto in the present, so it's sweet to see the change. Meanwhile, Takumi is the most deeply effected by Mikoto's death, to the point of having nightmares about it in his S-Support with Azura, which can be seen as a Pet the Dog moment compared to some of his jerkish early behavior.
  • More of a meta example, but the fact that some of the deaths of opposite-route characters can be avoided if you go out of your way to not fight them is definitely one. In particular is if the player manages to avoid fighting Oboro and Hinata in Conquest Chapter 23, as their deaths are otherwise a major Tear Jerker, BUT the game gives you the option to prevent them, if you really go out of your way.
    • Another crowning example would be Arthur and Effie in in Birthright's Chapter 23. Not only can you spare them, you can actually talk to them can convince them to fight alongside you as NPC units. Even better, you only have to speak to one of them, and the other will join you, too.
    • While, sadly, you can't do anything to save Xander in Chapter 26 of Birthright, you can still avoid killing Laslow and Peri if you defeat Xander quickly enough with the Avatar in a duel.
      • Extra points for Laslow for those who played Awakening. Being able to spare a character that players knew from the last game is nice, as killing Inigo after everything he's been through in the two games would otherwise be a major Tear Jerker.
  • The three finale cutscenes will make you feel happy and satisfied. All three are wonderful, but the third one more than the others, what with the Fire Emblem overture playing in the background and the route it closes being the Golden Path.
  • Kaze being the one to realize Corrin is the missing Hoshidan prince/princess and delivering them directly to Mikoto and Ryoma. Once you get into his support with the Avatar, you realize that he's been blaming himself for Corrin's kidnapping his entire life, and this is his chance to finally redeem himself.


  • Siding with Hoshido in Chapter 6 has Ryoma outright daring Xander to just attack if he really wants to take Corrin. Takumi, despite having misgivings towards the Avatar, takes all his hostility out on the Nohrian siblings and not on the Avatar. It's more heartwarming for Hinoka. While she couldn't forgive herself for the Avatar being kidnapped and taken to Nohr, she devoted her time to one day rescue the Avatar and take them back to Hoshido. Siding with Hinoka's family gives her a chance to protect the Avatar and to prevent another kidnapping. And for an added bonus, the Avatar's faithful servant (Felicia for the male Avatar or Jakob for the female) will join Hoshido as well to stay by their side.
  • After defeating him in Chapter 18 of Birthright, the Avatar and Leo have a heart-to-heart. Leo reveals that all his hatred of the Avatar was just an act. He tried to muster up enough anger and hate in order to carry out his orders to kill the Avatar, but he just couldn't do it because he still loved them enough. To drive the point further, the first sentence of what he says in text is also an audio line.
    Leo: I never hated you. Not... not ever. I was jealous at times, sure. You were always Xander's favorite. And Camilla... she always doted on you so...
  • During Chapter 10 of Birthright, the party encounters a possessed Takumi, who inadvertently reveals his deepest insecurities and fears that nobody in his family loves or acknowledges him. Have Azura talk to him, and she reassures him of his good qualities, which stuns him into silence. After the battle his other sisters, Hinoka and Sakura, start crying out of relief that he's safe, followed by the Avatar expressing joy at Takumi being okay. Seeing that his family does love him almost moves Takumi himself to tears, and then he apologizes to Azura and the Avatar for his previous behavior towards them. It's just a very, very sweet set of moments.
    • What's even more heartwarming is that after that? Takumi calls Azura "sister" when he thanks her, visibly startling her. After all his suspicion and hostility earlier in the game—and for years before then, apparently—he finally accepts her as part of the family.
  • While Zola later admits to being The Mole, him jumping in front of an attack aimed at Takumi prompts a small heartwarming moment. Despite having been rude to him before, Takumi thanks Zola and allows him to call him by name out of gratitude.
  • This scene in Birthright in which Ryoma speaks to Scarlet and introduces her to his siblings... including Azura.


  • While Chapter 6 of any of the routes can be depressing, in Conquest's version of this, there is moment from Xander where he assures the Avatar's hard decision to stay with Nohr by telling the Avatar he still regards the Avatar as family, even after the Avatar found out they were not born into the Nohrian Royal Family. His "Everything's okay" voice clip also helps.
    Xander: You did the right thing, Avatar. As you now know, you do not share the same bloodline as the rest of us. But it matters not. I have regarded you as family since I first laid eyes on you. I cannot express what it means that you've chosen to return to us.
  • Chapter 8 of Conquest has the Avatar assigned to put down the Ice Tribe's rebellion. Even though the Ice Tribe tries to kill them and their party after finding out they were sent to put down their rebellion, the Avatar decides to achieve the objective without killing them (though not without injuring them in self-defense). After the battle, the Avatar has Elise and Felicia/Jakob heal all the injured on both sides while explaining themselves to Kilma, asking him to peacefully stop the rebellion until they can fix things in Nohr and help the tribe. Kilma, moved by this display of mercy and humility by the young royal, agrees to the terms, stating that perhaps they are The Chosen One. The willingness of the Avatar to do this for the very people who just tried to kill them speaks volumes of their character and proves they are worthy of being royalty.
    • And also during this scene, Flora officially swears fealty to the Avatar, even after all this, which is in contrast to her suicide in Birthright.
  • A small moment, but when Beruka doesn't immediately answer Selena in chapter 10 the Avatar thinks she's shy and begins fawning over her.
    Avatar: Aww, she's shy, isn't she? Beruka, is it? It's nice to meet you!
  • The way the Nohrian siblings are quick to embrace Azura after her forced return to Nohr as one of their own is pretty heartwarming. Elise latches onto Azura immediately as a big sister, and Xander, upon rejoining his siblings at the outset of the Hoshidan invasion, welcomes her back and also apologizes for not being a proper brother to her when they were children, something he's always regretted. Despite having told the Avatar back at the beginning of the game that she would not wish to return to Nohr, and the incredibly miserable part of her childhood she spent there, Azura actually seems to be quite looking forward to coming back. Knowing that after the war and the false King Garon is defeated, Nohr will actually be a real home to her with a loving family has her quite optimistic. Of course it becomes one big Tear Jerker since Azura dies at the end of the route and never gets to experience any of it.
  • Chapter 18 of Conquest. All of it. A chapter where you and your Nohrian siblings must protect your Hoshidan siblings. Izana treats you to a feast where the Nohr siblings and the Hoshido siblings all act like one big family for once.
    • Made even sweeter with Revelation, where they really do become one big family.
    • Azura even comments that despite all of the bickering that the siblings are doing, she still appreciates getting to be with all of them at once.
  • After the battle of Chapter 22 of Conquest, Sakura is forced to watch Hoshidan soldiers die after they've been spared before being taken hostage and separated from Yukimura and her retainers. In the beginning of the next chapter, the Avatar and Azura are told that Sakura hasn't said anything since then and refuses to eat. However, Azura then reveals that Elise of all people has been visiting her often to make sure she gets food and blankets. The Avatar is stunned, partially because Elise is comforting a Hoshidan but mostly because Elise had previously acted hostile to Sakura back in Chapter 18. Instead of dwelling on the past, Elise decided on her own accord to wipe the slate clean and start a new relationship with her former enemy. It's heartwarming and ironic that the Nohrian family's youngest child is the first to act mature and take the first step to lessen hostilities between her and her Hoshidan counterpart.


  • Choosing not to side with Hoshido AND Nohr can be a downer, but the Avatar's loyal servant still stays by their side. To sum it up: Felicia or Jakob are understandably shocked that they would oppose both armies, but even then choose to support the Avatar throughout the story. It really does show their diligence to support their master.
  • When the usual Iago-related shenanigans occur when passing through the Wind Tribe territory to get to Izumo, there's an additional wrinkle not present in the other two routes; due to the Avatar's refusal to side with either Hoshido or Nohr, Fuga is much harsher in his dealings with them, believing them to be an honorless traitor, and is prepared to kill the Avatar outright for their Accidental Murder of Wind Tribe civilians. The Avatar receives a sudden advocate however, when Rinkah shows up out of nowhere, having been searching for the Avatar since their disappearance, and vouches for them to Fuga, having seen first-hand what sort of person the Avatar really is back in Nohr. Not only does her interceding calm Fuga down and allow them to face a trial by combat instead of outright execution, but Rinkah also agrees to join the Avatar in their quest. She may not be quite the best unit gameplay-wise, but this is easily Rinkah's best moment in all three routes. It also probably goes a long way to explaining why Fuga can be recruited much later in the route, which can't be done in either Birthright or Conquest.
  • Ryoma's attitude in Revelation Chapter 13. After interrupting the fight he and Xander were having, the Avatar tries to explain their reasons, only for Xander to leave. You would expect Ryoma's actions to be the same or worse. However, Ryoma stays there willing to listen to you. He eventually joins you three chapters later because, due to complications, the Avatar cannot tell him what is going on, and Ryoma fears that it's because the Avatar doesn't trust him.
    • The fact that Ryoma and Xander worked together with calming down their own troops to trust each other and unite to forget all the bad blood between the two countries in the past, is quiet heartwarming. It occurred off-screen but nonetheless, still heartwarming. And for all the former bad-blood between the two eldest, they are willing to put it aside for the sake of the peace. Even more evident when they shake hands once more in the end of the third route.
  • In Revelation, when Camilla first notices Azura after joining with the Avatar, Camilla instantly recalls her, stating that before Azura was kidnapped, the Nohrian siblings were told not to interact with her, an order that Camilla and the others disliked, and upon being reunited with her former sister, Camilla looks forward to spending time with her. Slightly unfortunate that they don't have a support chain,note  but it still shows that Camilla cares deeply about her family.
    • In the same scene, there's the Avatar's own reunion with Camilla after convincing her to join them in ending the war, where the two of them share a moment of familial bonding. It's the first time the Avatar has been able to make up with one of their Nohrian siblings (they encounter Leo in Izumo, but it doesn't go so well) and the Avatar has quite clearly missed their older sister, and Camilla, for her part, is quite glad to be back with them as well (as well as, you know, not having to execute them).
  • You know those badass boss intro cutscenes your opposing siblings get in the Hoshido and Nohr routes? Sakura and Elise don't get those. They get these scenes instead in the Revelation route, where Sakura adorkably thanks you for letting her tag along and asks you to take care of her, and Elise joyfully hugs you and proclaims that from now on you two will always be together.
  • In Revelation, Ryoma and Xander immediately leaping to the Avatar and Azura's defense when Gunter accuses them of being possessed by Anankos (its actually him that's possessed). No sign of hesitation, no second guessing, they immediately take the Avatar's side because they trust them that much. This is especially heartwarming for Xander, given how antagonistic he was towards them in the first half of the route.
  • There's a subtle one at the beginning of Chapter 21 of Revelation. After Corrin reveals that they left a note behind in case something went wrong with Anthony, Takumi is the first of the royal siblings to arrive on the scene. While the others do show up right after this, it's still nice to see Takumi jump to Corrin's aid that quickly, considering how hostile he can be towards them sometimes.
  • Just having all of the royals in the same army, fighting on the same side throughout Revelation, after seeing the hell they (and the Avatar) went through and having them at each others' throats in the other paths. Corrin/Kamui finally got their wish of having a big, happy family, and you as the player get to lead said family into battle.
    • To drive the point home, after getting both sides together, nearly every chapter from that point onward can fit all of the royals (Azura included) onto the map, and then some.


  • In a similar vein to Elise's "I love you so much" voice clip, one of Female Kana's quotes in the Private Quarters when invited is "You're the best papa in ALL the worlds". Say it with us now: D'aaaw
    • In a similar similar vein, when you recruit Kana, the Avatar turns to leave. Kana stops them, and says this:
    Kana: Rrrghg rawrgghh rrrh! That's dragon for "I love you"!
  • Elise compliments Forrest on his outfit in his paralogue, despite her initial surprise after meeting him. Then, her acceptance of him is a large part of the reason why Forrest agrees to go with Leo after the battle.
  • At the end of Soleil's paralogue, she asks out a girl who came to thank her. Silas was confused, leading to this exchange, which is equal parts heartwarming and funny:
    Silas: Hmm, Laslow, did you daughter just ask that girl out to gaze at the stars?
