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Headscratchers / Fire Emblem Warriors

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  • Did Darios plan on betraying Rowan and Lianna? Because, after, he says things like, "It was a fun game but I got tired of playing" and [[False Friend: that he never really liked them and their whole friendship was a ruse. Some people say that Velezark was forcing Darios to say that, but there's a line with Darios' eyes normal saying, "All I wanted was power, but Velezark is too strong for me to control". Does this mean that he planned on betraying Rowan and Lianna and sacrifice Yelena, but then Velezark was too strong and he did a Heel–Face Turn?]]

  • In one of the space-time distortion battles for The Dark Pontifex, Marth warns Corrin to be careful around Gharnef, since she has almost no defence against magic attacks. Corrin's RES is actually fairly decent, so how could one conclude they have no defence against magic?
    • It's a Mythology Gag from New Mystery of the Emblem. In base conversations throughout the game, Jagen would comment on how Kris's stats are unusually high or low. And since Kris was a customizable Avatar like Corrin, they had Corrin play the role of Kris.