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Unmarked spoilers below.

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     Critical Hit Quotes 
  • In general, most of the characters get at least one badass critical hit quote, just like in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Here's a list of some:
    • All four of Jakob's: "I'm afraid this will be messy!" "You are excused!" "Time to take out the trash!" and "You are about to be served!"
    • Felicia's "You're just a stain!" and "I'm gonna break you!"
    • Silas's "I will protect my friends!" and "Fall so that others may live!"
    • Mozu's "You reap what you sow!"
    • Kaze's "The pain will pass!" and "It ends here!"
    • Shura's "No one beats me!" "It's your time to die!" and "Now you've done it."
    • Ryoma's "You deserve worse!" "You die! Now!" and "For the glory of Hoshido!"
    • Hinoka's "You're not ready for this." and "This is it for you."
    • Takumi's "I hate to do this." and "Die already!"
    • Saizo's "Bad news."
    • Kagero's "You're already dead." and "This won't miss!"note 
    • Azama's "Here comes your final reward!" "Say your prayers!" and "The time for mercy has passed!"
    • Setsuna's "See ya."
    • Hinata's "Let's get wild!" and "This one's for you!"
    • Oboro's "You're gonna need stitches!" and "You shouldn't have done that!"
    • Hana's "With all my strength!" and "I've got this!"
    • Subaki's "Shall we end this?"
    • Hayato's "You underestimated me." and "Your time is at an end." There's also his simple "Goodbye."
    • Kaden's "Beautiful and deadly!" and "Let's play!"
    • Orochi's "Don't stand in my way!" and "Your fate is sealed!"
    • All four of Rinkah's: "I'll melt you down!" "You're toast!" "You'll be cinders!" and "I'll burn you to ash!"
    • Xander's "Begone, wretch!" and "No mercy!"
    • Camilla's "Sweet dreams!" "Say night-night!" and "You've been naughty."
    • Leo's "I will erase you!" "Nothing but cinders!" and "You should've surrendered."
    • Elise's "You're going down, scumbag!"
    • Laslow's "Shall we dance?"
    • Peri's "I'm feeling stabby!" and "Here's blood in your eye!"
    • Beruka's "Finishing the mission!" and "You won't survive this!"
    • Nile's "Here's a taste!" and "Time to suffer!"
    • Arthur's "Justice strikes!" "Beware my fists of justice!" and "You're out of luck, friend."
    • Effie's "Feel the burn!" and "Time to say goodbye!"
    • All four of Nyx's: "So young, so foolish!" "Prepare to leave this realm!" "Goodnight, lost child!" and "I'll show you the meaning of fear."
    • Charlotte's "I'm gonna tear you in half!"
    • Benny's "You don't scare me!" "You deserve no better!" and "You die so I may live!"
    • Keaton's "This is the last thing you'll see." and "Just in time for dinner!"
    • All four of Shigure's: "An encore? If you insist!" "This show is over!" "Let's hear your swan song!" and "It's showtime!"
    • Dwyer's "You've got a lot of nerve."
    • Sophie's "I will do my duty!"
    • All four of Midori's: "Take your medicine!" "Here's a bitter pill!" "This might sting a little!" and "My diagnosis? You're done!"
    • Shiro's "Any last words?"
    • Kiragi's "Have a nice day!" and "No more Mr. Nice Guy!"
    • Asugi's "Piece of cake!" "This is gonna be tasty!" and "Just desserts!"
    • Selkie's "Watch out, I play rough!" "My bite is worse than my bark!" and "Ready or not, here I come!"
    • Hisame's "Your time has come!" and "This is the end!"
    • Mitama's "Reflect on this!" "Death comes for us all!" and "The pen is mightiest of all!"
    • Caeldori's "I'd run if I were you." "No more messing around!" and "Say your goodbyes!"
    • Rhajat's "Hope you like hell!" "I want your skull for a trophy!" and "Let's see what this does!"
    • Siegbert's "Out of my sight!"
    • Forrest's "I'm stunning. You're dead." "I doubt you're ready for me." and "Can't run, can't hide!"
    • Ignatius's "Leave my friends alone!" "Don't come any closer!" and "I will not live in fear!"
