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  • The E3 2017 trailer has the heroes joining Rowan and Lianna give words of encouragement to their new allies.
    Marth: I am Marth, the prince of Altea. We've come here to save you!
    Corrin: Remember that you can rely on your friends! We're with you!
    Ryoma: Get it together, you two! If you can't do this, who can?!
    Xander: You fought your way this far! There's nothing you two can't do!
    Chrom: No matter the danger, we can overcome it if we're working together!
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  • One of Caeda's special moves is the Triangle Attack done by her and two clones. If Hinoka and Coredlia reach max support with Caeda and each other (and all three are on the same map), they will help her instead of the clones.
  • Lucina revealing her true identity to Chrom. Unlike Awakening's sudden and spur-of-the-moment accidental reveal, Lucina is given an entire scene to do so and does it completely at her own pace, making it a very emotional scene. The sheer contrast between her tearing up at the prospect of showing her true self to her father and her emotionally distant self as "Marth" sells it.
  • Rowan and Lucina's A+ Support Conversation has Lucina explain to Rowan the condition of the world she came from. He immediately decides that, after they save his kingdom, he'll travel to her world to help her save it. She turns him down, saying he's needed at home, but is very moved by the gesture.
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  • Lianna and Chrom's support sees Chrom reassuring Lianna that her tendency to think things out isn't a weakness. Following some banter and further discussion on their respective roles, the two promise never to forget each other.
  • Lianna and Sakura's entire support chain. To see two of the most insecure characters in the army find solace with each other is absolutely touching.
  • Robin and Tiki's conversation features Tiki coming across Robin while they're asleep. They start talking in their sleep and Tiki realizes they’re having a bad dream (heavily implied to be of their future-self's murder of Chrom). When Robin finally wakes up, Tiki gives them calming words, assuring them it was just a nightmare.
  • Lissa and Elise's conversation ends with them vowing to meet again, despite the barrier between their worlds. Elise also makes a similar promise with Tiki.
  • Caeda and Tiki's conversation is just dripping with this. After devouring some of Caeda's sweets, Tiki wishes she could be her older sister and Marth could be her older brother. Tiki then vows to fight her hardest for her beloved friends.
    • One for the developers as the Shadow Dragon DLC pack grants Tiki's wish: Caeda gets a Bride costume, Marth gets a Groom costume, and Tiki's costume looks to be as a flower girl to match their wedding theme. It makes them feel like one big family.
  • Lucina and Cordelia's support shows how mature Cordelia is by having her interact with the daughter of the man she has unrequited feelings for, and not only does she show her loyalty to Chrom, but she also shows she values Lucina too. In Awakening Cordelia never ever holds a grudge against Chrom of any of Chrom's prospect girlfriends, and she extends this to his daughter; plus, Lucina's conversation shows how much the parents of her friends mean to her.
  • Chrom and Robin's support has Chrom feeling as though he is unworthy to be labeled a hero so Robin cheers him up by reminding him that even if Chrom doesn't think he is, to Robin, he is and that the Shepherds all think so. Chrom ends up feeling better, realizing that he has his friends to back him up, and he'll be the hero they need.
  • Corrin and Xander's support does a wonderful job of showing how close the two adoptive siblings are, complete with Xander agreeing to consider building bridges between Nohr and Hoshido on the behalf of his younger sister.
  • Similar to the above is Azura and Ryoma, in which a trip to find food sees the latter work to become a better older brother to his adoptive sister. The support ends with the two agreeing to spend more time together.
  • Also just like with Azura with Ryoma, Xander provides some surprisingly touching dialogue in his support with her. It starts off with the two of them looking for Corrin. Azura reveals that she had been searching for Corrin for a few hours, causing Xander to question why she didn't come to him first; Azura didn't want to be a bother to him. This led him to say that even though it seems that his biggest concern is for Nohr as crown prince, he cares for his family, ESPECIALLY to his own siblings, with all his heart. That is some serious dedication right there.
  • Something that Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation could not delve in are conversations between an older sibling on one side with the younger sibling of the same gender on the other. Fortunately, these are the focus of the supports of this game and they are all sweet and heartwarming in their own ways.
