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Summon Quotes

Alfonse (Spring): I am Alfonse, Prince of Askr. Please... Let's talk about something besides this costume. What do you say?

Sharena (Spring): Hi there! I'm Princess Sharena of Askr! I'm ready to hop-hop-hop my way through the spring festival!

Bruno (Spring): I shall stop myself before I reveal my name. Pay me no mind. I am merely attending the spring festival.

Veronica (Brave): I am Veronica. I take it that it was your voice I heard calling me here... That is fine. I will help you.

Veronica (Spring): Hippity-hop. I'm Veronica. I hear there's some kind of festival here... I'll join in.

Fjorm: I am Fjorm, princess of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice. I will not rest until my homeland is restored and I have my vengeance.

Fjorm (New Year): I am Fjorm, second princess of Nifl. I hear that some people plan their entire year on New Year's Day. Let's set our goals together, shall we?

Fjorm (Bride): I am Fjorm, second princess of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice. W-would this suit me...if I were getting married?

Gunnthrá: I am Gunnthrá of Nifl. Oh, my! We are finally acquainted. In dreams, I've sensed your desire to meet.

Gunnthrá (New Year): I am Gunnthrá, eldest princess of Nifl. I've come to visit and to offer a blessing for the new year. May all your dreams come true.

Gunnthrá (Summer): I am Gunnthrá, first princess of Nifl. I am not used to hot places, but...I'm happy to spend time here with you.

Hríd: I am Hríd, eldest prince of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice. I pledge on my good name to be of aid to you.

Hríd (New Year): My name is Hríd. As the new year rises, let us celebrate the sunset of the last.

Ylgr: I'm Ylgr. Where am I? You mean I've been summoned? I'm a Hero? Are you kidding me?! Eeee!

Ylgr (Summer): I'm Ylgr, and I'm from Nifl. Since this is my first time at the beach, I wanna play as much as I can!

Surtr: I am Surtr. I was sent to the land of the dead and made to serve... It must be your doing.

Laegjarn: I am Laegjarn, a general of Múspell. I will serve you, but I have one request: allow me to see Laevatein, my sister.

Laegjarn (New Year): My name is Laegjarn. I have come with my sister in this foreign garb to participate in a New Year's rite.

Laegjarn (Summer): I am Laegjarn. I wore something I thought would be fitting for the season, but...I grow tired of it.

Laevatein: I am Laevatein of Múspell, the blade that cuts when commanded. Will you give the order?

Laevatein (New Year): I am Laevatein. Is my sister Laegjarn here? We're... We're supposed to visit a shrine together.

Laevatein (Summer): I am Laevatein. I have come to swim with my sister. But...I must improve my swimming technique a bit first.

Helbindi: I'm Helbindi, a general from Múspell. This is a joke, right? The only place I'm headed is hell.

Helbindi (Summer): I'm Helbindi. Next to the dirt hole I crawled out of, this beach is like some kind of damn paradise.

Eir: I am Eir of the realm of the dead. But now, I have become your prisoner—haven't I?

Eir (New Year): I am Eir. Princess of the kingdom of death. I wish you well for the new year, am I not?

Thrasir: I am Thrasir. The one who called me here... It was you, wasn't it?

Lif: Where... am I? Ah, I see. It's you, Summoner. I am known as Líf.

Hel: I am Hel. I rule the realm of the dead. You cannot fight death, so you would do well to accept your fate...
Loki: Did you call for me? To think you'd try and make me yours... What a scamp you are!

Loki (Spring): I am Loki, a harmless rabbit. I wanted to go to the spring festival with you, dear. So here I am!
Peony: I am Peony, and I come from the land where good dreams are born. I will do my best to bring them to you.
Mirabilis: *yawn* ...I'm Mirabilis. If you don't mind, I'd like to rest just a bit more...

Plumeria: I am Plumeria, the lewd dream, a noble dökkálfr of Dökkálfheimr. Now that you've summoned me... what are you planning to do?

Triandra: I am Triandra. I come from the land of your nightmares, and nightmares are all I have to offer.

Freyja: I am Freyja, ruler of Dökkálfheimr, a god from beyond this mortal realm. To be summoned here... Disgraceful.

Reginn: I'm Reginn! I'm here to help, and that is exactly what I'll do. Pretty soon you and I will be full-on friends!

Marth: I am Marth, Prince of Altea. It is good to make your acquantance. Like you, I desire peace above all.

Marth (Groom): Greetings. I am Prince Marth of Altea. This outfit? It's a traditional groom's outfit for a bridal festival, in which... Well... It's a bit hard to explain, you see...

Marth (Legendary): My name is Marth. For what reason and for whom do you fight? I'd like to understand your ideas of justice.

Jagen: I am Jagen of the knights of Altea, Prince Marth's guardian. I will thank you not to treat me like an old man.

Cain: I'm Cain, a cavalier of Altea. Oh, yes–Cain! Known far and wide as the Bull!

Abel: I am Abel, a knight of Altea–or former knight, anyway. These days, I am but a shopkeeper.

Draug: I'm Draug, an Altean knight. My armor and I will stand between our enemies and our allies.

Gordin: I'm Gordin–an archer in the service of the Altean knights. And happy to be of help to you too!

Luke: Call for your bards! They will want to write songs about me, Luke, the finest knight of Altea!

Roderick: My name is Roderick, a knight in training for Altea. I will do my best to prove my use.

Norne: Hey there, I'm Norne! I may not look like much, but I know my way around a bow. Say, Prince Marth here?

Caeda: I am Princess Caeda of Talys. I’m also a pegasus knight, though perhaps an unconventional one.

Caeda (Bride): I am Princess Caeda of Talys. I was daydreaming about wearing a bridal gown just like this one...and then...

Ogma: I am Ogma, a mercenary from Talys. If you need strength put to a task…I'm your man.

Barst: The name's Barst. I used to be a mercenary – now I'm just a regular woodcutter.

Linde: I am Linde, daughter to Pontifex Miloah. I… also don't like having everyone look at me.

Linde (Summer): I am Linde, daughter of Pontifex Miloah. My duty as a mage in your ranks will always come first, but... I am hoping to find some time to enjoy the summer weather as well.

Jeorge: I'm Jeorge, an Archanean archer. I'm not sure if I have anything to offer you, but you have my aid.

Astram: I am Astram. I fight for justice in the name of Archanea! ...Who are you?

Michalis: I am Michalis, King of Macedon. That is all you need know of me.

Minerva: I am Minerva, Princess of Macedon. I will never hesitate in my duty. Ask – and it will be done.

Maria: I'm Maria, and I'm a real princess from Macedon. I'll do my best to help everyone, so keep me nearby!

Palla: I am Palla, a pegasus knight of the Whitewings of Macedon. Pleased to be of service.

Palla (Spring): I am Palla, of the Macedonian Whitewings. I am pleased to greet you dressed as a rabbit.

Catria: I'm Catria, the middle of the three sisters in Macedon's Whitewings. I serve Princess Minerva.

Catria (Spring): I'm Catria of the Whitewings. These clothes... They're part of my mission. Just...try to forget about them.

Est: Hi there, I'm Est. I'm from the Macedonian Whitewings! Or… at least I was!

Merric: I am Merric, a mage from Altea. What I learned of wind magic in Khadein is at your disposal.

Hardin (Fallen): My name is Hardin, Emperor of the Holy Empire of Archanea. If you do not wish to be scarred by my fury, you will give me your name in return.

Camus: My name is Camus of Grust. I am captain of the Sable Order of knights.

Sirius: I am...merely a traveler. You may call me Sirius.

Sheena: I am Princess Sheena of Gra. I reluctantly assumed the throne after my father, King Jiol, passed away.

Tiki (Young): I don't have to sleep anymore? I can stay with everyone? Yay! Wait, what about vegetables?

Tiki (Young, Summer): Hi, I'm Tiki! Want to go play on the beach? I'm not a great swimmer... But I'm really good at floating!

Tiki (Legendary): I am Tiki. I followed the light of a star, and I ended up here.

Tiki (Fallen): I am...Tiki... The holy grounds must be cleansed of those who taint it...

Nagi: I am Nagi... I carry the will of the divine dragon. Tell me...what is your name?

Bantu: Excuse me... Have you met a young girl by the name of Tiki?

Katarina: Please, call me Katarina. I once planned to be a tactician, but that… didn't work out. I have magic though!

Clarisse: I'm Clarisse. I'm a cut above all the other rubbish you probably see around here.

Legion: Whuh? Whoses are youses? We are Legion… and we are Legion too. Uwe hee hee!

Navarre: Call me Navarre. I'm a mercenary, but I don't come cheap.

Phina: Hi, I'm Phina! I'm a dancer from Warren—heard of it? My dances are known for being energizing!

Athena: You call Athena? We are warrior, not little child to come running. Still, you are nice. We stay.

Gharnef: I am the Pontifex Gharnef. Some call me the Dark Pontifex. That is fitting. Let us dye the world with shadow!

Alm: I'm Alm, leader of the Deliverance. You can count on me to take up my sword for your cause.

Alm (Legendary): I serve the One Kingdom of Valentia. They call me the Saint-King Alm. I vow my strength to you and yours.

Alm (Brave): Was it you who called me here? If you're in a bind, I can lend a hand. I'm Alm. Happy to be of service.

Lukas: My name is Lukas. I'm among those who fight for the Deliverance. While here, I pledge myself to your cause.

Lukas (Picnic): Whoa... I've arrived at an unexpected place, haven't I? My name is Lukas. Let's have a good time today.

Gray: I'm just an average guy from a village in the middle of nowhere. I'll help out, if you want me to. Name's Gray.

Tobin: I'm Tobin, a fighter in the Deliverance. I joined up to fight alongside my friends. I'm not too sure what's going on in this world, but… I'm here to help.

Kliff: My name is Kliff. Hmm... This place looks like it could be a lot of fun. Don't let me get bored.

Faye: I'm Faye. Glad to help. I've trained a bit with the Deliverance, you know, for Alm and all my friends.

Silque: I am Silque. I have come to save the people of this world through Mother Mila's teachings.

Clair: My name is Clair. I battle alongside my dear brother in the Deliverance forces that fight for Zofia. What fortune that you should meet me like this!

Clive: I am Clive. I believe that we of noble birth have a duty to use our strength to bring peace to the land.

Forsyth: Seems it is my turn to make my entrance. I'm Forsyth! Now then... which direction to the enemy?

Python: Hey! Name's Python. Uh...where are we, anyway? And just so we're clear, I ain't much for chores, all right? So don't go gettin' any ideas...

Celica: I am Celica, a priestess. Though I'd rather avoid bloodshed, I am prepared to fight if I must.

Celica (Fallen): I am Lord Duma's faithful servant, Celica. I shall fill this world…with Lord Duma's power…

Celica (Brave): I am Celica, a warrior priestess in service to the goddess Mila. I heard a voice calling out to me... Was it you?

Mae: Hi there! I'm Mae, a mage. Now that I'm around, everything's gonna be OK. I know what I'm doing!

Boey: I'm Boey, a mage. I usually try to avoid problematic situations. You called me here, so… so much for that.

Genny: My name is Genny. Since I barely know anybody here… I'm a little anxious. I hope we can get along.

Genny (Picnic): I'm Genny. Is this where we'll be picnicking? It's...beautiful!

Saber: The name's Saber. I'm a mercenary. And as long as you're paying, I'm fighting.

Valbar: Hey there! Name's Valbar. If you're lookin' for some muscle, I'm your man. Just shout if ya ever need me!

Leon: I'm Leon, an archer by trade. And let me start by saying, you have pulled me away from Valbar… I will not forgive you if any harm should befall him in my absence.

Mathilda: I am Mathilda of the Deliverance. I will prove to you that, in battle, I am as strong as anyone.

Delthea: Hi! I'm Delthea! When it comes to magic, nobody else comes close.

Delthea (Fallen): I? ...Tatarrah? It's me, Delthea. Please...give me your orders.

Catria (Valentia): I'm Catria. My younger sister was kidnapped by pirates... Might I find her in this world, I wonder?

Sonya: I'm Sonya. I suppose I'm just your average mage-for-hire now. This place seems interesting enough. I suppose I'll stick around and see what sort of trouble I can get into.

Conrad: My name is Conrad. Alongside my sister, Anthiese, I will strive for perfection!

Berkut: I am Berkut. Someday I shall stand atop the Rigelian Empire. You should thank the gods I'm here with you now.

Berkut (Fallen): Hah! I am Berkut! I shall end all things...with Duma's supreme power!

Berkut (Splendid Soiree): Berkut is my name. You've got some nerve, dragging me here today! You had better entertain me.

Rinea (Splendid Soiree): Hello! I am called Rinea. Shall we head to the festival together and, perhaps, dance?

Duma: I am Duma. Strength is my domain. I created the Rigelian Empire.

Sigurd: I am Sigurd. I am the heir to the duchy of Chalphy and descend from the crusader Baldr.

Arden: My name is Arden! I'm one of Lord Sigurd of Chalphy's men. Good to meet you!

Arvis: I am Arvis. I descend from the crusaders Fjalar and Maera.

Tailtiu: I'm Tailtiu! I'm a descendant of the crusader Thrud. Well… why don't we forget about that – tell me about you!

Quan: I am Quan, prince of Leonster. With me I carry the blood of the crusader Njörun and her lance, the Gáe Bolg.

Ethlyn: I am Ethlyn, wife of Quan of the House of Leonster. Ask me what you will—but keep it brief, please.

Ayra: I am Princess Ayra of Isaach – a descendant of the crusader Od.

Jamke: I am the youngest son of King Batu of Verdane. If you aim to aid the weak, my strength is yours to wield.

Lewyn: Hello there! The name's Lewyn. I'm a simple traveler, a wayward bard... Though there is more to my tale.

Eldigan: I am Eldigan. Those who defy my lord will meet my blade. But I trust that you and I will have no such problem.

Lachesis: One wonders – who are you? Not to mention, what are your intentions? And what is this curious place?

Deirdre: My name is Deirdre. My memories… They're mostly gone, now. I am sorry.

Silvia: I am the blossoming flower of the battlefield—the traveling dancer, Silvia! "Silvi" works too.

Seliph: I am Seliph, a son pledged to fulfilling the wish my father made as he died a bitter death–to battle darkness.

Julia: My name is Julia – she who inherited the ability to use the book of the Divine Dragon, Naga.

Julia (Legendary): I am Julia. You think me a...Legendary Hero? I am not certain I understand, but I am here to help nonetheless.

Ares: I am the black knight, Ares. Know that all who stand in my way will be naught but stains on the Demon Sword.

Lene: I'm Lene! You'll get to know me faster if I dance instead of talk, so... Here goes!

Julius: I am Julius, Prince of Grannvale. What a lively place you have here! Good. I do so hate to be bored.

Ishtar: I am Ishtar of Friege. Please make use of my knowledge of sorcery.

