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    Game Mechanics 
  • The Pair Up system can make for some epic moments, including partners jumping in to strike a final blow or blocking a lethal attack. If Support levels are high enough, or the Random Number Goddess smiles on you, maybe both.
  • Any time a particularly well-timed Dual Strike or Support Block occurs can make you want to cheer.
    • Better yet, if you're lucky enough when facing a particularly tough enemy, you may be able to see a Dual Strike with two critical hits. Pairing up a Dual Strike with two of the better crit quotes makes it even more awesome.
    • Or if speed allows for two strikes from the attacking unit...and then the supporting one Dual Strikes twice. Almost makes you feel bad for the other guy.
    • The mechanics behind the Swordmaster skill Astra mean that, if a Dual Guard takes place on the initial strike, it will also happen for the other slashes during that attack. This means that the supporting unit makes the Dual Guard roll, it's possible that they'll be Taking the Bullet for their partner not once, not twice, but five, ten, fifteen, or TWENTY times in a row (the latter requiring the enemy to have a Brave weapon, go second against a foe slow enough that they'd attack twice normally), proc Astra every single attack), without taking a scratch. Even if they're a Priest or Mage, and only have cloth robes protecting them. BADASS.
  • Once characters start unlocking their Mastery Skills, max out their stats, and Pair Up with someone they have a high support with (especially if they're married), just about any single battle has a good chance of becoming this.
  • Lon'qu and Frederick. When you first use them, they demolish whatever's in their path. They come fairly early (one being one of the first characters you even use) in the game too, and with weapons like the Silver Spear and Killing Edge, they could almost be considered overpowered (if weapons didn't break, that is). Even Chrom acknowledges Frederick's strength. In Chrom and Vaike's C support, Vaike bets that whoever loses must pull Frederick's pants down. Chrom promptly replies that Frederick would kick Vaike's ass if he were to pull them down. As for Lon'qu, the only thing that even fazes him is women. That explains why "Marth" could beat him.
  • In a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation, if Owain and Inigo's parents are married and they are recruited And their parents have maxed out stats and good skills equipped, they will be practically invincible during their epic moment in Future Past II, making all their worrying a little redundant and pointless.
  • While it takes a ridiculously long time to max out your Avatar, the spectacle afterward is well worth the effort, as EVERY battle involving your Avatar will become a Curb-Stomp Battle. For added insult to injury, forge a Brave Weapon for them or maybe give them Luna or even Sol (OR ALL THREE to get a pseudo- Aether) to make them practically invincible. But the result is always a Nigh-Invulnerable borderline unstoppable Juggernaut that could easily SOLO the Final Boss!

