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Fire Emblem: Awakening Holds many, many noteable quotes, from cutscenes to Downloadable Content Bonuses. Due to this, MANY SPOILERS WILL GO UNMARKED HERE. You have been warned.

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Validar: [dying] Agh... this isn't over! [charges a huge orb of dark magic] Damn you booooooth! [throws it at Chrom]
[The Avatar pushes Chrom out of the way, taking the hit instead as the screen fades to white. When they come to, they are collapsing on the ground.]
Chrom: [rushing over to the Avatar] You alright? That's the end of him. [motions toward Validar's disintegrating corpse] Thanks to you, we carried the day. You can rest easy now...
[The screen flashes red.]
Chrom: [voice distorted] long last. [turns head toward Avatar, and suddenly taken aback] What's wrong? Hey! Hey look-
[His irises shrink as the noise of flesh being pierced is heard. He stumbles away from the Avatar, gurgling, as the red tint fades away, revealing a bolt of electricity going through his chest. The Avatar looks at their hand, still tingling with electricity, in horror.]
Chrom: [straining] This is not your... not your fault. Promise me... you'll escape from this place. Please... go...
[He collapses, dead. Validar's disembodied voice is heard cackling as the screen fades to black...]

Lissa: "Chrom, we have to do something..."
Chrom: "What do you propose we do?"
Lissa: "I... I dunno!"
Chrom: "I see you're awake now."
Lissa: "Hey there!"
Chrom: "There're better places to take a nap that on the ground, you know. Give me your hand."

Chrom pulls out the Falchion and Marth does the same, which surprises Chrom, as Marth also has the Falchion.
Chrom: "Where did you get that?!"
Marth doesn’t respond.
Chrom: “There’s no way…"
Chrom runs forward and jumps and spins towards Marth. They make contact which ensues a pretty epic sword fight! Marth’s fighting style seems familiar to Chrom, and he asks Marth where he got it from.
Chrom: “Tell me—who taught you to fight like that?!"
Marth, while attacking again: “My father!!"
Marth points at Chrom with his sword, and Chrom stares back at him.

Grima: So ends the human race! The future is built upon the past, but your kind shall never see it! Your mother and father are dead, tiny one. [cackles] And now, it is your turn... TO DIE! [lunges at Lucina, who is screaming in terror]

    Main Story 

Chapter 23: Invisible Ties

Chrom: Validar!
Validar: Chrom... Come to witness the glorious culmination of your failure? How nice. I have the Fire Emblem, and the Dragon's Table is set for a feast. I will return Grima to this world!
Chrom: You'll DESTROY the world! Lucina has seen it!
Validar: Then I pray today's spectacle lives up to her nightmares! The Awakening rite is not only for exalts and Naga, you know. With it, I'll arouse Grima! The fell dragon needs only a mortal vessel which you so kindly brought along...
Robin: ...Oh, gods. He means me.
Validar: You ken quickly, Robin. That's my boy/girl.
Robin: No! Never! I'll die first!
Validar: You carry my blood—the blood of the fell dragon. His soul slumbers within you. And now the time has come to awaken you both!
Robin: ...Wh-what?! I'M Grima? I'M the fell dragon?!
Validar: The Grimleal have worked for generations to create someone like you... A vessel worthy of our master. Simply having Grima's blood in your veins is not enough... My father was not worthy, nor was his father before him. Even I was not able to accept Grima's most sacred gift. But you? You had all the makings. You were perfection!
Robin: N-no...
Validar: If your damnable mother hadn't been seized by weakness and fear... She betrayed us—stole you from your crib, and fled with you in the night! I know naught of your life thereafter; but all that matters is your return. That you are here is PROOF of your purpose! it is why you still draw breath!
Chrom: You've proven nothing but your own madness. Robin... We are going to stop this. This can be stopped. YOU can be stopped!


Paralogue 5: Scion of Legend

Lissa: "Say, Lucina? I'll still be around in your future, right? So, um...what am I like?"
Lucina: "Well... You're warm and kind, for starters. Even amid the darkness and desolation. Your smile serves as a beacon of hope for all those around you."
Lissa: "Oh, geez! I'd better get cracking if I want to live up to that. Oh! I know! Do I have children?"
Lucina: "You have a son named Owain."
Lissa: "Aw, cute! What's he like?"
Lucina : "He's... Well, he's quite colorful."

Ruffian: "This is it, boss! That treasure's here; I'm sure of it!"
Gecko: "All right, woman. Speak! Where'd ya put it?"
Maiden: "I've never heard of no treasures here! Honest I haven't!"
Gecko: "Oh? Then I guess we're done here. She's useless, boys. Kill her."
Ruffian: "Aye, boss!"
???: "Halt, fiends!"
Ruffian: "The devil are you?!"
???: "One chosen by forces beyond mortal comprehension! See how my sword hand twitches! It hungers...for justice! Leave now it you value life and limb, for I cannot stay the hungry hand!"
Ruffian: "This guy's got rocks in his head... All right then, boy. Guess you're the first to— Gragh!"
???: "I tried to warn you, foul villain. The hand cannot be denied!"
Maiden: "Oh, thank the stars! You've saved my life!"
Chrom: "Wait. That stance..."
Gecko: "Rgh... Who ARE you?!"
???: "I am the wolf who howls for justice! The eagle who cries for love! A chosen warrior come from the future to bring hope to a dying world... I am Owain! Now, atone for your deeds in the eternal hellfire of perdition! RADIANT...DAAAAAAWN! ...... Blast you, sword hand! Now's no time for games! You've escaped fate this time, rogue, but remember—justice always prevails!"
Gecko: "....."
Chrom: "....."
Lissa: "Wow, that guy's really weird. ...Wait a second."
Gecko: "Gahar har har! I KNEW there were rocks in your head! Look lively, boys! Ignore the dolt and find us that treasure! Pinch everything that shines, and make for the hills!"
Owain: "Not today, ne'er-do-wells! The legendary blade Mystletainn is fated for my twitching hand alone!"
Chrom: "...I am so lost right now. What is he even talking about? ...Never mind. Let's just kill the bandits, and I'm sure everything will sort itself out."