Leif: I'm Leif, prince of Leonster. I've got a lot to learn about the world, but I'll lend you my strength all the same.

Leif (Legendary): My name is Leif, heir to Leonster... Though I am yet unworthy of the title, I will do all I can to earn it.

Finn: As one of Leonster's knights of the lance, I swear on my weapon that I will become your strength.

Nanna: I am Nanna, a descendant of House Nordion. It is a pleasure to meet you.

Mareeta (Fallen): Wh-who... Where am I? matter. With this sword... Kill... Everyone...

Reinhardt: I am Reinhardt of Friege. Allow me to unleash havoc on your enemies with my thunder magic.

Reinhardt (World of Thracia): I am Reinhardt of Friege, the mage knight. Lest you think my talents are limited to magic, let me demonstrate to you my skill with a blade.

Reinhardt (Splendid Soiree): I am Reinhardt, a knight of Friege. I will demonstrate my dancing skill here, if you'd do me the honor.

Olwen: My name is Olwen. Would you mind if I join you? I would appreciate it more than you could ever know.

Olwen (World of Thracia): My name is Olwen. If you'll allow it, I'd be happy to demonstrate the magic I've been studying recently.

Saias: I am Saias of Velthomer. With my lord Bragi as my guide, I hope my poor abilities will be of some service.

Ishtar (Splendid Soiree): I am Ishtar, of Friege. I have some small mastery of dancing. You are welcome to confirm that.

Roy: My name is Roy. I've come on behalf of my father, Eliwood of Pherae. I may be young, but I'll do my best.

Roy (Brave): I'm Roy. With this sword Durandal in hand, I will aid your army in place of my father.

Roy (Love Abounds): I'm Roy. I was just celebrating the Day of Devotion with everyone. Is there someone you want to give a gift to?

Roy (Legendary): I am Roy, son of the Marquess of Pherae. If you need help, I'll lend you a hand. Together, we'll prevail!

Wolt (Summer): I'm Wolt! I serve with the Knights of Pherae. I'm hoping to help Lord Roy make some good summer memories.

Lilina: I'm Lilina, daughter of Hector, the Marquess of Ostia. I'm still a student, but I can use fire magic fairly well!

Lilina (Love Abounds): I'm Lilina, daughter of the Marquess Ostia. Will you be giving a gift to somebody as well?

Lilina (Summer): My name's Lilina. I was just out for a swim when suddenly...I was here! I hope you were expecting me...

Gwendolyn: I'm Gwendolyn, one of the knights of Ostia. Some say I wear this armor as a sort of spectacle. They're quite wrong.

Lugh: Hello, I'm Lugh! I may look a little inexperienced, but I'm good with magic. It's great to be here!

Raigh: I am trying to learn the deepest secrets of the dark arts. But if you must know… the name's Raigh.

Cecilia: I am Cecilia, the Mage General of Etruria. Are you the tactician here? Pleased to meet you.

Cecilia: I am Cecilia, Mage General of Etruria. If you want to know all about the winter festival, I'll teach you!

Klein: I am Klein, son of Count Reglay of Etruria. I'll be happy to accompany you!

Clarine: I am Clarine, the very talented daughter of Count Reglay of Etruria. And who, may I ask, are you?

Zephiel: I am Zephiel, King of Bern. I hope you aren't one of those types who spouts nonsense about hope for humanity.

Narcian: I am Narcian – a Wyvern General of Bern. Do you wish to kneel before me? Or tremble in fear? Your choice.

Thea: I am Thea, an Ilian pegasus knight. I shall place myself under your command. Orders?

Shanna: I'm Shanna from Ilia! I'm a pegasus knight! Well… sorta? I'm actually still in training, but I'll do my best!

Sue: I am Sue of the Kutolah tribe. The blood of the Hero of the Plains, Dayan, runs in my veins.

Bartre: I'm Bartre – warrior type, if you can't tell. Bwaaah! Yaahhh! How'd that sound? Burly nuff for you?

Fir: I'm Fir! I aspire to master the sword and travel all over to find sparring partners. Please spar with me!

Rutger: Name's Rutger. You summoned me here. What for?

Sophia: I am… Sophia. I am…? Forgive me – I get winded. I am a priestess from the Nabata Desert.

Fae: Guess what! I'm the last Dee… Dee?! Oh! Divine Dragon!

Fae (Winter): Can I join in the festival? I've been very good, so give me a LOT of presents!

Idunn: I am Idunn... His Highness has tasked me with bringing freedom to the world. That is my mission.

Guinivere: I am Guinivere. My elder brother is Zephiel, the King of Bern. I must stop him at all costs.

Eliwood: My name is Eliwood. I'm a noble from a small realm known as Pherae. I hope I'll be of use to you.

Eliwood (Love Abounds): I am Eliwood of Pherae. If you have the time, would you accompany me to the Day of Devotion celebration?

Eliwood (Legendary): I am Eliwood. Is anything causing you trouble? I will gladly assist with any task for which you believe I'm suited.

Eliwood (Brave): Are you...? No, of course not... I am Eliwood, Marquess of Pherae. I'm new to this, but I learn quickly.

Lyn: I'm Lyndis of the Hose of Caelin. Yet I truly belong to the open plains. Just call me Lyn, all right?

Lyn (Bride): My name is Lyn, and I swear there's a reason I'm in this getup, but… Let's not focus on the dress, OK?

Lyn (Brave): My name is Lyndis. Allow me to put this legendary Sacaen bow to use by assisting you.

Lyn (Love Abounds): I'm Lyn. I was told this outfit is appropriate for a festival of love, but… It's awfully difficult to move around in.

Lyn (Legendary): My name is Lyndis, and I'm here to help. All threats to this world will be scattered to the winds.

Lyn (Summer): Hi, I'm Lyn. I knew we were headed to the tropics, but no one mentioned we were leaving our armor behind!

Hector: I'm Hector, from a realm called Ostia. But I'm not its ruler. My brother, Uther, is marquess at the moment.

Hector (Love Abounds): I'm Hector. Huh? You didn't summon me here hoping for a gift, did you?

Hector (Legendary): I'm Hector, Marquess of Ostia. Armads and I both are in your service. Man, fancy introductions like that just aren't my style...

Hector (Brave): I'm Hector, Marquess of Ostia. I was wondering why I was called here, but... Well, if you have some foes that need routing, I have just the lance for the job.

Hector (Halloween): So this is where they're holding the harvest festival this year? Count me in—for Lilina's sake!

Matthew: The name's Matthew. I'm in the service of the young master – I mean, milord – Hector. Good to meet you.

Serra: I'm Serra – a sweet, helpless cleric. So, now that we've got that settled, don't push me too hard, OK?

Raven: I'm Raven. Just a mercenary. Nothing more to it.

Lucius: My name is Lucius. I can tend to your wounded. So I beg you - please put me to work immediately.

Rebecca: I'm Rebecca – a pretty decent hunter, if you ask me. And I'm a real quick shot with a bow!

Pent (Groom): I am Pent, Mage General of Etruria. This outfit...makes me a bit anxious.

Louise (Bride): I am Louise. I have given my heart to my husband, Lord Pent, and pledged my eternal love to him alone.

Priscilla: My name is Priscilla. If it's not too much trouble, could I stay with you for a while?

Dorcas: The name's Dorcas. I used to fight as a mercenary in Bern, but… Well, that's all in the past now.

Dorcas (Halloween): I'm Dorcas. I'm not usually one for festivals, but...figured if I'm going, I might as well go as a monster.

Fiora (Summer): I am Fiora, Pegasus Knight of Ilia. If my subordinates saw me like this... they wouldn't know what to think.

Florina: My name is–! Sorry, let me start again. Come on, deep breath, Florina… My name is Florina! Hi there!

Canas: What a fascinating place... Oh, but where are my manners? I am Canas, a simple scholar.

Karel: I am Karel. Care to meet my blade? Oh, let me withdraw the offer. You are not ready… yet.

Karla: I am Karla. This place is very strange... Who might you be?

Hawkeye: I am the Desert Guardian – he who defends the dunes around the village of dragons I call home. But you, stranger, can call me Hawkeye.

Ninian: I am Ninian – quite simply, a traveling performer, glad to put on a show. It's nothing much, really.

Ninian (Bride): Before you ask, I'm dressed for a bridal festival. And, um... My name is Ninian... Pleased to meet you.

Lloyd: I'm Lloyd – the White Wolf of Black Fang. Know some vermin? I'll exterminate 'em for you.

Linus: I'm Linus, the one and only Mad Dog of the Four Fangs! I'm ready to go— show me the filth, and I'll deal with it.

Jaffar: I am Jaffar. Known also as the Angel of Death. But only by those in the Black Fang – and now, you.

Ursula: I am the feared Blue Crow. You may call me Ursula. I… sense perfection in you. You have my loyalty.

Ursula (Summer): I am Ursula, one of the elite Four Fangs. I selected this outfit in order to lower my target's guard.

Nino: I'm Nino, a member of the Black Fang! Oh, well… I guess these days I'm just a regular ol' mage.

Nino (Scattered Fangs): Hi, I'm Nino! My pegasus and I will do our very best! That's a promise!

Legault: Me? I'm just a small-time thief. You can call me Legault. I don't know if I'll be able to live up to your expectations, but I'll do what I can...within reason.

    Sacred Stones 
Eirika: My name is Eirika. I'm not fond of fighting, but I'll do my best to support your cause.

Eirika (Sacred Memories): My name is Eirika. My hope is to aid you as best I can with the magic I have learned.

Eirika (Legendary): I am princess Eirika of Renais. I will do my utmost to protect you and to never sully the title of Hero.

Eirika (Winter): I'm Princess Eirika of Renais. My brother Ephraim and I have come to the winter festival this year.

Ephraim: I am Ephraim of Renais, a prince and skilled spearman. So, point me at my enemy. I'll get to work.

Ephraim (Legendary): I am Prince Ephraim of Renais. You say I'm a...Legendary Hero? I was only able to defeat the Demon King thanks to all those who lent their strength to me.

Ephraim (Brave): I am Prince Ephraim of Renais. My father, Fado, met an untimely death... In his place, I vow to protect the people. Every last one.

Ephraim (Winter): I am Prince Ephraim of Renais, and I'm ready for the winter festival. I'll give the tournament all I've got!

Seth: I am Seth, a knight of Renais. I must beg your pardon, but… are Princess Eirika and Prince Ephraim here?

Lute: I'm Lute, a mage of profound genius. If it's ultimate battle power you wished for, consider your wish granted.

Innes: I am Prince Innes of Frelia. Not that I care, but… is a man called Ephraim here?

Innes (Summer): Please excuse my casual dress... I am Innes, prince of Frelia. You'll have to allow me to make an official introduction at another time... When I am attired appropriately.

Tana: My name is Tana, and I'm a pegasus knight. Oh, and I'm also the princess of Frelia. I hope you won't let that get in the way of us being friends, though!

Tana (Summer): Nice to meet you. I'm Tana! The ocean is so inviting this summer—are you ready to dive in?

Lyon: It is good to meet you. I am Lyon, prince of Grado. I hope that we can become friends.

Valter: I am Valter, the Moonstone, one of Grado's six generals. Do you seek to sate my hunger? Many have…

Amelia: Oh… Hello there! I'm a soldier in the service of Grado. I'm a hard worker! My name? Oh, right! It's Amelia.

Joshua: I'm Joshua, a mercenary. Did a coin flip bring me here? Well, either way… I guess you're my new boss.

Marisa: I am Marisa, a swords woman of Gerik's mercenaries. If you need my help, I have a blade.

Marisa (Spring): I am Marisa. Yes, that's right. I am a rabbit.

L'Arachel: Friends of justice! Allies of righteousness and order! Know that I, L'Arachel, have arrived!

L'Arachel (Halloween): I am L'Arachel, the harvest festival princess of peerless beauty. Surely that much is obvious!

Dozla (Halloween): Gwah ha ha! The name's Dozla, and I'll make this a harvest festival to remember—for Princess L'Arachel!

Myrrh: I'm Myrrh, from Darkling Woods. What? It's impolite to ask a woman her age. That's what Ephraim says. I think you're being rude.

Myrrh (Halloween): Trick or treat! I'm Myrrh! Are you going to the harvest festival too?

Ike: I'm Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. You the one hiring me? Fine. I'm ready to get to work.

Ike (Brave): I'm Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. And this axe is Urvan. You might call it my current partner.

Ike (Valentine): I'm Ike from the Greil Mercenaries. I've come to offer my thanks for all the help I get.

Titania: I am Titania, deputy commander of the Greil Mercenaries. Do you have a job for me? If so, let's start now.

Titania (Valentine): I am Titania, deputy commander of the Greil Mercenaries. Tell Commander Greil really here?

Soren: Hmm. My name? I am the mage Soren. Now, I have a question for you. Is Ike here?

Soren (Valentine): I am Soren of the Greil Mercenaries. Festivals are all well and good, but I'd appreciate being given work to do.

Mist: Hi! I'm Mist. But where am I? This all happened so fast! Well, I bet you'll help me get settled in, right?

Mist (Valentine): Did I make it to the festival? My name is Mist, and I want to let everyone know how much they mean to me.

Greil (Valentine): The name's Greil. I used to be a mercenary commander. I hear that Ike and Mist are here. That true?

Oscar: I'm Oscar, from the Greil Mercenaries. My skills lie mainly in… Hmm, let's see… I guess, cooking for everyone?

Rolf (Halloween): I'm Rolf, a member of the Greil Mer— er, no...a spooooky ghost! You better get yourself ready for some tricks!

Mia: I'm Mia, from the Greil Mercenaries. I'm a graceful whirlwind of singing steel! And I'll prove it, too!

Elincia: My name is Elincia Ridell Crimea, daughter of King Ramon of Crimea. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Nephenee: I'm Nephenee. I'll fight alongside ya'll – uh, you all… So… I'm pleased to be here.

Nephenee (Splendid Soiree): I'm, uh... I'm Nephenee. Just a gal born and bred in Crimea's countryside. I'll dance my heart out.

Sanaki (Bride): You stand in the presence of Sanaki, 37th Empress of Begnion. I am the Apos- M-my dress? It is nothing you should concern yourself with. Do not interrupt me!

Sigrun (Bride): I am Sigrun, commander of the Holy Guard of Begnion. I had to rush to put this wedding attire on in time.

Sigrun: Pleasure to meet you. I am Sigrun, commander of the Empress Sanaki's Holy Guard.

Tanith (Bride): I am Tanith, deputy commander of the Begnion Holy Guard. This outfit is due to...unforeseen circumstances.

Black Knight: I am a general of Daein, and one of the Four Riders.

Ilyana (Halloween): My name is Ilyana... I know we've only just met, but can you spare any food? I'm famished...

Micaiah: I'm Micaiah. The townspeople call me the Silver-Haired Maiden. I'm pleased to meet you!

