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  • Acting for Two: With over 400 unique characters, but only over 220 voice actors for the Japanese voices, and over 170 voice actors for the English dub, it would be easier to list those who didn't voice 2 or more different characters in this game.
  • All-Star Cast:
    • For a Japanese mobile game, both the Japanese and English casts are extremely impressive, combining major anime voice actors from The '90s all the way up to The New '10s. To put it lightly, there are too many recognizable voice actors to list them all.
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    • In particular, the majority of the new Japanese cast for the first generation of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War would look like an All-Star Cast for anime shows in The '90s and early '00s.
  • Ascended Fanon: Many, many pieces of Fire Emblem Awakening fan art have depicted Inigo in a Stripperific dancer outfit to match his mother's, since he is stated to be a dancer despite being incapable of doing so in gameplay. The "Performing Arts" banner finally lets him be a fully fledged Dancer unit, complete with the aforementioned outfit.
  • Banned In China: The Belgium servers for the game closed on August 27th 2019 due to the uncertain political landscape created by the debate over microtransactions in gaming (loot boxes, gacha, etc).
  • Cash Cow Franchise:
    • This is pretty much the game that solidified Fire Emblem's transformation into a moneymaker for Nintendo. During really major events in 2017 (like the Brave Heroes banner), Heroes routinely charted in the top 5 grossing apps even in America, and the game performed so well that Nintendo felt compelled to discuss it at length in investor reports and the title contributed significantly to their 2017 profits. It also appears to have had a significant positive knock-on effect for Shadows of Valentia and Warriors, too.
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    • In its first year of operation, Heroes is estimated to have generated three hundred million dollars in sales. This is well over three times the projected sales of Awakening and Fates each, and quite possibly as much as the first ten games made, combined.
    • It did slow down a little bit in 2018. Although "a little bit" really means that it "merely" earned an additional $230 million in that year in total. It did, however, fall in the earnings rankings, especially in the unbelievably competitive American market. This was the point at which Heroes had earned more than the rest of the entire combined franchise.
  • Cast as a Mask: "Líf" from Book III is voiced by Tomoaki Maeno in Japanese and Edward Bosco in English, while "Thrasir" is voiced by Yui Ogura in Japanese and Lizzie Freeman in English, hiding the fact that both are actually Alfonse and Veronica from a Bad Future.
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  • Colbert Bump: Before Heroes, the games that predated the 3DS were more obscure, with half of them never even leaving Japan, compared to the smash hits that were Awakening and Fates. If anyone knew about them, it was due to the series' representation in Super Smash Bros. or some of the bonus content from Awakening. However, exposure to other characters from older games has increased interest and demand for said games, especially when the heroes in question are extremely good in the meta. The most apparent beneficiaries have been The Blazing Blade, The Sacred Stones, Path of Radiance, and Genealogy of the Holy War, with the latter now really getting calls for an Echoes-style remake so that it can finally see release outside of Japan after twenty-four years.
  • Content Leak: Every now and then, the developers seems to slip up and leak things earlier than they should:
    • The art for Christmas Robin and Tharja were discovered almost a day after the game's launch in 2017, but weren't officially released until December of 2017.
    • Whenever an update is released, dataminers usually will sift through all the content included in it within an hour, including new heroes and their stats and skills, as well as any game assets and special maps planned in the future, and sometimes new characters introduced in the story. Sometimes, the updates will also include Heroes that are planned to be released days after the update, but before being officially revealed through announcements. One notable example is the Book II Chapter 13 update in mid-September 2018, where not only the Nohrian Dusk units were mined, but also the Generals of Múspell units as well, which would have been released a week later.
    • For the few minutes it was up in early June of 2018, a preview image of the Scattered Fangs banner included Nino on a pegasus was released on the home screen within the game, only to be removed when the planned corresponding trailer wasn't released yet. This revealed to the players that the next banner was FE7 related, as well as showing who the next alternative unit was in that banner.
    • For some odd reason, Hríd's voicelines were included in the "Fire and Ice" banner update in middle-to-late November 2018. This hasn't gone unnoticed by dataminers, revealing his release as a Hero (albeit a Legendary one) in late-November 2018. It also revealed in that same update that someone named "Hel" was included in Heroes, hinting players alongside with The Stinger of both November Feh Channel update and the Remembering Book I & Book II videos on what the theme of Book III will be all about.
