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Just like any other game with gacha mechanics and Loads and Loads of Characters, Genshin Impact has a lot of alternate names coined by the fandom, whether these may refer to the game's characters, or the game itself.

For the memes, see this page, although some examples may overlap.

  • Due to the comparisons of Genshin Impact with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, this game was called "Anime Breath of the Wild", "Breath of the Weebs", or "Breath of the Waifu" by gamers and gaming news websites even before it was released. Other anime-related fan titles for the game include the following:
    • A longer Zelda-based nickname for the game would be "The Legend of Senpai: Breath of the Waifu".
    • "Breasts of the Waifu: Genshin Simpact", as mentioned by Honest Trailers.
  • In line with the "Emergency Food" memes, Paimon's name is sometimes deliberately spelled as "Piemon".
  • A character in Genshin Impact is sometimes called by the name of a more popular, or previous role of their voice actor, especially if they fit as a Casting Gag or an expy having the same VA.
    • The Unknown God is a mysterious woman who looks almost exactly like Herrscher of the Void Kiana from the Honkai Gakuen media, such as Honkai Impact 3rd. This is why miHoYo fans quickly call this woman with the names "Kiana", "Tuna", "God Kiana", "God Tuna", "HoV", and "Queen", which were already fan nicknames of said pre-existing character. Both characters are voiced by Tao Dian and Rie Kugimiya.
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    • Fischl is called "Rikka" since Maaya Uchida also voiced Rikka Takanashi, the eyepatch-wearing Chuunibyou from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.
    • Diluc as "Giorno" (voiced by Kensho Ono), or Kaeya as "Mista" (voiced by Kosuke Toriumi). It also helps that both referenced characters are from Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo.
    • Then there's "Kaguya" for Paimon (voiced by Aoi Koga) and "Chika" for Mona (voiced by Konomi Kohara). Both referenced characters are from Kaguya-sama: Love is War.
    • "Kirito" for Xiao, based on Yoshitsugu Matsuoka's Star-Making Role.
    • For an English voice actor example, Zhongli is occasionally called "Nazeem" because he's voiced by Keith Silverstein. Many fans are reminded by "do you go to Cloud District very often?" when they hear Zhongli's voice.
  • Aside from the Unknown God and "Kiana" example above, long-time miHoYo fans would often just call a Genshin character by the name of a Honkai Impact 3rd character whom they serve as an expy or a reference to:
    • Ever since the game revealed that Venti is the Anemo Archon, he is being called "Wendy" as a reference to the Herrscher of the Wind.
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    • The female Archons are usually labeled with this naming theme, especially once the HI3 fanbase notices some clues or links that make them references to, or expies of the female Herrschers of their respective elements. So far, this resulted into the following:
      • The Pyro Archon Murata is called "Himeko" (as a reference to Himeko Murata, whose battlesuit allowed her to wield fire, and her Previous Era counterpart being the Herrscher of Flames).
      • The Electro Archon Baal is called "Mei" or "Raiden Mei" (Baal is also known as "Raiden", Raiden Mei is the Honkai character who's also known as the Herrscher of Thunder).
    • The Unusual Hilichurl is called "Hilichurl Wei", or simply "Wei", especially from those who are already familiar with his previous appearance as Dawei from HI3.
  • Noelle is sometimes called "Noel Shirogane", due to having almost the exact same name as Noel, and being a gray/white haired knight.
  • Noelle's elemental burst is called "Excalibur" since it covers her sword with yellow-colored Geo energy and also extends the range of her swings.
  • Jean is called "Saber" since the both of them wield swords, have blond hair, and wear blue capes. She's also called "Dandelion Tights" after one of the quiz's question in one quest with Swan of Knights of Favonius.
  • Apart from the casting gag mentioned above, Fischl is also called by other nicknames:
  • Zhongli has several nicknames as well:
    • He is sometimes jokingly referred to as "John Lee" due to his name being pronounced very similarly.
    • Because of his appearance and element, fangirls call him "Geo Daddy".
    • Ever since the beta tests and official trailer for Version 1.1 were released, his elemental burst of summoning a large Geo meteor from the sky has been dubbed as the "Zhongli Meteor".
    • While he's only called this in the Japanese dub, Western fans have taken to calling him "Zhongli-sensei" or just "Sensei" for short. It's also common practice for Japanese fans of the game to call him this.
    • "CEO of GEO", since he's the Geo Archon and (former) creator of all the world's currency. He even has some business-suit stylization in his outfit.