Micaiah (Festival): I'm Micaiah of the Dawn Brigade. Thank you for inviting me to the summer festival. Hmm... I sense quite a bit of fun waiting for me...

Micaiah (Brave): I am Micaiah. I hope to lead Daein as best I can. Any support you can offer is appreciated.

Sothe: I'm Sothe. I may not have any special powers, but I'll do my best. We need to protect those who matter to us.

Mia (Halloween): Is it a trick or a treat? Only you can determine your fate! Oh, I'm Mia, by the way. I'm a mercenary.

Ike (Legendary): I'm Ike, of the Greil Mercenaries. I'm not so sure about this "Legendary Hero" business, but I'll help you out.

Elincia (Festival): I am Elincia, daughter of King Ramon of Crimea. Hm? My outfit comes as a surprise to you? This is actually sacred garb for a festival.

Caineghis: I am Caineghis of Gallia, known as the Lion King. I will lend my strength to your ambitions.

Ranulf: I am Ranulf, a warrior of Gallia. That doesn't matter to you, though, does it? Let's just take it nice and easy.

Mordecai: I am Mordecai, a warrior of Gallia. Do you understand? Beorc words are difficult.

Lethe: I'm Lethe, a warrior of the beast tribe. I will lend you my strength if you lend me yours.

Tibarn: I'm Tibarn. I may be a king, but don't make a big deal of it. Fawning praise does me no good.

Reyson: I am Reyson, of Serenes Forest. The heron clan does not easily trust, I warn you. I will be watching closely.

Leanne: I am Leanne. Can friends?

Naesala: I am Naesala, King of Kilvas. I will lend you my long as I am properly compensated, of course.

Nailah: I am Nailah, Queen of the desert nation of Hatari. Yes, I am missing an eye. Gawk and you'll lose yours.

Sanaki: You stand in the presence of Sanaki, Empress of Begnion! I am the Apostle – the voice of the goddess!

Zelgius: I am Zelgius. As a general, I fought for two different realms. Now, I serve you. We shall see for how long.

Oliver: I am a member of the Begnion Senate. To speak my name is to call on my legendary beauty and wit! I am Oliver!

Haar: I'm Haar. You might be surprised to hear I run cargo. If you want something, just ask my partner.

Yune: I am... Freedom. Chaos. Transformation. Future. Mystery. I am Yune.

Chrom: I'm Chrom, leader of the Shepherds and Prince of the Halidom of Ylisse. For my friends… for peace… I'll fight.

Chrom (Spring): I'm Chrom, Prince of the Halidom of Ylisse. Enjoying the spring festival? I've dressed for the occasion!

Chrom (Winter): Season's greetings! I'm Prince Chrom of the Halidom of Ylisse. Naughty or nice–which is it? Speak up!

Chrom (Knight Exalt): I'm Chrom, prince of the Halidom of Ylisse. That look on your face... Rest easy! I know how to handle a horse.

Robin (Male): Hello, I'm Robin. I'm a tactician for the Shepherds, so let me know if you need a battle plan.

Robin (Male, Winter): My name is Robin. If you want someone to plan winter festivities, you're in luck. Leave it all to me.

Robin (Male, Fallen): I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the fell dragon, Grima. Pay me the respect I am due, and I promise you a painless death.

Robin (Female): My name is Robin, the tactician for Chrom's Shepherds. I'm sure you'll find me useful on the battlefield.

Robin (Female, Summer): Hi, I'm Robin. I may have been on vacation in the Outrealms… But I can't turn my back on anyone who needs a sound battle strategy!

Robin (Female, Legendary): I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the fell dragon, Grima. Pay me the respect I am due, and I will consider granting you a quick death when the time comes.

Lissa: I'm Lissa, and despite what my brother says, I am not delicate! I'm a princess and a member of the Shepherds!

Lissa (Winter): Happy winter festival! My name's Lissa. What do you think of this dress? It's bright red–for the festival.

Frederick: I am Frederick, a royal knight and a guiding hand in the Shepherds. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Frederick (Summer): I am Frederick. I was on the beach protecting Lord Chrom. Tell me… Where am I now?

Sully: Hey. I'm Sully. Count on me to do my best. And between you and me? My best is pretty damn good.

Stahl: H-hi, I'm Stahl, of the Shepherds. Sorry – can't tell if my stomachache is nerves or my three lunches!

Sumia: I'm Sumia, of Chrom's Shepherds. I'm a bit clumsy, but I promise I'll do my best to help you out!

Maribelle: I am Maribelle, of the Shepherds. I will lend you my aid if you so desire.

Cordelia: I'm Cordelia of the Ylissean army under milord Chrom. I will do my best to meet your expectations.

Cordelia (Bride): I am Cordelia. I know, I know! But don't worry. I can fight just fine in this. It's not a wedding dress!

Cordelia (Summer): My name is Cordelia. I pledge to aid you however I can, so long as I am here. A knight in a swimsuit... Unusual, I know.

Libra: I'm Libra, a priest from the Halidom of Ylisse. The gods have guided me here. May Naga bless us all.

Gaius: I'm Gaius. You need a thief, I've got the goods – as long as you keep me in the sweet stuff.

Gaius (Summer): I'm Gaius. I don't turn down jobs, even when I'm on vacation. You got one for me?

Donnel: My name's Donnel. Just a farmer from a little bitty village, but I can fight – this pot's not just for show!

Lon'qu: I'm Lon'qu, a swordsman from Regna Ferox. And… that's all there is to know about me.

Olivia: I'm Olivia, a traveling dancer. And I'm pretty sure that, um, my skills might be useful. Maybe?

Olivia (Performing Arts): Hi there… I'm Olivia. I was performing my dance at an arts festival. Where am I now?

Olivia (Ylissean Travelers): My name is Olivia, and from atop my falicorn I'll— Eek! W-wait, don't take off so suddenly! Please land!

Henry: Hiya! I'm Henry, and I don't want to brag, but I'm preeeeetty much the scariest dark mage in Plegia!

Henry (Trick or Defeat!): I'm Henry! I want candy… but blood is good, too! Send your enemies my way, so I can play my tricks on them.

Tharja: You may call me Tharja. I am a dark mage from Plegia. Now, I shall be your shadow…

Tharja (Winter): Oh-ho and huzzah! I'm Tharja, just a typically normally plain girl! Have a happy winter festival! Do you think Robin heard me being normal?

Tharja (Bride): I'm Tharja–just a typical spring bride! So, point me in the direction of my fated one, and I'll handle the rest.

Aversa: Please, call me Aversa. My, you're adorable. If you don't watch out, I'll tease you mercilessly.

Walhart: I am Walhart, the conqueror of men and he who brought glory to the great land of Valm!

Virion: I am Virion, the finest archer of the fairest of realms. Delighted to be of service.

Cherche: I'm Cherche, a wyvern rider from Valm. My sweet Minerva and I will join your cause.

Tiki (Adult): I am Tiki. As a member of the Divine Dragon Tribe, I can turn into a dragon! Some call me the Voice.

Tiki (Adult, Summer): I'm Tiki, a descendant of the divine dragon tribe. I can take the form of a dragon, of course… But for the summer, I'm liking the look of this swimsuit a little bit better!

Nowi: I'm Nowi, a Manakete. That means I'm a dragon! I'm also over 1,000 years old, so I'll be your big sister!

Nowi (Trick or Defeat!): Ta-da! It's Nowi the witch! I'll use my magic to celebrate the harvest and get lots and lots of candy!

Panne: My name is Panne. I'm the last of the taguel. You appear to be human... But are you one worthy of my trust?

Lucina: I am Lucina of Ylisse, daughter of Chrom. I believe that we can fight to change our fates. I traveled back from my bleak future to make a difference in my father's past. Now… I am here.

Lucina (Spring): I am Lucina, future Exalt of Ylisse. The spring festival is such a breath of fresh air, don't you think?

"Marth" (Masked): You may call me Marth. I can say no more than this just now. If you require my help, I offer it to you.

Lucina (Brave): I am Lucina of Ylisse. With Geirskögul in hand, I pledge my strength to you!

Lucina (Legendary): I am Lucina, daughter of the Exalt Chrom of the Halidom of Ylisse. I come wielding a legendary bow.

Owain: Chosen warrior of hope from a dire future...I am Owain Dark! And with the full force of my power, I— Er, huh? No time for that? Oh, um... I'm Lissa's son from the future. Nice to meet you.

Inigo (Performing Arts): I am Inigo. I've long dreamed of being a dancer, and I'll dance my heart out on this stage you've provided me.

Brady: Name's Brady. My ma—I mean, my mother is Maribelle. Huh? You thought I was a thief at first? Hey, buddy, I was born lookin' like this.

Gerome: I'm Gerome, Cherche's son. You should know I have no intention of getting involved with this world.

Yarne: I'm Yarne, Panne's son. If I die, the taguel go extinct, so...keep me somewhere safe, please!

Morgan (Male): My name's Morgan—son of the genius tactician Robin! Hmm... But is my mother around here?

Morgan (Female): My name's Morgan. If you've been looking for the daughter of the genius tactician Robin, look no further! My father is somewhere here as well, yes?

Noire (Summer): My name is Noire, and... W-wait a minute... Where are we going?

Nah: My name's Nah. It is an odd name, but it's the one my mother gave me. Either way, I'll chew our enemies up and spit them back out! Oh, I should mention: I'm a Manakete.

Kjelle: I'm Kjelle, Sully's daughter. My mother was an incredible knight... And one day, I'll be just as strong.

Cynthia: I am Cynthia, hero of justice and daughter of legendary pegasus knight Sumia! Evil doers shall be punished!

Naga: I am she who is called Naga, the Divine Dragon. If you intend to face your fate, prove to me your resolve.

Corrin (Male): I'm Corrin – raised in Nohr but born in Hoshido. I devote my Yato blade to your cause, and my dragon power!

Corrin (Male, New Year): Happy New Year! My name's Corrin, and I've decided to spend this year with you.

Corrin (Male, Adrift): My name is Corrin. I am here to see that Azura is smiling once again.

Corrin (Female): I'm Corrin – born in Hoshido, though raised in Nohr. I will fight for you with my Yato blade and dragon power!

Corrin (Female, Summer): Hello. I'm Corrin. I was resting on a beach when I heard someone calling my name. Was that you?

Corrin (Female, Adrift): My name is Corrin. Now that I'm with you, you'll never have to cry anymore.

Corrin (Female, Fallen): I am...Corrin. If the power that swirls in my blood awakens, it can bring only catastrophe...

Azura: My name is Azura. I offer you my song. As for where I'm from? Two kingdoms, in a way… Both Nohr and Hoshido.

Azura (Performing Arts): I'm a songstress from another world… Who I am doesn't matter. Just know that I'll fulfill my role.

Azura (New Year): Happy New Year! I'm Azura. I was heading out for my first shrine visit of the new year, but... Somehow I wound up here, instead.

Azura (Young): I am Azura, princess of Nohr. I hope you'll be nice to me. Please...

Azura (Legendary): My name is Azura. Something about you tells me the power of my songs may be of use to you.

Gunter: I am Gunter, a knight of Nohr. Some might call me too old. Their mistake. This knight is a seasoned veteran!

Felicia: My name is Felicia. I'm one of the very best maids from the Kingdom of–! Whoa! Sorry. Dropped my tea tray.

Felicia (Picnic): I-I'm Felicia! Nice to meet you. I'm a properly trained maid, so leave the lunches to me!

Jakob: My name is Jakob. I am a Nohrian butler, loyal to my liege, Corrin. I offer you my service, if not my devotion.

Jakob (Trick or Defeat!): Happy harvest festival! I am Jakob, a butler from Nohr. For my liege, I'll don any costume that's required.

Mikoto: I am Mikoto, queen of Hoshido. I hastened to follow a familiar voice and found myself in this realm.

Ryoma: I am Ryoma, High Prince of Hoshido, and he who inherited Raijinto. I will give my all, however dire the times.

Ryoma (Legendary): My name is Ryoma. My kinshi and I are in your service, ready to fight. I... apologize for greeting you from all the way up here...

Ryoma (Festival): I am Ryoma, High Prince of Hoshido. The long-awaited season of summer festivals is upon us. Come... Dance with me!

Ryoma (Bath): I am Ryoma, High Prince of Hoshido. I have heard talk of a secluded spring nearby. Would you show me the way?

Saizo: I am a Hoshidan ninja, fifth to bear the proud name of Saizo. I hope you've called me here with good reason.

Kagero: I am Kagero, a ninja from Hoshido. You have a mission for me? Then I will serve you from the shadows.

Kagero (Spring): You sensed my presence, didn't you? The spring breeze makes it difficult to remain concealed. I am Kagero, a ninja. I am pleased to make your acquaintance.

Kagero (Halloween): Kagero, ninja of Hoshido, making an unannounced visit. Trick or treat? Please promptly choose your fate.

Hinoka: I'm Princess Hinoka of Hoshido. I have a reputation as a warrior princess. So, happy to hit the battlefield for you!

Hinoka (Wings of Fate): I'm Hinoka, a princess of Hoshido. If you need my help to win a fight, just call on me and my bow! We'll pierce through your enemies, rows at a time!

Hinoka (Bath): Who's there? I'm bathing in here! Don't you have any manners?

Azama: I'm the monk Azama from Hoshido. How odd, being summoned! I'll give you a hand, as long as I'm here.

Setsuna: I'm Setsuna from the Kingdom of Hoshido. I'm good with bows. And, uh… falling into traps?

Takumi: I'm Takumi, a prince of Hoshido and wielder of the divine Fujin Yumi. Which makes me pretty useful, I'd say.

Takumi (New Year): Happy New Year. I'm Takumi, Prince of Hoshido. Are we...exchanging new-year gifts?

Takumi (Fallen): Where am I? I am… Yes… Yes, I am here to…defeat them… I must.

Takumi (Summer): Cannonbaaaall— Waah! Wh-where'd the water go?! And where did I go?! And who are you?! Me? I'm Takumi, of Hoshido! Are you the one who interrupted my vacation?

Hinata: Name's Hinata! I'm a samurai from Hoshido. I'm always training with my katana – got the best slice around!

Oboro: My name is Oboro. I'm a spear fighter from Hoshido – and a pretty great tailor, if I say so myself!

Sakura: I'm a princess from the Kingdom of Hoshido. But, please, call me Sakura. I'm delighted to help you!

Sakura (Trick or Defeat!): My name is Sakura. I'm a princess of Hoshido. I'm d-dressed as a cat spirit called a nekomata. How do I look?

Sakura (Bath): I'm Princess Sakura of Hoshido. I had just found a hidden hot spring when I was summoned here! Oh, b-but, I'm glad to be here... And it's good to meet you!

Hana: Samurai Hana at your service! I'm from Hoshido. Want to spar for a while? Or maybe later? I want to be as skilled with a sword as my father was. So, I'm always up for a challenge!

Subaki: I am Subaki, a Sky Knight from the Kingdom of Hoshido. I'm perfectly delighted to answer your call.

