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    Gameplay and other 
  • This game lets the player have any of their characters run around mowing down their enemies (or getting wrecked)... in anything from a bikini to their undies (even recruitable mooks and bosses). They can even shred the enemies' clothing with the right weapon (or if one has Sophie attack them).
    • The fights with Hans and Iago become far more cathartic if the players have Sophie soften them up first. Beating up Hans and Iago? Cathartic. Beating up Hans and Iago stripped to their underpants? Hilarious. Making them have important conversations with the Avatar while stripped? Classic.
  • Some Joke Weapons have a hilarious snippet in their descriptions:
    Paper: Supposedly beats rock, but not much else.
    Quill Pen: Not actually mightier than the sword.
    Broom: Don't think of this as a broom. It is a spear with a thousand tiny points.
    Rubber Bow: Someone's idea of a battlefield prank?
    Bamboo Yumi: Perhaps a final project of a bow-making class?
    Frying Pan: Heavy and hard to wield, but cast iron, so you really don't need to clean it.
    Bottle: Best suited for thirsty warriors.
    Chopstick: Better on the table than the battlefield.
    Daikon Radish: Not the best weapon, but delicious when pickled.
    • The Paper description becomes even funnier if you use it to fight a Stoneborn. Funnier still once you realize the game lies to you, as the pebble weapon has a weapon triangle advantage over paper. Similarly, the quill pen does in fact have a (weapon triangle) advantage against swords.
      • And some Lets Players have fun in dealing attacks to enemies with it, with puns ranging from paper cuts to law-related (as many of them involve legal papers) ones.
    • Ophelia's unique tome also has a comedic Call-Back to Awakening. Funnier when one remembers her father was Owain in Awakening.
      Missiletainn: Ophelia only. Skill/Res+1. Not a sword.
    • Anna's Bow slips in a pun in its description.
      Fortune favors the bowed.
    • Similarly, the Felicia's Plate item has the following Stealth Pun in its description:
      Best served chilled.
  • The animations of the Apothecary and Merchant classes are hysterical. They flail around with their weapons, and if they win, they either drop their weapon and/or fall on their rear.
  • The Sorcerer class's animations are also hilarious, but because they're all practically dripping with Large Ham (fitting, considering that the player will mostly be seeing those animations on Odin). In particular, if one of them is given a Hoshidan scroll instead of a tome, they kick the spirit at the enemy. Also, reclassing someone serious like Leo or Nyx into the Sorcerer class and watching them with those animations is extra-hilarious.
  • One of the Basara's finishing moves has them flop on their backs while landing the blow.
  • Pairing Jakob with a black/dark-brown haired woman like Nyx, Mozu, Kagero or a dark-haired Female Avatar will result in a Dwyer who looks almost exactly like L.
    • Even better: the players can potentially reclass this dark-haired Dwyer into a magic-using class (i.e., by promoting him into a Strategist rather than a Butler like his dad)... and give him a forged tome named "Death Note".
  • A meta example for the previous game, but certain supports involving Laslow, Odin and Selena reveal that Awakening's Harvest, Summer and Hot Spring Scramble DLC, of all things, are actually canon.
  • When you talk to Robin after scanning his amiibo for the first time, you'll get this bit of dialogue.
    I'm a bit out of it. Just a second ago, I was in the middle of a battle. I was launching the other fighters... Or were they launching me...? Ugh. This isn't the first time I've stumbled into something in a daze.
  • While all of Niles' spoken dialogue is somewhat suggestive, one of his critical quotes is a very excited-sounding "OH YES~!"
  • One of Keaton's voice clips for a decent level up is an extremely Tsundere-sounding "I really... don't care."
  • Kiragi's critical quotes are all hysterical, as you'd expect from a Nice Guy trying to make a Pre-Mortem One-Liner:
  • Asugi's Paralogue has a very amusing case of Shmuck Bait. The goal is to clear the chapter before he escapes the map. He's positioned away from the army in a corridor with several locked doors, so it will take him a while. The Rescue Staff does work on him, though, so the player might think: "Maybe it'll be easier to keep track of him with a Rescue Staff? Maybe it's possible to recruit him that way? Gotta try it..." On his turn, he'll escape off the map via the way the group came in, causing an instant Game Over.
  • Percy's paralogue involves Arthur getting mistaken for a bandit named Gazak by mercenaries, resulting in you having to fight them off. For context, Gazak is the boss of Forrest's paralogue, and you can easily tell Arthur and Gazak look nothing alike. Even more so, you could have already killed off Gazak, and these mercenaries apparently aren't aware of this, making the whole scene even more absurd.
  • If Percy gets a boost in at least six stats upon leveling up, he breaks the fourth wall.
    Percy: Holy stat growth!
    • Which becomes even funnier when one remembers that Percy's English VA voiced (and even uses the same voice as) Pit, who's recently become Nintendo's resident fourth wall breaker.
  • Some of Peri's voice lines during battle are pretty amusing, mostly because of her sheer Comedic Sociopathy that would make even Henry impressed.
    Yay! Violence!
    I'm feeling stabby!
    Can I have the wishbone?
  • A few of the supports can be hilarious on a meta level when they involve classes. For example, Kaze and Setsuna's supports revolve around Kaze trying to train Setsuna as a ninja. Setsuna herself already has access to the Ninja class by default. Likewise, Saizo and Felicia's supports have the former try to convince the latter to become a ninja. If you reach their S-support, Felicia can now actually be a ninja through a Partner Seal, like Saizo wanted.
  • This glitch.
  • Camilla saying "Mommy's here!" when blocking an attack meant for a unit she's paired up with can take on a very... interesting meaning if whoever she's paired up with is her S-support.
  • Revelation doesn't have a specific promoted class for Corrin. Instead, they get to choose between both Hoshido Noble and Nohr Noble. The Yonkoma Kings manga takes this and runs with it, with both sets of siblings arguing about which class Corrin should choose. In the end, she decides to Take a Third Option by promoting to Amiibo Lucina's Great Lord class, to "challenge her fate". Azura wonders whether that still counts as running away from the decision.
  • If a character is given an accessory, it will appear on their character model, even during cutscenes using said models. The more serious the cutscene, and the more hilarious the accessory combination, the better. Not even cutscenes in DLC are safe.
    • Some of their accessories on their own are hilarious — watching any of the units run around the battlefield on something like the fox tail or chef's hat is sure to elicit a laugh. And no one comments on them in-universe. Better still if it's a serious character like Xander or Azura.
  • A scripted scene in Chapter 20 of Revelation has Leo save Takumi from falling off a bridge. While normally a heartwarming moment, it can end up unintentionally funny if you reclass Takumi to certain classes, especially Balistician, which means Leo somehow manages to pull up an entire tank with his bare hands, or Kinshi Knight, for obvious reasons.
  • Chapter 21 of Revelation's gimmick is there are tiles that causes promoted enemies to become unpromoted and ones that do the opposite. Luring enemies into demoting themselves can be funny in its own right, but it's particularly hilarious with Maids. Because the unpromoted counterpart of Maid is Troubadour, which is a mounted class, Maids who step on blue tiles gain horses out of nowhere. (Even funnier is that this makes them incapable of attacking, and gives them a weakness to Beast Killers.)
  • Although the circumstances leading up to it are more tragic than funny, there's still something inherently absurd about the fact that Conquest, one of the hardest games in the Fire Emblem series, has a Sniper, which was widely considered a Tier-Induced Scrappy before Fates, as its Final Boss.
  • In Chapter 19 of Revelation, the Dragon Veins allow the characters to generate Replicas of themselves that can clear out half the map, harvesting items and EXP for the originals (though they disappear if the chara is taken out and viceversa). That's not the funny detail. The hilarity comes if/when a Replica gains a level and the RNG screws them — the result is a very angry-looking Replica being all "...".
    • This can also be done anywhere with the Replicate skill and in Chapter 15 of Conquest, with exactly the same hilarious results.
  • In Chapter 16 of Conquest, the objective of the chapter is to find the boss (Shura) who's disguised among the enemies. The biggest suspects are some ally lancers that must be spoken to by anyone in the crew (and the last one is the target)... but when the first two poor suckers are confronted about it, Hilarity Ensues:
    First Lancer: I haven't seen anyone that looks like an enemy commander yet... Wha—?! Why are you pulling on my cheeks? OW OW OW! Please stop! You'll bruise my gorgeous face! Did you think I was an enemy in disguise? Never! I'm a Nohrian through and through! Are we done here? I feel a little abused.
    Second Lancer: Still no sign of the enemy commander. I'm afraid. Um, do I have something in my teeth? I suppose I did eat not too long ago... Huh?! You need to inspect my face? Erm. OK. V-very well. that was...strange. If you're finished, I shall return to my post!
    • This is yet another one that can get more hilarious depending on who interrogates the lancers, particularly the first one. Just try and imagine someone like Nyx, Leo, or Xander pulling on the poor sap's face without falling over laughing. Or in the case of someone like Elise, it gets hysterical for exactly how fitting it is.
  • Once a unit reaches 0 HP, their quotes as they fall to the ground typically avert this. Kaden, however:
    Kaden: I'm too gorgeous... to die...

    My Castle 
  • In My Room, once an Avatar gets married, their wife or husband will be able to sleep in the Avatar's room. If the player finds him or her there, they get the option to have the Avatar wake them up gently or violently. If the latter option is chosen, some of the lines coming from the poor spouse are funny as Hell:
    Azama: Wh-why are you hitting me? This it okay for me to return it?
    Odin: We're being invaded! Dark spiders from the otherworld are attacking! ...Oh, it's you.Japanese version 
    Niles: Fuu... so violent, Avatar. If you love me, touch me more gently...
    Sakura: HIYAH! ...Oh! You scared me. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to punch you.
    Camilla: Oh, my...Avatar. Isn't that a rough way to wake me? Where did you learn to be like that...?
    Shiro: Uwaah! I'm awake! I'm awake now! You hit me so much, Avatar!
    Gunter: H-hey! No need to be so rough! What, were you afraid I'd passed in my sleep? Japanese version 
    Kiragi: Waah! What a bold way to wake someone up! I woke up after only one hit!
    Asugi: Y-you! Don't hit me!! My'll break all my candy!
    • Even more hilarious, The Avatar can still invite other units in for face touching while the spouse is present. Do they like to watch too?
  • Additionally, some of the lines the spouse will say when you enter My Room are quite... suspect, while still being hilarious.
    Felicia: Welcome home! Can I get you something? ... Oh! You wanted me instead?
    Setsuna: Oh... You're back. Let's lock the door and pretend no one's home.
    Silas: Welcome home. I promise not to keep you up so late this time.
    • Takumi can drop either of these gems if he's called to the Private Quarters by a married Avatar:
      "Huh! If this is how it is, I'll get my slippers. We can all cuddle."
      "What's with all the racket in here? Are you playing the drums or something?"
    • Also, if Niles is in the same situation, he drops this even better line:
      "If you two don't have anything planned for tonight, I can think of a few suggestions."
    • Azura has a line that suggests she was up to something other than merely waiting for the Avatar. Seeing her flush and bluster about is quite amusing.
      "Ah, welcome back. What's that? I am NOT blushing! I'm just flushed from the heat..."
    • If the player marries Anna, one of her bonding quotes involves her talking about converting the castle.
      "We could put a store in front, use this room for storage. I'll, uh, leave room for your bed."
    • If Percy was invited to the room, he compliments the room itself, and says that he'd love to bring Ace, but he'll never fit. This makes his Love Confession (in which he asks if Ace can sleep in your room) even more hilarious.
    • One of Keaton's lines when called over is funny as Hell:
      "You got any trash in here, Avatar? Let me at it!"
    • Invite Scarlet over, and she may excitedly ask you if you have any cupcakes.
      "I heard you've got cupcakes in here. Are there really cupcakes?!"
  • There is a bath in the game that the player can use. The trouble is, it's a communal bath that's used by everyone, which means that it's very easy to walk in on the opposite sex. Most of the time, the person the Avatar walks in on gets upset and he or she gets chased out (sometimes literally). Sometimes the way they get flustered is rather hilarious, especially Hana, who goes full-blown Pervert Revenge Mode on the Avatar. Amusingly, in the localization, Charlotte's line is less angry and more... well, you can see. Additionally: Her critical portrait can only be described as a "Rape Face" as she chases the Male Avatar out.
    Hana: Lord Avatar?! AHHHHH! Get out! Get out RIGHT NOW!
    Shiro: Wah?! Wh-wh-when did you get here?! I-I didn't see anything, I swear!
    Charlotte: Hey! Tryin' to sneak a peek, eh? I'll give you more than you bargained for! Japanese version 
    Caeldori: Avatar?! Y-you didn't see anything, did you? Good! Japanese Version 
    Xander: Avatar?! This is...unexpected. I was, um, just about to leave. Pardon. Japanese Version 
    Mitama: Ring the alarm bell / A man intrudes on my bath / He'll regret his crime!
    • Not everyone gets angry. Some people even manage to Comically Miss The Point. Flora's is probably the kicker, though.
      Niles: Hm. You're more adventurous than I thought. Come on in, if you dare...
      Camilla: Oh, Avatar! Have you come to bathe with your sister? How wonderful!
      Kagero: Lord Avatar…?! Is something wrong? Are we under attack?!
      Rhajat: Hmhm. If you wanted to see what I look like in the bath, you could have asked...
      Dwyer: My father will be upset if he finds out we did this... Not that I care.
      Soleil: Heyyy... nice abs, Lord Avatar!
      Flora: My duties don't extend to bathing with you. If you need something, ask Jakob.
    • One of the best ones has to be Elise's reaction. She just greets the Avatar as normal and challenges him to a belly-flop contest, either completely oblivious or just not caring about the situation they're in.
    • What's even funnier is the Male Avatar's reaction. The Female one just apologizes and runs away. The Male jumps backwards out of the room.
    • If the Female Avatar is a Witch, she'll fly out.
    • If the male Avatar is a Dread Fighter, he backflips out.
    • If Nina is in the bath with the female Avatar, she states that she wished she wasn't kicked out of the men's bath.
    • Certain characters' reactions can get funnier depending on who else is in the hot spring at the time. For example, getting both Elise and Camilla, who both want Corrin to join them (yet he still runs out), or if Dwyer is there at the same time as Jakob.
  • Some of the "free time activities" lines are really hilarious:
    Setsuna: I seem to get caught in traps if I have too much time on my hands.
    Felicia: Mainly, I clean up after failed housework… *Sigh*…
    Odin: I like to invent new spells — and give them names that will terrify our foes.Japanese version 
    Velouria: I go on treasure hunts or hang out with Daddy. Oh! Is that a dust bunny?! Cooool. Japanese version 
    Nina: Um, I… observe people, and imagine a lot of things…?
    Kaden: I like to be nice to people who are nice to me, then brush my fur, then repeat. Japanese version 
  • If standing on a fruit tile, Odin makes a reference to Awakening's Harvest Scramble DLC and the "silly hat" that Lissa wears there.
  • In My Castle when at a milk tile, Charlotte will say this:
    Charlotte: Stupid animal, kick me will you... Oh, hi, I milked a cow!
  • In My Castle when at a fruit tile, Azama will say this:
  • There's also one of his Private Quarters lines:
    Azama: Well, that was a spirited discussion! I'm sorry that you're totally wrong about everything.
  • One of Selena's lines in MyCastle has her make a Shout-Out to Monty Python.
  • One of Laslow's My Room lines contains a rather unexpected, but really funny deal. In Inigo and Owain's Awakening supports, Inigo takes peeks at Owain's "Manual of Justice" and teases him for it. In Fates world, where Inigo and Owain are now known as Laslow and Odin (plus their common friend Severa, as Selena)... Laslow still likes to take peeks into Odin's notes and even tells the Avatar to do it with him.
  • Saizo wishes you a happy birthday (audio):
    Saizo: I'm uh... (beat) Glad you were born.
  • His normal My Room quote is also hilarious.
