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  • In Chapter 1, Rowan and Lianna have some difficulty fighting a monster, leading to the former getting thrown onto the latter. Lianna then notes that Rowan is pretty heavy in a snarky manner.
    Lianna: Geez... we're not twins in the weight department!
    Rowan: Hurtful, Sis!
  • Owain's first appearance. As Lissa is faced with three sword mooks she's been slaughtering hundreds of in the map Owain appears in, he appears atop a cliff and acts heroic. He then infuses his sword with some sort of magic, jumps off the cliff screaming the attack name, and cuts down the soldiers with his blade...or would, if he hadn't completely missed. The soldiers even check themselves to see if he did anything!
  • Owain's introduction has him steal the spotlight in Lucina's proper introduction, announcing himself as Lissa's son with all the drama and theatrics he's known for. Lissa nearly faints. Owain doubles down by trying to prove his identity through saying something only he'd know as her son, only for Lissa to try to calm him down. Adding to the hilarity is the fact the camera and subtitles stop paying attention halfway though the conversation to focus on the more dramatic reveal of Lucina and Chrom's relationship
    Lissa: No! Stop right there, Owain — no secrets because I believe you!
    Owain: But Mother, you need to know in your soul that I'm your flesh and blood...!
    Lissa: No! That's enough! Why are you still talking?
    [conversation continues as Chrom and Lucina walk away while the rest are dumbfounded]
  • The usually calm and calculated Cordelia flusters when Chrom praises her skills in her introduction, and leaves the conversation for a while before Chrom wonders if something is wrong with her.
  • Chapter 6 has the scenario open up with Rowan complaining about how Cordelia wasn't with their (Rowan's) group as he always wanted to ride on a pegasus, which makes a direct callback to Chapter 3, where Rowan was as close to becoming too excited to see a pegasus. Frederick then responds that pegasi normally dislike men in general, so it's very rare that a man will ever be able to ride on one. In Fates, players could actually have male characters riding on pegasi thanks to the classes being more diverse, making the scenario even funnier since Rowan technically could as his team in particular ends up with the Hoshidians.
  • The developers had some fun with Takumi's status as a Base-Breaking Character. At the end of Chapter 7, Frederick is explaining their situation to Takumi, who apparently has been tied up. From Takumi's reaction, it's implied that this is not the first time Takumi has been told this. When Oboro comes in and unties him, she reveals that no one else from Takumi's army was tied up. Frederick explains that Takumi resisted so violently that no one felt safe until he was tied up.
    Takumi: That feels like an exaggeration...
  • The text-based cutscene preceding Chapter 10's map has a conversation between Leo and Niles, which involves Niles getting too close to Leo for comfort. Niles' portrait gets placed right next to Leo's to provide a humorous visual aid. He even shoves Leo's character portrait to the far end of the screen, making things even more awkward.
  • Seeing Iago screw up in Chapter 13 becomes a bit funnier if anyone has played Chapter 26 of Conquest or Chapter 17 of Revelations in Fates. Even though he gets some fair justification, as the events after the path split haven't occurred yet, Iago screws up even more than in Fates. In particular, he manages to brainwash the three strongest children of the two royal families instead of trying to brainwash the smartest of the two families. As a result, both Takumi and Leo managed to devise a plan to counter Iago when they realize there's no way to defeat Xander or Ryoma; Takumi even mentions that Iago is the real target once Corrin shows up under his influence. Funnier since Leo knows pretty much everything Iago would do, meaning that when he saw that Xander and Ryoma were not acting like their normal selves, the younger Nohrian prince knew who was behind the scenes. Makes you wonder how Iago even got to be a retainer to Garon and be the Nohrians' chief strategist. When he finally gets cornered, Iago is desperately pleading to the combined army to spare him, but it fails to work.
  • In the cutscene before the start of Chapter 17, the group holds a war council to prepare to attack Aytolis Castle. The problem is that everyone breaks into small groups and nobody really focuses on the important mission.
    • Robin tries to think of a strategy and suggests a feint followed by a retreat, which causes Camilla to go Team Mom and shower him with praise for his plan and how "adorable" he is, before saying he's better than Iago. Niles chimes in, saying he'd like to attack from the rear, which earns Leo's annoyance as he tells him to focus.
