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Shout Out / Fire Emblem Awakening

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Shout Outs for Fire Emblem Awakening

  • During the Avatar's Support conversation with Gaius, Gaius will say "If you are looking for ransom, I can assure you I don't have any money. But what I do have are a very particular set of honey cakes..."
  • Donny shouts "Let's git-r-done!" in battle sometimes.
  • One of Virion's critical hit lines is "Shall I make you famous?"
  • At one point in Lon'qu and Gregor's A support, Gregor says, "...and knowing is half of battle!"
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  • In Henry's B support with Miriel, he mentions, "Why, this one time at mage camp, I killed 100 people with one curse!"
  • In Henry's B support with Cordelia, he says "Looks like someone's got a case of the bloody Mondays."
  • In Henry's S support with Olivia, Olivia thanks Henry for curing a hex she was cursed with. Henry responds by promising to find whoever did it to her, adding "Oh yes, there will be blood..." When Olivia praises Henry for his cute, albeit creepy, smile, he is flattered, adding "Aw, hamburgers".
  • One of Henry's Dual Attack lines has him cry out "oopsie" in a similar manner to Dan "Toasty" Forden.
  • A series of DLC maps primarily involving Ike and Roy is titled "Smash Brethren."
  • One of Cynthia's victory quotes sounds suspiciously similar to "Tuturu~!"
  • In Owain's B support with Lissa, one of the names he suggests for her staff is "Staff of Deep Hurting."
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  • Most of Noire's support conversations with her father(s) is mainly about Tharja's curses. If Gregor is her father, one of his lines is: "Oy! What a horrible night to have curse, yes?"
  • Another Noire quote is "BLOOD AND THUNDER!"
  • In Infinite Regalia, Anna says that all the sacred weapons belong in a museum.
  • Laurent's S support with Severa features a confused Laurent asking Severa if she's speaking in riddles, and if she's going to ask him what she has in her pocket, a reference to Bilbo Baggins' impromptu "riddle" in The Hobbit.
  • One of Yarne's in-battle lines states that he has "sharp, pointy teeth."
  • Owain's conversation with Mist in the DLC chapter Smash Brethren 2 has him promising to protect her with his technique — "SKYWARD...SHIELD!"
  • The line "I don't think the word "earnest" means what you think it means" might seem like a coincidence... were it not said to a character named Inigo.
    • Another reference to The Princess Bride through the vessel of Inigo is having him save a villager named Buttercup in his debut chapter.
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    • And yet another! Inigo gets told to Prepare to Die in a DLC chapter.
  • Frederick and the Avatar in their A support: "My body is ready, Avatar".
  • Apparently, someone at Nintendo is a fan of Future Diary: Tharja does the "Yandere face" in official artwork.
  • In Sumia and Miriel's second conversation in the Summer Scramble DLC, when Miriel accuses Sumia of fabricating her Cute Clumsy Girl nature to get men's attention, she laughs maniacally and exclaims, "I would've gotten away with it, too, if it weren't for your meddling experiments!"
  • Brady tells his father in their C Support to "Sit there and drink your damn tea!"
    • Brady also tells Maribelle he'll make like pants and split to get away from her speech lessons in their B support. He also orders Owain to do the same thing in their C support.
  • In Cynthia's C Support with non-sibling Lucina, she suggests they team up to perform team attacks like the Dual Grim Fandango.
  • While discussing what to name Inigo's sword, Owain suggests "Flameclaw Wyvernborn the Foe Slayer."
  • The Blessed Bow looks very similar to the Angel Bow.
  • When supporting an ally, Owain will occasionally shout "FIGHTERS, ASSEMBLE!"
  • Morgan exclaims "But wait! There's more!" while advertising several health products to Brady in their A Support.
  • Cynthia's hotblooded nature, penchant for heroics, and her concept art pose are very Kamen Rider.
  • In his B support with Owain, Morgan lets loose a special counterattack—Flamingo...PUUUUUUUNCH! For bonus points, it's even a fireball.
  • Donny and Olivia's C support has them talking about a swan princess who sounds suspiciously like Princess Leanne.
    • In the Japanese version, it apparently WAS Leanne.
  • Owain's Memetic Hand Gesture is near IDENTICAL to Jonathan Joestar's famous pose.
  • If Cynthia levels up 6 stats at once, she has a chance of saying 'Look upon my might, ye wicked, and despair!' which is a reworking of the line "look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!" from the sonnet Ozymandias by Percy Shelley.
  • Also from Cynthia is a play on Muhammad Ali's "float like a butterfly" line:
    • "I AM CYNTHIA! I FLOAT LIKE A LEAF AND STING LIKE A NETTLE! ... Eh. Too vegetarian. Although it might lull the foe into a false sense of security..."
  • If Maribelle steps on an Event Tile with her child, one of her possible lines includes the phrase "Moms are tough."
  • The maneuverer of a support character performing a follow-up attack is called a Dual Strike.
  • In the Summer Scramble, Maribelle tells Miriel she has "a brain the size of a planet".
  • Gerome's title in the ending is "Masked Rider".
  • Lucina is named after the Roman goddess of childbirth. It can be taken as "she who brings children into the light."
  • Priam, who claimed to be the descendant of Ike, is named after the king of Troy during the Trojan War.
  • Gaius is a standard name in Ancient Rome, the most famous is Gaius Julius Caesar. It means 'rejoicer.'
    • His Japanese name, Gaia, is named off the earth goddess in Greek mythology.
  • Cordelia was named after the tragic heroine in King Lear. It means 'heart.'
    • Her Japanese name, Tiamo, is from an Italian phrase, "Ti amo", meaning "I love you," referencing her love for Chrom.
    • Severa's name is from an Italian adjective, "severa", meaning "severe, serious, or grave". Her Japanese name, Serena, means clear and peaceful, which in conjunction with her mother, means "love and peace." Irony, given her personality.
  • The most powerful dark tome, Goetia, is named after both the Greek word, which means 'sorcery,' and the Ars Goetia, which is the first section in a grimoire called "The Lesser Keys of Solomon".

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