    Saizo: ...Well that seemed completely pointless, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
    • He can also sometimes drop the following line, which makes him sound like a Tsundere towards the Avatar:
      Saizo: If it was anyone else but you, I'd say that was a complete waste of time.
  • Keaton's birthday quote is also pretty funny:
    Keaton: My tail is not wagging for your birthday! Really!
  • Asugi's birthday clip is about what you'd expect, but hilarious nonetheless.
    Asugi: Where's the birthday cake? Tell me!
  • Some of the characters' lines when cooking can get... interesting, such as Reina yelling I WILL EXTINGUISH YOU!!! followed by bashing sounds. Doubly so if it results in a decent meal anyway.
    • Camilla is normally a decent chef, but when she cooks bad food she throws a temper tantrum. Paraphrased:
      Camilla: I don't care for the results, I expect every single one of you to leave your dishes empty!
    • After the meal is cooked, a couple of characters will share their thoughts on the food, with different quotes depending on how good the food is. Understandably, cooking bad food will make the characters react in a smorgasbord of ways, like so:
      Mozu: I'm not going to eat this. I'm going to take it out back and give it a proper burial.
      Kaze: M-medic! Please, I need help!
      Silas: S-someone, please...I need water!
      Ryoma: *pfft* Are you actually trying to poison me?
      Xander: As a prince, I must maintain my composure, even in the face of something so vile...
      Fuga: Here lies Fuga. Killed by dinner. Ugh!
      Rhajat: Can you give me the recipe? I need to poison someone.
      Setsuna: This is worse that the bait in traps I always fall for. Wait... Is this a trap?
      Felicia: It tastes fine for me. Which means there's a really big problem...
      Arthur: This is what my own cooking usually looks like. Chin up, Chef! You're among friends!
      Benny: Was this meant for human consumption?
      Beruka: I wish this meal had been poisoned.
      Izana: Eww! Well, I know who won't be catering my next party...
      Flora: This seems familiar... Did Felicia cook this?
      Shigure: Just one taste takes me far a place where flavors go to die.
      Kagero: The flavor is... unique.
    • Kana can even mention if they're on cooking duty that they somehow made the oven explode. And it's also still possible for the resulting meal to turn out positive.
    • Some positive reviews can be silly as well. For example, Nina will mention spying on the chef "and learn her techniques." She says this even if the cook is a guy.
    • A comical moment occurs when Shigure is given decent food and he unexpectedly uses Kiragi's laugh clip. It's so awkward. A lot of the glitch's humor value comes from the fact that most of Shigure's voice clips sound rather calm or dignified, contrasting with Kiragi's rather... odd laugh clip.
  • Many characters have reactions ranging from shocked, annoyed, or amused at being given the bath towel as a gift:
    Yukimura: Oh, Lady Mikoto... I wish you'd lived to educate your [son/daughter] on gift etiquette...
    Azama: You picked this out for me? Bwahaha! Hold on, I'll model it for you.
    Soleil: No. NO! This is too cute! I'm gonna put it on right now! Wait, where are you going?!
    Camilla: Oh, what a naughty gift coming from you, Avatar. I like it.
    Niles: Ooh, kinky. Shall I go put it on right now?
    Shigure: How inspiring! I need to model this in a self-portrait immediately!
    Xander: Avatar.... We need to talk about what constitutes as an appropriate gift.
    Fuga: I'm far too old to wear something like this!
    Elise: What is THIS?! You're such a meanie! This is SO, not funny, jerkface!
    Kaden: Sorry, but... I'm too beautiful for something this tacky. It's a little awkward now...
    Sophie: Huh? This is for me? Um... are you sure it's not for Avel?
    Anna: How did... Who are your suppliers?! I've been trying to get one of these for months!
    Nina: You know just what I like, Avatar. Thank you!
    Beruka: You're giving me this? Don't want to live very long, do you?
  • Odin divulges some information to you during Bonding, if you're married.
    "I will confess who I really am. Owain! A hero among heroes, come from another age, to save this one! Uh... surprise!"
  • If Mitama is running a shop, she'll initially be asleep on the job, then notices you as she awakes. A lot of what makes this funny is her voice clip for shops; the Avatar will actually catch her snoring before she wakes up in surprise.
  • How does Peri prompt someone about their free time activities?
    "How do you kill time? Stab wounds or blunt force trauma?"
  • Once the player has beaten the game and starts a new file, they now have every class as an assistant. Including a Faceless. That's right. A Faceless as an assistant in My Castle. One must wonder what will happen if any other players happens to stumble upon a Faceless assistant.
  • The 'special' conversation if the Avatar battles Peri while trying to escape the theater in Birthright in Chapter 12 is hilariously... inappropriate.
    Peri: Ooh! I found you, you little traitor!
    Avatar: I am not a traitor! King Garon is a tyrant! And who are you, anyway?
    Peri: Not a traitor? But Lord Xander said you were... I'm Peri! No offense, but I'm going to kill you now.
    Avatar: None taken. Wait, what am I saying?
  • The trailer for Revelation is perhaps unintentionally funny: Azura jumps off a bridge into a chasm, and after a few frantic movements, the Avatar jumps after her. Azura almost glides down the vertical tunnel with swan-like grace. The Avatar flounders like a drunk duck.
  • Although Azura's dances are made of awesome, if you watch the Nohr version and focus on the stage she's dancing on before the scene cuts away to Garon at the end, you can see her twirling around with her arms in the air, as if performing a silly little ritual dance. Garon's weird groaning sounds, which he makes because he, or rather, his puppet-corpse body, is being purified and hurt by Azura's singing, only adds to the funny.
    • The English version of said scene manages to be even funnier thanks to the subtitles.
      (groans of increasing discomfort)
    • If you observe Azura closely, you'll notice she's actually smiling as she dances, implying that she's amused at Garon's reaction.
  • In Revelation, Leo and Xander suspect that you might be onto something and that Garon might have something going on after all. The camera then pans to Garon laughing and saying Anankos's name.
  • An unintentionally hilarious moment is during the otherwise heartbreaking chapter 6, when you choose Hoshido. When Corrin denounces Garon as pure evil for all of the things he's done up to that point, Xander's response is a shocked "Father... evil? How could you say that!?" which, especially if you've played one of the other routes already and have seen what else Garon is capable of, makes Xander sound hilariously dense.
  • A subtle one comes from Scarlet's ending in Birthright: After her rebellion succeeded, she became a heroine for Cheve's military... down to the soldiers also using shiny decs on their armors!
    • Another one involving Scarlet. When Ryoma introduces Scarlet to his siblings, Scarlet proceeds to assume that they're all named after the Hoshidan royal family, and even lampshades it a bit. She then pulls a minor Oh, Crap! moment when Ryoma reveals that, yes, they actually are the Hoshidan royal family.
  • The implications of Ophelia's existence. Thanks to all the time-related shenanigans in both Awakening and Fates, this makes Lissa an Absurdly Youthful Grandmother. The player can take this even further if they have the Male Avatar marry Ophelia, thus making her the mother of Female Kana. Lissa is now a great-grandmother at the age of 17-20.
    • Ditto with Soleil, with Olivia also being a grandmother and possible great grandmother before even reaching 30.
    • It's not much better/worse/whatever in regards to any child mothered by Selena, since either will be Cordelia's grandchild/great-grandchild. Double if Selena's child is Caeldori, of all people.
  • In Conquest Chapter 8, the fact that the Avatar can't feel their legs from the cold becomes funny when you remember that they are trudging through the snow barefoot.
    • It becomes even funnier if you gave them Fighter or Oni Savage as their reclass option, and then use a Heart Seal them before Chapter 8. It makes you wonder how Corrin even got that far before passing out from the cold.
  • The localization has this absolutely hilarious display of passive-aggression from none other than... Xander and Ryoma, of all people:
    Avatar: It's just that, despite your differences, the two of you are quite similar in some ways.
    Xander: Avatar! There's no need to insult me like that! I could not be anything like this sorry excuse of a prince.
    Ryoma: For once, I agree with Prince Xander. To start, I'm far more attractive.
    Xander: Beg pardon?!
    • And after that said chapter, they all get together and have a feast. Elise drops this line:
      Elise: Yaaay! I got to befriend TWO Izanas! That's a whole lotta Izana! KEEHEEHEE!
      Leo, Camilla, Xander, and presumably everyone else: .....
    • Elise also declares Sakura as her archnemesis just because Sakura spoke to the Avatar.
  • Izana in general is a walking Funny Moment, especially when you meet him in Birthright, expecting to see a calm, wise spiritual leader and instead get a Totally Radical Cloudcuckoolander. On a meta level, it even extends to how you recruit him: have a Lv 3 Hot Spring in your castle. Yes, that's actually how he joins.
    • His introduction in Birthright basically amounts to a Double Subversion of his Cloudcuckoolander traits. Hinoka accuses Zola's impersonation of him to be too over-the-top... only to later find out that Izana is actually like that.
    • Even when he's dying in Revelation, he still manages to be hilarious, threatening to come back as a ghost and haunt Takumi if he doesn't help the Avatar.
    • Izana in general is made fifty times more hilarious by how hammy his voice clips can be.
  • Hinoka's interactions with her retainers are practically an unceasing comedy sketch. The fact that Azama is an apathetic White Mage and Setsuna is The Ditz who always falls into traps means that she's constantly playing the role of Only Sane Man and exasperatedly having to take care of them instead of the other way around.
    • Setsuna's support with Saizo reveals that not only does Hinoka sleep later and wake earlier than her, her liege actually also prepares her clothes for her every morning. Saizo is horrified, and makes the baleful observation that its as if their roles as master and servant have been completely flipped.
    • Azama and Setsuna's introduction scene in Birthright doubles as an Establishing Character Moment and a CMOF.
      Setsuna: Oops.
      Azama: Setsuna? Have you shrunk about oh, a foot or so in the last minute?
      Setsuna: No. I'm actually sinking in some quicksand.
      Azama: Mmm? Quicksand at this latitude? How fascinating!
      Setsuna: (deadpan) Am I going to die now?
      Azama: Physically...yes, probably, But your spirit will live on in our memories...
      Hinoka: Azama! Why aren't you doing anything to help her? And Setsuna... Why are you so calm? Is this some sort of joke? Gah! I guess I'll have to save you.
      Setsuna: Ah. Thank you, milady.
      Azama: My, my. Lady Hinoka the Hero.
      Hinoka: *sigh* Azama, we are currently under attack. Can you try to be serious for two seconds?
      Azama: Of course, milady! Although, I am currently without any battle implements, so... I'm afraid I'm at the mercy of your protection.
      Setsuna: I think I'm stuck in the quicksand again...
      Hinoka: Gods. I knew I couldn't rely on the two of you, but this is worse than I imagined!
    • According to the Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC, if Azama and Setsuna get married, Hinoka offered to raise Mitama for them.
  • The retainers' intros in Conquest all tend to be pretty funny as well, to the point of becoming something of a Running Gag. Highlights include Corrin's reaction to Odin and Niles, Selena and Beruka revealing that they've been keeping watch on Corrin at Camilla's request, and Corrin finally wondering where their siblings find these people when Peri and Laslow are introduced.
  • During the ending of Dwyer's paralogue, an Invader sneaks up on Jakob. Dwyer, who isn't very good with weapons, resorts to fighting it barehanded, using a move he dubs "Slappyface", and actually kills it. Jakob admits that while his skill with weapons leaves much to be desired, his slappyface is unparalleled.
    • Extra hilarious (and a little awesome) if Dwyer's mother is Charlotte, who does the exact same thing to a Faceless in her supports with Xander. Apparently, punching out undead monsters runs in the family.
  • It's rather funny how Iago and Hans try to kill the Avatar in Chapter 26 of Conquest, only for it to backfire spectacularly because they tried to do it in front of the Nohrian siblings. Congratulations, idiots, you just made the entire royal family your enemy.
  • Zola makes an unintentional pun in Revelation Chapter 10, and cracks up over it.
  • Izana's solo ending is a hilarious case of a Brick Joke:
    Izana - Lord of Leisure
    Izana certainly suffered the ravages of war—he was never able to win another "Best Hair" contest. He tried to make up for it with lavish dinner parties and vacations, but he felt hollow inside.
  • At the end of Soleil's paralogue, she asks out a girl who came to thank her. Silas was confused, leading to this exchange, which is equal parts heartwarming and funny:
    Silas: Hmm, Laslow, did you daughter just ask that girl out to gaze at the stars?
    Laslow: Why, yes! She's got good taste. In women as well as men — got a problem with that?
    Silas: No, of course not.
    Soleil: Wahoo! She said yes, Father! See, I always told you — be honest with women. It's not a game. Just wear your heart on your sleeve. On BOTH your sleeves!
    Laslow: Soleil...I guess I can look forward to more of these dating tips, eh?
    Soleil: I don't imagine we'll have much time for these little father-daughter chats. But you can always rely on me!
    Laslow: It's true. We're at war. But I'll always have time for you, Soleil.
    Silas: What a breath of fresh air. How'd someone like YOU end up with a great daughter?
    Laslow: What do you mean, ME? But, yes. I suppose I am fortunate to have such a delight as Soleil in my life!
  • In Ophelia's paralogue, there are multiple houses you can visit to obtain items. One house is home to an old man who seems...annoyed at your reason for fighting.
    Old Man: Hmm, all this fighting is over books you want to use as weapons? I bet you'd like me to give you a weapon... to help end this fighting over weapons. Enjoy your vicious cycle.
    You got Calamity Gate.
  • Conquest Chapter 19, after comforting the Avatar on what they just had to do in the chapter, Azura says:
    Azura: And I'm supposed to be the melancholy one.
  • The beginning of Forrest's paralogue is plenty funny. Particularly how Elise responds to the Unsettling Gender Reveal:
    Elise: Hm? What do you mean...Father? You mistake us for someone else. I mean, unless — HA! Unless my brother here has been hiding a second child!
    Leo: Don't be crass, Elise.
    Forrest: Father? What does she mean? Has the cat got your tongue? Hmm. I'll introduce myself then. Delighted to make your acquaintance, Aunt Elise. I'm Forrest.
    Elise: What?! You're Leo's son?
    Forrest: Of course. The one and only.
    Elise: Oh, wow! You''re... You're better than I could have ever imagined! And your sense of style It's exquisite!
  • Leo appears at the end of Chapter 25 of Birthright, sweeping in to execute Iago for his cowardly behavior. After the deed is done, the Avatar turns to him and begins to say something, but relents, causing Leo to demand for them to spit it out and stop teasing him. His collar was inside-out again.
    Leo: DAMN IT.
    • Made even better with his "Aw come on!" voiceclip playing during that part.
  • Garon's 'Nohrian King' class shares animations with the Knight class, which means that when he is healed by an enemy Maid there's the possibility of watching him dance around with his hand in the air.
  • At the end of Birthright, after killing Dragon!Garon, we get a few lines from the dragon and we see him laying on the floor dying. But look closer and you can see the dragon's tongue sticking out of the corner of his mouth. This is funny whether it was intended to be or not.
  • In Mitama's paralogue, the fact that Azama has to talk to her three times before she really wakes up is already amusing. However, their second conversation is extra-funny, because Azama comments that he doesn't care that he's having banter with his daughter in the middle of a battlefield. No, he's more concerned that people are giving him funny looks for it.
  • In Birthright or Conquest, after the Avatar falls to the final boss (initially), their allies will urge them to get up and get back to them. Some of their lines are rather hilarious.
    Azama: It's not your time to die, Avatar! Not for another 72 years and 19 days...
    Takumi: Are you gonna let that overgrown salamander take you out like that? Get up!
    Oboro: You can't die like this... Your hair is all messed up!
    Peri: Dying's no fun. If you die, you can't stab stuff anymore! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!
  • In Revelation, when Gunter reappears during a Female Avatar run, Jakob is... well, himself:
    Jakob: So you aren't dead, old man. Can you give me back the time I wasted grieving over your demise?