    • Google Play has leaked the announcement of a legendary version of Roy days before the banner's trailer is scheduled to drop.
    • Dataminers managed to find the identities of the 3/8/2019 The Binding Blade heroes four days early by sifting through the resources of the "Meet Your Heroes" website. The only character from the banner who managed to not get leaked was Thea.
    • On Learn with Sharena in Late May 2019, the "effective against dragons" status was shown. One of the skills for the "effective against dragons" status that can give it to allies included a skill called "Divine Fang", which in the Japanese version is called "Divine Dragon King's Fang", hinting that the next Mythic Hero released in May 2019 might be Naga of either Mystery of the Emblem or Awakening fame, which eventually became true when the trailer dropped.
    • A trailer for the first Summer 2019 banner was delayed due to a magnitude 6.8 earthquake that hit Japan prior to when the trailer was supposed to be released. The image for the banner itself, however, began circulating the Internet, featuring summer variants of Gunnthrá, Laevatein, Laegjarn, and Helbindi. However, speculations on who was on the banner itself was made a day before the trailer of the banner was planned to be released, with having one of the bonus units in the Aether Raids for Late June 2019 be a placeholder silouette with ? (likely was Summer Gunnthrá), which the developers later clarified is supposed to be the regular variant of Gunnthrá, which player would later predict (and later be proven true) that she was going to be on that banner.
    • For a brief period of time after the release of Mythic Sothis at the end of July 2019, a few pages into the notification board ingame leaked next month's 8% banner, revealing who's on it, including the next Legendary: Julia, from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.
    • In the Tips & Tricks: Changing Winds video in early August 2019, Petra is seen using an Atk Tactics Sacred Seal, which was not released yet until the release of "A Hero's Mettle" Tempest Trials in Mid-August 2019.
    • Images of hidden Google Play achievement are always a source of leaks. An example is in Early-September 2019, where one shows what resembles a green-haired figure with a tiara. Many players would predict that it was Nagi of Shadow Dragon and New Mystery of the Emblem fame, which was proven to be true when "The Chosen Ones" banner was revealed in Mid-September 2019.
    • In late December 2019, when the update for Legendary Celica was released, it also included the 2019/2020 New Year's heroes as well, which included Eir, Anna, Lethe, Selkie, and Alfonse & Sharena, with the latter two as the Duo Hero for that seasonal event and the banner planned to be released a week later.
    • Whenever dataminers find that an enemy-exclusive tag on a weapon is removed, it usually means that whoever wielded that weapon will be released soon. For example, in the "A Star is Born" update in mid-January 2020, along side the Tokyo Mirage Session #FE characters and stats, dataminers found that Líf's Sökkvabekkr has the enemy-exclusive tag removed, hinting to his release as a Mythic Hero for late January 2020.
    • In the "Harmony Amid Chaos" update in March 2020, along side the Three Houses characters and stats, dataminers found two new status effects that had the armour and dragon icons on them, suggesting that these could nullify armour and dragon effective weapons respectively. Just a few weeks later, Duo Spring Idunn and Fae was released, with a Duo ability that grants exactly that.
    • On the "Meet the Heroes" site with Sharena in June 2020, four of the banner units (Mirabillis, Anna, Mustafa, and Say'ri) were featured. The latter three hail from Awakening, but one more Hero was also shown on the page that wasn't in the trailer or mentioned anywhere: Emmeryn, also from Awakening.
    • Update 4.6.0 in early June 2020 has assets that have the "TwinWorld" tag on them, hinting a new type of hero and game mode. It was later revealed in the June 2020 FEH Channel that it was related to "Harmonized Heroes" units, which are heroes from different games paired up like Duo Heroes, and "Resonant Battles" mode, which will have Harmonized Heroes score more in that mode.
    • The trailer of the Summer Banner in June 2020 was leaked about half a day earlier than was planned, as well as the accompanying June 2020 FEH Channel, revealing that Selena, Joshua, and Lute from the Sacred Stones were on the banner, as well as the Harmonized Hero Mia & Masked Marth.
    • Among the usual files within the "A New Future" banner update in August 2020, dataminers actually found something interesting, in that it was less of finding interesting files as it is more of finding a lack of certain files. Two things were not found in the datamine: Freyr's attack and special artworks, and his possible exclusive weapon. Since the banner trailer reveals that Freyr appears as an enemy unit, this was especially strange. Indeed, this later hinted something important to happen in Book IV Chapter 10: Freyr taking Suicide by Cop to stop his sister Freyja.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices:
    • Masked Marth is a subversion; "he" is identified as male, and is voiced by actresses Alexis Tipton and Yuu Kobayashi. Those familiar with Awakening will note that this Marth is actually Lucina.