Kaze: My name is Kaze, a ninja in service of the Hoshidan royal family. I serve along with my brother Saizo. Allow me to assist you as well.

Kaden: The name's Kaden. Tell me, do you know about the kitsune, the most beautiful race in the world?

Garon: I am Garon, King of Nohr. A little worm like you, trying to take the measure of me? A futile effort!

Xander: I am Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr, and wielder of the divine Siegfried. I hope to see you mete out justice.

Xander (Spring): I am Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr. Is this outfit correct for the occasion? I ought to look festive.

Xander (Summer): I am Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr. I was at a beach practicing my swimming technique, so… Well, I'm afraid your sudden summoning caught me off guard.

Xander (Festival): I am Xander, Crown Prince of Nohr. I've long heard rumors of the dances of the Hoshidan summer festival. If I may, allow me to join in.

Laslow: I'm Laslow, a mercenary from the Kingdom of Nohr. Shall we grab a cup of tea? It's the perfect icebreaker!

Peri: I'm Peri. P as in pierce! E as in eviscerate! R as in rupture! And what's the I for…? Injure! I'm a cavalier from Nohr, so just point me in a direction and I'll get stabby!

Camilla: I'm Camilla, eldest princess from the Kingdom of Nohr. Need my protection, sweetie? Consider me yours.

Camilla (Spring): I'm Camilla, eldest princess of Nohr, come dressed for the spring fest. But it's rather tight, don't you think?

Camilla (New Year): I'm Camilla, Princess of Nohr. But this year we're celebrating New Year's with some Hoshidan flair!

Camilla (Summer): I'm Camilla, eldest princess of the kingdom of Nohr. I'm not a big fan of the heat, so maybe... Try to find some oceanfront battlefields so we can cool off after each fight?

Camilla (Adrift): I'm Camilla, princess of Nohr. Have I found my way to a different world? Perhaps I am dreaming...

Camilla (Bath): Ready for a dip in a hot spring? Come with me! Don't be shy!

Camilla (Brave): I'm Camilla, Nohr's new queen. No need to be too formal with me.

Selena: I'm Selena, a mercenary who works for Nohr. Very talented. Ask anyone! They'll say I'm cute too. Bonus!

Beruka: I'm Beruka, an assassin from Nohr. Need me for some missions? Fine. I'll take the job.

Leo: I am Leo, a prince of Nohr. I hold the divine tome Brynhildr, which grants me mastery over gravity. With less than a gesture, I have blasted many a fool to ashes.

Leo (Summer): I'm Leo, Prince of Nohr. And you pulled me off a tropical island. Do you expect me to fight in this outfit?

Leo (Picnic): I am Leo, prince of Nohr. Today is a rare chance to rest, so let's not get too rowdy, hmm?

Odin: I am Odin Dark. Mage of Nohr! Twilight traveler! Infinite enigma! (And, hey, all-around nice guy.)

Niles: I'm Niles from the Kingdom of Nohr. Former outlaw. Current disgrace. My arrows are yours.

Niles (Halloween): The name's Niles... Is it a trick you want or a treat? Whichever it is your heart desires...I'll see it done.

Elise: Hi, I'm Elise – a princess from the Kingdom of Nohr! I bet we're going to be the best of friends!

Elise (Summer): I'm Princess Elise of Nohr! I was playing on a tropical island, but… this place looks pretty fun, too!

Elise (Bath): I'm Elise, the youngest princess of the Kingdom of Nohr! I hear there's a lovely hot spring here, and I'm ready!

Arthur: Evil has met its match! I am Arthur of Nohr. My bad luck is legendary, but my heroism, more so!

Effie: The name's Effie. I'm a knight from Nohr. Need protection? I'll crush anyone that gets in your way.

Silas: My name is Silas, a knight of Nohr. I'm a little surprised I was summoned, but I'll do what I can to help!

Charlotte (Bride): I'm Charlotte. Everyone says I'm just a sweet, gentle little thing, so please watch over me. Tee-hee!

Flora: I'm Flora, a maid from Nohr. Have you seen my younger sister Felicia? I hope she hasn't caused you trouble.

Flora (Picnic): I am a maid. My name is Flora. I will do my best to serve you, so please don't hesitate to give me orders.

Keaton: I'm Keaton! I'll show you how a proud wolfskin hunts!

Kana (Male): Hi. It's good to meet you! I'm Kana. My mama is Corrin. I can turn into a dragon and then, wow, can I fight!

Kana (Female): Hi. It's good to meet you! I'm Kana. My papa is Corrin. I can fight hard with dragon power too!

Shigure (Performing Arts): I'm Shigure. My songs hold mysterious power. Would you like me to sing one for you?

Shigure: It's good to meet you. I'm Shigure, Azura's son. I may be a skilled singer, but on the battlefield I'll assist you with my lance from atop my pegasus.

Shiro: I'm Shiro. Nice to meet ya! Have you heard of my father Ryoma? I'm training to be stronger than him!

Selkie: Nice to meet you. I'm Selkie! Ooh, this place looks like a lot of fun. Come on, show me around already!

Rhajat: It's good to meet you. I am Rhajat… daughter of the diviner Hayato. And I certainly won't object to helping someone like you…

Siegbert: It's good to meet you. I'm Siegbert. Prince Xander of Nohr is my father, so as a future king, I'll give it my all.

Velouria: I'm Velouria. Nice to meet you. If you say you need me...then I'll do my best to fight, I guess.

Ophelia: I am Ophelia, a warrior chosen by the stars. I suppose I should say it's good to meet you. Tell me... Does my father Odin make this fair land his home?

Soleil: It's good to meet you! I'm Soleil. My father's name is Laslow. I'll fight hard for all the cuties out there!

Nina: It's good to meet you. I'm Nina. Niles is my father, but let's not worry about him. I'm gonna do what I think is right!

    Three Houses 
Byleth (Male and Female): I'm Byleth. I used to be a mercenary, but now I'm a professor. I will help your cause however I can.

Sothis: My name is Sothis. I'm also known as...The Beginning. To summon me, you must be in desperate need.

Edelgard: I am Edelgard von Hresvelg, heir apparent of the Adrestian Empire. I will follow you, but I bow to no one.

Hubert: I am Hubert, heir to House Vestra and future minister to the emperor. Pleased to make your acquaintance.

Petra: Hello. I am called Petra Macneary. I am pleased to be meeting, I am pleased to have met you.

Dimitri: I am Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, heir to the throne of Faerghus. I hereby devote myself to your cause.

Mercedes: It's so nice to meet you! My name is Mercedes von Martritz, but you can just call me Mercie.

Claude: I'm Claude. I'm not big on formalities, so no need to put on airs. Feel free to throw me a feast any time, though.

Hilda: Oh, me? I'm Hilda. As long as you don't saddle me with any hard work, we should get along just fine.

Kronya: My name is Kronya. I assume you summoned me to kill you? I'll be sure to make it as painful as possible!

Death Knight: I have no name. But when people whisper stories of my ghastly deeds, they call me the Death Knight.



Alfonse: I have to confess that I never intended to become friends with you, [Summoner].
But you’re always there when I need you, to the extent that when you’re not near, I feel…not quite myself.
It’s a delicate position to be in. The more you have to lose, the worse it hurts when you do.
Others may open themselves to such hurt, but as a prince, I must remain strong.
It seemed reasonable to keep everyone at a distance. But you’ve shown me the folly of that.
I would have never discovered our fine friendship, had I not welcomed you in.
And then what would I be? Less than I am. Now, I can only hope you feel the same.
In any case, I swear to keep you safe. You’re my trusted partner, [Summoner].

Alfonse (Spring): So, [Summoner]...
I've been studying the spring festival. The symbolism of the celebration is fascinating...
Eggs represent life and birth...while rabbits bear a large number of offspring, so—
Oh, the costume? I guess I'm stuck with it until Sharena says it's OK to pack it up.
It's funny...maybe even fast you can get used to something.
The longer I'm dressed like this, the stranger the idea of taking it off seems! The idea puts me on edge...
But I can rest assured you'll stay friends with me no matter how I'm attired, I suppose. No need to worry!
Thanks, [Summoner]. It's nice to know I can count on you.

Sharena: You know, I consider it a high honor and an exceptional privilege to spend these moments with you.
Aw, who am I kidding, [Summoner]?
Ha! Let’s drop all that royal jibber-jabber. It’s just us, right? Right!
The thing is, I love being around you. I’ve never been happier!
Sure, you’re a valuable addition to the Order of Heroes-blah, blah, blabbity, blah.
But after spending so much time with you, I just think of you more like…a close friend.
Do you feel the same? Are we friends? Best friends? On our way to being best friends?
We are? Er, which one? Never mind. I’m just delighted… so delighted…so very…
Waah! You’ve made me cry, you silly goose.
I won’t forget this day. Why, I’ll save all my tears of happiness in a vial to remind me-forever!

Sharena (Spring): Well, [Summoner]... Are you ready to join the bunny brigade?
Come on now, don't be shy... Just put this on! Even for a moment...
You're not up for it? Aww...
You know, I'm not dressed this way because I want to be. I just thought it might make your day a little brighter!
I had to gather up all of my courage to put this costume on, so...why don't you join me?
You aren't buying it, are you? Aww! I really wanted to see a bunny summoner!

Anna: I have an assessment to make. You’ve become more dependable than I ever imagined.
Frankly, I wasn’t certain about you from the start. You were new to us. We were new to you.
But look at you now-a great tactician, giving us directions that are often excellent!
Remember when you first showed up and I said you didn’t look like the Great Hero from our legend?
I’m sorry about all of that. As the commander here, I should know to never judge a book by its cover.
The person who was once my superior drilled that into my head. So, I should have known better.
You are the Great Hero, and you have lived up to the legend!
Still, you’re also part of my Order of Heroes, so don’t expect any preferential treatment.
But until the day comes when we save this kingdom once and for all, you and I are in this…together.

Bruno (Spring): Zacharias? I apologize, but that name is unfamiliar to me.
Perhaps the exuberance of spring has pushed thoughts of the past from my mind...
All that matters to me at this moment is celebrating with my dear sister.
The spring festival is a balm—a benediction for those who have triumphed over winter's cruelty.
You would do well to bathe in the warmth, too, [Summoner].
Revel in this moment. The season only lasts so long...

Veronica (Brave): Who are you, [Summoner]?
You are the legendary summoner. But you're not who I thought you would all.
You're kind... I expected someone much more imposing.
Back in my world, I spent so much time thinking about how I'd kill you... But now...
I have an idea. After we find my brother, I want you to show me where you come from.
I want to understand who you really are.

Veronica (Spring): Hippity-hop... A happy rabbit, enjoying the springtime...that's me.
It seems everybody is having fun here.
He's usually so serious... And he's bravely suffering... But today, they're both happy.
I think I like spring...
It's getting to me, too. I'm about to laugh—watch me. You can join in.

Fjorm: My homeland, the ice kingdom of Nifl, is blanketed in snow. Of course, avalanches sometimes bury people...
If you're ever caught in one and someone saves owe that person a debt.
Where I come from, this is important. And you're the one who saved me, [Summoner].
Now you understand why I want to repay you by fighting at your side.
But no matter how hard I try...I feel that you're the one who's helping me—not just then, but now.
I feel like my debt to you is increasing, layer by layer...just like snowfall accumulates in the mountains.
That's why I wanted to talk to you. Let me know if there's anything I can do. I'll help you however I can.
I want to repay my debt. And I promise that I will.

Fjorm (New Year): To be able to visit you for the new year is exactly what I wanted. It's made me very glad.
I've been reflecting on my actions of this past year, and I've decided to embrace new goals for this new year.
I don't want to spend my days idle. I will continue moving forward, and I'll do all I can with the time I have.
And also... I want to help you in any way I can. Even more than I did last year.
Well then... Shall we head to the shrine? Let us both make new promises for this new year.

Fjorm (Bride): I never imagined I would wear a dress like this one day. Especially at a crowded festival. It's...awkward.
When you helped me fight for Nifl, my home, there wasn't any time to reflect on what normal life is like...
But now, having dressed as a bride, I can feel the weight of the peace we seek resting on my shoulders again.
A world where we can spend our lives surrounded by loved ones... That is the life I want for everyone.
And so I'd like to renew my vow to help build a peaceful world with you, [Summoner]—together!

Gunnthrá: Oh, [Summoner]... Sweet [Summoner]...
Yes, it is I, Gunnthrá. We first met in a dream. At last we're united.
As you may remember...I can't speak to just anyone using that rite.
Once I establish that link...I can speak to just one person, for my entire life...
And to make that connection, I have to pledge myself to them from the very depths of my heart.
I can tell that you understand what I mean, [Summoner].
When we first spoke, I knew almost nothing of you...
Yet I pledged myself to you without hesitation.
Oh, don't fret. I would never hold that over you, even as a joke!
If there is anything I can ever do to help you, just say the word. It would bring me tremendous happiness.

Gunnthrá (New Year): Tell me... Have you dreamt your first dream of the new year? I happened to have a very nice one myself.
I can't give you all the details, but it is a dream I'd love to become reality one day...
I like to think it will come true if I work to make it so. And I intend to do just that.
If it does come true... Well, I'll tell you all about it then. I look forward to that time.

Gunnthrá (Summer): The ocean during summer is really special, isn't it? Something about it allows one to open their heart...
Now that I'm used to the heat of the sun, it's quite pleasant... In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's delightful!
Perhaps you've noticed, but...I feel so comfortable here that standing closer to you feels...nice.
It's true that winter's cold draws people close, but summer's freeing warmth seems to do the same...
But with us speaking so closely, I'm beginning to feel a little flush... Is it time for another swim, perhaps?

Hríd: My kingdom was as peaceful as any. Of others, we asked only for alliances, not conflict.
Nifl was as pure as the freshly fallen snow, in other words. But once Múspell invaded, everything changed.
A heart that desires only peace is precious, but its bearer is easy prey. I learned that the hard way.
Even if I want peace—no, BECAUSE I want peace—I must become strong.
I must be the blade that secures our realm. I can permit no further threat to Nifl's sovereignty.

Hríd (New Year): Nifl's winters are long and arduous. They fiercely test the will and the strength of our people.
Despite knowing this, we stay, and every year we brace ourselves until winter gives way to spring.
For us, the new year is the halfway mark between winter and spring. It signals our coming salvation.
I'd like to assist you in reaching your own spring this year, [Summoner].
This year, I will be at your side with my sword to repay the debt I owe you.

Ylgr: This place is amazing! Thank you, [Summoner]!
Thanks to you, I get to go on fun adventures day after day.
Why are you so nice to me? Maybe me? Maybe a little bit?
Aaagh! I'm so embarrassed just talking about this! And what am I going to do if it's true?
Don't tell me! I mean, if you did, it would be OK.
Either way, I want to stay friends with you.

