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The memetic nature of the game also means that many setups, teams, and characters have special nicknames for them.

  • Characters running setups designed to attack four times in one round of combat are referred to using a portmanteau of "quad" and part of their name: e.g. "Quadsuna" (Setsuna) and "Quadelia" (Cordelia).
  • "Tiny Hands" for Reinhardt due to how small his hands look in his artwork. There is also "Thundercock" and "The Reinhardt".
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  • A team with an underlying theme behind it usually gets "[Theme] Emblem" e.g. an all-cavalry team is usually called "Horse Emblem", and a team composed entirely of Camilla and her alts is usually called "Camilla Emblem".
  • "Giraffe Mage" for Sophia because of her overly thin and long neck.
  • "Nursina", "Healercina", and "Medicina" are names for a skill setup for Lucina that takes advantage of Renewal and Falchion's recovery effect to turn her into a pseudo-healer with Reciprocal Aid. (It works better with Lucina than, say, Marth because Lucina gets Aether for even more self-healing.) Similar builds with other Falchion users follow this trend, such as Medichrom and Medicalm for Chrom and Alm, respectively.
  • Alternate versions of characters from seasonal events are often given nicknames to differentiate them from their originals, like "Bunmilla" (Spring Camilla), "Buncina" (Spring Lucina), and "Bridelia" (Bride Cordelia).
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  • "Reinbow Pulse". It's a specific build of Reinhardt that involves the combination of Moonbow, Quickened Pulse, and his signature Dire Thunder.
  • Since colorless units are generally considered to be the worst pool in the game except for a few strong standouts, those standouts are often said to be in "Colorless Hell", since drawing for them will almost always mean spending orbs on a glut of useless Heroes along the way.
  • The Black Knight's signature "Black Luna" Special is often referred to as "Eclipse" by fans, both as a reference to the Black Knight's mastery skill from his home games and because it's a cooler-sounding name.
  • In a carryover from the fandom for Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, the Black Knight gets the nickname "Burger King," due to the top of his helmet vaguely looking like a crown, having the same initials, and the sheer absurdity of comparing him to a fast food chain. As an extension, the one-time 4 dollar orb pack that comes with a free Black Knight is often called "The BK Value Meal".
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  • The Black Knight is called "Jim Raynor" in some circles due to sharing the same voice (Robert Clotworthy, in a rare case he goes into an anime-ish work) as the aforementioned character from Starcraft and wearing black big suit/armor.
  • "Bike" for Brave Ike. It was meant to shorten his name, but it also has the effect of portraying him as a literal bike.
  • Lucina's Brave Hero variant is often referred to as "Lancina", to emphasize her classification as a lance user.
  • "Ploy Boy" for Arvis, since he effectively has three Ploy skills between his weapon and natural skill set, more than any other character in the game. With the use of the Spd Ploy Sacred Seal, Arvis can run all four ploy skills at once.
  • "Bladeblade" for the weapon Laevatein (belonging to the Hero of the same name), due to being a sword with the same special effect as Bladetomes.
  • "Psycho Eirika" for the version of her where she wields Gleipnir, due to a meme where she either mugged or outright killed Knoll to rob it from him.
  • Spring Kagero is sometimes called "Ninjabbit" because of one of her special activation lines, where she says "Ninjabbit attack!"
  • Both of the Fell Robins are officially named "Robin," but the fandom nigh universally refers to both as "Grima" after the being possessing them.
  • Reinhardt's sword variant is referred to as "Swordhardt" to differentiate the two.
  • "Razzle Dazzle" is the nickname for staff builds that include a combination of Wrathful and Dazzling Staff for the B slot and weapon refine, letting healers take advantage of both of those exclusive skills in a variety of ways.
  • There are Voting Gauntlet periods in which the competitors' scores are close enough that neither side is declared weaker or gets a multiplier for the next hour, in which their status is "Same". As this period can potentially stretch on for hours depending on the character match-up (especially during the final round), it has been lovingly dubbed "Same Hell" by some.
  • Taking a page from Fate/Grand Order, young Azura is referred to as "Azura Lily", as that game referred to the younger versions of characters as "(Character) Lily".
  • Before the announcement in late December 2018 for the update on unit merges for February 2019, "Boon" and "Bane" (from the Avatar creation system of Fire Emblem Fates) were the names called by fans for "Asset" and "Flaw" (from the Avatar creation system from Fire Emblem Awakening), respectively, with certain Assets having +4 from neutral "Superboons" and -4 from neutral for Flaws "Superbanes". "IV", short for Individual Values from Pokémon, is also used by fans to describe the combinations of Assets and Flaws, due to how it similarly works for units in Heroes.
  • Immediately upon the reveal of Caineghis's title as "Gallia's Lion King", people called him Mufasa or variations of the name, considering his bulkiness and the fact he's trying to pass his position onto his relative.
  • "Flierball" for a specific type of defense team for Aether Raids, where players use a full team of fliers units bunched together and buffing each other up with buff Fliers and Drive skills, varied in attack types and weapon effectiveness, and have great mobility due to being able to warp to each other with Flier Formation, Air Orders, and Wings of Mercy.
  • "Jelly Skelly" for Hel, Líf and Thrasir due of their bodies looking like they are made out of gelatin, exposing their skeletons.
  • "Gen X", short for "Generation X", is the nickname for units within a certain BST range during a certain period of their release, with successive "Gen" units have higher BST than their predecessors, usually starting after the release of Chose Your Legends Heroes that year. For example, "Gen 2" 1-ranged units have 5 BST more than their "Gen 1" equivalents.

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