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The true identity of the Mysterious Man.
Is Zacharias, mostly because of The Law of Conservation of Detail, since the Mysterious Man is the only new male character besides Alfonse, and the Mysterious Man himself claims Zacharias is dead at the end of Chapter 5.
  • Interestingly, the game files list his name as Bruno.
  • The third Paralogue has a letter from Zacharias that references 'Bruno' by name. Casts an interesting light on the Mysterious Man's various lines.
  • Same person as the comment above — Chapter 10 outright confirms the Masked Man is Prince Bruno. Now all we need to do is figure out what happened to Zacharias.
    • Chapter 10's end reveals that Zacharias is still alive, and helps the Summoner escape after being cut off by Veronica. Though he lacks a portrait, so what state he's in is still unknown.
    • Okay, so in Chapter 11 Bruno says that he killed Zacharias just before, except this contradicts a previous claim of his that Zacharias is already dead, so we know he's lying in some way. Plus, when Anna performs the rite to talk to Zacharias, only Bruno appears.
  • Now she's Loki, looking like Anna because he feels like it.
  • Chapter 12 ends with Alfonse outright accusing him of being Zacharias.
  • Chapter 13 confirms it. Though they certainly seem to have taken it for granted...

Anna botched an earlier attempt to summon the Hero.
The result sent amnesiac copies of herself throughout all of space-time.
  • Jossed, the Summer event establishes that the various Annas are fully aware of each other, and even take measures to foil any money-making schemes the others may attempt on their world.

The Takumi in this game is the one from Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest.
He has Vengeance as a special skill, and Close Counter is eerily similar in function to Point Blank, the skill he has as the boss of Chapter 23 and as the final boss in that path (though Skadi replaces Point Blank).
  • Sort-of in the ballpark. There's no word on the main playable version of Takumi, but while the New Year's version is definitely Revelation since Camilla can freely celebrate the new year in Hoshido, the boss of the second Tempest Trial Mini is definitely Conquest.
  • And then truly confirmed in a roundabout way - the Fallen Heroes banner introduces a Grand Hero Battle against Takumi: Empty Vessel who is very definitely the Conquest version of Takumi.
  • Fallen Takumi is the Conquest Takumi, but the third Takumi, the regular version of Takumi, still has no confirmation on which route he's from.

The first Voting Gauntlet will end with Ephraim defeating Sharena.
In the men's bracket, Ephraim has WTA against all of his opponents (Alfonse, Chrom, and Leo). All four of them are as slow as molasses with high attack, so he'll quickly clean house. Sharena has much of the same advantages in the women's bracket; she has WTA against Lucina and Eirika, and the only other woman not packing a sword is Elise, a squishy Troubadour. Once the finals begin, Ephraim is a dedicated offensive unit, while Sharena is geared towards support, so he'll probably take home the gold.
  • Well, considering Lucina is utterly wiping the floor with Sharena, he's more likely to face her instead.
    • And she's currently wiping the floor with him in the last sweep.
      • In the end, Lucina won. By a lot.

Kiran is just as affected by the "trust your summoner" effect as the Heroes
Which is why s/he adjusts so quickly. The spell also helps give tactician skills.

The Breidablik was created by another inter-dimensional traveler from our world.
That's why it's shaped like a gun, and given the Summoner's own origins and the fact that Askr and Embla oversee and are linked to many other dimensions, it's entirely possible people from our world have been to the Heroes world before.

The game's Fire Emblem...
  • a person. Specifically, the missing Zacharias.
    • Alternatively, it's the also currently unseen Prince Bruno. Who is possibly the Mysterious Man according to game files.
    • Or it may be the Summoner themself.
  • the Breidablik.

Spring Lucina is the Lucina in the final, good Awakening timeline.
She never had to experience The End of the World as We Know It or Time Travel because the "previous" Lucina already fixed it. (This is the baby Lucina says "will be loved" in her non-partner ending.) Thus her gaiety. (Lucina can be cheerful and friendly, but this is beyond that.)
  • Spring Chrom is also the one who raised "non-apocalypse" Lucina a few years down the line.

There will be a Voting Gauntlet consisting entirely of Jagen-archetypes.
It will be Jagen vs. Oifey vs. Evyel vs. Marcus vs. Titania vs. Sothe vs. Frederick vs. Gunter. Screw Seth, he's too popular and we don't need another Lucina/Camilla.
  • The third Gauntlet introduces an underdog multiplier of x3, so if it stays until then, Seth's army will still need to work for it, giving the others a chance if he's in there. So far, the new rule is keeping fan favorite Tharja from blowing away her foes effortlessly in the mage gauntlet like Lucina and Camilla did in their gauntlets.