Ylgr (Summer): The beach is so fun during summer! The sun is so bright, and all the food is so yummy!
It's always so cold in Nifl, I never once thought of wearing a swimsuit! The beaches are mostly ice...
Thank you so much for showing me such a good time. I will always remember this with a smile!
Next, I want to do something for you, so I'm going to do my best to get real strong—just like you! Wait and see!
But even when I'm super strong... I still want to go to the beach with you next summer! OK? Promise?!

Surtr: The strong dominate all. That is the way of it. That is my way.
You defeated me. I submit to you. Do as you please.
I am the flame that will burn as you desire—and burn anything that you desire to ash.
I do not need to hear your reasons. The weak are slaughtered and the strong manipulated and used.
Turn my flame toward any target. Burn it. Burn it all. Burn everything in the nine worlds!

Laegjarn: My father would use his flames to kill the weak—even his own children. He never showed the slightest hesitation.
Ever since I was a child...I've seen him do it. Many, many times.
Every day of my life, I lived in fear, but...I had a little sister.
She looked up to me, and I was determined to protect her.
That feeling got so intense that it eclipsed everything else; it's bigger than I am. She made me strong.
Now, I can be a commander, a sheath... Whatever is needed, I can be, for your sake.
You give me strength. Lead, and I will follow. From now on, and until the very end, if you allow it.

Laegjarn (New Year): Unlike my father and my sister, I don't have raw strength. I have to rely on cunning. Tactics win battles.
Yet I could not defeat you. You and Alfonse are the first to corner me...
It's as though you could see right through all of my schemes.
Please, teach me. That's what I'd like to spend this year on—learning from you.
No matter how demanding it may be, I must study your tactics. Please.

Laegjarn (Summer): The beach in midsummer... It's like a dream. I find myself losing track of more time than I'd care to admit.
My duty is to fight. I mustn't lose sight of that while indulging in the pleasures of the summer season.
And yet...spending time with you here, in this weather, has been one of the highlights of my life.
Whatever destiny lies ahead, I will always have these memories to return to—even when times grow dark.
Thank you for that. I will repay you as best I can on the battlefield. You can count on it, [Summoner].

Laevatein: A blade has no feelings. A blade has no thoughts. I am a lethal tool, my father said. Nothing more.
But spending time with you...I have thought about many things.
My sister said she wants me to live. And...I want to live... Together, here, with you.
Is this my idea, or is it my sister's? I am unsure.
And now...this feeling... I do not dislike it. Even if it is unfamiliar.

Laevatein (New Year): You're being slow... Hurry up. You're coming with us—to visit the mountain. The shrine...for the rite, for New Year.
Do not worry. I will not let anyone stop us. I will protect you, and protect Laegjarn, too.
You... You taught me something. I am...not just a blade. There is...more than that.
At the shrine...I will pledge myself. To protecting you and Laegjarn.
Hurry... She's waiting. For both of us.

Laevatein (Summer): Have you been watching me swim, [Summoner]?
I think I've gotten much better since I first started... Thank you for teaching me.
Now, if anything happens to my sister while she's out in the waves, I'll be able to help her.
Of course...I'd swim out to rescue you, too. You taught me to swim, after all.
Why don't we all go swimming together? All three of us. We can race to that island...

Helbindi: Here it comes. You want to know why I follow you, right? Stupid question.
It's not like it's easy for me, either. I've put plenty of people just like you in the ground.
It's simple. Even a beast will wag his tail and show his belly when somebody strong shows up.
Surtr could have killed me, no problem. You, though... I'm more afraid of what you can do.
I don't mean your trick of summoning warriors. There's just something about you...I can't put my finger on.
I've got this feeling that some day you're going something.
Just so we're clear, I'm not your pal, and I'm not your pet. You're strong, so I follow you.
Don't you forget it.

Helbindi (Summer): When I was invited to the beach, the idea itself pissed me off.
But I gotta admit, it turns out the beach ain't half bad.
Lots of little brats running around, having fun... If Menja were here, I bet she'd be doing the same...
...Ugh, never mind... And quit looking at me like that, got it?
Anyway, I guess I'll stick with you if this is the kind of thing I'm in for. So...where ya makin' me go next?

Eir: Ah, [Summoner]... I apologize if I look gloomy to you. I am not used to smiling.
Did I smile as a child? I can't quite recall... My memories are so fuzzy, so faint...
I remember giving Mother a flower. She smiled, and I was so happy.
I am still that child. I would still love to make someone happy like I did then.
Maybe...if I can bring you a little joy, my life would have some value to it.
Please, tell me what I can do. If I could help, I'd be happy. I'd have accomplished something, at least.

Thrasir: My world was destroyed... And my battle was lost. My hope is gone.
Or so I had thought. Your presence makes the fantastical seem real.
Some day, perhaps, my brother... You...
I know that even you cannot save a world that has fallen to ruin.
I know that...
But I can't help but cling to my selfish wishes. Do not let it trouble you.

Loki: I can tell by the look in your eyes that you're here to confess your love.
Before we get to that... Can I borrow your divine weapon? Just for a little bit...
It is simply too much power to put in the hands of a human!
You could rule the nine worlds and every conceivable Outrealm...
The power at your command is truly godlike.
I can certainly think of a few things I'd like to do with it...
Is that a no? You're far too strict!
Disappointing, but hardly unexpected. We've got to get to know each other better...
And someday, when we're as close as close gets, maybe you'll change your mind.

Loki (Spring): Don't be shy. Come closer—take a look. I wore this outfit just for you!
You're blushing, aren't you? Perhaps it's the warmth of spring that's coloring your cheeks...
Or maybe it's something else.
Spring is a lovely season. Winter's chill has faded, and everyone feels... free.
Come on! Let yourself go, dear...
Don't worry... This is a season to live a little. An indiscretion or two will be easily forgiven.

Marth: Over all the battles we’ve fought together, I have come to see my own powerlessness.
As but one, I cannot accomplish anything. Together, we can face everything.
That is why having you at my side gives me courage beyond the telling of it.
I shall continue to fight at your side as long as you will allow me.
I am eternally grateful that we may count on one another.

Marth (Groom): I've been told this outfit is what a man wears when pledging his love to the woman he loves.
In my heart, I already know the woman I want by my side when I make such a vow, but...
Well, dressing in this outfit and thinking about making such vows somehow...makes me nervous.
Ha, I suppose wearing this has been good practice.
Now that I know how it feels, I'll be ready for the real thing.
And when that day comes, I'd be honored to have you bear witness, [Summoner].

Marth (Legendary): Ever since people began referring to me as Hero-King, I've been pondering the true meaning of justice.
Victory births the defeated, and the defeated vow vengeance through clenched teeth.
This means history is forever doomed to repeat itself.
My father struck down, my country seized... I, too, have seen losses, so I can empathize.
After fleeing to safety, I swore to restore my homeland with the help of my comrades.
It was Nyna who entrusted me with the Fire Emblem...and it strengthened my resolve to fight on.
I no longer fought for vengeance... I fought for the people.
I found victory only because I had first found so many allies who shared my new sense of justice.
They lent me their strength, and we fought as one.
And now, I have come to believe that you share that same sense of justice.
Let us continue to fight as one, [Summoner].

Jagen: I have served many years as a knight, but never have I met someone quite like you.
Do we all follow you because you summoned us? I think not. At least not solely.
There is something about you that inspires others to fight for you. I can't put it into words…
It reminds me a bit of Prince Marth, who also naturally draws heroes to his cause.
In any case, I sincerely wish to spend what days I have left fighting at your side.

Cain: Sir Jagen used to always lecture me about my tendency to rush in without thinking.
But with you in charge, I don't lose track of myself in battle and I can do my job.
Thanks, [Summoner].
With you, I can fight with the fire in my belly but not lose my cool. That's always been my goal.

Abel: Prince Marth and my beloved Est are both so important to me.
My loyalty toward my liege, my affection toward my beloved… Both feelings are clear and strong.
But are my feelings toward you loyalty because you summoned me? Or genuine, growing friendship?
I cannot say. The only thing that is clear…is that now I have someone else who is important to me.
I hope you will continue to count on me as you always have.

Draug: I've always concentrated more on protecting my allies than defeating our enemies.
That's why I appreciate what you do on the battlefield.
I see that you care about everyone and want to keep them safe.
I think together we can protect a lot of people. Count on me to help.

Gordin: Thanks so much for all your encouragement. I was only able to work this hard because of you.
With your leadership, I was able to help out lots of times, and that makes me real happy.
I just wish I looked as grown-up as I feel! Hahaha–I guess that's asking too much.
I do feel like I'll continue to grow as long as I'm with you, though. Thanks.

Luke: How do you like how the Legend of Luke has turned out–just as great as you thought, right?
There's no stronger, more virtuous knight than I am. It almost scares me. But you can't keep a legend down!
Ha! I'm just joking. I'm really just an idiot that you believed in, despite all my big talk.
I couldn't stay focused for a minute without you guiding me. So, you know, I really think YOU'RE the big deal.
What? Don't look so surprised! I'm a humble guy under it all. Just please don't let anyone else know, OK?

Roderick: Have I yet proven my use? I hope I have grown strong enough to be of great help to you.
I find it hard to know whether I measure up, but I sense that I haven't disappointed you.
I promise that I'll keep doing my best not to be a burden.
I hope to even lighten your load. This order relies so much on your strength.
I can imagine what it must be like to bear that load. But if you'll allow me to remain…?
I will help you carry it.

Norne: Wh-wha— Oh! I thought I was a goner for sure... Thanks for the help! Seems you're always helpin' me out...
Y'know, I've been thinkin' that you remind me of Kris, and...I think all your help might be the main reason.
Well, that MAY be what it is... But I don't want it to be you who always helps me... Lemme return the favor!
I know! When all this fighting is over, I'll take you to visit my village! I think you'll feel right at home there...
And when we get there, I'll make ya, hands down, the best meal you've ever eaten—believe you me!

Caeda: Your strength has always impressed me. I’ve always felt weak, needing protection from others.
I was envious of your strength, but I think I’ve got it figured out now…
Your strength comes from your belief in your allies. My “weakness” could be your strength.
I would like to stay with you longer and learn more from you and your strength, if that’s OK.
Heehee! I appreciate it. I look forward to observing you right up close…

Caeda (Bride): What does love mean to you? Tell me, [Summoner].
As long as the person I love is safe and happy... That's really all that matters to me.
Wearing this dress got me thinking, though. When they wed, two people vow to make each other happy.
If I were to die... I'm sure that the person I love would be sad. I wonder... Is that what love is?
Love isn't as simple as it seems. And I'm sure we all feel it differently...
What does love mean to you? Please, if you would, share your thoughts with me.

Ogma: Since meeting you all, I've learned that strength comes in many forms.
The strength to protect peace... is not the strength I learned as a gladiator, killing for sport.
I've learned much from you, [Summoner]. And I will learn more yet.
I will become stronger. I will learn to swing my blade in service of a lasting peace.

Barst: I joined the Altean army after a stint as a mercenary... Was a pirate for a bit after that.
Thought I'd retire to the peaceful life as a woodcutter, but here's another war needs my attention.
Heh. That's fate for you, I guess.
Not all bad, though—I got to meet you. Here's to shared fate, eh?
But don't get too comfortable— you never know when we might go our separate ways!

Linde: Excuse me—not to embarrass you or anything—but I wanted to thank you.
Much has happened since we first met, but I've made a lot of happy memories with you and the others.
Back where I came from, I had just lost my father, and I
Sorry. I'm OK now. But I wanted you to know how grateful I am for this new life.
Thank you for your concern and your kindness. You are an inspiration to everyone.

Linde (Summer): Don't you get hot wearing that hood in this heat? You're always looking after me, so I want to do the same for you.
Huh? It's because you have nothing better to do? Hehe, well, if you say so... But I've seen how you help us.
I am truly thankful to you for helping me find a few peaceful days among so much awful battle.
Speaking of... Would you like to go for a swim with me while things are calm?
We need to appreciate these peaceful moments while we can. But also...
I'd like to remember this summer with you forever.

Jeorge: You've heard tales of me? Well, it's not as if I was trying to keep my life secret, I suppose.
True or not, rumors spread like wildfires. There's no point in trying to correct or refute them.
It's refreshing to speak so frankly. It's wonderful that everyone here trusts each other so implicitly.
Being in such company agrees with me very much. Thank you for bringing me here.
I do believe I shall stick around, if you don't mind.

Astram: Long ago, when I was first called heroic, I made a vow on my sword: I will be ever loyal and ever just.
Now, finding myself in this world, my vow remains, and I feel at home knowing you are as driven as I.
I look on the people of Askr, and I am reminded of my friends Jeorge and Midia... Honest, stalwart folk.
Yet, the more stalwart, the greater possibility of conflict...
Remember that should it ever seem opportune for you to turn against Archanea.
For Mercurius and I will cleanse the wicked from this world and any other! ...Should the time ever come, I mean.

Michalis: I died once — did you know? Minerva defeated me, crushed all my mighty ambitions on that battlefield.
I should have stayed dead, but a foolish spark remained in my heart.
Now I must admit that my time with you has kindled that tiny spark once more.
With the power I've gained at your side, I could dream once more of conquering worlds...
Regardless, until I make my decision, I will follow you and see what else I might gain.

Minerva: I do not have what is required of a ruler. During my time ruling in place of my brother...
I have allowed rebellion, been captured, and displayed my own powerlessness and disgrace.
Perhaps I could better rule with a tactician like you at my side...
You have a unique quality about you—you make me feel as if...
I still have much I can accomplish. Thank you for that. I swear to not give up and to look to the future.

Maria: Heeheehee! What do you think— the strongest I've been yet, right?
My siblings have always protected me, and I knew someday I had to be strong enough to protect myself.
But you've helped me realize that "someday" isn't good enough! I need to be strong now.
Fighting is no fun, but I think it's why I've gotten as strong as I have.
Thanks for helping me realize my dream!

Palla: Of course, Princess Minerva will always be my liege and foremost in my thoughts.
And obviously my two sisters are very dear to me. However...
I must confess that someone else is now occupying many of my thoughts. Someone I met here...
Ahem. I hope I can continue to stay by your side and make you proud.
Oh, thank you so much! You've made me so happy!

Palla (Spring): A warm breeze fills the air...the breath of spring over the hills and fields. Winter has ended.
Winter's chill snatches away warmth from the people and life and color from the land.
No matter how harsh the winter, everyone can always look forward to spring and support each other.
Spring is their reward for overcoming the winter. They can laugh, sing, dance, and celebrate as one.
So let's join them—together. Two happy spring rabbits!

Catria: Huh. Is that how I seem? Like I'm always staring off into the distance?
Heehee! I guess if that's how it seems, it's probably true, right?
But I know how to fix it—by spending more time with you, developing
I know that every day I spend with you will help me focus and keep me looking straight ahead.
As long as I have you by my side, I can do anything.