    Laslow: Why, yes! She's got good taste. In women as well as men—got a problem with that?
    Silas: No, of course not.
    Soleil: Wahoo! She said yes, Father! See, I always told you—be honest with women. It's not a game. Just wear your heart on your sleeve. On BOTH your sleeves!
    Laslow: Soleil...I guess I can look forward to more of these dating tips, eh?
    Soleil: I don't imagine we'll have much time for these little father-daughter chats. But you can always rely on me!
    Laslow: It's true. We're at war. But I'll always have time for you, Soleil.
    Silas: What a breath of fresh air. How'd someone like YOU end up with a great daughter?
    Laslow: What do you mean, ME? But, yes. I suppose I am fortunate to have such a delight as Soleil in my life!
    • Even more heartwarming is that Laslow completely accepts his daughter as she is note .
  • At the end of Ophelia's paralogue, father Odin informs her that even though the Super-Ultimate Tome she sought after was not real, he bought her a new tome to name. The name she chose? "Missiletainn", based on an idea for a weapon name she gleaned from Odin's notebook. ...and also the name of Odin's sword from his previous life as Owain.

  • Every support between the siblings of each family are very heartwarming, because we get to see how much they care for each other. For instance, Ryoma and Azura's A support has her insisting for him to stop treating her like a sister and give his love to the Avatar, and him basically saying that she isn't a Replacement Goldfish and that she will always be his beloved younger sister.
    • Another one is Azura and Hinoka's sibling support, where Hinoka apologizes to Azura for dedicating too much time to improving her combat skills, as it made her neglect her duties as an older sister. She then promises that she'll never forget about Azura again, taking her out on a shopping trip just to spend time together and carving her a fire pendant to go with her water one. She's a little embarrassed about her gift, claiming it's crudely made, but Azura interrupts her and tells her she loves it.
    • Hinoka and Takumi's supports start out very tense, with the latter refusing to have his sister tend to his injuries and saying that she can stop pretending to care about him, despite her protestations. It continues with Takumi revealing more of his insecurities by saying that he is "just a burden", "everyone in the army thinks so" and that she "would be better of without me". In their final conversation Hinoka then reprimands him for trying to fight all by himself, and that it will get him killed one day. She tells him how devastated she and the other siblings would be if he died and how it would break her in particular, causing Takumi to earnestly apologize. Both of them then promise to always be there for each other.
    • Camilla and Elise's supports have the latter asking the former to teach her to be more "ladylike" and "mature", because she really looks up to her and wants to be more helpful. She even reveals that the purple streaks in her hair are because she dyed them to emulate Camilla. And while Camilla does agree to help Elise, she also tells her to cherish her childhood and not rush to maturity, because she's already shining as a light for Nohr. That last line in particular is this with a bit of Tear Jerker, when you remember Camilla's history in Nohr's Decadent Court, and how she probably had to grow up far before she was ready.
    • Azura and Elise's supports start with Elise trying to make a connection with her long lost stepsister, only for her to get angry at Azura's anti-social behavior and Azura accidentally comparing her to Sakura. Their B&A supports have Azura revealing that she had always wanted to know Elise herself, since she heard she was born but could never have the chance due her being in Hoshido when Elise was growing up. Then, the sisters bond over a kimono that Azura's aunt and Parental Substitute Mikoto made for Azura so she could give to Elise when things could be peaceful. Overall, the two bonding over the course of Conquest and Revelation is very sweet as Azura starts to come to love her younger sister and the other Nohrian royals as family.
    • Camilla and Xander's support begin with Camilla accusing Xander of being too distant towards their younger siblings, and that he doesn't know them as well as he should. She's swiftly proven wrong as he more than passes the quizzes she gives him, even describing her favorite food to the very last minute detail. He then explains that even with the parental roles they both had to play in order to keep their family afloat, he never took his eyes off his siblings for even a moment. Camilla is pleased (and relieved) by his answer, and they end the A support with another quiz game. Especially heartwarming that, since they are both the eldest of the Nohr siblings, they certainly both had duties they've been preoccupied with, so it has a feel of a tender bonding moment that had long been overdue.
    • Xander and Elise's support has Elise reading books about how to make the world a more peaceful place, suggesting things like holding hands and being nice and having compassion. When she applies that theory by healing an imprisoned group of pirates, Xander scolds her for being naive, as it leads to them escaping prison. But later, he finds out that many of the pirates in the crew actually quit their dubious trade after Elise healed them, and the support line ends with Xander asking to borrow Elise's book.
  • Related to the above, the supports between the royals on Revelation. It already feels like a great accomplishment, seeing the two sides come to an understanding, but actually seeing them get along well in their supports takes it up a notch. Hinoka and Camilla, and Elise and Sakura's support conversations in particular.
    • It's specially sweet in the case of Hinoka and Camilla. This is because the tidbits of interaction that had been spotted before made fans wonder if their potential encounters would go into cat fights and few more. Here, however, both elder princesses decide to set aside their differences for the sake of teamwork, and then they come to understand each other nevermind their extremely different personalities.
    • Similarly, Takumi and Leo discover that they are not so different and actually seem to become friends by their A-Support.
    • Sakura and Elise bond over their shared love of stringed instruments, and plan to tour across Hoshido and Nohr after the war is over in order to help build peaceful relations between their respective nations.
    • The supports between Xander and Sakura. She specifically seeks him out to speak with in order to help become less shy because she felt that if she could talk to the most intimidating person on the Nohr side, then she could talk to anybody else without problems. Xander completely takes this like a gentleman and reveals that he used to be just as shy as she was before he was able to get over it.
    • Up until almost the end, the support chain between Takumi and Camilla in Revelation is one hilarious moment after the other. The S talk, however, has her giving him a chance to actually speak to her, so he gives her a Love Confession and the promise to become a stronger, more mature man who will make her proud. It visibly moves her.
    • The supports between Ryoma and Elise are one of the only times we get to see the Hoshidan prince relax, such as making flower crowns with Elise. It's exactly as cute as it sounds. The S-support is almost a case of Twice Shy, which is even more adorable considering it involves a Hot-Blooded prince and a Genki Girl.
    • Leo and Sakura's support chain gradually slips into this, especially in the A and S supports where Leo repeatedly tells Sakura that she's a strong person despite her downplaying her contributions and self deprecation.
    • There's also Xander and Hinoka's support chain. Hinoka thinks Ryoma is planning some sort of celebration for her, and goes to Xander for advice on how to act, since it was supposed to be a surprise and she overheard. In the end, Ryoma doesn't have a party planned, because Hinoka misheard him, so Xander plans one for Hinoka instead.
  • A lot of support chains with Charlotte turns out to be this when they reveal her Hidden Depths.
    • Charlotte's supports with Nyx are unexpectedly cute, specially the A one where Nyx shows quite the angst because she considers herself a monster, but Charlotte reassures her and says they're still True Companions and friends. Charlotte has lots of flaws, yes, but her The Fake Cutie persona isn't everything that's there for her.
    • Charlotte and Benny's support set, even if they don't get married. Benny is the person she feels most comfortable being herself around, and he's very encouraging and supportive of her.
    • Charlotte's support with Xander is also sweet, even before reaching S-Rank. In A-Rank, she goes to him to apologize for her behavior, then spots a Faceless and saves his life. And if one gets them to S-Support levels... Xander confides in her about having practically abandoned all hope of having a happy life outside his duty, then proposes to her. After that, an overjoyed and tearful Charlotte asks him for permission to shout her happiness to the skies, and once Xander approves she does so.
    • Charlotte's supports with the Avatar also deserve a mention: after the Avatar confesses his love for Charlotte, she openly questions why she was chosen of all people, especially after lying to him in an earlier support. In what is possibly a Crowning Moment Of Heartwarming for the Avatar, he says that everybody has something they'd rather not show to the world, before saying Charlotte's beautiful as she is. This literally brings Charlotte to tears, before Charlotte saying the Avatar's crazy for falling in love with her. His response? That two people - crazy and in love - will never tire of each other. Charlotte's thank you seriously takes the cake.
  • Keaton and Nyx's S-support has her reveal that what she wants most is to get married and have a loving family, before sadly lamenting how no one will ever love her with her "child-like" body. Keaton instantly tells her that he does, and vows to always make her happy.
    • Nyx's support with Hayato has him promise to find a way to break her curse.
    Nyx: Are you sure about that? It would make me look like a much older woman, you know.
    Hayato: Your age doesn't matter. I've come to care for you deeply.
  • Leo's support chain with his son, Forrest. He used to side-eye his son's crossdressing and feels bad for it, and even compliments his skill with clothing in their C support. Then their B and A ranks discuss Forrest's dislike of battle despite wanting to take up his father's tome and make him proud, and Leo understands.
  • Laslow and Peri's support chain, where he tries to teach her empathy and succeeds. The A-support, where he comforts her after she opens up about her mother's death, and the S-support, where they actively start planning a family, in particular are very sweet.
    • She also drops her child-like speech in the S-support, articulating herself very clearly and maturely when saying she loves him. While Laslow is clearly touched by this, he tells her she doesn't have to change her way of speaking just to please him, because he loves her as she is. Cue Squee from Peri.
  • Leo and Beruka's S-Support is one of the sweetest Leo has. It starts with him asking if Beruka could kill family; after stumbling around the bush for awhile, Beruka ask Leo what he wants from her. His response is a simple "to marry you and teach you love." Beruka states that she's never known how to love, but hearing his words have put in a warm feeling in her chest. She then asks if this is what it feels like to love someone, to which Leo replies that they'll both learn what love is together.
    • His S-support with Felicia is very sweet, too, as the clumsy maid is utterly shocked a prince would take interest in her, rattling off a list of reasons why he can't marry her. He calmly says that he's royalty and can marry who he likes, repeats that she's the only one he wants, and asks again. This time she happily accepts.
    • His S-support with a female Avatar is yet another of his better ones. It opens with her finding Leo despondent, convinced that his feelings for her are unrequited; she manages to pep-talk him into telling her what's wrong anyway, which ends with Leo proposing to her in a scene that puts his way with words to very good use, even going so far as to say that the day he came to terms with how he felt and bought her engagement ring was the first time he'd ever felt genuinely happy. You can't help but feel happy for the poor guy when Corrin replies that it's actually very requited.
  • The Avatar's supports with Azura are near-identical, save only the male being able to S-support, regardless of gender. They're all very heartwarming, but actually marrying Azura as the male Avatar makes them extra sweet:
    • The Birthright support chain is happier and lighter, where she apologizes for "stealing" his birthright and he assures her he's not upset. He tells her all about growing up in Nohr and how much he loved it there, bringing a positive light to the country she grew up being taught to hate, and in their A support they discuss becoming the "bridge" between their respective homelands. The S-support has him stumblingly confess his feelings by telling her he talked about Nohr because he wanted to share his happy memories with the person he loves the most.
    • The Conquest support chain is darker but no less sweet, with Azura reassuring the Avatar of their choice when they voice regret over abandoning his Hoshido family, and protecting him from the assassins after him. In their A support they worry their respective sins and betrayals have damned them both, leading to this exchange:
    Azura: You're not pathetic! You're human — like the rest of us. You care about people! I know you're tired of having blood on your hands. I won't let you do it alone anymore. Now my hands are just as stained as yours. When you can't go on, I'll fight for you.
    Avatar: Do you really mean that?
    Azura: Absolutely! We're going to walk this bloodstained path until we reach the end.
    Avatar: All right. I won't hesitate next time. If we're going down, we'll go together.
    • ...only to turn it around in their Conquest S-support, where the Avatar tells her he'd rather forge a bright future together instead of accepting their damnation. Azura promises the same after confessing her love for him.
    • Their Revelation supports have the two of them having a sort of cultural exchange, trying to figure out where to go from here now that they've abandoned both Hoshido and Nohr. When the A support rolls around, Azura brings up how their similar circumstances have brought them together, and refers to them as "reflections on a mirror". Then their S support, after a brief lapse into funny, has the Avatar confessing that that the subject of their conversations didn't really matter to him that much—he just wanted to spend time with her. What follows is very sweet.