Zacharias is dead
The place Veronica took Kiran at the end of Chapter 10 being the Underworld, home of the dead. This will be the focus of the new Permadeath mode coming to the game.
  • If what Bruno said in 11-5 is true, this WMG may be confirmed.
    • ...The entire point of this WMG is to take Bruno's claim at face value, and not assume he's lying in some way.
    • Chapter 12 ends at a cliffhanger in which Alfonse asks Bruno whether he is Zacharias. If the killing him part was indeed a lie, then that can ultimately joss this WMG. Though we do know that the Permadeath mode part of this is jossed, as it is applied to the modes Tempest Trials and Chain Challenge.
    • Chapter 13 reveals that Prince Bruno is in fact Zacharias, making this theory jossed.

The Genealogy spotlight will take place in the Underworld
If we follow up the above WMG that Zacharias has died and Veronica took Kiran into the Underworld, it may mean that it could also be the place where Alfonse and the rest will meet the likes of Sigurd and Deirdre. At least those whose deaths were set in stone in FE4 and their children fixed (most possibly Quan and Ethlyn as well).
  • ...What about Eldigan?
    • He's already playable, alongside his sister Lachesis. However, that doesn't mean he can't show up. Post-release chapters have a history of placing characters available prior to the spotlights in the chapters (Whitewing sisters in Chapter 11, Nino and Raven in Paralogue 3).
    • Eldigan is also a special case that he's originally a Camus character, so The Powers That Be would've classified him differently than Sigurd, thus it's just Sigurd and the other three that shows up in the Underworld, being the characters that was under control of the player... and then die anyway because the plot demands it. And if you look at Eldigan's Level 40 quote, he looks like he was taken before he rode for the final battle against Sigurd, therefore the story still counts him as not yet a resident of the Underworld.
  • Jossed — the Tempest is Awakening focused, and Genealogy has its own spotlight in October, and it still takes place in the world of the living.

If/when Micaiah becomes a playable character, she will have Ardent Sacrifice as a skill
As a nod to her unique ability in Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
  • She may also wield Thani as her personal weapon.
    • Both are confirmed. As a side bonus, Ardent Sacrifice upgrades to Sacrifice, her ability from her home game.

If/when Leif becomes a playable character, he will yield the Light Brand as his preferred weapon!
As a nod that the weapon is only wield-able to Leif back in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776.
  • A cookie for you, noble troper. You called it!

Loki is...
  • ... Similar to Xane, a dragon who lost the ability to transform into a dragon but still is able to shapeshift into other beings.

Zacharias is...
A Colorless unit, likely a dagger user, given the spy implications.
  • Original poster. Given that Zacharias is later mentioned as using a lance, I think I can safely call it jossed.
  • Chapter 13 reveals that Zacharias is an alias of Bruno, who uses blue tomes, so this is officially jossed.

Loki is not the being possessing the Embla royal family
Veronica describes a voice in her head telling her to kill people in a Compelling Voice, and Bruno is Fighting from the Inside. Loki appears to Veronica as a being with a physical body, and has a conversation with her. The way they interact with each other indicates that they're two separate beings.

If Rowan and Lianna become playable characters, they will have Savage Blow as a skill
Since they can mow down hordes of enemies at once, it would be pretty logical for them to have skills that do area-of-effect damage.

Loki is Loptyr
Loptyr was almost named as Loki even in the Japanese version of FE4. In addition, myth-wise, Loptyr was an alternate name of Loki. Put the two together, and I think this could be a case where after being banished by Seliph and Julia, Loptyr's essence still remained, even without anyone with Loptyr blood in Jugdral, until discovering Embla and managed to get some sort of 'host' where he could transform into anyone convenient, eventually manipulating Veronica. In addition to this, Loptyr was kind of the only dragon where you never fight him in dragon form, just his host (Julius), while Loki never showed any 'draconic' or true form; this is kind of Loptyr's modus operandi.
  • We were introduced to Loki's true form: a sorceress. Unless we see any essence of Loptyr within her, this is at risk of being jossed.

Naglfar will be a red tome
Both Veronica and Bruno's tomes are green and blue, so it would make sense for this tome to be red to compliment them.
  • That, plus Lyon is a dark mage, and dark tomes have all been red so far.
    • With Lyon in the game, his classification as a red tome user and holding Naglfar as his tome confirms it.

"To Die on the Battlefield" is an Elibe-focused Tempest.
One of Hector's quotes is "So... I'm going to die on the battlefield.", and he's also told that he's fated to die on the battlefield once he wields the Armads in his home game.
  • Confirmed.

Nephenee will be voiced by Ashleigh Ball.
Her Applejack voice would be perfect for the role.

Bruno will die at some point in the story.
Chapter 13 confirms that he is Zacharias, but he doesn't rejoin the Order of Heroes once he reveals his true identity because of the curse that runs in his family. Eventually, this curse will become too much for him and he'll either make another attempt on his life, or have the Order do it for him.

