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Funny / Fire Emblem

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Examples from specific games:

Other/unsorted examples:

  • A gameplay example for the GBA games: this is what happens when the Devil Axe backfires...
    • Made even better by the death quotes the characters have: Ones that are normally heartbreaking become absolutely ridiculous when one considers that the speaker was killed by a wall. Garcia, for instance, says that it was always his fate, and Dozla claims he couldn't have asked for a better ending.
  • Or better yet, an enemy with a devil axe starting their Critical Hit animation then backfiring what would otherwise be a One-Hit Kill, shown here and here and here.
  • The January 18, 2017 Fire Emblem Direct has some funny moments during the Fire Emblem Heroes segment, mostly revolving around the narrator and Lon'qu.
    • The narrator is hoping for Lon'qu to be summoned, only to be disappointed when Olivia is summoned instead.
      Ah, the timid dancer Olivia. Can't rely on dancing all the time.
    • When Lon'qu is about to battle.
      Fear not, Lon'qu is an expert swordsman— [Lon'qu only deals 4 damage against an enemy with 27 HP; the music promptly dies]
      Uh, oh. [the enemy completely curb-stomps Lon'qu]
      Gods, such tragedy. I'm afraid our fledgling Lon'qu has... a great deal to learn.
      • Even worse, Lon'qu lost even though his weapon had an advantage against his opponent.