    Azura: Oh, Avatar... Honestly, I've been trying to find a way to tell you that I feel exactly the same.
    Avatar: What...?
    Azura: I also really, really enjoyed just talking with you all that time. I want to believe it was fate that you and I came together. Two people like us, with pasts so similar to each other... It could only have been meant to be.
    Avatar: I think so, too.
    Azura: Whatever happens in the world... I believe that you and I are tied together, and what binds us is stronger than all else.
    Avatar: I'll stay by your side, Azura. We can take on the entire world if we have to!
    Azura: We'll always be together!
    • Heck, Revelation in its entirety is one big one for them. After being used as pawns in the political game between the two warring nations, they find their own path and unite the two sides to fight the one who caused all the pain in their lives. If they S-support, then, after being lost between being both Hoshido/Nohr royalty, the pair become the new King and Queen of Valla, finally getting to be happy together and seeing their families at peace. Especially heartwarming when compared to how things end for them on the other routes.
    • Azura's confession for Revelation: "I somehow feel that I've always loved you... Together we will save this world. Please, never let me go..."
    • To add to the heartwarming, Ryoma and Xander give land to the new King and Queen (as the old Valla had to be sealed away), so that the Avatar and Azura can start their new kingdom.
  • Ryoma and Kagero's S-support has Ryoma asking Kagero why she avoided him the other day to which she states that did it because she was harboring unspeakable thoughts about him, she reveals that after talking to a friend she had a Love Epiphany after said friend told her that she is in love with Ryoma. Kagero offers to quit due her low social status as his retainer only for Ryoma to say this: " W-wait! Who said anything about being a bother? That I couldn't understand your true feelings is inexcusable. So, from now on... please swear that you won't say painful things like that. Kagero... I also love you. From now on, we are no longer master and servant, but husband and wife." This especially heartwarming as this friend might have been either Orochi, with whom she has a very cute Pseudo-Romantic Friendship... or Saizo, who is not only her partner but her ex boyfriend.
  • The support set between Rhajat and her father Hayato, in which he tries to apologize and make up to her for leaving her in the Pocket Dimension and unintentionally contributing to her issues. Rhajat keeps pushing him away and later claims it's fine since it let her study her Dark Magic but Hayato realises she's not looking at him in the eye and that she did feel lonely no matter what she says. The chain ends with Hayato saying "I'm So Proud of You" and Rhajat saying that her dad's affection makes her happy and feel less alone.
    • Rhajat's supports with her mother, too. There has been an illness outbreak in a nearby town and the villagers think Rhajat caused it with her curses, so her mom is caught between helping the village and believing in her Creepy Child daughter. As it turns out Rhajat not only did NOT cause such a mishap, but was actually trying to help the people with protective spells (though sadly, they were cast a bit too late)... and then she decided to Find the Cure! without telling anyone. Rhajat's mom is so moved and proud that she hugs her daughter and cries Tears of Joy.
  • Laslow's S-Support with a Female Avatar implies that he wants to introduce her to his parents.
    • Laslow's entire support chain with a female Corrin is pretty heartwarming. The C & B ranks mostly qualify as Funny Moments, with him being typical Laslow. Then things take a slightly more serious turn in their A-rank, leading into the above-mentioned proposal, where Laslow is surprisingly sweet and mature throughout it. It really highlights his Character Development well.
  • Getting A-Rank Support with Kaze reveals that he was present the day the Avatar was kidnapped, but didn't understand what was going on because he was still young. He's spent most of his life blaming himself for it, but the Avatar convinces him to forgive himself for it. He laughs and says that you remind him of your mother, who likewise forgave him for what happened.
    • He also points out that each of the royal family members has two retainers, but he was left out for whatever reason. This might've been especially concerning for him since his brother directly serves crown prince, Ryoma. Mikoto might've done it on purpose so he would become Corrin's someday. Meaning, she not only forgave him, she trusted him to protect her child even after the kidnapping.
    • Kaze's S-Support with a female Avatar is really sweet as well. After teasing him a bit about her own kidnapping and how he believed he failed, she comments on how she's blessed to have him and how she's been able to see an entirely new side of him. This prompts Kaze to call her cruel, as all these nice comments make him want to tell her things that he believes are best kept private. After she insists, he tells her: He is her servant and protector, so he knows he shouldn't be saying it, but he loves her. He also admits that the intent to serve her was not the only reason why took the vows, and that he feels that a life without her wouldn't be worth it. He then asks if there's any chance, any chance at all that she would love him too, and... the Avatar is so moved by this that she begins crying before returning his feelings.
    • There's also something heartwarming about marrying him. He's spent most of his life feeling guilty over the kidnapping, and likely wondered if she was even still alive. Now he gets to wake up next to her every morning, with no more fear.
  • The Avatar's supports with Gunter. If male, he expresses concern over Gunter's age and wellbeing; if female, she reminisces about how he used to play with her as a child. It reads very much like a child talking to their aging parent—and in fact, at the end of the A-support, the Avatar tells Gunter he's like the father Garon never was. Awwww.
    • During the support chain, Gunter reveals that, when the Avatar was little, Garon wanted him to punish them whenever they cried (starvation for male, whipping for female). When he saw how small and scared they were, he found that he couldn't do it, and instead focused on making life in Nohr as happy for them as possible.
    • Gunter even tears up a little at Corrin's Parental Substitute remark, despite trying to brush it off.
  • Velouria's support with her mother (in this case, Charlotte) is all heartwarming and rather tearjerking.
    • Her supports with her dad are just as cute. At first, Keaton seems annoyed by Velouria being clingy... but then in their A-Support, he decides to let her stay there with him. It's pretty touching coming from Keaton.
  • Shigure's support chain with his father. His father encourages and supports his son's interest in art, offering to open up a tent solely for the point of showing off Shigure's works. During the chain, he also tries to get Shigure to stop stressing out over one particular piece, which Shigure finishes and shows him in the A support: a portrait of his father and Azura together, the people he loves and respects the most in the world. Shigure's father then starts to break down, and hug him in joy.
    • Shigure's sibling supports are pretty heartwarming, too. Despite being a bit of a Tear Jerker as well, since they point out how they were raised in separate Deeprealms, the supports feature his sibling genuinely wanting to bond with him to make up for lost time. At first, Shigure's a little awkward about it and tries to brush his sibling off, but then comes to accept them by the time their A Support rolls around.
    • His supports with Azura have him being upset that he can't hit the same high notes he could when he was a boy, so he can't sing with his mother. So she rewrites the song (which she learned from her own mother), adding a new melody with a lower harmony line just for him.
  • Takumi and Oboro's S-support. Takumi reveals that he always knew about her crush and always intended to return her feelings. He shows them in the biggest way he can: by making her dream of having kimono shop a reality.
    Takumi: The reason why I ensured you'd be able to work with clothes... was because I wanted to support the person who would become my future wife, in my own way. So, for the sake of a bright future between us… don't tell me that you'll leave my sight. Stay by me the way you've always done, and keep helping everyone find the right clothing.
    • This part from Oboro and Takumi's S-support is just absurdly sweet:
    Takumi: Just like how I'm the most important person to you, you're the most important one to me.
    • Just the fact that, if you S-Support Oboro and Takumi, you are making all of Oboro's dreams come true. And probably a few of Takumi's. Oboro lost her family violently and Takumi's always insecure about his position in his family, so for her to get to start a new family with the man she's wildly in love with from her first lines of dialogue and for him to gain a family member who's utter devotion to him even his own anxiety can't question... it's really sweet.
    • His support with the Avatar is also sweet. Despite admitting that he's apprehensive of them, he still agrees to teach them archery. When they get injured, he insists on putting off the lessons until the injury is fully healed.
  • Takumi's support with his son, Kiragi, who already shows great skill with the bow. Fearful that his son is already surpassing him, he grows jealous and criticizes him for nothing. When Kiragi demonstrates his skill once more, he is again flawless. Takumi admits how he never made a mistake in the first place before breaking down. He beats himself up over feeling jealous of his own son, claiming his own skill with the bow is only a result of wielding the Fuujin, and lastly says that his outward attitude is just a mask and that he is actually "[..] a weak, anxious fool who's always worried what people think of me." before running off. Their A support has Kiragi asking his father to let him use the Fuujin bow himself, demonstrating how difficult it is to handle when he can't even land one hit. When Takumi still tries to downplay his own abilities, his son starts crying and shouts at him to stop saying such bad things about himself, because to him he is "the best dad ever". He then makes Takumi call himself an amazing person, to which the latter reluctantly complies and then comments how happy he is to have such a wonderful son.
  • Flora and the Female Avatar's support gives happiness to a character who doesn't get to be happy very often if at all
  • Effie's Revelation supports with Azama have unexpectedly sweet moments. The B-level talk has her not being upset as his criticism of what he sees as a Martyr Without a Cause attitude and trusting him to not tell others that she got gravely hurt and he helped her, which is quite a surprise to him. The A-level has them seriously discussing self-care and loyalties, before he tells her to rest and she actually falls asleep on him. And then there's their mutual Love Confession:
    Effie: What do you mean? You protect me all the tending to my wounds.
    Azama: I want to protect you BEFORE you get injured. Because I want to live a long and happy life...with you by my side.
    Effie: Are you saying what I think you're saying?
    Azama: Yes. At first, I was annoyed with your selflessness. It seemed impractical. But as I've come to admit to myself, it has a certain charm. I also admire your fearlessness in the face of unbelievable danger.
    Effie: Azama...
    Effie: I was hoping you'd say that. I think I love you, too. You seemed a bit prickly at first... But the way you always rushed in to treat me before anyone else after a battle... I started thinking of you as my hero.
  • Odin and Laslow's A Support has them reveal themselves as Owain and Inigo and reassure each other that even in other worlds they'll always be themselves, and they'll always be friends. Heartwarming in Hindsight too: look at Inigo and Owain's supports in Awakening, then their interactions in The Future Past 2, then this game, and see them develop from Vitriolic Best Buds to True Companions.
  • The post-game epilogues for Selena, Odin, and Laslow (A.K.A Severa, Owain, and Inigo) has them disappear after the war, presumably to return to their own world. However, if Odin or Laslow S-rank the Female Avatar in the Revelation route, it states that they disappeared like the other endings...Only to suddenly reappear one day, having chosen to stay with their wife. And if the Avatar S-supports with them in Conquest, the ending notes indicate they went back to Ylisse with their spouse and children.
    • This is even more heartwarming when it's revealed in Hidden Truths 1 & 2 that the main reason they traveled to Fates' world in the first place was because they promised Anankos to protect and serve the Avatar.
    • It's a minor thing, but nearly all of Selena's paired endings mention that she and her husband disappeared after the war, but "they likely lived Happily Ever After".
  • Arthur and Setsuna's Revelation supports begin with both of them as butt monkeys as they try to organize a gathering for the troops, but the A and S talks definitely take a turn to this trope as they decide to help each other with their bad luck streaks and Arthur mixes it with Declaration of Protection when he asks Setsuna to marry him.
  • The supports between Forrest and Female Kana start with him walking in on her sobbing out of loneliness. He promises to keep it a secret from the rest of the army and tells her that if she ever needs to cry again, to come to him. He then spends the B and A supports teaching her how to sew as a positive outlet for her feelings of fear and sorrow, gently encouraging her and trying to cheer her up.
    • What's even more heartwarming is that this is one of Forrest's only supports where his hobbies and habits are never criticized or Played for Laughs. In fact, Kana doesn't mention them at all—just accepts him as he is.
  • Azura's support chain with Laslow, where she helps him overcome his fear of having people watch him dance by telling him about how she used to be afraid of the same thing with her singing, before Queen Mikoto reassured her she had nothing to worry about. In their S support, he proposes to her but is convinced a princess like her could never go for a plain mercenary like him only for Azura to happily accept and tell him she's going to sing while thinking about her love for him.