The characters will remember their roles in Heroes. This will change things drastically for everyone.
As mentioned in Tearjerkers, characters who died in their series are pulled from right before their deaths. However... the ones who survive are after this. Under the Summoner, their camaraderie means they will tell each other who lives, who dies, who betrays the other. Heroes will choose whether to follow their path if it saved others or at least try to defy it if it's a Senseless Sacrifice. Villains who are disposed of because they've outlived their usefulness will either defect, attack their betrayers, or just wash their hands of the business and leave.

Alfonse has low Speed because Folkvangr is very heavy.
It would explain his fairly high Attack stat, but rather low Speed. It would certainly display how physically strong Alfonse really is to be able to wield such a heavy sword with one hand.

The Askr trio will receive story-related promotions later on.
Alfonse would receive a horse, Sharena would be on a pegasus, and Anna would remain an infantry unit, but would gain greatly increased stats. All 3 of them would gain upgraded versions of their legendary weapons, and would only be able to promote at 5 stars. For the ones who don't have them at 5*, they would receive an item that would let them promote.
  • Partially confirmed? Alfonse and Sharena received somewhat story-related promotions, depends on how you classify the paralogues, in the form of their Hares at the Fair alts. Alfonse was put on a horse making him Horse Emblem viable but Sharena remained infantry. Anna, however, did not receive an alt but here's to hoping.

There will be enemy-exclusive units that you cannot recruit
Fire Emblem has no shortage of its own despicable villains that... honestly lack 'cool' or 'hilarity' factors or are just so utterly deplorable that most players would not want to put them into their roster. Therefore, they would put these characters into the game and make them unrecruitable, only serving as Catharsis Factor to be beaten by the players. These include:
  • From Archanea: Lang. Gharnef is a contender for this, but he was playable in one of the DLC of New Mystery, which opens up prospects of him being playable similarly to Clarisse and Legion.
  • From Valentia: Desaix and Slayde. Possibly Jedah as well.
  • From Jugdral: Chagall, Hilda, Raydrick, and Manfroy.
  • From Elibe: Lundgren, Darin, Ephidel, and Sonia. Possibly Desmond as well, in the way of promoting him into a unit.
  • From Magvel: Riev.
  • From Tellius: Izuka and Lekain.
  • From Ylisse: Excellus and Validar.
  • From Nohr: Hans and Iago.
    • If Valter made the playable roster, almost nobody is impossible.
      • Valter, however, has an Evil Is Cool vibe, in the same way as Caellach, which is why he makes the pass and Caellach not listed there either.

The curse on the Emblia Royal Family is tied to Fomortiis.
The curse is carried through the blood of the "Original Demon", an apt description of the Demon King. Furthermore, while Fomortiis's body was killed in the final battle of Sacred Stones, his soul was sealed away in the one remaining Sacred Stone before the heroes even took the body on. Considering that Lyon got set on the path to darkness by interacting too closely with Grado's Sacred Stone, where the Demon King was imprisoned... Perhaps Veronica and Bruno's ancestor fell under the same possession by getting too close to Rausten's Sacred Stone during one of the joint Askr-Emblia expeditions long ago. And it's not as if Lyon had any kids, so the possession may very well be passed on to the victim's descendants...

December's Voting Gauntlet will be based on naughty or nice
In the spirit of the Holidays, there would be four "nice" and four "naughty" heroes put against each other. The "nice" side would have saintly heroes, while the "naughty" side would have heroes with an air of mischief.
  • So Robin (M) would be nice, and Tharja would be naughty...
  • (original poster) Jossed. According to the calendar they released for mid-November to mid-December, the Gauntlet theme is Enduring Love.

All of the 3* heroes will eventually become free-to-play.
As of November 6th, 2017 we're missing Azama, Bartre, Cherche, Clarine, Corrin (F) (for iOS players), Eliwood, Florina, Gaius, Gordin, Gwendolyn, Hinata, Jagen, Laslow, Nino, Odin, Robin (M), Saizo, Serra, Setsuna, and Tiki (A). That's 20 out of 61 3* heroes. It's only a matter of time.
  • April 9th, 2018 - Marth, Ogma, Athena, Seliph, Roy, Eirika, Chrom, Corrin (M), Cain, Seth, Caeda, Lilina, Tharja, Lukas, Effie, Abel, Roderick, Mathilda, Oscar, Peri, Catria, Clair, Cordelia, Mae, Reinhardt (Oh, Crap!), Nowi, Raven, Hawkeye, Sheena, Titania, Camilla, Merric, Boey, Soren, Fae, Jeorge, Leon, Klein, Rebecca, Jakob, Kagero, Maria, Lachesis, Lucius, Sakura, and Priscilla are all added to the 3* pool. Catria, however, was given out as a 3* previously. 56 left for iOS, 55 for Android.
  • Currently missing as of October 6th, 2019 - Abel, Athena, Bantu, Boey, Caeda, Cain, Camilla, Clair, Cordelia, Effie, Eirika, Fae, Hawkeye, Jagen, Jeorge, Kagero, Klein, Lachesis, Lilina, Lucius, Lukas, Mae, Maria, Merric, Nowi, Ogma, Oscar, Peri, Priscilla, Rebecca, Roderick, Sakura, Seliph, Setsuna, Sheena, Soren, Tharja, and Titania, for a total of 38.

