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What best summarizes wrestling again? Is it the action? Is it the eye candy? Or maybe it's because most performers can encapsulate much of their persona in a brief highlight reel set to some of the most Awesome Music played in an arena (outside of concerts, of course), which almost no other sport does on such a level.

See also Most Wonderful Sound, for when said Awesome Music begins with a certain cue, like the sound of glass shattering, or a slide whistle, or a stadium full of people chanting "Kaze ni nare!" That said, remember: Weblinks Are Not Examples, especially as some links are no longer valid over time.

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  • Kenny Omega gets a new theme by Little V Mills, "Battle Cry", and it's as anime-theme inspirational as you would expect from the Cleaner. For bonus nerdy points, it name drops his finisher (itself a video game reference) and his previous entrance music (including a cover of "Hopes and Dreams"). Is Kenny Omega the new face of wrestling, or at least AEW? You better believe it.
  • Fellow Elite members The Young Bucks also boast some awesome music with Superkick Party. The opening electric guitar solo is bound to elicit a response, whether to cheer or jeer them.
  • Not to be outdone, 'Hangman' Adam Page has Ghost Town Triumph, a fitting song for his cowboy themed gimmick. An epic remix, Hangman's Tale, is used during Hangman and the Dark Order's entrance at Fight for the Fallen 2021. It highlighted the stakes for Hangman Page and the Dark Order as they fought to keep or gain title shots against the Super Elite.
  • Judas, created by none other than Chris Jericho himself. Say what you want about the person, his theme song will always get people to sing along with him. Doesn't matter if he's a heel or face, you will finish the song even after the titantron stops.
  • Heel wrestler MJF uses Dig Deep and it just fits his cocky and slimy nature perfectly. As if the formation of The Pinnacle couldn't be any closer to an old-school heel faction, their theme song harkens closely to The Four Horsemen with a modern blend.
  • An AEW original, Joey Janela came out to Bad Boy, a throwback to 80s music that fits his nature whether as a face or a heel.
  • A certified badass like Jon Moxley needs a song fitting of his persona, and "Unscripted Violence" fits that notion to a 'T'. All while fans clamor around him as he makes his way from the stands to the ring.
  • The wrestler PAC is an unpredictable foe, and his theme song matches the intensity that he gives his opponents. When Lucha Bros Penta El Zero Miedo and Fénix joined in to form the Death Triangle, the theme song that came with it combines all of the best elements of their theme songs into a truly terrifying piece.
  • Riho's Eternal Beauty theme feels like a triumphant and optimistic tune for the smiling babyface.
  • Shining Samurai for Hikaru Shida is the perfect song that harbors to her roots and her style as a hard-hitting, intense wrestler.
  • The self-proclaimed 'Role Model' Britt Baker has a justifiably epic theme song to go along with her unabashed confidence in her statement.
  • Jurassic Express has a damn good theme on its own, but when Jungle Boy recently received Tarzan Boy as his new singles theme song, no one can stop saying "Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh" when he enters the ring. It's even become a chant during a match.
  • "It's Live" for Ricky Starks. Complete with him shuffling and playing air guitar along the way. How can you not like this song?
  • When the Dark Order revealed their Exalted One, it was none other than Mr. Brodie Lee himself. His accompanying theme song is just as epic.
  • To commemorate the arrival of the legendary Sting, Arrival contains elements from WCW, TNA and WWE and combines them all into an absolute banger of a theme song.
  • The Varsity Blondes trio of Brian Pillman Jr. Griff Garrison and Julia Hart have City Lights, a catchy rock jingle that flows well with their school gimmick.
  • Ryan Nemeth's theme has become a bit of an anthem for The Pretty Picture faction, with their hopes of getting a "Walk of Fame".
  • "Cult of Personality" has now officially crossed over into its THIRD major promotion with the arrival of CM Punk. While he has had several great themes over the years, it's safe to say that the initial pop Punk got wouldn't have been nearly as amazing if it was something new as opposed to the opening guitar chords of CoP.
  • Miro's second theme, Redeemer, perfectly encapsulated his rise as a Wrestling Monster. Like a Gladiator entering with triumphant trumpets, you know that Miro's opponents will have to fight to survive the "forgiveness" of The Redeemer.
  • Once Adam Cole arrives at the scene and brings everything up to the next level, you know it's "All About Tha (Boom!)"
  • While his Ring of Honor licensed theme was too cost prohibitive, Bryan Danielson got a nice consolation prize in the form of Born For Greatness, a remixed version of his WWE theme with the familiar ROH chant, showcasing a more serious side to his character.
  • After moving on from his breakup with Joey Janela, Sonny Kiss returned with a new theme song Kiss The Ring, showing that he means business from now on.
  • Bask in the glory of Keith Lee and his new theme song!
  • What do you get when "Tequila" by The Champs meets The Munsters meets Doctor Who? You get Danhausen's Very Nice, Very Evil new AEW theme, "The Danhausen Show!"
  • Serena Deeb's second theme, aptly named The Professor, combines the orchestral tune of O Fortuna with beats and lyrics from Cutright and Brinson. It's a menacing tune set to match the vast wrestling repetroire of the woman with a thousand holds.
  • While it was sad to see Jack Evans leave AEW, the wrestling world was blessed with Angelico's first solo single: VoelDie Vibe Vandag. It is a smooth, relaxing song that fits into the wrestler's lax nature.
  • Claudio Castagnoli's AEW theme, "Uppercut Swingphony", is an adrenaline-pumping rock rendition of the 1812 Overture, which was Claudio's theme on the independents.
  • WHOSE HOUSE? It's Swerve Strickland's house with his theme "Big Pressure", boasting about how he swerves when he drives,note  and stomps people while he does. The current heel remix adds an electric guitar over a slow, menacing beat. Made even more popular thanks to Prince Nana's hypnotic dancing during his entrances.


  • Taichi's Pageant is a theme befitting The Holy Emperor.

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