    Critical Hit Quotes 
  • Some of the characters' critical quotes can be pretty awesome:
    • The Avatar's "Checkmate!" and iconic "Time to tip the scales!"
    • Chrom's "Now I'm angry!", "I will not fail!" and "Anything can change!"
    • Frederick has "Your last breath approaches!", and what is widely considered one of the most badass lines in the game, "Pick a god and pray!"
    • Yarne's "No! YOU go extinct!" and "I'm gonna end you!"
    • Panne's "I can smell your fear." and "The taguel do not play."
    • Ricken's "This is gonna hurt!" and "DIE!!!" (the latter of which sounds so downright bloodthirsty and insane that it just works.)
    • Virion's "Die! With magnificence!"
    • Henry's "I'm gonna kill you!" stands out because he sounds so happy about it.
    • Cherche's "It has been a pleasure." and "Rest in pieces!"
    • Kellam's "Come on, look at me!" (he just sounds so unhinged when he says it.)
    • Brady's "Get busy dying!" and "I'd pray if I were you!"
    • Lon'qu's "How well will you die?" and "Be silent!"
    • Morgan's "Checkmate!" and "Time to even the odds!"
    • Owain's "Brace yourself!"
    • Lucina's "I challenge my fate!" encapsulates her mission in life perfectly.
      • She also has "Hope will never die!"
    • Gaius's "What a cupcake!", "So long, sucker!", and "Like candy from a babe!"
    • Sully's "I'll kill you twice!", "TO HELL WITH YOU!", and "Where should I stab ya?!"
    • Gregor's "GREGOR SMASH!" Is notable because it reminds many of the Hulk! Then there's "Time to face MAKER!" and "Don't want to get along, eh?"
    • Gerome's "Embrace your fate!" and "MOVE!"
    • Severa's "You're boring me!" and "Say goodnight!"
    • Tharja's "You're already dead..." She even has an Evil Laugh during one of them!
    • Inigo's "I'm a man of passion!" and "This is your last dance!"
    • Noire's "BLOOD AND THUNDER!!!" and "TO THE ABYSS WITH YOU!" The best part is she returns to her calm demeanor after killing her victim
    • Libra's "I am your omega.", "Repent, sinner!" and, on the flipside, his remarkably peaceful-sounding "Go in peace..."
    • Sumia's "For Ylisse!", "I'll end this now!" and "Begone!"
    • Cynthia's "This is the end, friend!"
    • Maribelle's "I promise you, this will hurt!" and "I will ruin you!"
    • Laurent's "I grow weary of you!" and "You were a fine subject!"
    • Vaike's "Look's like Teach just got tenure!" and "That's enough backtalk!"
    • Lissa's "This one might hurt!", "I may surprise you!", and "Clear a path, everyone!"
    • Miriel's "Begone, foul miscreation!"
    • Anna's "I make deep cuts."
    • Stahl's "I love this part!", especially coming from such a mellow Nice Guy.
    • A few notable SpotPass DLC characters have great quotes:
      • Priam's "For the Blue Flame!"
      • Aversa's "Still clinging to hope?"
      • Gangrel's "Beg for your life!"
      • Yen'Fay's "And now, we clash!" and "Here comes judgement!"
    • Some quotes become even greater when combined; such as Lucina's "I say when it ends!" being followed by Morgan's "This ends now!"
  • Once the villains get big enough to have their own crit and Mastery skill quotes, you can get excellent exchanges. Nothing counters Validar's "this was all written" quite like Chrom's "anything can change." Similarly, Aversa's "still clinging to hope" followed by Lucina's "hope will never die".

    Main Story 
  • Sumia's rescue of Chrom. She may have a terrible self-image of herself, but no clumsy fool could smoothly rescue their liege from a rain of javelins!
    "Better hold on tight, Captain... You'll be fine!"

  • Gotta give props to Maribelle, who remains a Defiant Captive when she is captured by King Gangrel after trying to negotiate with the invading forces, despite being hugely outnumbered in enemy territory and in a passive-class, to boot! Then when she escapes with the help of Ricken, does she retreat and leave her allies to settle the score? Hell no! She jumps on her horse and joins the fray to heal her friends. She may be a haughty noblewoman, but her bravery and loyalty to her friends cannot be denied.
    • For that matter, Ricken deserves special mention for rescuing her. He is, gameplay-wise, an underleveled mage who rushed in and successfully fought off a promoted unit just to save her. And this is after Chrom told him not to come- had he followed orders, Maribelle would likely have died.

  • The Plan to rescue Emmeryn in Chapter 9, an awesome combined-effort by the Avatar, Chrom, Basilio, Flavia and Phila. Until everything goes to hell, anyway.

  • The Avatar's rather philosophical speech in Chapter 14, in which he tells Chrom that people aren't controlled by fate, but instead walk their own paths in life, strengthened by the invisible ties between them and others. Particularly good if you're playing a Male Avatar and have already achieved an A Rank Support with Chrom, as it comes across as something of a Meaningful Echo of the speech Chrom gave to the Avatar in that support.
    • Morgan also says something similar to their non-Avatar parent, suggesting that the Avatar still believed in those words even in the future. Though which future is up for debate, given Morgan's unknown origins.
      • This becomes yet another case if you recruit Morgan when Chrom is his father. Hearing the words 'invisible ties' from his son is one thing, but to hear those words again from his wife in chapter 14... you'll be forgiven for thinking that Chrom went into silence before the scene continues.

  • Basilio's not quite Last Stand against Walhart after Chapter 17 has one in Basilio not only surviving Walhart's attack, something Walhart himself compliments him on, but the proceeding to land a Critical Hit on the Conqueror and knocking him down to roughly half his health despite having a 0% chance to crit. Not to mention his knowledge of the future that Lucina gave him allowing him to pull off an impressive Batman Gambit.
    • Walhart himself gets one in this scene. The battle is raging, but Basilio's forces are still holding on, if only barely. Then, a breach starts to appear in his lines. It's not his troops failing to fight back. It's not elite cavalry. It's just Walhart breaching it on his own.

