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"This is going to be more trouble than it's worth, but somebody has to do it. Guess it's going to be me."
Hilda, proceeding to ruining player's days

With every new release of heroes, so to the likeliness of at least one of them being able to ruin your day thanks to their skills or weapons, especially if you have Auto-Battle on. Expect some overlap with heroes in the Tier Induced Scrappy and Game Breaker entries for Fire Emblem Heroes.


In General

Several units and skills can greatly increase the difficulty of a map when present. Most notably, some of the tougher Grand Hero Battles and Bound Hero Battles utilize one or more of these.
  • Enemies with Distant Counter or Close Counter, often built into their weapon. The player can often rely on ranged units to dispatch melee units without much retaliation. However, unless they can one-shot them, they will now have to face a counterattack, which can potentially be dangerous to the player's unit.
  • Enemies with enhanced mobility skills. This includes skills like Wings of Mercy, Armor March, Flier Formation, Aerobatics, and Guidance. This can completely blindside the player as an enemy unit suddenly moves further ahead than they should to get the jump on one of the player's units.
    • Some named enemy units (i.e. not the Emblian mooks) which don't even have such skills in their initial kits could end up having them anyways. That Myrrh you're fighting could have Guidance and bring over a powerful unit to ruin your day on Tempest Trials or Hall of Forms.
  • Enemies with Vantage, who will strike first if they are weakened. More often than not, this requires the player's units to one round their opposition, otherwise an opposing unit with Vantage would be able to strike first. This is an especially dangerous prospect if they have Distant Counter and/or a Special ready to unleash on their foes.
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  • Enemies with skills or weapons that prevent their enemies from counterattacking can make maps quite stressful. Units like Regular Faye or Roderick have Firesweep weapons, so the player cannot bait them out, which can potentially cost them time if they're encountered in the Tempest Trials. Faye also has Wings of Mercy, which means she can blindside the player, while Roderick has Drag Back, pulling a player's unit away from formation. There are also the enemy Dazzling Staff users, who are very annoying to fight in the tougher Grand/Bound/Legendary Hero Battles, especially since they can get free damage and status effects on the player's units in a mode where no units are allowed to die.
  • Enemies with placement-affecting skills, especially Drag Back and Lunge. They're usually on maps with setups such that if your team can't defeat them in one round, they'll be repositioned into range of multiple other units and become open to a world of hurt.
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  • Staff users in Grand/Bound/Legendary Hero Battles. They tend to be armed with Dazzling or Wrathful Staff, which either means your units will be unable to counterattack, or your units will take more damage. And that's on top of how some of them carry Pain or Savage Blow with them, slowly chipping your HP away. If they don't have that, they'll generally heal hurt units like crazy, forcing you to rely on other ways of defeating them. Oh and some have Miracle (with a much lower charge), making it impossible to kill them as quickly as possible!note 

