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New Work, Recycled Graphics

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Let's face it, making graphics is expensive and time consuming. A lot of studios just don't have the budget to completely remodel entire landscapes, inventories, and characters for every work they make, especially if it's part of a larger series. If you aren't moving to a new system or game engine, sometimes it just makes sense to build the new world as an expansion of the old. Done well, this can help establish continuity between installments, and allow the developer to provide larger worlds to explore on a smaller budget.

While this is most easily noticeable in Video Games (especially Mission Pack Sequels), the rise of 3D modelling is beginning to cause other media to adopt it as 3D modelling becomes more ubiquitous. For entire shots of film being recycled, see Stock Footage. See also Recycled Set, and Prop Recycling. Compare Recycled Script.


Video Games

Western Animation

  • The Garfield Show:
    • The series does this very frequently and it's quite noticeable. Often the same 5 character models will be reused for different roles each episode with little change to their models but very different personalities. The Indian scientist and the balding character that was the "Dr Whipple" that sold a fake animal show posing as an animal whisperer in one episode, are the most reused.
    • The balding character went on to be a TV advertised therapist, an abusive elephant owner in a circus act, and many more.