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Distant Counter: Making ranged units think twice since day one.

"Ephraim and Hector possess incredible strength. Maintain the use of Armor March and take care of all foes."
Tactics Drills: Skill Study 23, giving players a taste of powerful Armored units

Given the large roster of characters, there are some that are bound to stand above the rest. In general, a Game-Breaker unit can usually take on many foes with ease, being so damn good at their job that they even impact the meta. These units are a great boon in the player's hands, and a threat to watch out for in the opponent's hands.

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    Red Units 
  • Valentine's Ike. Only the game's first seasonal Sword Knight, Ike continues his trend of being of being one of the original Game Breakers by being an armor that has a bizarre stat spread for armors - that being a staggering 38 base Spd. While nothing in his base kit is unique, it's the specific combination of skills he brings that's scary: his weapon gives him +3 to all stats during combat if an ally is beside him, he has the same Radiant Aether special as his legendary alt (Aether with 1 less CD), and his passives are Distant Counter, Special Fighter and Even Spd Wave. With a Spd refine on his weapon, it's entirely possible for him to hit 50 Spd without any outside help; unless the enemy can interfere with his follow-up (either with a skill or also being lightning fast) or has Guard, that means Radiant Aether will proc every combat, putting a severe dent in any enemy while also keeping Ike healthy. He also has a very impressive physical bulk of 45 HP and 35 Def, so attacking him with almost any melee that doesn't have armor effectiveness is suicide. His major weakpoint is his paltry 19 Res, but Blue Mages still need to watch out for his Distant Counter.
  • Brave Roy, and Eliwood by association, as both have access to Blazing Durandal (the former by default, the latter via refinery). When refined, the Blazing Durandal boasts incredible effects, with the base refine giving +3 Atk and a Special Fighter effect (+1 Special charge to the user per attack, -1 Special charge on the foe) when initiating combat, and the special refine adding Steady Impact (+7 Spd, +10 Def, and negates enemy follow-ups if the user initiates combat). Fighter and Impact skills are normally restricted from Cavalry units, but these two getting these on their weapon not only makes them unique among mounted units, it also frees up their entire skillset for whatever the player can imagine, transforming them from bog-standard offensive cavaliers to some of the strongest player phase units in the game capable of insta-proccing their own Specials while denying the enemy their own. While the set is intended to work with Galeforce to menace multiple units at once, there's nothing stopping them from proccing damage-based Specials like Dragon Fang or Ignis every time they initiate to just decimate someone. The differences between the two are minimal: Brave Roy's statline is slightly weighted to offense while Eliwood is more rounded. What really puts Eliwood in the spotlight is that he's a common 3★/4★ summon from the Red pool, so building and merging him is a simple task.
  • Tibarn. One of the first Beast units in the game, he sets a high bar for what to expect. Since he's a flying Beast, he gains +1 Mov when transformed, having the movement of a cavalier but the freedom of a flier. In addition to a very high 38 base Atk, his Hawk King Claw (14 Mt) provides +3 Atk by default and another +2 Atk when transformed, and if his foe is at full health, Tibarn is guaranteed a follow up attack when initiating combat. What truly makes him stand out is the combination of this weapon and his A skill which he introduces into the game: Sturdy Impact, which grants the user +6 Atk and +10 Def when initiating combat, improving Tibarn's already good 34 Def, but it also denies the foe from making a follow up attack. This means right out of the box with even neutral Assets/Flaws, he can fly three spaces, packs a 63 damage initiation, hits with it twice, and the target can only hit back once without both a follow-up skill and winning the Spd check - 31 Spd isn't high, but most high-speed units don't have the bulk to take the follow-up or the raw power to OHKO him before it lands, making trying to tank Tibarn a very daunting task. Tibarn also has Chill Atk to globally debuff the strongest threat on his opponent's team, and Even Atk Wave to further increase his already sky high Atk. All this is before remembering that Tibarn can easily receive ally buffs (he is a flier after all) and still equip a Sacred Seal; the Heavy Blade seal in particular fits him like a glove with his nuclear Atk, granting him an easy Bonfire every combat or instantly activating Galeforce to menace multiple units at once. His biggest flaw is that his enemy phase isn't nearly as scary, and he is still a flier and thus weak to Bows - anyone who can get in range with something like a Brave Bow will find him a much easier problem to solve, and failing that his Res is also very low.
  • Keaton. He's the first red infantry Beast, and he hits like a monster truck. He has a very high base 41 Atk, and a +Atk asset gives him an extra point of Atk at 45. His Wolfskin Fang has 9 Mt, reduces his already low Spd by 5, and it lets him strike twice like a Brave Sword+. Unlike a regular Brave Sword+ though, this works on either phase, like Swordhardt's Meisterschwert, meaning Keaton isn't as helpless on the enemy phase. Keaton can take advantage of enemy phase skills like Distant Counter or Vantage to complement this. This isn't even counting the transformation effect, wherein he gets an extra +2 Atk and +10 Special damage. He comes with Special Spiral by default, meaning he'll be geared to spam destructive Specials, but he can also use Wrath for even more firepower. His only real weakness is his very low Res, making him an easy target for mages or dragons, but even then, they'll have to one shot him or risk taking two powerful hits in return.
  • Idunn. Contrary to her lackluster boss fight in Binding Blade, Idunn finally shows her Final Boss credentials here as an armored dragon. Although her statline already makes her a phenomenal Mighty Glacier (with 35 Atk and 39/32 defenses at neutral), the main attraction is her Demonic Breath which comes with plenty of useful tools. 16 Mt, +3 Def and armour effectiveness are already good passives, but it's the unique effect of her weapon that breaks the mold: if she has any negative status effect or is damaged, she will neutralize all of her debuffs and gain +4 to all stats during combat. Idunn is the first unit to not only completely ignore visible debuffs but gain power from them, which in itself turns the metagame on its head, but in addition to this she also has Fort. Def/Res 3, Vengeful Fighter and Ward Dragons in her base kit, allowing her to reach upwards of 52 Def / 44 Res and spam nuclear Bonfires fresh out of the Summoning Gate. Let that sink in: a unit with 52/44 defenses that can't be debuffed before an Elite Tweak. If the enemy doesn't have anti-armor or anti-dragon weapons, Idunn can easily be a Hopeless Boss Fight.Fun fact: 
  • Sothis, the other half of the Three Houses main protagonists, is another incredibly strong unit from the newest Fire Emblem game. A Mythic Hero classed as an Infantry Red Manakete, she has a gigantic BST of 173 which is evenly distributed to give her no real weak point - and the gem in her statline is her massive 39 speed. However, what sets her apart from her other dragons is that she negates her dragon weakness. Her weapon, Sublime Surge, removes her weakness to anti-dragon weaponry, as well as having Distant Counter and adaptive damage versus ranged units baked in. Her threat level is amplified further by Sirius, her unique 2 CD special that does extra damage based on her massive Speed and heals 30% of the damage dealt, giving her both heavy burst damage and excellent sustain. The capper to this is Time's Pulse, an Infantry-inheritable C skill that decreases Special cooldown by 1 if the user starts the turn at max count (i.e. if Sirius is maxed out at 2 CD, it will tick down to 1), letting her attack and heal almost constantly, and she also has Atk/Spd Solo and Wrath in her base kit to take full advantage of it (Wrath in particular deserves a mention, as it can fully charge Sirius at the start of every turn provided all of the conditions line up). Dragons in Heroes are notorious for bulky Special-spam sets like this, but what keeps them from being truly unstoppable - even armoured dragons like Idunn listed above - is the ever-expanding pool of anti-dragon weapons to keep them in check. Sothis doesn't have to worry about this, possessing all of the power of a dragon without any of their weaknesses, and as a result she can handle nearly everything in the game that isn't a Blue nuke or a Poison Dagger on her own.
  • Mareeta is an excellent swordmaster with a good 35 Atk and a ridiculous 42 Spd. Joining the arms race of swordmaster types, she brings her eponymous sword, which has -1 Special, grants her +4 to all stats and the ability to negate any skills that affect follow ups when she isn’t adjacent to any ally. This means that to double her, or to prevent being doubled by her, she either has to be adjacent to one of her allies or you need to match or beat her Spd, which is a tough feat when she can easily reach 52 Spd just at neutral stats, thanks to her weapon and her natural Atk/Spd Solo, as long as she can keep her distance from her allies. She'll also hit quite hard at 61 Atk this way, and her Rouse Atk/Def adds to this by granting her +6 Atk and Def. She's also surprisingly sturdy that way, aided by her newly introduced Close Call skill, which when simply put, mitigates the damage she takes if she's faster than her opponent, to a max of 40% damage reduction. Her only real weakness is that her Res is low, and she also can't be next to her allies for her to be truly dangerous, but otherwise, she's a force to be reckoned with.
  • Dancer Ishtar is a red tome flier who's all about hitting hard and hitting fast. Her Mögþrasir tome has 8 Mt, reduces her Spd by -2, but lets her strike twice when initiating combat. With 34 Atk and 36 Spd, Swift Sparrow 3, and Desperation in her base kit, she's gonna strike twice, potentially four times if she's fast enough. She can also make good use of Impact skills to help her duel with her foe and menace an opposing tank by denying their follow up attack. To top it off, she can also dance. Ishtar's a mage first and foremost, but she can waltz with her allies and give them another turn, and as a flier, she's got all sorts of mobility and support skills at her disposal; she already comes with one in Air Orders, to assist in the mobility of her flier allies. Her main weakness is that her bulk is horrendous, even if Impact skills can help, she'll still be pretty frail, and she'll fumble and fall to any archers.
  • Fallen Julia is an infantry red mage who sports all sorts of vicious effects to assail her opponents. Her Dark Scripture tome grants +3 Atk, adding to her already huge 41 Atk, and if she's not adjacent to any ally, she inflicts -6 Atk and Res on her foe during combat, and if her foe also has no skills that grant "effective against dragons", she gets a guaranteed follow up attack. Most units she's gonna come across won't have such abilities, which means she gets a free follow up attack against them. note  Her A and B skills further improve her effects, as her A skill is Atk/Res Solo 4, granting her +7 Atk and Res during combat if she's not next to any ally, and her B skill is Light and Dark; just like her Legendary version, the skill inflicts -2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res on her opponent and neutralizes any buffs her foe has, and it also cancels out any adaptive damage. The in combat debuffs and her opponent's inability to use buffs, and the basically free follow up attack means trying to fight Julia head on will be a bit of a dangerous task. She also has Panic Smoke to impair another opponent who foolishly decided to pack buffs, and Iceberg which goes nicely with her huge 40 Res. She's still kind of squishy even after the in combat debuffs, so swapping out her A skill for something more defensive like Sturdy Impact can help her a lot. Her guaranteed follow up works on both phases too, so she's not too helpless on the enemy phase, meaning she'll at least be able to go toe to toe with other mages.