    • Lucius plays it straight in Japanese, where he's voiced by actress Toa Yukinari. In English, he's voiced by a man, Michael Sinterniklaas, instead.
    • Male Kana is once again voiced by a woman in English, namely Sandy Fox. It's not the first time either, as he was originally voiced by Laura Faye Smith.
    • Libra, a male War Monk, has female voice actors in both languages, namely Cindy Robinson, and Megumi Yamato.
  • Directed by Cast Member:
    • In addition to voicing many characters such as Hector and Draug, Patrick Seitz is also one of the voice directors of the English dub.
    • Wendee Lee, the voice of Lyn, Sophia, Maria, and Veronica, is one of the game's voice directors.
  • Fake Brit: Mick Wingert, Ben Diskin and Mela Lee (who are all American) respectively gave British accents to Laslow/Inigo, Jakob and Tiki.
  • Fandom Nod: Lysithea in Three Houses was commonly recruited by players because of her Game-Breaker status, as well as having easy access to Dark Spikes T, which was effective against Cavalry units, including the Death Knight. In the Mid-August 2020 FEH Channel, her brave variant shows her having powerful skills and is seen using Dark Spikes T on Death Knight, which is also shown to be effective against cavalry units.
  • Fan Nickname: Has its own page here.
  • God Never Said That: When the 2018 spring banner was revealed, a few people reached out to the artists for some of the characters, in particular artist Cuboon who did spring Kagero, and asked about the process for which the artists draw the characters. The initial discussion implied Executive Meddling on the part of IS for the artists, causing many to run around blaming IS for forcing the artists to draw the characters in sexual manners. In actuality, this is not the case, and was people misunderstanding Cuboon's statements, wherein he was talking about how hard it was to draw Kagero because of her initial design, with Cuboon even joking about how he likes that kind of art.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Practically everyone predicted that the identity of Bruno is Zacharias. The game even somewhat lampshaded it by having the player character figure it out first and break their streak of being mostly passive and silent to point it out to the Askr Trio.
    • Pretty much everyone predicted that the "Choose Your Legends" versions of Ike, Lyn, and Lucina would be an axe, bow, and a lance user respectively, due to those becoming their secondary weapons upon promoting in their games. Likewise, most fans figured that Roy would stay as a sword unit due to that being the only weapon he's ever been shown to canonically wield, though some did predict that he would at least become a cavalry unit like his father to at least differentiate him from his infantry counterpart. That said, not many expected Lyn to become the game's first playable cavalry archer.
    • Several fans guessed that Loki was a woman, based on her speaking style in the Japanese version. For fans in the west, many guessed her gender based on the fact that she was always disguised as Anna, and rarely did anyone else.
    • One of the most common ideas for the highly anticipated Marth variant was Marth as a groom, which was used as a costume in Fire Emblem Warriors. May 2018 would see it becoming a reality.
    • Similarly, pretty much everyone predicted the silhouetted heroes for the "A Sketchy Summer" banner were Camilla and Linde.
      • Two years later, everyone guessed the silhouettes for the "Overseas Memories" banner were Ingrid and Sylvain.
    • Since the first "Choose Your Legends" event had the characters dressed based on their fathers weapons or looks, people guessed that for the second "Choose Your Legends" event, Celica, Veronica, Ephraim, and Hector would have appearances based on their siblings due to it being an area they all had common with each other. While Celica and Ephraim have different inspirations, both Hector and Veronica have skills/designs based on their siblings.
    • With the release of Jamke's GHB in September 2018, many players predicted the next banner in the schedule would be Genealogy of the Holy War related. They were later proven correct with the release of "Doorway to Destiny" in the same month.
    • Everyone predicted that the Ylgr that the Order of Heroes meet is actually Loki in disguise. This is lampshaded by Alfonse mentioning the player character figured it out earlier.
    • As soon as Fjorm coughed after completing the Rite of Frost, everyone guessed she would die in the future due to the price needed for it. Sure enough the end of Book 2 confirmed this for the future.
    • During the April Fools video, some viewers noticed that the last Feh in the video had a Special Cooldown of 4 before her attack hit the enemy. Since Feh's Special is called Eavesdropping Owl, where she gathers information on the game, people suspected that meant a Feh Channel would be coming within three days. Sure enough, it turned out to be true.
