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    Character Roster Predictions 
Alm and/or Celica will be playable.
Considering they're the protagonists of the most recent FE game which is releasing in the same year, it stands to reason that either one or both of them would make an appearance to capitalize on the popularity and excitement for Echoes.
  • Celica has been confirmed per Tokyo Game Show 2017.

Every character who currently has an amiibo or is planned to in the near future will be playable.
Similar to Hyrule Warriors the game will likely have amiibo functionality, so we can probably expect Marth (of course), Ike, Robin, Lucina, Roy, Corrin, Alm and Celica to be available in the base game.
  • No word on amiibo compatibility yet, but Marth has been confirmed.
  • Jossed, Ike, Roy, and Alm do not appear in the game, and interviews indicate that Ike and Roy will likely not appear until an eventual sequel.

Gazzak, the very first boss of the very first game will appear as a playable character
For the sake of both a surprise choice and some villain representation. He will even appear as the first boss of the first stage and then later become a recurring boss.
  • Jossed.

Both Glade and Seazas will appear as playable characters
Just so they can have better treatment than what they've been given as of late.
  • Jossed.

Kiran (the Summoner) from Fire Emblem Heroes will be an extra, non-story character
The Breidablik will be able to fire bullets for basic attacks and summon Heroes for finishers (mostly characters who are otherwise not in the game).
  • Jossed.

Anna will be playable
Being something of a pseudo poster-girl for the series (and being generally pretty popular), Anna seems a strong candidate to make an appearance, with her design and moveset most likely being based on her Heroes or Fates appearances.
  • Confirmed!

The Choose Your Legends poll will help determine the roster.
Given that the poll covered all characters in all 14 games, it is very likely that the developers will use the poll to prioritize who will revealed first, who should be added later, who should be a major character in the story, etc.
  • Possibly confirmed? The winner of the women's division, Lyn, was the first character revealed not to originate from Archanea or the 3DS games.
  • Basically jossed. Of the four poll winners, only Lucina has a major role; Lyn doesn't appear in the story and Ike and Roy are no-shows.

All of the Nohrian and Hoshidan siblings will make it into the playable roster
Not much to say here, just wishful thinking. Although if it's any indication, we have seen Raijinto and Siegfried in the teaser trailer.
  • Ryoma and Xander confirmed, as per the E3 2017 game trailer.
  • If Sakura and Elise will be playable, they'll be a bow user and a tome user, respectively.
  • Camilla, Leo, Hinoka, and Takumi have all been revealed as per the Gamescom 2017 trailer, leaving just Sakura and Elise to be confirmed or not. The trailer does, however, state that both Nohrian and Hoshidan royalty are searching for their missing siblings.
  • Elise confirmed on September 1, with Sakura possibly coming in Famitsu.
  • Sakura confirmed in Famitsu on September.
  • In short, all are confirmed, with Azura as DLC.

Characters not from Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates will be offered as DLC
They won't have any role in the story, but will be offered as a service for their fans. Similar to how Hyrule Warriors primarily featured Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword but represented other games in DLC and in Legends.
  • Not happening unless we get a second wave of DLC. We've gotten an outline of the season pass and it's one pack for each of those three games. The Fates one has strongly hinted that Azura (who is conspicuously absent from the base game) will be the character.

Link will be playable.
He will be an amiibo bonus unit, and will use his moveset from Hyrule Warriors.
  • Jossed.

(Young) Tiki will be playable
Getting her own Amiibo seems a pretty strong indicator for it.
  • Young Tiki confirmed at Tokyo Game Show 2017.

Roy and Ike will be in the game.
They already have Amiibos.
  • They're also the two most popular male heroes according to the Fire Emblem Heroes popularity poll, leaving them out wouldn't be the best idea.
  • Jossed.

Owain will be in the game
He's a popular character, and his theatrics would be interesting to see.
  • Confirmed!

Odin will be in the game.
In all of his attack-calling glory. He will also be desperate to convince everyone else that he isn't Owain, much to everyone's confusion. Especially Owain's.
  • Jossed.

Ophelia will be in the game.
And, at some point in the story, Lissa will have to explain to another character how her granddaughter is older than her.
  • Jossed.

Lyn will be in the game.
Like Roy and Ike, Lyn is far too popular to not be in the game.
  • Confirmed!

Gaius will be in the game.
What better character to represent the Thief class than Gaius? Like Cordelia, while he wasn't a main character in Awakening, he was one of the popularity poll winners and would make a nice addition to the Awakening roster so far. He can also be the resident Knife Nut of the game, even though he uses swords in Awakening.
  • Jossed.

