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Stalker with a Crush

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She isn't the worst of his stalkers.

"Stalking is when two people take a long romantic walk together, but only one of them is aware of it."

A character noted for their obsession with another character. They claim that the motivation for their morally outrageous acts is a simple wish to gain attention from the crush-ee. Alternatively, the obsession may be explained as a misguided desire to "protect" note  the crush-ee, whether or not the crush-ee wants or needs such "protection". In any case, the more sincere they seem, the creepier they are.

Why does this happen? Because Love Makes You Evil, and "If I Can't Have You... No One Will!"

There'll usually be a Double Standard at play with this trope. Male stalkers are more likely to be portrayed unsympathetically, and as an actual danger to their object of obsession. Female stalkers, by contrast, are likely to be portrayed sympathetically, and typically portrayed as charming or cute (though beware the Woman Scorned!).note 


Compare Stalker Without a Crush, whose obsession is unrelated to romantic feelings.

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Bugs and Lola Bunny are singing a song about the latter's obsession over the former.

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