  • In chapter 24 of Conquest, Camilla has a chat with Hinoka in regards to the Avatar, all the while Camilla holds her axe to Hinoka's throat. What makes it funny, however, is Camilla's insistence that the Avatar is her sibling.
    Hinoka: You're insane! What do you think-
    Camilla: Quiet, dear. You see, my brother/sister...who is not yours by the way.(...) That's MY brother/sister, darling. Not yours. In case you were keeping score.
  • In the chapter 'Camilla', from Birthright. You fight and defeat the eponymous Camilla and her retainers Beruka and Selena. After the chapter, Beruka and Selana take the unconscious Camilla with them, with Selena sticking Beruka with the carrying job. This makes the hilarious image of the five foot something Beruka hoisting the 6 foot Camilla and her wyvern casually over her shoulder while Selena huffs next to them.
  • In "King Garon" in Birthright, you get to the throne room and confront Garon. The CGI cutscene "Vs. Garon" starts to play, and in an astonishing lack of subtlety...
    Subtitles: (laughs evilly)
  • Shortly afterward, Garon gives a hilariously backhanded compliment to the Avatar.
  • Right before the Final Boss fight of Revelation, Xander's This Is Gonna Suck moment.
    Xander: Hah. Fate is a funny thing. I never thought my final moments would be alongside a Hoshidan prince.
  • In Birthright chapter 22, the combination of Takumi's textual dialogue and voice clip when Shura ambushes the group:
    Takumi: (voice) Ugh, not again.
    Takumi: (text) Yep, we're surrounded.

  • While most of the confessions are incredibly heartwarming, many are also incredibly hilarious, either by sheer cheesiness of them, or how they're delivered. Examples include:
    Kaden: My love is as pretty as a diamond and twice as eternal. Even if you get sick of me, I'll always love you. I mean it...always and forever.
    Effie: Nothing is stronger than my love for you... except my biceps.
    Arthur: Your love is as sweet as the sweet, sweet smell of justice! I love you more than anything. But don't tell justice I said so.
    Odin: The stars shall go dark before my devotion to you fades. Uhh, I mean... I love you.
    Sophie: I love you! I'm sure you, me, and our children will make a perfect family. Oh, and Avel too, of course.
    Asugi: You're sweeter than sweets my sweet! Let's celebrate our delicious love with a giant wedding cake! (whispers) I'm serious... biggest... cake... ever!
    Hisame: Our love is stronger than the world's most pungent pickle. Won't you dive into the brine with me?
    Percy: Oh, gosh, I really am lucky! I get to marry you AND ride a dragon every day! Can Ace sleep in our room?
    Charlotte: I love you, darling. I've always dreamt of this moment! I did think there would be more golden things around, though...
    Anna: Being with you makes me feel like nice things will keep happening. Is it OK that I still love money a little more than you?
    Scarlet: I love you and I'll spend the rest of my life with you...even if your proposal was pretty weak.
  • The Female Avatar's S Support with Arthur is all kinds of hilarious. Poor, poor Arthur.
  • In Laslow and Charlotte's S-support, they both acknowledge how much they each like to flirt with the other gender, and that they might have difficulty stopping. So they agree to keep flirting even after they get married, and the support ends with them cat-calling passerby on the street together.
    • Even funnier is, early in their support chain, Charlotte started her shtick of seducing him...and then stopped, saying he was too easy for her to even bother.
    • What makes the above even better is that she not only says this to herself at the end of their C-Rank, but she also actually yells at Laslow for being "too easy."
  • Benny's S-Rank Support with Camilla has him proposing marriage in spite of his fears that he won't be able to get the words out. When he says his proposal, Camilla notes that the words seemed to come easy enough. Then Benny tells her that he imagined her as a bear.
    Camilla: Well, well, well. You were able to get the words out just fine.
    Benny: Yes. I wasn't sure that I could, but then... I imagined you were a bear.
  • In Hana and Subaki's C-support, she reminds him of how they met...
    Hana: OK then. If you're perfect, why is it that you fell off your mount when we first met? You did it right in front of me and Lady Sakura–it was actually pretty hilarious. I didn't know it was possible to fly that far from a stationary horse.
    Subaki: *sigh* Why is it that you always bring this up? Can't you just let it rest...
    Hana: Never! I'll remember that for the rest of my life. Unless... you go out there and tell everyone in the army about it.
    • What's even funnier: Sakura brings up him falling off his pegasus in her support with him, too. He really doesn't want people to remember that fall.
      Sakura: How could I forget your arrival at the castle? You were so splendid! ...And then you fell off your pegasus...right in front of Hana and me? It was endearing.
  • Jakob drops this jewel in his C Support with Peri:
    Peri: Huh?! But I don't wanna be executed! Killing isn't fun when it's happening to me!
    Jakob: Then I suppose you'll have to abandon your plans for the day. The tea and the murder.
    • Even funnier when you read the whole C-Support; it was all about Peri telling Jakob to make tea for her because he's a butler and Jakob refusing, claiming that he's "not her butler" but "Lord/Lady Avatar's butler".
    • The original version was also hilarious:
      Peri: Peri will kill you! I hate you so much!
      Jakob: Give up. I can make tea and murder.
    • From their B support, Peri immediately starts telling Jakob off about how much she hates him, which he takes with "I am getting the vague notion that you dislike me, Peri."
  • Another funny Jakob C Support, this one with Beruka:
    Jakob: I have some killing I want you to do for me. Will you accept the job?
    Beruka: ... I'll hear what you have to say.
    Jakob: Lately some pesky insects have found their way into our food stores. I want you to kill them. Every last one of them.
    • Beruka replies in their B Support that she didn't know anything about killing insects, which suggests that she actually took Jakob's suggestion seriously.
    • Earlier in the C Support, Beruka asks if Jakob is joking, commenting that she "doesn't like jokers." When you consider what Jakob's name is in the Japanese localization...
  • Effie's S Support with the Avatar involves the Avatar inviting her over for a meal, and hiding a wedding ring in a dinner roll. She chews right through it.
    Effie: Omigosh... Is this a ring?
    Avatar: Was. It WAS a ring.
    • Later on in this support, it's revealed that the ring's gemstone was split in two.
  • Camilla has a Cat Fight over the Avatar in one of the support chains... with Jakob, of all people. And it's glorious.
  • Jakob's C and B Support with Setsuna has him making fun of her for falling into pits. The A-Support, naturally, opens with him trapped in a pit.
    • Even better, Setsuna naturally misinterprets Jakob asking for help, and climbs in there with him instead of pulling him out. The support basically turns Jakob into a Butt-Monkey, since he has to let Setsuna stand on his shoulders and climb back out so she can actually help him.
  • Soleil and Nina's support conversations is a full-on Yaoi Fangirl v. Yuri Fangirl death match.
  • The Accidental Pervert trope so prevalent in Fire Emblem Awakening makes its return! Male Avatar walks in on Azura bathing in their S-support on the third route...except it wasn't completely an accident—he didn't know she was bathing, but he was intentionally staring for a while. Which Azura picks up on. She lets him off the hook, but not before letting him flounder in apologies for a while.
  • Jakob's A-support with the Avatar. While Jakob is rude, snide, and passive-aggressive towards other characters, the Avatar's compliments are enough to reduce him to swooning.
    • Similarly, although it's also kinda heartwarming, Jakob also passes out when Azura confesses to him in their S-Rank. It's funny to picture Jakob, of all people, fainting whenever anyone shows him positive attention.
  • Charlotte's C-support with Saizo on the third route has her dismissing him as a candidate for a wealthy husband because of how rugged he looks...only for him to tell her he directly serves the crown prince of Hoshido and gets paid quite a bit. Cue an Oh, Crap! from Charlotte and a desperate attempt to brush off her comment and start flirting. It doesn't work.
    • In their A and B ranks, he perpetually trolls her by pulling many a Stealth Hi/Bye, including one where he drinks a part of the soup she was preparing before she can even blink. In their S-Rank, he flat-out asks her to be his lover. Right at the very beginning of the Rank. She's just as surprised as the player.
    • Similar to this, she mistakes Silas for royalty, and tells him he's worthless as a potential candidate when he says he's not. After which he tells her he's a noble. Just like her support with Saizo, she instantly starts back-pedaling into seduction mode. In their A-support, he tells her he was worried about her mood-swings, so he starts acting like her therapist, literally using the line "Why don't you have a seat? Let's talk a little about your childhood.". Charlotte's response is, while expected, very funny.
      Charlotte: Excuse me?
  • Charlotte gets more than a few of these, especially when she can't win someone over. Her C and B support with Leo consist of her trying to seduce him, and him ignoring the fanservice, until she gets frustrated enough to scream at him.
  • While similarly heartwarming that both Takumi and Leo are actually Not So Different in their third route support; the B Rank support takes a turn of funny. Especially where Leo thinks that the worst that could happen as they talk more is the fact that they would have ended up too alike. Ironically, besides the differences of the culture, they find that they have similar tastes in food and hobbies.
    • The following exchange between the two did not at all help with a reason why the two wouldn't be called too alike.
      Leo: They're calling us "the twins"! We can't let them treat us this way! They're wrong!
      Takumi: Of course they are! You and I couldn't be more different!
      Leo: Exactly! I wouldn't come near you with a ten-foot pole.
      Takumi: Twenty-foot pole!
      Leo: Thirty, even!
    • If one looks closely when they're both on screen at the same time Takumi and Leo DO look fairly similar to each other, making people call them "the twins" even funnier.
  • Supports between Kaden and Keaton in the Revelation route is basically a Boke and Tsukkomi Routine duo with over the top hilarity.
    • While it may not be as humorous, it also similarly applied with their daughters, Selkie and Velouria. The supports involved Selkie getting Velouria to play with her and Velouria trying to ignore her in favor of finding something for Keaton. The A support takes a small turn of Heartwarming.
  • Takumi and Camilla's Revelation supports are hilarious, what with the former unable to stop stuttering nervously and the latter treating him like a baby and attempting to feed him.
  • Oboro invokes "I Want My Beloved to Be Fashionable"... in her supports with Saizo, of all people. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Also, the Running Gag that has poor Oboro accidentally scaring off people with her death glares and then being completely confused as to why they're running away. Double if it happens with Benny.
      • What makes her Benny supports even better is that Oboro is trying to trust him, only to be unable to turn her Death Glare off. After commenting on how weird it is, she finally figures out that HE of all characters is scared of her, and promptly flips out on him.
    • Hilariously, her supports with Niles are funny, not because of her Death Glare, but because Niles can't stop the flirty-sounding comments, leading to continual Open Mouth, Insert Foot situations. An example from their A support:
      Oboro: It's fine. Just as long as you keep the innuendo to a minimum, OK?
      Niles: Sure, no problem. It'd bring me all kinds of pleasure!
      Oboro: NILES.
      Niles: W-was I doing it again?! Sorry!
      Oboro: Heh heh. It's OK. I'll forgive the slipup just this once.
    • The Niles/Oboro A-Rank starts off with a subtle, yet hilarious, moment. Apparently, Oboro's response to his innuendos intimidated Niles enough that he outright wasn't speaking to her at all for a while to make it up to her. Both funny and impressive, considering this is Niles.
  • Niles's C-Support with Felicia has her spilling hot soup on him. He teases her by suggesting she wanted him to get naked, then acts as though he's going to undress right in front of her. When she agrees, saying that she'll wash up, he gets annoyed and leaves without undressing. The B-Support has Felicia giving him cookies that she baked for him, saying that people have said they'll "take you to Heaven"; Niles gets annoyed again and leaves.
  • Keaton and Selena's supports. Take two of the Tsunderes in the game and put them together. Hilarity Ensues, but when you throw in their competitive streak you really laugh your head off.
    • Even better is watching one tsundere trying to apologize to another. It just spirals into a series of increasingly-out-of-control Blatant Lies and denials.
      Selena: Is that supposed to be a compliment?
      Keaton: What? No! And I wasn't trying to cheer you up, either.
      Selena: Thanks, Keaton. ...I mean, don't take it too seriously. I'm just being polite. But yeah, I said thanks. I appreciate your trying to cheer me up.
      Keaton: I didn't come here for your gratitude! I only came because it's boring to be around you when you're moping! So hurry up and get better, for my sake! I want to have fun again.
      Selena: HEY! I'll get better in my own time, regardless of what YOU want! Anyway, I'm completely fine now! So stop worrying about me so much!
      Keaton: Well, fine. Then I guess I don't need to give you this present anymore. Even though I came all this way just to give it to you!
  • Additionally to the above: Jakob and Selena's supports. Much like the ones with Keaton, it features two Tsunderes dealing with each other in incredibly comical ways. Additionally, Jakob seems to get a kick out of trolling the girl.
    Jakob: *sigh* You're a strong woman. Do you disagree?
    Selena: No! I am! I am a strong woman! I'm so strong I can't lose to anyone at anything!
    Jakob: Exactly! Your feats on the battlefield are a sight to behold. Your strength, your speed, your dexterity— all are legendary within the ranks.
    Selena: R-really?
    Jakob: Yes. That's why I believed you didn't need my help the other day. I knew you had the strength in you to carry them all on your own.
    Selena: I-I guess... Wait! No! That's crap! You just left because you're a lazy, inconsiderate dastard!
    Jakob: Heh. You saw right through me, didn't you? And I was so close...
    Selena: I was about to thank you, you farrow- gobbling figsnort!
    Jakob: Yes, yes, get it out of your system. I did mean it, however. About your being strong.
    Selena: Hmph! Like I believe that! Although that IS very nice of you to say...
    • Their S support is equal parts heartwarming and comedy. Especially Jakob's manner of proposing:
      Selena: Sure. What have I suddenly become the best at?
      Jakob: At being loved by me.
      Selena: ... Oh my gods, I'm in love with an idiot.
      Jakob: I knew it! You feel the same way! Selena, my darling, marry me!
  • If Keaton proposes to Felicia...
    Felicia: A ring?!
    Keaton: Felicia, will you marry me?
    Felicia: ...
    Keaton: What did you do that for?! You could have just said no!
    Felicia: I'm so sorry! I was just so surprised, I accidentally threw it! I didn't even know that could happen! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! What should we do?
    Keaton: So surprised, you chucked it 50 yards out?! Agh. Oh well. Nothing to be done about it. So, um, back to the matter at paw. Will you marry me?
    • Funnier still is Felicia's response after saying yes to Keaton's proposal:
      Felicia: Yes. Now, if you will excuse me... I have jewelry to collect.
  • Ophelia and Soleil's B-Support has Ophelia swapping bodies with Soleil so that Soleil would reflect on her actions of chasing Ophelia all the time. It backfires, as Soleil gushes on how attractive her new body is, and tries to go to the tents to admire it. She then gets the idea to go to Odin to mess with him. Thankfully, Ophelia aborts the spell before Soleil can go mess with Odin. Doubles as a Continuity Nod to Awakening, where Henry and Sumia did the same. Doubly funny if Henry married Lissa or Olivia in Awakening.
    Soleil: Heh...heeheehee...I'm in your body... It's too cute! This is too amazing!
  • Every time Hana tries to train in her supports with Azama, something happens to him...
    Azama: The first time, you felled a tree so large that the impact made me fall on my face. The second time, you startled some bees that proceeded to attack me. And the last time was the worst of all... You tossed your scabbard carelessly and struck me in the eye! Japanese Version 
  • Silas tries to propose to Hana in their S Support. Hilarity Ensues.
    Silas: The truth is...I want you to accept this. It's a wedding ring.
    Hana: Right. Right. It's fine if I accept this. Thanks. Now then, let's start! Pull out your weapon....WAIT A SECOND! You said "wedding ring" just now?
    Silas: Yes, I did.
    Hana: HUH!?
    • The official English localization has Hana accuse Silas of trying to throw off her balance with jewelry and she flatly refuses the ring, right before she realizes what kind of ring it is.
  • Hana is similarly clueless in her S Support with Jakob. When Jakob says the number of loved ones he has has doubled, he says it's "you", referring to Hana. Her reaction:
  • Camilla and Niles:
    • The C-support has this exchange:
      Niles: You're probably one of those people who brings home lost puppy dogs too.