    Blue Units 
  • Reinhardt. He's a blue tome cavalier who dominated the meta for quite a long time, forcing players to always account for him by having a high Res tank to deal with him, and can still catch unsuspecting players off guard. He's a prime Glass Cannon, needing only two things: his good 32 Atk, and his Dire Thunder tome, which has 9 Mt, reduces his Spd by -5, and lets him strike twice when initiating combat. With his 3 Mov, which lets him seek out foes from across the map with ease, and all sorts of skills and buffs at his disposal like Death Blow, he becomes a unit that would make his original boss incarnation proud. The developers knew how much trouble he caused, introducing more skills to deal with him and units with capabilities to counter him right out of the box, and even going so far as introducing trench tiles for the sole purpose of slowing cavalry down. Some Abyssal and Infernal maps have ridiculous enemies that are designed to stand in his way too. Reinhardt is a popular choice for most players, and is very dangerous against most red units and low Res units, being able to decimate them without breaking a sweat. He's easily obtainable from summoning on any blue stone and a free unit through the Heroes Path quests, making him available to every player, and with the lack of base stat total restrictions in Aether Raids, he is a popular choice for defense teams.
  • Ophelia. She's an infantry blue mage with a very powerful tome: Missiletainn, which has -1 Special charge, and she gets +1 charge for every mage on her team, and this includes herself. With enough charges through a combination of Pulse skills, other mages on the team, or similar effects, she can have a powerful Special charged right from turn one, including the usually underused AoE Specials, one of which she already comes with. These allow her to pack an incredible punch, capable of even defying the weapon triangle, and it all but demands having a very high Res green tank if the player dares to take her head on. She also has Chill Res by default however, which can threaten said tank. If she's given Special Spiral on the other hand, then as long as she's not deterred by Guard, then she can launch a devastating AoE Special, then hit her foe and gain a charge, and then she gets another two after combat, fully charging the AoE for her next turn. Ophelia is also one of the very few units that can use the Hardy Bearing Seal effectively, which nullifies enemies with Vantage, negating the most prominent weakness to AoE-centric builds. In short, Ophelia can quickly charge up a destructive Special on her first turn, and can even potentially keep spamming said Specials, making her a dangerous threat, especially on an Aether Raids defense team.
  • Nailah. As one of the first beast units introduced into the game, Nailah claws her way in with a very impressive set of skills. Her Wolf Queen Fang has 14 Mt, -1 Special charge, and grants her +2 Atk and Spd for every ally near her (to a total of +6 each). Once she transforms, she's granted another +2 Atk, and she deals +10 damage when her Special activates, just like a Wo Dao+ and similar weapons. She comes with Distant Counter, which pairs perfectly with the B skill that she introduces: Null C-Disrupt. This skill lets her counterattack against foes that would normally deny it through Firesweep+ and Dazzling Staff, letting her tear apart enemies who think they can get away with denying counterattacks. However, if this isn't a problem, she could instead run Wrath, which will stack with her weapon to a total of +20 Special damage. At the time of writing, she's unique among blue units who can pull off this combination and also take advantage of -1 Special charge for faster Specials. She also has a unique C skill in Glare, which impairs the target and adjacent foes by reducing their Mov to 1 after combat, just like the Gravity+ staff. Her only weaknesses is that despite being designed to counter Dazzling Staff units, her 23 Res is actually a bit low, and her 31 Atk is a little lacking as well. On top of that, for her to be at her full potential, she has to stay transformed, and thus has to keep positioning or team compositions in mind.
  • Legendary Julia is an infantry blue mage, and is a ranged dragon slayer just like her regular version. Unlike her regular version though, she's got all the tools to truly demonstrate the devastating might of Naga. She's got a very high 39 Atk (43 Atk with a +Atk Asset), and her Virtuous Naga tome capitalizes on this by giving her another +3 Atk, is also effective against dragons, and if her Atk is greater than her foe's Atk, she gets an additional +6 Atk and +6 Res during combat. She comes with Dragon Fang, which also lends well to how high her Atk stat can reach. The rest of her base kit all work together to skyrocket her Atk and Res stats to overpower her opponents: Mirror Impact gives her +6 Atk and +10 Res when initiating combat and it denies an opponent's follow up, Atk/Res Oath to grant her a field buff for +5 Atk and Res if she starts the turn next to an ally, and her unique skill Light and Dark inflicts a -2 Atk/Spd/Def/Res debuff to her opponent during combat, negates any field buffs on the opponent, and it disables the adaptive damage effect that dragons have been parading around with for so long. With all of this factored in, letting Julia initiate against you is a very dangerous prospect, because with all her skills active, she can reach a potential 73 Atk just at neutral stats, while you're denied a follow up attack, you can't use any field buffs, and you're down -2 to all stats (which in turn is more damage for her). Suffice to say, she'll hit incredibly hard, decimating pretty much any dragon or low Res unit in her path, and even units with good or even great Res are gonna feel the pain. Thankfully, for anyone trying to take her down, her enemy phase isn't as great, and her Spd and Def are also pretty poor.
  • Rudolf, the stern, commanding emperor of Rigel marches onto the battlefield as a lance armor unit that won't go down without a fight. A Mighty Glacier through and through, he wields the Thorn Lance, which has -1 Special, and if his Atk is greater than his foe's Atk, then he inflicts a -6 Atk/Def in combat debuff on his opponent, while also preventing them from performing a follow up attack. These two effects alone help his survival immensely, letting him take way less damage and deal more damage in return especially as the attack check happens before combat meaning in combat buffs such as the one from Death Blow will not be accounted for so his foes can only use visible buffs like Hones to try and surpass 59 attack which reaches 62 with a boon. He's also got Special Fighter to also deny his foe's Special charges, while also granting him an extra one. With his Bonfire, he just has to get hit once and he'll respond in turn with it charged. Finally, he's got Threaten Atk/Def to punish anyone trying to get close to him. The stat swing that it provides (+5 Atk and Def for him, -5 Atk and Def on his foes) both helps activate his weapon and makes him even more of a threatening tank. He's nigh on invulnerable physically with an immense 41 Def at base (which can reach 45 Def if he's +Def), and the Atk debuffs can somewhat mitigate any magical damage considering his only okay 29 Res. With big stat swings, Special denial, and follow up denial, Rudolf can be quite a vicious tank, and that's not even factoring in an Elite Tweak like Distant Counter to smite ranged opponents, or even other Fighter skills that take advantage of his follow up denial effect.
    Green Units 
  • Legendary Hector. Like the other Hectors, this version of Hector has excellent Atk and Def, good HP, and low Spd and Res. He can reach 60 Atk at base if he's +Atk, meaning he's going to hit pretty hard. His Thunder Armads is what makes him an incredible tank, boosting his already high Def by another +3, and it prevents the enemy from making follow-up attacks if Hector has more allies within 2 spaces than enemies. Combined with having natural access to Vengeful Fighter, this makes Hector an incredible unit on defense, allowing him to attack twice while the enemy can't. He also has the exclusive C skill Ostia's Pulse, which accelerates every ally's Special charge by 1 if there are two or less of that ally's movement type on the team, making Hector a perfect fit for mixed teams. Finally, he's a Fire Legendary Hero who grants an Attack boost to his allies if they have a Fire Blessing, making his team even more dangerous during Fire Seasons.
  • Brave Ike. He got a new lease on life with his refined Urvan, making him into one of the finest tanks in the game. Urvan has -1 Special cooldown, and it mitigates damage from consecutive attacks taken (second attack onward) by 80% - interesting, but prone to Brave Ike being oneshotted from the first attack, and fell flat if he counterattacked before the second hit (which invalidates the damage mitigation). His new personal refine for Urvan augments its original effects: now not only is the first attack received mitigated by 40%, he now gives his opponent Desperation, forcing the enemy's follow up attack to occur consecutively if they initiated on Ike. This means that should he get doubled, he will take both hits and mitigate them by 40% and 80% respectively, making him an incredibly sturdy tank. This also works on either phase, and since Ike isn't the speediest unit, he can engage a faster unit, get a hit in, take two hits back, and both hits will have the same damage mitigation. His base kit is geared towards punishing melee opponents, with Steady Breath and Aether, daring foes to engage him at close range. He'll withstand both hits, super charge his Special, and respond with Aether, healing off the damage taken while cutting through the foe's HP. With a proper Elite Tweak in skills like Distant Counter, Null C-Disrupt, and an ally to provide Special acceleration (Brave Lucina's refined Geirskogul or Infantry Breath), Ike opens up the doors to which targets he can tank and take down with impunity. Without Hardy Bearing (to deny Urvan's forced Desperation), an AoE special, or a really hard-hitting Red nuke, taking Brave Ike down is a very daunting task. The best part is that Brave Ike has appeared as a free unit twice: first from the first Choose Your Legends event, and second from the Heroes' Path questline.
  • Surtr. His playable iteration packs an incredibly min-maxed statline, which completely dumps his speed in exchange for incredible values everywhere else. Not only does he have a colossal 39 Atk and a whopping 40 base Def, he also retains Sinmara which grants him 3 more Def and deals 20 damage to all enemies near him when his turn starts. His Promotion to Playable also gives him two powerful skills: Steady Stance 4, which adds 8 more Def and reduces enemy cooldown gain when he's attacked (putting him at 51 Def out of the box and making it virtually impossible for player-phase units to hit him with specials), and his exclusive skill Surtr's Menace, which at turn start debuffs all nearby enemy stats by -4 and also gives Surtr +4 to all stats if it hits someone. With Wary Fighter in his base kit to patch up his speed deficit and a surprisingly high 33 base Res, Surtr requires a significant effort to KO even compared to other high-tier armors. This isn't as big of a problem in game modes where Surtr can be baited such as Arena, but in Aether Raids or under player control where he can wait at chokepoints, the enemies have to come to Surtr instead, which is where his case of Morton's Fork really shines: either they gamble with Surtr's "Instant Death" Radius and hope they can take it, or they pour everything into him to KO him immediately but get swarmed by his nearby allies. If you attack a player's Surtr and don't have a movement skill or refresher unit to get out of his "Instant Death" Radius, or a skill like Axebreaker or Null Follow-Up to break through his Wary Fighter, someone on your team is going to die.