    • Velouri's "A-hunting I will go!" and "I always play with my food!"
    • Percy's "No more kid gloves!" and "I'm feeling lucky!"
    • Ophelia's "Witness my true power!" "Take this maiden seriously!" and "Unleashing my best!"
    • All four of Soleil's: "You won't get away!" "This is gonna hurt a bit!" "Smile! You're dead!" and "Dance for me!"
    • Nina's "I spy a corpse!"
    • All four of Scarlet's: "You went and got me mad!" "Time to show off!" "You're in trouble now!" and "I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt."
    • Reina's "I will extinguish you!" and "Cry out in pain!"
    • Yukimura's "What was your exit strategy?" and "Right into my trap!"
    • Flora's "Freeze!" and "Service with a smile!"
    • Gunter's "I will have my revenge!" "I will cut you down!" and "A grave mistake!"
    • Izana's "This is the best part!" "Prepare to be judged!" and "And now, I rage!"
    • Fuga's "You are not worthy!" and "We end this, now!"
    • Anna's "Right to refuse service!" and "Slashing more than prices!"
    • Marth's "I must end you!" "My prayers are with you!" and "Fate has brought us here!"
    • Azura's "My heart is singing!" and "Time for your final bow!"
    • The Avatar gets a quote specific to the campaign they're participating in (and thus specific to which option of the Sadistic Choice they took). In Birthright and Conquest this quote is "For Hoshido!" and "For Nohr!", respectively, but for Revelation, the line is "I make my own fate!"
  • Some of the critical hit quotes are even shared among other units, and they sound epic when played in unision. These include:
    • Gunter, the Avatar, and Kana: "This ends now!"
    • Flora and Kaze: "You leave me no choice!"
    • Xander and Hana: "Prepare yourself!"
    • Ryoma and his retainers, Saizo and Kagero: "You have breathed your last!"
    • Silas and Kaze: "I'll make this quick!"
    • Hisame and Subaki: "Watch and learn!"
    • Hinoka and her retainers, Azama and Setsuna: "I won't lose!"
    • Shura and Dwyer: "Get out of my way!"
    • Sophie and Effie: "You asked for it!"
    • Takumi and his retainers, Hinata and Oboro: "Oh, that's it!"
    • Laslow and Caeldori: "You're not gonna like this!"
    • Sakura and her retainers, Hana and Subaki: "It's all me!"
    • Hisame and Fuga: "Prepare for oblivion!"
    • Xander and his retainers, Laslow and Peri: "You're right where I want you!"
    • Ike and Siegbert: "No holding back!"
    • Camilla and her retainers, Selena and Beruka: "Time to play!"
    • Sakura, Felicia, and Benny: "Here goes nothing!"
    • Leo and his retainers, Niles and Odin: "You can't hide from me!"
    • Dwyer and Selena: "Let's get this over with!"
    • Beruka and Siegbert: "Be ready!"
    • Elise and her retainers, Effie and Arthur: "No more holding back!"
    • The Avatar and Kana: "You won't stop me!" and "I won't surrender!"

  • The third route sees the Avatar uniting both of the families to defeat the Archnemesis Dad. Who is a dragon. In SPACE! With a magical legendary equivalent of A CHAINSAW SWORD! THAT IS. ON. FIRE!!
  • Azura's dances, whether from Hoshido or Nohr, are made of absolute win from the beginning to the end.
  • Early in the game, Garon orders the Avatar to execute unarmed prisoners. The Avatar refusing and sticking to their morals is a minor moment of awesome by itself, but a bigger one is: when Garon tries to kill them himself by throwing a fireball at them, the Avatar deflects it with their sword, repeats that they will not kill helpless prisoners, and they won't let Garon do so either. Considering what kind of father he was to them, standing up to him like that had to have taken a lot of guts.
    • Similarly, Leo proceeds to attack them to get Garon off the Avatar's case, but manages to hold back his magic just enough to leave them alive. While a fairly small moment, Leo standing up to Garon in his own way is awesome nonetheless, and he manages to do it in a pretty clever way.
