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  • During the E3 2017 trailer, Xander strikes down a Pegasus Knight without even turning to look.
    • In the game proper in Chapter 11, he does it to several that tried to ambush him.
      Xander: Do they think me so easy to conquer?
  • Also, while funny, it should be stressed; Lissa can use Frederick like a hammer. Delicate, she isn't.
  • The very first shot of the intro movie: Falchion is embedded in the ground and Chrom can be seen running toward it in its reflection. He picks it up and takes charge as other characters are showcased and introduced in groups. It's also fitting as he was the first character unveiled in the game's reveal trailer.
  • For the supporting villains we have Iago orchestrating Chapters 6-13 by himself. In Fates, everything was mostly due to Anankos' mission. Here, he manages to pull the strings of nearly all his enemies and only decides to make a physical appearance in Chapter 13 to prove that he was indeed the culprit behind the scenes. His actions are a big step up in Warriors since once he clarifies his plan, the protagonists and their allies simply just want to kill him for good since he caused them so much chaos and misery and he still escapes with his life. Yep, he managed to get the ire of everyone who wasn't an enemy up to that point and flee before they could carry through with killing him, that's how awesome Iago is.
  • The Big Damn Heroes moment at the end of Chapter 14, when Marth, Navarre, Caeda, and Tiki come to the rescue of the outnumbered army and aid their escape from the Citadel.
  • At the end of Chapter 17, Darios attempts to sacrifice the kidnapped Queen Yelena to revive Velezark, but Takumi is having none of it — he shoots Darios' hand before he can strike the killing blow, saving Yelena from joining the ranks of Cornelius and his ilk.
    Takumi: How dumb are you, Darios?
  • The History Mode retelling of The Path is Yours - Corrin's choice before the route split in Fates - differs in one big way. Whereas Corrin (in this specific case, a Male one) was denounced as a traitor by both of his families in their home game, his victory here is successful in uniting both Hoshido and Nohr to forge a truce between themselves. It's very awesome and very sweet.
    • The Anna battle on that map takes the entire retelling and condenses it into one battle with Corrin, Lianna, and Rowan vs. all of Hoshido and Nohr (and Anna) at once, and winning!
  • Lyn and Takumi's Support conversation has Lyn getting increasingly angered at hearing him complain about everyone in his family liking Corrin more, so she slaps him!
  • If the current character defeats the final boss in Story Mode with a normal series of attacks, s/he will unleash their Awakening Special as a special final blow. It's especially cathartic when in control of Caeda and the finisher is the Triangle Attack in conjunction with Hinoka and Cordelia (after unlocking it and having them on the field).
  • A lot of the character intros are great, but special mention goes to Takumi and Leo, where their intros wonderfully replicate their respective cutscenes in Fates.
    Takumi: Mercy is for the weak...So don't go expecting any. You're nothing more than a bullseye!
    Leo: If you pine for oblivion so... Who am I to deny you? In fact, I'll help you along!
    • Both of Sakura and Azura's are notable for beginning peacefully — Sakura performing a ritual and Azura singing — before they draw their weapons and deliver Let's Get Dangerous! lines.
      Sakura: Here goes!
      Azura: I won't hold back. Let us begin.
    • Lyn doesn't pull any punches as she seemingly splits into five and unleashes her Warrior Special before warning her opponent not to dare underestimate her.
      Lyn: If you think I can't hold my own... You're sorely mistaken.
  • Niles tries to fluster and troll Caeda. Caeda not only is immune, but she counters him gently and flawlessly. It's both awesome and hilarious.
  • Darios under Velezark's mind control has some pretty awesome one-liners, taking many levels in hamminess all of a sudden to go along with his brand new shadowy aura and red eyes. Upon breaking the seal and gaining dark powers, he cries out in challenge:
    Darios: I will grind you into so fine a pulp... that I will have obliterated even your SHADOWS!
  • History Mode. Just seeing some of the best battles in the five games focused on being played out with FULL VOICE ACTING!