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    Main Story 
  • When the avatar is still in expositing amnesiac mode:
    Avatar: Shepherds? You tend sheep? ... In full armor?
  • In the prologue chapter, when Lissa sees that the town is on fire (and being attacked by bandits) and the Shepherds are preparing to rush to the rescue, Frederick asks what they should do about the newly discovered player character. Chrom's response: "Unless (he/she)'s on fire too, it can wait 'til later!"
  • Sully and Virion's first meeting. Just try to look at it and not laugh your ass off. The English version's Large Ham Voice Grunting for Virion makes it even better. This scene alone made Sully a lot more popular among fans. The fact that this is in an otherwise dark and frightening chapter introducing Risens makes this moment even better.
  • Lissa gets many great lines in the English localization's first few chapters. There's honestly too many to give any specific examples.
  • When the Avatar first meets Vaike, he asks Lissa to introduce the stranger, which leads to a prime example of his maturity level:
    Lissa: No one's stranger than you, Vaike... but allow me to introduce Robin! He just joined the Shepherds. Chrom's made him our new tactician. You should see all the tricks he's got up his sleeve!
    Vaike: Oh yeah? Can he do this? *buuuuuurp*
    • Vaike will still do this even if the Avatar is a girl, which might be even funnier.
    • The others' reactions are pretty good, too — Maribelle is disgusted and calls Vaike out on it, while Robin doesn't seem to care and finds it amusing.
  • Then Vaike realises that he has forgotten his axe, and Miriel, who joins the player's party a couple of turns later, chews him out for it in the snarkiest way possible. Even better, as Vaike's previous conversation with Lissa shows, this isn't his first time he forgot his weapon.
    Miriel: I wondered what manner of ignoramus would mislay their weapon. Now I know.
    Vaike: Thanks, Miriel! ...Er, for the axe, anyway.
    Miriel: Perhaps next time I'll use a spell to fasten it to your hands...permanently.
  • Sumia tripping for the first time. It's absolutely golden slapstick, and it comes out of nowhere. The other times she and her daughter trip are also really funny as well. It's not just a trip, it's a full body face plant. She's just a few degrees shy from standing on her own face for a brief second there whenever she does it.
  • Anything involving Kellam will usually be this.
    • How is Kellam recruited? He becomes playable the chapter after most of the rest of the Shepherds because they didn't realize that he was with them from the start.
      • Even better, he starts out as a neutral unit instead of actually being under your control right away. Not only did they totally ignore him in the last chapter, the rest of the Shepherds didn't notice Kellam following them all the way there, either. And since it's the game's first instance of a recruitable ally, an inattentive player can get a good ways through the battle before realizing that they need to talk to him.
      • Amusingly enough, even the enemies ignore him, deciding to gun straight for your army instead of him.
      • If you're new to the game and don't know that you can talk to him, it's entirely possible to not recruit him and have him vanish for the rest of the game, making the running gag of people not noticing him even better.
    • How is Kellam introduced? While Lissa is introducing the Avatar to everyone, he makes a remark... that no one seems to notice. You don't even get to see his model!
      • He is in that scene, he's just off screen. If one looks very carefully when the scene starts, you can see part of his character model on the left side of the screen as the camera starts panning to the right.
    • And he's not even immune to it in the real world; most people don't realize that he's actually in the cover art!
      • That's nothing: In the official wallpaper, which is of the cover art but the characters are rearranged so they are spread out, Kellam is still obscured.
  • Having Chrom face 'Marth' in Chapter 4, and letting her defeat Chrom, resulting in a Game Over. Congratulations, 'Marth': you just created a Time Paradox... by killing the guy that you were trying to prevent from being killed in the first place.
    • Made even funnier if 'Marth' manages to execute a Critical Hit, which is rare but possible. The fact she proclaims, "Hope will never die!" is made more ironic, and hilarious.
    • Even better is that 'Marth' is actually Chrom's daughter from the future, who hasn't been conceived yet! Congratulations, Lucina, you just prevented your own damn birth!
  • Gaius's recruitment. Chrom tries to convince him to join, but Gaius says he will join only "if you sweeten the deal". Chrom assumes he wants gold, but drops something from his pocket... which turns out to be sweets from his sister. Gaius proceeds to get distracted by the sweets, and reveals that he meant "sweeten" the deal literally. Gaius's voiced "sugar..." really makes this scene, as it's a complete 180 on his otherwise stoic Voice Grunting. And the music changes from a suspenseful piece to a more humorous and playful arrangement.
    • He follows it up by saying he'll take the gold too, of course.
      Gaius: Unless you have any more of those. [suddenly excited] Do you have any more of those?!
    • If you marry him, then his love quote has him calling you a river of chocolate, then asking you to give him some sugar... don't hold back the laughter, you will die.
  • Sumia tries a Get A Hold Of Yourself Man slap against Chrom. Unfortunately, she didn't discern the difference between a slap and a punch. This can be especially hilarious if they're married to each other.
    Lissa: Sumia, when you slap someone, you do it with an open palm. You just punched Chrom in the face!
    Sumia: Um... It's the thought that counts?
  • Chrom recruiting Libra in Ch. 9.
    Libra: Oh, it's all right, sire. You realized your mistake quickly enough. It could have been much more awkward.
    Libra: (completely serious) MUCH more...
  • Gangrel's Evil Gloating produces some odd gems, like:
    Gangrel: I could break their ranks as easily as I break wind.
    Aversa: I'd love to hear the song the bards make of that.
  • Another case of Developers' Foresight with regards to pairings: if the players makes Chrom marry Olivia, who joins in the very chapter he's forced to marry someone, and can't even support him before the wedding, the game not only has Olivia pretty much giving Chrom Puppy Eyes and sniffles to convince him to let her go with him, but it heavily lampshades how fast he gets married to her:
    Lissa: Turn my back one minute and you're married. The next minute? A baby!
  • Everything out of Henry's mouth in the localization. From telling Chrom where zombies come from to his gleeful "I'm gonna kill you!" when he gets a critical, the guy's a comedian's best friend. Well, a certain type of comedian anyway.
    Henry: Ever talk to a jester when he's off duty? Those guys are some sick dastards!
  • The scene in which "Marth" reveals who she really is; it's already Heartwarming and a Tear Jerker. However, when Sumia is married to Chrom, it also gets turned into a moment of funny, as poor Sumia completely misreads the situation and starts picking flowers, sadly playing the "He loves me, he loves me not" game, thinking she lost her husband to a girl who's actually her own daughter. And then when Chrom notices her, she goes "I'm not spying on you! You can't prove that I am!", which the distressed face she uses makes even funnier.
    • Another funny part of this scene is that Robin (regardless of gender) will see them out and will jokingly tell Chrom that people might get the wrong idea if they see him and "Marth" out there alone together, no matter the version. In fact, only if the Female Avatar is married to Chrom will she say that she trusts him, though is still a little suspicious of why they need to be alone. So they actually might be subtly accusing him in every other version, and even in hers she's distrustful — only she's far more discreet than the other girls.
    • Each version where Chrom is married to a playable character (aside from Robin) has something to this effect. If Olivia is married to Chrom, she will be crying and remarking that she thought they would last forever. She will call her own daughter beautiful and say Chrom's happiness should come first. If Maribelle is married to Chrom, she angrily ponders whether she should be a "woman of good breeding" or punch Chrom in his cheating face. If Sully is married to Chrom, Sully is swinging a sword and grunting in the background. Chrom wonders why she is practicing, and Sully threatens to practice on her own daughter, who she calls a hussy. He, like in the Sumia version, tells each of his respective wives the truth after their misunderstanding.
    • If Chrom's been eating enough of his Wheaties and is sufficiently overleveled by the time you reach this scene, it's possible for Marth to "heroically" save him from an attack that would have done no damage.
  • Frederick's response to the Avatar's plan in Chapter 14 being successful?
  • The first appearance of Cervantes in Chapter 16. "We will teach them the meaning of 'fear'!" "The meaning of 'beard', sir?" After correcting his subordinate, he then concedes that his beard is quite impressive, and that since he's never shaved it since his first battle and he's never lost a battle, his moustache makes him invincible. It's science!
  • In the final chapter, Grima offers to spare the Avatar's friends if they join with him. The Avatar can quite sensibly point out that that's bull and he'd just murder them all anyway, to which Grima responds that duh, of course he would, but at least they'd go out looking like a hero.
  • At the end of the game, after the Big Bad is defeated... and if the Avatar has sacrificed themself, all characters will speak out their faith in their return. It's all quite touching, until it's Cherche's turn. It's a bit of a Mood Whiplash, but quite a funny one.
    Cherche: Minerva says she still feels Avatar is of this world... Also that they smells delicious, but that's neither here nor there...
    • Immediately afterwards comes Henry...
      Henry: Hey, Avatar, everyone's dying to see you alive. We're sick to death of death! That reminds me of a good one: two Risen, a wyvern, and a priest walk into a bar—

  • In Anna's recruitment paralogue, she acts confused when Chrom and the bandits say they've seen her before. Then at the end, she reveals that she really hasn't met them before, and proceeds to explain to Chrom about all of her identical sisters.
  • Owain's Large Ham tendencies combine with possibly the strangest way to do a Mythology Gag ever ("Raaaadiant DAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!").
    • His recruitment talk with his mother, Lissa, in which he suddenly drops the Large Ham in favor of a more direct approach.
      Owain: Blessed Mother! I have crossed oceans of time to find — Oh forget it. I'm your kid from the future!
    • If you have Owain get Missiletainn, the sage he gets it from will lampshade how it's not the real thing and is actually pretty generic, but Owain is too busy being a Large Ham to listen. It also kind of turns the whole paralogue into a CMOF, since the bandits were fighting over a generic weapon.
  • Recruiting Cynthia (Sumia's daughter) with Chrom if he's her father produces a hilarious conversation, from Chrom wondering just how many Kids From the Future he has to Cynthia insisting he call her his "pega-pony-princess" like he used to/will do, causing Chrom to reply "please tell me I don't actually say that..."
    • And then there's the end of the paralogue, when Frederick, outraged that anybody could impersonate Chrom and feeling that he's failed in his duty as a knight because he allowed this to happen, vows to have pictures of Chrom distributed all over the world. Chrom's response is to sweat nervously and say "Frederick. Let's just go." The real kicker here is that, if you've done Chrom's C support with Frederick, it's extremely easy to understand why Chrom doesn't want Frederick distributing pictures of him all over the globe.
  • Nah's first appearance. She panics at the sight of a statue, then screams and runs from a Risen. Then...
  • Recruiting Morgan with Chrom produces this line:
    Chrom: I'm Chrom. And finding amnesiacs is apparently my special talent.
    • He also freaks out when a Male Morgan mentions that the Avatar is his mother if Chrom is his father.
  • Brady's reunion with his mother. All of it.
    Brady: That clear things up any, Ma?
    Maribelle: Everything save how I gave birth to a common thug!
    Brady: Aw, come on, Ma! That's harsh!
    Maribelle: Well, can you at least ride? Have you read the classics? Do you play violin? Chess?!
    Brady: Yeah, all of the above. You beat all'a that junk into me.
    Maribelle: Glory be! My son is salvageable after all!
    Brady: Uh, thanks?
    Maribelle: Don't look so forlorn, dear. You've come a long way, but Mother's here now. I'll take care of things from now on.
    Brady: *Sniff* I missed you so much, Ma...
    Maribelle: Do not even THINK of crying! It does not befit one of your station! *Sniff* Plus, you'll set me off as well...
    Brady: S-sorry, I just... I... Oh, Ma!
    Maribelle: Oh, Brady!
    Chrom: Oh, brother.
    • Which becomes all the more hilarious if Brady is Chrom's son.
  • The ending of Inigo's recruitment paralogue. With the battle done, Inigo is looking forward to *ahem* "tea-time" with the village girl he was fighting to impress, only for Chrom to immediately say they need to move out, leading to this exchange:
    Inigo: B-but... Teatime!
    Chrom: War is hell, Inigo.
    • Like Brady's example above, this becomes a lot funnier if Chrom is Inigo's father.
      • On that subject, Chrom's reaction to Inigo's musings regarding the village girl he was talking with at the start of the chapter:
        Chrom: Oh gods. I raised a philanderer.
  • In fact, a good deal of the child paralogues are funny, whether during the child's recruitment talks or reunion speech with their mothers at the end. Some highlights include Panne yelling at Yarne for being cowardly, Nah lampshading her strange name, and Sumia realizing she passed on her clumsiness to her daughter Cynthia.
    • It's not even that with Sumia. She uses Cynthia falling on her face as confirmation that Cynthia is her daughter, having been in denial before then. A similar thing happens with Laurent, if you send Chrom to go get him. He takes Laurent's manner of speech as proof.
  • Noire and Tharja act generally psychotic after being reunited. Chrom reacts probably the same way anyone would.
    Noire: BWAAA HA HA HA HA!
    Tharja: Eee hee hee hee hee!
    Chrom: (sweating nervously) Oh, this is just wonderful...

    Supports and Recurring Quotes 
  • Morgan has trouble remembering anything about their non-avatar parent, regardless of who the avatar actually marries, but there's something especially hilarious about it if their dad is Kellam – poor guy just can't catch a break! Dips into a Heartwarming Moment when Morgan finally manages to remember something about him during their A-Rank support.
  • Frederick is Properly Paranoid for a good reason, even when it comes to clearing away debris and loose gravel from everywhere he goes. You want to know why? In Chrom and Sumia's C-Rank support, Chrom ends up tripping over a pebble (and what's even funnier is that it's NOT Sumia doing the tripping this time). This means that Frederick's paranoia about tripping over things has ground: people can trip over even pebbles and quite possibly, severely injure themselves.
  • Gaius and Tharja's first support:
    Tharja: ''I want you to bring me a strand of Robin's hair.
    Gaius: That's... unbelievably creepy. What do you need her hair for?
    Tharja: Hee hee...
    Gaius: Um, yeah. I don't usually take sinister chuckles as an answer.
