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Why do we watch wrestling again? Is it for the action? Is it for the eye candy? Or maybe it's to see some heel cash in a briefcase to some of the most Awesome Music played in an arena (outside of concerts, of course).

See also Most Wonderful Sound, for when said Awesome Music begins with a certain cue.

Also note: Weblinks Are Not Examples.

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  • Just to point out a bit of the obvious: Notice how long the WWE section is here? That's because WWE's in-house composer, Jim Johnston, is the Awesome Music Man. In fact, in more recent days, most of the themes are made by CFO$, which is a two-man producer team. That's right, it takes two guys to replace Jim Johnston because he's just that awesome.
  • CFO$ are no slouches, either. After 2014, most new theme credits belong to them, including most-to-all of NXT's roster from 2015 onwards. They've built up a pretty strong presence on this list, too, and if they're the future of WWE entrance themes (as Jim Johnston is now handling soundtracks for WWE's increasingly active film division), then the future is in good hands.






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