  • Dancer Reinhardt is basically a green, flying version of his normal self. His Vafþrúðnir tome is the exact same as his Dire Thunder: 9 Mt, -5 Spd, but lets him strike twice when initiating. He trades his trusty steed for a wyvern, forgoing one Mov for a whole host of flier mobility skills that he can use like Flier Formation or Guidance, helping him support his allies. Since he's a flier, he also has access to Impact skills, something his regular version can't use, which can assist greatly in his survival; he won't be quadruple striking anything, but Impact skills deny his foe's follow up attack and help make him more of a threat. With a good 34 Atk and a ready made base kit of Death Blow and Chill Res to assist in his own damage, and Joint Hone Atk to buff himself and an ally for +5 Atk, he's got good combat and support capabilities right out of the gate. To say nothing of his steps as sharp as lightning: he can also dance, so should he decide to sit back and let his allies take care of things, he can refresh them and give them an extra turn. Reinhardt still has very low Spd however, so he's easily taken care of when a foe initiates against him instead, and he's also weak to archers.
  • Winter Sothis. Like her regular version, she's a dragon unit whose unique weapon, this time Snow's Grace, removes her dragon weakness. It also grants her +3 Spd, as well as +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res if her HP is above 50%, plus the usual adaptive damage effect. She also keeps Sirius, her Spd based Special that both helps her damage output and her sustain. Her base kit is geared for her to take on just about any foe, with Distant Counter to fight ranged foes, and Special Fighter to both deter enemy Specials and basically let her fire off Sirius very quickly. Her newly introduced Threaten Atk/Res also gives her an advantage against anyone foolish enough to stay near her, since she simultaneously buffs herself and debuffs nearby foes for 5 Atk and Res, further improving her damage and her sturdiness. These traits are all well and good, but the real kicker is her absolutely gargantuan 185 BST, a first for the game. With 44 HP, 35 Atk, 41 Spd, 30 Def, and 35 Res, she is, like the armoured Tikis, a pure Lightning Bruiser. Her Spd is especially noteworthy since with her weapon, she can reach a potential 49 Spd just at neutral, letting her menace most units that will be slower than her, as well as helping power up Sirius. She only has to worry about armour slaying weapons or a very powerful red unit that can safely engage with or duel with her.
  • Legendary Celica is a green tome infantry variant of her regular self, and is about as no nonsense as you can get. She's got a real high 38 Atk and 38 Spd (which can reach 42 Spd if she's +Spd), comes with Swift Sparrow 3 to further increase her offensive stats, as well as Atk/Spd Oath to buff herself up. Her Saintly Seraphim is quite similar to her husband's Luna Arc, in that it grants her +3 Spd and lets her deal true damage equal to a quarter of the foe's Res if she initiates combat, meaning even the toughest Res tanks are going to take some damage, and anyone with low Res will be at her mercy anyway. Unlike him, she doesn't have a unique Special for even more armour piercing, but her unique skill is Soul of Zofia, which is essentially Desperation + Null Follow Up in one. She'll bust through Wary Fighter type effects, and thwart any guaranteed follow ups against her, and once she's weakened and fast enough, she'll strike twice consecutively. Celica is quite vulnerable to foes that could just one shot her on the counterattack though, but once she gets going, she's not going to stop.
  • Legendary Edelgard is an incredible Mighty Glacier who prevails over her foes by working alone. She's an axe armour with a pretty optimized statline, namely 45 HP, 42 Atk, 39 Def, and 36 Res, with a paltry 17 Spd as the Dump Stat. Her lack of Spd isn't a problem however, as her axe Aymr grants another +3 Atk, and if she's not next to any ally, she inflicts -6 Atk and Def on her foe, and her foe cannot follow up. To further add to this, she has Atk/Res Solo which boosts her Atk and Res by +6 under those same conditions, and Armoured Stride which grants her +1 Mov as long as she's not next to any ally, which helps her move around on her own a little more easily. Her unique skill is Raging Storm, which grants her an extra turn if she initiates combat and she's still not next to any ally afterwards. It'll also allow her to perform a guaranteed follow up attack against any dragon or beast, letting her smite them handily. The kicker about Raging Storm is that while it's basically a Galeforce on command, it'll also work with the actual Galeforce, which means Edelgard can potentially move three times in a single turn, allowing her to take on multiple foes all by herself. As long as she keeps her distance, with every skill active, she effectively has 73 Atk, 45 Def, and 48 Res, she'll deny her opponent's follow up, and she'll be able to get an extra turn to continue to wreak havoc. She doesn't have any natural method of Special charges or guaranteed follow ups (outside of fighting dragons and beasts) however, and Raging Storm takes up her B slot, where Fighter skills normally go, meaning she'd have to rely on skills like Heavy Blade to help her charge her Specials. Also, the moment she's next to any of her allies, she'll lose a lot of her power, although that would mean having to deal with her teammates instead.
    Colourless Units 
  • Legendary Alm is an archer variant of his regular self. He basically invalidated most archers before his release through a combination of his high base stats in comparison, and his array of effects that make him so deadly. He's got a high 37 Atk and 37 Spd, and his bow, Luna Arc, gives him another +3 Spd, and allows him to deal damage equal to 25% of the foe's Def if he initiates combat, being a sort of Moonbow on command. His unique Special, Lunar Flash, like Moonbow, has a charge of 2 and pierces through Def. It only pierces through 20% of the foe's Def, but it also adds damage equal to 20% of Alm's Spd. His Darting Blow 4 lets him reach up to 49 Spd, and he's also got Null Follow Up to bypass skills like Wary Fighter and similar effects, and Odd Atk Wave to make sure his arrows will sting. With good Atk, incredible Spd, and his armour piercing effects, he's likely to crush anyone who stands in his way, and trying to double him on the counter will be quite the daunting task. He does have low Res and mediocre Def though, so your best bet would be to just try and smash him in one hit on the counterattack somehow, or try to get him before he gets you.
  • Brave Veronica. Following in the footsteps of Brave Lyn a year before her, she's a colourless cavalry unit that has the ability to deny counterattacks. Her personal staff has Dazzling Staff built in, meaning she fears no retaliation, but it also comes with an effect that buffs herself and nearby allies for +4 to all stats and debuffs the target and nearby foes for -4 to all stats after combat, already making her a fantastic support unit. If that wasn't enough, she brings the new healing Special, Windfire Balm+, which grants a +6 Atk and Spd buff to all allies once it activates. With a charge of 1, that basically activates every other turn. She also comes with Close Guard, which helps her allies mitigate damage taken from melee weapons. Veronica is also a good combatant despite her low defenses: with a 14 Mt staff and good 32 Atk / 36 Spd offenses, the buffs/debuffs of her staff, and getting Wrathful Staff naturally to hit as hard as any other mage, it's entirely possible for her to overcomes her foes all by herself which is a novelty among healers. Whether Veronica is healing or attacking, she will be showering her allies with numerous buffs until she is killed. The best part is that she's also a free choice, just like the first set of Brave units, making her available to many players.
  • Fallen Female Corrin is an infantry dragon that's a pure Lightning Bruiser. Her offenses are a high 35 Atk and 37 Spd, and her defenses aren't too bad at 43 HP, 31 Def and 27 Res, which gives her a very high stat total to work with. Her weapon, Savage Breath, gives her another +3 Atk, and it gives her more stats depending on how many allies are near her. If there are no allies near her at all, she gets a whopping +6 to all stats during combat. Synergizing with this is her Atk/Spd Solo, which grants her +6 Atk and Spd if she's next to no ally. With all of these buffs, she can can reach an incredible 66 Atk and 49 Spd, all on her own, with pretty good bulk at 37 Def and 33 Res. Challenging her head on will be quite a task, especially considering that this is all before an Elite Tweak, where she could use skills like the Null skills to ensure that her foes face her fair and square, and she could also opt for Distant Counter to trade that extra Atk and Spd to annihilate ranged foes. Since she's colourless, she also doesn't have to fear much outside of the rare -Raven+ tomes, and the plethora of dragon slaying weapons and abilities.
  • Fallen Young Tiki is another super armour dragon, and is basically a colourless version of her Legendary self, with a near identical and absurdly high stat line, and the same dragon effective weapon with Distant Counter built in. She has Brazen Atk/Spd, Special Fighter, Ignis, and a good amount of Spd to take advantage of said skills, but her unique skill Solitary Dream is what makes her especially dangerous. If Tiki is next to only dragon allies or next to no allies, she gets +4 to all stats, and also +1 Mov for the turn, letting her keep up with other units by turning her into a 2 Mov unit with 180 BST at nearly all times. Like her Legendary self, she has to fear both armour and dragon effective weapons, but unlike her Legendary self, she also doesn't have to fear any specific colour, outside of the rare -Raven+ tome wielders.
  • Legendary Leif. His second appearance in the game, now playing at being a Master Knight, Leif rejoins the fight as a Bow Cavalier with a nasty bag of tricks. His weapon is Meisterbogen, a dual-phase Brave Bow and a very high base Atk of 38 to take advantage of it (and his superasset is in Atk too). But what really makes him mean is his Special, Njörun's Zeal, which is a 3-CD Galeforce with the stipulation that it self-inflicts the Gravity debuff after activating. This gives him a unique role as the only ranged unit in the game - with cavalry movement no less - that has access to Galeforce, and the self-Gravity can be removed by an allied healer with Restore. Compounding on this is the S-Drink, Leif's unique B Skill that heals him to full HP and (more importantly) gives him a Special charge on Turn 1, so it's possible for him to activate Njörun's Zeal right away. With Atk/Res Push 4 and Def Smoke also in his base kit, Leif hits as much as 58 Atk out of the box with a superasset and can capitalize on a Def-7 debuff with Njörun's Zeal, which with allied buffs is more than enough to obliterate all but the hardiest supertanks from the word "Go".
  • Pirate Tibarn swoops in as a colourless version of his regular self. Like his regular version, he has very high Atk and all the tools needed to make him a soaring scourge of the skies. His Sky-Pirate's Claw has -1 Special, and if he's next to no allies, grants him +5 Atk, inflicts -5 Atk on the foe, and grants him a follow up attack. Pairing perfectly with this is his innate Galeforce and Heavy Blade 4, and a new skill in Dive-Bomb, which grants him a Desperation effect if both he and his foe are above 80% HP. This makes him perfectly suited for Galeforce, as he can easily just fly up with his 3 Mov, get his two consecutive hits in, and activate Galeforce, then either ravage another foe or flee back to safety. Plus, since he's colourless, he doesn't really have to worry about any disadvantageous colour matchups, barring a few weapons like Raven+ tomes and similar weapons. Tibarn just has to be mindful of a few things: meeting the Atk check for his weapon and Heavy Blade, since some foes can also debuff his Atk during combat too, he has to be alone, and he also has to meet a mutual HP threshold for him and his foes for Dive-Bomb to work.
    Duo Units 
Introduced in Oct 2019, Duo Units are a special type of unit that feature two heroes, have a special once per map ability (which works in any mode) that can help a team immensely, and they are also treated as having a high base score for the purposes of Arena scoring, meaning they can just hop right into and help in those modes as well. These units are incredible for support, but some are also formidable combatants.