    • There's also this gem in their B support
      Gaius: Look, I know I'm unbelievably sexy, but you don't have to stare so hard.
  • Virion and Sully's supports together are all absolutely hilarious. For one, she usually calls him "Ruffles". For another, when he wins a duel, she has a hard time believing what she just saw because in their previous supports, he had refused to duel somebody. Then their S support rolls around, and she is the one to propose to him, not the other way around. He's so surprised by this that he's speechless for a rare moment and she has to encourage him to make a flowery confession speech.
  • Maribelle and Lissa's first support. Part of the humor of the moment is in the shock value...
  • Maribelle and the Avatar's supports, where the avatar, as a bit of a prank, teaches Maribelle "The slang of the unwashed lowborn common folk". She proceeds to actually use it when talking to people around camp. And then when Robin clarifies that most of it is for "intimate friends", she freaks out when she finds out that calling Chrom a "right sweet bit'a fruit" probably wasn't the best idea. And then when she takes what the avatar said to mean that he considers her an intimate friend, she starts practicing on him, there's this exchange:
    Maribelle: Awright then, pet? Everythin' luvverly jubberly, ain't it? 'Ave a bit'a rabbit?
    Avatar: MARIBELLE! Stop! Please! I can literally hear everything you stand for screaming and dying in agony! Look, I'll clear things up with everyone. Okay? I'll take the blame. Just please, please, PLEASE promise you'll never talk like that again.
    • The same type of joke comes back at Maribelle with Brady in their A support, where she (and the rest of the camp) are terrified when her son starts speaking properly and eloquently.
  • The Avatar describing an encounter with a... colorful... shopkeeper in their first support with Sully:
    Avatar: It's a rare form of dried seaweed, actually. I bought it back in town. The shopkeeper said it contained "insane quantities of fiber." Then he just kept saying "insane" and cackled while doing a little dance. Quite an odd fellow, really.
  • Stahl and Nowi's supports detail them taking care of an injured bird, which Nowi names "Janaff". A few gems slip in, such as when Nowi doesn't want to let Janaff go back to his actual family.
    Stahl: What do you think Janaff would want? ...I mean, besides more worms.
    • It's made even better during their S-rank support, where he proposes and tells her that it'll just be him, her, and all the little birds they can adopt! She turns it on him by saying, "Never mind birds! I wanna be a mom and have dozens of children!" He gets her to rethink the number, but it's notable that he doesn't protest the idea of twelve children and is blushing when it ends.
  • Sumia on animals:
    I think that every creature is weird and wonderful in its own way! ...Except cows. Cows just annoy me.
  • One of Lucina's supports with whoever winds up as her younger sibling note  is hilarious. Lucina sees her sibling running away, and they then say that it's a large bug. Lucina is at first exasperated, but also begins to freak out when the fly comes near her, and her sibling asks her to try and kill it with fire magic. Chrom is the one who ends up dealing with it after he hears the commotion.
    • Even more hilarious is if this happens with Morgan, since if he's her brother, he should have defaulted to the Tactician class. Meaning that barring an immediate class change, he can use fire magic himself, but still freaked out enough to tell her to do it instead. Even funnier is that he starts out with an Elfire Tome during his recruitment paralogue.
    • Depending on who it is, it's even more humorous. It's perfectly in-character for Morgan or Cynthia, and humorous when a scruff looking person like Brady. Somebody like Inigo, who's constantly trying to impress women, running away from a bug is quite silly, but to see Kjelle running from a bug is extra funny when you consider how much armour she's wearing!
  • The Avatar's attempts at cooking, which meet with... varying levels of success, a Mythology Gag to the previous Avatar's similarly lackluster performance in the kitchen. They actually develop something of a complex about it in some supports, such as Avatar x Nowi.
    Avatar: ...Well, it looks... edible? At least?
    Nowi: At LEAST? I think it smells totally scrumptious!
    Avatar: The proof is in the flavor. Which, I don't know... Looks like it could fall anywhere between mud and toenails...
    • Panne will be plenty eager to chow down on the Male Avatar's carrot stew (which is apparently bad enough that THE ENTIRE ARMY left a full pot left), mostly because carrots. She even makes him promise to cook carrot stew every day if she marries him.
  • Similarly, Lissa is apparently awful at cooking, and totally ignorant of this.
    Lissa: Well? How is it?
    Kellam: *Cough* *hack* Haaaaaaa... Um, it's... Well, it certainly...exists...
    Lissa (with her grinning portrait): I know, right?
  • "It's Vaike Time"!
    • "Looks like the Vaike just got Vaiker!"
  • A lot of Gregor's dialogue too. He's got Funny Foreigner and Blunt Metaphors Trauma going on, but he can still manage to be funny even when those aren't played-up, such as this line from his recruitment:
    • Another good moment includes a lampshading of Gregor's Face of a Thug. He realizes Nowi's afraid of him and says he has an "innocent baby face," to which Robin replies that's not exactly how they would put it...
    • If Gregor happens to notice that you're up particularily late.
      Gregor: Hey, Avatar. Why have you not punched the sack yet?
    • Gregor's C support with Sully.
      Gregor: Many brave men will testify to Gregor's skill with blade. Is too bad all are being dead! Ho ho ho! Oh, Gregor love that joke."
    • ALL of Gregor's supports with Sully!
      "Hail, Sullykins, brave and faithful ally!"
    • And not to forget, an aptly put Shout-Out that manages to bring a smile on your head everytime it activates.
  • When proposing to Cherche, Donnel not only gets her a ring but also Minerva.
  • Kellam and Olivia's C support - Kellam ends up giving Olivia life advice... only for Olivia to thank the tree she thought was talking, not poor Kellam who was standing right behind her.
  • Even what Kellam says when killed is hilarious... well, his voiced line is anyways. His death quote itself is... something else...
    Kellam: They...saw me...
  • Lon'qu and Miriel's supports are a hoot, as well as just the tiniest bit heartwarming. Time and again, Miriel finds herself wandering into danger when lost in her thoughts, only to have Lon'qu rescue her. Curious about Lon'qu's insistence on saving her, even though he doesn't seem to like her, she continues to put herself into danger as an experiment, then toying with Lon'qu's fear of women by filling his tent with statues. Eventually, Lon'qu ends up falling for Miriel, and gives one of the bluntest proposals in the game.
    "I'm asking you to marry me, idiot!"
  • In Kellam's supports with Avatar, it's revealed that many of the Shepherds think the barracks is haunted because drinks magically show up for them at the table and they hear voices out of nowhere.
  • Most of Kellam's paired endings will go on to list his wife's great accomplishments... and then state that her husband's name has been lost to history.
  • When buying, selling, or forging an item for a character, each of them have something to say. Some of their comments can be pretty funny:
    Kellam: (selling) Go ahead. Sell my life. I'll be over here.
    Owain: Please, no! All my stuff has sentimental value!
    • Basilio and Flavia's lines when selling something could likely double as Brick Jokes to each other:
      Basilio: I should have brought some Feroxi treasure to sell...
      Flavia: You dare sell the khan's royal treasure? Ha ha.
    • All of Henry's shopping lines count too.
      "Yay! Excessive spending!" "Should we mention the hex on it, or sell it as-is?" "Ooh, give it spikes! Make it something brutal!"
  • Yarne's generally pretty funny, but his "Confession" is gold.
    "I love you! Let's repopulate my species! Uh— s-sorry, was that awkward...?"
    • Some of his other voiced lines are hilarious too.
      Yarne: Don't mess with a bunny!
      Yarne: No, You go extinct!
    • Another one of his lines in battle has him cheerily saying that his foot is lucky.
    • Yarne may have spent time in an Outrealm where Monty Python exists.
  • Henry's supports with Tharja are excellent. They're otherwise so alike, but he's so happy and she's so sour that the contrast becomes absolutely hilarious. Plus he eventually turns a bouquet of flowers into a bunch of sticks because he thinks she'll like that better.
    • And then there's this gem from that support set:
      Tharja: With that kind of power, you could have easily deflected my earlier curse...
      Henry: Oh yeah. I guess so, huh? Although you didn't need to put a truth curse on me, you know? I don't have anything to hide, and I've never told a lie in my life.
      Tharja: Aha! At last you reveal the source of your power. You disarm your foes with terrifying honesty and sincerity!
      Henry: Well, usually I disarm foes by removing their arms. But your way sounds impressive, too!
      Tharja: It's not a compliment.
      Henry: Hee hee! I know!
  • Brady's and Lucina's non-sibling A conversation, wherein Lucina grabs Brady in a submission hold while yelling loudly for him to "Submit! Give your body over to me!"
    • That entire support was made of funny and Accidental Innuendo. Highlights include Brady telling Lucina not to say stuff like that because people will get the wrong idea, Lucina telling him to stop struggling so she can massage him, and Brady's complaining that she's dislocated his shoulder.
    • And when they get to S support, it sounds like someone did get the wrong idea, as rumors of the two being an item have spread all over the camp.
      • Then they decide to become a couple pretty much because everyone already thinks they are, so why not.
  • The entirety of Chrom's supports with the female Avatar, in which he cannot seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. In their B support, he walks in on her bathing. In their A support, she returns the favor. Their S support is the world's most awkward love confession, complete with the Avatar wondering why Chrom is "fidgeting like you've got a squirrel in your pantaloons," Chrom insisting that he's going to speak his mind "even if your head explodes in embarrassment!", and then having to psyche himself up into saying it via a series of exaggerated breathing exercises until the Avatar impatiently demands that he spit it out already.
    • Not to mention Chrom is blushing heavily for nearly the whole conversation, which is both hilarious and adorable. And then he apologizes for "coming on like a wyvern in heat."
  • Owain and Lucina's A support has Lucina renaming Falchion "Pointy Demonspanker", and Owain's desperately trying to convince her to change the name without breaking it to her how stupid it is. He tells her that, since naming a weapon imbues it with a soul, changing the name of Falchion is an insult to the spirit is has borne for thousands of years. She takes this completely seriously, sweating, going "I... did not consider that..." while her voice clip is her "No... Oh gods NO!". She tends to take utterly mundane stuff completely seriously a lot of times, actually...
  • And then there's Owain's positively epic supports with a male Morgan, where Owain confronts him in his usual hammy, bombastic manner, and Morgan completely goes along with Owain's claims that they're destined nemeses, they become "eternal ally-versaries", and start LARPING. And Morgan throws a "flamingo punch".
    Owain: Let our extremely protracted duel to the death begin!
    • Better, Morgan initially doesn't have a clue what Owain is talking about and appears completely unsure of how to respond. Well, until he finally catches on, at which point he perfectly ad-libs, without breaking character or the in-story fourth wall, a reason to go along with Owain's antics despite not "noticing" their destined rivalry.
      Owain: Ah ha! I've found you, Morgan!
      Morgan: What? What's wrong? Has something happened?
      Owain: Aye, the second I saw you, something happened! I knew you for my one and only rival!
      Morgan: Beg your pardon?
      Owain: My soul sensed your powerful aura, and all at once realized our cosmic incongruity!
      Morgan: Wow, I... must not have noticed.
      Owain: You are the only one who could ever stand as my equal in battle. Now... ANSWER MY CALL!
      Morgan: I'm still not sure what you're talking about, but you sound absolutely convinced. And to be honest, I find myself... intrigued. Even though it makes no earthly sense. I can't see how any self-respecting warrior could turn away from such fiery passion.
  • Male Morgan's S support with Kjelle has him walking in on her bathing. The rest of the support involves him apologizing profusely and stuttering through his proposal...and this:
    Morgan: I're a lot more beautiful than I imagined.
    Kjelle: You've been...imagining me?
    Morgan: What? Oh, no, I haven't been thinking about you like that! I mean, maybe once...or twice...okay, some of the time, o-or maybe all the time... Oh gods, please don't hurt me. It's just I always thought you'd look like a big side of beef, but you don't! You... ...I'm going to stop talking now.
    • Keep in mind that that entire second line of his is said with his big goofy smile on his face, including the "please don't hurt me".
    • This becomes even funnier if Chrom is Morgan's father.
      • Doubly so if Gaius is Kjelle's father. Then it becomes a case of Like Mother, Like Son.
  • Brady and his father's "C" support, wherein Brady prepares tea for his father. His father is surprised that he would never miss a tea time, and Brady thinks Maribelle made it up to play a prank. Brady decides to go confront Maribelle about it and tells his father to drink his tea... but not before stopping to say "By the way keep that on or the tea will get cold." The support ends with Brady's father saying "When did my life get so weird?"
  • Brady and Owain have a hilarious C support that takes place when it's Brady's turn to cook the army's meal for the evening. It peaks about here:
    Owain: Cooking? You? Dinner? Ha! I'd sooner believe a cavalier riding a pegasus over the moon!
    Brady: Aw, I ain't got time for this malarkey! Look, tonight's my turn, all right? Now make like some eggs and beat it! You're gonna ruin the flavor.
    Owain: I will not be deceived by such deceits! What manner of madman would allow you a turn at cooking for the camp?
    Brady: I'm a fine cook, all right! I learned from my dear ol' ma! So just... *sniff* G-get off my back!
    Owain:, are you crying?
    Brady: N-no! *sniff* ...And you're slipping out of character.
    Owain: Brady, you are totally crying!
    Brady: L-leave me alone! I was just cuttin' up taters, all right?!
    Owain: Don't you mean onions? I don't think there's anything in potatoes that—
  • Chrom and Frederick's "C" support. Frederick takes "measures" to boost the morale of their troops. What are these measures you ask? Having an artist create a naked painting of Chrom and pinning them in each and every tent in their camp.
    • Making it even worse, on every painting he scrawled their new recruiting motto: "Chrom wants you!"
    • The B-Rank is just as good. Right after that Chrom desperately ran from tent to tent ripping down the posters. Lissa apparently laughed so hard she nearly pulled a muscle.
    • The whole incident gets a Call-Back in Fire Emblem Warriors, where it's implied that Lissa managed to save one of the posters, which she then hung over Takumi's bed as a prank.