The November Feh Channel will give us all a free unit.
As an apology for the whole Ayra fiasco. My money's on either Ayra or Reinhardt.
  • Called it! It was Fjorm, a brand-new character.
  • That said, given that she's a brand-new story character, this seems to be a coincidence and was probably in the works for a while. But make of it what you will.

Either Alfonse and Veronica or Sharena and Bruno will get married after the game
To seal an alliance between their kingdoms. Askr and Embla are named after the first man and woman in Norse Mythology, who presumably got married. Fjorm is their Kid from the Future. Probably Sharena and Bruno, because they already knew each other well, it's easier for them to marry because they won't become king/queen and won't have to deal with fusing the kingdoms, and Fjorm has Sharena's coloring and Bruno's ice affinity.
  • Partially Jossed, Fjorm is from the present time, as Surtr mentions how he conquered Nifl, Fjorm's home kingdom, in just six months recently.

Surtr's weapon will be the Lævateinn.
It was the mythological Surtr's sword, so why not?
  • Jossed. Lævateinn is the name of the dark-skinned, twin-tailed sword user... and her sword, for that matter.

The Fire Kingdom will be named Múspell.
Because that's the mythological counterpart to Niflheim.
  • Confirmed.

The Summoner and Breidablik will play an instrumental role in defeating Surtr.
  • Fjorm states that Surtr can't be beaten by any Hero or weapon. Well Kiran isn't a conventional Hero, and Breidablik isn't a conventional weapon either. Couple this with the Weapon Refinery interlude mentioning something about awakening Askr's power, and the Book II intro movie showing Kiran getting into the action against Veronica (though that could just be a case of Gameplay and Story Segregation), seems at least somewhat plausible.
  • Confirmed. According to Gunnthrá, Breidablik is one of two items required to perform the Ritual of Frost, which will eliminate Surtr's invulnerability.

The Legendary Hero who corresponds with Fire is the first princess of the Fire Kingdom
  • Laevatein's profile mentions she is specifically the second princess of Múspell, which is a rather oddly specific thing to say unless the fact that she has a sister is an important plot point.
    • Given Legendary Ike means non-original heroes are potential choices. So perhaps Legendary Marth, the Original Fire Emblem lord. Pants optional.
  • Jossed on all counts. Instead of Laegjarn (the aforementioned sister/first princess) or a Legendary Marth, we get a Legendary Ephraim, a cavalry unit equipped with a Siegmund variant.
    • Partially confirmed with Legendary Marth's release. He is a Fire Legendary Hero as well.

Loki will betray Surtr in a way that takes away his Nigh-Invulnerability
Thokk was the one being who refused to bring the Nigh Invulnerable Baldr back to life. And naming her sword "Mistletoe" would be too obvious. (And "Mystletainn" is already taken.)
  • This looks like it might happen: Loki is noticeably taken aback when Surtr mentions that he plans to conquer Embla (complete with burning Veronica to a crisp) once he's conquered Askr.
  • The Tempest Trial featuring her also sheds another light in her: Sure, Loki acts like Card-Carrying Villain who thrives in destroying worlds, but it seemed like she slipped up a regretful tone or thinking like having worlds destroyed counted as a Mercy Kill. This may lead into Loki thinking that it's better that worlds get destroyed than being put into Surtr's reign, or whatever it is that loomed behind Surtr. Remember, Surtr is just the token 'Tin Tyrant Conquering Emperor', we haven't even seen the token 'Evil Big Dragon For Final Boss'!
  • Ultimately semi-confirmed; she does betray Surtr, but in such a manner that only indirectly leads to him losing his immortality.

Possible future character artists
I would be interested in seeing Akira Toriyama, Tetsuya Nomura, and/or Kazuma Kaneko contribute art to the series (if at all possible).

Brave Veronica will be from an Alternate Universe.
Probably one where she doesn't have a curse. The fate of the Veronica in this world is still to be told.
  • Confirmed.

Tobin's sword is from Rigel.
Random bit of fun speculation and trivia: in Tobin's artwork, the writing on his sword translates to "Duma, the war god, blesses the wielder of this sword", like an invoked blessing. Duma is worshiped in the Rigelian Empire, while Tobin himself is from Zofia. It's possible that he got the sword from somewhere in Rigel. Or perhaps he got the sword in Zofia, and it was reforged by a smithy in Rigel?