    • When Líf was first introduced, everyone predicted he was Alfonse from the future, or an alternative universe.
    • When Thrasir was introduced, and when "Líf" was revealed to be another Alfonse, everyone predicted that she is an older Veronica from another world.
  • Jossed:
    • Subverted rather interestingly with the above mentioned Prince Bruno/the Mysterious Man is actually Zacharias, since it was apparently shot down by canon... and then it was confirmed without any doubt.
    • Many people assumed that the first Choose Your Legends units were going to don Askr style outfits. Instead, they wear clothing that honors their parents.
    • Since little sisters are often healers in the series, many people assumed that Ylgr would be a one as well if she was ever Promoted to Playable. She ended up wielding a dagger instead.
    • The late March/Early April Feh Channel in 2019 had a moment during the demonstration of one of the modes where the score value read 776. This lead players to assume the next banner would be a Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 banner since the Feh Channels usually gave some foreshadowing for what the next banner was. Instead it was revealed that the next banner would be a Laguz themed banner for Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn.
    • Zig-Zagged with the Google Play Hidden Achievement icon for Zofia's Call, leaked in early October 2019. The image showed a unit with bright blue hair and eyelashes with no visible headwear. While many predicted that it was Silque in that image and therefore was a Shadows of Valentia banner, the sprite lacked any visible headwear and there was a red background, so another bright blue hair character that people predicted was Python from the same game, with him predicted to be wielding a Red Bow, but the eyelashes on the sprite (mostly reserved for female units, barring a few exceptions) disproved that. While both Silque and Python are in the "Zofia's Call" banner in late October 2019, it was not either of them in that Hidden Achievement image, but actually another variant of Catria, who in this banner is a Sword Filer and was also part of the Shadows of Valentia cast. The most common guess that the figure in the image was Marianne from Three Houses, however, was fully Jossed.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.":
  • Meme Acknowledgement:
  • Milestone Celebration: To celebrate the franchise's 30th anniversary, Heroes released special maps and missions. Later, the day of the anniversary introduces an event featuring younger versions of Marth, Caeda, Merric, Minerva, and the Whitewings.
  • Name's the Same:
    • It is no surprise that Fire Emblem names its characters after many mythological figures. However, with the release of Ishtar, comparisons between the literal Goddess Ishtar as portrayed in Fate/Grand Order became more commonplace than same-named other mythological figures.note 
    • In-game, the "Hares at the Fare" Alfonse and the "Spring Festival" Xander share the same epithet (Spring Prince). Likewise, Spring Veronica, Spring Sharena, and Spring Camilla share the same epithet of Spring Princess.
    • "Sirius" is the name of Camus' alter-ego as well as Sothis' exclusive Special.
    • Plumeria is one of the major adversaries that faces the protagonists. However, don't expect this Plumeria to carry a Salazzle.
    • Mjölnir shares its name with a thunder tome from both Genealogy of the Holy War and the 3DS titles, the former of which also serves as Ishtar's unique five star weapon in Heroes.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: A number of Skill icons are reused from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, with some being reassigned to new Skills. For example, the icon for "Defender" is now used for "Wings of Mercy".
  • Newbie Boom: Mobile games are easy to access, and Heroes itself uses a simplistic version of typical Fire Emblem gameplay. This gives the game a wide appeal, which has led to increased interest and exposure in the franchise. This is especially helpful for older games like Genealogy of the Holy War, which had previously been very obscure due to age and being Japan-exclusive.
  • No Export for You:
    • Currently, the US English version of the game on the Google Play Store is unavailable in a number of non-American English countries.
    • Despite having an American Spanish translation, the game has only been released in Mexico, being unavailable in the rest of Latin America.
    • The game was shut down in Belgium on 8/27/2019 since a Belgian law bans loot boxes in video games as a form of illegal gambling and Nintendo doesn't want to risk the gacha system falling under the same law and getting them fined.
  • Off-Model:
    • There was a minor error in Summer Gaius' attack artwork where he poses as if he's going to fire his arrow, but the bowstring itself is not actually drawn back, instead being left in the neutral position. This is fixed in the 1.6.0 update.