Red units

  • The Od bloodline from the Jugdral saga has its share of giving powerful units players have to face against:
    • Ayra. She will use her high Spd to decimate her foes, and she has her nearly everything she needs to do so. Her Ayra's Blade gives her +3 Spd and will give her +1 special buildup if she's faster than her foe during combat, but her power lays in her unique special, Regnal Astra, which deals damage based on her Speed and only has a cooldown count of 2. As the game went on, however, she became the least of player's worries as more powerful units were release.
    • Regular Mareeta. She's an infantry sword wielder who, like Fallen Female Corrin, gets a ton of stats simply by being away from her allies. With her weapon and Atk/Spd Solo, she gets +10 Atk/Spd, as well as +4 Def and Res, and she'll also disable any skills that either guarantee your follow up attacks or deny her follow up attacks. In other words, you have to face her in a fair and square Spd check, which is no easy feat when her Spd is through the roof. Said Spd also helps her with her Close Call skill, which mitigates damage up to 40% depending on how much faster she is. In short, this essentially makes her much harder to defeat.
    • Shannan brings a speed unit that can wall off physical units, bringing his Balmung, which if either the foe initiates combat or has full HP before the start of combat he gains +5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res and neutralizes any penalties on him, Steady Posture 3 which gives +6 Spd/Def and inflicts -1 special buildup on the foe if they initiate combat, Wrath to boost his special damage and also reduce his special cooldown by 1 at the start of each turn if he has taken enough damage, and finally Imperial Astra, which is the same as Ayra's Regnal Astra. That being said, he folds under magical attacks on him.
    • Larcei is basically a better version of her mother Ayra, and that mean trouble. She has Atk/Spd Solo to boost her Atk/Spd if she's not adjacent to an ally, Repel to both push one of your units back after she initiates combat while also making use of her high Spd to reduce damage, and Panic Smoke just to make sure that any bonuses on your heroes will be penalties instead. Her weapon Larcei's Edge reduces her cooldown by 1 and give her +4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res and ignore any bonuses on her foes if either she has higher Spd than her foe before combat or the foe is a full HP before the start of combat.
  • Sigurd, especially in modes like the Tempest Trials. He's a formidable unit, with great Def, bolstered further by Close Def, and while he may have low Res, his Divine Tyrfing basically gives him a free Aegis, halving any magic damage he takes. His Crusader's Ward will mitigate any further, consecutive ranged strikes to almost nothing. Take too long to defeat him and Miracle will activate, letting him survive. His only real weakness are dragons, especially blue ones, as none of his skills will protect him from them. Tough lance users can also make quick work of him.
  • Karla is already a broken enough unit, but in the Tempest Trials, her base kit allows her to tear through almost every unit that isn't built to counter her, thanks to her Vassal's Blade, Wrath and Even Spd Wave. If you're auto-battling, she can easily destroy your entire team. And she isn't even as Mareeta or Larcei, as mentioned above.
  • Tibarn. All flying beasts gain 1 extra movement if, at the start of their turn, they're adjacent to any beast or dragon allies and not adjacent to any other type of ally, meaning that if he's alone or is next to a beast or dragon ally, he has the movement of a cavalry unit (better make sure you know this when fighting him, because the Danger Zone will not tell you until he morphs into his beast form). Hawk King Claw gives him +3 Atk and if the opponent is at 100% HP he has a guaranteed follow-up attack if he initiates combat, and Sturdy Impact gives him +6 Atk, +10 Def, and negates any of the opponent's follow-up attacks if he initiates combat. When even Blue tanks cannot take him on, he is certainly to be feared when faced against, and he even has enough Speed to make sure he can outspeed Mighty Glaciers with Quick Riposte or any of the defensive Fighter skills, should Sturdy Impact's nullification of denying any enemy follow-up attacks and his Hawk King Claw's guaranteed follow-up attack should be cancelled out.
  • Regular Lethe, as her weapon and A skill makes her bring trouble to players. She has Spd/Def Solo, which gives her +6 Spd/Def during combat if she's not adjacent to any ally, and her Brazen Cat Fang gives her +3 Spd, and gives her +6 Atk/Spd during combat if she's not adjacent to any ally, and coupled with the Cavalry Beast effect of inflicting -4 Atk/Def on the foe during combat if she initiates, she hitting hard and fast. However, her low Res means that any decent Blue mage can take her down easily, but players need to be careful of her 3 movement.
  • Regular Idunn is a pretty devastating unit that can spell an end to your team if you're not careful. Even for an armored unit, her mixed bulk is incredible - making it so that even with her low speed, most units won't be able to kill her in one round even if they double. Considering the fact she can't be debuffed at all, and in fact gets stronger if debuffed, she will most likely tank most things you throw at her, then retaliate and destroy anything that isn't a bulky blue unit. Thankfully Distant Counter isn't part of her kit.
  • Zofia's Call Catria. Her entire default skill kit is made to make her mobile and annihilate anyone not Blue and tanky. She has Atk/Spd Bond 4 to both give her +7 Atk/Spd and ignore any debuffs on those stats during if she's adjacent to an ally, and Aerobatics to give her great mobility with non-flier allies within 2 spaces of her. The worst of it all is her Astra Blade: It gives her +3 Atk, and if she has more Atk than the enemy's Def, she boost her damage by 50% of the difference between them, and this is after weapons triangle calculations are involved. This makes her a Glass Cannon, but one should be careful baiting enemies when she's around them, as Aerobatics will make her move farther than she should and will finish anyone out of position.
  • Igrene brings a very strong kit, and a Glass Cannon to go along with it. Her Guardian's Bow has -1 special cooldown and inflicts -5 Atk/Spd/Def on the foe if she's faster than them, but the worst of all is the rest of the skills. She has Blazing Wind, the best out of all the AOE specials in the game, Special Spiral, which gives her -2 special cooldown if she activated her special before or during combat, Pulse Smoke, which inflicts +1 special cooldown to the target and all foes within 2 spaces of the target up to their max special cooldown count, and Life and Death 4. However, since she is still a Glass Cannon with her low defenses with everything equipped, any strong attackers will take her down in one round.
  • Kiria is a walking debuff. While she is a Squishy Wizard, her Mirage Rod inflicts -6 Atk/Res to any enemies within 2 spaces of her during combat, and she has Lull Atk/Res, which inflicts on the foe -3 Atk/Res and ignores any field buffs on those stats during combat, so she inflicts -9 Atk/Res, making her surprisingly tanky. However, her low Spd and average HP and Def means that any decent physical attacker will fell her easily.
  • Midori is just one of many bow users that shows that Takumi's nowhere near of a threat as he used to be. She has a slightly stronger variant of the Close Counter skill - Close Foil. She'll be granted +5 ATK and +5 DEF automatically, giving her some room to survive an attack and attack back stronger. Plus her kit and weapon will make it so any attacker will have even lower attack (she gains 7 while you lose 7 during combat against her). The only real weakness she has is that she has low resistance, meaning a Blue Dragon (since she's a Red bow) is probably one of the few counters she can possibly have.