    • Similarly, Azura's A support with Arthur have them discussing Arthur's motivations and how he became the person he is now, finishing with her thanking him for having protected her from punishment when they were kids. The S one has him declaring his love for her through a song, then almost freaking out when she giggles upon hearing him... and then she gently tells him his proposal was amazing and accepts to marry him.
  • Beruka and Selena's A Support has the latter wanting the former and Camilla to go accessory shopping with her, mainly because she wants a memento of her time in Nohr for if she decides to return to Ylisse afterwards. When Beruka says she'll quit wearing hers if Selena departs the latter gets confused, until Beruka clarifies that she'll keep it in a safe place until she returns. This moves Selena enough that she starts crying Tears of Joy. (Which she immediately denies, but still pretty heartwarming.)
  • Forrest and Siegbert's support chain shows the latter being very defensive and protective of the former. In their B-Support, Forrest accidentally hurts Siegbert's feelings by calling him out on his My Beloved Smother tendencies on him and basically pulling a Don't You Dare Pity Me! speech on him. He later apologizes and Siegbert does as well for not believing and relying on his cousin enough and promises to do so in the future. Siegbert is already a really Nice Guy, but for him to be so accepting and protective of Forrest, never calling his cousin out on being a Wholesome Crossdresser, is incredibly sweet.
  • All the lords' and retainers' relationships are heartwarming from both sides; the royals care about their retainers, and the retainers are grateful to them, and that's why they risk their lives for them. Some specific examples:
    • Sakura and Subaki's B support has the latter having a major Freak Out over a tiny mistake he made in logistics. In the A support, he tells her why he reacted as he did: his parents put a lot of pressure on him to be perfect at everything, so he feels utterly worthless if he makes even the smallest errors. Sakura asks him if he remembers the day they met, when he fell off his horse, and says that it didn't matter to her then that he wasn't perfect, and that it doesn't matter now; the fact that he's trying is what's important to her. Cue Subaki having an epiphany about being himself. If the player has them S-support, she proposes to him!
    • Hinoka and Setsuna. Despite the fact that many of the other characters seem annoyed with Setsuna's antics, Hinoka really seems to look out for her. As explained in Setsuna's supports with Saizo (who at first gets angry at her for supposedly being a poor retainer), Hinoka actually goes out of her way to make sure that Setsuna is all right, since Setsuna actually can pull her weight on the battlefield.
    • Xander and his retainer Laslow's A-Support was incredibly heartwarming, with it beginning with Xander telling him of how his former retainers, before Peri and him, died trying to protect him. He then orders Laslow to not die on him and make him feel the same experience of having him lose a precious retainers. Laslow promises to survive and not leave his side. The following exchange then happens...
    Laslow: If, after the war, I were to go somewhere. Somewhere far away... If you never saw me again... Would you be angry? Would you be able to forgive me for abandoning you?
    Xander: ...Yes. I would.
    Laslow: Oh? Truly?
    Xander: It is not your company I require. Only that you continue to draw breath. I just want you to ensure you live. Whatever your true name or appearance.
    Laslow: Milord, I—
    Xander: Wherever life takes you, remember this: You are not simply my retainer... You are my cherished friend. I wish you only the best in what you choose to do with your life. And, come what may, I will never forget you.
    Laslow: Nor I you.
    Xander: Good. Well, then. That will about do it. You may take your leave of me now.
    Laslow: ...
    Xander: Is something wrong?
    Laslow: No. I just...didn't want the conversation to end just yet. We have only a limited amount of time in this world, after all.
    Xander: You may remain if you wish. I am happy to pass the time with you.
    • It even ends with Xander relieving Laslow of his punishment, only for the latter to say he'd rather stay by Xander's side, to which he allows with a smile on his face.
  • Caeldori and Siegbert's support is very heartwarming and shows great character development for the latter, as he was at first jealous of how much of a genius Caeldori was, saying that a genius like her should be the leader of the people instead of him. It accidentally hurts Caeldori's feelings when he blurts out at their B-Support how someone like her could never understand his feelings. He later apologizes and she completely understands, replying with a speech that is clearly meant to be a You Are Better Than You Think You Are message, believing that his ability to understand each person's suffering is one of his best qualities, and that she knows he'll definitely be The Good King he always strives to be. Their entire support is very sweet and both individuals are shown to be, despite their insecurities and status in lives, very humble and caring people, who just want to be the best for the sake of others.
    • By their S-Support, Siegbert asks if Caeldori already if she already has someone she likes, which she replies she doesn't (but not without stuttering). When he does propose, she's surprised that he chose her, thinking that he already has someone he loves, which he replies that she is. The following exchange below comes up next is quite nice.
    Siegbert: I'm sorry. I know it must seem like this came from out of nowhere. But I couldn't hide my feelings from you any longer. Will you be with me?
    Caeldori: Oh, Siegbert... You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that... The truth is, I feel the same way.
    Siegbert: You do?!
    Caeldori: Of course I do!
    Siegbert: Haha...and to think, I almost gave up hope. Heh. You look a little flustered, Caeldori.
    Caeldori: Oh, hush! So do you!
    Siegbert: Maybe so...but I never expected to see YOU so red! You're always so calm!
    Caeldori: W-well how am I supposed to look?! I never expected...never dreamed... In the past, all of my feelings have gone unrequited... I assumed that this time would be no different...
    Siegbert: Well, you need not worry about that. I have eyes only for you, Caeldori.
    Caeldori: Thank you, Siegbert... You've made me so happy today.
    Siegbert: Here's to our future together! May it be a long and happy one.
    Caeldori: To our future!
  • Silas and Mozu's support chain. The farm girl is down over her perceived uselessness on the battlefield, and wonders whether or not she should just leave the army. Silas? Silas says no, and takes it upon himself to train her, every day, until she's stronger. Whenever she starts doubting herself he encourages her, firmly but kindly, with a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech, until finally in the A-support she happily says she knows her own self-worth now, and thanks him for believing in her. Having them S-support makes Silas propose in a borderline-Adorkable way, which Mozu eagerly accepts. D'aaaawwww.
    • What's even better is that gameplay-wise, Mozu actually has a good chance of actually turning out great, or even a contender for your team's MVP - which, amongst other things, is due to her being able to access a certain class that is highly useful in the Fates trilogy in general, and in Conquest in particular.
  • The A-Support between Laslow and Soleil. Laslow shows sadness at the thought of leaving Nohr to go back to Ylisse, and the thought of Soleil possibly not going with him. After some silence, Soleil shows that she can be pretty Wise Beyond Her Years and immediately changes the conversation after sensing that the topic is hard for Laslow, and decides to have tea instead. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
    Soleil: I'm just happy I got you to laugh again! ... Hey, Dad? I don't know what happened to you in the past... But I DO know how much you love me now. I know one day you'll tell me everything... And one day, we may even have to part ways... But no matter what, I'll always be your daughter. Always. I love you, Dad. I always have, and I always, always will.
  • Saizo and Mozu's supports show quite the Hidden Depths for the two, letting him tell his backstory to the audience via his talks with her and allowing her to bond with him through something as apparently simple as sharing meals.
  • Kaze and Nyx's supports have them basically becoming reading buddies, which is oddly cute in its simplicity. And then when she asks him why someone as popular as him is hanging out with someone as anti-social as her, he simply says it's because he thought she looked lonely and could use a friend. If you've ever been in the situation of wanting friends but being too introverted to make them, only to have someone reach out to you, the whole support will doubtless resonate with you.
    • Kaze and Beruka's supports have this in spades, from Kaze trying to get a squirrel to approach Beruka to Beruka telling Kaze in their S-support that even though she doesn't fully understand the concept of love, she feels so happy with him and that's enough for her to accept his proposal.
    • Kaze's supports in general. Whether it's assisting Felicia with her chores, having tea with Camilla, or helping Sakura find a doll she'd lost, the dude is completely nice and tolerant to everyone and never says a bad thing to them. No wonder women fall over themselves for him.
  • Azura and Saizo's support chain starts with him refusing to trust her because she's originally from Nohr. But when he's hurt during their B support she tears her dress to make a bandage, revealing an ugly scar from her past, which she confides to him about. This prompts Saizo to apologize for his behavior during their A support, and if you pursue the S support, they fall in love and marry.
  • Saizo and Sakura's supports. She risks her neck to heal him when he's injured, and he withstands dealing with the smell of sweets—which he hates—to buy her a box of them as a thank-you for taking care of him.
  • Odin and Kagero's S-support has the latter asking permission to paint a picture of his family, because even though they're dead, she still wants to meet them.
    • Odin and Kagero's supports as a whole are both funny and heartwarming, mainly because Odin is one of the only people who genuinely admires Kagero's work (the other one being Orochi).
  • Leo and Niles's entire support chain is full of this, due to their backstory. Niles was part of a gang of thieves set on robbing Nohr castle, but when they got caught the others left Niles behind as the decoy. This was the last straw for Niles, whose life already sucked due to growing up without parents and struggling to survive, so he was more than ready to let Leo kill him. Leo, however, found Niles's attitude interesting so he hired him as his retainer. Niles tells Leo in their B and A supports how he's always been grateful to him for this, for giving him a home and a purpose and sparing his life, and that he'll go to any lengths he can to repay such kindness. It's even more heartwarming in the localization, where the A rank ends with Niles calling Leo simply by his name rather than "Lord Leo". The kicker? Niles hates nobles and rich people because he spent his whole life struggling while watching them be spoiled and live in luxury, so he gets off on tormenting them. This in no way applies to Leo, who can be just as standoffish and snooty as your average prince but since he spared the life of a street urchin, Niles knows for sure he's a good person and trusts him with all his heart.
  • Shiro's supports with a non-sibling male Kana. The supports revolve around Kana upset about it raining and thus he can't go outside to play, causing Shiro to suggest making 'rain go away figures' in the C support and when that doesn't work out in the B support, convinces him to play in the rain with him. Even better is the fact they're cousins (albeit step-cousins, but still).
    • His supports with the Female Kana have him taking on the role of a big brother, giving her piggyback rides and spinning her around in circles, much to her delight. And just like male!Kana, she's his cousin, too.
    • And adding onto the above, one of Shiro's mothers can be Camilla. Then you could say Shiro is Like Mother, Like Son.
  • If you talk to your fellow army members in MyCastle during your birthday, they'll all wish you a happy birthday. The kicker? Every single one of them has a unique voice clip that plays only during these occasions. One standout example is Shigure: he starts singing to you!
  • In Shiro and Caeldori's A Support, Shiro risks his life running into a burning barn to save a foal. The reason? Caeldori said her ideal job would be to care for animals.
    Caeldori: Shiro...
    Shiro: Owww! Hot hot hot!
    Caeldori: I warned you not to take any stupid risks!
    Shiro: No need to get upset. It's just a little burn.
    Caeldori: Why would you run into a burning barn?! It's because of things like this that I told you to be careful!
    Shiro: Hey, I didn't do it for nothing! I went to help a foal who was trapped inside. You should be happy I got him out in time!
    Caeldori: I know, I know... *sob*
    Shiro: Caeldori? Are you crying?
    Caeldori: I'm not crying!
    Shiro: Haha! At least no one was hurt. And you should be happy I saved the foal for you!
    Caeldori: For me?
    Shiro: Think about it. That's one more animal you might look after someday. You should be thanking me!
    Caeldori: ... Haha, oh, Shiro...what are we going to do with you?
    Shiro: Hah! I finally got you to smile!
    Caeldori: Just don't ever make me this worried about you again!
    Shiro: I'll try my best.
  • In Silas and Camilla's A-rank support, we learn that Silas was actually in love with Camilla (yes, he actually confessed his love to her in the A support) at one point and Camilla? She admits she used to have feelings for Silas, but didn't want to pursue them out of fear that the Avatar would think she didn't love them anymore. And if you S-rank them, Silas proposes to Camilla, telling her that he actually got the Avatar's blessing and the courage to approach Camilla.
    Silas: Camilla, you must understand. I am also extremely close with Avatar. And I know how much he/she cares about you and appreciates your words of love. I do, however, know of another person desperate to hear those words from you...
    Camilla: Oh? I can't imagine who.
    Silas: This person truly desires your love and admiration.