    • At times a characters art will show them wielding a different weapon than what they default start off with. For example, Joshua and Saber wield weapons that look nothing like what they start off with (The Audhulma and a Slaying Sword respectively), with Saber's weapon even looking nearly identical to Joshua's despite being released months apart with different artists. A similar issue applies to Azura from Fates and Hilda from Three Houses, as Azura's art has her wielding the Blessed Lance despite only having a Sapphire Lance, while Hilda's artwork depicts her wielding an ordinary Silver Axe instead of her personal Freikugel.
    • A minor but funny one occurred with Linus. Most of his artwork is fine, except for his default artwork, which had a small green spot on his chest for some reason. Fans noticed and quickly joked about it, as it seemed to be as a result of the artist missing a spot when finishing the design. Like with Summer Gaius, this was fixed a few weeks later in the next update.
    • Some of the heroes released early in the game's life have their artworks be inconsistent with their sprites. While artistic liberties only give most of them minor inconsistencies such as gloves being whole or fingerless or extra armor pieces being added, the most extreme example in Heroes is Wrys, where his artwork has him wearing a closed robe with light-colored clothes and brown boots, while his sprite has him wearing an open robe at the front with black clothes and boots.
  • The Other Darrin:
  • The Other Marty: Male Byleth's English version was voiced by Chris Niosi and his lines were included in the mid-July 2019 Three Houses Banner release for Heroes, but after his breach of his NDA, he was replaced by Zach Aguilar, and Male Byleth's voiced lines were replaced in update 3.7.1, just before his official release in Heroes alongside Fire Emblem: Three Houses.
  • Pigeonholed Voice Actor: In Japan, this could occur:
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Ray Chase normally voices characters with incredibly sarcastic personalities. Here he voices Roy, a Nice Guy lord who is so nice that he's one of the few lords that doesn't make any sarcastic comments. Ray's take on the character has him use a slightly deeper register than Jun Fukuyama to highlight the more insightful aspects of Roy's character.
    • Bryce Papenbrook, who normally voices Kid Heroes in anime and video games, voices The Blazing Blade Karel. That's right, not the Karel from The Binding Blade, where he was known as the Sword Saint, but The Blazing Blade's incarnation of Karel, where he was known as the Sword Demon instead. It's also one of the few roles where Bryce uses a deeper voice register for the character instead of his Tenor Boy vocal range for his kid hero characters. And beforehand, he was also Raven, who's not the usual optimistic character Bryce does, but a very grumpy and edgy guy.
    • While it's no surprise that Jamieson Price plays Zephiel, the main antagonist of The Binding Blade and a character that is a usual typecast of his, the most surprising part is him also playing his younger variant seen in The Blazing Blade, where he was the young nice prince of Bern, a significant far, far cry from Price's typical Large Ham and/or Rated M for Manly roles.
    • In Japan, Mai Kadowaki is usually pigeonholed in Token Mini-Moe roles. While Myrrh continues the trend, Ishtar, a Lady of Black Magic, is a significant departure from Kadowaki's usual typecast. It is also a role where she uses a deeper register rather than her generally high-pitched register for her other characters, demonstrating her ability to pull off the 'young teenage girl' role pretty well while highlighting Ishtar's Broken Bird aspects.
    • Junko Takeuchi's forte is usually precocious (or rambunctious) young boys, and if she does voice a girl, said girl is usually a Tomboy. Her role as Lugh is the former kind of typecast. And then she gets to voice Louise, who's a refined, feminine lady (despite her commoner background).
  • Promoted Fanboy:
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Considering the massive All-Star Cast for both the English and Japanese versions, there is bound to be many voice actor connections. Here's a select few:
  • Role Reprise:
    • The voice actors of most of the Fire Emblem characters who debuted in the 3DS and Switch games reprise their roles here. Jurota Kosugi, Takehito Koyasu and Sumi Shimamoto are also back for Ogma, Navarre and Elice, since they voiced them in the classic OVA. In the case of female Robin's English voice instead of having the original one, Michelle Ruff, the one who reprised her is Lauren Landa, who provided her voice in Super Smash Bros. WiiU/3DS.
    • Notably, despite not reprising Lyndis from Super Smash Bros., Lani Minella still came back to reprise Mia (at least her regular and Halloween versions) when the other Path of Radiance characters that were previously voiced got new English VAs.
  • Schedule Slip:
    • Around August of 2017, the developers talked about how Xander and Camus had not yet had their Grand Hero Battles make a return despite other ones after them making a return and fans requesting their return. Both were confirmed to return soon along with several new features that were eventually added. Despite this, Xander didn't return until February 2018, while Camus didn't return until April 2018.