  • Excellus getting the Humiliation Conga he so well deserves at the start of Chapter 20. Kick the Son of a Bitch and Take That, Scrappy! (in-universe too) at its finest.

  • The Plan of the Avatar as revealed in Chapter 23 is incredibly awesome.

  • The Avatar's role in the Final Chapter. After figuring out beforehand that they and Grima are indeed one and the same, and that the only way to for Grima to die for real is for Grima "to kill himself", the Avatar, should you select the option, deals the final blow to Grima, finally ending the Fell Dragon once and for all at the cost of basically being erased from existence! Luckily, the very last scene of the ending shows that they pull through thanks to the strength of their bonds with their comrades.
    • The entire final fight with Grima in and of itself is a Moment of Awesome, accompanied by Awesome Music.
    • The icing on the cake is Grima's reaction. Seeing this incredibly cruel and evil demon once so smug in his invincibility and incredible power begin to visibly panic in fear of knowing he's going to die for real is very satisfying.
    • Bonus points if Avatar scores a critical when fighting Grima. "Checkmate!" is of course the best one, since it could be the blow that wins the whole game for you, but even simple lines like "Here's how it's done!" suddenly take on new meaning against the Avatar's Evil Counterpart.
      • "You're finished!" is also incredibly fitting for the situation.
      • And finally, nothing cinches ushering in a new future and ending something once thought immortal quite like "Time to tip the scales!".
      • It really seems like the Avatar's crit quotes were made for the Grima fight, and most likely? they probably were.
    • Scoring a critical with either Chrom or Lucina. "Anything can change!" and "Hope will never die!" are spot-on for the moment.
      • "I challenge my fate!" In my game, she then did so by putting a sword through Grima's head.
    • It gets absolutely hilarious if Frederick hits a crit on Grima, telling a god himself to "Pick a god and pray!" And very badass, too.
      • Scoring a crit period on Grima is awesome. And a lot of them are surprisingly fitting for the situation!
    • And it's all topped off by possibly the coolest battle theme in the game. It just sounds so incredibly triumphant.
    • Even better, after recruiting them through the Bonus Box, the player can deploy every SINGLE lord from the previous games to fight alongside Chrom. While none of them speak, it feels pretty damn awesome to fight the embodiment of evil alongside characters like Sigurd, Lyn and Ike.
    • On that note, with the right skill setup, King Marth can actually oneshot Lunatic+ Grima... THROUGH Pavise+ and Dragonskin.
    • And then at the end there's a triple crowner, and since that in itself is awesome, it most fits here. After you beat Grima for good and your allies start expressing confidence that the Avatar will return, Lissa delivers this gem:
    Lissa: You're right! He/She has to be out there somewhere... And we'll find a way to bring him/her home. Even if we have to search every open field in this whole stupid world!
  • At the start of the final battle, the entire party is knocked down to nearly no health by Grima right before it promptly absorbs the Avatar and nearly kills them. All seems lost, but Chrom and every character participating in the battle call out to the Avatar, and their voices reach them. They then find the strength to break free and return to the battle, at which point Naga restore their health and they battle their way to Grima's version of the Avatar, who has a battle rating of over two-hundred! BUT can still be heavily damaged with Chrom's Exalted Falchion. Should you choose to let the Avatar deal the final blow, not only will Grima be defeated permanently, something that not even Naga is capable of, but the Avatar's bonds with their friends will prove to be stronger than their connection to Grima, and Chrom and Lissa will find their friend not too much later, only lacking the Mark of Grima.
  • This exchange from the finale:
Chrom: Now, Avatar! This is our chance! I'm going to finish it!
(The Avatar prepares to attack)
Chrom: ...Avatar?! Wait, what—
Avatar: For once, I'm glad you and I are the same. Now I can give my life to protect those I care for...
Avatar: I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable... In some way, I—we share the blame. It's only right we meet our end together!
Grima: ...NOOOOOOO! (Grima vanishes. The Avatar begins to fade away).
Chrom: Avatar! No!
Avatar: Thank you, Chrom. For...everything... Tell the last thoughts were of them... May we meet again, in a better life...(Dissipates)
Chrom: Avatar! No! Ah gods, NO!

