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  • Skills in general tend to be this. A combination of some skills can make even the hardest opponents look relatively tame. A combination of Awakening (boosts power while in Awakening Mode), Sol (restores your HP by a certain amount if you defeat a 'Strong' Enemy such as Fort Bosses and enemy characters) and the below mentioned Astra skill can make most bosses easy. Sol and Luna even have their effects improved as the equipped character's Luck is increased. Marth's skill, Paragon doubles the experience the user gets upon defeating enemies and Anna's (which is based off the Luck Stat) increases the amount of gold you get as you defeat enemies which while hard to get for the latter considering the requirements, can make leveling up some of the slower characters easier.
    • Tiki's Armored Blow may not seem like this at first glance it prevents enemy attacks from stopping your own attacks, useful but at this point optional... unless you have Armor Strike, then its usefulness skyrockets.
    • Navarre's Lone Wolf skill can be placed on AI-controlled units and makes them become much more viable in clearing out enemy officers on their own.
    • Ryoma's Astra skill is this game's equivalent of "Hasty Attacks" from Hyrule Warriors. It causes anyone who equips it to speed up their regular and strong attacks by 50% and basically trap most enemies into a stun-lock state before they can retaliate. Because it's skill-based, there is no need to attach it to a weapon and any character who isn't Ryoma can learn it after he builds a B and an A rank support with any character.
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    • Chrom's skill, Luna, is a very special damage-boosting skill; rather than just giving a flat bonus to your attack strength, it causes your hits to ignore a percentage of your enemy's Defense and Resistance. Its effect gets stronger the higher a character's Luck stat, with 4 points of Luck ignoring 1% Defense. Because of the way it works, your attacks do exponentially more damage the more Defense Luna lets you ignore, meaning it goes from a fairly useful skill in the early game to a must-have in the endgame, when a number of your characters have Luck stats over 100.
    • Another skill from the Shadow Dragon DLC is Minerva's Iote's Shield. It nullifies ALL effective damage against the user, which allows units that would be seriously crippled from the presence of a Slayer weapon to stand up to them very easily (And lets Pegasus and Wyvern knights turn the tables on enemy archers who find themselves with piddling defense against units they can no longer one-shot).
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    • Niles' skill, Lethality. For every 1 point of Luck a character has, they get a 0.5% chance for Critical Hits to do quintuple damage to their targets. This means that high-level enemies that take up to 5 Critical Hits to defeat can potentially be destroyed instantly. The only thing keeping this skill from being busted the moment you unlock it is the fact that Niles' Luck is atrocious; getting A Supports with him so you can teach it to other characters is the real barrier.
      • In conjunction with the above-mentioned Luna, this means that characters with insanely high Luck like Anna, Caeda, and Olivia become absolute monsters, especially if you pad them even further with the Amped weapon attribute (20% boost to all base stats) and Celica's Luck +20 skill; a Level 150 Olivia with Amped and Luck +20 has 231 Luck, which more than guarantees Lethality to trigger on every Critical Hit, and more than doubles all of the damage she deals with Luna. Takumi and Lucina are the lowest-Luck characters that can achieve 200 Luck this way; everyone between them and Olivia benefits greatly from Luna and Lethality.
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    • Olivia's skill, Galeforce, fills the Warrior and Awakening gauges everytime the character kills an enemy officer. While this sounds neat but not that broken, the best part is that it still works even in Awakening mode, which means it's possible to keep Awakening mode up forever, especially on a character like Tiki.
    • Similarly, Linde's Crest Skill, Quick Wit, increases her Warrior and Awakening gauges whenever she lands a critical attack, regardless of if she has a weapon advantage or not. Like with Olivia's, it might not seem broken as first, but because Linde is a Mage, whose heavy attack forces out a critical hit stun gauge, it becomes extremely easy to fill up her Awakening and Warriors gauge by just using her heavy, than doing a combos to cause a critical hit. When you combine that with Olivia's Galeforce, and Lucina's Awakening Crest Skill, you have a skill that can extend the length of Awakenings even longer!