Blue units

  • Fallen Hardin serves as an incredible mixed tank, possessing high stats across the board - even his lowest stat, speed, is still enough to stop enemy doubles if he's given some buffs. With 36/32 defenses and 34 attack, he can both take and deal tons of damage, especially since his default weapon Gradivus already comes with the Distant Counter effect built in. Better still, he has Bold Fighter skill in his base kit, allowing him to attack twice and charge his specials faster when attacking foes. This combination of stats and skills overall makes him a terrifyingly strong unit.
  • Regular Ishtar is a Glass Cannon, possessing a great offensive statline. She also wields the tome Mjölnir, which accelerates her special trigger while giving her +6 speed on initiation. Combined with her naturally high offenses, base kit (which includes Swift Sparrow) and the fact that she comes with Moonbow by default, she'll be able to both double and fire off specials at a ridiculous rate - and they're going to hurt a lot. She's also extremely fast, especially with Mjölnir and Swift Sparrow active, which means she can double most units, save for already fast characters. However, while her bulk isn't as bad as some other mages, she's still a glass cannon at her core and will fall quickly under enemy attacks.
  • Ophelia can be deadly if not dispatched quickly in most modes. Her Chill Res will make sure your designated Res tank gets debuffed, as Missiletainn's effect lets her turn her into a special nuke quickly enough. If she's grouped with other tome users, you'll fight one immediately with a special. The Special, Blazing Light, is an Area of Effect spell that damages the user based on her Atk minus her target's Def or Res. And Feh bless you if you have any units aligned to the target diagonally, as it'll damage those too. With this, she can easily finish off even bulky green units. Thankfully her Special only activates during her phase, meaning you can attack her without her countering with one.
  • Regular Selkie. This Blue Beast Cavalier is a force of nature that players should fear going against if they're not prepared for her. As a Beast Cavalry, she have 3 Movement and a default weapon effect for cavalry that denies enemy follow-up attacks, as well as inflict -4 Atk/Def if she initiates combat and is transformed, but it's her weapon that makes her a pain to go against: Foxkit Fang. It give her +3 Res, and if she has higher Res than the enemy and they wield a melee weapon, she gains +1 Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat for every 2 Res she has higher than her foe, with a cap just to prevent her from being very broken, and she has very high Res with her weapon equipped. 6 Res higher than her foe? She gains +3 Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat. 16+ more? +8 Atk/Spd/Def/Res, beating even Armored units in terms of BST. Helping her to gain those stats in combat is her default Even Res Wave, which gives her +6 Res at the start of even turns, giving her more Res to make her weapon work. The only real weakness is that Foxkit Fang doesn't affect Ranged foes, both offensively and defensively, and her low Def, so a Dagger or Bow user that attacks her can stop her in her tracks, especially if they're Green.
  • Fallen Berkut, unlike his regular variant, is an optimised Mighty Glacier. Against melee foes, he will be struggling with; Against ranged foes, he will be tanking them like it's nothing. His Kreimhild will make him counterattack ranged foes and deny any of their follow-up attacks if he has an ally within 2 spaces of him, his Warding Stance 4 will give him +8 Res and slow down the foe's special buildup, and he has Odd Res Wave to give him +6 more Res during the start of odd turns. Of course, if he activates his Kreimhild, he inflicts 20 damage to his nearest ally, but if said ally has Escape Route...
  • Dimitri. He is a Lance Cavalier has Mighty Glacier stats, but his skill set is the reason he's annoying to face against. He has Death Blow 4 to give him +8 Atk if he initiates combat, and Lull Atk/Def which inflict -3 Atk/Def on the target, as well as negate any field buffs on the target's Atk/Def during combat. The worst of it all is his Noble Lance: It gives him +3 Atk, and if either both him and the target are at full HP, or both are not at full HP, he gets a guaranteed follow-up attack. Because everyone is at full HP at the start of the map, outside of multimap modes, he will be doing a guaranteed follow-up on your units, and with his Death Blow 4 and Lull Atk/Def, he will be punching dents on your tanks. His only weakness is his low Res and below average Spd.
  • Perceval. He stands out among other Lance Cavaliers by being a Lightning Bruiser instead of a Glass Cannon or Mighty Glacier, while also being surprisingly tanky. He has Atk/Def Solo, which gives him +6 Atk/Def if he's not adjacent to any allies during combat, Atk/Spd Lull, which inflicts -3 Atk/Spd on the opponent and negates any field buffs on those stats during combat, and Rouse Def/Res, which gives him +6 Def/Res if he's not adjacent to an ally at the start of his turn. The worst of all is his Prized Lance: it gives him -1 special cooldown, and if the opponent is at full HP, he gains +4 Atk/Spd/Def/Res during combat and inflicts -1 special buildup for the opponent.
  • Sirius. Like Fallen Corrin, he's a unit you don't want to fight by himself, having a great Atk/Spd line that's boosted further by his weapon and kit. Along with a Killer effect, his weapon gives him a full +4 boost if by his lonesome, which's boost further by having Atk/Spd solo. On top of all that, he has Lull Atk/Spd, meaning he'll boost his power and speed even further while preventing your units from having boosts in them 'and' strengthen his own, his devastating strength all topped off by having Luna which he will more than likely will use with his incredible Spd.

