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In the Trope Pantheons, the following professional wrestlers were chosen, grouped according to the promotion where they are best known from. Usually this will be the promotion where the wrestler first rose to great prominence in; however, if they underwent a significant overhaul within a larger promotion and then became much greater stars there, that promotion will supercede the original choice.
{In addition to the Pantheon itself, all these wrestlers can be found competing within the halls of the Pantheon Wrestling Federation, along with even more of their peers. The name at the end in brackets in the promotion groups is a custom circuit name chosen to reference the promotion within the Pantheon, establishing it as secondary in priority to the PWF.}
For the WWE group, developmental promotions will be listed below the main handle in smaller text.


World Wrestling Federation (WWF) classic eras {Titan Sports}

World Championship Wrestling (WCW) {Crockett Inc.}

Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) {Tri-State Extreme}

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) modern eras {The Universe}
Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) {Ohio Valley}
Deep South Wrestling (DSW) {Deep South}
Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) {Florida Championships}
NXT {Full Sail}

Total Nonstop Action (TNA)/Impact Wrestling {The Impact Zone}

Ring of Honor (ROH) {The Honorable Ring}


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