  • All the siblings, save for the younger sisters, as well as Garon, have a boss intro before battling them. Highlights include:
    • Hinoka: Flies towards you with the sun to her back before pulling off a midair backflip off her pegasus and spinning her naginata fast enough to keep herself airborne, at which point Hinoka's pegasus catches her, naginata pointed right at the camera.
      "I spent my whole life looking for you. Finally, I found you!"
    • Ryoma: Sits samurai-style before the player approaches, at which point he whips out the Raijinto and uses its sparks to light all the torches in the room before taking up a fighting pose with the flames surrounding him.
      "You... have done well so far... But that was just practice. No more games—to the death!"
    • Takumi: Approaches with a group of samurai, and slowly steps forward. He then draws his Fujin Yumi which begins to glow ominously with wind magic. Staring down with pure determination in his eyes, he vows to be the one to bring the Avatar down for their betrayal.
      "You abandoned your family and Hoshido. Now pay for your betrayal!"
    • Leo: Has the arena filled with darkness before stepping out on horseback and using Brynhildr to make the earth shake, reducing the graves surrounding him to rubble.
      "There is only one punishment. The sentence is death."
    • Xander: When entering his room, his horse looks up at the player before Xander turns around and unsheathes Siegfried, the dark waves emanating from the blade almost putting out the flames in the room before he points it right at the camera
      "You're here. At last. Now, once and for all."
    • Garon (Birthright): The camera zooms up his throne, focusing on him. He lets out an evil laugh and slams Bölverk into the ground, causing the ground to crack all the way down the stairs and stands up.
      "I'm so glad you've made it home!"
    • Garon (Conquest): The camera zooms in on Garon sitting on the Hoshidan throne, revealing his true form. He growls, and looks up at the group and speaks before standing up and letting out a bloodcurdling roar.
      "'ve seen my true form..."
    • Final Boss Of Conquest (Anankos-Possessed Takumi): The Hoshidan throne is seen, before the camera turns to watch a arrow made of pure darkness just barely miss the Avatar. The culprit is seen, Takumi, covered in shadow with bright red eyes.
      "Betrayal... betrayal... I AM BETRAYAL!"
  • Even without a boss cutscene, Sakura is still awesome during her eponymous chapter in Conquest, refusing to back down despite her crippling anxiety, willing to defend her country to the end. Even in her boss dialogue with the Avatar, she swallows her hesitation and is resolved to fight.
    Sakura: I know I probably can't w-win against you, either. But as a princess, I have to at least try to protect my kingdom! So r-ready your sword. It's time to battle!
  • In Kana's Paralogue, the Avatar goes full Papa Wolf/Mama Bear on a number of soldiers and kills most them singlehandedly when they threaten Kana in the intro cutscene.
    • The line they spout during it is awesome personified.
      Avatar: YOU! You dare touch my child?! I'll soak these fields with your blood!
  • At the end of Dwyer's paralogue Jakob chastises his son for taking a passive role in the fight and turns to leave. Dwyer notices an enemy sneaking up on his father and proceeds to kill slapping it in the face.
    • While most of Dwyer's critical quotes are him lamely expressing distaste at being forced to fight, one stands out at how much he really hates these enemies trying to fight him.
    • Dwyer has a pretty good moment in the paralogue itself — as soon as trouble starts rising, and knowing perfectly that he isn't a fighter at the moment, he immediately decides to protect the five Knights who were shielding him by using his White Mage skills. Too bad this is what causes Jakob to mistakenly believe that he's letting others fight his own battles, but Dwyer confronts him on that and stands his ground because he's taking care of those who fight for him.
  • The Avatar pulls off a number of these in the third path, but one of the biggest and earliest is telling both sides that they won't fight either of their families, much to everyone's shock. Bonus points for saying this while stuck in-between two giant armies who would likely try to kill them for not siding with anyone.
  • The Omega Yato blade, or rather, the Fire Emblem, only revealing itself near the end of Revelation when all of the brothers' holy weapons give energy to Yato. Imagine this: a flaming, magical chainsaw sword capable of killing a GOD. If that's not badass, then I don't know what is.