    • Takumi and Xander's conversation focus on Takumi pushing himself too hard, Xander obviously sees himself in Takumi whose pride can be as easily wounded his own. His experience allows him to relate to Takumi noting how their desires to be stronger makes them reckless. While Takumi still wants to train to better himself, he at least agrees to allow Xander to supervise his training so that he doesn't go too far.
    • Leo and Ryoma supports begin as Ryoma approaches Leo to hang out. Leo obviously is surprised that Ryoma would approach him so casually and unarmed to boot, but agreed that those times are in the past. Leo was even impressed that Ryoma would go out of his way to protect him even noting that to lose Ryoma in battle would damage morale. Ryoma, in turn is impressed by Leo's composure during combat and his frank attitude. They both agree to learn from one another moving forward.
    • Sakura and Camilla starts the way that many would expect, with Camilla approaching Sakura while Sakura is far too nervous to even look at her stating that she sees her as intimidating. They end up bonding over stories Camilla has of Corrin including a time when Corrin almost sat in a pie. Soon the two agree to bake one another a pie for each other as Sakura becomes more comfortable around Camilla. It also crosses over to funny as soon Sakura becomes shy about Camilla getting too close to her, literally.
    • Elise and Hinoka's support starts off with Elise wanting to play with Hinoka, but obviously Hinoka's only interest is training. Elise does break down her walls a bit more and eventually Hinoka agrees to teach Elise about origami. This brings up memories of her past with her family and Corrin and how they used to play together too. Hinoka thanks Elise for reminding her about the good times and helping her relax. They soon agree to try to make a thousand cranes to wish for peace in their world so that they may do this again.
  • Lucina and Marth's has her explaining why she adopted his name: To help bring hope to her world because of how much his name inspires everyone, including how it helped her even more than those around her. She also apologizes for having used it, feeling she would never be able to truly live up to his reputation. He remains quite humble about it and declares he'll return to his world and become worthy of her admiration and emulation before telling her that the hard work and dedication she has will be what allows her to become a legend herself.
  • Even after going on a small rant about Laslow in his Support with Lyn, Xander admits that his retainers are irreplaceable.
    • Hinoka makes the same sentiment towards her own retainers in her support with Frederick.
  • The History Mode retelling of The Path is Yours - Corrin's choice before the route split in Fates - differs in one big way. Whereas Corrin (in this case, a Male one) was denounced as a traitor by both of his families in their home game even when he doesn't want to fight both of them, his victory here is successful in uniting both Hoshido and Nohr to forge a truce between themselves. It's very sweet and very awesome.
  • Everyone's admiration of Marth is seen as such, between the Awakening cast who are at awe of the legendary Hero King to the others who admire his strength, courage and willingness to protect his friends. And Marth is in awe of them as well.
    • And it carries over to Caeda in some cases for the Awakening characters. Cordelia is shown to admire her, while Lucina's Dual Strike lines with Caeda show the two willing to help each other out. It's also worth noting that Caeda and Lucina don't have a conversation with each other, yet it still shows that Lucina does care for her other ancestor, and vice versa. The same can be said for Lissa, and it's especially adorable if Caeda's the one initiating the attack.
    • And while Tiki may not be a part of Marth's family, she does appear in Awakening, shares a support with Lucina, and even plays a major role during Lucina's time. Their Dual Strike reflects this, as when Tiki asks for Lucina's help, Lucina responds with "Anything for you, Tiki."
  • After realizing that Rowan and his team had saved Sakura from hostile enemies, Hinoka and Sakura officially join their allies in hopes to repay the kindness shown. Come Chapter 7 where Rowan falls deathly ill and everyone except for the two Hoshidian Princesses start to lose all of their hope until Sakura mentions that she can make some medicine that will save Rowan's life. The chapter shows some heartwarming moments from some of the cast, even from Takumi.