      Camilla: Of course I would! Who would leave a cute, little puppy out in the cold?
      Niles: Heh heh...
      Camilla: *gasps* You would, wouldn't you? Niles, you're terrible!
    • In the A support, Camilla tells Niles the rather sad details of life in Nohr's Deadly Decadent Court. He apologizes for misjudging her as "pathetic" in a rather...interesting way.
      Niles: I'm ashamed of myself. Allow me to apologize to you in the nude.
      Camilla: There's no need for that.
      Niles: No, my words were unforgivable. Please, strip me and drag me around camp as penance.
    • Even funnier is that Camilla noticeably pauses after he says that, almost as if she were considering it, before telling him that if he wants to be stripped he'll have to do it himself.
    • The English version of the scene is still amusing, but doesn't involve nudity. It involves masochism instead:
      Niles: I'm so ashamed. You must beat me! Here, I deserve to be punished.
      Camilla: I'm not going to beat you!
      Niles: Please, strike me across the face. I'll wait.
  • When Niles proposes to Charlotte in their S-Support, Niles's poor choice of wording leads to this valuable gem:
    Niles: To put it another way... I want to tie myself to you.Japanese Version 
    Charlotte: I appreciate the offer, but that really isn't my thing, Niles.Japanese Version 
    Niles: What...? Oh, no. Heh. For once in my life, that isn't what I meant.
  • Xander and Selena's Support chain involved Selena trying to get Xander to lighten up. When she suggests that he tell a joke whenever he gets nervous in front of a crowd, he actually does tell a joke. In front of his siblings! Their reactions according to Xander is already downright hilarious with them panicking and calling for a healer, thinking that Xander is sick. Yes, Xander is that much of a Comically Serious person that the idea of him even telling a joke sends his siblings into a state of panic.
  • A subtle one comes from Effie and Azama's Revelation A support:
  • Whenever Saizo, the no-nonsense and Hot-Blooded ninja, is Not So Above It All. The Oboro supports are a good example and the same goes to those with Sakura, in which not only he has trouble with something as simple as giving her sweets since he hates them to death, but in their A and S-Supports he almost stutters when she calls him cute. One wonders how, if they get married, he'll deal with both a wife and a son who love candy...
    • Probably the best examples of Saizo losing his cool is his Support with Setsuna; poor man gets driven damn near insane.
  • Sakura tries to share mochi pastries with Hayato, who refuses the offer despite how he actually likes sweets, fearing that he'll be seen as childish... but when it looks like he'll change his mind, it turns out Sakura already ate them all in a span of seconds.
  • Odin and Selena's support is about Odin using a curse to give Selena dreams about her old companions to make her feel less lonely. Of course, being Odin, he can't help but stroke his ego in the process, having the second dream he creates end in him being crowned the supreme ruler of the world.
    • The B rank features him making a "severe" pun to her, as a Call-Back to their old identities, which she hangs an incredibly-frustrated lampshade on.
    • Their A-rank manages to be heartwarming and funny at the same time. It turns out that Odin has been giving her dreams of memories of their old friends so Selena won't feel so lonely... But then she yells at him for making himself look more awesome in his version of the events, and comments that she should have realized that Odin was the one messing with her dreams.
      Selena: I would normally never believe you actually have power like that, but... Hmm. In both dreams, everybody loved you and thought you were the coolest guy ever. And in the harvest-festival dream, you were voted ruler of the entire world.
      Odin: Ah, such sweet words. If only I could have seen these things myself.
      Selena: It was so ridiculous and impossible, I should have known.
      Odin: Hey!
      Selena: Anyway, I guess I'll forgive you for creeping in my room. You were only trying to help. But if you ever change my dreams without my permission again, I will END you. Understand? And if I do give you permission, you're not allowed to make yourself seem cooler.
      Odin: *sigh* But that was the fun part...
  • Kaze and the Avatar's C-support has the former expressing confusion about why so many women are flocking to him. The Avatar tells him it's because they think he's attractive, and when he scoffs at the idea, quotes one of them word-for-word in what one can only imagine is a breathy falsetto. Twice as hilarious if the Avatar is male.
    Avatar: She said, "That sorrowful look on Kaze's gorgeous face is waaay too dreamy!"
  • It turns out Odin is the one person in the entire game who can make Kagero shout.
    Odin: By all the darkness there is— All the grimness ever conceived— By every speck of doom that has ever lodged in the white of Odin's eye— I declare this a work of genius!
    Kagero: What?
    Odin: Your silkwyrm painting is brilliant. And you too, BRILLIANT. I need to borrow this.
    Kagero: Hey, give that back!
    • Even better, you can find the Ink Painting scroll whose attacking animation is summoning an ink dragon. Did Odin actually succeed in his endeavor to bring the silkwyrm to life?
    • As another bonus, Kagero is one of the few people in the game who takes Odin seriously... at least in their B & A ranks. She actually gathers a bunch of ingredients to help Odin's ritual, and then wants to watch him summon it.
  • Most of Takumi's C Supports usually have him getting into a competition with someone. This includes Mozu, who is usually a Shrinking Violet but gets hilariously pushy and aggressive with Takumi when he accidentally stomps on some of her sprouts. Takumi, needless to say, thinks he can do better.
    Takumi: I'm gonna farm circles around you, Mozu.
  • Ryoma and Hinoka's C support have them discussing taking a trip after the war is over. Ryoma mentions that Hinoka can "dress like a proper princess instead of a warrior", which she takes offense to. Ryoma then goes on, mentioning her wearing makeup, perfume and the possibility of her finding a husband. Cue Hinoka getting incredibly flustered. Then she realizes he's not serious and he starts grinning when he points out Hinoka's blushing at him mentioning makeup.
    • And then in their B support Hinoka mentions that it was worrisome for her to see Ryoma joking, though she calmed down. Then he mentions it's interesting coming from her, who's incredibly serious. Which then leads to this short exchange:
      Hinoka: Maybe, but I'm definitely not as serious as you are, Brother!
      Ryoma: We aren't actually going to compete over this, are we?
    • It gets better. Their A support actually consists of Hinoka Trolling him about it. It starts off with Ryoma noticing that she's wearing perfume, and Hinoka starts going on about what she wants to wear, with her even asking his opinion on a couple bows she has.
  • Despite it also being incredibly heartwarming, Flora's S Support with the Male Avatar has her having a case of Power Incontinence due to her Psychoactive Powers going a bit haywire out after he confesses his love for her, with her being incredibly flustered about him proposing to her.
  • Azama and Setsuna's A support has Azama congratulating Setsuna on making an amazing meal, due to her normal skills at cooking. Azama's response to finding out how Setsuna managed this is suitably surprised, as well as hilarious.
    Azama: Tell me step-by-step how you came up with this alarmingly delicious meal.
    Setsuna: Normally, I'd try to figure out which flavors I wanted to stand out the most. Or how I could combine plates to please every unique palate.
    Azama: But that would require a lot of thinking. How bizarre.
    Setsuna: After you made your request yesterday, I realized that I had to change up my process. For once, I wasn't going to think so much. I wanted to be in a serene mindset. Link monks when they meditate. After a while, I reached a zen state. It was like I'd achieved nirvana...
    Azama: Okay, Let Me Get This Straight.... You worked hard to think EVEN LESS than usual. And decided it was a good idea to cook that way for everyone here. Is that right?
    Setsuna: Yes, exactly. That's how I made the meal.
    Azama: To think that my sarcastic remark brought about a culinary miracle. Amazing.
    • Their whole support chain consists of Azama getting exasperated with her and Setsuna somehow taking all of that as him sweet-talking her. Watching him get increasingly frustrated and then just give up trying to make her see reason is actually pretty funny, considering how easily he ribs at everyone else.
    • Their S support has a couple good moments interspersed with the warmth, such as:
      Azama: Sometimes I feel like I might get on other people's nerves.
      Setsuna: I can't imagine why...
    • Just before the above exchange, he suggests that they go for a walk with a rather mischievous look on his face, saying "[they've] have a lot to discuss". She even notes that he sounds different. One can only imagine just what might have gone on during that walk...
  • The infamous "Lobster Lord" meme is now more or less canon, thanks to Orochi referring to Ryoma as "a lobster on a bad hair day" in one of their supports.
  • Normally, when Male Kana asks his father how he makes the Female Avatar happy, the father keeps it simple. Odin... doesn't.
    Odin: Typically, I ply her with stories and lore on the outer darkness and the void of being. Just yesterday I regaled her with my tale behind The Pose of Eternal Undoing. Followed, of course, by that of the magician who was corrupted by a demon. Which naturally led to a discussion of the finer points of the Incarnadine Arts and their merits relative to Super Jet-Black Onyx school of...magickry.
    • And what follows immediately after.
      Kana: And that makes her happy?
      Odin: Why, of course! What being would not be enthralled by such fantastic tales? Does not the mention of the Uliginous Autochthons give you spine chills? So it is with milady! She always smiles a special smile when I tell her my tales...
      Kana: (portrait features his upset face) Oh...r-really now?
      Odin: MY GODS! THAT'S IT! THAT'S THE SMILE! You are truly your mother's son, my child!
    • Basically, the entire support line is hilarious for Odin being himself.
    • Some other fathers also garnish some very amusing responses. For example, if Jakob is Kana's father...
      Jakob: I can think of many things, but you lack the training required. The art of the manservant is a sacred one, requiring years of dedication and service! Without both, I would not be the icon of immaculate professionalism you see now. Only through this training did I become capable of tending to her every need. It also taught me how to make a killer cup of joe.
    • Then if Saizo is the father, he ends up talking about a magic whistle he gave the Avatar that emits a sound only he can hear that makes her happy as he appears by her side immediately whether or not it's on the battlefield...or when she wants something heavy to be carried or when she wants sugar in her tea. The last one is hilarious considering Saizo hates sweets.
    • Izana's supports as Kana's father are just as hilarious as Odin, because Izana is as hammy as Odin, complete with some shades of Cloud Cuckoolander. Some of his lines from the C-support illustrate this nicely:
      (When asked what he does for the Avatar) Hm... You could do what I always do! Give her a divination and brew some cups of my ultra-divine jasmine-mint tea! And I let her stare at my hair. Voted best in Izumo, you know!
      (Accepting the contest) A high-stakes competition between father and son, eh? I like the sound of that! Imagine the drama! The suspense! The horrific tragedy when one is inevitably compelled to destroy the other! "What monstrous deed hath these hands wrought?! What blood hath they spilled?!" Ooh, I get tingles just imagining it. Count me in!
  • The entire support chain between Camilla and Ryoma in Revelation is filled with comedy, however, what takes the cake is the final lines of their S Support, simply because of how hilariously over-the-top Ryoma is being and Camilla's response:
    Ryoma: Wonderful. Camilla, for the good of both of our kingdoms... And for the glory of everlasting love, and the honor of holding your hand... I vow complete and undying dedication, along with—
    Camilla: Oh, just remove that chin armor and kiss me, you fool!
    • Even before then, it's hilarious to watch Ryoma and Camilla get into a passive-aggressive argument over Corrin... Especially since Corrin apparently told them off about it, and they both get appropriately embarrassed.
  • Keaton's C support with Laslow has him try to show Laslow his newest treasure, which is a large bug. If one remembers that Inigo could have been Lucina's brother with their C support in Awakening, this becomes extra funny.
    • Even better, this isn't even the first time that happened. Apparently, Keaton already showed him another bug at some point before their C-Rank happens, and it caused Laslow to break out in hives. Keaton naturally misses the point and thinks it was awesome.
    • Keaton and Laslow's A support has Keaton's dog-like tendencies come out in full force as the two essentially play a game of fetch using a broken pot lid like a frisbee. It's even funnier if you imagine Keaton catching the lid in his mouth.
  • The Avatar's A support with Felicia has her monologue to encourage herself, including gems like: "I'm Super Felicia" and "I'm transforming into an elegant maid, like a caterpillar into a butterfly." Naturally, she slips and is caught by the Avatar, but not before he/she overhears everything.
  • Compared to his supports with his older siblings, Takumi's supports with Sakura fall under this, where they have to deal with getting out of going to a stuffy party that they're required to attend. In their B support, Takumi even suggests they fake being sick (or even better, set all the guests' hair on fire and run for cover) to avoid going!
    • Even better, after Takumi makes the above suggestions, Sakura wonders if they should ask Azura for ideas. Takumi's response?
      "And what's she going to do? Tell me not to act like a jerk?"
  • A lot of the Mother/Child supports become simultaneously hilarious and perturbing when they involve Peri, because, well... it's Peri. It ranges from actually laughing at Nina's diaries to Kana wondering why the scrapbook they bonded over has blood stains.
    Peri: I just wanna kill all the bad guys. T-to make a better world for you to grow up in, I mean!
    • Speaking of Nina, her support with her mother involves her mother cleaning her room and Nina demanding to know if she read any of her journals. They all reassure her with their own form of Suspiciously Specific Denial, but Peri reassures her with "Haha, I would never read a book!"
    • Velouria's Mother/Child supports involve her comparing her mother's scent to that of a flower. Peri immediately asks if she's a rafflesia, a plant famous for smelling like rotten meat. Furthermore, in her A support, Velouria often uses a specific type of flower when referring to her mother—and does indeed call Peri a rafflesia.
  • In Silas and Rinkah's C support, Silas tries to get Rinkah to talk to him. She refuses, saying it's not the way of her tribe to speak to outsiders, until he tries to challenge her to a fight. ...Actually, a game called Predator, which is basically the Nohrian version of tag. In other words, Silas tricks Rinkah into spending time with playing tag. Cue Rinkah's yelling as she tries to chase after Silas to tag him:
    • Really, the entire support chain is hilarious, due to Rinkah continuing to treat tag as Serious Business.
  • Caeldori's S support with a Male Avatar, while heartwarming, has an incredibly funny moment when she asks the Avatar to teach her about love. Specifically: His reaction.
    Caeldori: Yes. You have many wonderful qualities, but the one I admire most is your compassion... So...I want you to teach me...about love.
    Avatar: Agh—um—er—you—what?!
  • Silas and Setsuna's S support is part heartwarming, part hilarious in that Setsuna manages to fall into a pitfall trap. Twice. And she loses track of what Silas was doing (his marriage proposal) after he saves her from the first trap! Poor Silas. After the second time it happens, though, Silas happily tells her that he doesn't mind saving her, since he can't bear to live in a world without her anymore. He declares he'd save her every time, even if the world were covered in pitfalls.
    Silas: You fell into a pit AGAIN?!
    Setsuna: Yeah...get used to it. You're gonna have to deal with this a lot if we get married...
  • In Silas' support with Nyx he actually creates a potion that he wants her to drink with some ingredients that he prefers not to name; and one ingredient he does name is dragon dung. That's not a typo, Silas fully intended for Nyx to drink a cup full of dragon feces.
  • Rinkah and Kagero's supports revolve around seeing which one of them is the stronger fighter...through sumo matches. Yeah. And each time they fight, they're unamused at the crowds that gather to watch them.
  • Odin and Orochi's supports. It's exactly what you'd expect from the resident Large Ham and the resident gadfly—lots of attempts to outdo each other in terms of ridiculously flowery language and innuendo.
    Orochi: Well, maybe your mojo just wasn't up to snuff today.
    Odin: You leave my mojo OUT of this!
  • Keaton's B-support with Azura has him trying to surprise her into showing emotion. Her complete stoicism throughout it is what sells it.
    Keaton: OK! Open your eyes! Surprise!
    Azura: This is a frog.
    Keaton: Huh. Last time I did this to a girl, she screamed and threw the frog at me. You're not going to react at all?! Not even a little flinch?
    Azura: ...I'm holding a frog.
    Keaton: Oh, I get it. You like frogs, don't you? Awesome! I was sure they'd freak you out.
    Azura: Oh, no. They bother me.