  • Izana gets one in Revelation that goes into Dying Moment of Awesome. He channels a deity through his body to give the Avatar's group a prophecy about the Invisible Kingdom and convince Takumi to finally trust the Avatar, fully knowing it will kill him. He even manages to make it cross into Funny Moment by inserting some snark about his upcoming death, threatening Takumi to haunt him as a ghost if he doesn't obey his Last Request.
  • Kaze's actions in Chapter 15 of Birthright depend on whether the Avatar has an A support with him or not, but they're awesome in either way:
    • If the condition is fulfilled, as the Avatar and Kaze almost fall into the cliff, he spots an explosive crystal and hits it with a shuriken, causing an explosion that pushes them back into firm ground safely.
    • If the condition is not fulfilled, then Kaze will toss the Avatar up to Hinoka so she can get them to safety. Then he proclaims his Undying Loyalty to the Avatar and falls off the cliff, effectively giving his life to save them.
  • Revelation Chapter 21 has a very nice one for the Avatar: Anthony asks them to follow him, by themselves, through a secret passageway into Anankos's castle. The Avatar agrees, and, surprise, surprise, it turns out to be a trap. Anthony boasts about how stupid the Avatar was for trusting him and cackles about how, after he's killed the Avatar, he'll lure the rest of the army to their deaths by saying the Avatar's gone missing. The Avatar calmly tells him that's not going to happen, because they suspected something was off from the start, so they left behind a letter telling the rest of the army exactly where they were going. Cue the cavalry. Anthony's sheer shock and terror at being Out-Gambitted is just the icing on the cake.
  • Another one for the Avatar: Revelation Chapter 26 has them figuring out Scarlet's killer via a flower.
    Avatar: "The flower Scarlet was wearing was burned completely". You said that, right, Gunter?
    Gunter: ...That's right. It was burned up during the attack.
    Avatar: But Scarlet pinned that flower on after everyone else had already jumped into the chasm. And it obviously wasn't present on her corpse. The only ones who knew about it were me...and her killer.
  • Azura approaching the rampaging Avatar the first time they transform, singing Lost in Thoughts All Alone to try and calm them. When Ryoma tries to stop her, shouting it's too dangerous, she knocks him back with a burst of water and keeps calmly singing and walking towards the giant dragon that could easily kill her. And they almost do — the Avatar slashes her face and throws her to the ground, but despite that she persists with her singing. Then, when they pin her in place by the throat, she stares up at them calmly and tells them it's fine if they kill her, as long as they return to their senses. The amount of steel Azura displayed in that cutscene is incredible.
    • Azura has another in Revelation, namely in Chapter 14, by fearlessly using her Magic Music... on both Ryoma and Xander, who are pretty much engaged in what, without her intervention, would've probably become a Duel to the Death. And while Ryoma and Xander don't exactly join in (that will happen later), at least it sets the grounds for Scarlet taking the Avatar's side and joining them later too.
  • Chapter 8 of Conquest. After choosing to side with Nohr over Hoshido, Garon decides to test the Avatar's loyalty by sending them to quell the Ice Tribe's rebellion, expecting them to die in the process. On the way there, the Avatar and Silas get separated from the rest of the group and nearly die in a blizzard, only to be taken in by Kilma, the Ice Tribe's chieftain. After some misinterpreting of intentions leads Kilma to believe they're here to forcibly subjugate the Tribe and attempts to kill the weakened Avatar, what do they do after they win the battle regardless? The Avatar has Elise and Felicia/Jakob heal all the injured on both sides while explaining themselves to Kilma, asking him to peacefully stop the rebellion until they can fix things in Nohr and help the tribe. Kilma, moved by this display of mercy and humility by the young royal, agrees to the terms, stating that perhaps they are The Chosen One. The willingness of the Avatar to do this for the very people who just tried to kill them speaks volumes of their character and proves they are worthy of being royalty.
  • There's a certain boss (Kotaro) that appears in all routes, who will trigger big CMOA's against his person if he's fought and killed by specific characters who really hate him:
  • Chapter 26 of Conquest has Iago and Hans making the brilliant move of trying to kill the Avatar... in front of the Nohrian siblings. Cue every one of the siblings stepping forward and telling them how much of a mistake that was and how they're going to make them pay, not just for trying to kill their brother/sister, but for their years of evil. The Avatar, clearly fed up with Iago and Hans by that point, then drops this line before ordering their army to attack.