Green units

  • Surtr is a menace from his sheer presence alone. He keeps Sinmara and comes with additional skills that make fighting him during either player phase or enemy phase tricky. Only the sturdiest units can stand a chance of surviving a debuff and attack from him, and otherwise there are few who can reliably one-round KO him. While Surtr is manageable if you're manually controlling everyone, if you're auto-battling he can spell a hasty end for your team. He was so disruptive that a later update specifically prevents him from appearing in certain modes, so you didn't have to build a team just to deal with him.
  • Edelgard, effectively an Axe Armor disguised as an infantry unit. Her Victorious Axe is like Ephraim's Flame Siegmund - in addition to accelerating her Special trigger, she'll make a guaranteed follow-up if she is surrounded by more enemies than allies. This makes her offensive speed weakness moot, letting her tear chunks out of just about any enemy while firing off specials. The rest of her kit synergizes extremely well with her weapon: Atk/Def Solo further powers up her offensive and defensive abilities when alone, while Rouse Atk/Def further boosts her if she starts combat without an adjacent teammate. While her skillset deprives her of valuable team support, she is more than capable of handling foes on her own - if all her abilities trigger at once, there are almost no physical units capable of fighting her and surviving. Her only real weakness is her low Res and average HP and Spd.
  • Hilda. As a fast Axe Infantry, her skill kit will make great user of her Glass Cannon stats. Her Freikugel gives her +3 Spd and all allies within 2 spaces of her +4 Atk/Spd if they have more Def than her, while she herself gets +6 Atk/Spd if she has no allies within 2 spaces of her with more Def than her. Now take into account the fact that she has Atk/Spd Solo, which gives her +6 Atk/Spd during combat if she is not adjacent to an ally, which means on a team with lower Def than her, she gains +12 Atk/Spd during combat if she is alone. She also has Null Follow-Up to make sure that she laughs in the face of Axebreaker, the Fighter skills and the like. Her only weakness is her low Res and average HP, but good luck trying to defeating her in one round.
  • Gerik is a pain to go up against thanks to his high HP to activate Sudden Panic and Infantry Pulse while also having Firesweep Axe+ and Darting Blow 4 to make use of his Glass Cannon stats to make sure that he hits twice while also preventing counterattacks. Because of his high HP, any buff skills are actually a detriment to your units thanks to his Sudden Panic. His low Res and being unable to counterattack is his major downfall, however.
  • Scattered Fangs Nino is an exceptional Glass Cannon, boasting good Atk while having high Spd thanks to her weapon and skills. This is not enough, as her personal weapon Giga Excalibur gives her even more Spd while increasing her damage depending on how much faster she is than her enemy, up to a maximum of 7 damage. Combined with her innate mobility as a flier, Nino can easily traverse the map and fire off devastatingly powerful attacks that will double quite often. Her power can be further bolstered with the usage of flier buffs - although, like her usual self, she's terrible at taking hits, especially now that her flier status gives her a crippling weakness to bow users.
  • Lewyn has average Atk and high Spd, but his power lies within his personal weapon, the tome Forseti. Not only does it give him +3 Spd, it gives him a sort of inverted Desperation effect: if he's above 50% HP, his follow-ups will always hit before his opponent's counterattack. And considering how fast he is, he's going to be doubling a lot. The ability to double his opponent before they can retaliate makes him an incredible threat that's able to dispatch most enemies before they even get the chance to retaliate. And if that's not enough, he comes with the Special Spiral skill, which gives him -2 special cooldown every time he ends a round of combat using his Special, allowing him to fire them off like a machine gun. However, like other mages, he still suffers from low defenses - while difficult, anything that can weather his attacks will usually defeat him in short order.
  • Mamori. With an already strong Defense/Resistance statline, her Mirage Axe is what makes her especially tanky in that not only does she get +6 in both stats, she also prevents follow-ups both of which if she has so much as one ally within 2 spaces of her, which's even harder to prevent since being an armoured unit means she's not moving too far from her allies. Top it off with Shield Session, which gives her up to '9+' in Defense and Resistance depending on how many units have acted and you have a unit who's incredibly hard to get rid of.
  • Annette. Not only does have a Dual Rally skill alongside Ruse to strengthen her ally and debuff your units while also likely keeping herself a way from the range of fire of your units, her weapon gives the unit she buffs 'one extra movement,' even if they're a cavalier! On top of that, her weapon also lets her target the lower of a unit's Def/Res aswell and with incredibly high Attack, she'll definitely put a dent in even the bulkiest of units.