    • Lissa asks Oboro to help mend her clothes. Surprised at her skill, Owain begins to ham it up to give it a name, but before he can give Oboro's skills a name, Takumi states the skills are good, but demands that Owain doesn't give them a stupid name.
    • Elise expresses joy at seeing everyone happy and asks Navarre if he thinks it's good too. Navarre bluntly tells her no, it isn't, to which Sakura tries her best to sound motivated too but struggles to work up what to say.
    • Frederick sees all of this and gets annoyed at how unfocused the conversation goes. Despite this, everyone agrees it's for the best. Hell, even Xander admits he's excited.
  • During the History Mode for The Blazing Blade, Marth introduces himself and Chrom to Lyn before commenting that Chrom is also a prince, even if it doesn't appear to be the case. note 
  • When Owain appears in the "Scion of Legend" map, Niles mentions that he reminds him of someone annoying. Owain immediately attacks him without saying a thing.
    • Furthermore, the comical event background music from Awakening overwrites the map music for the remainder of the game.
    • When recruiting him, even Chrom gets sick of him and leaves, prompting a whiny childlike "Uncle Chrooom" from Owain.

  • Lucina and Lissa's conversation has them spending family time together, until a bug goes into their tent. Both of them end up freaking out over it in an extremely overdramatic fashion, made better by Alexis Tipton's performance as Lucina.
    Lucina: I will not let it bring you harm, Lissa! I will change your fate...and that of this bug!!!
  • Takumi and Lissa's conversation has Takumi be the victim of Lissa's pranks. She taped a poster of Chrom over his bed to scare him and stitched "jerk" on the back of his hair tie. At the end of their support, while she agrees to let up on the pranks, she dug a hole long before her conversation with Takumi, that he ends up falling into.
    • Given that she mentioned Frederick making the poster of Chrom, it's presumably the one from Frederick and Chrom's supports in Awakening. The poster that says 'Chrom wants you' underneath a naked portrait of Chrom.
  • Frederick and Camilla's conversation starts out with Camilla assuming Frederick is gay for Chrom, but then shifts gears to them talking about their devotions to Chrom and Corrin. They end up sharing ideas and helping each other.
  • Frederick and Leo's conversation involves Frederick admitting seeing Leo at his most unprepared, noting his collar being inside out several times, how he once almost wore his nightcap into battle, and that he almost brought his pillow instead of his tome. Leo is, unsurprisingly, horrified. What augments the humor even more is Kyle Hebert and Max Mittelman's performances, which play the entire conversation in a serious light.
  • Chrom and Camilla's conversation has Camilla talk about her devotion to Corrin. Chrom is understandably unsettled to hear this, as it reminds him of Frederick's own devotion.
  • Chrom and Robin's support has Chrom feeling a bit down about being labeled a hero, so Robin tries to motivate him by explaining why he sees him as a hero. It works, but only because Chrom misses the point of what Robin meant and believes Robin was saying that because he has friends who motivate him, that's what makes him a hero. Robin gets embarrassed at Chrom's praising before agreeing with him. Doubles as heartwarming too though, since it does make Chrom feel better.
  • Camilla and Sakura's talk has an adorable start where Camilla almost immediately takes Sakura under her Team Mom wing. Things take a turn to the hilarity when Camilla tells Sakura about the time Corrin sat on a pie.
  • Xander and Lyn's support has them sharing anecdotes about their homelands... and complaining about their Chivalrous Pervert retainers, Laslow and Sain.
  • Marth and Frederick's support is mostly a case of Hero-Worshipper for Frederick, but an unexpectedly funny moment occurs when Marth mentions Cain, Abel, and Jagen as his loyal knights to compare to Frederick. Frederick geeks out about Cain and Abel, yet completely ignores the mention of Jagen, which comes across as way funnier than it was likely meant to, and makes Jagen seem like a No-Respect Guy.
  • Cordelia reveals to Hinoka that everyone expects her to be such a hard worker that she has absolutely no idea what it means to laze about and relax. Hinoka volunteers to take on Cordelia's tasks for the day so she can go learn.
  • Xander and Lissa's Support conversation is full of The Comically Serious moments from Xander as he offers to teach Lissa how to prepare bear meat in a manner that she'll enjoy eating. She declares that, when they meet again, she'll be far more bear-like. His response is to wonder aloud how she'd look covered in fur.
