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Just to point out a bit of the obvious: Notice how long the WWE section is here? That's because WWE's in-house composer, Jim Johnston, is the Awesome Music Man. In fact, in more recent days, most of the themes are made by CFO$, which is a two-man producer team. and then by def rebel, a whole recording label. That's right, it takes two guys and more to replace Jim Johnston because he's just that awesome.


  • CFO$ are no slouches, either. After 2014, most new theme credits belong to them, including most-to-all of NXT's roster from 2015 onwards. They've built up a pretty strong presence on this list, too, and if they're the future of WWE entrance themes (as Jim Johnston is now handling soundtracks for WWE's increasingly active film division), then the future is in good hands.
  • Sofia Cortez didn't get much opportunity to allow fans to get into her theme but it was just made of win.
  • The Civil Twilight's "Letters from the Sky". So awesome that WWE used it in promos for huge matches involving top stars - TWICE. (The John Cena-Randy Orton Iron Man match in 2010 and for Cena vs. Rock at WrestleMania 29.)
  • Puerto Rican tag team Epico and Primo changed their entrance theme to this in 2013. Unabashedly Latin? Yes. All the more awesome for it? YES.
  • The Wyatt Family's theme, "Live In Fear" by Mark Crozer (of The Jesus and Mary Chain) and The Rels, which Bray Wyatt inherited for his solo career.
  • After being repackaged in 2019 as an darker character, Wyatt gets a remix of "Broken Out in Love/Live in Fear" entitled "Let Me In", a more aggressive metal take on the former song, with shouts of "HURT! HEAL!" during the guitar interludes between verses. It fits "the Fiend" perfectly. And yes, that is Code Orange who recorded the song!
  • Harper and Rowan have gotten their own entrance theme for their tag matches sans Wyatt himself, and they're pretty good:
    • "Sheepherder" for Erick Rowan. A nice, mellow bluegrass number.
    • ...And Luke Harper's "Swamp Gas". He's got his eyes on you...
  • Emma's goofy pop number, "#Emmalution" and accompanying dance are amazingly addicting and just plain fun. "Real Deal", her theme after getting bitter and better, is the definition of Evil Is Sexy.
  • Paige's first theme, "Smashed In The Face", has these harmonic stabs at the beginning that get the entire audience on their feet instantly (she's also unique in having a rock theme when most Divas end up with dance-pop). Her new theme, "Stars In The Night", is pretty awesome too.
  • Summer Rae's is catchy as hell and a perfect fit for her. Her new one even more so.
  • Big E Langston's "I Need Five" was perfect for his gimmick of being able to win with a five-count... that he stopped using once he left NXT.
  • Fandango is cool and all, but Johnny Curtis is way better.
  • And upon coming back from a devastating knee injury, the now-married Tyson Kidd has a theme which, while short, makes you feel like you could take on the world.
  • Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" had been used to taunt a losing wrestler, espeically in a "Loser Leaves Town" Match. Savio Vega did this to Ted DiBiase Sr after he defeated "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in a strap match at "In Your House 8: Beware of Dog" in 1996. There's this video that had some of the best ones, where even Jerry Lawler, who's often a Heel nails one.
  • Alexander Rusev, who came from NXT, has this amazing theme, "Roar of the Lion." Its intensity makes you feel like everyday is Rusev Day.
  • Whether you think Bo Dallas sucks, Bo Dallas sucks, or Bo Dallas sucks, one thing you're probably not knocking is his theme song. His new theme, "Shoot for the Stars," is also just as good.
  • Words can't properly describe the face-melting greatness of Finn Bálor's theme song, "Catch Your Breath". It's a hard-hitting orchestral rock piece that wouldn't sound out of place in the final boss fight of an RPG. The awesomeness is greatly amplified when he wrestles in demon form, when the theme has the awesome intro included.
  • Since the dissolution of The Shield, each member has had their own theme that's distinct yet still similar to each other's:
  • Baron Corbin's theme, "Superhuman", is ridiculously kickass and fits his gimmick like a glove. His new theme, "I Bring the Darkness (End of Days)" goes the next mile by introducing amazing vocals and being more foreboding than "Superhuman".
  • Dana Brooke's theme, "Respectful", is also a rock song — although less incongruent to a Diva than Paige because it's sung by a female.
  • Charlotte Flair's theme, "Recognition", remixes her father's.