Colorless units

  • Fallen Tiki. Essentially a rotational version of Legendary Tiki, she packs the same incredible stats, Distant Counter in her weapon and effectiveness against Dragons... and doesn't have the color disadvantage that her Legendary counterpart does. Good luck if you don't have an Anti-Dragon or Anti-Armor weapon in your capacity, because someone in your team will die trying to kill her otherwise. In addition to also being able to abuse Fighter skills (like her native Special Fighter), she's also a Lightning Bruiser if she happens to be solo as well, since Solitary Dream not only gives her boosts to all of her stats, but lets her move as far as an infantry unit, shutting down her previous weakness of low movement. Oh and even though she's not too rough during Forging Bonds (where her max level is 40), it's Tempest Trials and Hall of Forms where she becomes an absolute hell to deal with, especially if she's at the last map of the highest difficulty (or higher chambers in terms of Hall of Forms).
  • Fallen Female Corrin. This infantry dragon packs BST comparable to Gen 2-3 Armored units, having incredible stats across the board. However, this isn't what makes her so strong - it's her weapon, which gives her up to +6 in every stat if she has no teammates nearby. As an enemy, Corrin is very liable to be the last one standing, meaning it's a lot easier for her weapon to fully activate than if a player is using her. Couple that with her native skills, like Atk/Spd Solo to further boost her offensive power and Sudden Panic to debuff just about anyone on your team, and you have a unit that's disproportionately difficult to take down, and can easily kill off any of your units in retaliation. Many people will generally refuse to touch a Hall of Forms map if it includes her, as unlike the other randomly generated maps, this counts as a waste of a Forma Torch.
  • Eleonora has a Glass Cannon statline, but what makes her annoying is her weapon and A skill. She has Atk/Spd Push 4, which gives her +7 Atk/Spd during combat if she is at 25% HP or over before the start of combat, and her Mirage Bow gives her +3 Spd and if she is faster than her foe, prevents them from counterattacking. Thanks to her high Spd she will negate counterattacks from the majority of the roster, while her fragility does not matter if she's faster than her foe, and this is before any buffs are applied to her Spd. She also has Rally Atk/Spd+ and Spd/Def Ruse to make sure that anyone within her and her ally's line of sight will be debuffed and won't build up their special while also giving her ally +6 Atk/Spd just to rub it in. With that said, her defenses are low, and coupled with her average HP, she will go down if any nuker attacks her.
  • Leila is a Glass Cannon, as she has Life and Death 4, but her Constant Dagger gives her +5 Atk/Spd during combat if she initiates, so she would most likely be able to one round anyone within her range, and thanks to her Rally Atk/Spd+ and Atk/Def Ruse, she will be debuffing your Atk/Def of your units and make sure that they will not build up their special while also giving +6 Atk/Spd to one of her allies. Since she is still a Glass Cannon, however, she can fold under any strong attacker. Just be thankful that the second effect of her Constant dagger does not activate if she's on the enemy side, unlike Eleonora before her.


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