Red Units

  • Halloween Hector and Lilina is the game's first Duo Hero, and they bring quite a few tricks up their sleeves. Hector's Duo ability lets him and Lilina do 20 damage to any enemy within three columns of the two, being AoE damage they have access to on command, making them a walking Bolt Tower that can fire off whenever. This allows them to weaken the opposition greatly for modes like Aether Raids (which is especially deadly when paired with the actual Bolt Tower), or helping the bonus unit secure a victory in the Arena. As a combatant, Hector is no slouch either. He's got incredibly high Atk at 41 (reaching 45 with an Asset), a great 47 HP and 39 Def, and average 26 Spd and 27 Res. His base kit also lends well to synergizing with his Duo ability. His weapon, Conjurer Curios, grants +3 Atk (meaning with an Asset, Hector reaches 64 Atk at base), is armour effective, and he gets +4 to Atk/Spd/Def/Res if it's either an odd numbered turn, or if his foe is at less than full health. This beefs up his stats even further, but he wouldn't be a Hector without some form of follow up manipulation, which is where he introduces the Odd Follow Up B skill. This grants the user a follow up and denies the opponent a follow up on odd numbered turns, essentially being a -Breaker skill to every opponent on every other turn. Rounding out his skillset is Distant Counter to let him spook ranged foes, and Bonfire, working well off of his high Def. Hector's main downfall is his average Res, is still at the mercy of armour effective weapons, and a good opponent would be sure to either stay healthy or engage Hector on even numbered turns.
  • Spring Idunn and Fae. A red armour dragon, Idunn wields the Zephyr Breath, which grants +3 Res, is armour effective, and if she has a buff or has an ally within two spaces of her, then she neutralizes any debuffs on her, debuffs her opponent for -6 Atk during combat, and her opponent can't perform a follow up attack. It's also got the standard adaptive damage effect for dragons. Since you can't debuff her, she debuffs you during combat, and you can't follow up, taking her down becomes quite a challenge. Compounding this is her Sturdy Stance 3, which grants her +6 Atk and Def when she's attacked, and it also deters the foe's Special charge, which is another disadvantage for anyone trying to fight her head on. She also comes with Vengeful Fighter to further improve her enemy phase, and Iceberg to rend her opponents. She has the makings of an incredible tank, but it gets better: she is a Duo Hero, and her Duo ability lets her and Fae grant themselves and any allies within five rows and columns of them +6 Def and Res, and a status that nullifies dragon and armour effectiveness for one turn. Armours and dragons are usually held back by their inherent weaknesses, and armour dragons have it worse by lieu of being weak to both, but for one turn, they'll fear basically nothing, and sometimes, that one turn might be all the player needs to engage a map, especially in competitive modes. With all of her skills active and in the player's hands, and having Idunn stand strong on the enemy phase, she'll have 59 Atk, 26 Spd, 49 Def, 47 Res (and with the foe down -6 Atk, that's basically 55 Def and 53 Res), she can't be debuffed, her opponent can't follow up, charge their Specials, or use dragon or armour slaying weapons. With all this, she's a titan of a wall to try and take down. The only saving grace is that fighting her as an AI opponent is a little easier since the AI can't use Duo skills, and unless she gets a tweak to her skillset, her own player phase will be lacking.