Surtr already used the method Laevatein mentioned to make himself stronger.
This would explain why he's invincible and why he's so vicious, since Laegjarn mentions this process could destroy the soul. In Surtr's case, it could have corrupted him into becoming a destructive monster.
  • One of his voice clips in the official website has him saying that his soul vanished in the flames of Múspell. While previously it might not have had much meaning, Laegjarn's comment puts it in different light.

When/if the laguz become playable, dragon tribe laguz will be red units, bird tribe laguz will be blue units, and beast tribe laguz will be green units.
That way, thunder magic will beat dragon laguz, wind magic will beat bird laguz, and fire magic will beat beast laguz — just like in the Tellius duology!
  • Jossed. The laguz are counted as beast-type units, and can be put in any color.

No one but the Summoner can recognize Gunnthrá, not even Fjorm.
According to her, because she used a spell to communicate via dreams to the Summoner; she's the only one she can speak to. It's actually deeper than that. Nobody but the Summoner can actually perceive her. So she can't get around it via learning sign language or something like that. Oh, allies can recognize there's a Hero standing there in a battle; and even keep in mind her general abilities for a battle strategy. But they will never recognize her as Gunnthrá, Princess of Nifl. She is basically a ghost to all but the Summoner. Fans joke about characters not recognizing their loved ones standing in front of them; in this case it's true.
  • This is a similar perception condition that Kellam had in Fire Emblem Awakening.
    • This is why the Summoner can only relay messages that Gunnthrá tells them via dreams. If they talk about her in the party, or even what she says in the waking world; the perception filter would block it. Hopefully this will be removed once they find her temple.
  • They do meet her in person...and for a moment, everyone can see her. But then she dies. But her Self that is a dream is still with the Summoner; and noone but they can recognize her Dream self.

Male Morgan is the Bad Future Morgan from the DLC, however he's Imprinted on the Summoner.
Robin's existence has always been an odd temporal anomaly. A vessal of a dark god who gained their own personality through time paradox and amnesia. Morgan is even more so. Morgan has always been a transplanted sprig; an existence that springs from Robin / Grima. Usually as a "son" or "daughter" via another hero, but that's because in the good timeline, Robin considers themselves human. In the bad future, Grima does this too with Morgan, who imprints on them. His existence doesn't make sense; as noted in several of Awakenings endings.
  • Enter The Summoner; who can call forth Heroes from different sides; villains, the good and noble, dragons, the insane, the possessed, even Grima itself; and regardless of intent; the Summoned must obey and trust the Summoner. This undeniable compulsion hits Morgan even more than it does anyone else. Though not conscious of it, the Summoner would have Morgan be happy. Not as a command or order; but just as a kind errant thought. Amplified by the Summon effect and the nature of Morgan's existence, even a Morgan corrupted by years of serving Grima instantly transmutes into what the Summoner wants; with only the Grimoire "Grima's Truth" left unchanged.
  • Adding to this, one of Morgan’s lines when you tap on him is “Huh? How’d I wind up with two copies of this strategy book?” This could be a reference to the first Future Past map, where if you have a female avatar wait next to the enemy Morgan they speak briefly before Morgan retreats. At the end of the conversation the avatar hands Morgan their strategy book, only for Morgan to note that they already have the same book, presumably from before the Future Past avatar was possessed by Grima.

Laegjarn will die to protect Laevatein from herself.
Laevatein, unaware that Laegjarn is still alive, will activate the Flames of Múspell in order to try and kill the Order of Heroes in revenge. To save her, Laegjarn will take the Flames into herself, killing her.
  • Semi-jossed; Surtr orders Laevatein to activate the Flames as punishment for her failure, but Laegjarn offers herself up in her place.

Gunnthrá isn't dead.
  • Surt said he found about her location from Loki, except we know she has reservations about what he's doing and she's named after someone known for trickster bullshit. So she probably pulled some trickster bullshit on Surtr and Fjorn and friends, something Gunnthrá herself is in on.

Laegjarn will betray Surtr later on in the story.
When Fjorm mentions that she could've been friends with her in a different time and place, Laegjarn remains speechless. Not only did her enemies spare her life, but they treated her more humanely than her own father (who believes that she deserves to die for losing a battle). Not only that, but she was also implied to be there when Surtr killed Gunnthrá, which happened right before she escaped the order's clutches. Having a close bond with her sister herself might've made her reconsider following her father's ideals, which would be more leverage for her to betray him.
  • Jossed. She lives for him and dies for him to the end.