    • It gets better in their A-Rank. Frederick has a mental breakdown over Chrom telling him to stop "helping" so much, and instead takes it Up to Eleven, getting incredibly overzealous over everything in Chrom's path and (sadly off-screen) dusting Robin when they get to their tent.
  • When you recruit Emmeryn and Gangrel, their bios describe them as the hardest to kill, and the most hopeless acrophobe, respectively.
  • For fun, try making Donnel and Panne fall in love with each other. They bond by Donnel making traps and Panne falling into them. This culminates in Donnel proposing to Panne after trapping her in a deeper pitfall than normal... and getting trapped himself.
    • Even better, Panne claims that setting the trap for her is really "sweet"... which may come in useful since they may be trapped without food for a while.
    • Gaius and Panne are also a great couple. He's totally obsessed with a sugary "candy tree" at the top of a cliff, and keeps getting himself stuck up there and forcing her to play "Panne knight" and carry him back down.
    • Frederick and Panne are just as hilarious. Frederick actually has a fear of large animals due to traumatic, near-death experience involving wolves in his childhood. In the C Support, he has a panic attack when Panne comes charging at him in her animal form. The later supports involve her hilarious attempts at trying to cure Frederick of his phobia.
      Panne: All right, I'm coming closer.
      Frederick: Hey, this isn't so—NOT ONE STEP CLOSER, SHE-WITCH!
      Panne: All right, that's it. (Panne leaps on top of Frederick.)
      Frederick: AUGH, NO... Hey, this isn't so bad. Look at your fluffy ears.
      Panne: OW! Don't grab them!
  • In Lon'qu's C Support with Maribelle she asks him what the hell he was doing in the last battle. His response? "Stabbing People."
  • Lon'qu and Nowi's supports. All of them. Lon'qu winds up playing house with Nowi, and the entire set of conversations is filled with lots of lines of pure gold, including but not limited to the following:
    Nowi: (When Lon'qu decides he'll play house with her after initially saying no) *Sniffle* Wh-what did you say? I can't hear because I'm CRYING!
    Lon'qu: (While playing house) Now I shall pretend to engage in agriculture. Chop chop, shovel!
    Nowi: (Upon revealing that the rather dysfunctional family they are roleplaying is based on one she spied on in the nearby village) This game is totally based on reality!
    Lon'qu: (His eventual reaction when Nowi says their arguments are no fun if he just sighs) I don't like this family you invented!
    Nowi: Yay! I bet no one's better at sneaking around people's houses than you!
    • When Lon'qu complains about the food Nowi makes tasting terrible, Nowi counters back that he should start providing for the family and "pull his thumb out". As in, pull his thumb out of his ass.
  • Female Morgan's C support with Gerome, where she inquires about why he wears a mask.
    Gerome: It's complicated.
    Morgan: No, calculus is complicated. ...That's a mask.
    • In the B and A supports, Morgan decides to design new masks for Gerome so that he can better express the moods he's feeling. They have Butterfly and Heart designs.
    • And then there's their S support...
      Morgan: Hubba hubba AWOOGA!
  • The first support when Nah meets her father. After asking what he saw in her mother, she suggests that they married after he had gotten her—, to which the father cuts her off.
    • Can be made funnier if Henry is her father, as in Henry/Nowi's supports, Henry has been thinking of ways to make dragons for Nowi to play with, and in their S support, suggests having kids as a solution.
  • Inigo and Severa's B support includes this:
    Severa: What must it be like to live in your head? Are there happy ponies in there? Its really something how utterly delusional your optimism is. If I didn't hate you so much, I might even be impressed.
    Inigo: Huzzah! I got a heavily qualified and slightly sarcastic compliment from Severa!
  • Inigo's supports with Brady and Gerome has him forcing them into being his wingman. It does not go the way he intended it.
    • Brady's has Inigo blackmailing him into playing the Sensitive Guy to Inigo's supposed Manly Man. After trying to disgrace Brady to make himself look better, every woman in the vicinity hordes Brady for being a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
    • Gerome's has Inigo literally carry Gerome into being his wingman. He does this four times, and Gerome gets horded for being a stoic bad boy every time. To say nothing of the fact that apparently some of the girls apparently followed Gerome back to camp and sang outside his tent all night.
      • And before then, Inigo is wondering what he ever did to Gerome to deserve the silent treatment he initially got from Gerome, and then he starts remembering some stuff he did do, including, for some reason, leaving a ton of butter in Gerome's tent. Which apparently attracted butter scorpions. And then after that, Gerome delivers this burn when Inigo says that they're allies:
        Gerome: "Allies?" You expect me to rely on you in combat? To team up with you? Your only expertise is in flirting, and you still manage to fail spectacularly! I'll take my chances alone.
    • Inigo does succeed in getting someone to be his wingmate. However, she is Morgan, and she's doing it primarily because she enjoys watching Inigo crash and burn with other women. They get better, though.
      Morgan: Come on, it's not too late to change your mind! Let's go philander! C'mooon!
      Inigo: No! You're going to sit here and talk with me, and you're going to enjoy it!
      Morgan: BOOOOORING.
    • Said talk turns out to be Inigo's confession of love for Morgan, to which her reply is: "...For seriously?" and his reply is "YES, FOR SERIOUSLY!"
    • While we're on that, Inigo's confession is just brutally blunt and straightforward.
      Inigo: Damn it Morgan, I'm in love with you!
  • It's less blatant than others, but in exchange for Lon'qu's growing respect in his support with a Male Avatar, the female counterpart's on the receiving end of Lon'qu's lampshade tossing in regards to her unusual antics in theirs.
    • Heck, the C rank support, where she first engages in Produce Pelting with figs because he won't get up close to fight her.
      Lon'qu: ARGH! I won't stand here to be pelted with fruit by a madwoman! I'm leaving!
      Avatar: Coward! Get back here!
    • In the A rank support, after apparently having some difficulty to get him to lighten up, she ends up confessing her willingness to act really weird to befriend him, and that's what makes him laugh (and completely outright in Japanese compared to a simple "Heh.").
  • In Gerome and Noire's S support, Noire actually ends up playing the part of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, particularly with this bit:
    Noire: Gods, but you can be such a wet fish at times!
    Gerome: I am NOT a wet fish!
    Noire: You do understand what I'm trying to get at here, don't you? I'm lining up the practice dummies! All you have to do is swing blindly! Is it really so hard to tell a girl that you like her?
    • And then this part. Honestly, what makes it all so amusing is how it's Gerome in this position:
      Gerome: You see, sometimes when two people... Things happen. Stuff... *mumbles* Okay, I like you.
  • In Chrom and Vaike's supports, their competitiveness leads the two to have a cooking contest. Chrom tries to declare himself victorious by knock-out, his dish having knocked Vaike unconscious.
  • Gerome's supports with his father and the topic of "Minervykins".
  • Owain and Inigo have a hilarious C support, including this gem of a double burn. Bonus points if one or both of them is married by the time it occurs.
    Inigo: Perhaps you should name your next move "Eternal Chastity."
    Owain: Sure, why not? I've got the perfect teacher for it right in front of me!
  • It's hard to not find any Supports involving Nowi/Nah/Morgan where they interact with one of the men that isn't a Crowning Moment.
    • Morgan's supports with Brady start with Brady accusing Morgan of being a spy due to her amnesia. At first Morgan is insulted that he'd suggest such a thing...before turning around and saying that it's completely normal to suspect that. In their B support, she notes that Brady is really exhausted and decides to help subjecting him to what she calls "Morgan's Adventures in Nutrition" which consists of her force feeding Brady viper lifeblood and bear gizzards ("Put the stuff of bears in you! It's gotta be strong, because, hey, BEARS! ...Am I right!?"). It's up to the player to decide which is funnier: picturing Morgan force feeding Brady or the fact that it actually worked.
  • Anna and Tiki's entire support conversation, especially at the end where Tiki was going to literally eat Anna for taking advantage of Tiki's celebrity status in a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme.
    Anna: T-Tiki? Wh-why are you pulling out a Dragonstone?!
    Tiki: To teach you that deceiving an oracle bears a hefty price. Now still your lying tongue and prepare to be eaten.
    Anna: Aaaah, WAIT! You've got me all wrong! I, uh... I'm donating the proceeds! Yeah, that's it! To charities! Shanty Pete's Orphanage gets some, and so does, um...the Widows of Gangrel! Oh, and I'm giving a big hunk to People for the Ethical Treatment of Wyverns!
    • The surprising thing is that Tiki seems completely serious about eating Anna.
      Tiki: And you will give me every coin you have so far earned in my name. I shall see if I can't return them to their former owners personally.
      Anna: Oh, come on! you're killing me here!
      Tiki: You are free, of course, to decline. In which case you may pursue a new career opportunity in food services.
  • Frederick's B and A supports with the Avatar are hilarious, especially when they trick him into eating bear meat...twice. The second time, his voiced "GEAAAAAUUUUGH!" upon finding out what he's eating just adds to the hilarity.
    Avatar: Okay, this one's venison.
    Frederick: *munch, munch*
    Avatar: ...By which I mean bear.
    Frederick: PFFFFFFFFT! Augh! By the gods! I'm d-dying! Dying! Ah... It's s-so dark... T-tell Chrom that...
    Avatar: Oh, stop exaggerating!
  • Tharja and Lon'qu's A ranked support converstaion. Pretty much Tharja is going to erase Lon'qu memories so that he doesn't have to deal with the bad memories. After he rejects her offer there is this golden converstation.
    Tharja: Hey, I spent hours collecting bat wings. You can't back out now!
    Lon'qu: I have confidence a woman of your ilk will have another use for them.
  • Maribelle has a facial expression that rarely shows up, but when it does it is extremely hilarious to watch. Her entire head goes red and she's either extremely embarrassed or extremely enraged. A notable example is when Frederick is running her into the ground with steward training, she all but completely loses it at the end of her and Frederick's B support over Frederick not being able to see his reflection in a spoon she polished. She may as well have steam shooting out from her. Her voice clip and her last line that accompanies her shift in facial expression caps it off gloriously.
  • Tharja's supports with the Avatar are priceless. She senses the dark forces hidden within the Avatar and becomes infatuated with your character, regardless of gender. The C Support has her admitting to the Avatar that she's been watching the avatar sleep and taking notes on anything and everything they do. In the B support, after the Avatar offhandedly mentions that Tharja should try to be a little bit more normal, she attempts to act like a Genki Girl, complete with awkward, high-pitched laughs and eel pie.
    • Even better, Tharja says she's been counting how many times Robin rolls over in their sleep, which causes them to get quite (justifiably) disturbed at the implication of just how long this has been going on.
    • In the male Avatar and Tharja's S Support, he proposes to her pretty normally, but she tells him she can't accept it like that. He just goes "Oh." and after a scene transition, they've now switched sides and he's facing away from her, which apparently is what she's more comfortable with.
  • Vaike teaches Nowi how to whistle:
    Nowi: PTHHHHLBP! *splutter*
    Vaike: You sound like a camel that swallowed bagpipes.
  • In Maribelle's B support with Olivia, she helps her try to overcome her shyness by performing some "shock therapy" with her designed to do just that. As we find out from the results in their A support... this involved them hitting on strangers with techniques meant to be used by "gentlemen only," as Maribelle realizes afterwards, including wolf whistles and bad pickup lines.
    Olivia: Those pantaloons must be made of mirrors, for I can see myse-(cut off)
    • And in their C support, we see Olivia finishing her dancing practice on her own, which oddly enough includes imagining the crowd's reaction in a manner that seems really odd coming from Olivia:
      Olivia: ONE and TWO and THREE... One more pirouette aaaaaand... Hold for applause! Yay, Olivia! Woooo! Standing ovation! Olivia's the best! Marry me, Olivia!
  • The Avatar's supports with Vaike, in which the former catches the latter trying to peek on the girls while bathing, only for both of them to get chased off by Sully's horse. And then it happens again in their B support. The Avatar's reactions are priceless.
  • Each character has a single quote when finding an item. They can range from surprisingly fitting to hilariously inappropriate depending on the item.
    Sumia: What's this? Ooh, I can't wait to show Chrom.
    You found a Stick.
    • It gets even funnier with Donnel.
      Donnel: What in tarnation? I ain't seen nothin' like this back on the farm.
      • Apparently his farm lacks branches and logs.
    • And then there's Owain.
      Owain: What is this? Have I found the legendary item
      Obtained: Ladle.
    • One of Stahl's quotes is hilarious regardless of item:
      • Which brings to mind hilarious images of Stahl stopping every few minutes during battle to try to munch on items like weapons and tree branches.
    • This.
      Gaius: What is this? Candy, not candy?
      • Obtained: Gaius' Confect
    • Inigo's quote
      Inigo: What's this on the ground? ...Perhaps some lovely lass dropped it?
      • Obtained: Hector's Axe
      • Or alternately, "Aversa's Night"
    • Tiki
      Tiki: ...What is this?
      • Obtained: Tiki's Tear
  • Severa talking with Cordelia and complaining about how everyone kept comparing her to Cordelia, and how Cordelia was the perfect pegasus knight and the best at everything.
    Cordelia: But she doesn't need to know I became a pegasus knight because I'm a lousy runner...
    • In Severa's C Support with her father, she flatters him by saying that "in this timeline, [he]'s not that much older than [her]". While this line fits well if her father is someone like Henry, it becomes unintentionally hilarious if her father is, say, Gregor.
    • And then there's her S support with Brady, where she reveals that their S&B Society was just an excuse to be with him. When she lets this slip after Brady suggests they start hanging out with the others and he offers to join her:
      Severa: But that dream up and blew away. So fine! Go! Run off and be with everyone else! I'll just stay here and eat this dirt!
      (Proceeds to actually eat dirt, then spits it out in disgust)
      Severa: ...Gods, I can't even do that right.
      • Said society was formed to protect themselves from the happiness and friendship around the camp at the time. Both Severa and Brady are disgusted by it.