    • It gets better. Keaton's next attempt to get Azura to emote is to tell her that she's a terrible singer, and Azura gets pissed, but remains as stoic as ever.
      Keaton: Hmm. You're a tougher case than I thought. But don't worry. I've got a plan B. I'm going to make you angry. ...Lady Azura, you are a terrible singer!
      Azura: No one has ever told me that before.
      Keaton: Well? Does it make you mad?
      Azura: Yes, it does. I'm very angry with you right now.
      Keaton: Huh. You're telling me you're mad, but your face is telling me...nothing. You really are carved from stone, aren't you?!
      Azura: Keaton, I'm leaving.
  • Azura gets another hilarious moment in her supports with Kaden, though for the opposite reason. Their C-Rank has him commenting on how serious she looks all the time and admiring it (while in her thoughts Azura is trying to keep herself from reaching out to touch his fur)... Then, in their B-Rank, she catches Kaden napping and starts petting him because she wanted to see what his fur felt like. Azura gets suitably flustered when Kaden wakes up and realizes what she was doing.
  • The Avatar's Supports with Saizo result in them noticing his Stalker Without a Crush tendencies towards them. The Avatar calls him out on this, which leads to this exchange.
    Saizo: All you need to know is that I'm always watching you. Always.
    Avatar: Even when-
    Saizo: ESPECIALLY then.
  • Odin and Nyx's S Support is complete comedy with his manner of proposing. He doesn't give her a ring, or ask her to marry him, no. Odin says it like this:
    Odin: Well, Nyx, I've been thinking about a child.
    Nyx: A child? What child?
    Odin: The child that will be born to us.
    Nyx: What? Make sense!
    Odin: A child who might inherit your calamitous might, as well as my own sacred blood... We will continue to exist in our child, like a bridge connecting us to the future... That's what I was thinking of. Deep, right?
    Nyx: ... In other words... This is your roundabout way of proposing to me?
    Odin: could take it like that...
  • Azama and Mitama's C support has him threaten her for sleeping too much. The fact that Mitama expresses her grief in a haiku makes it even more hilarious:
    Azama: I'm going to make you wake up earlier. And stay up. Every day. Forever.
    Mitama: Y-you villain! Not that! Anything but that! Indulging in daytime naps is the highest pleasure mortals can attain! My cruel, cruel, father. / My cruel, cruel, cruel, cruel father. / He rules; I suffer.
    Azama: Hahaha! Quite the performance! Perhaps I could get used to this whole villain thing...
    Mitama: *sob*
    • Suitably, their A-Rank starts off with Mitama going to wake up Azama. The player is likely just as surprised as Azama is... until Mitama reveals that she simply stayed up all night. Azama complains that he got his hopes up for nothing.
  • Kaden and Orochi's S Support is filled with bad puns about cats. This does not go unnoticed by Orochi:
    Kaden: Orochi... I would curl up on your lap, nuzzle your arm, and purr. If only you'd have me.
    Orochi: I would, honestly. But I suspect you're just having a little fun right now...
    Kaden: A little fun? I want to have a lotta fun! Like a cat - Making you happy!
    Orochi: You're being serious, aren't you?
    Kaden: Absolutely. You and I, Orochi. Purr-fect, isn't it!
    Orochi: Are you professing your love, or just finding excuses to make puns?
    Kaden: Uh, both! So, whaddya think? Would it be such a cat-astrophe to love me?
    Orochi: Sheesh. Yes, if you keep up with these awful puns. Besides, what sort of fox meows and purrs? But you do make me laugh, you naughty tomcat. So you vow to love Orochi? This isn't some jest?
    Kaden: I will always love you, starting... meow.
  • Saizo's partner Kagero really wants to protect a Hoshido-allied Avatar. Her criteria isn't much different from his'...
    Kagero: You will be under my protection day and night, without fail.
    Avatar: Ok, well... I really need to go to the bathroom...
    Kagero: You will be under my protection day and night, with exceptions.
    • Even better is her blushing while saying this.
  • Apparently not even Xander's own son can't help but take potshots at how he seems to brood.
    Siegbert: I'm sure I'll still find things to be worried about... But that's also a necessary waypoint on the path to growing stronger... For now, I think I'll puff out my chest and brood a little, like Father.
  • Speaking of Siegbert, his supports with his mother involve them bonding over neck massages. In their A support, he offers his mother another one... and some of the responses can get quite hilarious. Funnier still is that Sakura and Azura say nearly the exact same thing. Peri's and Charlotte's responses probably take the cake though.
    Avatar: So soon? Feeling a bit rusty, are we?
    Sakura: Hee hee... Don't tell me you need a reminder about the pressure points.
    Azura: Heehee, another? Have you already forgotten where those pressure points are?
    Hinoka: Heh... Do I look that bad?
    Selena: Hmm... You're not buttering me up for something, are you?
    Peri: Ooh, are you practicing to become a professional masseur?
    Charlotte: If I weren't your mother, I would swear you were coming on to me.
  • In Selena and Laslow's B support, Selena decides to teach Laslow a lesson about his flirtatious tendencies. In the Japanese version, she makes him uncomfortable with a prolonged stare. In the English version, she flirts with him.
    Selena: Hey there, baaaby.
    Laslow: S-Selena? What are you doing?
    Selena: Mmm-hmm. Momma thinks you'll do juuust fine. Let me feel those arms! Woo! Shivers! A big hunk like you is just what the healer ordered.
    Laslow: Stop it, Selena... Please... No! Stop! Don't come any closer!
    Selena: Aw, you're adorable when you're embarrassed, Lazzy. Me likey. Come on now, let's go get some tea baby. I promise it'll
    Laslow: You're making me very uncomfortable, Selena!
    Selena: Oh, really? Never stops you, does it, you lunk? Gods, I can't believe I just did that. I wanted to throw chunks.
    Laslow: it really that bad when I flirt? I never meant to make anyone feel like that...
    • Their S support also features a hilarious case of trolling from Laslow:
      Selena: Oh. Right. I guess it's my turn. I mean, we've known each other so long... Do I really need to say it?
      Laslow: Yes. You do.
      Selena: Come on! Don't be cruel. You know how I feel.
      Laslow: Haha, so then say it already!
      Selena: ... OK. Um...look, Laslow. I really like you. A lot.
      Laslow: Mhm... That's a start, though this might be a longer engagement than I anticipated.
      Selena: Ugh, fine. Look, I love you! I love you, Laslow...
      Laslow: Splendid! And will you share your life with me?
      Selena: Yes! But if you mess this up, I will end you. Understand?
      Laslow: Understood. I am yours forever, my love.
      Selena: know this means you can't be with anyone else, right?
      Laslow: ...
      (Laslow leaves)
      Selena: Laslow? Oh.
      Laslow: Just kidding! Of course I know that! I promise to devote myself to your happiness from here on out.
      Selena: You better! Oh, and I'll do the same.
  • In Shiro and Caeldori's supports, Shiro makes continual fire safety comments (including a near word-for-word quoting of Smokey the Bear's "Only you can prevent forest/wildfires"). Caeldori comments on the fact that they're "on perimeter patrol tonight, not fire watch.". In their A support, Shiro doesn't make a PSA about fire safety, leading to Caeldori pointing it out and asking if he's going to holler about fire safety tonight. Before Shiro can finish shouting about fire safety: A fire breaks out.
  • In his A Support with Camilla, Silas accidentally outs the fact that he had a crush on her when he was younger. Funnier still is that Camilla responds that she was the same. Their S support ends on a heartwarming, but also hilarious note with Camilla messing with Silas about who gets to tell the Avatar the good news.
    Silas: Fantastic! This is the best day of my life! I can't wait to go tell Avatar!
    Camilla: What?! Why do you get to tell him/her? I'm his/her sister!
    Silas: But he's/she's my best friend!
    Camilla: Well, then, forget it. Engagement off!
    Silas: Augh!
    Camilla: Oh, I'm just teasing. But I WILL be the one to break the news, got it?
    Silas: Very well. Be my guest. Either way, I'll still be the happiest guy in the world!
    • Really, their whole support chain is filled with funny moments, what with Camilla asking Silas to relay messages of her love of the Avatar to them, and Silas actually doing it. The thought of Silas saying things such as "I love you, schmoopie!", "You're sooooooooooo sweet!", "You are so sweet." and "I love you so much." to the Avatar, while speaking for Camilla, is just hilarious. He even sets one such message to a musical accompaniment.
  • All of Niles and Nyx's supports. The first three feature her alternately complaining about Niles's typical comments and outright hexing him so he can't talk like that anymore. Niles is about as annoyed as you'd expect throughout.
    Nyx: I cast a spell. You'll find your vocabulary more tolerably limited now.
    Niles: Hah. Good bluff, little girl. But I don't feel any different than I did a few moments ago. Do you know what happens to naughty little children who lie? They get ------- ---- ----------.
  • Selena and the Avatar's S support has a hilarious case of Selena trolling the poor guy, mainly starting with her asking him to marry her out of the blue, and her expression is a grinning wink of all things. His response is priceless.
    Avatar: Y'know, it's funny. I've actually grown somewhat fond of being belittled—
    Selena: Then marry me.
    Avatar: What?!
    Selena: You heard me. Grow up and marry me, Avatar! Or are you a scared little baby? Waaah! Waaah!
    Avatar: Wait. What?!
    Selena: Look. I've got important things to do. I can't just sit around waiting for a proposal. So are you gonna marry me or what? Most people would kill for this opportunity, just so you know.
    Avatar: Against all better judgment...I will. I will marry you, Selena!
    Selena: Well, good! And you better make me the happiest woman in the world while you're at it!
    Avatar: Does this count as the start of our honeymoon?
    • Speaking of Selena and the Avatar's S support, her confession line is also quite funny. And only slightly less Tsundere than her confession to Robin.
      You're lucky to be marrying me. Just don't screw it up.
  • Selena's support chain with Benny is one funny moment after the other with Selena's competitiveness coming to the forefront. Their S Support, while incredibly adorable and heartwarming also is incredibly funny due to Selena having the Tsuntsun cranked Up to Eleven throughout the whole thing. Even funnier is Benny hanging a lampshade on Selena's tsundereness in it:
    Benny: Hmm.'re pretty weird.
    Selena: Where do you get off calling me "weird" out of the blue?! Talk about rude! I challenge you to name one weird thing about me! Go on—try it!
    Benny: Well, um. You're selfish and brash. That's two. You're harsh to people. That's three... And you're arrogant—four...
    Selena: None of that is "weird." You're just being insulting! Why, I oughtta—
    Benny: But behind it all, you're really sweet. That's the weirdest thing.
    Selena: ...Am I?
    Benny: Yeah. You're sweet.
    Selena: Hmph. I get a good head of steam going, and then you spring that on me. What's a girl to say?
    Benny: It's that sweetness that, um...attracts me...
    Selena: Huh? Speak up, Benny! Gods, it's like pulling teeth, getting you to say anything.
    Benny: OK. *ahem* Selena...will you marry me?
    Selena: What?! That's what you were mumbling about? You want me to marry you? Not five minutes ago, you were telling me how rude and arrogant and brash I was!
    Benny: S-sorry...I guess that's a no.
    Selena: I never said that! Don't put words in my mouth! You caught me off guard, that's all. I need time to vent before I give you an answer!
    Benny: That's true. It's OK if you want to wait until some other day to answer...
    Selena: I didn't say I needed THAT long! You and your assumptions! Geez!
    Benny: You're sure...? If you need more time, I don't—-
    Selena: If I say I'm sure, then I'm sure! Why does no one listen to me?! I know how I feel without having to think about it! It's completely obvious!
    Benny: I'm confused now.
    Selena: UGGGH! Pay attention, Benny! I'm telling you I like you too!
    Benny: ...Were you? That's not what I was getting out of that...
    Selena: Now you're telling me I'm lying?! About MY OWN FEELINGS for you?!
    Benny: No! I-I just wouldn't feel that way about me...
    Selena: Boy, were YOU wrong! I love you! Probably WAY more than you love me! I can't BELIEVE I even have to say this!
    Benny: Heh...
    Selena: I hope you're up to the job of loving me. It's a big deal! Not everyone can do it!
    Benny: Leave it to me... I think I can make you happy.
    Selena: Good. I'm not asking a lot, you know! Just a little happiness with you...
  • Benny and his son Ignatius' C support. What happens when two Socially Awkward Heroes have a chat? Well...
    Benny: Hi.
    Ignatius: Hm? Hi.
    Benny: So.
    Ignatius: So...?
    Benny: I mean...
    Ignatius: Yeah?
    Benny: ...How're things?
    Ignatius: Oh... I'm fine.
    Benny: Good.
    Ignatius: Yeah.
    Benny: ...Nothing bothering you?
    Ignatius: Well...
    Benny: Yeah?
    Ignatius: If I had to pick something... It'd be that I never know what to say to you when it's just us two.
    Benny: Oh. Right. Same.
    Ignatius: Yeah...
    Benny: ...So everything's OK?
    Ignatius: It's fine. I'm fine.
  • Ignatius's C Support with his mother is just as good. Ignatius claims that his fear of bugs has been getting better, but he still needs her to come help him with something in his tent... A bug riding a worm, because if it was just one or the other, he'd be okay by himself.
  • Ignatius's support with Soleil also has a pretty great line when Ignatius catches Soleil hiding and spying on some random cute girls.
    Ignatius: Are you... hunting something?
    Ignatius: Wait a second. Are you hunting those girls down there? What exactly do you have in mind?
    Soleil: Nothing! (Beat) ...OK, fine, I was going to sneak up on one of them and pinch her as hard as I can. Is that so wrong?
  • Hana and Saizo's support chain results in them bonding... after Saizo gives Hana a few steamed buns. Buns that Saizo doesn't even like all that much! In their B Support, when Hana says that "it tastes pretty good" Saizo's response is:
    Saizo: No one has ever spoken those words about this food.
    • Their S Support is even better:
    Hana: You know, I have feelings for you, too...
    Saizo: R-Really?
    Hana: But I don't think that a few buns is a fair way to start a serious relationship.
    Saizo: Then... Something else? What would make you happy?
    Hana: Lots of buns, of course! You'll give me plenty more in the future, right?
  • Selena and Setsuna's supports are also hilarious with the former's constant scolding completely falls on the latter's deaf ears, and is unable to control the latter's sheer lack of care and forgetfulness, resulting in Setsuna falling into a pithole, then not only having Selena pay for the shopping *AND* having Hinoka repay Selena. By the time of the A Support, Selena just completely gives up on lecturing Setsuna about the latter's thick-headedness.
    Selena: I don't think I'd give compliments to someone as inattentive as you.
    Setsuna: I'm inventive... Thank you for the compliment...
    Selena: That's not... *sigh* Really, I'm not even surprised anymore.
    • It gets even funnier when you remember that Selena is a wasteful shopper herself, so her lecturing Setsuna for it is all kinds of hypocritical.
  • In Takumi and Kagero's C support Takumi startles a deer he was trying to hunt and curses, prompting Kagero to appear and ask him what's wrong. After recovering from the shock of her appearing out of nowhere, he asks her to help him become more stealthy, which she is not so sure about. He then proceeds to reassure her of her abilities by telling her that she scared him so badly by popping up out of nowhere that he peed himself a little.
  • Saizo's C-support with Orochi is all kinds of hilarious. Orochi goes to Saizo complaining about how he has a bad attitude, and how many other members of the army, particularly the women, share this opinion. Saizo, being himself, gives her some hysterical responses.
    Saizo: And what grave offense have I committed now?
    Orochi: Just being yourself.
    Saizo: So I've been offending you all my life?
    Orochi: Pretty much. You've always had a bad attitude.
    Saizo: ME? Looked in the mirror lately?
    Orochi: You see? That's just what I mean. You're prickly, stuffy, arrogant...
    Saizo: Please, continue. I don't have better things to do.
    Orochi: How can you not care what people are saying about you? Women in particular!
    Saizo: Oh, now you've got my ear.
    Orochi: We're all on the same side, Saizo. Yet you seem to despise nearly everyone. I've heard the women of our group say how you and Kaze are like night and day!