Kellam is a base game playable character
We’re just not noticing him.

    Story Predictions 
Gharnef and Medeus will be the main conflict instigators.
Gharnef has manipulated kingdoms to war before, as well as using life force to revive the Shadow Dragon, who has mainly been defeated by the incredibly notable weapon Falchion. Additionally, it would parallel the Cia/Ganon duo of Hyrule Warriors.
  • Jossed, although Gharnef does appear as a minor Arc Villain.

In the Awakening reveal trailer, in one scene, Chrom glows a dark blue, and in the next scene we see the Shield of Flames with Azure (the blue gem) lit up in the same blue. This in turn causes Rowan to realize that the Shepherds are Heroes who are destined to help them.

And as Fire Emblem Lore goes, there are 5 gems in the Shield, and I'm assuming each Game world will supply one of the gems. We already have Awakening, Fates, and the Archenea games present, but that leaves 2 stones w/o a world to visit to get them.

Thus, we basically have 2 worlds that still have yet to be represented (so, Valentia, Jugdral, Elibe, and Tellius are still fair game).

  • As much as I'd like this... the original E3 trailer had the five orbs with Falchion, Falchion, Yato, Siegfried and Raijinto. Here's hoping your explanation sticks!
  • Sort of confirmed; Celica and Lyn are playable, but not in story mode. As for the Shield of flame, the orbs are lit up by the presence of Marth, Chrom, Corrin, Ryoma, and Xander.

    Game Mechanics 
The Game will have Weapon Tiers.
  • Just Like Hyrule Warriors, there will be several levels of weapon quality ranging from the weakest but readily available to the legendary but extremely rare.
  • There might be a standard-class line of Weaponry.
    • Bronze Weapons: Introduced in Radiant Dawn as the weakest standard-class of weaponry. All characters in Fire Emblem: Warriors start off with a Bronze Weapon.
    • Iron Weapons: This was the weakest class of weaponry since the very beginning of the Fire Emblem series until Bronze Weapons appeared.
    • Steel Weapons: A step up from Iron Weapons but still not good enough in most cases.
    • Silver Weapons: The best standard-class of regular weapons. They're only outmatched by the Legendary Weapons.
    • Legendary Weapons: The very best standard-class of weaponry available. They also fetch a high price on the market but the chances of getting one from a random-drop are the lowest.
    • Glass Weapons: Introduced in Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, these weapons have the Attack Power of Silver Weapons but have a durability mechanic that causes them to become as weak as Bronze Weapons after being used a certain number of times. They're something of an alternative for characters that can't use Silver Weapons yet.
    • Wooden Weapons: Joke weapons that only have 60-80% Attack Power compared to Bronze Weapons. They're almost worthless for anything except the comedic value that comes from humiliating stronger opponents with what is perhaps the weakest class of weaponry in the game.
  • And specialized-classes of weaponry.
    • Slim Weapons: Very fast Movement and Attack Speed but Attack Power is exceedingly weak.
    • Devil Weapons: They could operate on a "Trade-off Mechanic" such as "slowly draining the user's life to increase attack power" or "increasing your attack power and lowering your defense". Use at your own risk!
  • Weapon wise the Bronze, Iron, Steel, Silver, and Legendary Weapons, though they work differently than the editor suggested, are Confirmed. The rest are Jossed.

All NPC Warriors will eventually be available.
As in Owain, Niles, Oboro, and Navarre. And maybe the villains, too.
  • Confirmed. All four NPCs are DLC along with Minerva, Linde, Olivia, Tharja, and Azura.

There is an unannounced pack
It will contain characters from the new Fire Emblem game coming to the Switch.

Each pack has a costume for Anna
Each pack will give Anna a costume that makes her more resemble her appearance in the game the pack is based on. (e.g., the first pack will give Anna a costume based on her appearance in Fates.) Similar to how in Hyrule Warriors there were downloadable costumes for Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf based on canon games.
  • Jossed by DLC Pack 1. Anna does not get anything new from it, meaning unless she gets one for Pack 2, she will not be getting one.

There will eventually be a new set of chapters in a DLC pack
It would be similar to the Wind Waker chapter of Hyrule Warriors Legends. In it, the twins would find out Darios is either alive but in danger or can be brought back to life. The twins go out on a journey to accomplish this task with the help of heroes from an additional game. The most likely candidates being:

There will be a Beach DLC.
Content will include:
  • Swimsuits for the five main Lords, the twins, Anna, the other Fates siblings and probably a few of the other girls.
  • A History Mode on a beach with a more lighthearted and funnier plot than the other History maps.
  • Joke Weapons.