      • Which, in itself, is hilarious, because the "cheerful" people Severa refers to can include Gerome, Frederick, Tharja, Gangrel, Walhart, Laurent, and Miriel.
  • Quite a few of Maribelle's conversations are pretty hilarious if you're used to her dainty, etiquette-obsessed personality:
    One step closer and I'll be forced to maim you.
    I could bring you to an establishment where a pack of lovely ladies wait on you?
  • If you play on your avatar's birthday, Gaius will wish you a happy birthday... and then ask if he can have a slice of cake.
  • Sully and Lon'qu's S Support. He tells her how she's made a better man out of him, proposes, and she accepts...then asks if now that the mushy stuff is over, can they please get back to hitting each other?!
    • Similarly, in Sully & Frederick's S support, Sully says that his proposal makes her feel like sunbeams and puppies on the inside, and you know it's serious if she's gushing like that. Frederick asks if she'll be his sunbeam, with her replying that she will if he'll be her puppy. ...This embarrasses both of them, so they quickly get back to sparring.
  • Stahl's confession scene with the Avatar is a combination of this and Endearingly Dorky:
    Stahl: My lady, I may never take my eyes off of you again... unless I'm about to walk into a wall.
  • In Morgan and Nah's S support, Nah prays to Naga, who tells them both to Get a Room!. It gets funnier if the players have actually seen Naga in-story.
  • In Lucina and a female Avatar's non-related B support, Lucina is convinced the Avatar wants to seduce Chrom, saying she understands how she would want to entrance such a gallant, wonderful man. The Avatar says she never found Chrom all that attractive, which prompts Lucina to explode about Chrom's "wonderful charms" and demand that the Avatar fall for Chrom immediately. It's all rather surreal, but amazing to read.
    • The line about the Avatar not finding Chrom all that attractive may be even funnier if she and Chrom have gotten their A-rank support by then.
  • In their B support, Owain and Cynthia argue about their Dynamic Entry tendencies in battle until Owain starts to derail from the topic by describing in great detail an Unstoppable Rage moment, which leaves him with no friends and only his "thoughts" as company. Cynthia is thoroughly confused.
    • It gets even better in their A Support where Owain explains the rest of his "Avenger Mode" story:
      Owain: But then a heroine appears to stop my tortured onslaught! It's...Cynthia! Cue the harps and bells!
      Cynthia: Hey! I want no part of this!
      Owain: The strong but fair Cynthia will stop at nothing to end my mad reign of terror! And end it she does, though she pays the ultimate price...
      Cynthia: Wait—I DIE?!
  • The male Avatar and Aversa's B Support, in which she reminds him (assuming you fought her with Chrom at the Table Approach) that she is the Avatar's adoptive sister, teases the Avatar for it, and only agrees to come back to sleep at the camp if her "biiig sibwing agwees to pwotect her!"
    Avatar: You know what? Stay here. Get eaten by bears. I don't give a damn.
  • The Avatar and Lissa's C Support. Lissa comes across the Avatar sleeping, so she wakes them up by pinching their nose.
    Avatar: Nh... gnnkh...nrrrrgh...! BWARGH! Wha—?! Risen! Wolves! Risen riding wolves!
    • Followed by Lissa laughing her head off, and then apologizing for ruining the Avatar's book in such an awkward and goofy way:
      Lissa: See, I was kinda doodling a pic of you in your big, new book of strategies... Aaand then I kinda spilled the ink and kinda... ruined the book, kinda... completely. Ireallyreallyreallydidn'tmeanto!
    • Their B conversation, Lissa offers the Avatar a shoulder rub, after roping them into it, the Avatar's enjoying it, until the Avatar screams "Cold! Cold and slimy and cooooooold! AUGH! IT MOVED! LISSA WHAT IN BLAZES WAS THAT?!" After Lissa tells them it was a frog, the Avatar asks "Weren't you just saying yesterday frogs make you "all pukey"?" to which Lissa responds, with a pretty proud look on her face, "I put up with a lot for the sake of comedy."
    • A rank, the Avatar is paranoid around Lissa, when she asks if they're actually mad:
      Avatar: Of course I'm mad! You dumped a toad down my collar!
      Lissa: I'm pretty sure that was a frog...
      Avatar: I'm pretty sure I don't care!
      Lissa: Okay, okay! I'm sorry Avatar. I'm super-duper 100 percent sorry! And I won't do it anymore so please be my friend again, okay?
    • After the Avatar agrres to forgive them, they say to shake on it, as they do;
      Lissa: Thanks Avatar, you're the bes... *Lissa's portrait changes to the blank eyes of terror she has in Chapter 1* AAAAAUGH! Wh-what is that, in your hand?! Is it a sna- A sn-n-n...
      Avatar: A snake? Oh, no Lissa, I'm pretty sure this is a worm. ...Gotcha!
    • Then Lissa calls the Avatar a hypocrite, to which they ask what's in Lissa's hand:
      Lissa: O-oh! What? ...This? Hee hee... Why, how did this frog get here?
      Avatar: I'm sorry, you were saying something about hypocrites?
      Lissa: Aw it's no fun if you see it coming!
      Avatar: I'd have to be blind not to at this point.
      Lissa: Oooooo! Next time I'm gonna prank you good!
      Avatar: And next time I'll seriously stop talking to you.
      Lissa: What?! Oh...fiiiine! Fine! I guess I'll stop, for real this time. *Sigh* Guess I still have a long way to go.
      Avatar: Till you grow up?
      Lissa: No to the pond! ... I've got about a dozen frogs to put back.
      Avatar: *Groooaaan*
    • How that conversation starts is funny. Lissa merely says 'Hi'. The Avatar's immediate response?
      Avatar: Get away from me, she-devil!
    • Male Avatar and Lissa's S support, Lissa is "Dying of boredom" because it's no fun pranking anyone else in camp because their reactions are bland and no one does "That crazy rubbery thing with their face" like the Avatar, to which they inquire about said "rubbery thing with their face", then the Avatar tells her she can prank him again if she opens up a box he has. Lissa at first refuses because it's such an obvious prank, but decides to open it anyway because of how much she loves seeing "the rubbery face thing". Inside the box is a ring, after the Avatar proposes Lissa explains all the pranks were just to get his attention, then;
      Lissa: Oooo! Plus I opened the box, so I get to prank you again, right?!
      Avatar: ...I thought the pranks were just to get my attention. And if we're getting married, I'd say you got my attention. Soooo...
      Lissa: You think I'm going to marry that face and never make it do that crazy rubbery thing?! You're nuts!
      Avatar: What?! Hey! I'm not sure I... Ah well. If that's what it takes to make you happy... then so be it. Just go easy. We won't have all the time in the world together if I die of a heart attack.
  • Stahl and Panne's A rank support is this due to Alien Lunch:
    Stahl: Oh, what is this?
    Panne: Firefruit. Edible to Taguel, however it causes a burning sensation on contact with human skin.
    Stahl: This is delicious! Wait what did you say- Ow my fingers- OH GODS IT'S IN MY EYES! (Hits head.)
    Panne: Stahl, are you dead? Nod if you are not dead.
    • And if that's not enough, the aftermath leads to this gem:
      Stahl: It's just a little odd to be licked by a beautiful woman.
  • Lon-qu and Miriel's A rank support. Apparently, in an attempt to figure out the limits of his fear of women, she filled his tent with statues of women. Lon'qu destroys them all, as he knows what would happen if anyone finds out that the man with a fear of women has his tent full of statues of them. This can get even funnier if you believe it happened while he was asleep and woke up screaming, as he was suddenly surrounded by statues he didn't remember being there the night before.
  • While the father-child supports are rather generic for obvious reasons, the father's speaking style may be different and add some level of humor to the conversation. Notable ones are Henry, Vaike, Gregor, and Lon'qu.
    • Doubling as a shout-out, one of Gregor's lines in a father-daughter support with Noire has him spouting this gem:
    • It's amusing to see how caring of a father Lon'qu is while simultaneously staying away from his daughters.
  • Frederick and Tharja's C Support. Frederick is in the middle of doing muscle training with the Avatar in Frederick's Fanatical Fitness Hour. Tharja, jealous, considers cursing all of them so she can have the Avatar to herself, but thinks that would be too much trouble. She then considers cursing the Avatar to smell bad so no one will want to be around them. But that would mean the Avatar would smell like an out house. Also...
    Frederick: This exercise is great for building stomach muscles. Come on, just 300! 299... 298...
    Avatar: Going... to... die...
  • In one of Lon'qu and Maribelle's supports, Lon'qu has a moment of understated panic:
    Lon'qu: My arm. You're touching my arm. ...Please stop touching my arm.
    • She also delivers this little nugget at one point:
      Maribelle: At this rate, a little girl could simply walk up and kill you with a spoon.
  • The Avatar's C Support with Gaius. All of it.
    • Pretty much all of Gaius' supports with the Avatar are hilarious, but the female Avatar gets a couple of extra lines from him about her walking in on him in the bath.
      Avatar: Gaius, I am SO sorry about earlier! I had no idea you were in the bath...
      Gaius: Aw, no worries. At least I hadn't taken off my smallclothes yet, eh? Er, but I did want to mention I'm usually in much better shape. With the stress of this blasted war, I've been eatin' more sweets than usual. Usually I'm a real piece of eye candy. Belly like a washboard, glutes like a lumberja-$
      Avatar: Okay, then!
  • Gerome's supports with his father are full of funny moments, but Gerome's over-reaction to his father hearing him say "cutey-poo" takes the cake.
    • Extra points if his father is Lon'qu. There's just something hilarious about Lon'qu going on about how cute it is when Gerome dotes on Minerva.
  • Gerome's response to Severa asking about the "secret" reason for his mask.
    Gerome: If my weapon breaks, I can hurl the mask at my foe.
    • Which is even funnier if you are one of the many that compared him to Batman and imagined him throwing it like a Batarang.
  • In Laurent and Noire's S support, Laurent, of all people, confesses to being a masochist, expressing excitement over one of Noire's Split Personality outbursts.
  • Inigo's C Support with Noire, who is just as much of a Stalker with a Crush to him as her mother, Tharja, is to the Avatar. It begins with Inigo, running around for help, fearing that Noire will shoot him with an arrow. It turns out that he was in the middle of flirting with a girl, when Noire decided to fire a few warning shots at her.
  • Frederick's S-Support with Sumia.
  • Henry and Frederick's A-Support has Henry making the most hilarious sound ever when Frederick wraps him in a bear hug and cries Tears of Joy into his shoulder. It's something between a yelp and a nervous giggle.
    • If Henry is Inigo's father, he'll make the same noise after Inigo Glomps him in their A-rank.
  • Henry's "proposal" to Lissa. He just casually tosses out that they should get married and Lissa complains that he could at least set the mood before asking her. Alas, she's dealing with Henry here...
    Henry: I'm not much of a mood guy, I'm afraid, unless we're talking gruesome bloodshed...
  • As the group's official thief, many of Gaius' supports deal with the other characters suspecting him of stealing stuff from his fellow Shepherds. In his C support with Nowi, it is revealed that this isn't completely untrue. But where the others think he's after their valuables, Gaius is more interested in stealing everyone's desserts. In fact, when Nowi comes to pester him, he's just about to eat Chrom's...
  • Shrinking Violet and Reluctant Warrior Olivia is hilarious as a frontline fighter, especially when she crits and kills someone in one blow while screaming "I didn't want to do this!" The voice acting really sells it.
    • Re-class Olivia into a Myrmidon. Then, promote her into an Assassin. Hearing her scream out apologies if Lethality activates is hilarious.
    • One of her crit quotes plays on her Stage Fright, and has her say "Stop Staring!" before potentially landing a One-Hit Kill. Her Cut-In also has her close her eyes.
    • One of the crit quotes also has her say, "Oooh, I didn't wanna do this!". What makes it hilarious is that if she kills an enemy, she can potentially wind up saying, "I did it!"
  • Owain and Kjelle's S support. He confesses his love for her to her armor, of all things, thinking she had already left the room. Of course, she was still there. Owain tries to save the situation but ultimately resigns to his fate:
    Owain: Look, I didn't... I mean, I do, but... I was gonna tell you as some point!
    Owain: Urgh. Just stab me and get it over with.
    • He also wondered if Kjelle already had a boyfriend. A big dumb one, whose name was Troy. Or Steve... Or Chaz or something, who was going to fold him into a pretzel.
  • Virion and Lissa's B support:
    Virion: I have only the deepest admiration for you. I'm envious, in fact. Men of my elevated station must suspect all who surround them. You and your brother are blessed to live free of such petty intrigues.
    Lissa: You DO realize that as a princess I outrank you twenty times over. ...Right?
    Virion: Oh, well...yes... *ahem* I suppose you would, wouldn't you? But then royalty has its own kind of shield from many of life's harsher realities. A fact lesser nobles such as myself know only too well! Caught between the huddled masses below and the royal houses above... O onerous fate! Can one of my standing ever know rest?!
    Lissa: ...Nope. I still don't see how you have it harder than my brother.
    Virion: Er... Yes, well it's a...nuanced thing. A casual observer might agree that leading an army is the greater burden. But to the trained eye, it's quite clear that... You see, um...
    Lissa: You have no idea what you're talking about, do you?
    Virion: NO! I DON'T! OKAY?! Are you pleased to hear it?!
  • Virion and Tharja's supports are overall heartwarming. But the C and B supports are golden and shows off Virion's Large Ham tendencies:
    Tharja: Dasher and derricks... Remodel the barracks!
    Virion: As you wish, milady! Virion, AWAY!
    • Even funnier because even when she got him to act like a cat, The Reveal at the end is that her curses didn't work on him, he only did what she asked because of her beauty.
  • Gaius and Sumia's B support. Gaius has been following bees in an effort to locate their hive (and the delicious honey inside), and Sumia decides to, eh, "help" him...
    Sumia: Oh, Gaaaius! Yoo-hoo! I've found the beehive! Now, I just... *grunt* have to... *grunt* pull it off this branch...