    Saizo: This is getting better by the second. Do women do nothing but gossip? Maybe I am like night. Or a dark cloud. Perhaps a bad dream. I don't care.
    • And then there's the beginning of their B-support with more of Saizo's "bad attitude."
    Orochi: Well, well, well... If it's not my prickly, stuffy, arrogant friend!
    Saizo: Back to attack me with your sloppy grasp on synonyms, I see.
    Orochi: We're going to have it out. Right now. You're not getting away this time.
    Saizo: Go ahead. I'm sure that your time is better spent here with me than practicing battle maneuvers.
    Orochi: You really don't care that you speak viciously to everyone?
    Saizo: I say what I say. Now, are we done?
  • Kaze and Rinkah's C-support has Kaze being given a huge bag of sweets by a girl and trying to offer some to Rinkah. Rinkah (whom actually likes sweets) refuses to save face, but then her stomach she embarrassingly attempts to pass it off as a mouse that scampered by. Kaze proceeds to play along with it and leaves some of the sweets "for the poor little mouse", knowing the mouse (Rinkah) will enjoy it, causing Rinkah to retort back the mouse does not have a sweet tooth and that it's a one time occurrence. As soon as Kaze leaves, she proceeds to gobble the sweets down.
    • Even more hilarious is that Rinkah implies that she's jealous of Kaze's ability to randomly get gifts from people... only to cut herself off at the last second. And Kaze just continues to play along with her.
  • In Odin and Felicia's support tree, Felicia ends up getting tasked with supervising Odin because many of the army's new recruits are freaked out by his behavior. Odin, who is no stranger to being made fun of and usually takes it in stride, actually breaks character and gets pretty upset over it, but it's all played for laughs and Felicia ends up spilling tea on his head when she tries to apologize about the whole thing. Odin then proceeds to call out several of the other men in the army over their own weird behavior, and wonders why they're not being supervised as well. What takes the cake is that he mentions Silas, who is probably one of the most well-adjusted people in the army.
    Odin: There's something I still don't get. Am I really THAT weird? This world's full of crazies! Look at Jakob. He has split-personality disorder. The minute Lord/Lady Avatar shows up, he's a celestial being with a heart of gold. With everyone else, he's a jerk. Silas? He's OK, but he's into some strange stuff. Or Arthur? He must have done something terrible to the gods to have such bad luck! All of the ladies are sick and tired of being hit on by Laslow! You know it's true! And Niles?! Seriously?! Is anyone shadier than that character? Why single me out?
    Felicia: I don't know. That's a good point.
    Odin: You're not supervising any of them, are you?
    Felicia: ...No.
    Odin: Argh! This is SO unfair! What's wrong with ME?!
    • It's also very similar to his support with Severa in Awakening, in which Severa calls him creepy and he undergoes a brief Heroic BSoD because of it.
  • Saizo and Laslow's B-Support has the two of them get into a charm-off....and Saizo wins the contest by a landslide. Laslow/Inigo then remembers previously losing charm off contests to a masked mannote  and a scary guynote , and concludes he had no chance against a scary guy in a mask. Saizo asks what the hell he's talking about.
  • Forrest and Kiragi's supports are hilarious. It all starts with Forrest mentioning to Kiragi that, as a prince, he should take better care of his appearance, with Kiragi mentioning that when he goes out hunting, the fancy clothes Forrest has in mind wouldn't be practical. So in an effort to get to know Forrest better, and to show him why those clothes aren't practical, he offers him the chance to go out hunting. Cue every possible misfortune that could befall poor Forrest:
    Forrest: Well, this has certainly been an interesting morning. I almost drowned in the river trying to catch those fish. Then I fell out of three different trees, each taller than the last. THEN I tore my favorite pair of stockings on those blasted thorn bushes. And to top it all off I was attacked by a horde of insane of blood-hungry chickens. Where did they even come from?! There aren't any farms around here! And NOW you want me to climb this cliff? I'm beginning to doubt whether I should have ever even agreed to come with you.
    • About the "almost drowned in the river trying to catch those fish" line, Kiragi said that they could catch the fish with their bare hands because the water was shallow. Now, read that line again with this in mind and let it sink in.
  • In Male Kana’s sibling supports, he wants to do patrols with his sibling every day. They’re clearly not likening the idea of everyday, so when Kana asks what’s wrong…
    Shiro: Oh, nothing. Just saying good-bye to all my leisure time for the foreseeable future.
    Caeldori: Oh, nothing. Just trying to figure out when I'll find time for my usual drills. I suppose I don't really need sleep on Mondays... Anyways, let's go.
    Forrest: Oh, nothing. Just saying good-bye to all my tailoring projects for the next few months...
    Velouria: Oh, nothing. Just imagining how terrible that sounds.
    Asugi: Oh, nothing. Just trying to figure out if I can carry my candy vault on patrol...
    Ophelia: Oh, nothing. I'm just...relishing the thought of spending every day ranging the country for foes! Yup, just can't wait to go on patrol!
    • And Kana’s obliviousness sells it for some.
    • Then the B-Support has Kana ask his sibling if they have any special talents. If Rhajat is his sister...
      Rhajat: Me? Well...I murder people with my brain. Dark magic.
      Kana: Wow! That's amazing!
  • If you pursue Kiragi and Rhajat's S-support, Rhajat casually reveals that, at one point, she cast a curse on Kiragi to keep girls away from him. Of course, Kiragi, being Kiragi, reacts how you would expect him to:
    Kiragi: Y-you cursed me?!
    Rhajat: Yes, of course. Is something wrong?
  • Charlotte's B Support with Kaze features her pulling her usual shtick of trying to seduce him. She even made sweets for him, but Kaze politely turns her down. Then Charlotte start's ranting out loud about her wiles not working on him. When Kaze asks what's wrong Charlotte literally says "I have to go. I left an excuse in the oven!" and leaves.
  • Mitama and Siegbert's S-support has Mitama being irritated over Siegbert waking her up (since he keeps interrupting her nap time in their support conversations) just so he can confess to her. After several seconds of Siegbert stumbling over his confession, she admits to liking him too...before shooing him away so she can go back to sleep. It does get very sweet near the end, however.
  • At the beginning of Nina and Male Kana's C-support, we have Nina freaking out over Kana taking interest in her and her...hobbies. No, not that hobby! He just wanted to ask her about her life as a noble thief.
    Nina: Huh? What about me? Er...your questions don't have to do with my...ah...people-watching stuff, do they? Oh, man, I am not the one who should be explaining this... Where are your parents?
  • Elise and Laslow's A-support has her unintentionally delivering him a really, really sick burn.
    Elise: Besides, I don't think it's your dance moves that the girls hate. It's probably just your personality!
  • Dwyer and Ophelia's S-Rank support is hilarious, if only because Dwyer, of all characters, is suddenly talking in Ophelia's usual manner of speech.
  • Asugi and Rhajat's B Support is funny for the sake of the fact that Asugi ends it by saying "I need a cinnamon roll" in much the same context that people would normally use I Need a Freaking Drink.
  • In Kaze and Mozu's C support Kaze mentions that Hoshidan martial arts training usually involves household chores. An obvious shout out to the The Karate Kid.
  • In Midori and Asugi's C support Midori mentions seeing her father and uncle get into an argument so heated it resulted in a huge fist fight. Saizo it's not that hard to see. But Kaze got into a fist fight with his brother over a petty disagreement over herb usage.
  • Hisame and Sophie's C-support has Sophie beg Hisame to teach her how to use chopsticks in preparation for a dinner she and Silas have to attend with some Hoshidans. She mentions that the last time she tried to use them, she almost burned her house down.
  • Jakob and Gunter's supports in Conquest are great, as they include Jakob complaining about Gunter being too hard on him... despite the fact that Jakob does the exact same thing to Felicia.
  • Oboro and Kaze's A-Support has a funny moment where Oboro comments on Kaze's appeal among the ladies... Only then, he seems to miss it and continues their previous conversation, causing Oboro to complain about how seriously he takes everything.
  • Peri and Kaden's C-Support begins with the murderous and bloodthirsty Peri absolutely flipping out and sobbing over a caterpillar that climbed on to her back. And once Kaden gets it off, she thanks him before rather bluntly ordering him to kill it.
    Peri: *sniffle* Thanks, Kaden. Now...end it.
    Kaden: What? You mean kill it? Why?! He's not bothering anybody...
    Peri: He's bothering ME! NOW KILL THE DASTARD.
  • Mitama has some of the most variance in her mother supports out of all the kids, but one mother related joke that comes to mind in her C support is with Setsuna. Like in all her C supports, Mitama is dragged out of bed and forced to attend a war meeting. UNLIKE all her C supports, however, she has a little jab at Setsuna after the haiku that usually ends the support with other mothers...
    Mitama: My ruse discovered / I have no choice but to go / It was worth a shot. Perhaps I should have tried a pitfall trap...
    • Orochi's response to Mitama's unwillingness to go to the war council meeting is pretty funny as well.
    Orochi: Moldy onions, Mitama!
    • Or, if you are playing Revelation, have Effie or Beruka - probably two of the most alert, disciplined, and active/awakened potential mothers - become Mitama's mother, and in a glorious display of Irony, watch the former trying to discipline the latter.
  • Female Kana's supports with her mother involve her finding flowers that remind her of her mother. For example, if Sakura is her mother they will be cherry blossoms, or if Peri is her mother they will be blue and pink. But if Rhajat is her mother?
    Rhajat: Ooh. Flowers that shade of black are extremely rare, and prized for their beauty. They represent death, destruction, despair, and many other terrible d-words. They say that none who gaze upon this flower will ever know joy again.
    Kana: I love them! They reminded me of you, Mama!
    Rhajat: ...
  • In Awakening the Avatar is at best, indifferent to the nickname Gaius gives them. Here? The Female Avatar is almost disappointed when she learns she's saddled "Boss." And Asugi agrees it's not his best.
    Avatar:: We've been rai— Did you just call me "Boss"? That's not as...imaginative as your other nicknames.
    Asugi: I know, I know. I WAS thinking "Bubbles," but something about it just didn't sit right. I've been having trouble coming up with good nicknames these days...
  • Forrest and Sophie's support chain revolves around trying to make Sophie look cuter with her...interesting taste in clothes. Said outfits all display a theme that even Forrest can't really say anything nice about: horse patterns.
  • In Kaze's B Support with the Avatar, Kaze decides he wants to be left alone and uses his ninjutsu to hide from the Avatar...who immediately starts to frantically search for him and shout his name repeatedly. It's implied that Kaze is actually hidden in plain sight and is watching the whole thing, until it finally gets too embarrassing for him to watch and he promptly reveals himself.
  • In Hana and Takumi's supports, it's revealed that the two of them used to train together all the time when they were younger, but one day Takumi suddenly stopped without an explanation. After some prodding, he reveals that Sakura was watching the last time they trained and, in order to impress her, Hana proceeded to beat the complete and utter crap out of of poor Takumi. And he's been avoiding her ever since not just because this hurt his ego, but also because he might be more than a little terrified of her.
  • Orochi and Takumi's supports revolve around Orochi teasing Takumi about his childhood. It's just as hilarious as it sounds knowing Orochi.
    Orochi: Heh! I've come into possession of the cutest little doll I've ever seen. It's such a pwetty wittle baby too. The perfect doll...for you.
    Takumi: Wh-what?! Are you crazy? I don't play with dolls. And I never have!
    Orochi: Is that so? I remember you as a little lord, having to snuggle a doll to sleep at night.
    Takumi: Never! N-n-not once!
    Orochi: You forget. I see all. Especially the past. I and Lady Sakura...holding court with a dozen of your favorite dolls. Ah, the good old days.
    Takumi: Hey, shut it! You shouldn't be spilling our secrets like that. Not that it happened.
  • According to Hisame's supports with a female Avatar, the whole reason that he's obsessed with pickles is because Hinata apparently hates them. Hisame even explains that this was his version of being a rebellious teenager.
    • Meanwhile, his C-Support with a male Avatar as the Avatar point out that Hisame's awkwardness around women is Not So Different from Hinata being easily fooled by them. Naturally, Hisame doesn't take this well.
  • Dwyer and Nina's B-support conversation has Nina trying to set Dwyer up with a male laundry apprentice to fuel her fantasies. Completely unaware of her intentions, Dwyer responds the way you would expect him to:
    Dwyer: If my role in life is to be some kind of laundry master...go ahead and run me through with a sword right now.
  • Dwyer's supports with Kiragi are hilarious, as Dwyer decides that he actually needs to act like a butler for once instead of being a Lazy Bum... and, since he's talking to a prince, Dwyer takes it as very Serious Business. Cue Kiragi constantly trying to get out of it and complaining about how hard Dwyer is being on him.
  • Kiragi in his C-support with Hisame has him wanting to be good friends with him just as their fathers are. Hisame, however, isn't so keen on the idea. Why? Hisame believes Hinata is too casual with Takumi despite being his retainer, and it's implied he's really embarrassed about this. To quote Hisame's thoughts on one of the reasons:
    Hisame: And bathing with one's lord is out of the question entirely! Not to mention having one's back scrubbed by said lord!
  • Rinkah and Keaton's supports have in their B-Support Keaton asking about what Rinkah meant by 'independence'...and then Rinkah getting mad at Keaton for seemingly insulting her by summarizing it as just liking to be alone.
    Rinkah: To be independent means one does not rely too much on others. But for the Flame Tribe, it means much more. We are committed to walking our own path, despite what others say or do. We do not compromise, we do not beg for aid, and we do not sell our loyalty.
    Keaton: Uh-huh...
    Rinkah: It's as I thought, isn't it? You don't understand.
    Keaton: What?! Of course I do! There's nothing complicated about that! It just means you like being alone, right?
    Rinkah: Alone? You dare boil it down so simply?
    Keaton: Oh, did I get it wrong?
    Rinkah: You make it sound like we're sullen little children who don't want to share toys! It's about principles and honor and dignity!
  • Percy and Sophie's C-Support has them plan a race to see whose mount is better: Ace or Avel. Once they get ready, Percy realizes he forgot to bring Ace, while Avel, being Avel, goes the wrong way.
  • In Niles and the Avatar's C support Niles asks the Avatar to come closer to observe what he's doing and assures them he won't bite. As soon as they come close enough to him, he meows at them loudly, startling them in his usual trollish manner. More hilariously though, in their Japanese C support, he actually does bite them.
  • Forrest and Rhajat's C-support starts with these glorious lines:
    Rhajat: Your clothes are adorable.
    Forrest: Well, thank you very much!
    Rhajat: I hate you.
  • Caeldori's support with her mother revolves around Caeldori being her usual super-competent self, leaving whoever her mother is feeling shown up by her own daughter, culminating with her hiding in a storeroom (depending on who it is, her mother will either be hiding in the shadows or hiding in the weapons barrel). When her mother leaves, Caeldori gives a unique exclamation of frustration depending on who her mother is.
    Caeldori Oh, [insert thing here]! She's gone.
    • The full list: pumpersnickles/hogwhistles/sorrels and morels/barnacles/pickled hen's feet/sour cabbages/figgleworts/ginger taps/leaky bunions/sobbentoddles/fetid scallions/zucchini's blood/pig's liver
    • Even more amusing, the only mother who doesn't have Mad Libs Catch Phrase happen with is Azura.
    Caeldori: Oh, it's fine, Mother, I... Oh, she's gone.
  • Benny and Keaton's supports are great, as Keaton is one of the only people to instantly say that Benny is actually gentle. Benny is extremely confused by this at first (naturally), and even thinks that Keaton is just messing with him. By the time their A Support rolls around, Keaton says he could tell because of Benny's face. No, not his smiling portrait: Keaton thought that one of Benny's angry-looking sprites looked gentle.
