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Trivia / Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

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  • Fan Nickname:
    • The Battle of Belhalla is sometimes 'affectionately' nicknamed 'BBQ Party', since it involves an 'invitation' and something getting burned.
    • Genealogy of the Holy War has been referred to several times as A Song of Ice and Fire Emblem or Fire Emblem: Game of Thrones because of its heavy slant towards political intrigue and morally ambiguous characters. Interestingly enough, the first book was released a scant three months after Genealogy of the Holy War.
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    • Genealogy of the Holy War is commonly referred as "Horse Emblem" or "Genealogy of the Holy Horse", as the huge maps encourage using cavalry units for their high movement.
    • "The Murder Twins" for Larcei and Ulster, two of Ayra's children who will often rack up a lot of kills, just like their mother.
    • "Horseti" for a Forseti-wielding Arthur, since a high-mobility killing machine is pretty memorable.
  • Name's the Same:
  • No Export for You: Pretty much the biggest "gap" in official Fire Emblem releases at this point. Both this game and Thracia 776 have fan translations, but no remakes or anything similar have been announced, and the originals are far too old for meaningful export at this point.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Sigurd started off as a Junior Lord like his son, and Quan started out as a Master Knight, following the traditional series convention of Magikarp Power Lord and Crutch Character guardian more closely.
    • Leif, Ethlyn and Lachesis were going to be Lord characters (i.e. if any of them died, you got a Game Over). Leif being a Lord would be Refitted for Sequel in Thracia 776.
    • Manfroy had his own unique class, rather than being a generic Dark Bishop.
    • Travant didn't die after you fought him; he would return in Chapter 10 and become an NPC after talking to Altena. This role was moved to his son Arion instead.
    • Lewyn's son had to receive Forseti from Lewyn himself in Chapter 10 (making it Last Disc Magic rather than the Disc-One Nuke it was in the final release).
    • Hilda would have major Fjalar blood and wield Valflame in the final chapter. Fans speculate she was planned to be Arvis' sister.
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    • Arvis was going to be the Brainwashed and Crazy foe in the final chapter, rather than Julia. Whether or not that means he could have been saved is unknown.
    • Kaga didn't want Julius to die after his defeat - instead, he'd be freed from Loptous's control, courtesy of The Power of Love from Julia.
    • Designer notes initially intended for every first-generation character would provide a child: the mothers not only would have a child tied to them, but the fathers would too. Naturally, this was considered a logistical nightmare from both a story and a technical perspective, so two characters were tied to the mothers instead. It certainly explains the appearances and classes of some of the characters; namely how Aideen's son Lester looks eerily identical to Lex, or how Coirpre looks and functions a lot like Claud.
    • Lachesis was going to be the mother of her brother Eldigan's son, Ares. Also, Vylon was Deirdre's father, not Kurth (kinda makes sense given Kurth looks absolutely nothing like her) which would have made the game's Official Couple incest too. (Unless Vylon was not Sigurd's father at that point, which is definitely possible.) Oh, and Seliph and Julia would automatically become lovers in Chapter 8. Yes, there was actually going to be MORE incest in this game. Altena and Arion would become auto-lovers too, but thankfully they're Not Blood Siblings, and there were some definite hints of this in the final game as Arion can be made into an NPC if Altena speaks to him in the final battle.
    • Also, Kaga has a bunch of What Could Have Been scenarios, which involves a third portion of the game featuring the parents from the first generation confirmed to be alive and reuniting with the children. This would, however, lock some of the game's pairing system, as it treats these pairings as the Official Couple (aside from the canon ones above): Claud/Silvia, Beowolf/Lachesis, Azelle/Tailtiu, Lex/Ayra.


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