    Gaius: What in the... Are you mad, woman?! You can't just go grabbing beehives!
    Sumia: EEEEK! Bees! Bees! Oh gods, they're everywhere!
    Gaius: I warned you, you daft — Um, what are you doing? H-hey! Don't run TOWARD me!
    Sumia: Here's your beehive, Gaius — catch! Sorry, gotta run! See you later!
  • Virion and Nowi B Support. Nowi wants Virion to play a game with her, after listing several.
    Nowi: I want to play duck duck dragon!
    Virion: Duck duck...dragon? I must say I'm not familiar with that game.
    Nowi: It's easy! I turn into a dragon and chase you while spewing white-hot fire. And if I catch you, I totally win!
    Virion: That sounds dreadful!
    • Even better, the game apparently takes a long time to start.
      Nowi: So let's start, OK? I'll count to... um... one million and you go hide!
      Virion: One million? Do you realise how long that will take?
      Virion: My life is flashing before my eyes! ...very, very slowly...
  • Miriel and Stahl's C support. When Miriel wants to watch Stahl practice, Stahl says he'd be happy to let her, but he just finished. So Miriel does a very unexpected bit of passive-aggressive guilt-tripping that finally gets him to do his exercises over again, ending with:
    Miriel: Well, I suppose I can find another, more lucrative field of study. Perhaps I will just...observe this rock. Yes, that should suffice. Hmm... It's round. And smooth. Wait! ...No, it's still round.
  • Lon'qu and Miriel's supports are hilarious, especially in their C conversation where she almost walks off a cliff without noticing.
    • In their B support, Lon'qu tells Miriel about his problem with women, and she promptly asks him if this extends to cats, monkeys, statues, and dead bodies of women.
      Lon'qu: ...I'm going to pretend you stopped at 'statues.'
    • Though it becomes less funny when you realize that yes, Lon'qu would definitely be triggered by the dead bodies of women, given what caused his phobia in the first place.
    • There is still a funny moment in there when Miriel wonders if female cats would trigger him. Lon'qu seems to take it completely seriously for a moment, saying that all cats look the same to him anyway, before Miriel goes on with her list.
  • Pretty much all of Virion and Libra's supports. Special mention must go to their B Support, where Virion reveals that he's gotten paranoid every time he tries to flirt with ladies now, and a woman apparently slapped him when he asked her if she was really a woman or not.
  • The Female Avatar asking Tiki questions while the latter is sleeping. The best part comes in their A-Support when Tiki complains about a hag (Female MU) asking her questions and calls it a nightmare. When Tiki goes back to sleep, the Female MU tries to get closer to hear her again, only for Tiki to threaten FeMU.
  • Walhart as a villain emanates dread. Walhart as your ally, however? He'll leave you in stitches.
    Walhart: What's this? Ha ha, an item! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTER!"
    You found a stick
    • Walhart, for all his conquering and war and stuff, is listed as the most devout vegetarian in the roster.
  • Henry and Sumia's A support, in which Henry switches bodies with her. There's something inherently funny about Sumia acting confident, childish, and excitable while Henry stutters and freaks out.
    • And their S support, where Henry reveals that he bought an engagement ring while in Sumia's body.
      Sumia: B-but the jeweler might think I'm a pathetic spinster buying her own ring!
      Henry: Oh yeah. He definitely thinks that. Anyway, do you like it?
  • In the Gaius and Olivia supports, he tries his hand at baking pies and has her try them.
    Gaius: "Strap yourself in and get ready to ride the flavor stallion!"
  • There's a rather funny bit of Gameplay and Story Integration in Sully and male Robin's C Support. In her roster entry, Sully is described as "the woman to end all men." When she's yelling at Robin about how she doesn't care about her figure, just her muscle mass, Robin will briefly freak out and beg her not to attack him. Even better: Sully becomes genuinely confused as to why Robin thinks she's going to attack him. In fact, the Support conversations between them are funny in general. For example, their B and A Supports revolve around them fighting and bonding over the results of the fitness contest from the C support, which includes both of them suffering over the effects of eating the dried seaweed Robin brought up at the end of the C Support.
  • Lucina's C support with her mother has her pick different dresses for her mother (giant pink polka dots, anyone?). Not helping is how said polka dots apparently have little images of Emmeryn on them.
    Lucina: I wager when Father sees you in this, he'll just scream with delight!
  • Gerome and Inigo's A support.
    Gerome: She did not want me to leave. She was... stronger than she looked. I've never been so manhandled.
  • When Laurent's paired with his father on an event tile or Barracks event, there are some really hilarious displays of passive-aggression and snark.
    Laurent: Father, fight me! I have a lot of pent up frustra- a lot of new spells to show you!
    Laurent: Father, has your hairline receeded?! I'm concerned... for the two of us.
    • Better yet, Laurent as Morgan's father.
    Morgan: Father, tell me about your life until you met me. I want to know all about you.
    Laurent: Well, I am more interested in whether or not we even exist on the same time axis. The marriage between your mother and I changed the future — created a NEW future. Which means... Which means... I should lie down for a bit. My head hurts.
    • Laurent's comments about worrying about his father's age can be unintentionally hilarious if Ricken is his father. Ricken as Laurent's father is funny in general, besides, considering how much shorter he is than either Laurent or Miriel.
  • Gerome, for all of his attempts to be The Stoic, at times is not much better:
    Roster Rescue line: "Ugh... What did it say about me in that roster? What do you know? About my insomnia? My receding hairline? Wait... Did it mention...Minervykins? I see what must be done. Sadly for you, the only guarantee of silence is death!”"}
    Father's gift request line: "How about a male partner for Minerva? ...What do you mean, “impossible”?"
  • Most of Gregor's endings start out with a line about him sinking into a life of excess and gluttony, usually with his wife pulling him out of it somehow. With Cordelia, it's because he feels ashamed to be so lazy when she's working so hard, with Nowi it's to travel the world with her (possibly to look for her family since she was kidnapped as an infant). Marry him to Tharja....
  • Gregor's supports with Cordelia have him trying to help her win Chrom over. He makes a "love is war" metaphor and describes how getting into someone's heart takes a "surprise attack." However, Cordelia takes it too far, and surprises Chrom by jumping out of a bush while wearing a Risen mask. Imagining Chrom's reaction to that is the icing on the cake.
  • Gaius and Libra's B support, where Libra invites Gaius to join him in prayer. Gaius doesn't quite grasp how praying works and instead gives the gods a list of all the sweets he wants.
    Libra: That wasn't a prayer — it was a market list! The gods are not scullery maids who deliver treacle tarts on demand!
    Gaius: Oh. Right, yeah...sure. Sorry. Got carried away. I'll start over, then. *Ahem* O most horrifying and fattened gods, thou art most tricksy in thine ways...
    Libra: D-dear gods, please send not lightning to strike down this heretic... He knows not what he does!
    Gaius: I will deliver unto thee my first-born son, if only you make donuts rain down upon—
    Libra: GAAAIUS!
    Gaius: ...Whoops. Sorry.
    • More hilariously, it's possible for Gaius to actually have a "first-born son" by this point, as some pointed out.
    • Some sons make this more hilarious than others:
      • (Male) Morgan (depicted in fan art above): That's your husband offering to give up your son.
      • Brady: Makes you wonder what exactly pushed him to become a priest. In other words, a servant of the gods.
      • Yarne: Offering his son for a bunch of candy is bad enough, but here he's offering one of the two last representatives of an entire species for a bunch of candy.
  • One of Kellam's critical hit quotes has him shout out, "Come on, look at me!!". His voice acting rarely portrays much emotion, so hearing plainly audible frustration out of him is hilarious.
  • Cherche and the Avatar's supports consist of Cherche trying to find a suitable mate for her pet wyvern, Minerva. Avatar offers to help out, not realising quite what they're getting into.
    Cherche: ''Did you hear that, Minerva? Avatar is going to help us!
    Minerva: (godzilla roars)
    Cherche: Oh, look how happy you've made Minerva!
    Avatar: That bloodcurdling sound was happiness!?
  • Basically ANY support (or other conversation) where Cherche or Gerome talk to Minerva, and are somehow capable of perfectly interpreting her screeches.
  • While Tharja and Nowi's support conversations are mostly a Tear Jerker, their first one does have quite an amusing bit where Tharja asks Nowi for some claw trimmings to use in her fortunetelling, resulting in this:
    Nowi: Here's a bag of all my toenail clippings! ...Yes, I saved them. Don't ask why. Long story. Slightly gross.
  • Chrom's S-Support with Sully. Not only is Sully's confession adorably awkward (to which Crom replies with a flat "... Oh."), but the conversation nets you one of the most, if not the most stereotypically girly of proposal acceptances... from Chrom.
    Chrom: "The answer is yes, Sully! Yes!"
  • Libra and Olivia's B-Support, where Libra teaches her how to do a religious dance and she responds that he should become a priest. It's not exactly clear if she was joking or if she really didn't realize that he already was one.
  • Vaike and Cordelia's S Support, in which he basically tells her to get over her attraction toward Chrom and marry him instead in such a blunt and sudden way that it catches her completely off-guard. He also insinuates that part of his reason for proposing to her is to show Chrom up.
  • Vaike's father supports with Gerome are funny for a similar reason. Gerome is reluctant to call either of his parents "mother" or "father," instead usually calling them by their actual names. When Gerome finally refers to Vaike as "Father," Vaike demands that Gerome do so again where Chrom can hear him, implying that his desire to show up Chrom even extends to their kids.
  • Lucina and Inigo's S Support, where she thinks it would be funny if Chrom didn't approve of him and were to chop him up into little bloody pieces until Inigo finally tells her she's creeping him out.
    • More funny is that Inigo and Lucina just started dating and Inigo continues with his womanizing antics. Lucina swears she catches him looking at another woman and she herself will chop him into little bloody pieces.
  • The Avatar's B Support with Virion, he becomes convinced that they keep losing to him on purpose just to spend more time with him.
    Virion: Charming, I suppose, but I fear my heart has room only for the fairer sex.
    (Male) Avatar: And my heart has no room for a grown man in a bib.
    • "You've made a mockery of the delicate art of hollow flattery."
  • If Olivia is Lucina's mother and they get the 'train' conversation on an event tile, their quotes end up sounding like Olivia thinks cooking is Serious Business.
    Lucina: Mother, why don’t we have a little contest to see whose cooking Father prefers?
    Olivia: A-are you sure? Just thinking about raising a sword at my own child makes me nervous.
  • Frederick and Cordelia's S Support shows how hysterical Cordelia could be when the subject is about Chrom, and Frederick sums it up well enough:
    Frederick: You spent two hours describing in vivid detail your unrequited passion for Chrom. You also sobbed repeatedly and kept asking me "Why, Frederick?! Why?!" Then you devoured all the sandwiches and ran off with the picnic hamper.
  • Owain's audio clips during conversations in which he says stuff like "Down, sword hand!", "My sword hand twitches!", or "Can't... control...!". Hilarious because of his Large Ham voice and the Accidental Innuendo. Doubly if he says it when he's confessing his love to one of the women, implying that Something Else Also Rises...

    DLC Maps and Characters 
  • The first DLC map has a lot of great moments, many of them courtesy of Old Hubba. One that isn't, though, is the exchange between Lissa and Alm:
    Alm: They say women have a high resistance to magic.
    Lissa: Maybe chauvinism is just highly flammable.
    • Miriel, of all people, has one if you have her battle Lilina.
    Miriel: I sense voluminous reserves of magic amalgamating within you. It should prove quite elucidating to dissect you piece by piece.
    Lilina: What?! I'm not some frog for you to pick apart!
    Miriel: No, of course not. I have no interest in frogs. But come at me anyway. Let us see whether or not you croak.
    • Gregor asks what part of him looks like a brigand. Lyn responds, "The unwashed part."
    • Nanna proves too quick-witted for Owain:
    Owain: Ah-hah! At last I have you, fiend! My blood curdles like milk spoiled by your!
    Nanna: If your humors disagree with you, sir, perhaps you ought retreat?
    Owain: Urgh... Actually, I feel fine. Damn your cleverness!
  • Really, anything Old Hubba says, but this stands out, his response after Prince Marth accuses the heroes of trying to kidnap Aversa.
    Old Hubba: You are mistaken, Prince Marth! We're not kidnappers, I assure you! We would never think of tying her up and making her beg for mercy!
  • The battle theme for the Summer Scramble DLC. A steel drum arrangement of the Fire Emblem theme, with "lyrics" consisting of Chrom's Voice Grunting.
    • The battle theme for Hot Spring Scramble is Lucina's voice clips, which is just as funny.
  • In the Champions of Yore 3 DLC, you get a special conversation if Lon'qu and Leif face off against each other. Leif, mistaking Lon'qu for a brigand, gives him a lecture on how fighting for blood money is not a worthy cause. Lon'qu's response? "Shut up and prepare to be stabbed."
    • Given the series tradition with characters like Lon'qu, Leif was probably trying to recruit him.
    • Also from Champions of Yore 3: Despite normally being a master tactician, the Avatar has a slight lapse in judgement regarding how to go about convincing the Einherjar to stand down.
      Avatar: Listen to me! You're just illusions! Projections that the cards—
      Alm: Silence, you lying snake! What sort of idiot do you take me for?
      Avatar: ...I suppose that would be the most natural reaction.
    • Sully stops Eliwood from monologuing before he can even start.
  • Yet another failed-attempt-at-recruiting-your-allies courtesy of Caeda/Shiida towards Kellam.
    Caeda: Why have you sided with brigands, good sir? Is your mother ill? Here, I have some gold you can use to buy medi—
    • Doubled in hilarity since this is what Caeda/Shiida's recruitment conversation with Castor in Shadow Dragon boils down to.
    • She also does a similar one in Champions of Yore 1.
    • She has yet another attempt at recruiting one of your allies in Lost Bloodlines 2, this time with Sumia
    Caeda: Tell me: Do you believe in love? ...Oh, listen to me. This is silly.