Bruno is a bastard child of the Embla and Muspell royal families.
For starters, his skin tone is a dead giveaway. That alone makes him resemble Laegjarn and Laevatain more than Veronica. He and his mother were despised by the Embla royals, which in the case of an affair would make sense. He also mentions his bloodline causes him to go crazy. He's seen with the urge to destroy naturally, whereas Veronica needed Loki to manipulate her into going heel.

Veronica will be possessed by whatever demons possesses the Embla royal family, and take revenge on Surtr in an Enemy Mine situation
If that demon is anything like Loptyr, it only has two possible vessels. It's going to be incredibly pissed when Surtr tries to kill one of its hosts.

Bruno will pull a Big Damn Heroes moment against Surtr
His beloved sister abducted, and his friends mounting an attack on Surtr? He wouldn't be betraying his homeland if he's saving his princess, and it just so happens that he's aiding his friends. And his personal weapon uses ice, perfect against fire.
  • Mostly jossed. He shows up to rescue Veronica and Ylgr, but leaves with them.

Fjorm is dying because she used up so much energy
She coughs at a strange moments and gives a lame excuse. She won't actually die and deprive the player of a unit, but there's going to be a dramatic moment.
  • Confirmed.

Loki disguised herself as Ylgr.
She knew the Summoner’s name without Fjorm telling her what it was. The real Ylgr is still being held captive by Múspell.
  • Hrid's suggestion that there is a traitor among them only fuels this theory.
  • Confirmed.

Helbindi will die protecting Ylgr from Surtr.
At some point later on, Surtr will threaten Ylgr and attempt to kill her as well. Helbindi, having grown to care for her like his own sister, will step in and protect her, costing him his life but allowing her to escape from Surtr.
  • Confirmed. He helps her and Veronica escape from being sacrificed in the Rite of Flames.

Surtr's reasoning for betraying Veronica goes beyond For the Evulz bloodlust.
He's actually deeply envious of Veronica and her power. He is aware of whatever demonic entity is cursing and possessing the Emblian royalty, and feels deeply insulted that the entity chose a young, "weak" little girl who has to rely on summoned Heroes in combat as its vessel instead of a powerful, Nigh Invulnerable king like him. Besides whatever general benefit Múspell's Rite of Flame grants, Surtr also intends to use it to forcibly become the entity's vessel.

The identity of Sharena's friend that she wanted to share the bouquet for
Take a wild guess. Even same sex friend will do. Who? Fjorm?

The Rite of Flames does make Surtr immortal, but... doesn't last forever, and requires another sacrifice to renew it. And Veronica is the intended sacrifice at the moment. And if/when Veronica is rescued (Whether by Askrians or by Hríd), it will disrupt the ritual and make Surtr mortal.
  • Chapter 11 seems to imply or confirm this about Surtr's immortality being temporary and 'can be turned off'.
  • Everything about this post is confirmed in chapter 12, with the addendum that Ylgr is also going to be sacrificed.

Loki is actually the mother of Laevatein and Laegjarn
It can't be a coincidence that they don't know their mother and she's double fucking with them
  • Loki drops the Luke, I Am Your Father trope on Laevatein after the end of Loki's Flames Tempest Trial, only to say she was joking afterwards. This won't joss the WMG entirely, however; she may be hiding it.

The grand final of the Surtr arc will involve the CYL2 winners
Let's face it; it's a good point for Veronica's Heel-Face Turn and Bruno grand return, and once everything is done Loki will just fuck off until Book III
  • They explicitly state that Brave Veronica is from Alternate Universe; though she may be in the plot to rescue this world's version. However, because Brave Veronica is separate; OG Veronica could die; stay evil; be possessed...
  • Ultimately jossed. No Brave Heroes show up.

There will be a Voting Gauntlet based on Super Smash Bros.
We have Marth, Roy, Ike, Lucina, both Robins, and both Corrins. Since Female Robin is a Grand Hero, this may complicate banner arrangements...
  • Well, Fallen Takumi and the Black Knight were both in the Shadow in the Mirror Voting Gauntlet; they just weren't in any of the banners dedicated to it.
    • That's not to mention Female Robin can currently be recruited since she's part of the daily Grand Hero Battle rotation, and is summonable with Heroic Grails. A Smash-based Voting Gauntlet that would include her should be no problem.
  • Chrom was revealed as an Echo Fighter in Ultimate, so there's another possibility.

Book III's main plotline will have dragons as a key element.
In Paralogue 23, we see Loki reading about the First Dragons from Fates, and learning about Anankos. She briefly ponders on the third dragon until the Order of Heroes confront her. After the Paralogue, Sharena reveals that the gods of the World of Zenith are dragons—Askr and Embla.

It's possible that a third dragon that is neither Askr nor Embla will play a role in Book III, either as the main antagonist (using a hierophant as a humanoid form) or as the final boss of said book.

