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Stalker With A Crush / Professional Wrestling

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  • Stevie Richards started in ECW as Raven's insanely dedicated follower, and then to everyone's surprise, Richards himself was the object of someone's obsession. He was being stalked by then newcomer Francine.
  • Steven Richards, when he followed around Victoria in drag, interfering with all her matches.
  • WWE wrestler Mickie James's obsession with Trish Stratus went from hero worship, to dressing as Trish on Halloween, to trying to become Trish's lesbian lover (and abducting her boyfriend in the process), to beating Trish severely and licking the blood off her hands afterward. Somehow, when their climactic confrontation for the WWE Women's Championship came, she still got cheered.
    • Possibly because the writing was so over-the-top, it was impossible to take seriously.
    • Earlier, Alexis Laree herself had one in Ring Of Honor, Allison Danger. Danger's case was less obsessive gone too far and more "Laree will be my play thing whether she like it or not" from the very start.
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  • Around the time Mickie got started in WWE, Kurt Angle was in hot pursuit of Booker T's wife, Sharmell, whom he insisted was a gutter slut.
  • Jimmy Jacobs in Ring of Honor. First to his ex girlfriend, The Lovely Lacey, and then to the Panama City Playboy Adam Cole.
  • TNA would later rehash the Kurt Angle/Booker T/Sharmell angle with Scott Steiner relentlessly pursuing Bobby Lashley's wife, Kristal Marshall. There was a twist though, as Lashley was a two sport athlete, Kristal began pressuring him to quit pro wrestling and focus exclusively on mixed martial arts, due to TNA's poor handling of the situation, which in turn lead to Lashley assaulting random TNA wrestlers an a bid to get fired when they refused to terminate his contract. Scott Steiner turned out to be a real Unwitting Instigator of Doom, huh?
  • Kane would count, but the stalking doesn't last before he just grabs the woman and walks off with her.
    • Kane has done this at least twice, first with Lita and later with Kelly Kelly. The first time he was played as a heel but was gradually shifted to face after the story shifted from him stalking, tormenting, and technically raping Lita, to Lita having a miscarriage and losing their child and Kane going out for revenge against the man who caused it, to eventually Lita betraying Kane for Edge. The second time, Kane was portrayed much more sympathetically from the get go, it starting from an unfortunate misunderstanding. It helped that one, his romantic rival in this case was Randy Orton, and two, that the storyline fizzled out before anything came of it.
    • And, all things coming full circle, Kane was then the target of his own stalker with a crush in the form of AJ Lee, who was convinced that deep beneath his tormented soul, he really does have a heart. For his part, Kane seemed more confused by this than anything else, possibly because she was simultaneously a Stalker with a Crush for both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.
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  • Undertaker showed hints of this with Stephanie during his Ministry of Darkness period. He seemingly wanted to marry her to take control of the WWF but he invaded her house, left notes on her mirror, messed with her personal belongings, and had pictures taken of her which he had delivered to Vince in an envelope. He referred to himself as her soul mate and kidnapped her on two occasions. During a sit-down with her father & Jerry Lawler, Stephanie said that Taker was sending her pictures. note  On a final note, Stephanie said Taker stripped her, placed her in the dark robes for the ceremony, and repeatedly touched her while declaring that she was his & couldn't do anything about it.
  • In the WWE subsidized version of Florida Championship Wrestling, Seth Rollins found himself with a physical and cyber stalker in the form of Paige. She eventually got over it though.
  • Samuel Shaw in TNA towards interviewer Christy Hemme. Then he got his own in Brittany.
  • Tori (Terri Poch) was this to Sable in 1999 WWE. The original plan was for Tori to be Sable's "sister," but the Les Yay potential was too good for WWE not to use.


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