    Sumia: No, it's not! I do believe in love! It's very kind of you to ask. Are you in love also, my lady?
    Caeda: Me? Well, yes, of course. I have my betrothed.
    Sumia: Oh, that's wonderful! Isn't love grand?
    Caeda: (It seems I tried the love ploy on the wrong woman)
  • Again in Champions of Yore 3, before the battle. Chrom hangs a lampshade on how many Fire Emblem protagonists have blue hair. Since this includes him, too, it almost sounds like he's stealth praising himself.
    Chrom: [Ike] certainly has the look of a legend... Especially the hair.
  • Pit Kellam against Arden in Lost Bloodlines 3.
    Kellam: Fight me! ...I mean, just look at us. It was meant to happen.
  • The Golden Gaffe DLC is full of hilarious comments whenever one of your characters go up against the Risen running off with the gold. Some particular noteworthy ones include Tharja saying how she's going to kill them for taking her purse since she has a lock of the Avatar's hair in it or Lon'qu saying how the others got robbed due to their carelessness before realizing that the Risen have robbed him as well.
    • And once again, Kellam gets ignored; the Risen didn't even touch his gold, which was in a bag clearly labeled "gold".
    • Even more hilarious, perhaps, is the amount of money they were robbed of; let's just say a beggar has better savings than most of them. Lissa even praises Frederick for having a double-digit amount of coins!
    • What's more, Chrom is more surprised by how poor everyone is than the monstrous pile of gold they collected.
    • Tharja is outraged that the Risen would take her toolkit. She would have GIVEN them the money, but the lock of the Avatar's hair that was in it was priceless!
      • Even better is if you've gotten Tharja's supports with Gaius by the time you've done this map; the above line could double as a reference to their C-rank.
    • It turns out that Ricken was saving up for medicine that could make him taller.
    • Like Kellam, Maribelle apparently didn't get robbed either. This causes her to get absolutely enraged, because she thinks the Risen mistook her for being poor.
    • Gangrel chastises them for robbing scum lower than themselves.
    • Walhart's quote comes off as a Badass Boast, but still hilarious nonetheless:
    Walhart: Only a wretch would grasp at the gold clinking in the pockets of others. You want to steal from a conqueror? Best pray that coin doesn't melt in hell.
    • Morgan is utterly incredulous to the fact that they were robbed, before they turn to anger. They were going to use that money to buy books and impress their mother/father!
    Morgan: How dare you interfere with my ploys to get attention!
    • Noire roars in her violent state, but instantly loses steam upon seeing the Risen, deeming them very powerful if they had did such a thing as rob 20 coins.
    • Brady was saving his gold to buy things for his "non-violent pursuits" and threatens to make the Risen pay for interfering with that.
    • And then there's the ending, when Victor and Vincent are talking to each other, and Vincent drops what his mom apparently used to tell him: "If at first ya don't succeed... Retry the level and don't louse it up this time, ya daft arse!"
  • In Paralogue 18, the Shepherds encounter Gangrel, former Mad King of Plegia, reduced to working with a rabble of bandits. Not content with brutalizing and dethroning him, Chrom takes this opportunity to rub salt in his wounds.
    • It'd be cruel if it were anyone else, but since it isn't, it's just plain funny.
  • In the DLC EXPonential Growth, some player characters' dialogue before facing off the group of vegetarian Entombed that stole produce from a village are gold. When they're not commenting on that, they're at least somewhat aware of why they're fighting...
    Lissa: Not another step, potato molester! Stealing food is wrong! Well, I guess I sometimes steal sweets from my brother's pack. ... And gold. But that is totally not the same thing. It's time for you to die, die, die!
    Libra: It is a terrible sin to impede the hard work of honest folk. Repent now, and I may be inclined to... ...... You're just going to sit there and moan a lot, aren't you? Right. I suppose I'll just end you and let the gods sort it out, then.
    Cherche: My, aren't you a darling. What a shame we stand here as enemies. Minerva would have loved to have such an adorable playmate. As it stands, I cannot let you pass. Even the cute must pay their dues.
    Lon'qu: Now you're a piece of work. Got a lot to gain by picking on the weak, is that it? ... Well, so do I.
    Stahl: Um, why do you keep staring at me and drooling? Oh gods! It's my hair, isn't it? It reminds you of a vegetable! Well, I'm NOT a vegetable,, stop licking your lips!
    Anna: Wrecking someone's inventory is as bad as murder in my book! My merchant's heart goes out to that shockingly lovely field keeper. You'll pay for your crimes!
    Donnel: Ya done picked the wrong day to mess with farmers! Our crops are like our babies! We even give 'em names! Ya hear that? Vegetables have souls, ya darn baby killers! ...Argh! CHARGE!
    Inigo: Mummies here, mummies there...Why can't I gain experience from seducing lasses? It's so unfair. Aaaaargh! Why are you so close? And why are you puckering your LIPS?!
    Noire: Eek! Hungry monsters are gonna nibble at me like an overripe aubergine! ...WE'LL SEE WHO DEVOURS WHO! TASTE JUDGEMENT, CROP-MUNCHER!
    • Gaius, meanwhile, admits that he's robbed a few villages himself... but unfortunately for the Entombed, the Shepherds are paying him to have a double standard about these things.
    • Owain will start to go off on one of his usual Large Ham rants, but then stop and admit that he has nothing better to do.
    • Chrom's Lampshade Hanging summation of events.
    Chrom: Right. Because we can save their (the supposed farmers') precious vegetables... Vegetables they somehow grow amidst stony ruins... Vegetables threatened by... vegetarian... monsters...
    Walhart: True conquerors eschew meat and dine on the bounty of the earth! Would you deny me sustenance? Then you will pay!
    Yen'fay: So, you are the dogs responsible. No crime is graver then eating another man's lettuce. Aye, may the weight of your crimes crush you in your dying breath.
    • The pre-battle conversation between Outrealm Anna and Chrom is nothing short of pure Au. Anna fakes a French accent while explaining about the invading Entombed.
      Anna: Moi? I am just ze poor defenceless woman pretending to have ze ridiculous accent! I cannot actually do ze fighting.
      • And then Chrom sums up the whole conversation precisely:
      Chrom: Le sigh...
      • The whole exchange suggests Anna is blatantly aware of exactly how plotless the map she's hosting really is, and invented the silly story and ridiculous accent just to amuse herself.
  • In Lost Bloodlines 1, Virion can initiate a conversation with Norne where he starts flirting under the feeble guise of archery advice. Norne isn't fooled for a second.
    Virion: The way you handle your bow. You should wield it with more...grace.
    Norne: Grace matters, does it?
    Virion: A lady needs to be supple, aware of her curves, and taut under pressure.
    Norne: And what does a lady's bow need to do?
    • Also in Lost Bloodlines 1, Cynthia says she wants to leave a bigger impression before bashing her enemies' heads in. Catria suggests investing in a heavier weapon.
  • In Lost Bloodlines 2, if Lucina faces off against Prince Marth, he questions why they're wearing the same clothes.
    • In the same map, if you have a female Avatar fight King Marth, he momentarily mistakes her for an ally of his who is absent from the battlenote . Noting his concern, she asks if the woman he's talking about is his, ahem, "special companion".
      • Katarina also compares the Avatar (either gender) to the one from New Mystery of the Emblem in Rogues & Redeemers 1, but the dialogue is much longer for a male Avatar and has a distinct Ship Tease to it.
    • If you have Sully speak to Jamke, he questions whether she is truly a knight. She immediately chews him out for being sexist, but he calmly informs her that he asks not because of her gender but because of her language. Nonetheless, he agrees to watch her "arse".
    • Gangrel's reaction to fighting Legion.
    Gangrel: Well I'll be damned... A man crazier than me.
  • Walhart's quote when he finds an item on the ground:
    Walhart: What's this? Haha, an item! KNEEL BEFORE YOUR NEW MASTER!
  • If you marry Gangrel and recruit Morgan, they'll sometimes have these conversation quotes when they step on a sparkling tile together.
    Morgan: Father, tell me about your life before you met me. I want to know all about you.
    Gangrel: Ha! You mean you haven't heard? Your father was a turd with a crown. You should be ashamed to have been born into such disgrace. Now go away. I'll tell you the moment I do anything fatherly enough to merit your pride.
  • In Smash Brethren 1, Chrom finds out that neither Roy's or Ike's army believes they summoned the Shepherds to help. When Roy asks why Chrom came to help, Chrom decides to lie by telling him his army was suddenly overcome by a sudden flash of light and just appeared. Roy questions why Chrom's army isn't disoriented from it, but Chrom tells him that his army is just that Crazy-Prepared for sudden flashes of light.
    • Lilina manages to see Kellam just fine, and when Kellam is surprised by this, she points out the obvious fact that he's wearing a huge suit of armor. Kellam then gets disappointed and realizes that what she really saw was his armor, and she admits that she's grown up surrounded by men in armor.
    • In both this map and Smash Brethren 3, Donnel has a special conversation when he battles Nephenee. Even when addressed by Donnel, she's still too embarrassed by her country accent to say much.
  • In Smash Brethren 2, Owain tries to impress Mist with his "rapier wit". But she says he's more of a "rapier twit".
    • More like that entire conversation. Owain suddenly becomes even more batshit insane than usual, constantly referring to Mist as a "wench", saying it is his duty to protect all wenches, and that every fiber of his being whispers to him "Sic Semper Wenchicus", to which Mist confusedly tranlsates with "...And thus to all wenches?" Finally, he makes a reference to Legend of Zelda with one of his attack names, causing Mist to reply "Oh gods... I do need protection."
    • If Lon'qu speaks to Ike, he asks Ike to fight a tough opponent so he can observe his fighting style. Ike wryly says he's not putting on a show.
    • Eirika attempts to bribe Gaius to sit the fight out with candy after he jokingly names his price. "Woah, woah! I was kidding! Do I look that easy to buy off?"
    • If Kjelle goes against Hector, she turns into a gushing fangirl.
      • She does the same thing to Ike in Rogues & Redeemers 1, albeit as an ally.
    • Inigo starts to hit on Mia, but Mia mistakes it for an invitation to a practice duel. Inigo points out that they're already in a battle, and Mia says that that battle's not going anywhere and if enemies come nearby, they'll dispatch them. Finally, Inigo says that all he wanted was to chat over tea, and Mia says she will..if Inigo wins their duel.
    • Kellam gets seen again, this time by Sophia...who is equally surprised by Kellam's reaction, since she's not used to being heard.
  • In Rogues & Redeemers 1, Arvis makes an attempt at being Libra.
    • Ursula makes a comment to Inigo that he mistakes for hitting on him.
      • Inigo turns it around on her in part 3. When told it's a threat, Ursula says that's her favorite kind of flirting.
    • Raigh tells Ricken he won't fight children, prompting Ricken to tell him that he is a child. Come Rogues & Redeemers 2, Ricken preempts him by telling him to go away because he's just a child, though Ricken's still the one who ends up pissed off when Raigh responds in the same way. In part 3, Ricken doesn't even wait to be called a child before warning Raigh not to treat him like one...and gets called childish for saying such a thing.
  • In Rogues & Redeemers 2, Gangrel can piss off the Black Knight if he speaks to him.
  • Given that Rogues & Redeemers is primarily comprised of the main heroes and villains of each story (along with some past recruitable enemies to fill out the opposition's ranks for both the "Hero" side and the "Villain" side), there's a lot of nobility on the field. From Virion's battle conversation with Eliwood in part 3:
    Sweet gods, is everyone here more noble than I?
    • Maribelle's reaction to Narcian's narcissism in Rogues & Redeemers 3.
    • Gharnef attempts to win Nowi over with the promise that the world could be her plaything, and she sarcastically asks if he's going to offer her candy as well.
  • The death animation of pegasus-riding classes is already goofy, but Aversa inelegantly smashing on the ground, face first, is just hilarious.
  • In the Harvest Scramble map, after watching Victor and Vincent passionately complimenting each other, Frederick suggests that he and Chrom do the same as they do. Chrom immediately commands him to pick up his lance and start killing things.
    • For that matter, no sooner does Chrom suggest enjoying the festival does Lissa pipe up in agreement. The funny part is the fact that Lissa is already wearing a party hat.
    • The map is full of them. According to Nowi, some of the men in the unit have said a great deal of interesting things about Tharja's "boingy bits". Being too innocent to know better, Nowi becomes curious about them, even going so far as to feel them (though this part is only mentioned, not played out) when Tharja fell asleep on the battlefield.
    • In a conversation with Inigo and Owain, they're talking about how much more complicated the battles have become now that they're in the past and have to kill actual human beings. Once this dark topic is over though, and Owain goes back to his typical hammy self, Inigo says, with a big wide grin: "Now THERE'S the Owain I know and completely fail to understand!"
      • Which is eerily similar to a line that female Morgan says to him, with a huge, goofy smile on her face, in their A support after he manages to come out of a similar slump:
      Morgan: Now THAT'S the Inigo we ladies know and occasionally manage to tolerate!
    • In a conversation with Cherche, Nowi proposes serving as Cherche's mount if Minerva falls ill. To encourage Cherche to give her a chance, she mentions how she already tried it once with the Avatar. The Avatar was apparently "so excited that he/she lost his/her lunch." Cherche mentions hearing about that trip and how the Avatar clung to Nowi so tightly that they had to have their fingers pried off of her.
    • Gregor runs into trouble when a particularly drunk woman proposes marriage to him. In order to dissuade her, he enlists Ricken's help...which results in Ricken being Dragged into Drag and forced to pretend to be Gregor's girlfriend.
      • Becomes even funnier due to Fridge Logic reasons if Gregor happens to be already married when you do this map.
    • Kjelle finds and drinks a strange potion that makes her go on a drunken ramble about how attractive she finds Severa.
      • And then later we find out that she wasn't drunk at all: the potion was a truth serum.
    • Vaike's scheme to get Lon'qu to open up more with other soldiers is to spread rumors and have him go out of his way to shut them up. Said rumor is heavily implied to be that Lon'qu is more attracted to men than women, hence the gynophobia.