  • Jossed. Book III's focus is the undead.

Helbindi will pull a Heel–Face Turn
With the revelation that Surtr killed his sister to make an example of him, he has nothing left to gain by fighting for him and everything to gain by turning on him to get his revenge.
  • Confirmed; he (supposedly) dies rescuing Veronica and Ylgr and protecting them from Surtr.

Kiran is the light that died that day.
Their name means "Light" and they're based on Baldr; who is most known for dying in Norse Mythology. Meanwhile, their name in the Japanese and Chinese versions of the game, "Eclat", refers to a show of brilliance.
  • Confirmed, but 1) it's not the main Kiran and 2) it's not just Kiran that died that day, but everyone but Alfonse and Veronica, later becoming "Líf" and "Thrasir" who later serve Hel.

Hel is the Queen of the Deadlords.
Loptyr could only summon them if they had the corresponding heroic corpse. Awakening showed that they were Dead Hero Lords in their own timeline(s) presumably where everyone died. They've never had direct access to an actual world until now. This is what Loki warned would destroy Askr.
  • Jossed.

The Powers of Askr Opening gates and Embla Sealing them are tied to the royalty's gender
For Askr, the dragon named after the first male in Norse Mythology, the first king Líf being male, and Gustav's Heir Club for Men attitude choosing Alfonse over Sharena to take the throne should he die suggests that Askr's power to open the gates to other worlds is tied to male royalty only.

For Embla, the dragon being named after the first female in Norse Mythology, the first Emperor Thrasir being female, and how Bruno was abandoned, but Veronica was chosen to rule over Embla and being praised by her people, despite being young, suggests that Embla's power to close the gates to other worlds is tied to female royalty only.

One of the beast units will be an alternate version of Nowi.
Who has the power to turn into a giant spider.

Hel is Loki's daughter.
Cribbed directly from Norse Mythology. It would certainly explain Loki's continued involvement.
  • Jossed. Loki is never seen in Book III again after her brief appearance in Chapter 7.

The key to defeating Hel is to turn her own curse against her.
Gustav revealed that when Hel curses someone, it is that person's bloodline that is cursed, meaning someone else can die in the afflicted's place. So if Eir were to be cursed by Hel, that could make Hel vulnerable to death.

  • Jossed for a few reasons. The ritual of the "forbidden heart" was needed to create a weapon to make Hel vulnerable to death. Hel was only able to curse someone twice in the entirety of Book III due to her powers being weak, and both on Alfonse, and it's revealed that Eir is the adoptive daughter of Hel, so no blood relation there to connect the curse between Eir and Hel for the curse to work.

First of all, Thrasir is Veronica's ancestor, and may have been under the same curse that afflicts her and Bruno. Thus, she wants to destroy Askr of her own will. Second, in the splash picture for Book 3 with Alfonse and Lif clashing with a seemingly dead Sharena in the background, you can see Eir at the bottom, with Hel behind her gripping her shoulders, implying her figurative hold over her. But then you can also see Thrasir behind them both, shaded in red, implying she's manipulating them both somehow.
  • Jossed. Thrasir's goal is the same as Líf's: To work for Hel and kill everyone in another world, in order to bring back their loved ones.

Dead Book II characters will return in Book III.
Remember how Surtr, Gunnthrá, Laegjarn, Helbindi, and his unseen sister Menja died in Book II? We've just entered Hel in Chapter 5, so Chapter 6 and further chapters in Book III could consist of familiar faces from Book II, along with the new Book III antagonists. There are a couple of explanations for Gunnthrá and Surtr.

For Surtr, Xenologue 4 pretty much explained itself: He was sent to Hel, the realm of the dead after he was defeated by Fjorm and the Order of Heroes.

For Gunnthrá, her Japanese name is Sildr, which is one of the eleven freezing rivers of Élivágar. Sildr is a river that flows in Hel, the realm of the dead. Based on this, she might return as an undead general of Hel.

  • Inexplicably Jossed. Nobody from Book II (except for a few brief unrelated moments with Loki) returns, as a Hel General or otherwise.

There may be world that's the opposite of Hel.
Think of it this way: Askr and Embla are rival kingdoms, both of Light and Dark, and so are Nifl and Múspell, both of Ice and Fire. So far, we've only been told about Hel, the realm of the undeserving dead, as explained by Eir and Hel throughout the story. However, Henriette has mentioned that some people who die ascend to "a joyful place", while others go to Hel. This implies that Hel isn't where everyone goes when they die.

In Book III, Chapter 6, we explored the swamps of Hel, on our way to Hel's castle, but before we could, we were ambushed by Hel, and her two generals Líf and Thrasir later. The two ran away to a gate that lied in Hel, which lead to another world. Finally, Eir has the blood of the dragon of life, according to her, and also vaguely remembers memories of her own mother, something about warmth and life, her gentle smiles, and white wings. Based on the evidence shown, and since Book III is all about the afterlife, IS had planned another world in the story all along. Two possibilities include Asgard (home to Valhalla, where dead warriors go in Norse Mythology), or in a somewhat more likely scenario, Heaven.