    • "Big/Long Dong Zhong" is another fan nickname that popped up a lot after his playable version was released. The "Big Dong"/"Long Dong" part of it is also jokingly used as a Double Entendre for his elemental skill that summons a stone pillar.
  • Diluc is called "Batman" because his backstory and vigilante alias are very similar to that of the comic book character. Alternatively, he's often called "Himeko", "Isekai'd Himeko" or "Himeko's descendant" due to being a red-headed, fiery greatsword wielder who's associated with alcohol, making him an expy of Himeko Murata.
  • Razor's elemental burst makes him summon a spectral wolf that hovers above him and attacks his enemies. To the Genshin players who are also fans of JoJo, that wolf is simply called a "Stand".
  • Ayaka has plenty of nicknames:
    • She and Keqing are collectively called "(Waifu) Vergil" after Genshin players noticed how the girls have moves that resemble those of the Devil May Cry character. Ayaka's charged attack is also called "Judgement Cut" because it's almost an exact replica of Vergil's iconic move.
    • "Goushinnso Memento" due to how she wields Cryo and her sword skills resemble that of the aforementioned character (one of Sakura's battlesuits) from Honkai Impact 3rd.
    • "Weiss" because some fans noticed how she's just like Weiss Schnee from RWBY; has light-colored hair, a ponytail, fights using a sword and ice powers.
  • Keqing has several fan nicknames as well:
    • The pronunciation of Keqing's name might be hard to remember for some, so she is simply called "Ka-Ching", as in the sound produced by a mechanical cash register.
    • Keqing has been christened "Rex Lapis Simp" or "Rex Lapis' Number 1 Fan" after her tendency of collecting Rex Lapis merchandise became well-known in the fandom.
    • She's called "Cat Queen" because her Hair Intakes resemble a pair of cat ears.
  • "Megumin" or "Water Megumin" for Mona because of their similar witch aesthetic and preference of a specific element. This became further widespread when Honest Trailers mentioned it on October 2020.
  • Amber has some fan nicknames based on characters who came before her:
    • "Kizuna Ai" because even before the game was released, Amber's ribbon headband makes her similar to Kizuna Ai and her "pyoko-pyoko". Like the "Megumin" example above, even Honest Trailers seem to have caught on this, although they call Amber as "Not Kizuna Ai" in their video.
    • "Etna" because Amber's overall appearance and red color scheme makes her a look-alike of Etna Crimson from Nijisanji's Indonesia branch.
  • With his eyepatch, blonde hair, and black-blue outfit, Dainsleif looks just like a character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, which is why those familiar with the latter game call him "Dimitri". Others call Dainself as "Jin Kisaragi" since he looks just like him as well.
  • Beidou's Counter-Attack ability also has a "Just Frame" Bonus if perfectly timed, so players just call the conditional mechanic as a "Perfect Counter". Another similar nickname for this ability is "Full Counter", based on the power of Meliodas from The Seven Deadly Sins.
    • Due to her, uh, "assets", her name is sometimes spelled as "Baedou".
  • Some players, tier lists and guides such as this one call Sucrose "Budget Venti" due to how her skills are similar to but weaker than Venti's. The battle-pass bow "The Viridescent Hunt" also gets called this since it can suck enemies together with wind, similar to Venti's ult (though it's much weaker and doesn't count as Anemo).
  • There are characters who are mostly used as Utility Party Members, earning them appropriate nicknames. In general, these are also collectively used as memes:
    • "Lighter" - Amber and her utility of lighting torches in puzzles.
    • "Pickaxe" - Claymore users, especially Noelle, since their weapon type can mine materials faster.
    • "Bridge" - Kaeya and his utility of creating frozen platforms above water with his skill. He's also occasionally called "Kaeyak" due to this.
  • "Terrorist Loli" for Klee because of her destructive and fiery Mad Bomber nature. In some parts of the fandom (such as YouTube), she's a Memetic Psychopath who would use firearms or RPGs.
  • Tartaglia (a.k.a. "Childe") gets his name simply shortened as "Tart" by some players. It helps that that’s what he introduces himself as in the Japanese dub. Another variant is to call him "Tartar Sauce."
  • The fanbase also came up with self-explanatory nicknames to easily label the attacks of the various enemies and boss fights, such as "the whale attack" and "the lightning jump attack" for Childe's boss fight in the Golden House.