      • It gets even better when some of the other soldiers compliment Lon'qu for being so "progressive," and Lon'qu yells at Vaike not to put his arm around his shoulders when they go to stop the rumors.
      • As with Gregor, all of the above is about 900 times funnier if Lon'qu is married by the time you play this map. Even more so if you've recruited his child as well.
    • Wanting to get into the spirit of the festival, Lucina convinces Tiki to dress up in her old clothes from Marth's era. However, neither of them took into account the fact that she is no longer child-size, leading to something that causes much embarrassment for Tiki and profuse apologies from Lucina.
    • The conversation between Inigo and Gerome starts out as relatively normal, until Inigo steals Gerome's mask. Note that the other two times you see Gerome's maskless portrait is S-Supports with either the female Avatar or Morgan. The conversation quickly shifts towards Inigo's Shrinking Violet tendencies in regard to his dancing and as it turns out, Minerva of all... Wyverns... is a fan of him. When he speaks rather lowly of himself, Minerva becomes angry and bites Inigo, which promts Gerome to patch Inigo up in the second half of the conversation. Inigo whines and squirms quite a lot, stating he's not used to being "manhandled like this". The voice acting makes it even better, to the point where Gerome even lampshades how it looks like:
    Gerome: Hold still! You're making this harder than it has to be.
    Inigo (blushing): I'm sorry! I'm just... not used to being manhandled like this... Please, Gerome, just promise me you'll be gentle!
    Gerome: What the hell are you saying? Stop talking like that already!
    Inigo: What? I just never expected you to have such a strong, firm touch...
    Gerome: There! Words like that! You'll give everyone within earshot the wrong idea!
  • The entirety of the Roster Rescue map. It involves Risen having stolen a roster with nothing more than personal information on each of the characters. And almost every character, even the more stoic ones, fears the roster being lost for the silliest of reasons. For added effect, the translation crew finally let through one of the A-Cup Angst moments for Cordelia, for which they seemed pretty strict on before, making her fears come straight out of left field.
    • Even better, it's implied that the information comes from the character info in the Barracks, given how Chrom and Lissa complain about their "standout traits". ("Breaking things" and "Most likely to snort".) In fact, Roster Rescue is notable in how it's one of the only maps with a hilarious premise where Chrom is Not So Above It All, rather than acting as the Straight Man.
      • At the end, if the player managed to fulfill the conditions for recruiting Palla, the Avatar is apparently being hounded by everyone, curious to know what's written in it. Chrom's advice?
    Chrom: You might want to keep a low profile. And I mean Kellam low.
    • Don't forget the opening. When Frederick tells Chrom that the roster has been stolen, both Chrom and Lissa think he's talking about a rooster.
  • The Summer Scramble DLC provides quite a few laughs:
    • Lon'qu wants Virion to use him as a living target, to help him fight in the sand. In order to convince Virion to do it, Lon'qu tells him the women around the beach are totally blown away by his beauty in the sun when he fires his bow.
      • Lon'qu's battle quote also counts. It's just two sets of ellipses before he curses, "Damn this heat!"
    • Priam is Crazy-Prepared for an intense battle, but he's left disappointed when he arrives at the beach.
    • Gaius, normally cool and collected, totally freaks out because his sweets are attracting bugs. He also gets into some Snark-to-Snark Combat with Lon'qu.
      • Lon'qu's love of bugs is really funny when you realize that in his B-Support with Lissa, she actually did see him trying to catch butterflies and it wasn't a figure of speech.
    • Tharja referring to her... a-hem "boingy bits" as her "uncanny valleys".
    • Miriel & Sumia's conversation. Miriel assumes that Sumia's clumsiness is all a ruse for the latter to attract men, and Sumia fervently denies her claims. But then when Miriel brings decisive evidence, the background music stops playing and Sumia starts laughing like a maniac and admits that she's truly making everything up to attract men to her. Since Miriel found out, Sumia tries to kill her off to stop the word from spreading.
    • Noire's inner demon demands a brigand to help her build a sandcastle.
    • Cordelia comments on Tharja's Stripperific outfit, who was, in her own words, blissfully unaware of it until Cordelia brought it up. Now that she knows how much skin she is showing, she finds it simply mortifying. The solution? A de-shaming talisman to her back of course. That said talisman only consists of a piece of paper with the word "mortification" written on it apparently doesn't matter. Cordelia has difficulty wrapping her head around it...
      Cordelia: So if I were to take it off, would it stop working?
      Tharja: My, you're a sharp one.
      Cordelia: Interesting. Let's try it and see, shall we? Here goes...
      Tharja: W-wait, don't—! Oh, gods, this is horrifying. Just kill me now...
      Cordelia: I see. So now we stick it back on, and...
      Tharja: My, it sure is hot. Why don't I throw off my cloak and take a nice dip in the sea?
      Cordelia: And off again...
      Tharja: Ugh, my calf is showing! Why didn't I wear a bigger cloak?
      Cordelia: This is fascinating!
    • Henry becomes interested in Gaius' sweets, since in Plegia they didn't have many kinds of sweets or the like, due to poor harvests. He speaks highly of all of Gaius' hoard, and Gaius decides to show Henry his even bigger stash, which is full of even more exquisite candy. At one point while describing a sweet black bean candy, he starts blushing. Henry is amazed because the candy looks great even though it has beans in it. As thanks, Henry offers Gaius a Plegian sweet, a cake that is used as an offering to Grima. Gaius notes that it looks as if "it was baked in the fires of hell" and "reeked of sulfur and oozed a black, miasmic substance". Gaius passes it off as he says that he's not hungry right now, so Henry gives it to him to eat later-and he wants the details on how much Gaius liked it.
    Gaius: Ack! Y-you want me to touch the cursed thing? ...With my bare hands? C-Could I maybe just...leave it here on the ground? While I, er...go do something? I'm sure it'll still be here when I come back!
    Henry: Well, duh! Of course not! Then you'd get sand all over it, silly!
    Gaius: O-oh...right. Ha ha... Wouldn't want to...*gag*...spoil it...
    • The first half of Cordelia and Maribelle's conversation is hilarious because it's the two of them having an incredibly childish argument about whose best friend is better. It's amazing because you can see how their children ended up being so similar despite the two of them seemingly having very different personalities.
    • If a male avatar and Cordelia are in a romantic relationship, their support sees Cordelia best him in an impromptu sparring match and plant a Big Damn Kiss on him while they're on the beach, in front of the rest of the army. Robin ends up suffering a Post-Kiss Catatonia, unable to believe that Cordelia really just did that. Bonus points because up to that moment, Robin had been previously teasing Cordelia for acting like a kid for collecting shells.
  • The Hot-Spring Scramble is yet another round of Hilarity Ensues.
    • Rage!Noire, ending one of her insane poetic ravings with "ALSO, I HAVE A QUESTION!" before asking Lucina why she never seems to notice when Noire goes into rage mode.
    • Lucina admires wooden souvenirs and tells Robin about one that resembles her father. She gets very desperate and goes to buy the replica, even cutting Risen in the way. And if Robin is Lucina's mother, then the figure is of her instead, making her perplexed reactions even better:
    Lucina: Hold on, tiny, wooden mother! I'm coming!
    • Priam and Walhart get very excited to fight against each other, but a soldier crying for help interrupts their confrontation each time.
    • The Snark-to-Snark Combat between Basilio and Walhart.
    • Lissa has learned to mimic Chrom's voice perfectly, which she demonstrates.
    • Brady and Gerome, of all people, flip through Anna's catalog together and admire all the wares.
    • We learn than Severa does indeed trump Cordelia in one thing. That one thing is something Cordelia is ashamed of.
      • Anna then rains on Severa's moment of triumph by pointing out that while her own small bust looks good in her yukata, her mother's even smaller bust would look better.
    • Severa and Nah hatch a plan to stop a hypothetical The Peeping Tom before suddenly feeling very silly about how worked up they've gotten over an enemy that may not even exist.
    • After the battle's over, Anna and the Avatar will get in a heated splash fight, repeatedly using battle quotes as actual lines of dialogue.
    • Gangrel and Aversa Volleying Insults with each other. They decide to make a contest of it, capped off with Gangrel making a Your Mom joke.
    Aversa: Shall we make it a contest, then?
    Gangrel: Your mother was a contest.
    • Aversa's interaction with Tiki really milks out the former's Vain Sorceress for all its worth. At one point, Aversa even considers drinking Tiki's blood just so she can shave off a few years! Tiki herself fears Aversa might traumatize her for the rest of her immortal life.
    • Lucina's interactions with Noire and Nah. She completely fails to notice Noire's split personality and acts protective towards Nah.
  • Incredibly enough, the Future Past maps have funny moments despite the severe seriousness of the atmosphere.
    • Past Cynthia thinks the present Cynthia is a mirror and doesn't talk to her at all, running off in high spirits.
      • Past Cynthia and Sumia trip, one after another. Past Cynthia knows it's her.
    • Kjelle is practically checking herself out as she was in the past. She also doesn't talk to her past self only because she'll think it is her Evil Twin.
      • If Virion is her father, his flowery speech will convince her that it's him.
    • If Henry is Noire's father, he'll say this:
    Henry: What? You don't believe your own flesh and blood?! Hmm, blood...
    • If Gaius is Noire's father, Noire will at first believe he is an enemy ruse...until she's convinced by Gaius having a nosebleed from eating a tray of tarts before his arrival. Gaius is not amused.
    • Owain squeeing at seeing his past self struggling against his foes and thinking about performing the "Dual Owain Blast" together.
      • Furthermore, Future Past Owain seems to have noticed his current self as well... and is just as excited about seeing him, making all the children's concerns of scaring themselves rather funny.
    • Past Gerome asking why Minerva is looking away to a spot where there's no one. Oh wait, it's his father Kellam.
    • After Kellam and his son Brady are finished talking, Brady vanishes into thin air. Kellam is baffled.
    • Ricken has difficulty convincing his kids that he's their father. Especially funny if he's Gerome's father, since Gerome will say he remembers future!Ricken "cutting an imposing figure", which leaves Ricken noticeably jealous of his own future self. Kjelle's conversation if Ricken is her father supports this further as she mentions that her father was a "tall, strapping man".
      • Becomes even funnier after the moment with Inigo and Donnel further below. The kid wearing a pot on his head has no issues with being recognized by his children yet the boy with the oversized wizard hat is ALWAYS passed up as a kid who got caught up in the skirmishes.
    • If Henry is Owain's father, their entire conversation is absolutely hilarious. From Owain being overcome by a "horrible sense of foreboding" and then totally understanding why once Henry appears, to Owain refusing to believe that Henry isn't a ghost and Henry cheerfully going along with it, to Henry explaining all the ways he imagines himself dying but telling Owain that it's not okay for Owain to have a death wish and since Henry is his father he's allowed to be hypocritical like that... it's comedy gold. And then the kicker, when Henry leaves to fight Risen:
      Owain: Don't worry. You got your ghostly point across just fine.
      Henry: Really? Nya ha! Thanks, Owain! See ya around, then. *Whoosh* *ghost noises*
    • If Henry is Inigo's father, he doesn't exactly sugarcoat things.
      Inigo: Father? It can't be... You're dead.
      Henry: Nya ha! I wish!
    • If Henry is Brady's father, they have the same common exchange where Brady doesn't want his father risking his life for him and a world that isn't even his. Henry's response is pretty special.
      Henry: Sorry, but I'm not about to abandon my son when he's in danger. I like danger! And I'm also surprisingly okay with death. And flies. To me, this world's as cozy as a blanket. Nya ha ha!
      Brady: Pop, you're kind of freaking me out.
      Henry: I have that effect on people.
    • Maribelle and Brady:
      Maribelle: Wh-what?! Where are you going? Stop running, young man!
      Brady: Ow! Let go of my ear! What do you care if I haul it out of here? You're probably s-some enemy ruse!
      Maribelle: I most certainly am not! If I were some artifice of the enemy, then you would already be dead. I or someone else would have struck you down the moment you hesitated.
      Brady: Well...yeah, but...
      Maribelle: But nothing! Stand up straight! Did I raise you to run for the hills at the sight of your own mother's face?
      Brady: You didn't raise me, period! Ugh, I give up. So what do you want, Ma?
      Brady: ...... BAWWW! *sniff* *sob*
      Maribelle: Brady, whatever has come over you? You usually cry after my lectures, not before them.
    • Unlike most the children, Inigo needs absolutely no convincing that Donnel is his father.
      Donnel: That must be the Inigo of this world. That's my boy — look at him go! But I'll probably scare the tar out of him if I just march up and say hi... And that's if he even recognizes me... I reckon I look younger than he does!
      Inigo: Father?! What are you doing here?
      Donnel: Inigo?! How'd ya know I'm your pa?
      Inigo: Uh, can anyone else fight that well with a pot on his head?
  • The most humorous of all is Walhart's father-child Supports with Morgan, due to almost completely altering the tune of the supports, and Crossing the Line Twice.
  • In the ending of Future Past 3 after the defeat of Grima, all the children have a reunion, everything goes well until everyone notices Gerome, who appears without his mask... nobody is able to recognise him.
    • Yarne's reaction is arguably the funniest, partly because he is the first to react, but mostly because he's practically a grown man at this point.
    Yarne: Ack! STRANGER DANGER!
    • Also, Owain appears to have lost his Large Ham traits. And why? Because people are responding positively to such antics and treating his flights of fancy as totally plausible.
      Owain: Now when I say, "My sword hand twitches," people don't look at me funny. They says, "Lord Owain will show the forces of evil what's what," or... "Don't mess with the blood of the exalt!" ...They actually say what I expect them to! I don't know how to cope!
  • The DLC "Five-Anna Firefight" and the whole theme about The Annas
    Anna: But my sisters were up mining in those mountains today too! Anna and Anna! Anna too! And little Anna! ...Was there one more? ...Oh, yes, Anna!