  • The entirety of the exchange between Cassius and Kjelle in Kjelle's recruitment paralogue. HAVE THEM FIGHT. You will be treated to the following:
    Kjelle: If you believe in any gods, you'd better pray to them now!
    Cassius: My, my. Aren't we confident?
    Kjelle: I don't fear you, coward!
    Cassius: Aye, I suppose not. Most fools assume that liars and sneaks like me are weak. They want us to be weak, see? They NEED it. It lets them hold on to the fantasy that right prevails in the end. Heh... They can think what they want. A cocky fool is an easy target. Truth is, in the end, it's the clever ones who always survive.
    Kjelle: A man who takes hostages in order to win a duel has no claim to cleverness. Even an animal would not stoop so low! But enough. I've no more words to waste on the likes of you. My master will have vengeance!
    Cassius: Wrong, girl. Your master will have COMPANY!

  • In Yarne's Paralogue, "Rival Bands," two opposing groups of mercenaries are fighting each other and causing problems for the nearby village, and each of them is willing to ask for your help to defeat their rivals. While the obvious solution would be to team up with one and face off against the other (which gets reinforcements to keep things challenging), at the cost of some of the rewards from the houses that can be visited, it's possible to fight both groups of mercenaries. It's a challenging fight, especially since both of them get reinforcements, and they put aside their differences to gang up on you, but winning is an impressive accomplishment that puts both groups of troublemakers in their place.

  • Anna's Badass Boast during the side mission she's recruitable in. Reminder that before this the player had only met her twin sisters, who were all regular (if a bit cheeky) NPC merchants.
    Anna: You know, prices aren't the only thing I can cut in two.

  • While some of the bonus paralogues fit into other categories, Paralogue 19: Irreconcilable Paths, is this in spades: A battle at a rain-swept promontory at the edge of the world map against enemies strong enough to actually challenge overlevelled characters (which you will probably have several of by now). Topping it off is the fight against Walhart who when fought in the main storyline was somewhat underwhelming after all the hype surrounding him. Here, he's far stronger (quite possibly on par with the final boss depending on difficulty) and gives an epic rant on his motives and beliefs before battling you, not to mention the fact that he has forced some of the strongest of the Risen (Lucina even remarks that they are on par with those of the Bad Future when Grima was at full power) to bow before his will. The only thing able to top this is the fact that if defeated correctly he joins your army, complete with unique class, weapon, and a very good statline.

  • In the Paralogue where Gangrel is recruited, having him face the boss nets this gem that signals the return of the prodigal asshole.
    Gangrel: You can't kill a dead man, sweetheart. Now to feed YOU to the maggots!

  • In Paralogue 20, girls from the village Emmeryn has been staying at have been abducted. Emmeryn is one of them, but escapes and this is after stepping off the cliff and sustaining brain damage so severe that she lost all of her memories and has trouble forming complete sentences. As much of a Tear Jerker as Emmeryn's paralogue is, she still manages to pull off an awesome moment. Despite knowing that the Grimleal is after her, she willingly leaves the village to sacrifice herself anyway. Even after the events of Chapter 9, it's clear that Emmeryn is still the same all-loving Determinator that she always was.

  • Noire's introduction is downright fabulous. She begins in captivity by slave traders and stripped of her weapons, but as soon as she finds a bow & arrow, she undergoes a Split-Personality Takeover and starts mowing down her captors like a deranged juggernaut!
    • Even better is how there are several flying units on the map, so Noire not only gets to attack her captors, she gets to hit many of them for bonus damage. Too bad for them they had to imprison an archer, huh?
  • Tiki's recruitment Paralogue is this, since it's one of the few missions in the game where the enemy can easily back you into a corner even on Normal due to the fact that it is an Escort Mission, where you have to defeat every enemy while preventing them from killing the defenseless Tiki. What makes it harder than most other Escort Missions in FE is that the enemies will completely ignore you unless there's no other way to get to Tiki, and enemy reinforcements just keep on coming for several waves from all around you. By the end, it's perfectly possible to be seeing a huge mess of Risen surrounding your army as you hold them back as best you can while you wonder when in Naga's name they'll tire of throwing themselves at you.
  • The final SpotPass paralogue lets you deploy a whopping total of 30 units (the largest count in the game) against a massive enemy force of 50 led by Badass Priam. The sheer thrill of having your army clashing with an even bigger one (and they come in fast!) is totally awe-inspiring, moreso if you decide to stand your ground against all of them. Then, there's the battle theme, Champion and its Ablaze version, which also gives a nod to Priam's claim about being a descendant of Ike.