Blue Units

  • Ephraim and Lyon. A Lance Infantry Duo Hero, Ephraim and Lyon are basically a better vanilla Ephraim stat-wise: their weapon Reginleif grants Atk+3, is effective against armor and cavalry, and guarantees a follow-up attack if their Atk is higher than the enemy's. This is simple task with a high base Atk of 39, and it's also a superasset to boot. All of their skills emphasize this playstyle: Lull Atk/Def, Odd Atk Wave, and the new Heavy Blade 4 make for a deadly mix, giving Ephraim and Lyon a functional 76 Atk on their own merits with a superasset, compounded on by Draconic Aura (which with Heavy Blade can trigger on the second attack if they're countered). In addition to this huge offensive presence, they also have an incredible Duo ability. Their Duo Skill has Ephraim/Lyon grant themselves and all Infantry/Armor allies within two spaces an extra space of movement. This doesn't sound like much on paper, but remember how small FEH maps are and how many battles are decided by situations like, "If only my Reposition/Dance/tank unit could move one more space..." That one turn where everyone has extra movement is all the player needs to change a match from a disaster to a victory, and unlike Legendary Azura the Duo Skill doesn't consume their turn.
  • New Year's Alfonse and Sharena. Alfonse is a blue tome infantry with a very min maxed statline, with good to great stats all around with Spd being a Dump Stat. Which is all fine and good, since his weapon, Imbued Koma, has -1 Special, and if his Special is ready, it grants him +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res and prevents the foe from making a follow up attack. His Duo ability has him and Sharena grant 2 Special charges to themselves and any infantry ally within three rows and columns of them. This helps support their team immensely, especially through a combination of Pulse type skills, allowing for all sorts of shenanigans like instantly charged Galeforces or setting up other Special Spiral spammers. This ability also charges up Alfonse's unique Special, Open the Future, which is essentially Bonfire + Noontime, dealing damage equal to 50% of Alfonse's Def and healing HP equal to 25% of the damage dealt. With Special Spiral in Alfonse's base kit, he can spam this constantly for high damage, keep himself topped off, and with his natural Close Counter, high defensive stats (bolstered through his weapon), and his Def/Res Oath, he can also tank and take hits just fine too. Null Follow Up, Witchy Wand/Melancholy, and Pulse Smoke will ruin his day though.
  • Trio Palla. If duo units weren't godlike enough, here's a TRIO. They sport the Whitedown Spear, a 19 MT lance that always provides +4 to Atk/Def/Res whenever there are two other fliers on the team. Furthermore, Whitedown Spear also enables them to double attack 100% of the time so long as there are two other fliers on the team, making speed a Dump Stat. If this wasn't toxic enough, consider that if there are two fliers within two spaces of Palla, which is always possible so long as nobody dies since fliers are almost always deployed with her, Whitedown Spear becomes a BRAVE WEAPON, causing it to strike twice in a row, or more precisely, strike four times in every single round of combat they initiate in, since the second effect can only take place if the first is already met. They also have a base attack of 39 and a superboon to bring it up to 43 and mirror impact by default, ensuring they never get doubled on player phase, patching up their low Res to deal with dragons/adaptive damage/Close Counter mages as well as giving them more attack as if they didn't already have enough. Their duo skill gives them and any adjacent flier +1 move for that turn, but unlike other duo skills, it can be reused at the start of odd turns. Not helping matters is that she came on the same update as other broken fliers such as Mininerva and Young Caeda, as well as the continued existence of stuff like Legendary Azura, New Year Gunnthra and other broken offensive fliers. Make no mistake, the pegasus sisters can quad through even Surtrs if positioned correctly. Their only weakness, bows, can be countered by deploying Mininerva as a tank (who has good defenses and negates flier weakness), or just using duo skill to fly up into an archer's face and quad them to death. It is no surprise this broken unit is top tier.

Colourless Units

  • Bridal Micaiah and Sothe. Micaiah, the beloved bride, is a flying colourless tome, and basically plays out how any other Micaiah does: high Atk, high Res, and dual effectiveness on armours and cavalry. Her being colourless means she'll have a neutral matchup against most units, letting her decimate her foes without having to worry about the weapon triangle. When she uses her Duo skill, she and Sothe grant the Dominance status to themselves and any ally within three columns of themselves, while also debuffing any foe in that range for -7 Def and Res. Dominance allows the user to deal damage equal to the total penalties on the foe. So with just that alone, that's 21 extra damage: 7 damage by hitting the weakened defenses, and an extra 14 damage by adding those penalties to the damage. Using other types of debuffs like Sabotage, Ruse, Ploys, or even the Temari+ dagger or Brave Micaiah's Yune's Whispers, you can get the Atk and Spd debuffs to add on the damage. The beauty of this Duo skill however, is that all of this extra damage is similar to the damage dealt from Wo Dao+ and Wrath. This effect allows you to tear through enemy defenses, and while it's only active for one turn, that one turn might be all you need to engage a really tough map with a super tank. When facing an opponent that has -7 to all stats for instance, that's a guaranteed 28 damage in addition to however much you'd normally do. note 
    Support Units 
Some units aren't the strongest combatants, but instead can provide immense support to the team, often providing great utility or buffs to other, more powerful units.

Red Units

  • Legendary Eliwood. At first glance he seems like a strong yet bog-standard Sword Cavalier, having a massive Atk stat and Death Blow 4 for powerful Player Phase, but it's in his support skills that he starts getting scary. His Ardent Durandal weapon has a unique and bizarre effect that grants the Bonus Doubler skill as a buff to the ally with the highest Atk stat; Bonus Doubler takes all of the unit's visible buffs and doubles them during combat, and unlike the proper A skill, L!Eliwood's buff can be granted to units that aren't Infantry. This on its own is bonkers, but then the rest of L!Eliwood's skills come into play: in addition to Chill Atk in his B slot, he has the personal C skill Vision of Arcadia which grants Atk/Def+6 to the ally with the highest Atk if he was deployed alongside a Dragon or Beast unit, and Rally Spd/Res+ to buff the other two stats. L!Eliwood comes with everything he needs to turn the strongest ally on his team into a monster, or possibly multiple allies if they're tied for the highest Atk on the team.
  • Phina, the series' original dancer, puts a refreshing spin on the aged "Sword Dancer" archetype. Revisiting the old Development Gag from Mystery of the Emblem that was excised in its remake, Phina wields the Rapier, the classic Lord weapon with Anti-Armor and Anti-Cavalry built in. Phina's Rapier in Heroes not only retains these qualities, but adds Spd+3 and most importantly Vantage to the mix, the lattermost being something no other weapon in the game hasnote . Yet stranger for a dancer, Phina also has a strong offensive statline of 35 Atk / 37 Spd at base, allowing her to get full use out of her unique weapon. While sorely in need of premium 5★-locked skills to truly do work, once she inherits goodies like Distant Counter and Null-C Disrupt, Phina is able to deal with a wide array of Cavalry and Armor threats - some of which are Game Breakers themselves like Surtr and Brave Veronica - and some of the Glass Cannon enemies so that the rest of her team doesn't have to. This is important because it allows those teammates to preserve their offensive skillsets that would otherwise be walled by these types of units. And because Phina is a dancer, she can enable those teammates to keep the pressure on while still being able to defend herself with her innate Vantage, allowing her to mitigate the classic problem of a dancer overextending into the enemy's range.
  • Festival Micaiah. She's a red tome infantry refresher who boasts a good 34 Atk and great 34 Res, and while all her other stats are poor, those two stats are all she needs. Her main job will be to refresh her allies, but should she decide to step in to the fray, she has a few tricks up her sleeve. Her Dawn Suzu tome grants her an extra +3 Atk, and it's effective against armour and cavalry units. It also has Hardy Bearing built in, which can actually help her take down an opponent who's attempting to thwart her team with Vantage. This is especially helpful if she's ran on an Aether Raids defense team. Speaking of which, her low HP can actually lend well in Infantry Pulse set ups, so that her Special could be easily charged to destroy something. Her high Res means she can make great use of Sabotage or Ploy skills to debuff her foes, further supporting her allies. In a few ways, she's both similar to Phina listed above (a red infantry refresher with dual effectiveness), but also the complete opposite (Phina can do her work on the enemy phase thanks to Vantage, letting her refresh on the player phase, while Micaiah doesn't care about enemy Vantage, and has to choose between refreshing or nuking on her player phase, but she can hit harder and at a range).