    • When Say'ri was added to the game in June 2020, she was added without an English voice due to her VA being unable to properly record due to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. This means her voiced lines were in Japanese until August 2020's update added her English voice lines into the game.
  • Talking to Himself: A fair number of voice actors in both the English and Japanese version of the game voice numerous characters. The dedicated wiki has a list of who voices who, for the curious. With the right amount of characters, it's entire possible to make a team composition of characters voiced by one of the actors, like Cherami Leigh Emblem.
  • Trailers Always Spoil:
    • Nine times out of ten, trailers showcasing new units will show a unit that is not part of the soon to be released banner, but eventually appears obtainable somewhere else, like Ayra in the World of Holy War trailer.
    • At the end of the story segment of the "Beyond Darkness" reveal trailer, rather than showing a hero on the enemy side that can be gained either through a GHB or the Tempest Trials, Alfonse and Sharena's father Gustav, who was killed at the end of Book III Chapter 4, shows up as an enemy for Book III Chapter 5.
    • At the end of the story segment of "Goddess's Servants" reveal trailer, like the above "Beyond Darkness" trailer, the Summoner shows up as an enemy, notabily wielding Fólkvangr, Regular Alfonse's exclusive weapon for Book IV Chapter 12.
    • In the story segment of "Princess of Bern" reveal trailer, the mention of Alfonse's death in Book IV was revealed in the dialogue, which was originally revealed at the end of Book IV Chapter 12.
  • Two Voices, One Character:
  • Uncredited Role:
    • Laura Bailey voices the regular variants of Palla and Lucina, but she is uncredited.
    • Wendee Lee voices Lyn and all of her variants. However, she is uncredited for her Brave variant.
    • Kirk Thornton voices Dorcas and his Halloween variant, as well as Surtr and Iago, but uses an alias for Iago, and is uncredited for regular Dorcas and Surtr.
    • Eden Riegel voices Genny, female Kana, Sumia, and Nah, but uses an alias for Genny and Kana, and is uncredited for Sumia and Nah.
    • Antony del Rio is uncredited for his role as Silas.
    • Minae Noji voices Say'ri, Idunn, and Cynthia, but is uncredited for her roles as Idunn and Cynthia.
    • Data extracted from the game before Male Byleth's released showed that Chris Niosi was originally credited for the part. Niosi ended up breaking his NDA before the character was available to the public, leading to his credit being scrubbed. He was then eventually replaced by Zach Aguilar in the 3.7.1 update.
    • The Death Knight's voice actor in both languages is simply listed as ???, likely because revealing it would constitute a spoiler for a game released a mere two and a half weeks beforehand. For those who are curious, Death Knight's voice actors are Atsushi Imaruoka for Japanese and Patrick Seitz for English.
    • The Flame Emperor's voice actor in both languages is also listed as ??? for similar reasons, as the Flame Emperor's identity is a crucial spoiler to Three Houses. It's Ai Kakuma in Japanese and Tara Platt in English.
  • What Could Have Been: The game was originally going to make the Asset and Flaw system much more defined for players by having the character's Asset stat highlighted green when viewing them, but the feature was ultimately scrapped. Despite this, several players have reported receiving their units Asset stat highlighted as green at maxed level, though this occurs rarely, and seems to be for specific characters and Assets, such as a HP Asset Tharja. It was rare enough that a small Urban Legend of Zelda began around it, with people claiming that it occurred when a stat was fully maxed out, though this was quickly debunked. The game eventually gave players the option to see their character's Asset and Flaw, with the Asset in blue text and the Flaw in red text.
  • The Wiki Rule: In addition to having coverage on both Fire Emblem wikis, there's also a dedicated wiki that specializes in providing strategies for the game.
  • Word of God: The stat variations a unit could have were unofficially referred to as IVs (based on a similar stat variation mechanic in Pokémon) or Boons and Banes (after an analogous system from Awakening and Fates). An announcement made in December 2018 officially referred to the stat variations as Assets and Flaws, as well as in the Mid-August 2020 FEH Channel refering to those the combination of those stat variations Traits.
  • Word of Saint Paul: Brave Veronica is 1.5 years older than regular Veronica, according to her artist Yusuke Kozaki. Fire Emblem Heroes also happened to be about 1.5 years old when Brave Veronica was introduced.

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