    Chrom: Indeed-we will not rest until Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, and... what was the last one? Ah yes, Anna- we will not rest until all five of them are safe.
    • Panne's pre-battle quote brings up a joke often made about Inexplicably Identical Individuals.
      “Little could be harder than outliving the rest of one's race. This I know. Not that Annas are a "race", mind you, but still... The pain is similar. And that is why these sisters must be saved!”
  • The ending of Infinite Regalia. After a very tense battle against Deadlords who might or might not have been constructed from the remains of the children's parents from the Bad Future, Chrom and company settle for leaving the Outrealm... until the Deadlords give him an Einherjar card and a discount card under the promise of coming back! The sudden shift in the mood makes it look like the Deadlords are lonely and get clingy at the presence of the Shepherds.
    Chrom: Okay, okay! I got the idea! You all have names. That's... just grand.
    • Gangrel has little respect for the mighty Deadlords.
    Gangrel: "Deadlords," was it? You lost me at "dead." Bwah ha ha ha! Where do you get off feigning power when you all met with some miserable defeat? To me, you're only good at one thing - and you're about to do it again!
  • Male!Morgan and Seliph in Lost Bloodlines 3. Morgan is not appreciative of Seliph's moral musings.
    Seliph: ...Am I doing the right thing?
    Morgan: Oh? You're still debating that? In that case, why not surrender? We'll see no harm comes to you.
    Seliph: No! I have to trust in my convictions!
    Morgan: Then keep your doubts to yourself! Sheesh.
  • Not individually funny, but when playing through Smash Brethren 3, Robin happened to be attacked first by Lilina, followed immediately by Roy. She has special dialogue with both of them, but it's very similar, so it gave the impression that Robin had thus far been trying to explain herself to everyone attacking her before eventually giving up in frustration.
    Lilina: What do you hope to achieve here? Just let us go about our lives!
    Robin: All I hope is to put this realm back to— Ugh, why bother? She won't listen. ...My purpose here is to defeat you. That's all you need to know!
    (five seconds later)
    Roy: Why do you trouble this land? You have your own realm!
    Robin: Actually, I'm fairly certain it's you who— Ugh, what's the point? Only force will sort this mess out!
  • During certain fights in the Einherjar Xenologues, Owain will go on his usual musings and usually will not be taken seriously, like when facing against Olsten in Lost Bloodlines 1, or face No-Nonsense warriors like Jaffar that will take the challenge before Owain finihses his flourish. Nanna, however, will that Owain's talk about a metamorphosis seriously and declare she will take Owain out before it is complete. Made even funnier by the fact Nanna is a Troubador here and thus cannot actually harm Owain.
  • A similar thing to the above can happen with Cynthia in Rogues & Redeemers 3. If you have her fight Eirika, then Cynthia will start to go off on one of her "hero" speeches, only for Eirika to apparently interrupt her before she gets done with it. Naturally, Cynthia complains about this before resuming the fight.
  • Henry and Legion in Lost Bloodlines 1, despite clashing views, hit it off because of their love for blood-filled battles.
  • The running gag of Lost Bloodlines where Inigo tries to flirt with Larcei and Inigo ends up reminding her of a certain event before they clash.
    Inigo: ...I'm quite certain I'm missing something here.
  • In Lost Bloodlines 2, Maribelle asks Raquesis for pointers on how to be more of a proper lady and who taught etiquette to her, Raquesis states that she wasn't taught by anyone before pointing out that Eldigan was the most likely inspiration. Maribelle then decides she needs to find a brother.
  • If you're playing on Casual mode, then Gangrel's retreat quote is basically him Rage Quitting the level.
  • Maribelle and Cordelia's conversation in the Summer Scramble pretty much devolves into the two getting into a Cat Fight of who's the better friend, Lissa or Sumia.

  • The Large Ham enemy voice. You know the one. The one that goes "HAH!" when he attacks, sounding somewhat like Gaston, and goes "It can't BE!" when he's killed.
  • Actually, the Falchion's invulnerability from the prologue is a bit of a funny moment when Fridge Logic kicks in. Chrom is the one most likely to break things... but the Falchion is unbreakable. Of course Chrom would be given the Falchion so "early"... because it's the only weapon he won't eventually find some way to break.
    • Also Chrom has no access to the Mercenary class meaning he has no way of obtaining the Skill Armsthrift which prevents weapon degradation based on your Luck.
    • This is extended into Lucina's experience-gaining event tile quote:
      Lucina: I tried out some of Father's fighting techniques and managed to smash a large hole into a wall...Success?
      • Which isn't surprising, since a female Avatar is the only mother that can give her access to Armsthrift.
  • The fact that thief is one of Kellam's alternate classes. And he actually plays well in it.
  • Some of the reclassing options look plain silly, such as Tharja as a Mighty Glacier Knight or Chrom wearing a silly archer hat on the world map.
    • A personal favorite would be Donnel who will always wear that pot on his head. Even dressed as an otherwise scary and red lightning-hued Dread Fighter.
    • One also doubles as Fridge Brilliance, the DLC Bride class has whoever is a bride swaying back and forth and performing twirls and pirouettes. Except Lissa, who uses much cruder animations, even using the animations for an assassin if she's using a bow. Then you realize exactly why she complains about being un-princess like.
  • Kellam's roster trivia states that he is the tallest member of the army, sitting down. Since you can recruit units like Walhart and Basilio, this has some pretty hilarious implications in either direction.
  • Several attacked/killed voice clips are downright goofy. Special mention goes to Gaius for having one of the goofiest voice clips and several enemies can make you laugh hard from their over-the-top voicing. This doubles as Black Comedy if you've heard some of these voice clips in conversations before hearing them again in battle, especially Frederick's infamous "GEAAAAAUUUUGH!"
  • The voice selections for unvoiced lines usually do a good job of setting the tone for a conversation. But sometimes, they come together in odd places or mixtures. On the one hand, we have Yarne shouting "No, You go extinct!" in a friendly conversation. On the opposite end, there's this conversation from chapter 2...
    "Marth": You can call me Marth.
    Chrom: Really?
    "Marth": No.
    • In the same vein, if Henry is Yarne's father in their B Support after Yarne gives a vague clue about his suspicions that Henry is cheating on Panne ("Thirteen yesterday, eight the day before. You know what I'm talking about?"), the voice clip used for Henry's reaction ("Um...the number of fatal curses I slung upon our foes?") is "Wanna die?"
  • Pair a long-range unit and a Knight/General, then attack an enemy two squares away. If a Dual Strike happens, the Knight/General is supposed to make a floating leap that lets them hit the enemy in a second. However, sometimes they don't, and it is absolutely hilarious watching the slow-moving Knight/General in heavy armor trudging across the field while the enemy just calmly stands there, waiting for their opponent to impale them with a spear. Especially funny if it's Kellam and he yells "SURPRISE!"
  • When Knights or Generals activate an offensive skill like Luna, their attack consists of a sliding headbutt to their opponent's ankles. This becomes doubly hilarious if the skill in question is Lethality. There is something quietly hilarious about watching an enemy suffer a One-Hit Kill, complete with dramatic red screen/black silhouette visual effect, all from a bunch of metal crashing into them at shin-height.
    • With Sumia as a Knight or General, tis becomes even better. You're practically weaponizing her clumsiness.
  • The Weapon Forging can be pretty funny, such as if you forge a powerful spear and give it a silly name like "Mr. Pointy" then have a serious warrior like Frederick obliterate the enemy lines with it. (The enemies will quail in fear of Mr. Pointy, and will tell tales of it's brutal slaughter in years to come)
    • It becomes even funnier if you saw Lucina and Owain's supports, where Lucina seriously considers renaming Falchion to "Pointy Demonspanker." There is, of course, nothing stopping you (except maybe the character limit) from then forging your own Pointy Demonspanker for her to kill things with.
      Chrom's penis broke.
      Sumia's water broke.
      Libra's masculinity broke.
      [Avatar]'s brain broke.
  • In the Fire Emblem World website, you'll find quite a few Official Artworks of many Fire Emblem characters, but in the Fire Emblem: Awakening background you'll find... Anna chasing Havetti with a Levin Sword! What's even better is that it's the epilogue image! In other words, Anna and Havetti are co-hosts of the Capture Section, talking about the chapters from Awakening! One would wonder what Havetti actually did to make Anna so angry though...
    • Apparently, Havetti beat up the original co-host (name goes unmentioned) and stole the invitation letter to Anna's Walkthrough House. At the end of the walkthrough, Anna discovers the truth when the original co-host sends her a letter, apologizing for failing to make it. Havetti bails when questioned, taking with him all sorts of goodies like candy and chicken drumsticks. Naturally, Anna gives chase.
  • Just like in Blazing Sword, you can abuse the Hello, [Insert Name Here] function to name yourself after canon characters like Marth and Chrom, and no one, including the actual Marth or Chrom, will notice your shenanigans.
    Chrom: Chrom? Sounds foreign.
  • When "Marth" blocks an attack on Chrom revealing her true identity as Lucina in the process, it's a dramatic moment...unless you look at the battle forecast and see that Chrom, due to intense level-grinding, would've not only NoSelled-ed the attack but also have killed the assassin, without any need for help whatsoever.
  • The paralogues where you can recruit the second generation characters, as well as certain characteristics of the second generation characters become funnier with specific pairings:
    • Inigo, womanizer extraordinaire and timid when it comes to dancing, becomes an even funnier character if the player paired Olivia with Virion, as it would appear he got his mother's timidness and daddy's womanizing tendencies.
      • Even funnier if a male Avatar is Inigo's father and has done some supports with other women in addition to Olivia. Inigo may very well have gotten his tendendcies from the player, in a way.
    • If Maribelle is married to Donnel or Gregor, her first interactions with Brady becomes all the funnier when she wonders how she gave birth to "a common thug"... who speaks much like the Country Mouse/looks like the Cool Old Guy she is married to. If she married Gaius, their entire interaction in the paralogue, in which Maribelle refuses to interact with Brady because of his Face of a Thug, becomes hilarious. Especially the "proof by ring" scene in which she mistakes him for a thief and gets even more reluctant to associate with him, despite having married one.
    • Male!Avatar and Tharja gives us Tharja breaking character and putting curses on the poor guy when he tries to get her to stop using Noire as the guinea pig for her hexes.
    • Severa putting on a "Daddy's girl" act to get her father to go shopping with her is hilarious regardless, but doubly so if her father is Gregor, Lon'qu or Virion. The comment on how most Royal Houses couldn't afford to spend what Severa did is doubly hilarious coming from Virion, a noble himself.
      • What really makes Severa and Gregor's supports hilarious is the fact that her line about she and her father possibly getting mistaken for siblings remains unchanged... despite the obvious problem that Gregor causes for that statement.
    • Owain with Virion as his father. Not only because Owain turns out to be an even bigger Large Ham than his father, but because it is hilarious to see the Archerst of Archers being utterly confused by Owain's heroic theatrics.
    • Laurent's A-Support with his father has said father tickle him to try and make him smile. And yes, that even includes Lon'qu and Frederick.
    • Lucina's supports with her mother are largely about Lucina trying to pick a dress for her mother and said mother being a bit weirded out by her...odd choices for clothes. This also includes Sully, the least likely to wear a dress in the army.
    • Libra has this dignified look about him regardless of the situation he is in, to the point that a few people liken him to Naga herself in his solo ending. So of course, him being cursed with a non-stop cry hex when he tries to get Tharja to stop using Noire as a guinea pig for her hexes is a hilarious mental image.
    • Brady's supports with his father have him do some rather...over the top things under the assumption that it's common proper behaviour as Maribelle told him, only for his father to point out that Maribelle is playing him. With Henry as his father, it's easy to imagine the aforementioned situation as Henry's sense of humour rubbing off on her.
      • On that note, Ricken as Brady's father. Looks like the dev team didn't think of everything.
    • Yarne's supports with his father are mostly about him being worried that his father will cheat on Panne, making him cease to exist as he fears the most. With his father being Virion and given the Archest or Archers' track record... one can understand why Yarne is worried.
    • Then there's Kjelle's dad, who tries to help her with her Lethal Chef trouble. Marrying Sully to Chrom or the Male Avatar will being the delicious irony of a Lethal Chef attempting to give cooking tips to another...
    • Gerome's A support with his dad has the dad playfully trolling the fuck out of the son in regards to his and his Minerva's close relationship. Again, that includes guys like Lon'qu and Frederick, too.
    • The game itself lampshades one of these occurences. More specifically, Henry and Nowi's ending, which mentions that Nah had to "grow up faster than most other girls since her parents showed no sign of doing it", fitting her character to a T. Also with Henry, if he is married to Tharja, the ending credits will mentioned how Noire's inner demon was a result of her good, yet messed-up in the head parents' antics.
    • Morgan's supports with Inigo where she goes on a date with Inigo and she basically gets him to blow all his money on food for her becomes all the funnier if her mother is Anna or Severa.
    • Male Morgan's supports with his father have him staring into said father's eyes. While this works for most units, it falls apart if the father is, say, Henry or Kellam.
  • One of Yarne's battle-start quotes when paired up with another unit is "Don't let me die!" This becomes both hilarious and heartwarming if he then does a Dual Guard; despite being clearly scared for his life, he selflessly jumps in front of an attack meant for his partner.
    • Yarne has a voice clip for dual strike where he says, "Bunny Kick!" Funny on its own, this becomes funnier if he is something other than the Taguel class.
  • Naming your Avatar Grima can be this because it doesn't change any dialogue, meaning everyone will call the Avatar by their name and somehow never connect them to the Fell Dragon itself.
    • Naming them Naga can also be funny if you believe Validar gave them their name, as that's the last thing he would name the vessel of Grima.
  • Kellam gets a new Cipher card... that pokes fun at his invisibility. Hilarity Ensues.
  • The Hubba Tester offers some gems.
    • If two females have a mutual "dislike" reading:
    "Ooh! Catfight! Catfight!"
    • If two siblings have one "love" and one "dislike" reading:
    "Oh, the questions this raises..."


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