Should the first three DLC packs sell well enough, the second season of DLC will consist of the following:

Additional character weapons will be included in DLC
While we know new weapons will be coming, I believe some if not all will be character exclusive weapons, like how Chrom has Falchion. These weapons being for Lissa, Frederick, Cordelia, Robin, Caeda, Tiki and Anna. According to Serene's Forest, It seems they already have files in the game, but are unobtainable. I also think they will be obtainable in the following packs:
  • Robin and Anna's weapons in the Fates pack, as Thoron became Robin's personal weapon in Fates and Anna's bow debut in that game. All Fates characters already have a personal weapon, so this balances it out.
    • Jossed. Anna and Robin do not get a unique weapon with the Fates pack.
  • Caeda and Tiki's weapons in the Shadow Dragon Pack.
  • Lissa, Frederick, and Cordelia's weapons in the Awakening pack.

The Fates DLC Pack will have 1 history mode map for each of the original game's paths.
One for Birthright, one for Conquest, and one for Revelation.
  • Sort of confirmed. Azura's map takes place before the route split, Oboro's map is based on a Birthright level, and Niles's map is based on a Conquest level.

Chapters that would be adapted into History Mode for DLC
Fates Pack:
  • Conquest Chapter 10: Unhappy Reunion or Conquest Chapter 23: Possessed
  • Birthright Chapter 18: Leo
  • Revelations Chapter 6: Into the Ground (With Frederick replacing Gunter)
    • Jossed for all three Fates chapters.
Shadow Dragon Pack:
  • Chapter 3: A Brush in the Teeth (With Lissa replacing Lena)
    • Confirmed, but Sakura is the one playing as Lena.
  • Chapter 10: Princess Minerva (With Elise replacing Maria)
    • Confirmed, but Lissa is the one playing Maria's role.
  • Chapter 11: Knorda Market
    • Confirmed.
Awakening Pack:
  • Chapter 9: Emmeryn (With Yelena replacing Emmeryn)
    • Confirmed as Tharja's map but Jossed for anyone playing Emmeryn.
  • Chapter 11: Mad King Gangrel (With Darios replacing Gangrel)
    • Confirmed, but it's renamed as to focus more on Olivia instead (Caravan Dancer).
  • Paralogue 5: Scion of Legend
    • Confirmed.

DLC Moveset predictions
Shadow Dragon Pack
  • Minerva: Will use Camilla's base moveset but with special attacks involving Iote's shield. She will wield the Hauteclere from the DS remakes as her signature weapon. The Whitewings will be referenced.
    • Alternatively Minerva will have Iote's shield as a Crest skill that will involve making the character take reduced damage from Weapon Triangle or Special Weapons, such as Corrin being weak to Dragon slayer weapons.
    • Semi-confirmed. Minerva does have Iote's Shield as her Crest Skill, but it reduces effective damage taken.
  • Navarre: Has Lyn's basic moveset and the Mercurius as his ultimate weapon. If the Mercurius isn't included, the Master Sword will be one of his weapons.
    • Jossed for his personal weapon, it's the Wo Dao.
Awakening Pack
  • Owain: Potentially use Ryoma's moveset or a new one. One of his specials will be the attack he used during his introduction into Warriors, while his signature weapon will be the Missiletainn.
  • Tharja: Either has Robin's basic moveset, or a unique one revolving around different dark spells from the game. One of her specials will end with her giving a Yandere expression in some manner.
Fates Pack
  • Oboro: Will have the same moveset as her NPC self and the unplayable Soldiers/Halberdiers by extension. However playable Oboro's moveset will be expanded and improved. The Bolt Naginata will be used for an attack.
    • Her Crest skill could be either Rend Heaven, which will increase her damage based on Magic or Attack, or Quintoxic, which will boost the skill activate rate of skills.
    • Semi Jossed. She doesn't use the Bolt Naginata but instead makes her spear larger for her specials, while her Crest Skill isn't Rend Heaven or Quintoxic, but Counter.
  • Azura: Will have an original moveset involving her powers as a songstress, potentially even having her default strong attack being her sing something that buffs nearby allies. Her weapons will include the Blessed Lance and the Azura Lance of Fire Emblem Heroes.
    • Confirmed. Azura's default strong attack is a dance that buffs allies and she has the Blessed Lance.
Once he's playable, Owain will have a conversation with Chrom.
  • Assuming the DLC characters can even have conversations with preexisting characters in the first place (or conversations at all). But, given this game gave the canonical aunt and niece, Lissa and Lucina, a conversation, it’d be eyebrow-raising if the, likewise, canonical uncle and nephew a conversation were not given the same treatment.
    • Confirmed!

