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Fire Emblem Awakening Holds many, many noteable quotes, from cutscenes to Downloadable Content Bonuses. Due to this, MANY SPOILERS WILL GO UNMARKED HERE. You have been warned.

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Validar: [dying] Agh... this isn't over! [charges a huge orb of dark magic] Damn you booooooth! [throws it at Chrom]
[The Avatar pushes Chrom out of the way, taking the hit instead as the screen fades to white. When they come to, they are collapsing on the ground.]
Chrom: [rushing over to the Avatar] You alright? That's the end of him. [motions toward Validar's disintegrating corpse] Thanks to you, we carried the day. You can rest easy now...
[The screen flashes red.]
Chrom: [voice distorted] long last. [turns head toward Avatar, and suddenly taken aback] What's wrong? Hey! Hey look-
[His irises shrink as the noise of flesh being pierced is heard. He stumbles away from the Avatar, gurgling, as the red tint fades away, revealing a bolt of electricity going through his chest. The Avatar looks at their hand, still tingling with electricity, in horror.]
Chrom: [straining] This is not your... not your fault. Promise me... you'll escape from this place. Please... go...
[He collapses, dead. Validar's disembodied voice is heard cackling as the screen fades to black...]

Lissa: "Chrom, we have to do something..."
Chrom: "What do you propose we do?"
Lissa: "I... I dunno!"
Chrom: "I see you're awake now."
Lissa: "Hey there!"
Chrom: "There're better places to take a nap that on the ground, you know. Give me your hand."

Grima: So ends the human race! The future is built upon the past, but your kind shall never see it! Your mother and father are dead, tiny one. [cackles] And now, it is your turn... TO DIE! [lunges at Lucina, who is screaming in terror]

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Paralogue 5: Scion of Legend

Lissa: "Say, Lucina? I'll still be around in your future, right? So, um...what am I like?"
Lucina: "Well... You're warm and kind, for starters. Even amid the darkness and desolation. Your smile serves as a beacon of hope for all those around you."
Lissa: "Oh, geez! I'd better get cracking if I want to live up to that. Oh! I know! Do I have children?"
Lucina: "You have a son named Owain."
Lissa: "Aw, cute! What's he like?"
Lucina : "He's... Well, he's quite colorful."

Ruffian: "This is it, boss! That treasure's here; I'm sure of it!"
Gecko: "All right, woman. Speak! Where'd ya put it?"
Maiden: "I've never heard of no treasures here! Honest I haven't!"
Gecko: "Oh? Then I guess we're done here. She's useless, boys. Kill her."
Ruffian: "Aye, boss!"
???: "Halt, fiends!"
Ruffian: "The devil are you?!"
???: "One chosen by forces beyond mortal comprehension! See how my sword hand twitches! It hungers...for justice! Leave now it you value life and limb, for I cannot stay the hungry hand!"
Ruffian: "This guy's got rocks in his head... All right then, boy. Guess you're the first to— Gragh!"
???: "I tried to warn you, foul villain. The hand cannot be denied!"
Maiden: "Oh, thank the stars! You've saved my life!"
Chrom: "Wait. That stance..."
Gecko: "Rgh... Who ARE you?!"
???: "I am the wolf who howls for justice! The eagle who cries for love! A chosen warrior come from the future to bring hope to a dying world... I am Owain! Now, atone for your deeds in the eternal hellfire of perdition! RADIANT...DAAAAAAWN! ...... Blast you, sword hand! Now's no time for games! You've escaped fate this time, rogue, but remember—justice always prevails!"
Gecko: "....."
Chrom: "....."
Lissa: "Wow, that guy's really weird. ...Wait a second."
Gecko: "Gahar har har! I KNEW there were rocks in your head! Look lively, boys! Ignore the dolt and find us that treasure! Pinch everything that shines, and make for the hills!"
Owain: "Not today, ne'er-do-wells! The legendary blade Mystletainn is fated for my twitching hand alone!"
Chrom: "...I am so lost right now. What is he even talking about? ...Never mind. Let's just kill the bandits, and I'm sure everything will sort itself out."


    The Outrealms (DLC) 

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