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Trivia / Fire Emblem: Awakening

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: A joke in the Avatar's supports with Frederick has them trick him into eating bear meat (again) by claiming it's "venison". While the word is nigh-exclusively used to refer to deer meat nowadays (and this was clearly the intention of the statement), technically, any meat from a hunt can be called venison.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
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  • Dummied Out: Bartre and Ninian from ''The Blazing Blade' have unused placeholder portraits in the game.
  • Fake American: Gideon Emery, who voices Gaius, is actually British — for comparison, his other two most famous roles are Balthier and Fenris, and for those, he keeps his natural accent.
    • Averted in his appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes where he's voiced by Ray Chase (who is American).
  • Fake Brit: Mela Lee, who voices Tiki is actually American.
  • I Knew It!:
    • When Male Morgan was confirmed as the boss of the first Future Past DLC Chapter, some fans theorized that Female Morgan would be the boss of the second chapter. They were right. Even less people were surprised that the third and final Future Past DLC Chapter's boss turned out to be Grima.
    • There were also a surprisingly large number of people who guessed, before the game was released, that "Marth" (or rather, Lucina) was actually a girl.
    • Many also called the Avatar being connected to Grima.
    • With regards to localizations, just about everyone called "Thor Hammer" becoming "Mjölnir".
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Despite this game being significant for the franchise, notably saving it from being shelved for good, it was never ported to another console. As a result, it has become rarer as the years went on, with used copies of the game raking up to at least $55 on sites like Amazon. Those without access to a 3DS or emulation, or were too young to play it when it was released at the time are in miserable luck when it comes to getting the game onto their hands. Hurting it even further is that the 3DS eShop is due to shut down in March 2023, meaning that digital copies will no longer be bought there.
    • All of the DLC xenologues (including the DLC einherjar units) will no longer become obtainable starting March 2023, and soon the only way to access any of them without pirating/hacking the game is through used copies that already had them installed before that time comes.
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  • Killer App: It was reported in the UK that the bundle of Awakening and a limited edition 3DS XL made up about 30% of all 3DS XL sales the week it was released, and helped boost sales of the system 50% compared to the previous weeks.
  • Man of a Thousand Voices: In the Japanese version, the same lady does all the female Avatar voice options (which range from mature Lady of War to Token Mini-Moe) as well as one of the male ones.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": Thanks to the SpotPass optional battles and paid DLC, 50 characters from past games are appearing in English for the first time ever in this game. Marth himself averts this, having previously appeared in Shadow Dragon.
    • This game also marks Lilina's non-cameo debut in the PAL region. This is due to the fact that the PAL version of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade omitted the extended epilogue that was retained in all other versions of that game.
  • Newbie Boom: Awakening got more marketing in the West than previous Fire Emblem titles, giving it much better mainstream exposure than its predecessors. It went on to become the best-selling Fire Emblem up to that point, which in turn drew in many new players to the fandom. Robin, Lucina and Chrom's inclusion as playable characters in Super Smash Bros. a few years later sparked another small surge of new fans due to the Smash series' popularity.
  • No Dub for You: While the various European localizations are very creative and heavily Woolseyized, only English and Japanese voiceovers exist for the game, unlike Radiant Dawn's multiple European voices. However, all Western versions of the game contain both voice tracks, unlike in previous Fire Emblem games and the follow-up Fire Emblem Fates, which contain only the English audio.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal voicing a Kid Hero, Bryce Papenbrook voicing an energetic, creepily cheerful Kid Hero, Stephanie Sheh voicing a Yandere, Kate Higgins voicing a Tomboy; and Tara Platt voicing stern, serious mage, and a Lady of War, Sam Riegel as a Ridiculously Average Guy Badass Normal villager, Richard Epcar voicing a hammy villain.
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Spike Spencer as a Sissy Smug Snake that looks like a lady, Liam O'Brien voicing a heroic Chivalrous Pervert, and Stephanie Sheh playing a confident, training-loving knight.
    • In terms of L.A-based roles, Todd Haberkorn went on to typically play Smug Snakes or Villains (like Sugou/Oberon and Jadeite). Male Morgan is neither of these, and is a bit of a dork, and is also Nice Guy.