Catria (Spring): Stopping to enjoy a spring festival... It's a little bit hard for me to wrap my head around, frankly.
The thought would never have crossed my mind before. I was too busy fighting for my life...
Then again, perhaps the struggles we went through give meaning to our celebrations today.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to take the conversation down such a serious path. I can't help but speak my mind...
Really, I should just drop everything and enjoy myself for now. But that's not a thing I really know how to do.
Maybe you can help me figure it out— help me figure out how to change.
When I'm with you, I feel like I can get a glimpse into what it might be live a different life.
Thank you, [Summoner].

Est: Abel and I run a small shop together back home in Altea.
That was always my wish for us, but I'm glad to be here, helping you with this fight.
After all, that's how I met you, and you've shown me all the different bonds people can share...
I used to see things a bit childishly, but seeing that means I'm an adult now, right? Haha!
In any case, thank you for all you've helped me to see. I'll keep counting on you!

Merric: It's been some time since we began to fight side by side, yet you still find ways to surprise me.
I don't mean that in a bad way! You're just...a very mysterious person.
You're not like anyone I've met. The things you come up with...the rest of us have never dreamed of.
You are like a wind that blows through each of our lives and changes our fates.
So please know that I believe in you and your abilities. I will work with you as long as you'll have me.

Hardin (Fallen): There are countless kings and even more nobles in the world, but most lack the power to back up their status.
Most of them simply rot in the mud of their privilege.
These fools invite war to their doorsteps and then send their own citizens off to die.
What point is there for such a country to exist? Perhaps it would be best for such places to be destroyed outright.
This very world included...
However, through the fog of war I saw a light. Archanea's true treasure... I swore on my sword to protect her.
It was that purpose which showed me that the country—the world—needed to be cleansed.
I needed to exile the fools and kill all who opposed me.
Even if that meant cutting down someone entrusted with the Fire Emblem itself.
Pardon me, what... What was I saying just now? Right... I must annihilate the rebels. Ready the army!

Camus: I wonder when it was that I first began actively shutting others out.
Obviously my experiences played a part, but since fighting at your side, I feel my thinking has changed.
At first my isolation protected me from the pain of losing someone I cared about...or so I thought.
But to allow that fear to prevent genuine connection with others is to rob yourself of their strength.
You taught me that, and you will always have my gratitude.

Sirius: The Order of Heroes is a beautiful thing. The patriots of a righteous land... I can relate to that.
I, too, gave up everything to fight for my country, king, and people...
Every thrust of my lance reinforced that there were no other paths for me than to live and die as a knight.
When I finally lost everything, I met some people who showed me what it meant to fight for those you love.
If I had known then what I know now, perhaps I would have met with a different fate—as would have others...
...Ahem. I fear I've said too much. Please, forget all that. Now, I fight for you alone, and that is all I am.

Sheena: I have heard that you are not originally from this world.
So why is it that you continue to fight for it?
Is it simply that you value the friends you have made here and do not wish to abandon them?
If so...I can understand your feelings. I, too, cannot abandon those who need my help...
As such, I will not leave you here. As long as you remain, I promise to support you as well.

Tiki (Young): Heeheehee! I'm so happy not to be alone anymore!
I have so many friends here—so many people to talk to!
And it's all because you summoned me here.
You're my favorite, you know. Let's stay together forever!

Tiki (Young, Summer): The ocean is so big! I didn't even know there was this much water! Isn't it amazing, [Summoner]?
If I change into a dragon and drink until I'm full, do you think I could drain the ocean?! I'm gonna try!
Blech! It's so salty! Why is ocean water salty? It just rained, and rain isn't salty.
And when you eat a fish from the ocean, the fish isn't salty! So why is the ocean? Do you know?
Hehe, you're so easy to talk to! I really like it when we chat, [Summoner].
So let's keep talking until I get sleepy! I'm gonna try my hardest to stay awake a really, really long time!
...OK, so now you try some ocean water.

Tiki (Legendary): Will you tell me something, [Summoner]?
Why are you here?
For me, things are a little strange— even scary sometimes. When I think about being all alone, I...
When the fighting is done, I want to go back and see all of my friends again.
Do you think I can? Would you go with me? That's what I wanted to ask you. I hope that's OK...
More than anything, I...I just don't want to be alone anymore.

Tiki (Fallen): I'm s-so...scared... Don't leave me... Please...
...Hm? O-oh, [Summoner]!
In my dreams...I always have the same nightmare... Everyone leaves... and I stay behind...
But you're different... You stay with me, [Summoner]...
Please, promise you'll never leave me... I hate being alone...

Nagi: You are a mysterious person, walking a mysterious path...
The power flowing within you, hidden... It is most significant.
I know not how to express this feeling in words, and yet...I understand it.
That is why I must remain here... For you.
Yes... For you. To give you what you need is...everything I am.

Bantu: You are a curious human. I have lived a long life, but...never before have I encountered one such as you.
Yet it feels as if... No, it's not possible you and I have it? Perhaps you only remind me of someone...
Whatever the case, I have a favor to ask of you: Would you take care of this dragonstone for me?
It need not be right away; I must keep watch over Tiki, after all. Yet the time will come when my duty ends...
When that time comes...I will leave quietly and dispense of the dragon in me, as my brethren before me...

Katarina: In my world, there was someone very dear to me. You've always reminded me of that person.
That person was like a Hero to me but is neither in this world or that one.
So I did some reading about other worlds here, and I came to a curious conclusion.
You are that person.
I know...I know... It makes no sense. Perhaps it's even unsettling to hear such a thing!
Whether I am wrong or you simply don't recall those days, I pledge my service to you fully.
I'm not sure I'm always the most competent person in your group, but I will always give you my best!

Clarisse: I've been thinking about something. Lots of time has gone by since I got here.
I've maybe helped you more than I like...but also sneered at you more than I should.
Still, the longer I'm here in the castle, I wonder if this is what having a family feels like.
Hey! Get that smile off your face. I'm only wondering! Not saying it's what I want!
Seriously, never bring this up again. Or else I'll have to—you know, put an arrow in your hide.
All right then, have we reached an understanding? Good.

Legion: We allses are strong now? Strong-strong? Uwe hee hee!
We allses wonder somethings. Why youses use Legion?
We know. But we don't. We know but don't. But we have guess.
Legion is broken. Our heartses. Rest of us allses too. Like we allses are brokenses.
Legion likes you. We allses think you don't hate us. But we too broken to know.
We makes you promises. We stand by youses. Forevers and forevers! Uwee hee!

Navarre: I usually fight alone. However...
I can imagine a future fighting with all of you.
Never mind. Don't listen to anything I've said.
It's all nonsense, and I blame you for my sentimentality, [Summoner].

Phina: This world isn't bad, but being here makes me realize how much I like life in Archanea!
Oh, but I really appreciate you too! You've been so helpful since I got here, [Summoner]!
I want to return the favor, so you have to come visit Archanea after all the fighting here is done, OK?!
Promise? If you do, I'll show you a special dance I haven't shown anyone before...
But! You'll just have to wait for that! Don't worry—I'll make sure you've got the energy you need until then!

Wrys: I must admit...being surrounded by so many young people has me pushing myself beyond my years.
But the journey has been very much worthwhile. I have seen that there is still much I can do.
I will keep my prayers with those who have guided me on my way... and that includes you.
Please continue to use this feeble old man in whatever way will help your cause.
Let all be as the gods will.

Athena: We understand many of your fancy words now.
Summon is how you call Heroes like you do.
Breidablik is funny weapon. Divine, divine—we know.
And shoot is to shoot. Even little babies know that.
We are grateful for patience you give us.
There is a saying in home country, that true warriors in group fight as one body with many arms.
So, we help allies, and we give our two arms gladly.
Now, final word we have learned. We are your, how do you say again...? Woman?
Wait, no. Friend. We are your friend. And we hope to learn many more words from you.

Gharnef: I see how you look at me. You know the question I mean to ask you...
What is the source of your power? I cannot divine it. Just what are you?
I am the Dark Pontifex. I am feared by all. I am no longer human, and I steal the light away with my darkness.
Yet to your enemies, you must appear like a dark ruler, too... Controlling spirits, bringing death...
Heh heh heh... It seems you do not understand. You are more like me than you realize.
Dark ruler [Summoner]...
Dominate your foes. Bend this world to your will. Each of us may lead our own realm, according to our whims...

Alm: Good timing. I've been meaning to talk to you about something, [Summoner].
My grandfather refused to let me ever leave my home, Ram Village. So I don't know much about the world.
Since you summoned me here, I've met many different people. So many...surprises.
When it comes to you, I feel a bond different than the one I have with my friends.
I'm...relieved? ease?
Really, I've only felt this way with one other person. It's more than just you showing me all of these new things — much bigger than that, really.
This might sound sappy, but I'll say it anyway. Meeting you was like the dawn of something new. Thanks.

Alm (Legendary): I may be Saint-King Alm, but I have every intention of remaining true to myself. But, well...
That's easier said than done thanks to the daily tasks required of a king.
Unless there's a major battle, I have to leave the fighting to Clive, Lukas, and the knights.
I hadn't even set foot on a battlefield for some time before arriving here.
I'm glad I can use my experience and strength to help the people of Askr. Every day has been wholly fulfilling.
There aren't many people I can admit that to, so I'm thankful to have met you here in this world.
Thank you for letting me relive my life as a fighter, if even for a moment. It's been like a dream.
And even after I wake from it, I won't forget you.

Alm (Brave): Growing up in a village, I never had to think about my country or how it fit in the world.
That's why—to tell you the truth— I can't help but wonder if I'm truly meant for something like this...
But still, I can't give up. I must forge ahead with all of my might, like when I was entrusted with the Deliverance.
Besides, I have so many friends who are working alongside me: Celica, and my comrades in the Deliverance...
And above all, the calls of those who brought me here drive me to build a world where we shape our own lives!

Lukas: What perfect timing you have, [Summoner].
I was ready for a break from the usual routine. Chat with me a moment, won't you?
I've noticed that you and I both are walking a similar path here.
We are both Heroes, are we not? Both of us, summoned here.
And both, constrained by the habits and patterns of that place, only to wake a bit upon landing here.
Still, one can't regret the past, ties that bind and all. We must carry on.
Don't you agree? Ha! Well, perhaps I overspoke.
Or is it that we too deeply sympathize—and there is really no need for much ado?
In any case, I'm glad to be with you. Right here, right now.

Lukas (Picnic): I must thank you for that meal. You're quite a cook, aren't you? It was truly delicious.
When I was first summoned here, I found this place rather puzzling. It was a relief to find I liked the food.
A soldier is useless on an empty stomach, after all.
I'm grateful that we can share a delicious meal together under a beautiful blue sky.
Let's do this again sometime. I find that anything is enjoyable as long as I'm with you.

Gray: Hey, [Summoner]... I have to ask you this. Why did you summon me here?
Take a look around. Princes and princesses...even from other worlds. Everywhere!
I have to laugh. You know I'm just some schlub from a tiny village in the middle of nowhere, right?
You're saying you need my help? You called me here...because I'm a Hero, too?
Joke's on you! I knew that's what you were going to say. But I'm surprised that you kept a straight face...
If you really do think of me as a Hero, well... I feel like I'm stronger than anyone — even some king.

Tobin: I try to find souvenirs for my siblings between fights, but I can't afford anything to pricey.
Maybe a jar, or some nice cloth. Looking at things like that helps me picture their faces...
And that cheers me up, you know?
Take a look at this cog. It's a small part of something larger. Really makes you think...
You think so too? I knew you'd understand. Here, you can have it if you want.
I mean, I picked it up for you, after all. I can't get you anything too fancy, but...
Well, I saw this and pictured your face. It can be proof of our friendship. Er, I mean...
Uh, it's my way of saying thanks.

Kliff: Hey, [Summoner]... Want to talk?
Honestly, I wanted to ask you something. Do I have a bad attitude?
My friends say I do. It's true, isn't it?
I don't know why, but just about everything irritates me.
Maybe it's because I'm young. I'm not free to do what I want... I feel like I'm still waiting to grow up.
My dream is to travel the world on my own. I won't be going back to my village. That's a secret, by the way.
When I can go wherever I please, I'll try and find the time to visit you again. Probably.
Don't be surprised if I turn up!

Faye: Oh! Well, it's you, isn't it, [Summoner].
My eyes light up every time I turn a corner around here, hoping that I'll see you-know-who.
And, you know? You're not Alm, but you don't have to be. At least, not anymore.
Funny how people can be so stuck on someone...that they don't see what's right there.
I know you'd think I'm the last one to ever say something like that. But it's true.
I have proof. See? I'm working on a good-luck charm for you. Thought of you with every stitch.
Does it look good? Do you like it? I hope so. You mean a lot to me, so I really want it to be great!

Silque: You and I are but travelers passing through this country, it seems. Before long, it will be time to move on...
I want those I meet to remember my face as one wearing a smile, so I try to hide any sadness I might feel.
But with's different. I want you to see me as I truly am. And hope you feel the same for me.
No matter what lies in your heart, you will find only acceptance from me—and empathy for your pain.
When we depart from this world, the hurt we share will make the good memories that much brighter.

Clair: Ah, there you are, my fine friend [Summoner]!
I was just thinking how nice it would be to see your face. Why, you ask?
I suppose I've taken a liking to you. Is there something so very strange about that?
Yes? No? Perhaps? Well, let's throw caution to the wind. It's undeniable we have a bond.
It's quite mysterious, and perhaps even fate. But I hope you don't misunderstand.
My heart's fondest affections are reserved for Alm— Oh! Please forget I said that.
Still, here is what I meant to say. You have somehow become very dear to me. That is all.

Clive: It's strange. As soon as I see you, I feel the tension that has built up within me crumble into nothing.
As a knight commander, I always strive to embody the qualities of a leader. It is my station.
Between us, however...I'll admit that I have sometimes thought about casting all of it away.
I have never spoken to anyone about this, you must understand.
You...are someone I can confide in. I feel I can tell you just about anything. Why is this?
Perhaps it is because we hail from different worlds, and different walks of life...
Thought that may be true...that is not the whole truth.
It's your charisma. You charm us all... And we follow you, both on and off the battlefield. That's how I see it.

Forsyth: Hello there. How are you doing? I, for one, couldn't be better. In fact, I'd like to be deployed even more!
I enlisted with dreams of knighthood, but I got stuck out in the middle of nowhere somehow...
But now I'm glad for any chance to make a name for myself!
Honestly, I thought I was dreaming, being summoned to another world by someone in need of my power...
I just hope I'm able to meet your expectations... I must be ever ready to lend my renowned strength... Hah!
Er... Forgive my levity. In any case, for peace, I shall spare no effort! Please, give me whatever orders you will!