Upcoming personal weapons
  • Anna’s Bow
    • Confirmed, the weapon is obtained on the Knorda Market map (Linde's map).
  • Oboro’s Spear
    • Confirmed, the weapon is obtained on the History Mode map that is based around Oboro (Land of Gods).
  • Blessed Lance (for Azura)
    • Confirmed! She starts with it.
  • Niles’ Bow
    • Confirmed, the weapon is obtained on the History Mode map based around Niles (Cold Reception).
  • Wing Spear (For Caeda)
    • Confirmed, it's found on the A Brush In The Teeth map.
  • Divinestone (For Tiki)
    • Confirmed, it's found on the Princess Minerva map.
  • Wo Dao (for Navarre)
    • Confirmed, the weapon is obtained on the History Mode map based around Navarre (A Brush In The Teeth).
  • Aura (For Linde)
    • Confirmed. She starts with it.
  • Hauteclare (for Minerva)
    • Confirmed. She starts with it.
  • Thoron (For Robin)
    • Confirmed!
  • Healing Axe (For Lissa)
    • Jossed. It's a new and original weapon (Lissa's Axe).
  • Armored Axe (For Frederick)
    • Jossed, it's a new and original weapon (Frederick's Axe).
  • Gungnir (For Cordelia)
    • It seemingly was intended to be her personal weapon, but Jossed. She has a new and original weapon (Cordelia's Spear).
  • Missiletainn (For Owain)
    • Confirmed.
  • Nosferatu (For Tharja)
    • Jossed, it's a new and original weapon (Tharja's Hex).
  • I’m not sure for Olivia. Maybe a new weapon like Dancing Blade.
    • New theory. Balmung. The model was reused for her son, Laslow's Blade in Fates.
    • Olivia's weapon is actually a new and completely original sword.

Possible support conversations for DLC characters
  • Minerva x Celica: Talking about what dedicated vassals the Whitewings are, and Celica thanking Minerva for “lending” their service.
    • Jossed.
  • Linde x Cordelia: Asking each other for advice on overcoming their unrequited crushes on Merric and Chrom respectively, as well as commenting on how their voices sound so similar.
    • Jossed.
  • Navarre x Lyn: Navarre’s history of working with bandits causing uneasiness for Lyn, whose parents were killed by bandits.
    • Confirmed.
  • Owain x Leo: Call-Forward to Owain’s future status as Leo’s retainer, under the Odin alias.
    • Confirmed.
  • Olivia x Sakura: Constantly stuttering to each other as they struggle with their words.
    • Confirmed.

Adult Tiki will appear as a costume
The two genders for the Corrins and Robins have height differences, so a slight one would be alright for Tiki. Her dragon form would still look like the Shadow Dragon one for Gameplay purposes, though. For bonus points, Mela Lee would redo her script with her more calm mature voice, similar to how Cam Clarke redid all of Female Corrin's lines for Male Corrin.
  • With the first DLC Pack adding a few alternate costume's, and the option to have both Corrin's wear either Promotion costume, this has strong chances of coming true.
  • Jossed.

Minerva's Chapter
It will be similar to Grief in that it's the stories of more than one chapter. It will start off with (as well as contain the map for) Princess Minerva from Shadow Dragon, involving you having to recruit a Maria expy and then Minerva herself. After that, an expy for Michalis will appear, and the rest of the chapter will follow A Knight-Filled Sky.

Marth's DLC Costume
One of the Shadow Dragon costumes will give Marth his classic look. Similar to how Hyrule Warriors gave the Classic Link costume in the 1.7.0 update.
  • Jossed, it's a Groom costume.

The Rampager Weapon Attribute will arrive with the Shadow Dragon DLC pack or update
Rampager is an unused Weapon Attribute in the game's files. It combines both the Mountslayer and the Plateslayer attributes, acting like the Rapier and Wing Spear...this troper's reasoning for why it will be added, as it will be an innate attribute to Caeda's weapon. Additionally, the sword with a rampager attribute will be called a rapier.
  • Confirmed for the Wing Spear part!

Tharja's personal skill will be Vengeance.
It will boost damage based on how little HP you currently have.
  • Confirmed. But instead of just going up the less HP you have, it gives you a great boost in attack power but drains your life in the process.

Lissa will replace Emmeryn in Tharja’s chapter
This troper predicted this due to being Chrom’s other sister and the Sage DLC costume is just increasing my beliefs. Expect another Tear Jerker on the YMMV page soon.
  • Jossed, no one plays Emmeryn's role.

Cordelia’s Dark Flier Costume will also changer her Pegasus
The promotions do the same for some mounts, and it would make sense.
  • Confirmed!