    • Jamieson Price has a recognizable deep and smooth voice that's pretty constantly used throughout all of his roles, meaning he usually doesn't get much of an opportunity to show off his vocal range. Those who played this game after some of the newer Fire Emblem entries recognize him as the original Tin Tyrant Red Emperor Rudolf, or the murderous warlord Nemesis. So his role as Virion, who uses a lighter voice with a French accent, still comes as a shocker to many people; nobody thought he was capable of pulling something like that off. In fact, many people thought that Virion was voiced by Dan Woren for years before news came out that it was Price. To steal a quote from the comment section of Virion's Behind The Voice Actors page:
      NCZ: Anyone who thinks Jamieson Price doesn't get to show off his range enough needs to let it sink in that it took 4 years for anyone to even consider that it was him voicing Virion.
  • Reality Subtext:
    • It's possible to pair Miriel and Ricken. Their voice actors, Tara Platt and Yuri Lowenthal, are married in real life. Doubles as Hilarious in Hindsight, as the two were a fairly popular pairing even before their English voice actors were announced.
    • Same goes for Lucina and Brady, who are voiced by Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham respectively. (Willingham also voices Lon'qu, who can't be paired with Lucina.)
  • Relationship Voice Actor: The English dub provides many examples.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Why Morgan has amnesia, as, depending on whether the Avatar marries a first or second generation unit, Morgan would have wildly different backgrounds and would require numerous script changes to their Supports. Amnesia easily circumvents this problem.
  • Swan Song: The series was about to be cancelled due to low sales, so Intelligent Designs made this as one last hurrah. As with the original Final Fantasy, it instead went on to sell like gangbusters, becoming the Killer App for the 3DS and inducing a Newbie Boom to the franchise as a whole, securing its fate for the foreseeable future.
  • Talking to Himself: Insofar as Voice Grunting allows, given doubling up among both casts.
    • Especially notable though with the mother-daughter pairs Sumia/Cynthia and Cordelia/Severa in the respective dubs (Ayano Yamamoto and Julie Ann Taylor respectively).
    • Some of the fathers and sons can end up talking to themselves if you pair the mothers up appropriately: Lon'qu and Brady, Kellam and Gerome, Gregor and Laurent, or Yarne and Robin (if the right voice option is picked on Robin).
    • Also, Donnel and Stahl are both voiced by Sam Riegel.
  • Translation Correction:
    • Panne's generic barracks dialog in Japanese translates to "Humans are somewhat strong creatures too. [Name], how about we fight together next time?" It's possible to have her say that to one of the army's Manaketes, who obviously aren't human. So the English version changed it to "It seems the Taguel aren't the only strong beings out there."
    • In the original Japanese version, when Robin calls Chrom by name at the beginning despite never meeting him, Chrom confusedly asks Robin "How do you know my name?". This eventually stops making any sense whatsoever once it's revealed in-story a chapter or two later that Chrom is the prince of Ylisse, meaning there would be several hundred plausible reasons why Robin would know Chrom's name. The English localization fixes this by changing his line to "Ah, then you know who I am?", which is much more in line with what a famous figure would say upon being addressed by name by a stranger.
    • The weapon "Thor Hammer", which had shown up in previous games but never in English, was properly renamed Mjölnir in the English localization. Likewise the ultimate wind spell, which was generally romanized as Holsety before, was changed to Forseti, which gets the mythological reference right.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early trailers indicate Sumia was planned to have Cavalier as a reclass option.
    • In an early trailer for the English translation, Garrick (the Barbarian boss of the prologue) was named Grendel, but this was changed for unknown reasons.
    • Certain concept art suggests Cordelia early on was planned to have blue hair.
    • Several unused sprites for characters exist showing that Sully, Stahl, Lon'qu, Olivia, and Say'ri were able to promote into the Hero class at some point. Since all of those characters can become Myrmidons, this implies that the Hero used to be the promoted form of the Myrmidon.
    • Another sprite shows a critical hit animation for an unmasked Gerome, which indicates that he was to remove his mask during combat at some point.
    • A critical/skill portrait was discovered for Phila as well; unfortunately, she never has the chance to use it, because she's killed off.
    • The game's files list the names Andrea, Leopoldnote , Bella, and Tracie among the game's characters. Although their names are all that is left of them in the game, these were apparently characters of some kind that were Dummied Out.