  • Jossed. The gate led to Askr, but in an alternative universe.

There will be a Dragalia Lost crossover
While DL is hosting a crossover with FEH with Alfonse, Fjorm, Marth and Veronica pulled in by Loki to Alberia because she likes causing chaos for shits and giggles, she'll then do the same thing by pulling in the party members of DL.

The reason why Alfonse is so strong now compared to launch
Since the Fire Emblem: Lost Heroes event in Dragalia Lost seems to take place around Book 2, during his time in Alberia, Alfonse met one of Euden's friends, Celliera, who's a Hot-Blooded Drill Sergeant Nasty who could give Frederick a run for his money. Once she was done working him over, he's the reason he became such a beast on the field able to make a Badass Boast at Hel herself.

If Líf is an alternate timeline Alfonse like Alfonse suggests, then Eir is an alternate timeline Sharena.
Think on it. There's clearly something that Eir's forgotten. Líf doesn't want to attack Sharena. I suggest that something went wrong with that ritual and Sharena ended up claimed by Hel and turned into Eir. Alfonse sold his soul to follow Sharena in hopes of saving her, becoming Líf. This also explains Sharena's prominence in the Book III promotional material: since Eir is on her last life, Hel needs a new daughter, and well, here's this timeline's Sharena ripe for the picking.

Now the question is, is Thrasir an alternate Veronica?

  • Jossed. Eir once met the alternate Alfonse and Sharena, meaning the two are not related in the slightest.
    • However, Thrasir is confirmed to be Veronica from another timeline.

The "forbidden heart" is Hel's daughter Eir
In Book III Chapter 8, the Askr and Embla created the "forbidden heart" to stop Hel once and for all by peforming the Heart's Rite, but consumed lives everytime that the heart pulses, eventually killing everyone. In a few chapters before, Eir reveal that she has thousands upon thousands of lives within her, which Hel killed her every day to increase her power until Eir was on her last. Even better, "Líf"/Older Alfonse knows her too well. Putting two and two together makes you think that Eir is the forbidden heart that "Líf" used the rite to stop Hel, only for it to have an unexpected, but catastrophic outcome, in which Hel got what she wanted anyway.

  • Jossed.

If Hel is somehow permanently destroyed, her entire army dies (again) along with her, ala the Night King.
Hel is the only reason the deceased warriors are able to enter the realms of the living. If there is a way to kill her, then every single undead fighter will drop immediately.

  • Neither confirmed nor jossed.

Dragon God Embla will be the True Final Boss of the game.

Alfaðör is a dragon.
Loki, who herself is implied not to be human and works for him, refers to him as the creator of their world. More often than not, such beings are typically dragons in the Fire Emblem cosmology.

Eir will Become Hel eventually
Once Hel is dealt with, Eir will have to take the throne of the Realm of the Dead and after enough time passes will become cold and cruel, her skin will turn traslucid and will try to invade the other realms too. Alternatively if the theory that Eir is the Forbidden Heart it’s true, it could be that creating the Heart weakens Hel... By creating another Hel, and Hel killed Eir thousands of times just to reclaim the lifes she lost when she was created.

  • Jossed. Eir is the adoptive daughter of Hel, and she returns to Askr with Alfonse and the others.

Hel is playing Lif for a fool
When Lif made his deal with Hel, she was using Exact Words. Sure, she said that for everyone that Lif kills in our Askr, that person from his own is revived, but she never said anything about how long they would remain alive. For all we know, they would be brought back only to be cut down again. Thus, Lif (In his mind) is responsible for the death of everyone he knew about a second/third time.

  • This doesn't get confirmed or jossed in the story.

Guess who will be the character from Tellius that will be voiced by Takehito Koyasu
For every realm in Fire Emblem, Koyasu will at least voice one character (truly, he lives up this site's Running Gag saying he's everything in the world). In Archanea, we got Navarre. In Valentia, we got Saber. In Jugdral, we got Lewyn. In Elibe, we got Pent. In Ylisse, we got Lon'qu and Validar. In Fates-verse (exactly Nohr), we got Niles. In Fodlan, we got Seteth. The only realm where he hasn't voiced someone is Tellius.

So take a guess who he's gonna be! It's all in good fun.

  • Ashnard: Yes, the Big Bad of Path of Radiance. Let's try to imagine that Koyasu tries to outdo the ham given he gives from Validar. If his portfolio includes Dio Brando, it should be a perfect match and Koyasu can provide the 'larger than life' feel of Ashnard's presence.

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