  • In Orochi and Saizo's supports, it's revealed that the first time they met as children, Orochi read Saizo's fortune and predicted a terrible future, which scared him enough that he nearly soiled himself. Orochi then claims she's been telling people in order to get Saizo to shape up his sour attitude, and the normally unflappable Saizo becomes so humiliated that he immediately leaves to do some damage control... Except it turns out Orochi didn't tell anyone, meaning Saizo personally went around telling everyone in the army that he nearly soiled himself once when he was a child.
  • Odin's C Support with Elise has her catching him in the middle of a nap, which he tries to brush off as him testing a new charm. This leads to Elise continually questioning him due to his answers being in his usual style ("You have a fragile labyrinth for a mind?"), forcing him to break character at the end and just admit to what he was doing.
    Odin: ... Well, it... Look, I was asleep, OK?
  • Female Kana and Velouria:
    • In the C Support, Velouria calls Kana a child, which she immaturely protests to and demands to be treated like an adult. Once Velouria agrees, Kana has a surprising moment of maturity that's so jarring that it's hard not to laugh from the whiplash.
      Kana: Wait! I can tell when someone's treating me like a child! You'd better start treating me like an adult or...or...ELSE!
      Velouria: I wasn't. You said you weren't a child. And you're not. Clearly. Just like you're not having a temper tantrum now. Can I leave?
      Kana: Yes. Of course. You're an adult. You can do what you like.
    • In the B Support, Kana has an old doll that she decides to give away to a girl in a nearby village due to the "being an adult" talk she had with Velouria. It's implied that Kana knew that Velouria would want it, but decided to taunt her with it (since adults like them don't play with toys) in response to being snubbed.
  • The localization of the C-Support between Beruka and Saizo merely consists of the two staring at each other in utter silence.
  • Niles and Setsuna:
    • Niles spends the C and B Supports with the "angry" portrait, as Setsuna is such a Ditz that he can't get her upset with his jabs.
    • Even better is how in their B support, Setsuna says that she thinks Hinoka is always complimenting her listening "skills." Naturally, Niles hangs a lampshade on how Setsuna managed to misinterpret that.
    • After giving her a legitimate compliment in the A Support, Niles questions what's wrong with him.
    • After being proposed to, Setsuna suggests that the two of them go off to a field and daydream for days. Niles responds that they can only do it for a few hours; they need to eat, after all.
  • The male Avatar's supports with Mitama are pretty funny, as he attempts to compose haiku like her but fails miserably due to being unable to get the number of syllables right, resulting in Mitama flat out asking if he even knows how to count. He gets better in the B support, except his haiku are basically just sentences about really mundane things, like how he ate some unmarinated beef ribs or how he woke up with a cowlick. Mitama is not impressed.
  • In male Kana and Sophie's Supports, Kana is somehow able to get Avel to behave for him. Sophie is naturally stunned by how easily Kana handles her Moody Mount.
    Kana: Hehehe, Sophie, look! He's letting me pet him! Aren't you, boy? See? He's so friendly!
    Sophie: N-no way! That's impossible!
  • In Percy's A support with Rhajat, it turns out that he went out to buy some clothes for her, because he knew she didn't want to deal with the shopkeeper at a particular store. What makes it funny is the fact that his fashion sense is similar to Sophie's: he gets Rhajat a bunch of dragon-themed outfits. She even lampshades it and asks Percy if he really wants her to wear all that.
  • Male Kana and Rhajat's exchange in their B support. Imagine Kana sounding like Ralph Wiggum:
    Kana: ...Wait. Are you fond of Mama?
    Rhajat: Fond? Fond isn't even a drop in the bucket of it. I watch her like a goddess walking among us. Her prowess in battle! Her grace under pressure! She is perfection personified!
    Kana: Mama makes me brush my teeth.
  • Shigure's supports with his sibling begins with said brother/sister looking for him. If Nina is Shigure's little sister...
    Nina: Hmm... Where did Shigure wander off to? He probably didn't walk to the hill or fields, but I couldn't find him at camp. Oh my gods! I bet he's probably hanging out with a gorgeous man somewhere. Ugh, I have to find him!
  • In Ryoma and Rinkah's S support, Rinkah responds to his proposal by getting angry because she feels the same way. The rest of the support is Rinkah angrily insisting that she loves him more than he loves her and Ryoma just kind of accepting it.
  • Benny's supports in general are hilarious. He's basically the Chuck Norris of the Fire Emblem Fates world, and his C supports basically consists of him finding out the various rumors about him. Said rumors about him include cannibalism, defeating an army of 10,000 people singlehandedly, throwing a man so far into the sky that he never came down, blowing out a volcano, and more.
  • In their C-Support, Kana deducing the reason Shigure doesn't get as upset about not being able to spend time with his mother as she is with her father.
    Kana: You just don't like playing with your mama! You must be one of those awful things I've heard about! You're a... a... TEENAGER!
    Shigure: Yes, I'm of a teen year. But a teenager? I just don't think of myself that way.
    Kana: You are! You're a teenager! That's worse than having cooties! Run away! RUN AWAY! [leaves]
    Shigure: What the—?
  • Peri and Kaden's S-support has this:
    Peri: Does this mean you don't love me back? But I thought Oh no no. No no NO!(Crying) WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!
    Kaden:Now hold your horses! I didn't say that I don't love you! I just didn't say I don't love you! Er wait..
    Peri: S-so you do? Does that mean you'll marry me? Oh I'm so glad! I thought I was going to have to take your heart myself!
    Kaden: Take my heart?
    Peri: Yeah! If you weren't going to give to me how else was I gonna get it? I even had my knife ready to cut it out. But I'm so glad we're getting married instead!
    Kaden: ... M-me to my love
  • A quick one goes by in Selena and Beruka's A support.
    Selena: We realized how similar we are, and we both value Lady Camilla. It's a sign from the gods that we need accessories as a symbol of the connection.
    Beruka: The gods must not be very busy...
  • Camilla's supports with Hinkoka has Hinoka being introduced to the concept of sewing, and wondering why Camilla is stabbing a blanket with a needle. Their C support ends with Camilla offering to teach her.
    Hinoka: Great! Now, hand over those needles. I'm feeling stabby!
    Camilla: It's "sewing," remember? Not swordplay.

  • One fan-translation has Jakob dropping a Precision F-Strike on Frederick in a DLC chapter:
    Jakob: What the hell is your problem, you son of a bitch?
    Frederick: ... What is it? It's rude to walk up to others and suddenly call them sons of bitches.
    • That's just how the convo starts, and it just gets better from there, with the two of them having a contest on who better serves their respective lord. A sample:
      Jakob: For my master's sake, I wake up early every morning to inspect the equipment, polishing each one until they shine brighter than they did when first bought!
      Frederick: If my master wishes to eat fish, I would cross three mountains to obtain it for him, and if he is about to let out even the slightest sneeze, I offer him my own handmade scarves!
    • Gets even funnier when one remembers that's the very same thing Chrom used as an example of Frederick's service getting overbearing and annoying in their B support in Awakening.
    • The actual translation is just as good. They still get into their Serial Escalation argument, during which the topic of controlling the temperature in their respective lieges' rooms comes up. Jakob claims to immediately stoke the fire or crack a window if Corrin gets even slightly uncomfortable... only for Frederick to one-up him by saying he's made a mechanism that makes the windows crack themselves. Jakob then actually considers making one himself.
    • Frederick wants the Avatar to prove their worth by giving him a royal object. However, the Avatar only has jerky on them at that particular moment. When Frederick questions what kind it is, the Avatar tells him it's bear jerky. Naturally, this grosses Frederick out.
    • In the beginning of that DLC chapter, the Avatar and their steward ask Chrom's group about the invisible soldiers. When the Avatar's steward thinks it's a bad idea to bring up the invisible soldiers so that the two won't cause a ruckus, the Avatar decides to change it to invisible warthogs. The accompanied steward later dreads having the Avatar improvise. What makes this even better is that Chrom actually believes this.
    • If Odin is brought on the map, he can talk with Lissa. After hearing his name, delivered with his usual mannerisms, Lissa muses that's such a strong name and if she has a son, she'll have to name him something similar. Yes, in a roundabout way, Odin/Owain managed to name himself.
    • If Caeldori is brought on the map, then Chrom can mistake her for Cordelia. It gets extra funny if Caeldori doesn't have red hair, which gives her at least some difference from Cordelia's appearance.
  • The battle in the Paradise Scramble / Beach Brawl DLC; it consists of both royal families and their subordinates beating each other up with gag weapons like frying pans, umbrellas, wine bottles and weapons that cause massive Clothing Damage. If the players can imagine a near naked Ryoma trying to beat up Xander with a pair of radishes then they've got a good idea of how silly the whole battle is.
    • The entirely of Paradise Scramble actually. One of the highlights is when Oboro, Peri and Kagero start fangirling over the idea of their lords in the beach, just for Niles, of all people, joins them suggesting that he wants to fanboy over Leo.
    • With Sakura's team, Sakura asks Hana and Subaki at the beginning if they'd worry about sending her to the island alone. Subaki reassures Hana (whom was concerned about pirates) that he already patrolled the island beforehand to make sure it was safe.
    • In the dialogue for Hinoka's team, you get this rather humorous exchange between her and her retainers that doubles as Mood Whiplash in context.
      Azama: And return from paradise bearing gifts for your most loyal servants.
      Setsuna: Wow. Neat. Get me a pineapple.
      Hinoka: Huh? Is that what you two are REALLY after?!
      • At the beginning of the battle, Hinoka is disgruntled that no one consulted her before dragging her into a competition for something she hadn't wanted. She even has the full intention of immediately forfeiting before her retainers convince her otherwise.
      • After you win and Hinoka goes on that trip, her retainers receive a letter and a picture of her knocking down coconuts. When they question why she's not relaxing instead, her letter reveals that she got a job to earn money because they forgot to pack her any.
    • If Takumi wins the trip, when Oboro and Hinata look at the photo enclosed in his letter, they both go into Visible Silence before Hinata comments the one in the photo CAN'T be Takumi. Oboro agrees with him because Takumi never smiles like he does in the photo and even goes as far as to claim it's a tropical doppelganger. Doubles also as Heartwarming, as Takumi clearly looks like he's having fun.
      • It also starts with Takumi going all Tsundere on the trip, pretending he doesn't want to go, but his retainers know better than that. Hell, if you confront him in battle, you can catch him daydreaming about the trip. His defeat quote is even him sulkily admitting that he did want to go.
      Takumi: Now, here's the plan. We lose. First round—we drop our weapons.
      Oboro and Hinata: ...
      Takumi: What?! Do I detect something other than total obedience?
    • If you choose Ryoma's team, Saizo and Kagero take the entire thing as Serious Business that Ryoma should win to take the beach trip. Ryoma even acknowledges somewhat how ridiculous it is.
      • WHAT Saizo and Kagero actually say alone is hilarious.
        Saizo: I vow as the fifth in a line of Saizos to secure your place in the sun.
        Kagero: I am prepared! I will lay down my life to ensure you lie on a beach blanket.
    • If Xander wins the trip, his retainers make him promise to pick up shells and look for beautiful women (you can guess who asked for what); the result ends with Xander making a list of shells and providing scientific details about each shell and collecting a list of all the women he can find along with their likes and occupations, etc. This causes Peri and Laslow to wonder if he did any relaxing at all.
    • BUT the greatest moment was when they receive a picture of Xander holding a Lilith floatie. Peri then proceeds to explain that Xander has ABSOLUTELY ZERO swimming talent (he can't even doggy paddle). Which is why he always carries the floatie around and looks kind of pissed in that picture. The idea that Xander is unable to swim and must always carry that adorable floatie with him is just hilarious.
      • Funnier still: Peri's comment means that Xander apparently forgot how to swim, as his B support with Leo has Leo mention that Xander excelled at swimming (among other things).
      • Just the fact that the floatie is shaped like Lilith on its own can be funny. It's just so unexpected. Then give it to Xander, and it gets hilarious for The Comically Serious reasons.
    • Leo in particular has absolutely no want for entering the Battle and doesn't want to go on the vacation. Honestly, the only reason is because his retainers are making him. Niles is making him go because he loves the idea of Leo suffering on the beach, and Odin does it because he believes it's Leo's "destiny". You can see him visibly annoyed and upset the entire scramble.
      • The best part is how all the other royal siblings (and their retainers) treat the trip as Serious Business (key figures are the above mentioned Saizo and Kagero). Leo's increasing exasperation makes him come across as an Only Sane Man, and it makes Niles and Odin's antics even more hilarious.
  • Many of the comments in Boo Campnote  are pretty comedic, with the characters trying to keep their cool, and sometimes breaking.
    • Scarlet's dialogue shows an unusual amount of medium awareness, as players will likely be using the map exactly for what she suspects.
    • Takumi tries to bluff that's he's not scared of the monsters, boldly stating that he's not afraid of the dark, the supposedly haunted mountains, or the monster that's appeared in front of him. Made even better by the nervous-sounding "Oh, my..." voice clip that goes along with it.
      Takumi: I'm not afraid of the dark, or "haunted" mountains, or that monster over there. WHEN DID THAT GET HERE?! GET IT AWAY! GET IT AWAY!
    • And of course, Soleil's thinking about something else while they're fighting.
      Soleil: The cute screams of girls in distress... The adorable way they quiver in fear... This is bliss. Or it would be if a certain monster weren't spoiling my view!
    • Keaton's response is amusing, due to his reactions to the stimuli.
      Keaton: I can't tell what I like more, all the mud or all the bones. If this is what tests of courage are like, we should have one every day!
    • Charlotte tries to use the Damsel in Distress routine... only for no one to help and gets pissed.
      Charlotte: A zombie! Who can save me from this horrible, disgusting fiend?! Ugh.... get away, dammit, before I MAKE you go away! They're not supposed to see a petite maiden like me whipping your butt!
    • Hayato's mature young man persona shatters instantly upon seeing the monsters, leaving him crying and wailing for an adult. It's almost enough to push it into Tear Jerker territory, if not for the fact that this is Hayato we're talking about.
      Hayato: Aaaaaaah! Help! It's a monster! Oh no... with my vision blurry from the tears, it's even scarier! H-help! I need an adult!
    • Hinata will mention he once visited graveyards as a kid and often was followed by a woman in a white kimono. He ends up doing a Double Take... before concluding she had a crush on him.
      • And, in something of a Brick Joke, Hisame will comment that he's had no patience for anything remotely spirit-related, thanks to a time when Hinata said that there was a woman in a white dress standing behind him. He then proceeds to threaten a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown for the monsters reminding him of that.
    • And then there's Sakura's when she gets jumped by a monster:
      Sakura: Aaaaaaaah! Is that a ghost? A-a monster? A...a ghost monster?! Maybe if I breathe deep and calm, it won't be scary. Maybe...
    • Setsuna's comment is hilarious by virtue of her completely unfitting dissonance and the Wham Line she drops.
      Setsuna: A monster... this is a test of courage, all right. Except you're just not that scary. Not next to that headless samurai who spent the night with me in the pit trap.
  • Many of the comments in Ghostly Goldnote  are the characters complaining about their lack of sleep from staying up all night for watch. Though some characters slip some comedy in.
    • Laslow's dialogue is hilarious, simply because of just how him it is:
      Laslow: My, my! All-nighters are rough—even for a night owl like me. Still, who could pass on all that pillow talk? I heard such fascinating secrets!
    • Silas' comment is just as good:
      Silas: I'm so tired! I've tried every trick in the book. Drinking coffee...jumping jacks...Licking a toad. ... That last one's not real, is it? They were messing with me!
    • Niles has a case of Black Comedy with his:
      Niles: Last night was a cinch for me. I always sleep with one eye open. You never know whose grabby little hands might end up in your pockets!
    • If Leo tags along, his grumpiness over staying up late is very amusing:
      Leo: These ghosts shall learn what happens when I miss out on a full eight hours! The next person to call me "grouchy pants" will suffer. Inconsiderate fools!
    • Kaze has no trouble staying awake for a rather hilarious reason:
      Kaze: Some of my comrades dozed off last night, but not I. I find it difficult to sleep without my favorite pillow!