Python: Oh, it's you. Sorry if you expected me to thank you for summoning me... It's just I already had plenty to do.
Seriously. Couldn't you have taken care of all this yourself? You needed MY help? C'mon—did ya even try?!
Whatever. Too late now! Not sendin' me back anytime soon, I imagine... Fine. I'll do what needs doin'...
But AT LEAST tell me what's in it for me... Bribery does wonders for my motivation, y'know!
By the time I head back, I expect ya to have a nice reward ready for ol' Python. Better get started planning!

Celica: There's something I'd like to speak to you about. Will you listen to what I have to say?
As you know, people call me Celica. But, actually...I have another name. My true name is Anthiese.
This is a secret I must guard closely. If the people of Zofia were to learn of it, it would result in a pointless war.
I do feel safe telling you, though. In fact, I want you to understand. You matter to me. I trust you with my life.
Even if I return to my world, please remember the time we spent. Think of me...
The girl called both Celica...and Anthiese.

Celica (Fallen): The visions appear as dreams... I see myself living in a small village... With an old man and a young boy.
And I want... to go there... Yet, I do not know them or this village. It vexes me so.
I am certain you are the cause of these visions... You and the warmth you have shown me.
What was that? You think that someday... I can go there? Curious...
I am Lord Duma's faithful servant. And yet... I feel like I might believe your words...
No. I mustn't give in.

Celica (Brave): It may be odd for a warrior priestess to admit this, but...I do not enjoy fighting.
If it were up to me, I would never hurt another living soul.
However, if something or someone important to me needs defending, I have no choice but to fight.
I must sound like such a hypocrite... Do you think poorly of me?
You say I'm a truly kind person? N-no, I disagree... Not long ago, I angered someone very close to me.
His only wrongdoing was casting his own safety aside so he could fight for his full convictions without hesitation.
In fact, you remind me of him... Just a little. Perhaps that's why I'm willing to fight to protect you.
If I stay by your side...then I'm sure my reasons for fighting will become clear.

Mae: [Summoner]! Am I glad to see you! Spending time with you gives me energy.
What? I'm already TOO energetic? So mean! You sound just like Boey.
Just kidding! I know you're joking. I'm happy that we're close enough to kid around now.
We've been fighting for a while now... I think I get you, at least a little bit. You're so calm and so kind...
So, yeah, your little joke surprised me! It's nice to see this side of you. Maybe I'll see another one tomorrow!

Boey: My family... Well, I'll be honest with you. We were poor as poor gets, so off to the priory I went.
They said I had a talent for magic. Don't get me wrong. I didn't suffer over it. But I did wonder...
If I was born somewhere else, what would my life have been like? I gave up thinking about it. There's no point.
But then I was summoned here—a world full of different people. Fighting alongside them has been great.
And I have to thank you for that. We've been together for a long time now. You're not just someone I know.
Now...I think of you more

Genny: Can I ask you something? I'd like it if you would visit more often. Will you spend some time with me?
If you find the time, we could drink tea or go for a walk in the woods or around the lake...
Is that too much to ask? I know you already come and see me a lot. I don't want you to get tired of me.
People always tell me that I'm like a little sister, but I want you to see me as more than that.
I'll do my best to get stronger and stand on my own two feet. I really hope you'll see what I mean.

Genny (Picnic): Phew...I'm tired. I'm not used to talking so much, but there's just something about you...
You see, my mother abandoned me. I've always wondered why, but lately I've been thinking about letting it go.
If she hadn't abandoned me, I never would have met Celica...or you.
If I can have days like this, where the fun seems endless...I can forget my worries.
I hope we get a chance to talk again. I really like you. That's our little secret, OK?

Saber: Nice timing, [Summoner].
I was about to head into town for some fun, if you want to tag along.
Too busy, you say? There's more to life than work, you know. You never know which day could be your last.
So I say eat, drink, and be merry if you can! OK, OK! Uncross your arms and take that frown off your face.
Ugh, the toughest mercenary you ever met, trounced by a look... My reputation is ruined.
Ahh, no hard feelings. We're cool now, so it's fine. But let's hang out sometime soon, yeah?

Valbar: The Heroes in your service really put in the work. Good on 'em! 'Course, there are a few oddballs too, but...
Well, my guys are unique in their own right. They do mean well, but... they can be a real handful too.
That said, they stood by me in my darkest hour... Takin' on a fight that was...ill-advised, to put it lightly.
No words can express my gratitude. And I know if I managed to tell 'em how I feel, they'd all just laugh it off.
Hm... Think I should give it a shot, do ya? Well...since it's coming from you, I'll think on it. How 'bout that?

Leon: Hello, [Summoner]! I've prepared some tea. Would you care to join me?
I must admit, I was anxious when you first summoned me here.
Ugh, don't laugh—it's rude! I may not look worried, but I have my fair share of concern, same as anyone else.
Anyway, you've proven yourself more than capable, so I suppose I don't mind sticking around.
To be honest, I am eager to return home... But that can wait, I think...
Care for another cup?

Mathilda: Do you have a moment? I need your advice. It's about my love's sister. No matter what I do, it's not enough.
I want to bridge the gap between us. She is not so different from him... Attractive, intelligent, and strong.
I'm rambling. What I really want to ask is this: what can I do?
You say that if I care this much, she'll come around eventually? I hope so. For now, I'll take your word for it.
It's strange, isn't it? It's so easy to talk to you, even about such a difficult subject... I hope we may speak again.

Delthea: Hey! You kept me waiting, [Summoner]!
I'm impressed by your power... and by the way you fight so hard. You're not even from here!
My brother's always lecturing me. But you're not like that... And I feel safe when I'm with you.
Don't worry. I don't hate Luthier. All I'm saying is that I like spending time with you. I wonder why...
Keep showing me new things, and I'll keep on fighting for you. Do we have a deal?

Delthea (Fallen): I remember...a small village...always fighting with someone. Who was that, I wonder...
...No matter. If they are an enemy of Tatarrah, I'll kill them just the same.
With you, it is just as it is with Tatarrah... You tell me who to kill. Your will cannot be opposed.
You pretend there is a difference, but I am your tool. I kill for you like I kill for Tatarrah.
Do not worry... With me at your side, all your enemies are as good as dead already... I'll kill them all for you.

Catria (Valentia): I traveled from Archanea to Valentia searching for Est, and now I find myself in Askr... My head is spinning!
Palla always says new places lead to new faces...and I'm sure Est is ecstatic exploring new places...
Why am I so different? Sometimes it makes me wish I'd been born a bit more carefree...
Wishing won't make it so, though... And besides, I've come to accept that who I am now isn't all that bad.
After all...I see a bit of myself in you. The glue that binds Heroes together... It may be hard, but we'll do our best!

Sonya: Oh, [Summoner]. Did you come to see me so I could spoil you? You're just too cute!
Aw, stop squirming - I'm only kidding. I had two older sisters, and they spoiled me rotten.
So can you blame me for teasing you? At least I finally understand why you join us in battle.
It's because you know your presence is a boost to our morale. You really are an exceptional leader.
It's actually charming, in a way...
Seeing your face always puts my mind at ease. Remember to give ma a smile now and then, OK?

Conrad: When I was a child, I survived an assassination attempt... After that, I lived in hiding.
I knew nothing of the world...had no friends... All that kept me going was my dream of reuniting with my sister.
Coming here and meeting others who have survived similar hardships has strengthened my resolve even more...
I will exact my vengeance on those who made me and Anthiese suffer!
Er, well, I would...had Alm not beaten me to it. To the victor goes the glory, I suppose... Heh...

Berkut: Oh, it's you. Such a restless creature you are. It's undignified. Be calm, and sit down for a moment, at least.
After so many battles, I can see that you have some skill as a leader. Though it pains me, I must admit it.
On my return to Rigel, you could even join my forces as a commander. What say you?
Hah! That "no" was both quick and firm. Of course, that's the answer I expected from you.
Just be glad this is not Rigel. Your head would be rolling on the floor right now. Oh, well...
The fate of a great man is to have no one he might call a friend. But you... Is that what you are to me? Perhaps.

Berkut (Fallen): You, pitiful you are. To the people of this world, you are little more than a walking sacrifice.
They praise you as a savior, but once your usefulness has run its course, they will cast you aside...
Of course, you struggle with the idea. You want to tell me how wrong I am. Your naivety is plain on your face.
You see only the surface of things. Beneath, the world is cruel—everyone hides their true intentions.
Someday, you will realize the truth as I have... When that day comes, I will relish the regret on your face... Hah!

Berkut (Splendid Soiree): Unlike his older brother the emperor, my father was a kind, gentle man. He passed ere I was 10 years old.
My mother smiled often when I was small. I remember it well...
Oh, they'd argue, to be sure, but soon I'd see them dancing together in the great hall.
I did not yet understand marriage. Still, I knew I wanted someone who'd dance like that with me.
When I first met Rinea, she told me she loved to dance. It was as if... Well...
I see that I've said too much. Now take that silly grin off of your face.

Rinea (Splendid Soiree): Hello, there. Are you taking a break? You look a little peaked. Me? Oh, I'll dance some more!
Does that surprise you? Hee-hee. I get that a lot. My love of dance astounds even Lord Berkut.
I love to dance so much... So much so that, well, when I was a child...
I told my parents I wanted to be a dancer. They didn't take it very well. I couldn't help myself, though!
When I was young, I'd dance alone in the only audience birds and rabbits.
Now, though, I can dance here, in front of everyone. Even Lord Berkut looks to be having fun.
What a wonderful time. I'm so happy.

Duma: I have come to know you in the time since you called me here, Summoner.
You are a strong one. But your strength is not the strength I hope to see in mankind.
At times, you do approach my ideal... But your kindness is more like my sister Mila's.
Seeing you makes me ponder what things would have been like if we had ruled the land together.
No, this is foolishness. A god like me, learning from you, who is as dirt? Pay this no heed.

Sigurd: When others schemes against us, my father and I were branded as traitors. Our family's honor was lost.
I fought to bring the truth to light and honor back to our name. But I failed.
Seliph fought so hard to dispel the regrets I left behind, even at his young age...
The Scion of Light, eradicating the darkness, and avenging his father — that's how people must see him.
Of course, there's more than one way to look at things. Evil can be seen as good — and good, evil.
This is, unfortunately, something I learned too late.
I must explain this to Seliph. It is my duty as his father — I must do what I can to help him become a true king.

Arden: Why is everybody always leaving me behind? I swear...
No, I get it. My armor's heavy. It makes me slow, and I can't keep up with 'em.
The thing is, that's my job! I'm an armored knight. Take away this thick armor, and I couldn't protect anybody!
There's no way I'm gonna stop doing my job, so I've made myself square with it.
Listen to me grumble! I guess you just did, now that I mention it. Hey, I feel a lot better now. Thanks!

Arvis: How do you envision this world? What form do you think it should take, [Summoner]?
Cast aside trifles, like who won or lost yesterday's battle. What are your plans for shaping the world?
You understand what I'm getting at, don't you? People like us... we have the power to change the world.
Your abilities are remarkable. Understand, then, that I believe it is your duty to guide this world.
I, myself, will not stop until I can return to my world and mold it into its ideal form.
For the sake of that task, I ask you: What sort of world would you like to see? I must hear your answer.

Tailtiu: Hey there! Do you have a minute?
No matter what's going on, you're always so nice. It's one of the things I really like about you.
Wait...are you blushing? You are! I never know what to expect from you!
I try not to think too hard, but I do have good instincts when it comes to people. You're a good person.
And when I feel this way about somebody, I do what I can to help them out.
I always have a good time when I talk to you, [Summoner].
So you keep on helping me, and I'll keep on helping you!

Quan: Some time has passed since first we fought together... I am now certain you possess great skill.
If you had been there then...
But no. I have something more pressing to discuss. What I want to ask is this: Why do you fight?
How do you find meaning in battle? What goal motivates you?
I was met by defeat and lost everything...
Even so, I still believe my actions will reverberate into the future.
Truly, I have no idea what effect those actions will have on the final outcome...
But I must hold strong to my will to fight. The alternative is too terrifying to contemplate.
As long as you carry justice in your heart, I will be by your side, Gáe Bolg in hand.
Let us move forward without hesitation, my friend.

Ethlyn: Greetings, [Summoner].
How is your family? Tell there anyone you've pledged yourself to, a lifelong love?
Both my husband, Quan, and my brother are irreplaceable to me. I am truly blessed to have them.
More than that, daughter, Altena, and my son, Leif...
Whenever I picture their smiling faces...I can endure anything.
For those who matter most to me, there is nothing I cannot overcome. Risking my life does not scare me.
I hope that you can find the same strength within you. Let us fight together, unfailingly!

Ayra: Before I came here, I fought alongside my comrades in a great battle. We were defeated.
That's just how it is. And even if I could go back in time... I'd still fight.
Yes, I'd fight to the bitter end. I have no doubt. What's really important is how you live your life.
Being here, with you...I can't complain. I'm satisfied with things as they are.
But we might part ways—one day. Keeping that in mind reminds me how precious our time together really is.

Jamke: In their weakness, my father and my brothers were blinded to the world and thought only of Verdane.
My words fell on deaf ears...and I had no choice but to become a traitor to my fatherland.
My family died before my eyes.
I am not saying that I regret the choice I made. I followed my convictions.
Every day, however, I do wonder if there was a path I could have chosen that avoided the worst...
One day, you will be confronted by a decision just as difficult as the one I made.
When that time comes, let your heart guide your hand. You must follow your own beliefs.
Hold fast to your convictions. That is the only way to avoid regret.

Lewyn: Very good work preparing for the battles ahead. You're very skilled. I respect that.
Don't make that face. I'm serious! You've impressed me. I've seen all you do to help that trio from Askr.
The only thing I can't figure out is what matters to you.
Do you have a goal? Something to protect? Do you have the resolve needed to see everything through?
If you lack these things, stop fighting now. Moving forward blindly...could cost you your life.
You don't want that, do you? Take a good look at yourself. Otherwise, at a critical'll fall.
As for me, I can't die yet because I haven't done what needs to be done. One fool like me is enough...
Take care of yourself, [Summoner].

Eldigan: After I was summoned into this realm, I had a strange revelation.
Where I came from, I placed my absolute loyalty in my lord. But here, that lord is you.
A knight of my caliber must serve his lord—no matter what the cut of that lord.
So I have always believed. But I will confess this, now that I have spent so much time with you.
I am honored to pledge my sword to a master of your qualities.
Still, a knight cannot choose his master, and so I count myself most fortunate to have met you.
Again and always—I forever pledge my sword and my loyalty to you.

Lachesis: In my world, my dear brother gave all, struggling to serve the highest of knightly ideals.
How I tried to keep him from being consumed by his situation. Tried—and failed.
My heart has been torn to ribbons, and those ribbons, to tatters.
Dearest, darling Eldie—I mean, Brother—how I miss you and your noble bearing.
Though one longs to walk through life with as superlative a person, one must carry on.
You have proven that you, like he, fight to preserve the hope of others who depend on you.
One hopes—that is, I hope—that you will take great care and let me battle with you. I can't stand any more loss.