  • The "Cocogoat" is an In-Universe term given to an actually non-existent creature thought to produce coconut milk. But ever since Version 1.1, it is used as a fan nickname for Ganyu, a female character with goat-like horns. Also referred to (snarkily) as "Cryo Amber" due to their similar playstyles (archers with a Draw Aggro skill and zone-of-raining-death burst attack)
  • Fans have also begun to represent characters in short-form with Emojis. As of right now there’s 💧 or 🐳 for Childe/Tartaglia, 🔶 or 🐉 for Zhongli, ❄️ for Kaeya and 🔥 for Diluc. It’s also notable that these Emojis are used to represent ship names as well. For example, any combination of 💧 and 🔶 is used to represent Childe/Zhongli.
  • Similar to Zhongli being "Geo Daddy," Ningguang is often called "Geo Momma" or "Geo Mommy."
  • The PC playerbase would just call a character's Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill as "Q skill" and "E skill" respectively (based on the default key bindings). The Elemental Bursts are also referred to as "Ult", short for "Ultimate skill". Interestingly, such naming conventions are mostly derived from how the MOBA gamers call their character's skills.
  • Constellation upgrades follow a shorthand notation of "C<digit>", from "C0" up to "C6". Similarly, players use "R<digit>" notations when discussing weapon refinement ranks.
  • Geovishap Hatchlings are either called "Sonic", "Geo Sonic", "Hedgehog" (because of their spikes and rolling attack), or "Sandslash" (because of their resemblance).
    • The Primo Geovishap is sometimes called "Gravios" since it's a giant rocky lizard that's an adult form of a previous rocky lizard enemy.
  • The Fatui Electrohammer Vanguards are just simply called "Fatui Hammers" or "Electro Hammers".
  • The Electro Cicin Mage is called "Dark Sucrose", "Sucrose at Night" or "Sucrose Alter" once there was a popular fan theory mentioning how her hairstyle and hair color look just like Sucrose's.
  • For Scaramouche:
    • He is called the "Conspiracy Theorist" after he gave the Wham Line in the "Unreconciled Stars" event about the skies being fake.
    • He's also called "Umbrella Boy" or "Umbrella Man" because his hat is joked to be too large that it can also function as an umbrella.
  • The Resin system is called the "R-word" since there's plenty of discussions and debates about it, especially when it's viewed as a Scrappy Mechanic.
  • "Atelier Sucrose" is a common nickname given to Sucrose by fans of the Atelier series, who note that, given that she's a cute Moe alchemist who always seeks to improve herself, she would feel right at home in an Atelier game.
  • The Hypostatic Symphony event is called the "Hypostasis Contract" named after the Contingency Contract event in Arknights, as both events are Arrange Mode involving selecting different modifiers to adjust the difficulty.
  • Some popular character builds also get nicknames, such as the "Machine Gun" build for Fischl.
  • "Battery" characters are those who can supply enough elemental energy for themselves or for the team in a short amount of time. Character builds that focus on the Energy Recharge stat are also called "Battery" builds.
  • "Walnut" for Hu Tao because this is a literal translation of her name (胡桃). Used partly because she was an unreleased character who you weren't supposed to discuss on official channels.
    • "Megumin", due to Hu Tao being dubbed by Rie Takahashi in the JP dub.
    • "Tuna", due to her sharing a voice with Kiana in CN.
    • The ghost that always accompanies Hu Tao is called "Boo Tao" by the fans.
  • Albedo is often referred to as "Elevator man" or "Elevator boi" due to his elemental skill summoning a geo flower that can lift up characters who stand on it.
  • "Apologems" for Primogems gifted to all players after patch maintenance or after a serious Game-Breaking Bug is fixed. Some players actually HOPE for more maintenance and bugs just to increase their Primogems supply.
  • "EULA" and "End User License Agreement", a 'subtle' way to refer to the character Eula, who was leaked a whole patch before she appeared.
  • "Ice Queen" is a nickname generally used for any female Cryo-user, such as Ganyu, Rosaria, Signora or Ayaka. In the latter's case, it has more to do with Ayaka being compared to Weiss Schnee of RWBY, thus this In-Series Nickname of Weiss is also used by the Genshin fandom.
  • Xiao's Elemental Burst or general gameplay is called "Pogo Jumping" or "Pogo Stick Gameplay" since his Super Mode allows him to jump high enough, making it possible to spam his Plunge Attacks. Because of these, Xiao is also called "Pogo Man".


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