    Avatar: You wanted to see me act more like you? Like a merciless killer? Then watch this.
    • Even better is how Elise, of all characters, gives them perhaps the most brutal verbal smack down of the bunch. Of course, being Elise, she does it in a slightly silly way, but it's still awesome.
      Elise: Hmph! Who are you to judge us?! You and Hans have done nothing but awful things to innocent people for years! And what's more, you've been openly mean to Avatar! I've always hated you two! It's time to pay for being such big jerks!!
    • Xander also gets a very good line in when voicing his displeasure towards Iago.
      Xander: Our father is not here to protect his lapdog. We'll tell him you were murdered by some remaining Hoshidan rebels. How tragic.
  • Sakura and Kaze get a joint one in Chapter 8 of Revelation, by joining forces and convincing Saizo to not go the Taking You with Me way with the Avatar.
  • Conquest Chapter 16 has Corrin showing off some amazing acting skills, culminating in a thinly-veiled threat to Iago that leaves him cowed. Essentially, Corrin lied well enough to fool Garon and Iago, and not only that, threatened The Dragon right in front of the Big Bad and got away with it. Bonus points for smiling the whole time.
    Corrin: While [Azura and I] were gone, we ran into a strange group of soldiers. Naturally, we eliminated them all. As sharp as you are, surely you noticed the new blood stains on my armor. There's your proof. I'm not sure who they were, but they threatened the royal family. That alone is reason enough to destroy every last one of them, is it not? After all, rebellions are like seeds. We must salt the earth before they can sprout. ...Have I acted out of line?
    Iago: N-no, milord/milady. You are a role model to us all...
    Corrin: Thank you, Iago. Let that be the last time I hear you question my loyalty.
    • Doubly awesome in that it echoes some advice that Leo had recently given to Corrin. Apparently, Leo's been getting by with lying to Garon or going behind his back for who knows how long. And then triply awesome in that Leo had just told them this about a chapter or two ago, and Corrin manages to almost immediately pull off the above moment.
  • The Avatar's pre-battle line to posessed Slime Monster Garon on the Conquest route is amazing, and ties in with the game's premise very well:
    Avatar: We all make our own decisions. You are all responsible for all of this, monster! You destroyed the heart of a good man for your own selfish gain. But even you could have chosen a different path. No matter the circumstances we are born into, or the blood in our veins...We are all the masters of our own fate! That is why I am not like you, nor could I ever be. I chose the path I believe in, the path of peace. And that conviction, that strength...I will use it to defeat you!
  • Chapter 17 of Revelation starts off as a mission to crush the soul. It starts immediately after chapter 16, preventing the player from going back to the castle to stock up on items or properly save. The game allows the players to pick nine units to go up against Iago's promoted army of twenty-three and thirteen more enemies show up at the end of the first enemy turn. The Avatar grimly wonders if this battle is hopeless...and suddenly Xander and Leo appear, having finally decided to cast their allegiances to the Avatar's cause. The next turn all four of their retainers show up to join the fight as well, albeit a bit underleveled. Suddenly the battle has been completely turned around.
  • Ryoma on Chapter 5 goes on a rampage against Mikoto's assassin Vallite!Sumeragi to the point the RNG controlling his dodges is rigged in his favour on the first few turns, though the power difference is abysmal. However, in Lunatic with his skills Vantage and Duelist's Blow giving him some crucial extra turns, and a considerable amount of luck, he can even defeat it, then proceed to clean the floor with all the rest of the enemies, allowing you to win without having to lose anyone.
  • In Birthright Chapter 12, Silas deserves mention for going to Xander and trying to talk sense into him. Even when it doesn't work, it proves that the guy is courageous as HELL and he won't back down if his friends need him.
  • In Birthright Chapter 13, a Nohrian unit suddenly attacks and injures Leo. When Hans threatens to kill him, the person taunts him, asking how they can hope to defeat him with so few soldiers, at which point Scarlet and the Cheve resistance arrives, forcing Leo, Hans and Camilla to flee. Corrin's impressed that the soldier was brave enough to stand up to Leo, at which point the soldier reveals himself as Ryoma.