Blue Units

  • Legendary Azura. She is, bar none, one of the best refreshers in the entire game, due to her two incredible unique skills. The first is her weapon, Prayer Wheel, which takes her refresh target's highest stat buff and applies it to all of their stats note . The second is her unique refresh skill, Gray Waves, which if used on an Infantry or Flier ally gives them an extra space of movement (i.e. 2 spaces becomes 3 spaces). This double whammy can turn the right ally into an utter monster, such as -blade tomes or Galeforce rushers, especially since most debuffs they might suffer will have fallen off after being refreshed. She also comes with Atk Tactic to emphasize this playstyle, though if the team composition doesn't allow for that, Hone/Fortify skills or Dance-based Sacred Seals work just as well. The latter of which is especially notable, since she could use say, Torrent Dance to grant +5 Res to an ally, which then becomes +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res all on command, which would get past the restrictions of the other buffing skills. Finally, since she's a flier, she can use all sorts of skills that improve the mobility of either her or her allies. She even comes with one in Aerobatics, intended to be used with her Atk Tactic.
  • Peony challenges Azura for title of best refresher, because while Azura's refresh immensely boosts a single unit, Peony's refresh can instead help out the entire team. Her weapon, Flower of Joy, grants +3 Atk and Spd during combat to any ally that's in a cardinal direction of her, meaning she can stay far, far from the action and still support and buff her allies. When she uses her unique refresh, Gentle Dream, she grants +3 to all stats to the refreshed ally, as well as the Orders status note . However, she also grants this effect to any other ally that's in cardinal directions of both her and the refreshed ally. While this means positioning is even more important, it also means that in a single action, she could grant a stat and mobility boost to her entire team, and still be able to support her team from very far away. Aside from that, she's basically like Azura, right down to sharing her B Duel Flying skill so she'll score well in Arena modes, and Aerobatics to help her reach her more grounded allies better. The best part is, she's available to every player, being a free unit, given to the player at the start of Book IV.
  • Brave Lucina. She's a lance infantry that offers incredible utility and support to her allies. Her lance, Geirskögul, when given the unique refine, grants +3 Atk/Spd/Def/Res to her nearby allies, though only if they wield a physical weapon (swords, lances, axes, bows, daggers, Beasts). Additionally, she also grants said allies a Breath effect, which grants them an extra Special charge per attack when their foe initiates combat. She essentially has a Drive All + Drive Breath for her physical allies. The former is already good enough, since +3 to all stats is a simple but effective boost, but she opens the door for many types of units that don't normally get to enjoy Special acceleration, and all just by standing near them. The fact that it works from 2 spaces away also means she can keep her distance from Beast allies, allowing them to stay transformed but still take advantage of the effect. To top it all off, the lance is also effective against dragons, so Lucina can step in to slay a troublesome dragon enemy if she feels the need to. What sells her is that as a Brave Hero, she has appeared as a guaranteed summon, and especially notable is that she goes like butter on bread with Brave Ike who can be acquired separately from the Heroes' Path quests.

Green Units

  • Kaden, a green Beast cavalry. True to his word, he will always return any favour given to him, and that's translated pretty well in Heroes by making him a pretty good buff bot. His Kitsune Fang has the standard Beast cavalier effects, and it lets him grant an in combat buff equal to his current field buffs. For instance, using his natural Spd/Res Link will grant him and his targeted ally +6 Spd and Res. He'll then grant an additional +6 Spd and Res to any ally near him. Any buff you grant him, he'll give back to his allies, and he can then further increase those in combat buffs with Drive skills or Distant Guard and other similar skills.
  • Reyson, as well as his sister Leanne, are near identical in function, so this entry will cover these two units at once, and their differences will be outlined afterwards. The two Heron siblings are flying Beast refreshers, and the two wield the Heron Wing weapon, which grants them both an extra +3 Spd, and it heals 7 HP to any ally within two spaces of them at the start of the turn. This is incredibly helpful in any mode, patching up chip damage (like Duma's Upheaval in Aether Raids, or getting hit by Savage Blow), and in maps where the player can stall and take their time, they can heal a team back up to full health. As flying Beasts, when they transform, they gain +1 Mov, meaning they become 3 Mov refreshers, letting them reach their allies way more easily. This does come with a team composition restriction however. On teams where transformation isn't so feasible, they can still take advantage of the multitude of flier mobility skills they have access to. Now, the differences: Leanne is colourless, and has more Res to take better magical hits, and she can use the likes of Sabotages or Ploys better. Reyson is green, and is more of a Jack-of-All-Stats, but he's also a 4* summon, so he's more accessible than his sister. Other than that, the two basically function the same, and are both very helpful units to have around.