    • Hinoka is desperate to save the life of one of her new allies who saved her younger sister's life and is willing to fight her own younger brother if that's needed. When Takumi tries to get information from her regarding her actions, Hinoka knows that Rowan's life is fading away during each passing moment and instead fights her younger brother to gain some of the important herbs needed to make the medicine.
    • Sakura shows why despite her timidity and shyness that she still has a very deep sense of bravery. She's the only member of the team who can make a cure for Rowan's illness and she's willing to step into the heat of battle against her older brother's army to do so. Her reason is enough for Takumi, who upon asking Sakura for her reasons for being with Rowan's allies, realizes that she's not an enemy but merely trying to save someone's life. Additionally, she's one of the few characters in the game who due to game mechanics, acts differently. Unlike Hinoka who can be paired up and be swap leadership, Sakura can only be the leader of the pair she's in and unlike most playable units on the field who either target enemy forts and retreat afterwards or stay behind to protect a mission-required ally fort, will constantly follow your currently active character around the map unless given orders to guard an ally fort or to take over an enemy fort due to her default autobattle setting being Defend. Either way, unless she's protecting an ally fort or is retreating due to injuries (and heading to the closest ally fort to recover), she is constantly by your side. Bonus points since even if you aren't using her, she will attack Takumi should she be in his vicinity. Yes, Sakura is more than willing to possibly meet her 'death' while trying to save a life of one who she cares for.
    • Takumi, despite being one of the two enemies who must be defeated, shows his character development. His actions for attacking Rowan and his allies comes from the fact that he didn't know that you saved Sakura and alongside Hinoka, were now trying to save Rowan's life. On top of that, all that he was told was that the 'unknown forces' had 'captured' Hinoka and Sakura, so it's understandable that Takumi was angry enough to launch an attack. His combat dialogue with Sakura shows that he understands her pleas but that since she and Hinoka are with his 'enemies', he must treat his two sisters the same way. In a way he doesn't want those who are his sister's allies to harm them by treating Hinoka and Sakura as exceptions. After the battle and unlike in Fates where he's simply silent after being recruited, Takumi here instead says that he needs to apologize for his actions.
    • Robin is one of the few Awakening characters in this team who is genuinely concerned about Rowan's health. Makes a bit of a reminder how back in Chapter 5 where Rowan himself was actually worried about how tired and weak Robin was when the chapter started and tried to advise their strategist to stay back and avoid fighting since trying to fight the enemies would only make his health worse.
    • Despite his health severely crippling him, Rowan himself even provides it by his dialogue while he's not on the field. Two of his dialogue quotes while you're trying to complete the chapter has him both mentioning how sorry he is for making you go through so much trouble to save his life while another has him apologize for being unable to help you. He may be reckless and too eager to fight enemies, but Rowan still cares for his friends lives even when his own life is more important at the moment.
  • Many of the in-battle conversations between paired-up characters when reaching various KO milestones are one.
    Marth: Lyn, your swordplay on the battlefield is like the wind in its beauty and deadliness.
    Lyn: I don't know if you knew, Marth, but you couldn't have given me a greater compliment.
  • Chrom and Elise's Support conversation starts and ends on funny moments, but Chrom's line to Elise on, "It's a fact that every brother adores his little sisters," to let her know not to be afraid to asking Xander to spend time with her fits here.
  • As the only Official Couple featured in the game, Marth and Caeda's Support is just as heartwarming as it is romantic. Marth obviously wants to keep Caeda off of the battlefield and she's having none of it, both admitting if the other died and they could have done something about it, they would never live with themselves. They both agree to finish the fight together to see them and their allies safely home.
  • Anna and Celica's support has Anna genuinely tear up after Celica states she's never met an Anna before, as a nod to how Anna was absent in Gaiden and Shadows of Valentia, because this world's Anna can finally say she's the first Anna someone's met.
  • For anyone that knows Oboro, whenever any Nohrian anywhere close to her, she reacts with a Nightmare Face regardless of whether they are allied with them or not, except with Elise, showing that regardless of how much animosity one may have towards Nohr, even Oboro cannot come to hate Elise. As for their conversation proper, Oboro found some fabric that she wants to work with, but notes that Elise in particular would look really nice in it. They have a rather pleasant conversation about Nohrian and Hoshidan fashion and in the end, Oboro decides that she would like to make a Nohrian inspired Kimono just for Elise who wants to introduce her family to Oboro as her friend.