    Camilla: Well, who could it be? Leo? Elise? You don't mean... Xander?
    Silas: No, none of them. Camilla...I speak of myself.
  • Female Kana and Kiragi have a adorable support chain. It has them getting the chance to actually be kids, just playing together in a tree house. His Childhood Marriage Promise in the S-support is really cute, too:
    "Maybe, um, when we're older...would you be my princess?"
  • Have Selena battle Robin and she finds him familiar, but, Selena (really Severa) realizes he's not quite the Avatar she knew. Then she gets angry with him, outright calling him an imposter, then says she's not about to let Robin call off the battle now that she realizes he's not the person she knew. It's heartwarming in a way only Selena can manage.
  • Silas and Beruka's support chain. It starts with Silas wanting to talk to her because he thinks she's upset, and then learns she's not, but her emotions are kind of "dead". He decides to help her learn emotions. Their B support has him try to make her laugh with Arthur stories, and it doesn't work. Their A Support has Silas hear Beruka's Dark and Troubled Past and cry upon hearing it. And then their S support has him propose to her, as his way of helping her learn to feel.
    Silas: Marrying you is step one. That way, we'll have the rest of our lives for me to teach you about emotions. Someday, you'll learn how to cry and laugh for yourself.
    Beruka: ...
    Silas: Um... Beruka...?
    Beruka: ...
    Silas: Are you...crying?
    Beruka: I don't know. Is this what crying feels like? Am I sad? Is that it?
    Silas: Could be. But people also cry sometimes when they're happy.
    Beruka: Is that true? Hmm. Yes, Silas, I will marry you.
    Silas: Really?
    Beruka: Honestly, I still can't tell what these tears mean. But maybe with your help, someday I'll get it.
    Silas: That's my hope.
    Beruka: If I learn to laugh and cry like you... Could I cry for my mentor? Can I shed tears of regret?
    Silas: Someday. And when you do, I'll hold you until the tears run dry.
    Beruka: Thank you, Silas.
  • In Subaki and Kagero's support chain, Kagero goes to Subaki in order to gain advice on how to change her perception on art because her art style unsettles so many people, which in turn upsets her. However, in their A-Support, Subaki tells her she shouldn't change because he thinks her art style is very unique and shows a lot of potential for genius (which is very high praise, coming from a perfectionist like Subaki). He even tells her he'd like art lessons from Kagero when she has the time.
  • Takumi and Azura's supports are very nice as well, with her fussing over him a little in the C and him helping her deal with a stubborn kid in the B. In the A, he apologizes for antagonizing her in the past. In the S, she gives him a Bear Hug after waking him up from a nightmare and tells him she will always be there for him, and he promises to take care of her forever. The level of happiness she displays at the end of it is ridiculously adorable.
  • In Caledori's Supports with a Male Avatar, she asks to become his apprentice because her father Subaki speaks very highly of him, calling him "a gift from the heavens" and "a hero who appears in times of terrible crisis". It's heartwarming from Subaki's end because, considering who he is, that sort of praise clearly does not come lightly. And as their Support continues, Caledori begins to see exactly what her father means and falls for him. Their S-Support nails it.
    Caeldori: If you're going to reject me, then get on with it. I understand. It's what's always happened. I'm used to it by now.
    Avatar: No, no. Caeldori...I love you too. It's just...
    Caeldori: What? What is it?
    Avatar: If we're to be together, I can't be your mentor anymore. We must be equals. I'll still teach you things, but I want to learn from you as well. Is that OK?
    Caeldori: Yes! Of course it is! Oh, Avatar. So then you'll be mine?
    Avatar: Well, in that case...yes. I will.
    Caeldori: Really?! Thank you! Thank you so much!
    Avatar: Haha. There's no need to thank me, Caeldori. I'm not doing it as a favor. I'm doing it because I love you.
    Caeldori: Oh. Yes, of course. I'm just so happy. It's like all my prayers have been answered. It's the first time in my life I've ever felt this way. I promise, I will do everything in my power to make you love.
  • In Kiragi and Rhajat's supports, Rhajat takes advantage of Kiragi's helpful nature by asking him in their C-and B-support conversations to fetch her herbs located in very dangerous places. Although rather ungrateful for his services, Rhajat is both amused and irritated that, despite endangering himself, Kiragi willingly and happily helps her every time. Come their A-support, she not only finally thanks him for all his help, but also apologizes for putting her own selfish needs before Kiragi's safety.
    Rhajat: I wish to apologize, then.
    Kiragi: Apologize?
    Rhajat: Yes. You have been hurt, badly, on my account. And I have not thanked you even once. So...I'm sorry. And thank you.
    Kiragi: Oh, is that it? You don't have to worry about that. We're friends! It's only natural we do favors for each other!
    Rhajat: No, I got carried away. I knew those things were dangerous to collect. I put my own wants before your safety. For some reason this bothers me.
    Kiragi: Oh, really? I guess that makes sense. But I didn't mind, really!
    Rhajat: Heehee. You're a cute one. But you should be more careful. Sweet as you are, others are bound to try to take advantage of you.
    Kiragi: I guess to make us even, you'd owe me a favor, then? How about you come up to the mountains with me? That's actually the whole reason I started talking to you, honestly. I thought we could have a bunch of fun on a hike!
    Rhajat: That is an acceptable trade. Very well.
    Kiragi: Woohoo! This is gonna be great!
  • Xander and Peri's support conversation is nice: Peri is upset because she's overheard people saying that she's not good enough to be Xander's retainer, being too informal with him. Xander has none of that, saying that it's not their decision, and goes on to tell Peri why he chose her as his retainer.
  • Shiro and Mitama's S-support is very sweet and shows a protective side of Shiro. In the beginning, Shiro finds Mitama sleeping near a battlefield (again) and stands guard over her to make sure nothing bad happens. After Mitama wakes up, he tells her he wouldn't mind guarding her forever, if she wished it so. Mitama is so shocked and overjoyed she makes two haikus up on the spot to describe how she feels.
    Mitama: A shock to my ears / My heart is all aflutter / Pounding crazily. A smile to my lips / My heart is all aflutter / Its blood warms my cheeks...
  • Male Kana gets the short end of the stick in his S-supports with almost every girl (Caeldori and Sophie flat-out reject him, Velouria and Soleil only see him as a little brother, etc.) in the localization, so naturally his supports with Selkie are this. They spend all of their support chain talking about how they admire each other's strengths and get excited over teaming up with one another when they hunt and go into battle. It's also worth noting that out of all the older girls Male Kana can S-rank with, Selkie always treats Kana as her equal and never as a little kid (though that might be due to her own mentality). In fact, if you S-rank them, it's Selkie who suggests they become girlfriend and boyfriend, not Kana! Even their love confession to each other is sweet and innocent:
    Kana(M): I think I you.
    Selkie: Like me? Oh, wait. You don't mean like THAT, do you? LIKE me, like me?
    Kana(M): Don't say it like it's a bad thing. We have a lot of fun together, right?
    Selkie: I...I was just caught by surprise, that's all. The thing is I sorta like you too.
    Kana(M): What? Like, LIKE me, like me?
    • Even if the romantic implications aren't AS strong as in Selkie's case, Male Kana's supports with Mitama are adorable. She teaches Kana poetry rather patiently despite Kana's comical initial failures, and by the time the S-Support hits, Kana brings her a sweet poem on their friendship plus a flower. Mitama is delighted since she can sense how Kana's poem comes from his heart and tells him that they should go out for a walk and then write poems together in a quiet spot, which can be seen as either a cute friendly outing or as Mitama's idea for a date. Whether it's one or the other, it's still damn cute.
    • Heck, even Kana's non-romantic S-supports are this: each one is basically a pledge to be Platonic Life-Partners forever - and then, if their paired endings are anything to go by, they do indeed stay best friends for the rest of their lives.
  • Siegbert and Mitama's S-support, while very funny, ends on a sweet and charming note very befitting of Mitama:
    Mitama: From now on...
    Siegbert: Hm?
  • The Male Avatar's S-Support with Mitama. After spending the entire support chain getting haiku lessons from Mitama, he proposes to her with a haiku he composed himself. Mitama is absolutely touched by this and accepts his proposal with her own haikus.
    Avatar: Only through poems / Did I come to understand / These feelings inside. I offer my love / To the woman I adore / Through these, my verses. Everything I feel / All that resides in my heart / Is for you, my star.
    Mitama: I can't believe it. You really feel that way about me? I am overwhelmed / Such confusion in my heart / Foolish, wild, and blind.
    Avatar: I'm sorry. I know this is sudden, but I could not hide my feelings any longer.
    Mitama: Your poem, just now / Has shattered my very soul / With supernal might.
    Avatar: Shattered?! What's supernal? I'm sorry, Mitama! Have I offended you?
    Mitama: You left me stricken / Smote me with the blade of love / You left me stricken.
    Avatar: By the blade of love... Wait, do you mean you were stricken in a good way, then?'re actually happy about my confession?
    Mitama: Yes, I am. I am so very happy, I could cry.
  • Arthur's Supports with Felicia have him sympathize with her because her clumsiness is not so different from his own bad luck and Felicia says she think Arthur is an inspiration for her because he never lets his bad luck get him down.
  • Setsuna's version of the mother-daughter support chain with Sophie is this, considering how clumsy yet easygoing Setsuna can be. In the A-support, when Sophie tries to figure out why people are willing to help her after seeing her mess up with breakfast, Setsuna's reasoning sounds oddly familiar to how Setsuna and her own support chains play out. In a way, Setsuna could even be referring to herself, in that she doesn't let her carelessness get her down, so she doesn't want Sophie to feel down either.
    Setsuna: Hey, why'd they pitch in, anyway?
    Sophie: Maybe they were worried that I would burn everything?
    Setsuna: This is what I think... You get people fired up when they see how you don't let being clumsy bring you down.
    Sophie: I do? I don't know...
    Setsuna: Forget about being clumsy. Focus on being yourself. I think that's the secret to a happy life for you...
  • Jakob and Mozu's support has Mozu dealing with her loss of her family and friends. Jakob who is normally very rude to anyone not the Avatar shows some empathy towards Mozu. While Mozu is dealing with her loss in a realistic fashion; Jakob feels sorry for her and tells her bluntly that crying won't bring them back. Mozu knows this but cannot help but continue to cry for her village. Jakob then tells her that she should continue to mourn and cry all she wants; and that the moment she does not cry anymore is when she would be able to move on. This is very out of character for a man known for his incredibly sharp tongue.
  • While Benny and Ignatius's supports are also kinda funny, especially their C-Rank, their B & A supports are also heartwarming in the best way that they can manage. They end up discussing how similar they are, and, while he tries to brush it off, Benny cries Tears of Joy over how Ignatius sees him as a reassurance.
  • Shiro and Kiragi's supports are some pretty cute family bonding. The two of them compete over hunting, and they comment on the strength of each other's fighting styles by the end of the chain. Shiro even comments on how close the hunting trips have made them, and how it's like having a brother instead of "just" a cousin.
  • Effie and Niles' A-support ends with this. After Effie gets angry and protective over Elise because Elise has been picking up on Niles' vocabulary, Niles finally reveals that he's been hanging out with Elise because he wanted to get a nice birthday present for Leo (even going as far as to use Effie's advice on observation while shopping for the gift). Effie retracts her previous threat to crush Niles' skull...and offers him a kiss on the cheek instead. In a semi-rare moment of bashfulness, Niles turns down her kiss and opts for a 'thank you' instead.
  • Oddly enough, Jakob and Nyx's supports come off as this, with Jakob absolutely refusing to see Nyx as the monster she sees herself as due to her childlike appearance. He even admits that he gets angry at people who treat her as such, to which Nyx replies that this is due to his own sad past. If you S-rank them, Nyx tells Jakob the full story behind the curse and how it started the rumors about her being a monster...and Jakob still wants to be with her, so he can help her find peace with herself.
    Nyx: Yes. What I did was horrible; I don't think my quest for atonement will ever end...
    Jakob: ...
    Nyx: That's why I can't let you— or anyone — into my life. I can't burden you with that. And I can't risk your life if my power-mad self returns.