Colourless Units

  • Bridal Fjorm is a flying healer who has the ability to completely shut down the use of Assists that the opponent might use. Her high 42 HP works well with her staff, Gjallarbrú, which inflicts Isolation on any enemies in a cardinal direction from her as long as her HP is greater than theirs by at least 3. Isolation prevents the afflicted unit from using Assists or being the target of Assists, shutting down enemy refreshers, Rallies, enemy healers, and even movement assists, basically forcing the enemy just to move and even be forced to attack an enemy in range if there are any. This is mainly for Aether Raids, where such tactics such as Rally or Restore traps can threaten opposing players. In PvE maps, this effect might not be helpful, or even possible, but thankfully, Fjorm can just inherit one of many staffs to either send the enemy to disarray with statuses, or help support her team in more conventional ways. She comes with Dazzling Staff naturally, letting her disrupt foes with no fear, and then her flight lets her flee to safety afterwards. While she can shine on flier teams, she can also shine on regular teams thanks to her newly introduced Ground Orders skill, which grants infantry, cavalry, and armour units the ability to warp to a space adjacent to any nearby ally, improving their mobility considerably.
    Types of Units 
  • -Blade tome users. These tomes (as well as the functionally-identical Laevatein sword) are incredibly powerful, boosting the user's damage equal to the amount of stat buffs they currently have. The bigger the buffs, the more damage they'll deal. These tomes come in each colour, and the units that come with it by default (Tharja, Nino, Tailtiu) all have the stats to be a powerful threat with it, with Tharja and Nino even having access to a unique, stronger version of the tome note . Any mage can inherit the regular version of the tome though, and a mounted, armoured, or flying mage can particularly take great advantage of their specific movement type buffs. Regardless, any unit wielding these tomes will require supporting allies to give them the buffs they need through skills like Hones, Tactics, Rallies, and so on. Refreshers are especially helpful in this regard since they can equip some of those skills (like Hone Atk and Hone Spd in both the C and Seal slot) while refreshing the -Blade tome wielder to allow them to move again and dispel any debuffs. It should be noted that the inheritable -Blade tomes will slow down the unit's Special charge, meaning they have to either get past that somehow or just rely on their raw damage to get past their foes.
    • In a similar fashion, the inheritable Broadleaf Fan+, Gunnthra's Blizzard tome, Matthew's refined Spy Dagger and Ursula's refined Blue Crow tome boost the user's damage equal to the amount of debuffs on the target, with the same destructive results. The Blue Crow tome and the Spy dagger also come with additional benefits in cavalry effectiveness that will scale with the increased attack on the former and a +6/-6 boost in defenses for allies and -6 drop for enemies on the latter.
  • Refresher units. These are units who can allow another ally to act again through the use of Sing or Dance. Just like in the main series, the ability for a unit to act again is absolutely invaluable, especially when the player has one of the units listed on this page that can defeat many opposing units. Such units in the permanent summoning pool include Olivia, Ninian, Azura, and Lene, while special, seasonal refreshers were also introduced as well. Some refreshers come with the ability to boost stats upon refreshing a unit through their skills, while Performer Azura and flier Olivia can boost all stats by +3 thanks to their weapons. All refreshers benefit from movement-assisting skills like Wings of Mercy to help give a unit a Heroic Second Wind. Flying refreshers can take advantage of skills like Guidance or Flier Guidance to help their allies reach them, or they can use skills that can help them reach their allies better like Aerobatics and Flier Formation.
  • Mounted healers. With the advent of the weapon refinery, all staff users got a boost in viability by having much powerful healing prowess, as well as much stronger weapons with area of effect abilities. Additionally, their weapons can be enhanced to have either the Wrathful Staff effect (which allows for regular damage calculation) or the Dazzling Staff effect (which prevents the opponent from counterattacking). A unit can have both if they have their weapon enhanced with one and they have the other as the B skill, making them quite a threat to face. Maribelle and Veronica are excellent examples, especially thanks to their base skillsets making them easier to build. Regardless, a mounted healer can take advantage of cavalry buffs to heighten their offenses and the vicious area of effect abilities that staffs can use, all while being colorless (and thus, most foes really can't rely on the weapon triangle to mitigate damage taken) and avoiding counterattacks. These staves can actually be quite annoying to even deadly to deal with:
    • Candlelight+/Flash+ inflicts a debuff that prevents the target from counterattacking, allowing the rest of the player's team to safely get some damage in on their foes.
    • Gravity+'s range is a bit smaller, only hitting adjacent foes next to the target, but it reduces the foe and any adjacent foe's Mov to 1, slowing them down considerably.
    • Pain+ does 10 damage to the target and any nearby foes after combat. Nearby foes can be injured further through the use of Savage Blow, and with it as the C skill and Seal, this is a potential free 24 damage.
    • Absorb+ is basically the Sol special on command, restoring 50% of damage dealt to the user's HP with every hit. While Absorb+ builds are expensive, requiring Close Counter and Wrathful Staff to really do work, the result is a self-healing tank that can put meta-level Aether armors to shame.
    • Witchy Wand+/Melancholy+ will inflict -1 special buildup and also resets their special counter after combat if the user attacks the target and foes within 2 spaces of them, making it much more difficult for them to activate their special.
  • Specialized "Emblem" teams. These are teams that consist of units that are only of a specific type. They all use skills that work only for their specific type, having access to powerful buffing skills. Hone and Fortify skills will boost their respective stats (Hone for Atk and Spd, Fortify for Def and Res) by 6 each to any adjacent unit that it applies to, while Goad and Ward skills will boost their respective stats (Goad for Atk and Spd, Ward for Def and Res) by 4 each to any nearby unit within two spaces that it applies to. The regular equivalents to these skills are less effective but more general, boosting only one stat, or only working for adjacent allies. This is why these specialized teams are not only very viable, but potentially very dangerous to face thanks to their benefits. Cavalry units have great movement, armoured units having great stats and incredible offensive skills, and fliers have freedom of movement. Any -Blade tome wielder that can get these buffs will become incredibly powerful, allowing them to devastate their foes. A single Hone boost would effectively grant an extra +18 damage, far greater than any other buffer could provide.
    • Full cavalry teams enjoy high Mov in maps without many obstacles, and these teams are very easy to form, making them a popular choice for players to build. All of the important team buffs are available from easy to obtain units, as Hone Cavalry is available on the free unit Gunter, while Fortify Cavalry is available from Jagen who is a common unit. On top of that, several cavalry units like Xander, Reinhardt, Cecilia, and Brave Veronica are all available for free. Thanks to their high movement range, cavalry units can often perform hit and run tactics, either by using the actual Hit and Run skill on melee cavalry, or by riding out and using the Reposition or Draw Back skill to bring an ally back to safety. Cavalry teams were so dominant that as the game went on, other types of teams just got stronger and got more exclusive skills while the game introduced trench tiles designed to purposefully slow cavaliers down. Still, cavalry teams can be beginner-friendly, and can do well in a lot of PvE content.
    • Full flier teams excel in offense and movement freedom. They aren't too difficult to form, although most ranged fliers and refresher fliers are 5* exclusive or seasonal. Thankfully, there are several common or uncommon flier units that shouldn't be too difficult to obtain like Caeda, Shigure, Est, Cherche, and so on, while Eir and Peony are available for free as ranged fliers with great support capabilities. Hone Fliers became readily available with Hostile Springs Camilla, another free dagger flier, although Goad Fliers stacking is a common tactic. Since it grants +4 Atk and Spd to any flier ally within two spaces, and is available on the common 3* Palla, the aforementioned fliers can put it to great use and just try to stick together, a feat made easier thanks to the Hit and Run skill. Hit and Run lets the user retreat one space backwards after attacking, which helps fliers stay in formation, and they put it to great use since fliers have no terrain restriction. Fliers also have access to several skills that either improve their mobility or the mobility of their allies, with skills like Flier Formation, Flier Guidance, and Air Orders. While all fliers are weak to archers, this weakness can be prevented with the Iote's Shield Seal, to let them stand a chance against them. In general, fliers are great at offense and mobility, and also do excellently in PvE content.
    • Full armour teams all boast huge stats and excellent skills that take their combat to new heights, although this kind of team is difficult to truly form compared to the others, as all of the better units and skills are all 5* exclusive. Their specialized buff skills are actually all easy enough to obtain, as Hone, Ward, and Fortify Armor are all on common or uncommon units, while Goad Armor became easily available from Love Abounds Eliwood. As most common armours lack a way of making up for their lack of Mov or range, their common tactic is Ward Armours stacking, since it grants +4 Def and Res to any armour ally within two spaces. This encourages them to all stay together and to improve their bulk and tank oncoming threats. To truly make the most of armoured teams, the player will need skills like Distant Counter to make up for the lack of range, Armour March to make up for the lack of mobility, and the Fighter skills (specifically Bold, Vengeful, or Special) to grant them a great boost in combat by granting them follow ups and extra Special charges. These skills are all available on 5* exclusive units, and some of the best armours are all 5* exclusive as well. Armour teams may be a bit difficult to truly form, but if they're properly built, they can be a force to be reckoned with, especially in PvP content.
    Skills and Mechanics 
  • Bonus stats. Any unit can become a potential Game-Breaker in certain maps if they have heightened stats. Any unit can be Summoner Supported, which grants +5 HP and +2 to all stats, which improves their overall combat performance, letting them hit harder, faster, and take hits much better. In some modes, like the Arena or Tempest, also feature specific units that get a greater stat boost of +10 HP and +4 to all stats instead. Using those units make those modes a lot easier for the player. And should the player use those units and Summoner Support them at the same time, then their stats just go through the roof, meaning the player has to really try to get them to fall in battle. These boosts are only applicable to the player's side out of fairness, but this makes PvE maps potentially a lot easier.
  • Distant Counter and Close Counter. Back when the game first launched, there were two names that would strike fear into the hearts of the fresh summoners: Hector and Takumi. Turns out most of the reason why they were so difficult to deal with early was because they came with Distant and Close Counter pre-skill inheritance. These two skills made them very dangerous back then, but since then, these skills could be given to other units, which grant them the great flexibility of being able to counterattack regardless of range. This opens up a plethora of defensive options for any unit running it and great synergy with other enemy phase defensive skills like Vantage, Quick Riposte, and if the unit has Distant Counter built into their weapon, Stance or Breath skills. Armoured units in particular make better use of either skill due their already high BST and defensive stats which naturally favour defensive enemy phase skills.
    • Close Foil is a sidegrade to Close Counter, granting a +5 Atk and Def boost to the user if they're attacked by any physical opponents (swords, lances, axes, Beasts, bows, daggers) and it allows them to counterattack against those melee opponents. This basically acts as a stronger Sturdy Stance in addition to Close Counter, helping boost the user's Def to withstand hits and boost the user's Atk to dish out some more damage. The only reason why this skill doesn't completely outdo Close Counter is because it'll do nothing against dragons, who would usually aim for the lower defensive stat for ranged units anyway. Should the player field the unit on a map with little to no dragons, or have the right means to deal with them (such as packing one of many dragon slaying units, or simply destroying them at a range before they can even approach), then Close Foil is an excellent skill for tanky ranged units.