  • Frederick and Hinoka's support has Frederick surprised to see Hinoka do her own laundry, forcing Hinoka to explain that she does it because she has to. Apparently, Setsuna nearly drowned one time she tried to do laundry, while Azama actually did it fine, but kept berating Hinoka about doing it, so she did it herself. Frederick is horrified to hear about just how odd her retainers are. In the end, he offers Hinoka to train them in being retainers. May the gods have mercy on their souls...
  • Anna and Robin’s conversation carries a couple of Awakening Mythology Gags. It's innocent enough on their own, but Robin’s reactions become a bit humorous when you remember the relationships they can have with the alluded characters.
    • First, she tries to sell them Missiltainn. Robin mentions it should be for "someone a bit more… pretentious."
    • Next, Robin inspects a spear with shells. According to Anna, it flies straight and is "known to make its wielder sigh." Robin's response? "Weird."
  • Chrom and Elise's begins with her asking him to play hide and seek and Chrom, being wary of her potentially being like Lissa, explains his needing to beware of frogs, pitfalls, or pitfalls full of frogs. After Elise promises to do nothing like that and some conversation about Xander being a nice guy, Chrom agrees to play. Elise then comes up with a different game where they pick flowers and weave them into crowns while singing and dancing. Chrom declares she may be even more formidable than Lissa.
  • As if to follow up from Frederick's support, Oboro's support with Leo starts off with Oboro's Nightmare Face she normally does since Leo is obviously Nohrian, but states she's getting better at it so something else is setting her off. Then she plain out tells Leo that his collar is backwards, again, for about a week. Leo then comments that this wouldn't be happening if clothes were designed the same both ways. This piques her interest and she decides to figure out a design to work both ways.
  • Niles simply cannot troll Caeda no matter what he does and ends up overwhelmed by her purity. She even understands his innuendos!
    • That may be because Camilla helped her get desensitized to Nohrian shenanigans by being Camilla. The wyvern rider tried very little to fluster Caeda.
  • Leo and Niles obviously compare Odin and Owain saying that their attitude and even look seem quite similar... not knowing that they are one and the same.
    • And as if to follow it up, Niles tries to figure out Owain and the comparisons to Odin and see if he can figure out the resemblance. Even outright asking if Owain can use magic, which Owain states that he isn't unable to wield magic. Of course, because this is Owain from Awakening, Niles cannot detect any sort of lies from him.
    • As with Leo, Owain become enamored with his magical ability. Thus he decides he wants to become a mage.
    • In both conversations, once Odin was brought up, Owain's interest piques instantly about his magical counterpart.
  • Tharja has several good ones:
    • In a conversation with Robin (of either gender) she reveals she's been keeping intensely close tabs on them. Turns sweet when Robin mentions Tharja is special to them as well, promising to support her.
      • That in itself is funny, because by the sounds of it, Tharja wasn't expecting Robin to say that.
        Robin: You know you're special to me too, right?
        Tharja: I AM?!
    • Her conversation with Camilla has them both mentioning how they keep tabs on their respective ones. They then promise to help each other claim their respective ones' hearts. Corrin and Robin best sleep with one eye open....
    • Speaking of Corrin, she does directly state that whenever Robin manages to get away, she switches her sights onto Corrin instead. While this is par for the course for Tharja, remember that Rhajat exists...
    • Her conversation with Hinoka makes a call back to Robin's support with her in Awakening, with her trying to act, uh... "normal" along with Hinoka. Needless to say, it fails epically, with Hinoka lamenting that she somehow managed to creep out Tharja of all people.
  • Because Supports are fully voiced in this game, Owain obviously steals every conversation he has. Kaiji Tang literally gives 200% into every word.
  • Elise and Oboro's support has Oboro ask Elise to do a twirl. She complies... and the visuals show this by flipping her portrait twice in quick succession.
  • Olivia and Sakura's support is hilarious and adorable, as the game's two biggest Shrinking Violets get flustered at each other's compliments and generally try their hardest to out-moe each other. Sakura then brings up a confidence-building exercise she was taught that involves puffing out one's chest and shouting a commanding battle-cry, leading to both Sakura and Olivia trying to come up with something appropriately "commanding" — and failing miserably.
  • Owain and Navarre's Support is a case of the game's biggest Large Ham meeting the biggest Stoic and the latter not putting up with the former's theatrics at all. After testing Owain and defeating him while holding back, Navarre gets pushed just a bit too far when Owain still won't shut up.