    Jakob: Nyx... I don't care about your past. I'm fine with you trying to set it right. And I don't want you giving up your own happiness while you do so.
    Nyx" ...
    Jakob: Knowing everything you've told me, I still love you. Let me be with you. Let me help you.
    Nyx: Perhaps... Perhaps it would be all right for us to be together.
    Jakob: Of course it would. And perhaps with us together, you can find peace with your past.
    Nyx: Thank you, Jakob...
  • Laslow and Mozu's supports are surprisingly cute. Mozu seems to genuinely think he's cool, and this is one of the few support chains where Laslow isn't flirting as much as he usually does. Instead, he actually seems to be interested in what she's planting, and, if their S-Support is reached, Laslow reveals that he researched some of the flowers in her hometown so he could give her a proper proposal bouquet. Also, like a female Avatar, Mozu will directly say that she has no problem with following Laslow back home if he decides to leave after the war.
  • Keaton and Mozu's supports start out goofy, with Mozu happily declaring they're both country bumpkins and Keaton vehemently denying such a claim. After hearing Mozu talk about her village, however, Keaton decides to bond with her over hunting because they're both so good at it (and more importantly, it takes her mind off of her old village). It all culminates to Keaton's rather roundabout, yet sweet way of proposing to Mozu.
    Keaton: Heh. All in a day's work. You know...I was thinking. We make a really great team. If we were partners, we'd probably never want for anything.
    Mozu: Yeah! Maybe we could become hunting partners after all this fighting is over.
    Keaton: Yeah, that'd be great. Maybe we could even get married! Hahaha...
    Mozu: Huh? You shouldn't joke around like that. You could really hurt someone's feelings.
    Keaton: It's not a joke! Mozu, will you marry me?
    Keaton: Don't be ridiculous! That's one of the reasons I love you, Mozu. Besides, I'm a country person too.
    Mozu: Ha! So you're finally admitting it, eh? But even if you are...
    Keaton: No buts about it! I don't want anyone else! I love you and only you.
  • Benny's supports with Elise. Not only does she not find him scary, Elise decides to come up with a plan to make the rest of the army talk to him. She spreads an actually good rumor about him, telling everyone that talking to Benny will give them good luck.
  • Silas's supports with Ryoma have Silas mentioning that he actually used to be pretty quiet as a kid. However, this changed when he was brought in to be Corrin's playmate, since they were so eager to have a friend that they talked to him practically non-stop. Corrin finally getting to have an actual friend their age is already sweet, but it's also implied that this is what helped Silas become the Nice Guy that he is in the present.
  • Hinoka and the Male Avatar's S support. Partially funny with the Avatar walking in on Hinoka taking care of her pegasus, and inadvertently hearing her say she loves him, it becomes heartwarming when Hinoka reveals that they're Not Blood Siblings, allowing the Avatar to be honest with Hinoka, and the confession from Hinoka is also pretty heartwarming:
    Avatar: No, I'm glad you did! I'm shocked, to be sure, but now that I know the truth, I can be honest, too. Hinoka... I love you. I love you more than anyone else in the world.
    Hinoka: Really? Are you certain? If you are... Well, there is no one I would rather be with than you.
    Avatar: I am. And I feel exactly the same way.
    Hinoka: Avatar... I never dreamed this would happen. It makes all those days I spent planning how to rescue you all the more meaningful. I'm so glad that we feel the same...
    Avatar: We'll never be separated again. Ever. I'll always be by your side.
    Hinoka: Me too. I promise to always protect you.
  • In a similar vein, Male Avatar and Sakura's S support. It has Sakura mentioning how she never didn't think of her brother, and had dreams of how she imagined he'd be like... which she also reveals she loved him as soon as she met him, just not as a brother.
    Sakura: I'm s-sorry. It was selfish of me to tell you all this for my own benefit.
    Avatar: Don't apologize, Sakura. I'm relieved to learn the truth. As shocking as it is to find out we're not blood related, it makes me happy.
    Sakura: It d-does?
    Avatar: It does. After all...I love you too. Why do you think I offered to help you with conversation practice? It was just an excuse to spend more time with you.
    Sakura: Oh, Avatar! I'm so h-happy!
    Avatar: Since we're not siblings, we shouldn't hide our feelings anymore. It may be hard, but we'll cross that bridge together. I promise to protect you.
    Sakura: Oh! Then I...I promise to protect you too! Just swear you'll never leave me again.
    Avatar: I swear, I won't ever leave your side.
    • Her confession line is also one of the most downright adorable ones in the game:
    Sakura: I've never felt this way before. My heart is beating so fast! I'm yours forever.
  • Arthur and Beruka's support chain is unexpectedly sweet. She starts off displaying an interest in Arthur's talks of justice since nobody has ever taken the time to discuss right and wrong with her. In the B support, Beruka reveals she has been hired to assassinate an official and Arthur has been hired to protect said official. After suffering from his usual cases of bad luck, Beruka actually retreats thinking there is another assassin out to get Arthur. But she muses it was probably for the best because she likes to hear him talk about justice, which would be hard if he was dead. It all culminates in the S support when Arthur proposes to her, causing Beruka to be flustered and say she doesn't know a thing about love. She tries to pay it back to him by saying she'll take care of his mystery assassin... only for him to admit it's just his notorious bad luck. Then, after taking all that in... Beruka starts laughing. And she becomes grateful for Arthur's bad luck since it brought them close to one another. And Arthur agrees, saying he might not have been able to hear the world's loveliest laugh without it.
  • Hinata and Hinoka's support chain features him lecturing her for overworking herself in order to keep from burdening others. It's touching to see how much Hinoka worries about everyone else, and to see Hinata show his Nice Guy side really well.
  • Despite its notorious start, the support between Saizo and Beruka becomes oddly sweet by the end. After confessing the full story of his botched assassination of a Nohr noble (and Beruka's own role in it), the two assassins realize that Hoshido and Nohr are locked in a Cycle of Revenge, and that it must be broken if there is to be peace. They both vow to do their part to ensure the cycle is finally broken. The kicker? It's Saizo who proposes this, the same man who has serious trust issues and not long ago was so opposed to the idea of peace that he was willing to blow himself up, and possibly all of Fort Jinya in the process, just to win a battle against who he considered Nohrians. It shows just how far Saizo's come thanks to the Avatar's influence.
    • The S support is similarly heartwarming. Saizo believes that, if a dour, untrusting ninja like him and a cold-blooded assassin like Beruka can feel love and happiness, then there has to still be good left in the world, and that's reason enough to keep fighting.
  • Keaton and Laslow's support, while mostly comedic, suddenly becomes surprisingly heartwarming at A rank, in which Keaton decides to give Laslow one of his valued treasures. Laslow is confused by this, and Keaton says it's his way of showing thanks for spending time with him, which not a lot of people seem willing to do. They even end the support with Laslow playing "fetch" with Keaton, and Laslow admits he doesn't mind how strange this is if it makes Keaton happy.
  • Percy and Ophelia's S-support has Percy letting it slip that, if he were to use Ophelia's special charm that gave him dreams about the person he'd marry, he would definitely dream of Ophelia. On her end, Ophelia invokes the Red String of Fate by tying their pinking together with string. Percy happily responds by telling her to wrap more threads around them, so they'll never break apart.
  • Soleil and Ophelia's A support. After the previous two had Ophelia irritated and horrified by Soleil's flirtatious behavior and overbearing efforts to chat with her, Soleil apologizes for coming on too strong...only for Ophelia herself to apologize as well! She confesses that part of the reason she kept running away and treating Soleil like a predator was because she'd wanted to have an epic partnership like their fathers did, but Soleil didn't match her preconceived notions and Ophelia couldn't deal with it.
    Ophelia: No... I blame myself. I made you out to be something you're not. You only ever saw me as I am... But when I looked at you, I compared you to the ideal I had in my mind. When I think back, you never said you wanted anything more from me than to talk. I was the one who ran from you, refusing to listen to what you were saying. So if anyone should apologize, it's me.
    Soleil: I dunno...maybe I won't be the kind of partner you had in mind... But I'd love to get closer to you anyway!
    Ophelia: But don't you see? We already are closer than we realized. Real friends don't need to work so hard to get each other's approval. I want that to be us: easy and comfortable with one another.
    Soleil: Really?! That would be wonderful... I hope you can learn to like me just the way I am.
    Ophelia: I'm confident that I will. The stars wouldn't lie, would they? I feel their twinkling in my deepest self and know, with absolute certainty... great things will come of us.
  • After spending the majority of their supports competing in Revelation, Subaki opens up to Selena that he does admit his faults (a far cry from him being usually defensive on the matter) after failing to make stew for her in their A support. Selena, in turn, reveals that the real reason she gets competitive with him is because when talking to him, she is reminded of her late mother Cordelia, whom she is often compared to. Both of them then come to realize they're "on the same playing field", as Selena puts it. And when Selena plans to beat him on their next competition, Subaki sends this particularly gem:
    Subaki: Hahaha... In terms of sheer determination, I think you're already the champion.
    • Then comes their S support, where Subaki presents her with the ring he's made that's almost identical to Cordelia's ring. It's touching that Subaki comes to recognize Selena really wants to impress her long-dead mother!
    Subaki: I know you want to be considered some sort of supreme genius, Selena. But who do you actually want to recognize your hard work?
    Selena: Huh? Well now that you mention it...I'm not really sure.
    Subaki: It seems like more than anything, you want your mother to recognize you. But she's not here to give you that validation. I don't know if it matters, but I think you're remarkable.
    Selena: Huh? What do you mean?
    Subaki: You're a hard worker, and you're constantly striving to improve yourself. We're so similar... I think we would make an amazing couple.
    • His supports with his other potential Nohrian love interest, Nyx, is unexpectedly just as sweet. It shows him doing what he can to learn about her culture, such as trying coffee and then trying to make coffee, so he can spend time with her. The end of the S-support is also one of the rare few that doesn't end with a proposal, rather having her agree to go on a date with him.
  • The Japanese version of Rhajat/Syalla's S-rank Support with the female Avatar certainly counts as this. In it, Syalla expresses doubt towards her own feelings and mentions that she wishes she could have been reborn as a man so that she could protect the Avatar and for the Avatar to love her back. Fortunately, the Avatar then accepts her feelings and says she'll love Syalla/Rhajat just as she is. Unfortunately, the localization changed this and made Syalla/Rhajat's Support the same as the male Avatar's.
  • Early in Selena's supports with the avatar, she refers to them as her "third best friend". This sounds a bit odd until you realize who she must be talking about: Laslow and Odin.
    Avatar: Wait, THIRD best? Who are numbers one and—?
    Selena: Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head off about them.
  • Shiro's supports with his mother provide a heartwarming moment for Ryoma. At first, Shiro doubts that Ryoma cares about his wife very much, since he rarely sees them being affectionate. However, she then gets a huge stack of notes that Ryoma wrote for her that are all about how much he loves her. The idea of Ryoma sitting down to write love letters to his wife is adorable, and it does convince Shiro that he cares about her.
  • Azama and Beruka's supports in Revelation. They start off a bit rocky, considering it's Azama... But they apologize to each other in their A Support, and it and their S Rank feature them wanting to get to know each other better. Their S Support is especially touching, since Azama is determined to learn more about Nohr (and teach her about Hoshido), which helps Beruka soften up to him. It's all surprisingly sweet, even more so considering the two people involved.
  • Xander and Felicia's support is pure cuteness from start to finish. It starts off with Felicia practicing walking while carrying silverware, then tripping as per usual. Xander comes to her aid, and is so amused by her that he starts laughing a little (but not unkindly), and then wishes her luck on her practice as he leaves. The B support is comedic with Felicia getting stuck in her own knitting yarn and Xander helping her out of it. Come A support, Xander watches her practice again, and confides that he loves to watch her work because it helps him forget the immense duties he has as Crown Prince of Nohr, and that just watching Felicia try to be the best maid she can be puts him at ease. To which Felicia responds with an offer to join her practice. D'aww.