    DLC Maps 
  • Walhart, of all people, gives a pretty epic verbal smackdown to Raydrik if you have the two talk in the DLC Rogues and Redeemers 2. In summary, Raydrik suggests the two of them team up to take over the land, and Walhart responds with "And Then What?", and when he sees Raydrik hit an utter mental brick wall, he calls him pathetic, and that without vision, a conqueror he is not. And then he finishes it off with saying that a schoolyard bully with a stick could dream up greater ambitions than him.
  • Beat Rogues and Redeemers 3, and Ike will say that he's never fought anyone half as strong as you. This coming from a man who fought (and beat) Ashera, half of the creator of the universe.

  • The Future Past 3 gives the possessed Avatar one. They continue to fight from the inside to prevent Grima from slaughtering Lucina and her friends, even after Grima insists that their spirit has been completely consumed.
  • The Future Past 3 gives one to Severa: Grima may have reduced her and her friends to 1 hit point, Grima may be gloating about having won, but she refuses to give in and lays down her life for Lucina and the future. Laurent and Gerome are so impressed that they join her.
  • Also from The Future Past, Owain resolves to stand alone and fight the risen to allow the others to escape... Except for the fact that none of them actually left him alone, least of all Inigo, who stays with him to fend off the Risen together.

  • Completing the Apotheosis DLC counts as one for the player.

  • Sadly offscreen, Lon'qu defending Lissa from a random band of assassins (including archers) single-handedly during their A support, which is an impressive feat even when you're controlling him in battle.
    Yarne: You're fighting in the next battle?
    Noire: I am.
    Yarne: ...Ah. I see.
    Noire: For all my faults, the others still trust me enough to rely on me...
    Yarne: But aren't you scared?
    Noire: Of course I am! Even now, my hands are shaking...
    Yarne: Then why force yourself? Wouldn't it be easier to just stay here and—
    Noire: It would, but I don't want to do what's easy. I want to do what's right... Yarne, if you don't want to fight, you don't have to. I won't judge you. I don't want to go out there either.
    Yarne: Then why go?!
    Noire: B-because we have to win this war, and it's time for me to make a stand! So, yeah. I'm scared, but I'm going.
  • Henry, if he's Owain's father, gets a big one in their B-Support. After taking an arrow to the shoulder protecting Owain, he and Owain realize that they're surrounded. Henry tells Owain to run and says that he himself will stay behind to take care of it. Which he promptly does, with the implication that he absolutely tears his opponents apart, considering the wound he took for Owain before the battle is the only one he suffers. But what makes this stand out is the fact this scene is entirely unique to Henry. Every other potential father — the Avatar and Lon'qunote  included! — flee the scene with Owain; they tell him that it's an ambush, they're surrounded, and that they both have to run. Henry is the only father who was deemed powerfulnote  enough to take on an entire ambush on his own, while injured... and win.
  • Bit of a minor one for Owain in a support with Lucina, seeing the problem with Falchion's strength being off just from a single glance. Lucina on the other hand didn't see the problem at all until it was pointed out to her.
  • If Gaius is her father, the Noire/Gaius support line. At C level, Noire has been cursed by her mother (again), so Gaius decides to give Tharja a piece of his mind. Which, as revealed by their B support, ended up by him being cursed, like what always happened when he will decide to defend her, so Noire starts worrying that nothing will ever change and that her trip through time was for nothing. Then Gaius gives an epic middle finger to destiny by remembering he was a master thief and stealing Tharja's curse implements while she was away, something that Noire said never happened, and Gaius uses that as proof that nothing is ever set in stone. Let's say Tharja did not appreciate it, but you can tell that Gaius was thinking "Worth It" the whole time...

  • Awakening was intended to be the series finale if the game didn't sell well. Not only did it pass the bare minimum to keep the franchise alive, it completely blew expectations away. 250,000 was the number of copies Nintendo was hoping to sell... It ended up selling just shy of two million, making it the best selling entry in the series to date by a fair margin (at least until Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out and became even more of a best-seller). Even better, not only did Awakening manage to keep the Fire Emblem franchise alive, it completely revitalized it and is now officially a Nintendo staple in all regions with several new entries since.

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