  • While Marth and Lucina's conversation is heartwarmingly sweet, it starts off with Lucina essentially fangirling over him.
    Lucina: And you just... I mean... You're amazing! That's what I wanted to say!
    Marth: When you put it that way... it makes me very uncomfortable.
    Lucina: And so humble, too!
  • Xander and Olivia’s conversation manages to be both this and Heartwarming Moments because of the rampant Dramatic Irony. They begin discussing one of Xander’s retainers, Laslow, and Olivia’s hypothetical child without realizing they’re talking about the same person.
  • Camilla decided to have tea with Owain, and Owain turns up the ham as usual. What isn't usual with this case is that it's clear that Owain's blatantly intimidated by Camilla, and is using his Dark Swordsman persona to try and get out of the increasingly awkward moment, with little success.

  • The characters on horses are capable of doing backflips. In full armor.
  • Since the experience bar is tucked into the corner and tiny in size to boot, it's quite easy to lose track of it. So it becomes hilarious when you Level Up on the first hit of any given combo you have intended to do.
  • If you use Lyn to defeat Niles, she'll ask Niles to not look so thrilled to get beaten up.
  • Lissa, Fredrick, Camilla, and Minerva can grab one of their foes with their axe and swing them around as part of their attacks. On normal-sized enemies? Nothing special. Against characters like Frederick, who are on horseback? Instant classic. Most notably, some of the first footage of Lissa has her seemingly encountering a bug that causes the grabbled enemy to be stuck in the axe longer than they should, thus leading to an image of Lissa using Frederick as a human hammer.
  • Anna's reveal trailer (which also contains her intro and victory cutscenes) has some good ones, especially the ending where she gets chased by a whole army of Annas!
  • Every time a character is introduced during a Story Mode cutscene, they all get a subtitle with their name and title... except for Frederick, whose subtitle identifies him as The Wary.
  • If the player does a Dual Special as Frederick while supported by Lissa or Robin, the latter two will sometimes call the former Freddy Bear, which Frederick expresses annoyance at. What makes it even funnier is Frederick's tiny growl as he says Robin's name, making it sound like he wants to call Robin something else, but either can't think of anything or refrains because it isn't proper behavior for a knight.
    Robin: Let's go, Freddy Bear!
    Frederick: [annoyed] I'll have you use my proper name, Robin!
  • Certain characters' introduction cutscenes during fights can be this.
    • Takumi's has him shooting a bullseye with his bow. Not very funny on its own, until one remembers that this is the middle of a battlefield and Takumi went through the trouble of setting up a target, waiting for the enemy to appear, and firing his shot so he would look cool.
    • Owain's is just as funny as one would expect.
      Owain: [standing on a cliff in his signature pose] I've seen the future- [leaps off the cliff and lands in a fighting position] -and you don't make the cut. [in a very quiet high-pitched voice] Yeeeeah, nailed it!
    • Anna walks around the battlefield checking her list, totally oblivious to her dangerous surroundings. She accidentally dodges several arrows and balls of magic before noticing you and pulling out her bow.
    • The 3DS port has the cutscenes take place indoors, making scenes such as the flying mounts coming out of nowhere and Owain's cliff look more ridiculous.
  • The victory cutscenes can have their share of funny moments as well.
    • Frederick's has him cleaning pebbles off of the road.
    • Camilla's has her be very aware of her Ms. Fanservice status.
      Camilla: Sorry, darling... [tilts camera up so her face fills the frame] My eyes are up here.
    • Leo has him trying to be a badass... until his horse suddenly rears, causing him to nearly drop his tome and panic as he tries to catch it.
    • Rowan tosses his sword up in the air... yet not only does he fall to the floor and fails to catch it, but it falls near his crotch.
    • Tiki stomps along in her dragon form going "Rawr" over and over like a little kid playing at being Godzilla. Then, just as she makes to roar at the screen, her dragonstone apparently runs out of power, leaving you looking at adorable human-form Tiki making a classic scary face... then she realizes what happened and gets very flustered.
      Tiki: Uh- um- J-just kidding.
    • Olivia's has hers doing perfect dancing moves. After she finishes, she notices the player saw the whole thing and, being the Shrinking Violet that she is, runs off in total embarrassment.
      Olivia: Don't look! Don't look! Don't looooooook!