  • Sakura and Hayato's support essentially consists of Sakura helping Hayato come to terms with his "childish" love of sweets by becoming "pastry pals". Hayato, in turn, helps Sakura recognize the more mature aspects of her personality, such as her compassionate nature. Their S-Support is the icing on the cake (no pun intended), with the two planning to take a trip to a famous bakery together as their first official date. Seeing two of the most insecure characters in the game finding solace in how "comfortable" they make each other feel is enough to put a smile on anyone's face.
    • Their support is especially heartwarming in its simplicity. Just two kids bonding over their shared love of pastries, and getting to know each other. Simple-yet-sweet.
    • Bonus points for the exchange that immediately follows Hayato's confession, which is straight out of a summer romcom:
    Sakura: B-but, Hayato, that's crazy!
    Hayato: You're right! I am crazy... about YOU.
  • The support chain between Silas and Oboro. By getting to know him, she's able to overcome her prejudice against Nohrians. In their B-support, she has already stopped to do her "demon face" when seeing him, as she saw that he's a good person; while he tries to help her deal with her Dark and Troubled Past and to overcome her prejudice against Nohrians. In their A-support, they talk about Nohrian bandits he fought to protect Hoshidan peasants and Silas says that as a knight it's his duty to protect the innocent, wether they are from Nohr or from Hoshido. Oboro then admits that he was right when he said there were good people in Nohr, and that he is a living proof of it, before agreeing to try to not make snap judgements about people anymore. In their S-support, she starts by apologizing once more for having misjudged him. Then Silas asks her to marry him.
    Silas: "But I hope your belief in my goodness will make it easier to you to answer my question..."
    Oboro: "What question?"
    Silas: "Will you take this ring?"
    Oboro: "Is this a..."
    Silas: "Yes, it's an engagement ring. Can you find it in your heart to truly love a Nohrian, as I love you?"
    Oboro: "Silas..."
    Silas: "I know the scars in your heart won't heal easily. But I want to be there to help. What do you think? Could you have any feelings for a man of Nohr?"
    Oboro: "Ask me a hard one. I would love to accept this ring."
    Silas: "Really?"
    Oboro: "But what about you? Are you sure you want to spend your life with me?"
    Silas: "What kind of question is that? Of course!"
    Oboro: "You wouldn't be embarassed to have a wife who makes such awful faces? Like this..."
    Silas: "Haha! Is that all that's worrying you? Love is strange. I used to find that face terrifying, but now I think it's beautiful."
    Oboro: "Haha! That's a good thing! Because you'll be seeing me make it a LOT!"
    Silas: "I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's to many years of happiness."
    Oboro: "I look forward to see how good a Nohrian can be!"
  • It's not just the royal siblings. Kaze and Saizo's support has Kaze trying to get Saizo to open up to him about their father's death and how he lost his eye. While Saizo is initially unwilling to share, he immediately acknowledges that Kaze is a good brother for caring about him and tells him to drop it. Kaze goes on to challenge him to single combat where, if he wins, Saizo will talk. Saizo points out that he won't win, so why bother? Kaze tells him he had to try anyway. Saizo does eventually talk because of this, and Kaze ends up apologizing because he feels that he and their entire clan have failed Saizo by allowing him to take this burden alone.
    Kaze: But all of us of Igasato will make amends. We vow to be Saizo the Fifth's eye!
    Saizo: You honor me, Brother. I'll gladly take your support in any mission we undertake.
  • The support chain between Mozu and Takumi is very cute. It starts off with Takumi accidentally trampling the sprouts that Mozu worked so hard to plant and tend to. When he offers to help her out and Mozu brushes him off by pointing out he's a royal, not a farmer, he takes this as a challenge. As the support chain progresses, though, Takumi learns that it's not as easy as it looked and there's a lot more involved than just putting seeds in some dirt, and Mozu recognizes that he is trying to help, and eventually actually learns enough to be genuinely helpful to her, at which point they're genuine friends. In their S-support Takumi admits that she's taught him to be a more patient and happier person and that he actually likes being out in the fields with her, and would like to make it official.

  • The Beach Brawl DLC, while really more humorous, does have quite a few sweet moments as well. One stand-out includes if Takumi wins the trip, as he actually wanted to go despite trying to deny it to Oboro and Hinata at first, whom see right through him. His photo even has him look very visibly happy for a change, which is nice to see considering everything he goes through in the main story especially Conquest.
  • The Hidden Truths DLC reveals that Anankos' good side loved Mikoto and the Avatar enough to summon Odin, Selena, and Laslow from Ylisse in an attempt to help them. He also comforts his other child, Lilith, as he dies.
    • Additionally, when Good Anankos tells Owain, Inigo and Severa that he can grant them almost any wish in exchange for them siding with him, including things like eternal youth and wealth... at first they ponder bringing their parents Back from the Dead, and when Good Anankos says that it can't be done, they ask him to mend all the damage he can repair in the Bad Future (including vegetation and flowers) and properly bury the dead there. Good Anankos does so, returning this dead Ylisse its beauty... and, as he does so, he hears the voices of the dead Avatar and the parent characters's souls, thanking him and the three kids for it and promising to always watch over them in their new lives.
    • It's brief, but after Anankos turns her hair red Severa says she liked its original color. Severa always inherits her father's hair color.
  • The Before Awakening DLC has some really sweet moments:
    • Selena sets up a private tea session for Chrom and her mother Cordelia, by asking the former to tell the latter during such a session that she'd surpass her someday. She rationalizes this by stating that she knows her mother will still end up with her father anyway, showing some beautiful Character Development.
    • Also in the same map, Ophelia and Lissa have a funny and heartwarming meeting, with the two of them easily hitting it off with their shared friendly and energetic natures. And this is even without Ophelia realizing that Lissa is her grandmother.
    • Laslow also has a really sweet talk with his potential father Chrom. He complements Laslow in his dancing skills, and then Laslow asks him to tell his mother Olivia that she's his inspiration and that he wants her to be happy in his life. When a rather surprised Chrom asks him if he actually will meet a woman like that in the future, Laslow reassures him that he will; he then accepts, and asks Laslow to keep dancing and then return to Ylisse to show him how much he's improved.
    • And it ends with Chrom and Lissa meeting Awakening's Avatar. Complete with a recreation of the Second Meeting cutscene.
  • A lot of the (unique!) parent/child conversations in the Child Festival Scramble DLC fall into this.
    Asugi: Thanks, Dad. It's thanks to you and Mom that I was raised so well. All your talk of living up to my name is annoying, but...I know your love is the real thing. So, uh...thanks. A lot.
    Asugi: "Me, Dad, and everyone else all respect you for that. How you're unafraid of any kind of danger when it comes to helping people...and all the courage that must take (...) So just relax and keep focusing on caring for your allies. And I swear, I'll protect you from anyone that tries to stop you."
    • Jakob/Kana does a good job of showing how much Jakob has matured: when confronted with his son, who has messed up making tea like his mom and is asking for his dad's help, Jakob, instead of coddling him (like with the Female Avatar) or being too harsh (like with Felicia), offers some good constructive criticism and encourages him to do better next time.
    • On the flipside is the mother/son conversation between Corrin and Dwyer. In addition to being one of the few conversations in which Corrin does not refer back to her support with her husband, it sees Dwyer expressing genuine gratitude for being born to two parents who deeply love one another in spite of not seeing them for most of his life. It's an unexpectedly touching moment coming from a character who's usually not known for being sentimental.
    • Most of Beruka's supports with her potential children have her worrying if she's qualified to be a mother as her background as an emotionless assassin prevents her from being a better role model. However, what makes them heartwarming is that near the end almost all of her children reassure her that they still accept her as their mother. Here are some examples:
      • Kana's support has Beruka admit that she thinks leaving Kana in the Deeprealms was for the best as without Beruka being there to be a bad influence for her, Kana grew up to be a very good child. Kana immediately interjects, saying that she would have become an even better child if she spent more of her childhood with Beruka, regardless of who she may be or what influence she may provide.
      • Asugi's support has Beruka lamenting over the fact that Asugi, despite him growing up to become a very capable ninja, was only taught assassination techniques from his parents only for the sake of ending the war. Asugi offers Beruka some candy to cheer her up, reassuring her that him learning her and Saizo's techniques will only make him more useful for the army. In addition, her theorizes that he inherited his sweet tooth from Beruka seeing as Saizo hates sweets, meaning that for all of the things that Asugi inherited from Beruka, there's at least one thing he got from her that isn't related to killing.
      • Mitama's support isn't as serious as the others, but it's no less sweet as Beruka tries her hand at reciting haiku. to make Mitama happy. The way she stumbles over it and flushes with embarrassment the whole time makes the whole thing endearingly adorable, especially given that, well, it's Beruka.
    • Shigure is disappointed that his dad, the Avatar, has been so busy lately, and is upset they won't get to spend a lot of time together at the festival. The Avatar apologizes and tells him that he's been busy because he was learning to sing from Azura. Why was he doing this? So he could sing a duet with her to their son about how much they love him. And it's stated that he had a really hard time learning, but neither he nor Azura gave up, they were so set on doing this for Shigure. Awwww.
    • Peri/Soleil is very heartwarming by virtue of how well it showcases the former's Character Development from her supports with Laslow. When she notices that Soleil is furious with the bandits, to the point of wanting to take it out on "anyone at all", Peri immediately tells her that's not okay, using a Meaningful Echo of the speech Laslow gave her.
    Peri: You can' shouldn't hurt anyone other than the bad people. Think of the families of those people...think of the people who'll be so sad if they die.
    Soleil: Mom? I was just angry, I didn't really mean it...
    Peri: No. Take this more seriously...I don't want you to grow up to be like me.
    Soleil: Mom...?
    Peri: Ohh...I'm sorry. You really did turn out kinda like me. But unlike me, you have an adult around to get mad at you. Someone to tell you, "No, that's wrong!" So from now on, I want you to try to hold back those violent feelings.
    • In the Takumi/Kana support, Kana shows early signs of having inherited his father's insecurity, being extremely desperate to spend time with his father and thinking it would only happen through archery. When Takumi finally manages to reassure his son that that's not the case, Kana bursts into tears of happiness. A teary-eyed Takumi pulls him into a hug, remarking how much becoming a father has changed him and that the children aren't the only ones growing up. He then promises Kana to spend the entire festival enjoying their time as a family.
    • Sakura/Siegbert: Siegbert says he's never known a braver woman than Sakura because she, a Hoshidan princess, married Nohr's crown prince, even though it likely meant facing much opposition. After thanking him, Sakura says she'll do everything she can to keep from shaming him.
    • Shigure/Kana: Kana starts singing a few lines from Lost in Thoughts All Alone and, after being caught by his father, expresses a desire to go flying and singing with Shigure. They then catch sight of a rainbow, and Shigure mentions he'd like to show Kana a secret place no one but Shigure and the Female Avatar know about (the waterfall in their A and S supports). Then the pair of them begin singing together.
    • In Leo's support with Shigure, Leo tries to bond with his son through the only way he thinks he can: by songwriting. Additionally, according to him, he keeps a diary and has been regularly writing about how he feels, from the time he married Azura until Shigure's birth.
    • Camilla/Nina has Camilla telling Nina that her name represents everything she (Camilla) gained when she married Niles—her dreams coming true and the world finally giving her a child to love as her own.
    • Odin/Shigure features Shigure asking for an exam in the ways of Odin Dark. It's just really nice to see someone usually as subdued as Shigure willingly taking part in his father's (and sister's) ways and being just as into it. There's an added bonus of the end revealing that Shigure inherited the Mark of Naga like Ophelia.
    • Oboro/Kiragi, in which Oboro says some heartwarming words to Kiragi about how she's so happy to be loved by Takumi and have such a lovely son.
    Oboro: That's why... To have my feelings reciprocated and to have given birth to such a cute boy like you... I feel truly happy. Thank you, Kiragi.
    Kiragi: ...Yes. I also feel really happy to be the son of you both.
    Rinkah: You're a Fire Tribe member who prizes solitude but you're also a Wind Tribe member who values harmony. You're a child of the Fire and Wind Tribes... even if it's hard to have people around right now, one day, you'll surely be able to treasure the time you have with everyone.