  • Marth and Azura end up bonding over their darkest moments which take place at nighttime during their supports when neither of them could sleep.
  • When Oboro shows Anna that she's making a new kimono, Anna decides she wants to commission as many as she can so she can sell them both to make money and to make Oboro's skills a legend in Aytolis's world (and drive the price up even more after Oboro returns home). Before the conversation is over, Oboro gives her latest to Anna as a gift and the latter declares she will never sell it.
  • Combined with Fridge Brilliance: When Darios is separated from the twins at the end of Chapter 14, he pounds on the door and asks if they're all right. He's thinking they're the ones who got caught in a trap/ambush.
  • The royalty of Hoshido were completely powerless to prevent their mother Mikoto's death early in Fates. Here, Takumi gets to magnificently atone for that failure by preventing Rowan and Lianna's mother Yelena from befalling the same fate.
  • When supporting with Navarre, his conversations typically allude to his kinder nature though he brushes it off. Though his conversation with Ryoma takes a different tone. Ryoma is enamored by Navarre's fighting style saying that it reminds him of his father, and acknowledges that he learned all he knew from his father. Though Navarre is different from Sumeragi character-wise, they are both equals in terms of sharpening their skills. Ryoma knows there is more to Navarre than just his sword and challenges him to see if there is anything more than just a path of blood. Knowing that Ryoma is simply asking him to look beyond his limits, he will consider these options out of respect for one so strong. It's also the few times that we see Navarre actually smiling so he does take his words to heart.
    • Not only that, but Navarre is shown to feel a bit of sadness when he disappears from the world of Aytolis. He even outright admits that the emotions were contagious.
  • Owain's support with his uncle Chrom has the latter actually trying to act as hammy as Owain, though he admits he's not very good at it. Owain is quite supportive and appreciative of Chrom for trying. Plus, half the things he says ("Chrom, my righteous uncle!") clearly demonstrate his respect and admiration for his uncle.
    • Similarly, Lucina's and Lissa's support conversation has them both freaking out over a bug, but Lucina, incapable of not taking everything seriously, still has her vow to change Lissa's fate and try to protect her aunt in spite of her own meltdown. The same way Revelations didn't have room for the same gender, opposite age supports between the royal siblings, Awakening only allowed the characters to support with their own offspring/parents, so the uncle/nephew and aunt/niece conversations are especially nice.
  • The illustration for the Awakening DLC features Chrom and Olivia together on one side, Tharja and Robin in the middle, and Lissa and Owain on the right. The title is Love's Many Forms.
    • And it says this even when it's implied that Chrom and Olivia aren't married to each other.
  • Owain and Olivia's support has him tell her, "You're just as nice as 'he'note  said you'd be," when she praises him for his hard work. Also in return, Owain comes up with a Special Attack name for her that she immediately loves and feels will help her build confidence.
  • Tharja and Linde's support has Tharja sensing a spirit on Linde's Tome. As the support goes on, Tharja tells Linde that the tome has strong emotions attached to it, mainly a desire to protect Linde from harm, implying that the spirit of Miloah has lingered to protect his daughter beyond his death.
  • Tharja and Azura's support points out one immediate thing to Tharja, Azura's song is powerful, but deadly to her, as if the song itself was cursed. In the same vein though, Azura uses her song to protect those she loves, especially Corrin and would succumb to her curse if need be, same thing with Tharja with Robin. Eventually, Tharja goes for a hunt to find ingredients to counter Azura's curse with Azura offering to help.
  • Anything involving conversation between Owain and Lissa is bound to get fuzzy fast: not even his usual over-the-top tones can hide the fact he feels nothing short but total admiration and devotion for his own mother, and Lissa in return is so proud of him she barely minds his odd mannerisms at all. It adds a dash of funny in their support conversation, where Lissa's hug leaves Owain's ribs sore.