    • Kaden seems to completely miss the point of keeping watch:
      Kaden: I don't get why everyone's so sleepy this morning. I slept great! I just curled up in a cozy little ball and nodded right off! It was awesome!
    • Takumi points out the obvious solution:
      Takumi: Unlike some of these morons, a few of my friends and I took turns sleeping. Uh... hello!? Not all of us need to keep watch at the same time!
    • Oboro's quote is just plain hilarious from the mental image it can bring.
      Oboro: I was so tired, I put my kimono on backward... Now it's turned into a fashion trend! Everyone looks so ridiculous!
    • Odin will start to go off on one of his typical rants about how the enemies are obviously using magic to drag his eyelids down... before stopping and admitting that he actually is tired. Even funnier is how it's not so different from how he went off on a Large Ham rant before suddenly stopping in the middle of it in the EXP grinding map in Awakening, in his days as Owain.
      Odin: Cursed ghost! I can feel the power draining out of me! My eyelids are pulled down by dreadful magic! ...Or maybe I'm just tired.
    • Ryoma's got some Blatant Lies going on with his comment:
      Ryoma: I stayed up all night waiting for this! A true warrior doesn't need sleep... or breakfast... or his morning coffee. Grr!
    • Of course, Camilla's complaining about the lack of sleep affecting her because it affected the Avatar.
      Camilla: Thanks to you, my darling Avatar didn't get a wink of sleep and neither did I. Now I am in a MOOD, so forgive me if I make this hurt.
    • Hinoka nods off halfway through her saying she's not sleepy.
      Hinoka: I am NOT sleepy, I repeat, I am NOT sl— Zzz...zzz... Wha—?! Where are the ghosts? Let me at 'em!
    • Poor Sakura has a case of spilled coffee that would make Felicia proud:
      Sakura: I was s-so sleepy this morning. I spilled coffee all over myself... and the people sitting next to me! I'm sorry! I'll clean right up after this!
    • Nyx proves again that even someone as serious as she is can be Not So Above It All:
      Nyx: Lousy ghosts! Why don't you come back tomorrow? My body's young, but I'm not! I'd be a lot peppier if you'd just reschedule.
    • Sophie mistakes the ghosts as something else. The auras they give off don't help.
      Sophie: Zzz...zzz... Hmmm...those fuzzy things look like cotton candy. Yum! *gasps* Wake up, Sophie! Those are ghosts!
    • Arthur is quite the sleeper, according to his son.
      Percy: You guys should let me handle this. I don't need much sleep — just ask Pop. He's always saying, "Percy, for the love of justice, give me five more minutes!"
    • Not even Gunter is immune to the lack of sleep and its effects:
      Gunter: At my age, night watch isn't as easy as it once was. But I will not make excuses! I am— Zzzzzz... Huh?! Pardon me. Let's go!
    • Corrin themself isn't that immune from the silly.
      Corrin: I'm SO tired! I can hardly see straight! Who are you? *squint* Felicia/Jakob? AHHHH! You're NOT Felicia/Jakob! You're a ghost! I won't let you escape!
  • Some comments in Museum Meleenote  can be as golden, as the characters scramble to obtain weapons from the inter-realm museum.
    • Xander does not like how his Siegfried could be used.
      Xander: A fascinating competition. But only I have the ability to wield Siegfried. And I will NOT see it taken and used as a glorified whisker shaver!
    • Mozu seems to be distracted about the museum's structure.
      Mozu: Wow! A flying boat! I ain't never seen nothing like this before. Wait — bad Mozu! I gotta focus. Hey, you! Fork over your stuff!
    • Percy wishes to measure up to his father.
      Percy: Rare weapons, huh? Maybe I could measure up to Pop with one of those! Er... though I guess I'd need a pair of stilts too...
    • Takumi's comment is also priceless.
      Takumi: Fine, fine, I'll help. But only if I get to play with the weapons we win! Er, I mean train! Train, not play! Oh shoot. I hope no one heard that...
    • Leo has a.... hilariously poor choice of words that lead to the fandom meme of Leo being a Covert Pervert:
      Leo: I see. To the victor, the spoils, eh? Then I'll be victorious. Come, fool! Bring me my booty!
    • Asugi has an interesting preference.
      Asugi: Rare weapons, huh? Got any candy swords? No? Guess I'll just have to finish you quickly and get some at the gift shop!
    • Hisame isn't much of a fan of the event, unless...
      Hisame: I'd be more interested in a normal museum than in this silly place. Unless... I wonder if they have any unique pickle-eating utensils.
    • Avel wants none of it.
      Sophie: Hey! You! In the funny clothes! Give me your weapon and no one has to get- W-waaahhh! Avel, not that way! Nooooo!
    • Arthur is having trouble coming with the right words.
      Arthur: Justice demands your weapons! So, um, surrender your goods...or we'll... We'll...hurt you? Ah, Lord/Lady Avatar? Is this right?
    • And again, even Corrin themselves gets in on it, commenting on how much they need the enemies' weapons before suddenly wondering if they should be using weapons they actually care about themselves.
  • In Anna on the Run, Llewelyn and Lloyd introduce their pirate crew named Llars, Llucas, Llincoln, Llogan, Lleland, Llamar, Llouis, Llyle, Lliam, Lluther, Llester, and Tom.
    • Anna gets to show off her Deadpan Snarker side towards the bandit brothers, making fun of their Malaproper when they try to Talk Like a Pirate.
    • Takumi's battle quote is hilarious, especially since it doubles as one half of a Brick Joke:
      Takumi: I hate the snow. It numbs my fingers, making it hard to draw my bowstring. On the other hand, I do like playing around with igloos. Except the time one collapsed while I was in it. I thought I was going to die!
    • The other half of the Brick Joke comes from Hinata:
      Hinata: Hey, it's snowing! I used to love building igloos as a kid. Though it was always sad how they'd fall apart as soon as they thawed. Haha, one time I thought I heard a voice coming from one when it caved in! Crazy, right? Anyway, let's get down to fighting.
    • Additionally, Xander and Laslow have their pre-battle quotes as halves of a Brick Joke:
      Xander: It often snowed at the Northern Fortress. Elise, Avatar, and I would have snowball fights when I visited. Sometimes, I still pack a bit of snow and throw it into the distance. Though I could never admit to the others that I do anything so childish.
      Laslow: I despise snow. Some wag once threw a snowball as I practiced dancing. If I ever find out who it was, they're getting a load of ice down their back!
    • Both Saizo and Oboro in their quotes note that the bandits are half-dressed in the middle of a snowy area.
      Saizo: What are you playing at, running about half-naked in this weather? Even a thief can show some dignity. If you won't warm yourself, perhaps the heat of battle is what you need!
      Oboro: It's colder than I expect. I should've worn more layers... Wait, how are you not freezing your rear off?! At least put on a coat! *sigh* If we weren't enemies, I'd pick out a wardrobe for you, but...
    • Rinkah will call them out on it, too, despite only being half-dressed herself. However, she then comments that while she's not cold herself, looking at them like that is giving her "sympathy chills."
    • Siegbert also takes note of their attire and offers to clothe them. This proves futile.
      Siegbert: Have you turned to this life of crime because you've fallen on hard times? You do seem shabbily dressed for such inclement weather. Surrender now, and I promise to properly clothe you. can't be serious. You don't find it cold here? I-I see. I clearly don't understand the common folk as well as I thought...
    • Hayato is extremely excited seeing snow and drops his mature adult persona to gush about having a snowball fight or building a snowman before he catches himself.
      Hayato: Whoa! There's snow everywhere! Oooh, once the fight's over, we can have a snowball fight. Or build a– *ahem* Pardon me, I forgot myself. We rarely saw snow in my village, so I temporarily lost my composure.
    • Kana hangs a lampshade on the Inexplicably Identical Individuals of the bandits, and (possibly) also makes a reference to the popular Fan Theory/WMG that both genders of Kana and Morgan are Half-Identical Twins:
      Kana: Wow! So many look-alikes! I bet that's really fun! You could switch places with each other whenever you wanted. Do you ever secretly swap chores or play pranks on people? If I had a twin, I think that's what we would do!
    • Hilariously, despite being surrounded by half-naked men, Nina can't get her usual self going:
      Nina: Very peculiar... There's no shortage of men here, but... I'm not getting my usual thrill out of imagining them together. My mind keeps wondering toward the trees and snow instead...
    • And if you replay the DLC with Anna recruited, you get this hilarious and slightly heartwarming quote from her:
      Anna: Is that thief chasing one of my sisters? This situation feels so familiar. It must run in the family. Well, nothing to do but help her out. What else are sisters for? I just hope she's appreciative enough to adequately compensate us...
  • The Child Scramble DLC has more than its share of these, especially when it comes to Shared Family Quirks and how fitting or shocking they can be.
    • Camilla/Kiragi, for example, will likely illicit a surprised laugh from the player just because Kiragi is the last person one would expect to be a Yandere. Even Camilla is startled by it.
    • Hana and Caeldori's conversation has Hana cheering her daughter up by telling her a story...about the time Subaki fell off his horse. Caeldori gleefully asks if she has any more, to which Hana responds eagerly that yes, she does.
    • This line in Azura/Kiragi's conversation:
      Kiragi: You see, animals gather and relax around me when I sing.
      Azura: …Animals gather around you when you sing?
      Kiragi: Yup! That’s why it becomes handy when I hunt. I lure them with my song and then I shoot them with my bow!
    • The Avatar and Shigure's conversation has the former mentioning that Azura can be a really strict, scary singing teacher, even to her own husband.
      Avatar: Every day, she scolded me during practice. "Singing doesn’t come from the throat, but from the soul"... "You can’t sing well yet because your heart isn’t in it"... "Are these really the extent of your feelings towards your child?"...
    • Charlotte/Siegbert has her trying to get her son to let his stress yelling really loudly, breaking tree branches, and taking it out on his enemies.
      Siegbert: Yoshaaaaaaaaaaa!! Wait for me, you bandits! I’m coming to fight!!!!
      Charlotte: Exterminate the lot of them!
    • In her talks with Oboro, Sophie lets slip that she's actually stripping the enemy on purpose. Which explains why her personal skill was renamed from Clumsy to Mischievous...
    • Velouria tries to hold Selena back from going on a shopping spree at the stalls in the festival...only for her to start noticing all sorts of things she wants and going on a spree of her own.
    • Sakura and Rhajat end up in front of a sweets stall. Then Rhajat spots rice cakes with bean jam filling. Hilarity Ensues.
      Rhajat: Mum, let's get rid of the bandits. Hurry up. If we can't make the festival resume then... the cakes...the bean jam cakes...small and round and sweet...those cakes... I'm going to curse anyone who gets in my way.
    • Kiragi tells Oboro that he wants her and Takumi to have some "private time alone" after the battle, causing her to feel flushed. Part of the funny value come from the fact that, like the example with Camilla, Kiragi is probably the last person the player might expect to suggest the following:
      Kiragi: Let’s do our best! When this is over and I have gotten my Kimono, I will go hide myself in some hills! Just so that Father and Mother can be alone together!
      Oboro: Mind your own business!
    • Rhajat asks Rinkah if she can borrow the spicy seasoning she uses in her cooking, so she can throw it in the eyes of people she doesn't like.
      Rinkah: WHAT? No! You're not allowed to do that!
      Rhajat: Why not? Maybe it'd improve their attitudes.
      Rinkah: No! You'd really throw seasoning on people?
      Rhajat: I don't see the problem, since the people I'd throw it on would be the ones I hate anyway.
    • A Rhajat mothered by Oboro will offer to make her a kimono since she has inherited her mom's sewing skills. The funny part comes from her adding that she used to summon some Faceless to dress them up, since the idea of a Dark Magical Girl creating Faceless just to use them as models is hilarious as Hell.
    • The Rhajat support with Azura's pretty funny as well. It has Azura planning a summer vacation with her and Hayato. Rhajat insists going to a 'quiet' place where they can all sing, and then comes up with a plan to make an entire chorus of Faceless. The mental image that could bring is priceless, but it's Azura's reaction that is the kicker.
      Azura ...I'm gonna need Hayato's help.
    • Male Kana reveals that he found the observation journal Saizo kept on the female Avatar and read the entire thing. Kana then recaps some of the notes, revealing how Saizo's initially completely platonic stalking of the Avatar devolved into him falling for her. Saizo naturally freaks out in response, insists that he's not weird for doing what he did, and begs Kana to not tell anyone.
    • Just about everyone with Elise as their mother ends up revealing that they inherited at least a little bit of her pampered but sweet side, much to her surprise. This includes Ophelia, Nina, and even Shiro outright throwing tantrums and demanding that their mother spoil them.
    • If Nina is mothered by Azura, Nina tries to use the festival to escape musical training with her mother. Azura's solution? Tying her up. Even funnier (in a borderline Crosses the Line Twice way): Niles is the one who taught Azura to tie up people (One wonders why). And then Nina starts letting her imagination run wild as Azura makes her study some musical notes...
    • The reveal that a Siegbert mothered by Effie is as much of a Big Eater as his mama is. This line is the kicker:
    Siegbert: "Thanks to that, our food expenses are quite high."
  • The Hidden Truths DLC is mostly serious, but it manages to have one funny conversation in the second part between Odin and Selena. After Anankos gives them their new identities, turning Owain from a Samurai into Dark Mage, Odin wonders if Selena would have any new powers. He then proceeds to rib her over the possibility of becoming a Pegasus Knight like her mom, which Selena proceeds to get as Tsundere over as the player might expect. Extra funny when you remember that she has natural access to that class, in both Awakening and Fates.
  • While normally serious, the Heirs of Fate series has a few gems.
    • For starters, Sophie threatens Dwyer for "quitter talk" with her spear. Dwyer responds by lampshading Sophie's personal skill.
      Dwyer: Th-that won't be necessary. Please don't hit me... I happen to like wearing clothes.
    • Dwyer is later helped by Forrest. Hilarity Ensues.
      Dwyer: Oh! Goodness me. It's DEFINITELY not every day I'm rescued by a beautiful man.
    • At the end of Part 2, Kana and Forrest have a somewhat awesome scene where Brynhildr reacts to the Yato to upgrade it. Most of the other kids are impressed... and then Nina ruins it with a brief Yaoi Fangirl moment.
    • At the end of Part IV, all of the children meet each other, including the two Kanas... who both use the player's name as their parent's name. If the Player Character has a single-gender name...
      Kana: I'll go! I'm Kana, and my papa's name is Michelle.
    • After the battle in the finale, the children agree on having a pass phrase to make up for forgetting the events of the series, along with memories of each other. Ophelia suggests either "O Glorious Wind" or "Streams of Holy Radiance". Nina objects to those.
    • In Part 5, the rest of the party joins — one couple at a time. Shiro and Siegbert show up via using a Dragon Vein that brings a segment of land up to connect to the battle. Next turn, Kiragi and Forrest show up via the same method... but the land-mass visibly bounces off the mainland once before settling against it. Forrest's reaction is pretty amusing, but Kiragi's "let's do that again!" attitude seals the moment.

  • Naming one's Avatar Valla, because anyone who speaks about Valla outside of its borders will disappear, yet no one will.
    • Especially funny in the Birthright and Conquest paths because Valla isn't mentioned by name at all. It might be even better on Conquest, since the player does actually visit Valla, but still never learns its name.
  • During Chapter 3, it is actually possible for Hans to miss. While not funny in and of itself, it becomes increasingly hilarious to the point where you wonder if he really wants to carry out his orders.
  • The Male Villager's victory pose has him trying to toss his weapon into the air to catch it as it falls. It doesn't work.
    • Much like some of the other humorous classes, this can be even funnier depending on what characters you get it on. With kids like Kiragi or Percy, you can simply imagine that they dropped their weapons due to rushing or getting over-excited. Watching characters like Siegbert or Forrest, who are more concerned with appearances (albeit for different reasons), with such clumsy animations, on the other hand... it can be comedy gold.
  • Hayato's Endgame title... The Kid.

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