  • Charlotte's A Support with Xander reveals that she's capable of killing a Faceless with her bare hands.
  • Benny's B Support with Camilla has him communicate with a bear, convincing it to go elsewhere so he won't have to kill it.
  • Peri and Felicia's A Support has the former try to murder the latter for spilling tea on her for the second time only for Felicia to hold her own. Clumsy maid though she may be, in a fight she's not to be messed with.
    • In a similar fashion, Felicia and either Avatar's C Support has Felicia talking about a time in battle where she was scared out of her wits, got cornered, and was forced to fight her way out. The Avatar saw this and thought she screamed to attract the group of enemy soldiers so she could kill them herself.
  • In Gunter's supports with the Avatar, he reveals that Garon ordered him to punish them for crying as a child. Not only did he refuse, but he went out of his way to subvert his orders as ironically as possible: he brought the male Avatar (whom he was ordered to starve) the tastiest food he could find, and he turned the whip for the female Avatar (whom he was ordered to whip) into a toy ball. No finer subtle "screw you, your Majesty" could there be.
  • Camilla's A Support with Keaton has her drop this Badass Boast:
    Camilla: I don't run afoul of bandits, dear. They run afoul of me.
  • Arthur's supports with Azura reveal that, as a squire, he did something really awesome: willingly taking quite a dose of whipping to protect her from being punished for running away from the Nohrian palace. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when one recalls why he did it: he realised that Azura was being mistreated by Garon's jealous concubines and she ran off in an Heroic BSoD after all the abuse.
    • In his C Support with Beruka, she asks him what justice is. His philosophy about it, as it turns out, is pretty damn cool.
      Arthur: Justice means many things to many people. For me, it's a way of life. It's waking up before your friends to go on patrol... It's searching high and low to locate a lost child for their frantic parents... It's coming across an injured elderly person and becoming their legs for them... It's hearing a crying baby and crying with it until it calms down... It's jumping into a fight and turning angry fists into friendly handshakes... Justice is all these things, and so much more! That's what it means to ME, in any case.
    • Even if his Revelation supports with Setsuna relay a bit too much on comical mishaps, it has a nice moment of teamwork for the two: So Setsuna tends to fall into pits? Arthur uses his own body as a sort-of improvised bridge so she can pass safely. And are they about to be attacked by (pooping) dragons? Setsuna uses her archery skills to scare them away.
  • Azura has a beautiful one in her supports with Saizo. He does not trust her for being a Nohrian and leaves it clear in their C support... but in the B one, when he's seriously wounded helping her, she keeps her wits and rips her own clothes to stop the bleeding, then helps him get to safety. This totally turns their dynamics around, and Saizo ends up believing in her.
    • Sakura pulls something similar in her Saizo-related supports, sans From Dress to Dressing and plus using her White Mage skills to heal him so they can slip away from the enemy. Again, Saizo is very impressed by his savior's pluck and kindness.
  • In Xander's B Support with Beruka, Xander is able to determine that Beruka was given a contract to assassinate him. What does he do? Stand right in front of Beruka and prepare to fight her to the death, complete with Badass Boast.
    Xander: Why are you hesitating? Is the great assassin Beruka so easily intimidated? I can understand why, of course. Cross blades with me, and you'll surely lose. Despite your skill, I simply won't allow myself to lose, for the good of Nohr. When it comes to defending my kingdom, I won't let anything stop me.
    • In their A Support, it's revealed that Xander's display of determination, (in combination with his connection to Camilla) was enough to make Beruka not only refuse to accept the contract, but confront the person who gave it. Said person tried to attack Beruka. Big mistake.
  • In Mozu's B Support with the Avatar, she describes killing a boar and a bear by herself on two separate instances, the former in particular having her kill the boar with only a knife.
    • A couple of Mozu's other supports, such as her ones with Leo, also mention her hunting skills. They're equally awesome due to the mental image of Mozu hunting down such large prey.
  • In their supports with each other, Selena calls out Laslow on his indiscriminate flirting, making him realize that the more he does it the less his sweet words mean to women. This includes mimicking his ways to make him realize what he sounds like, which gets through to him enough to convince him to change his methods.