      • Those get absolutely busted if stacked on Tiki, who, having no weapon disadvantages, can fill up her Awakening gauge with a single critical attack and then remain in her dragon form indefinitely as long as she has an enemy captain to hit with a critical and extend her Awakening further.
    • Vengeance has the potential to be this, but it sits right on Difficult, but Awesome to use to its full potential. At 1 HP, your damage increases by an insane 400%, but that comes with the aforementioned 1 HP shtick. However, if you pair it with Galeforce and enter Awakening mode, it becomes absurdly powerful, as you cannot die while in Awakening mode. As long as you can remain in Awakening mode, you can enjoy a free 400% damage boost, letting you destroy everything with utter impunity.
  • Camilla and Minerva's dashing Strong I attack makes missions that require high kill counts an absolute cakewalk, thanks to its massive area of effect, decently fast windup, and solid damage, making it also ideal for farming materials efficiently. Couple that with Camilla's Trample ability (which increases damage against non-mounted units) and the Mountslayer weapon attribute, and damage will increase against all enemies, with Pegasus/Falcon Knights, Cavaliers, Wyvern Riders, Caeda, Hinoka, Cordelia, Frederick, Elise, Leo, Xander, and Minerva being particularly vulnerable.
  • The Sky Knight/Falcon Knights (Hinoka, Cordelia and Caeda) can effectively lock an enemy into being trapped in the air by repeatedly attacking them while they are in the air for as long as you don't use a strong attack (sends enemies hit flying away from you) or a special (musou or dual as they will end up knocking your target away from you). Said aerial units have an aerial dash attack that stuns enemies who are hit and have a guard breaking combo finisher that not only stuns those who are hit but also knocks any enemy hit into the air briefly which allows them to start up attacks with more ease. If your enemy is pinned between you and a wall and gets launched into the air, it's basically a death sentence to him/her/it since no one (player/ally/other/enemy) can block attacks while in the air, you can just attack continuously until the enemy is dead or has to retreat/or call for help, this even includes other characters who aren't in super armor.
  • If you have the Fates DLC pack, Azura joins the party in Story Mode after Chapter 2. She comes carrying a personal weapon with a power of 180note , letting her run through the entire story with ease. She is also the first who can fully unlock her weapon for a whopping 720 attack power! Minerva and Linde's personal weapons also start out at 180 for those who buy the Shadow Dragon pack, but fully unlocking theirs is much harder.
  • From the Shadow Dragon DLC Pack comes Caeda's Wing Spear, which holds the unique weapon passive Rampager, which is Mountslayer and Plateslayer in one skill, but it also only takes up one slot of the "slayer" category, which allows Caeda to stack a third Slayer skill for amazing enemy coverage.note  Combine it with the above example, and Caeda can destroy most enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • Even without the Wing Spear, Caeda is considered one of the best characters in the game due to her high mobility and versatile moveset as explained above, plus having the second-highest natural luck stat for skill triggering. Give her Iote's Shield to negate her major weakness and she can be used to fill pretty much any role needed.
  • Lyn and Navarre are considered to be two of the strongest characters in the game, thanks to their incredibly fast attack speed (that can be made even faster with Astra), their Strong VI combo sucking in enemies in a large range, and very fast and damaging Warrior specials.
  • The Awakening DLC adds a few "Spirit" weapon attributes that don't require kills to unlock, but the most noteworthy one is Amped, which grants a straight 20% boost to all of a character's stats. Towards the endgame, this exponentially boosts characters' high-end stats way more than the basic +10/20 character skills can.
    • One that deserves mention is the Bolster attribute. Basically it boosts the effectiveness and damage of any attribute the weapon has equipped. What makes it extremely game-breaking is that this boost extends to Effective Against weapons, meaning that the Falchions, Sol Katti, Blessed Lance, and all Bows have their innate Effective Against skill increase drastically. With this, characters can casually kill Dragons, Monsters, and flying units with ease since they effectively do double the damage, before adding anything else! If you add skills like the Breaker skills, that means a character can boost their damage even further! Throw in Luna, and one-shoting is far more possible!

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