    • Shura/Kana's support starts out with Kana trying to copy his father much to his dismay. When Shura asks why he does it Kana tells him it's because he finds his father interesting, and just like him and the Avatar, wants to rebuild Kouga. Cue Shura in tears knowing his son wants to help contribute to his dream of rebuilding Kouga.
    Shura: A long time ago, Kamui talked to me about the importance of connections, the importance of comrades. Hearing that got me man can't rebuild an entire country alone. For rebuilding, deep bonds between comrades are needed. Deepening bonds with companions is better suited to someone like you than someone like me.
    • Effie/Mitama has Mitama apparently whining about being outside and wanting to go home already. Effie hears this and scolds her, but Mitama asks her to touch her arm and reveals that she wants to go inside to train rather than to sleep, since she's been secretly going through Training from Hell to be as physically strong as her mother so she can protect her. Effie expressing her joy through haiku is the cherry on top of the cake.
    • Sakura/Forrest begins with Sakura worrying over Forrest and Forrest assuring her using a line from her support with Leo. Then Forrest explains that he became a Troubadour because he admires and wants to be like her, so he will never run away from a battle. Sakura is visibly touched by this and she calls Forrest "the embodiment of Nohr and Hoshido's wish to connect" and promises to protect him.
    • Sakura/Rhajat starts out with Sakura lamenting about the ruined festivities to her daughter, who is rather ambivalent regarding the situation due to her anti-social nature. After Sakura apologizes for having brought Rhajat so far out of her comfort zone, she (Rhajat) reveals that although the festival itself isn't to her liking, she enjoys spending time with her mother, nonetheless, as the two have apparently been leading "separate lives" up until this point. Touched, Sakura expresses her desire for the two to spend more time with her, a desire which Rhajat seemingly requites.
    • Leo/Kana sees Kana interrupting Leo in the middle of the battle to grade his tactics homework. Looking over it, Leo comments that Kana's strategies always consist of simply sending two units to cut through the entire vanguard, and tries to gently explain that this isn't a viable tactic in real life. Kana still insists that it is, and when Leo asks him to elaborate, says that the first unit is supposed to be Leo, whom Kana is convinced could easily defeat an entire army on his own, and the second unit is Kana, who always tags along so Leo won't get lonely. It all becomes ever sweeter when you remember Leo's issues with his self-esteem and feelings of isolation.
    • Kaden/Kana begins with Kaden barraging Kana with questions about what the latter wants to do or if there's anything he needs. Kana then questions if Kaden is attempting to return a favor to which he obviously says yes to. Kana is unable to recall anything he did that could have needed any repaying, but Kaden simply says that one life would not even be enough time for him to return the favor of Kana simply being born. Kana, initially taken with surprise, says if anything he should be the one grateful for having Kaden as a father. After that, Kaden shows Kana a kaleidoscope, which he states he showed to Corrin back then and says that Kana's fascination is just like how she reacted when he showed her one.
  • The Heirs of Fate DLC, while mostly depressing by nature, has some of these moments.
    • When Fem!Kana starts to break down and cry about how useless she is, lamenting her inability to protect her father or even her new friends, Kiragi steps up and gives her a pep talk. Keep in mind this is a girl he has just met.
    Kiragi: Nope. I'm the same as you, Kana. I wasn't able to do anything at that time, and I couldn't protect my beloved father. It hurt, and I was so sad... It was so frustrating. But you can't just keep thinking that you're helpless. What's more important, is what you'll be doing from now on. Kana, what do you want to do?
    Kana: ... I want to fight too. I wanna fight, and go save Papa. Honestly, I want to be able to use this sword too...
    Kiragi: Then let's test it out now, as many times as it takes. If we do that, then eventually you'll be able to use it. I guarantee it, as someone who also holds a divine weapon. I'm sure you can do it!
    Kana: ... You believe in me? You think that even someone like me can fight...?
    Kiragi: Of course! I believe in you, Kana!!
    Kana: Thank you, Kiragi...!
    • While Azura sings the final fight music in the main game, Shigure not only sings it here, he also sings part of it in duet with Azura. This is a touching callback to their support.
    • Lilith not only survives, but offers to guide Anankos to the afterlife. Anankos, restored to sanity unlike when he's fought in Revelation, thanks Ophelia and Soleil for keeping the promise their fathers made, and disappears, finally finding peaces as he goes on his journey with his daughter.
    • The ending CGs. It features the kids reuniting with their resurrected fathers (mother in male Kana's case). The Kanas are particularly cute, with boy Kana running towards female Avatar with a giant smile, and male Avatar embracing female Kana, who looks to be crying Tears of Joy. Azura herself can be seen gently watching her son in the restored world. Even those who don't like the second generation will find it hard not to melt a little.
    • The four princes (Shiro, Kiragi, Siegbert, Forrest) have extremely heartwarming CGs with their fathers, too: Xander placing a hand on Siegbert's shoulder, Leo opening his arms as Forrest runs to him, Ryoma hugging Shiro and mussing his hair and Takumi embracing Kiragi as the latter does a flying near-tackle into his arms. Even better, this mirrors the pre-battle dialogue the boys have with their fathers.
    • "It's good to meet you, Kana."
  • The Halloween DLC also has more than one heartwarming moment:
    • When it was announced that Camilla and Azura would get a convo here, fans cheered. The talk itself has Camilla extending her Team Mom protectorate to Azura in a really sweet way.
    • The talks between Yukimura and Sakura have Sakura telling Yukimura that she misses the traditional Hoshidan dango. Yukimura decides to make an Automaton capable of making dango to cheer her up.
    • Gunter has chats with Flora and Felicia, in which both girls pretty much treat him like a father figure.
    • All of Takumi's convos in this DLC are heartwarming in some way.
      • His convo with Hinata involves the latter deciding to use the opportunity granted by the festival's tradition to declare himself Takumi's "big brother" for the night and proceed to pat his head and buy him sweets. He just wants to give his Lord all the affection he couldn't as his retainer. Although Takumi feels it to be excessive, he ends up apprecciating Hinata's efforts and even calls him "big brother" in the end.
      • His talk with Leo involves the two lightly teasing each other over their respective childish enthusiasm, while at the same time working together to ensure that the other can enjoy the festival more. It's a far cry from their initial hostility towards each other, and shows them growing closer as friends.
      • The convo with Kaden has Takumi help the Kitsune out by giving him some meat when he felt like he was starving. As Kaden tries to show his gratitude for this, he ends up complementing Takumi by calling him "beautiful" and saying what a wonderful person he is. Although Takumi is initially quite embarassed, he is also clearly shown to appreciate it (having apparently never been called that before) and even secretly warm up to the idea of Kaden's "Pretty Man Brigade".
      • Finally, Takumi's convo with Subaki is part this, part Tear Jerker. Takumi tries to seek out Subaki for advice on how to better interact with other people, but ends up too scared to ask anything. When Subaki actually proposes they become friends with each other, Takumi nearly has a breakdown over it, stating all the reasons one shouldn't befriend him and how he is a truly awful person. Subaki rejects this, saying that he still wants to be friends no matter his flaws and tries to break Takumi out of the state he is in by lightly teasing him. He then gives him honest advice on how to better deal with others, having already found out about Takumi's intentions. Deeply grateful, Takumi finally accepts Subaki's offer of friendship.
  • Despite being a mostly humorous DLC, 'Anna on the Run' has a few sweet moments in it.
    • Mozu states that she's determined to help Anna despite her slipperiness, as she knows too well how it feels to be alone and surrounded by enemies.
    • Hinoka mentions she disliked the snow until recently, due to the fact that it was snowing when she was finally reunited with the Avatar.
    • Hana also enjoys the snow as it snowed when she was born despite it being springtime, a fact that her father reminded her of on cold spring days. This lead to her associating snow to her much beloved father.
    • Hayato ironically loses his cool in the cold weather, becoming excited over the idea of having a snowball fight with the others.
    • Xander reminisces on the snowball fights he, the Avatar, and Elise had as children and admits that he still sometimes will pack a snowball and throw it as far as he can for fun.
    • Camilla, too, reminisces on the past, on how she and the others used to make ice sculptures to cheer up the Avatar only for her plan to backfire as they cried when they saw the ice sculptures begin to melt. They ended up remedying this by using Flora and Felicia's ice powers to halt the thaw.
    • Niles takes note of the destroyed fortress and stormy weather and concludes that decent people don't live like this. Decent people also definitely don't gang up on an unarmed girl a dozen to one, either.
    • Selena vows to support Anna no matter what trouble the merchant gets herself into, as she owes her family a lot.
    • Kiragi could always tell when his parents were arriving by the sound of their crunching footprints in the snow in his Deeprealm, and would stare at the footprints they left for hours afterwards.
    • Ignatius mentions that Benny once built a snowman for his son in the shape of a cute bear cub that he delighted in, and wants to know if the bandits have anyone in their lives like that that they want to live up to.

    Non-Game Media 
  • The Crown of Nibelungen manga has a few of these:
    • After Corrin is first lost at the Bottomless Canyon and taken to Hoshido, Camilla leads several search parties to the Canyon to search for her until she's too exhausted to search anymore. Cue Leo running off on his own to continue the search in her stead.
    • Right before Corrin meets Azura for the first time, Hinoka gives her some oranges. When she meets Azura, the two of them sit under a tree eating the oranges together.
    • Mikoto combing and braiding her daughters' hair while assuring Corrin that even if she wants to return to Nohr, Mikoto will support that and even arrange an escort to make sure she gets there safely. Doubles as a Tear Jerker if you know what happens in the scene immediately after that, but still.
      • She also mentions that she had a haori made every year in case Corrin ever came back.
    • Remember how Corrin's first transformation, and how Azura calmed them down, was described in the Story folder? It's a bit different in the manga: here, rather than turning into a full dragon, the effect is similar to when you trigger the Dragon Fang skill in-game - Corrin grows horns, claws, and a tail, but otherwise stays a humanoid shape and size. Why? So Azura can reverse the transformation with a Cooldown Hug, of course!
    • During the "route split" scene, it is bucketing down with rain (which ends up being a plot point later in those chapters). When Corrin shows up at the end of chapter 6, she's wearing a heavier rain cloak over her usual one; in chapter 7, she's given it to Azura, and Leo (in the process of trying to talk them into coming back to Nohr with him) takes his coat off and puts it around Corrin's shoulders. She immediately gives it back, symbolising her refusal to pick a side, but still.
    • The side story between chapters 8 and 9 is nothing but this: a short story where Corrin asks Leo to bring her some fabric to make into matching outfits for herself, Camilla, and Elise, only for him to spend days agonising over which floral pattern holds the most appropriate symbolic meaning for each of them, particularly Corrin.
      • Leo claims not to know much about plant symbolism, but the flowers he initially assigns to Corrin are this too: the first one he thinks of is a dandelion, which in floriography symbolises overcoming hardship; he also considers a lotus (which, in addition to being the emblem of Valla, also symbolises distance from one's beloved, which is sadly prophetic at first since the route ends up being Revelation) and a lily of the valley (which symbolises sweetness and trust), before deciding against that because the plant is poisonous. In the end, he settles on edelweiss, which symbolises courage in hanakotoba - same as the peonies Mikoto braids into Corrin's hair in Hoshido.
  • Charlotte gives us a subtle one in the third drama CD (that doubles as a Funny Moment): when she finds out Corrin is royalty and knows Xander and Leo personally, she immediately assumes (half-correctly, to give her credit) that she's a foreign noblewoman staying with the royal family because she's betrothed to one of them, and asks to be introduced to whichever of the princes Corrin doesn't marry. This is heartwarming enough if the player actually does pair her with one of them, but the fact that she specifies that she wants to be introduced to the one Corrin isn't with makes it pretty sweet even if you don't: while Charlotte is willing to do a lot of things to land a rich husband, viewing other women as competition and throwing them under the bus isn't one of them.
  • This "Pallucid Crystal" artwork by Kozaki, showing Corrin, Azura, and the united armies of Hoshido and Nohr against the invisible Vallite army.