    Selena: Hey there, baaaby. Mmm-hmm. Momma thinks you'll do juuust fine. Let me feel those arms! Woo! Shivers! A big hunk like you is just what the healer ordered. Aw, you're adorable when you're embarrassed, Lazzy. Me likey. Come on now, let's go get some tea, baby. I promise it'll
  • In Kiragi and Selkie's B support, Kiragi takes down a bunch of poachers who managed to kidnap Selkie — all by himself! The kid really is his father's son in terms of skill.
  • Leo and Odin's A Support gives several offscreen moments of awesome to Odin. Leo reveals that the first few missions he sent Odin on were ones that he thought would be too difficult, or involved finding things that Leo made up or otherwise didn't think were real. Odin successfully completed all of them, and, being Odin, he actually enjoyed all of these "impossible" missions.
  • In Azama and the Avatar's B Support, Azama kills a bear BY HIMSELF. And his starting class is a healer with no way to do damage.
  • Sakura of all people loses her cool when dealing with Azama's rudeness, and not only does she thwack him a good few times, she also ends up snapping a staff into two with her bare hands as she screams at him to shut up.
  • In Revelation, Azama is his usual blasé and apparently indolent self... but Effie gets a mix of this and an hilarious moment in their A Support, getting him agitated enough to briefly go Tsundere and almost yell just by... well, being herself.
  • Laslow deserves a mention in his supports with Beruka. The latter is trying to assassinate someone to protect Camilla, so when Laslow, being Laslow, invites the woman to tea, Beruka chastises him for letting her get away. Come their A support, and it's Laslow who caught the woman by inviting her to tea again and snatching her when she's off guard.

  • In the Heirs of Fate DLC, Forrest gets a very nice one by keeping his wits as he and some of the children are lost in the Deeprealms and Male Kana is so freaked out that he goes into his Dragon Form. He goes as far as briefly using his magic against Kana to calm him down and then giving the other chidren a KirkSummation to help them.
    • Also from said DLC, the final part has all of the children characters face off against Anankos and their Came Back Wrong fathers! When all hope seems lost as Shigure prepares his Heroic Sacrifice, Lilith frees the other children and teleport them to Shigure, where both the male and female Kana combine the power of their Yato swords and turn both of them into their Omega forms. That's right: Two Omega Yatos! Then Shigure and his deceased mother sing the 4th Verse, ensuring that Anankos isn't just weaker, but that Shigure doesn't have to die to save all the worlds Anankos conquered.
  • In terms of Gameplay, the challenge that can and/or will be the Heirs of Fate DLC.
    • The first map of the DLC tasks you with guiding Female Kana, Kiragi, Hisame, Selkie, and Mitama through enemies in order to defeat the map boss. The catch? For starters, the player and their unpromoted ragtag team are drastically outnumbered and have the bare minimum in terms of weapons (Yato and Fujin Yumi aside), with Mitama only having a single Wane Staff (at first) and no other way to heal other units. No one in the group has Locktouch, so they're forced to fight their way to the Knights on the other side of the map for the door key. The game is generous enough to supply the player with useful items such as a Concoction, HP Tonic, and an Armorslayer upon defeating some enemies (especially that last one because god knows you won't do enough damage to Vallite!Ignatius or the other Knights without it). Certain Vallites that come after the group (Vallite Soleil, in particular) will have a Killing weapon with a critical chance much higher than any of the player's critical chances. Vallite!Velouria, flanked by two maids with staves of their own, will be guarding the boss's doors and attack immediately if the door closest to her is unlocked. Oh and the boss, unless he misses with his 80+% hit rate, will do AT LEAST 20 damage to you if given the chance to follow up. (Or, god forbid, he attacks first) And this is just Normal difficulty.
  • The Hidden Truths DLC, especially the second part, contains some moments that are awesome from both gameplay and story perspectives. First off, Owain, Inigo, and Severa absolutely refuse to give up on Anankos or abandon him, even after he shares his whole story and Lilith sends a huge swarm of Vallites after them. Then, the player has the option of either fighting through a bunch of ridiculously powerful enemies, or using the Dragon Veins in a way unlike most others: breaking the island apart to transport them up near Arete more quickly.

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