Paralogue 6: A Man for Flowers

Chrom: Oh gods. I raised a philanderer. ...Well, he seems content enough. Heh. A son. Who knew?

Paralogue 9: Wings of Justice

Chrom: Still your spear a moment and hear me out. You've been lied to!
Cynthia: Spare me your tales, brigand! I've nothing to say to someone who would impersonate my father!
Chrom: Your what? Oh, for the love of… How many daughters are going to come back in time to see me?
Cynthia: Huh? H-how did you know I-
Chrom: I already went through this with Lucina.
Cynthia: Lucy's here?!
Chrom: In the flesh. …Though she neglected to mention she had a sister.
Cynthia: Wait—then you really are…! Oh, Father! I missed you SOOOOO MUUUCH!
Chrom: My… my ears…
Cynthia: I knew something was fishy with that guy! He barely even smiled when I found him. My REAL father would've given me a big hug and called me his little pega-pony princess!
Chrom: …Please tell me I never actually say that.
Cynthia: You'll say it right now, if you want me to believe you're the real Chrom!
Chrom: Uh... It's… it's good to see you, my... Um... My little pega-pony princess…
Cynthia: Aww, it's good to see you too, Father! I can't believe I fell for that lying creep's lies! Oh, I am going to KILL him for this! I'm going to plant a flying hoof right in his stupid liar face!
Chrom: She's even flightier than her mother. …I didn't think that was possible.

Lucina: "...<Sibling>."
<Sibling>: "Mmm?"
Lucina: "You know what I'm about to say, don't you?"
<Sibling>: "Um... Be sure to wash Falchion after I'm done cutting this apple?"
Lucina: "DON'T use Falchion to cut apples in the first place, you dolt!"

<Inigo's Father>: You can barely walk, and you're still thinking about girls?! Be serious for once! Really, why did you travel back from the future? Lucina fights so hard, but you... Honestly, I'm disappointed. You have no idea what it means to be at war.
Inigo: ...You don't know a damned thing! You're the one who's clueless, Father! Do you think I'd be out here if I were ONLY after girls? Out here fighting every day, wondering if this is the time I don't make it home?! You may think me a dandy and a fool, but a lot of people depended on me in the future. Every day, I was out there fighting Risen and risking my life. With everyone looking to me to be strong, I had no choice. I HAD to be invincible. I couldn't complain or show any weakness. Not with everyone else struggling in that damn war-torn wasteland... Even with you and Mother gone, I had to pretend I was fine. That I wasn't hurting. I had to fight every day of my sorry life and wear a smile while I did it! ...You said I looked like I didn't have a care in the world? Well, I'm sorry to tell you, but that's not the case at all. I smile and joke around because I don't want to show the world any weakness... If that disappoints you...then I guess you just have to be disappointed.

    The Outrealms (DLC) 

The Future Past 3

Grima: I will grant you no escape from this coil of despair. Each and every one of you is destined to die here and now!
Tiki: Wrong, Grima! You have not accounted for everything.
Grima: What? The Voice of Naga!
Lucina: Lady Tiki!
Tiki: I will help you perform the this world's new Naga.
Grima: There IS no new Naga! I killed you!
Tiki: You took my life, but not my spirit. The man/woman inside you—Robin—intervened. He/she wanted me to be here to ensure your destruction, fell dragon.
Grima: NO! Is there no end to his/her meddling?! I-it doesn't matter! None of this matters! You need to be on Mount Prism to perform the Awakening! And I will kill YOU ALL before you get there!
Tiki: Wrong again. You forget why the exalts performed the rites on Mount Prism in the first place. It was because the divine dragon's power was strongest there. But now that Risen have defiled it, the mount no longer has any power. Naga's power has focused elsewhere in response. Do you know where? Inside the remains of the Voice, which you were foolish enough to leave... Right here. In Ylisstol.
Grima: Wha—?!
Tiki: If you had left Mount Prism alone, Grima, you might have stood a chance. Instead, you have brought the Awakening right to your feet. Are you ready, Lucina? Speak the words.
Lucina: I am ready.
Grima: No! I will not leave you the time! I WILL KILL YOU! ...Huh? Why can't I move? My body is...nngh... No! Not now! Why does he/she KEEP INTERFERING...
Grima: Rrgh... NOOOOOO! I would CRUSH YOU WORMS if I...could just...CONTROL my BODY... Why does he/she STILL REFUSE to become one with me? Why does he/she INTERFERE?! Damn you, Robin! You...will...PAAAAAAY!
Tiki: Now, Lucina! Your first task as exalt is at hand! Wipe the fell dragon from existence, and usher hope back into the land!
Grima!Robin: ...... ...I'm ready, Lucina... ...Finish it...
Lucina: I swear to you all...our days of defeat end here. Father, over me. Because today—right now—I'm taking our world BACK!
<Coup de Grâce Sequence>
Grima!Robin: ...At last...I can rest... ...No one else...will suffer... ...because of me... ...I hope your lives are...filled... ...... ...... ...Morgan...please forgive me... ...I put you ......