  • Sami Zayn's theme, "Worlds Apart" sounds like the musical equivalent of the triumph of the human spirit, fitting for so-called heart and soul of NXT. As a bonus it brings back El Generico "Ole" vibes to it. So iconic, it's even been the subject of a "goes with every anime opening" meme! It has given the WWE the foundation for potentially one of the greatest crowd singalong sessions of all time. Just imagine it: a Triple Threat match. Bobby Roode, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura.
  • AJ Styles' WWE theme "Phenomenal" is simply that, phenomenal.
  • The sky's the limit for "The Boss" Sasha Banks.
  • While "Subconscious" will be missed, the "The Rising Sun" is a worthy successor for the "King of Strong Style" Shinsuke Nakamura. Them violins.
  • Perhaps the most worthy contender to the Road Warriors' badass theme for a tag-team in the company's history; that of the Acolyte Protection Agency. The opening riff alone makes people mark out to this day!
  • Coming from their successful NJPW run, Gallows and Anderson receive a brand new amazing theme, "Omen in the Sky".
  • Bobby Roode's WWE theme "Glorious Domination" is just that, GLOOO-RIOUS!!!
  • TJ Perkins' main roster theme "Playing With Power" is a lovechild of your typical pro wrestling theme and Mega Man music.
  • The one thing missing from WWE Armegeddon? THE END IS HEEEERRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
  • While it can be filed under generic rock, James Ellsworth's theme is great for not only the music itself, but the fact that such a driving song is used for probably the smallest guy on the main roster.
  • NXT's Tye Dillinger has the very triumphant sounding "Ten" which fits with his "Perfect 10" gimmick like a perfect ten.
  • American Alpha's theme "Elite", which was inherited by Chad Gable, manages to get very catchy, especially its signature piano playing during both the intro and throughout the song. Jason Jordan's solo theme alone proves that he is a part of the "Next Generation of Great".
  • The Brian Kendrick is the man with a plan! The full version is just as good too. The theme he used when teaming with Paul London, "Rocker," is a pretty sweet remix of The Rockers's theme, "Rock Out."
  • NXT's Tino Sabatelli has "G.O.A.T" which is a really catchy money themed rap not unlike Shane McMahon's theme.
  • Apollo Crews' theme "Cruise Control" is a triumphant theme fitting for the always smiling superstar.
  • Brian Pillman's theme, "Ticking Timebomb" is a psychotic piece fitting for his "Loose Cannon" character.
  • Big Boss Man has two notable themes, both of which are awesome. His classic theme, "Hard Times" is a theme many classic wrestling fans should recognize. His last theme, "Guard" is a badass theme for the late Hall of Famer.
  • The Revival have a theme emphasizing their Southern origins in the form of "Southern Proud." SAY YEAH!
  • The mysterious Aleister Black has a really heavy rock song with gothic influences and a badass name: "Root of All Evil".
  • While NXT's "Roar of the Crowd" will be missed, the new theme "Rage" is a worthy successor.
  • #DIY have "Chrome Hearts", a rock piece that sounds like it came straight out of Dynasty Warriors. The duo also had great themes while competing in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, where Johnny Gargano used a sweet remix of "Chrome Hearts" in the form of "From the Heart" while his ex-partner Tommaso Ciampa used "Chaos Rises". After Tommaso Ciampa's betrayal, Johnny Gargano switches to a vocal version of "From the Heart", called "Rebel Heart", which wouldn't sound out of place in an anime opening. It's especially notable as one of the few themes with female vocals thats used by a male wrestler (probably the first since Christian abandoned his Waterproof Blonde theme upon his departure from WWE in 2005).
  • For someone still so green in the ring, the MMA specialist Sonya Deville (formerly Daria Berenato) has quite the epic theme.
  • Jinder Mahal's theme, "Sher (Lion)" is a long Badass Boast put into a Punjabi rap for the Modern Day Maharaja.
  • Despite being around for only a short time until disbanding as a result of the WWE 2016 Draft along with Adam Rose's release, The Social Outcasts had a ridiculously awesome theme, the Three Days Grace-inspired "Outcast" with vocals provided by Kit Walters.