    • Owain starts calling his attacks like he always does, before exclaiming to the camera to fear his power...but he starts rambling and won't shut up, so the cutscene fades out half-way through him talking.
    • Sakura states, "I hope nobody got hurt..." Not quite funny until you realize you are playing a Warriors game, and a map will typically end with a body count in the quadruple digits on a slow day.
  • Anna's animations are a ton of fun as well. Not only does her Awakening Mode finisher consist of her calling up two of her sisters to fire on the enemies with a ballista, but if she is called to support in a Dual Attack, she will disappear while the initiator attacks, then come back in a tank to blast the enemies to bits.
  • One of the Xenologues of The Path Is Yours features Frederick being made to eat bear meat. Veterans of Frederick and Robin's support conversation from Awakening know exactly what to expect, and the fully-voiced reaction is glorious. Even better yet, that particular conversation is named "Freddy Bear".
  • A Xenologue in Noble Lady of Caelin has Iago offering to play games with Elise. Elise turns him down on the basis of his goofy clothes and hair.
  • The medal given for obtaining the maximum amount of any material is called "Make the Convoy Cry".
  • Each character has a couple crafting materials associated with them, such as as Corrin's Brooch. A couple of these items are pretty silly, such as Leo's Tomato or Cordelia's Book of Love.
    • Even funnier, we find out in the The Path Is Yours Xenologue "Lesson in Love" that said book is called "Make Him Fall for You in a Fortnight". Cordelia shows it to Camilla and tries to seduce her with it:
      Camilla: Was there something stange in your breakfast this morning?
  • If Leo initiates a Dual Special with Corrin:
    Corrin: Leo, win and my tomato stash is yours!
    Leo: Really?! EXCELLENT!
  • More tomatoes. If Leo is set to be the system voice, he'll deliver this line in a very pointed tone should you fail to buy from Anna's store before it closes.
    Leo: They had no tomatoes. I don't wish to discuss it.
  • This line during a mission in Celica's map. And in a very annoyed tone. His facial expression that accompanies the line doesn't help matters either.
    Takumi: Come on- that's not funny! You're not really retreating, are you?
    • And this is also considering that this mission has you required to beat him as well as Niles, and seeing as both of them are voiced by the same person in English…
  • There is an armor break system that, when used on certain opponents or oneself, it strips the character, leaving them in their underwear. Humorously, this also happens to any mount that is being ridden.
  • If you set Navarre to be the game's system voice, trying to skip a cutscene will result in him asking "Are you done with this?" in a dismissive tone, as if he couldn't stand the cutscene and was waiting for you to skip it. He behaves much he same way if he's the Camp shopkeeper.
    • Doing it as Owain is even better.
      Owain: You would transcend space and time?!
  • When choosing Owain on the character select screen:
  • Niles' MVP quote implies that his back will hurt tomorrow.note 
  • Olivia is Shrinking Violet and Apologetic Attacker incarnate. When pulling off combos, she starts to scream apologies while fighting. And if she's not apologizing, she's lamenting about how embarrassed she is. She even does this in Awakening mode.
    • Even more hilarious is if you have her defeat the Final Boss, the game automatically scripts the character you're using into Awakening mode. Meaning she'll apologize to the final boss for killing him. Yes, the franchise's well-known Shrinking Violet apologizes to a draconic reality warping Eldritch Abomination.
  • When performing his Special, Owain clutches his alleged sword hand which is his left hand, it even having a dark effect on it... and then proceeds to attack with his right hand.
    Owain: Here it comes... BLAZING BLADE OF DOOM! Or even better! SACRED STONE OF STRIKE! No, I've got it! STEEL OF THE RADIANT DAWN!
  • Amusingly, there's something funny when there's a Villager who initially has a rather wimpy tone. But if successfully swayed and recruited, he will get a promotion with a baritone.
    • The "feeble old lady" Villager type can wind up promoting into Wyvern Lords as well.
  • Doing a Dual Special with Owain with Lucina as a pair-up partner gives a Call-Back to Awakening.
    Lucina: Let us strike, Pointy Demonspanker!
    Owain: Lucina, you can not rename Falchion like that!
  • If Takumi initiates a Dual Special with Leo before they reach A-Rank Support.
    Leo: So it's come to this...Let us join forces!
    Takumi: What do you mean "It's come to this"!?
  • If Oboro initiates a Dual Special with Lucina.
    Lucina: After this I'll show you my stylish clothes!