    • For flier units, combine the Iote's Shield Sacred Seal (neutralizes the "arrow" weakness for fliers) with Distant Counter and any enemy phase defensive skills mentioned above, and watch them slaughter numerous archer and dagger units without any effort, alongside units they have an advantage against. Bonus points if the flier in question is a rare Mage Flier which can run a -Raven tome, giving them Weapon Triangle advantage against Colorless (and thus Bows) while they're at it.
  • Bold Fighter. While it has gotten a mention in the armour section of specialized teams, it truly deserves its own entry, highlighting just how damn powerful this skill is. One of the biggest problems for most armoured units is their lack of Spd. Bold Fighter lets an armoured unit perform a follow-up attack when initiating combat, regardless of Spdnote , ignoring the concept entirely. That alone would have been fine, but Bold Fighter also grants the user extra Special charges during combat, which can be just completely ridiculous, especially when the Quick Riposte Seal can also allow the user to perform a follow-up attack on the enemy phase, letting them be a terror on either phase. Some examples of Bold Fighter being put to good use:
    • Black Knight, Zelgius, Hardin, and the Armored Dragons deserve special mention for having weapons with Distant Counter baked in which frees up their A skill slot, which most notably allows for Steady or Warding Breath. These are the only units who can pull off a combination of Bold Fighter, the Quick Riposte Seal, a Breath skill and a Distant Counter weapon; this allows them to do follow-up attacks on either phase, counterattack regardless of range, and charge their specials ridiculously fast. That's especially dangerous when used on Zelgius or Black Knight because of Black Luna, or any of them can use Aether and become a self-sustaining juggernaut.
    • Brave+ weapons are also perfect with Bold Fighter, as this means the user can quadruple strike any unit, just as long as they can take a hit in-between, but they usually can. Again, another special mention goes to Zelgius and Black Knight: with Bold Fighter and Quickened Pulse, they can activate Black Luna on the second strike. If blows are exchanged and Zelgius/Black Knight is still standing, they can just attack twice again. And activate Black Luna again.
    • Ranged units often have trouble charging their Special faster, as they don't have access to Breath skills or Wrath. However, Halloween Jakob and Winter Tharja can take full advantage of this skill due to being armored units. Jakob can run a Brave Bow+ and annihilate most units without worrying about the weapon triangle while blasting them with a vicious Ignis. Meanwhile, Tharja can run a -Blade+ tome, make up for the Special penalty, and just delete a unit with the immense power that armour buffs can provide.
    • Some units can perform a single-turn Galeforce. With a Slaying+ weapon (or, in Hector's case, either Berserk Armads for his Love Abounds and regular version or Maltet for his Brave version), Galeforce is down to 4. Attack once, it's down to 2. Attack again, and it's charged. With enough raw power, a unit can just destroy a foe and then proceed to destroy the next. Regardless, Galeforce is almost assuredly going to be charged unless the opponent has Guard.
      • Or, one could use a Firesweep+ weapon and Quickened Pulse for the same effect. Quickened Pulse will bring Galeforce down to a charge of 4, and the user can burn through the rest of those charges by attacking twice with Bold Fighter, this time fearing no counterattack. Afterwards, the user can just smash through another opponent, retreat, or even finish off the first foe if those two strikes weren't enough, basically getting four free hits in without fear.
  • Special Fighter. Introduced by Brave Ephraim, this armor-inheritable B-slot is a combination of Steady/Warding Breath, Guard, and Heavy/Flashing Blade. If the user is above 50% HP, they will not only gain extra cooldown charge per attack, but their opponent gets decreased charge per attack. This on its own is scary since it allows the armored unit to stop enemy specials while rapid-firing their own, and unlike Bold Fighter and Vengeful Fighter, it works on both phases. But what really makes this so powerful is that, also unlike Bold/Vengeful builds that often require a whole skillset dedicated to them, Special Fighter's skill combination frees up the A slot - and in the case of sufficiently fast armors, also the Sacred Seal - for whatever skill combinations the player can imagine.
  • Special Spiral. This B Skill applies an automatic -2 cooldown every time the unit's Special activates before or during combat. This effect was first introduced with Ares's Dark Mystletainn, and then became a skill for any infantry or armour to use. It allows for some insane builds that were previously impossible. The only thing that holds the unit back is the initial charge of the special, which can be mitigated by teammates having appropriate skills, and once they get going they are nearly unstoppable. Some highlights include:
    • Lilina, Celica or Sanaki with an Area of Effect special. All three are Red Mages notorious for their sky-high Atk on Player Phase, so the first use of the AoE followed by the regular attack is not only a death sentence to anyone without Vantage (and Distant Counter if they are a melee unit), but allows the Heavy Blade seal to drop the cooldown by -2. Special Spiral then kicks in, lowering it by another 2, fully charging it in time for them to pick the next victim if the enemy does not have Guard (or one of its derivatives).
      • In a similar vein, Ishtar and Ophelia. While they have less attack than the above three, what they gain in exchange is reduced cooldown count on their respective Mjölnir and Missiletainn tomes, so the AoE has a cooldown of 3 instead of 4. Not only does this remove the need for Heavy Blade, but this allows appropriate Pulse teams to skip their charging phase and prepare the AoE right on Turn 1. Not requiring Quickened Pulse to do this also frees up the Sacred Seal slot for the usually situational Hardy Bearing seal, removing the set's weakness to Vantage. The pros and cons depend on the unit: Ishtar can get around Guard by using Flashing Blade in the A slot due to her insane Spd, but needs a full team of Infantry Pulse users to make it work. Ophelia does not strictly need a Pulse team as Missiletainn gains Special charge just from having fellow tome-users, allowing for a more balanced team composition, but has no answer to Guard.
    • Again, Black Knight/Zelgius, this time equipping a Slaying Edge (for the -1 cooldown count) and Steady/Warding Breath to spam Black Luna with impunity. With a full party of Ward Armor allies and optionally a defense tile, Black Knight/Zelgius can park himself in front of the enemy to take the initial hit to charge Black Luna, obliterate the poor soul, and then Special Spiral will fully charge it for every combat afterwards.
    • Mixing the Miracle special, Flashing Blade, Distant/Close Counter and one of the first-season Spring weapons to make a nigh-immortal unit. Someone with good Speed and a little teammate help can fully charge Miracle very quickly, allowing them to tank any unit that cannot double them, and if they can double in return they will fully charge Miracle for the next combat. The Spring weapon also heals them a little after combat, fulfilling Miracle's "if HP ≥ 1" requirement. If the enemy doesn't have a workaround (doubles them, negates doubles, has AoE damage, has Guard), then the unit cannot die.
    • Velouria has a unique weapon that grants her and her support partner 2 Special charges. For any of these units that need some charges to get going, all one needs to do is pair Velouria up with them and the player has a monstrous Special spammer ready to go. Velouria herself and her father Keaton also have weapons that grant +10 damage when their Special activates, making them powerful users of Special Spiral themselves; Keaton even starts with it on top of having a unique dual-phase Brave effect on his weapon.
    • Ares himself and his father Eldigan deserve a mention since they're two of the few units that can do this and run Vantage. Dark Mystletainn has Special Spiral built in, and it also has the standard -1 Special effect from Slaying weapons, meaning Specials like Bonfire or Draconic Aura are perfectly timed to spam every time they activate it. And since it's built into the weapon, they can use all sorts of skills that complement it like Distant Counter, Vantage and Brazen Atk/Def. A particularly lucky player with a Mystic Boost fodder available can also give it to Ares/Eldigan for a Miracle build similar to the one above. Once they get going, unless the player has a specific countermeasure, Ares and Eldigan will just feast on any foe that dares attack them.
    • Lewyn, who first introduced the actual skill proper, deserves a mention for how easily he can take advantage of it too. His Forseti lets his follow up attacks occur consecutively, basically giving him Desperation if he's above 50% HP. As long as he can outspeed his foes, he can safely engage and charge his Special, which can further be sped up with Flashing Blade, and then proceed to spam it to his heart's content.
    • Fallen Mareeta, as she has the same effect on her Shadow Sword as Lewyn's Forseti and a very similar statline, she's just as capable of taking very good advantage of the skill. In addition to this, she also has the advantage of her weapon having -1 Special charge meaning that unlike Lewyn, she doesn't need to run Flashing Blade to ensure a recharge if using an AoE special
  • Bonus Doubler. This unique, Infantry-only A Skill grants an in combat buff equal to their field buffs (i.e: if a unit has a +6 Atk field buff, they gain a +6 Atk in combat buff for a total of +12 Atk); this skill can theoretically grant a lot of power to any unit so long as they avoid Panic and Dull skills, and it goes with Tactics teams like bread and butter. Some units can take this effect, whether they can use it or help an ally who has it, and make it truly monstrous:
    • Nino. -Blade tome users are an obvious recipient of the skill due to their heavy reliance on field buffs, but Nino gets a special mention for having a one-up on all of them with Iris's Tome, a personal -Blade tome without their usual Cooldown penalty and Even Atk Wave built-in. A Nino running this and Odd Atk Wave in the C slot will have a hard +18 Atk at all times, which is a novelty on a ranged unit with such high Spd. Nino is also a common 3★/4★ summon from the Green pool, so she's easy to build and merge.
    • Eirika (the original one). While she is typically a strong recipient for Distant Counter instead, her unique weapon synergizes with Bonus Doubler: Sieglinde will copy any field buffs from a buffed ally within two spaces of her during combat. Should both Eirika and her ally be buffed and Eirika have Bonus Doubler equipped, these effects will stack for effectively triple the original boost (i.e.: if both have +6 Atk, Eirika will end at +18). And like Nino, Eirika is a common Red summon, and with a source of buffs the two happen to work together incredibly well.
    • Legendary Marth. His Exalted Falchion has Bonus Doubler baked into it, which stacks with the A skill. L!Marth also has the Fire Emblem Special skill to self-buff (+4 to every stat for himself and all allies when it activates), not needing to rely on teammates to spoonfeed him.
    • Kaden offers a unique twist, doing the reverse of Eirika: he instead gives his current field buffs to allies within two spaces during combat, potentially turning his whole team into a legion of super-tanks. While Kaden cannot learn Bonus Doubler himself (it's Infantry-only), he can instead further buff the unit who has it: the Eirika or L!Marth examples above can potentially quadruple their buffs if he's near them. Get it away!
    • Legendary Azura can't use Bonus Doubler herself, but as stated in her entry above, her weapon takes the target's highest field buff (or the one she's about to apply with a Dance passive) and applies it to all four stats at once when she refreshes them. This allows the Bonus Doubler unit to use the skill to its full potential without worrying about team comp or positioning. Encountering L!Azura with any of the above means you're likely in for a world of pain if you don't have a countermeasure.
    • Legendary Eliwood, also mentioned above, can't use Bonus Doubler but instead has the ability to grant Bonus Doubler as a buff to whichever ally has the highest Atk. This is important for three reasons: this buff can be used on non-Infantry who can't normally get the skill, it frees up an Infantry's A slot if they don't want to use the proper skill, and it stacks with the other techniques in this list. L!Eliwood and Kaden buffing Eirika/L!Marth for +30 to all stats, or +24 to all stats with Distant Counter? It can be done.
    • Opening type skills, like Atk Opening or Spd Opening, or Gap skills, or the Joyous Lantern+ and Rapport Wand+ weapons all grant buffs to the unit that meets the required stat checks. The best part is that they have no range requirement, so they can buff a unit from across the map. Pair this with some of the aforementioned units and you can have one super unit that receives their buffs from far away, letting them go to town on their enemies.


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