  • The Ax-Crazy stable SAnitY gets "Controlled Chaos", which is basically a heavily distorted version of Primus's "My Name Is Mud" with a badass helicopter intro and a haunting Evil Laugh added throughout. The members individual themes are equally as badass remixes of "Controlled Chaos". Killian Dain's "Beast of Belfast" has haunting Irish instrumentals added to "Controlled Chaos". Nikki Cross's "Glasgow Cross" replaces the distorted guitars with electronic synths and the original Evil Laugh with Cross's own laughs and terrifying screams. Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe, meanwhile, have yet to get solo themes.
  • The Drifter, Elias Samson brings a sweet guitar piece, "Drift", to wherever he drifts to.
  • Cedric Alexander's theme, "Won't Let Go", is a great hip hop song with sirens added throughout.
  • When Chris Hero returned to NXT as Kassius Ohno, he brings in "Hero's Welcome", a rap piece sung by Cody B. Ware, who also sung the theme of The Kings of Wrestling in Ring of Honor, which had Hero and Cesaro in it. Hero also used "Flatlined" during his first run in NXT.
  • What happens when you let Downstait, the band who created the themes of The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Zack Ryder, Alex Riley, and Cody Rhodes, remix Seth Rollins's theme? You get "Redesign Rebuild Reclaim", a really metal remix of "The Second Coming" with parts of "Battle On" and "Flesh It Out" added throughout. Too bad Seth confirmed on Twitter he wouldn't be using it.
  • For NXT TakeOver: Chicago 2017, Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy come out with "Judas", a song very fitting for his former "best friend" Kevin Owens, as well as the PPV itself, where #DIY breaks up when Tommaso Ciampa turns on Johnny Gargano after losing to The Authors Of Pain for the NXT Tag Team Championship. Unfortunately, Jericho did not appear at that pay-per-view nor did he use it for least in WWE, as he started coming out to "Judas" once he went to New Japan Pro-Wrestling.
  • U-N-I-T-Y, what it spell huh? It spells Team B.A.D.'s theme, "Unity", which was later picked up by NXT's Street Profits and was remixed into "Bring The Swag".
  • Bayley's theme "Turn it Up", which is precisely as anime-pop clap-along as you could want for The Huggable One.
  • "F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S", yes. Carmella's "Fancy"-inspired song is perfect for her swag.
  • Roderick Strong's theme, "Next Level", is a metal song heavily influenced by Killswitch Engage's famous "The End of Heartache".
  • The Undisputed Era's theme, aptly titled "Undisputed" evokes an NWO-like vibe with its guitar, fitting for a group billed as a kind of invading force in NXT.
  • Jack Gallagher received "Gentleman" after his heel turn and it fits the dastardly gentleman very well.
  • Drew Gulak's theme, "For the Better" sounds like a news station or politician's theme, and it works surprisingly well.
  • Even though he was in NXT for a criminally short time, "The Cowboy" James Storm was at least given a kickass country-esque theme in the form of "Game Up", a song befitting the veteran.
  • Andrade "Cien" Almas' theme, titled "Making a Difference", is a festive piece which features homages to his earlier, masked persona La Sombra and his time as founder of Los Ingobernables.
  • "WOKEN" Matt Hardy has been making his mark in WWE after a long absence, and the aptly named "The Deletion Anthem" punctuates that the Matt we used to know has changed into a wonderful man.
  • Ricochet's NXT theme, "One and Only", sounds like it could easily be a superhero's theme song. It fits.
  • Snitsky's theme, "It wasn't my fault", was kickass and fit his character during the first year of his run in WWE.
  • Tommaso Ciampa's theme, "No One Will Survive", perfectly illustrates his Sadist personality and unbridled tormenting of Johnny Gargano and the rest of the roster.
  • The video game WWF Attitude included, as one of its stock themes, a title called "Crimson Grin". Let's put it this way. Every kid with a wrestling game with a CAW mode has made a bloodthirsty demonic heel to be Kane turned Up to Eleven... and in Attitude, it's a safe bet to say most of them used Crimson Grin as their theme. Actually, for an otherwise mediocre game, Attitude had a lot of great generic themes, although they tend to be hard to find even on Youtube...
  • While Chavo Guerrero Jr.'s "Kerwin White" gimmick was lame, the Frank Sinatra-esque theme song he used was brilliantly cheesy.
  • Becky Lynch has "Celtic Invasion". The more popular Becky is, the more fans sing along to her entrance theme. It's so popular that the San Jose Barracudas ice hockey team plays this music whenever they score a goal.

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