There will be a fourth DLC pack.
Potentially reaching on this, but if you go into the Skill Crest menu, there is several unused slots for Crest Skills. Unless this was an accident, it is possible we will get a final DLC pack, containing characters from Celica and Lyn's game.
  • Jossed. It has been announced that the Awakening pack will be the last DLC for this game.

    Possible Sequel(s) 
One of Ike's Specials will be the Great Aether.
And he'll call its name out loud while doing it.

Lyn and Celica will be more important to the story.
And it'll also include Jedah and Nergal among the villains. And Hector will be playable.

3-13 Archer will become an Ascended Meme
It will start with the appearance of a seemingly Original Generation archer character, until he meets Micaiah, who will remember him, and allude to his achievements in defending Nox Castle.

There will be a Warriors Orochi-esque game that will be a Crossover between this game and Hyrule Warriors.
The Big Bad will either be a new one, Ganondorf/Ganon, Velezark or a combination of the above.

There will be an Avatar feature
The recent Empires versions of the Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games allow the players to create their own character. And since Awakening and Fates had Robin and Corrin who are both avatars, why not a future FE Warriors game?

It will be revealed that Darios survived and ended up in another world.
During his apparent death he fell into what seemed to be an outrealm portal. As we all know, falling to your doom is an excellent cure for otherwise fatal wounds.

A sequel will have the past incarnations of the Three Houses Lords meet their future selves.
Edelgard and Claude will be in perfect sync with their alternate selves, but poor Past!Dimitri is going to have a serious case of Future Me Scares Me once he meets his utterly berserk future self.

If the sequel isn't a mish-mash of everything, then it will heavily feature Fodlan and Jugdral, with bonus of Tellius

The Genealogy remake possibility aside, Three Houses are one of the most lauded games and it's taking notes from Genealogy. It would make a lot of sense if both of them are lumped together, since they are both in Fire Emblem' darkest settings. If we consider Rowan and Lianna's adventures to be more typical 'friendship bond prevails' adventure, then the new Warriors will be a darker take, which naturally would give way for the darker entries of the game. Tailing behind them are the Tellius games, possibly the third darkest behind Fodlan and Jugdral.

In comparison with the first Warriors game:

  • Shadow Dragon -> Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776
  • Awakening -> Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
  • Fates -> Three Houses

As the bonuses, most likely it would take the last two unused series: Binding Blade and Sacred Stones (I'm guessing that it would be represented by just their main Lord).

All the other games represented have an economical reason to be in the game.
  • Shadow Dragon is the first game.
  • Blazing Blade is the first game in the West.
  • Awakening is arguably the most popular game in the franchise.
  • Fates is the best selling game.

Gaiden in Warriors does not seem to be based on Echoes aside from Celica's character design and voice actors. Celica's special moves and History Mode map are more based on the original game rather than the remake. And an outside game would probably not be known to a third party developer. I think one of the heads of the game loved Gaiden and/or Celica and wanted to put her in. The fact that a remake came out was a coincidence.

Azura was originally going to appear in either Chapter 12 or 13.

As said in the Trivia page, Azura was initally going to be in the base game, but was cut early, so as to avoid over-representation of Fates characters. However, I assume she was originally going to appear in Chapter 12 or 13, with what happens in both of them having opportunities for her to appear.

In Chapter 12, the younger brothers and older sisters are arguing and were about to fight until they realise that none of them have not even seen Corrin and someone might be setting up the Hoshidans and Nohrians to fight. Azura could've appeared here to help stop the Hoshidan and Nohrian siblings arguing and almost fighting through her connections to both of them and most likely having been with Corrin before she suddenly disappeared, then rallied everyone to stop Ryoma and Xander from killing each other along with stating she knows the whereabouts of Corrin and thus, leading them to the area where the group would discover who was goading Hoshido and Nohr to fight one another.

In Chapter 13, Corrin, Xander and Ryoma snap out of their trances suddenly, seemingly only because Iago was too hurt or distracted long enough by everyone else to keep the hypnosis up. Azura would've definitely sang her song to all 3 of them to bring them back to normal, which would've reference how she did so to snap Corrin out of their rampage before the route split in Fates or Takumi from his hypnosis in Birthright.

I believe Chapter 13 would be more likely, since her singing to Corrin, Ryoma and Xander would've been a Mythology Gag, which this game is filled with and give good reason as to why the 3 Lords snap out of their trances.

Cia is responsible for Velezark's reawakening.
There's no explanation why Velezark has returned in the story, he's just... there. It's possible Cia opening the Gate of Souls in Hyrule Warriors also affected the kingdom of Aytolis.