Deirdre: So many of my memories—memories that meant a lot to me... They're gone.
I know that someone important to me has vanished into that darkness.
I...I feel uneasy. Even now, here, with you. I worry I may never see you again.
If I forget about you, too...please, I beg you...
Come and talk to me, and tell me all about our time together. Bring back the memories I've lost.

Silvia: Don't you get tired of thinking so much, [Summoner]?
Just looking at you gives me a headache. What's going on in there?
I used to know a priest...and you're just like him. His face would wrinkle up, and he'd groan and groan...
Aren't you lucky, though? Because...
Da-da-da-dah! I'm here with you!
Even with all the troubles you carry around... I can dance for you. You have me to help you relax.
I'll help you with your stamina, because if you don't have energy, everybody here is in trouble!
Whenever you need me, just say the word!

Seliph: People laud me as a hero and legend, but I feel like I owe my whole world an apology.
You know me better than most, so you must realize the truth.
I am too weak, too cowardly, to live up to such a legend. I have truly only ever wanted one thing—to run away.
Still, I have always done the opposite, fighting whoever I must. And do you know why?
Because I have friends who inspire me, and you more than most. I need you... in order to be me. You see?
I pledge to help you any way I can, ever at your side—now and well into our future.

Julia: My brother Julius and I both inherited a special power through our lineage.
I...gained the ability to use the Book of Naga.
My brother...could take hold of a book of terrible darkness, and it turned him into a devil of a man.
Both of our fates were made merely because of lineage.
What if I could succumb to what took hold of my brother—become your worst enemy against my will?
The thought terrifies me. But I take heart in one thing—how you have continued to be there for me.
I believe, were that to happen, that one word from you would bring me back to my senses.
I ask you to never leave my side, so that I...can never leave yours.

Julia (Legendary): In the past, I've resented the crusader blood flowing through my veins... Yet, it gives me the strength to fight fate.
Now I understand. In order to face the great malice that threatens the world, this strength is necessary.
It's like your ability to summon... But I fear even still we will both face even greater threats to overcome.
Though I cannot take your place, allow me to pray for you, that it might bring us closer to peace...
I pray the gods grant you protection, gentle [Summoner].

Ares: Well met, [Summoner].
I will admit that I despised you at first-because you don't fight.
I came to realize, though, that you are a warrior in your own way, and a fine one at that. Pardon my rudeness.
In my thought, I have a tendency toward, rigidity. I've lost loved ones and even raised my sword at friends.
Loyalty is what drives a knight to take up arms. However, loyalty can become a prison... It happened to me.
You though, you perceive things from a distance. When I came to understand why you fight...
I decided that I would be the blade that destroys your foes.
I swear this on Mystletainn, the Demon sword, and also on my name-Ares, the black knight.

Lene: Hmm... What color should I wear today? Just a touch of makeup, and... Oh, [Summoner]!
What's that? When you look at me, you forget about the war? That's the idea—I dance to raise people's spirits!
And if I dance in rags, it will just remind them of the war, not make them forget about it.
I am not a warrior... I am a dancer. I want to bring a touch of color to people's lives.
If I can make the sadness and the terror of fighting disappear from their minds, even for a moment, then...
I've done my job.
If the war is getting you down, and you're feeling exhausted... Just come and see me. I'll dance just for you!

Julius: Why, hello, [Summoner]! Back from the slaughter?
Let's talk about who you plan to crush next. Tell me, what will you destroy?
You don't enjoy fighting, you say? Don't play coy with me.
You must enjoy it. Down to the very, very depths of your soul, I think...
People live by taking from others—by defeating them, do they not? Those who don't fight aren't fit to live.
Human kindness? There you go again, spouting nonsense. Surely you don't really mean it!
You may say whatever you like now, but you'll be forced to acknowledge the truth sooner or later.
And when you find out what lies beyond all of the fighting... I'll be waiting for you, a smile on my face.

Ishtar: Tell me, [Summoner]... Do you have feelings for anyone?
Whether or not they return your love, or if it is unrequited...
I know this question is sudden. I ask because I must understand something...
Not long ago, I fought for one I loved deeply.
I fought even though I knew this path was wrong, both as a warrior and as a woman.
There may be a time when you must choose your path, as I did...
Promise me one thing. When that time comes, do not make a choice that you will live to regret.

Leif: I just wanted to tell you that I really appreciate everything you've done for me.
Thanks to you, I've gotten much stronger. I may be a descendant of one of the crusaders, but...
I can't wield our family's divine weapon, and I'm not even close to matching my father's strength.
I've been frustrated by this for a long much so that I've made some very stupid mistakes.
I have learned one thing—you don't get strong overnight. I've got no choice but to keep inching forward...
And I want to continue to fight by your side. That's how I'll learn what true strength is.
What I want more than anything is the ability to protect those who matter most to me.

Leif (Legendary): Ah. I was just musing on how glad I am at being summoned here to this world.
Heroes from across many worlds and many times... Watching them is truly valuable to me.
Though I carry no divine weapon, I cannot let that hold me back! I have a strength that is unique to me.
It is not a weapon or martial art...but the vision to overcome the past and create a new it should be.
When the time comes, I hope it will be enough—and that I do Dáinn and Njörun's legacy justice...

Finn: I must express to you my heartfelt gratitude. Thank you for allowing me to stay by your side.
As a knight, fighting for my lord is not just my duty. It does me honor.
Long before I came here, I was blessed to serve a remarkable man, and grateful for it.
I feel now as I did then...
Yet still, regret pierces me. My lord lost his life. I was ordered to remain behind that day, but even so...
It stings. And so I shall stay by your side until the very end. I swear it on the lance I wield.

Nanna: I can tell that you've put a lot of thought into my needs. It seems I always end up relying on others.
In my world, people who are very dear to me were hurt, but all I could do was look on...
I've been so frustrated by my own powerlessness.
Fighting alongside you, though... I've come to realize that battle is more than simply crossing swords.
I'll do my utmost to support you and everyone else who is gathered here...
And maybe, one day, I'll be able to stand up and protect those who I hold most dear.

Mareeta (Fallen): This world is good. Full of war, the scent of fresh blood on the air...
Swords are a good tool for war... They can kill hordes, shedding their blood on the field...
...No, no...NO! My...sword is not meant for that... It's for something far more important—to protect.
But I can't— My name... My loved ones... I-I can't remember! Th-there's nothing... Only...darkness!
Mother... Father... [Summoner]...

Reinhardt: When I was young, my young sister, Olwen, followed me everywhere.
As her elder brother, I felt it my duty to guide her path in life, helping her at every turn.
But I now realize I wasn't doing it just for Olwen, nor was I even leading as much as I thought.
It was more like she and I each had our own path, though equally high standards.
You have helped me understand that at last. You and I—different, yet fully committed.
What an ideal way to grow—neither leading nor following, but walking together. I thank you.

Reinhardt (World of Thracia): Long ago, I fought Prince Leif and his army at the River Thracia.
We had the advantage. My forces outnumbered his, and my position was more favorable.
And yet I was defeated. But how? To what do I ascribe my failure?
Thinking about it now, I believe the question is one of spirit.
Whatever the odds against them, Prince Leif's forces possessed a will strong enough to grasp victory.
Their determination shone, and it was something I lacked. That, I suppose, is my weakness.
However, fighting by your side has helped me conquer this failing in myself.
My will is strong. As long as it lasts, I will bring you victory.

Reinhardt (Splendid Soiree): Dance has long held the purpose of catharsis and release—and a display of inner strength.
Soldiers who are skilled in dance can use their knowledge to make quick work of their foes.
It is also useful to magic as it is practiced in Friege.
Now that I know its depths, I have truly come to appreciate it.
Let us both someday master the twin paths of magic and dance.

Olwen: My brother is a remarkable person. He always helped and guided me. When I was with him, I felt safe.
But the day came when I was outside of his protection, and then I had to find my own way in life.
It wasn't easy to take full responsibility for myself. There were times when the burden was too much for me.
After joining you, I have seen how you somehow find your answers, even in the most uncertain of hours.
You inspire me. So I would be honored to walk this path with you for as long as you'll have me.

Olwen (World of Thracia): I turned my back on my country. From then on, I swore to walk my own path, no matter the consequences.
Even if I were to be killed because of my be it. That is the way things must be.
Though we've rarely spoken, I have observed the conviction in your eyes.
That conviction is so strong it feels as though it might consume me...
It seems your belief in the path you are traveling is unshakable. I hope to find that kind of confidence in myself.
I am proud to walk alongside you. I hope you will allow me to continue to accompany you on your journey.

Saias: How are you faring? Your face is twisted into a most curious expression...
It's almost as if you can see the future itself laid out in front of you.
I overestimate you? But only one who is extraordinary need protest that they are ordinary...
My blood has granted me gifts, it's true. I have expended every effort to be worthy of those gifts.
That same blood makes it impossible for me to live a peaceful life. That's a lesson I learned from my mother...
As long as you do not stray from your path, my knowledge and abilities will remain at your disposal.
I swear it on the flame that marks my skin.

Ishtar (Splendid Soiree): How was that? Are you satisfied with my dancing?
If I concentrate, everything but the dance fades...
I feel as if a bolt of lightning is coursing through my body, filling me with vigor.
I do not dance to escape my sadness. Everything I do is with the aim of moving forward.
I will continue on my path, dancing without cessation, seeking the future.
Roy: I must become as strong as I can to ensure that I can keep this and all other good worlds safe.
I want everyone to find their happy endings in life. But to do that, there's still much I need to learn.
On the bright side, I feel that I have learned so much just by being near you, [Summoner].
I don't mean only about battle tactics but also about you—where you're from and what inspires you.
I hope that you and I will forever be good friends. Know that you can always depend on me.

Roy (Brave): When I was young, Marcus—a knight who has long served my family—told me many tales about my father.
He spoke of the heroic things my father did in his younger days, the many allies he met on his travels...
And he told me about how my parents first met.
I would get so excited hearing those stories. I looked forward to them far more than any other tale.
That's why I admire my father so much. He's my hero.
I may resemble him, but I still have so much to learn.
And I have to get a lot stronger before I can truly claim to be like him. But if I stay by your side...
I'm sure I'll be able to accomplish that goal. I promise you I'll continue to do my best.

Roy (Love Abounds): My mother and father gave me the gift of life, and everyone in Pherae helped raise me.
When I studied in Ostia, Cecilia taught me a lot and Lilina has helped me in so many different ways.
And now, thanks to you, I've grown even stronger.
I've always felt that I am who I am now thanks to all the love I received from everyone.
So I want to repay everyone who's supported me. And I'd like to start with you, [Summoner].

Roy (Legendary): Because I won the war against Bern, people think of me as a great Hero. I think of it a little differently...
A truly great Hero is one who can build a world where people can live completely free of care.
A Hero is wise as well. There's so much to understand about the world, the citizens, and even the dragons.
It's so much more complex than just being good with a sword.
Coming to this world and getting to speak with so many Heroes—and also getting to know you—has inspired me.
I want to learn even more from you. We can work together to shape the world. I'm counting on you!

Wolf (Summer): Phew... This is my first time ever hunting in the ocean. Who knew you could fish with a bow and arrow?!
It seems Lord Roy and Lady Lilina are enjoying the ocean... I'm sure they'll both treasure this memory.
If only we could enjoy the summer like this forever... But that's not our purpose. We've got work to do...
That's why I'm going to do my best to help end the fighting in this world as soon as possible!
I'll give everything I've got to create a world where days like these can be spent relaxing instead of fighting!

Lilina: There's someone in my life whom I dearly want to keep safe.
That is what has driven me to do my best in all things. But now I realize there's a limit to what I can do alone.
Watching you, always working with our allies, has shown me that. People flock to you!
And you're all the stronger for it. You seem to share that very quality with Roy...
So, I just wanted to say thank you. I hope I'll never lose your kind support. I know you'll never lose mine.

Lilina (Love Abounds): What sort of present would be best? And when should I give it? What should I say when I do give it?!
Eek! Oh, sorry! You startled me! Um... Would you mind forgetting my rambling just now?
Though, actually... If you have a moment... May I ask you for some advice?
I was hoping you could share what you know about this festival of love.
You will? Oh, thank you! Heehee, you're so kind. OK, I'm counting on you to teach me everything you can!

Lilina (Summer): The gentle sound of the crashing waves...the ruby-red sun sinking below the horizon...
My time here has filled my heart with a peaceful warmth I'll carry with me for a long time.
It makes me want to bring my friends here to visit, so I can share these feelings with them and others!
But to do that, we must focus on bringing peace to this world first and foremost.
If only we could all talk with one another on the beach, bathed in the calming glow of sunset...
I think we'd achieve peace in no time that way! In any case, I look forward to when we can all vacation again!

Gwendolyn: I've got to say that I appreciate all of your guidance in battle.
But sometimes I worry that you try to protect me too much out there.
Am I failing to do my part as a knight, protecting others, if you're always worried about my safety?
Maybe you think that I draw too much attention to myself by wearing such colorful armor.
But that's exactly why I do wear this—to draw foes to me and away from others!
I know that we need to act as a team out there, but my role really is to put myself in harm's way!
Still, thank you. I'll always have the courage to protect everyone, knowing that you're looking out for me.

Lugh: Hey, [Summoner]... How am I doing in battle? Am I pulling my weight?
I don't really like all this I got a bit concerned that I might be causing you some consternation.
Where I come from, they killed the caretaker of our orphanage, and I found myself fighting for revenge.
It was scary... But once I thought about Raigh, Chad, and the others... that gave me the courage I needed.
I want to do everything I can for you, you see. I like you a lot. You can count on me!

Raigh: Sheesh. You just can't help poking your nose in my business, can you? Well, fine.
Thing is, maybe since you did keep prodding me, I might have gotten better than I would have otherwise.
Hey, I said maybe. That's all.
I know you only spent time with me because you feel sorry for... well, whatever has me twisted up.
Right? You don't need to admit it. Besides, I'm the one who got the short end of the stick here.
Now that I'm stuck with you, I have one more person I need to look out for! So, uh, thanks.

Cecilia: When I first met you, my intention was to teach you, much as I did my pupils Roy and Lilina.
But then I saw how quickly you grew in your role here, to the extent that you surpassed even me.
It's the bittersweet moment that every teacher goes through, to see those around her learn to soar.
That is the moment when she feels left behind...
What? You still need me? It's a relief to hear you say that. Perhaps I have more still to teach.
Well, then it's settled. I will be staying here after all!

Cecilia (Winter): I studied the winter festival extensively so I could teach others about it.
Heroes gather here from across the realms, and that means diverse value systems come together here, too.
That said, I believe everyone can enjoy a festival. We all like having fun, no matter where we come from.
My hope was that those who knew only war could smile, if even for just a moment.
If that moment at the festival could reside in their hearts...nothing would make me happier.

Klein: Thanks to my noble birth, I've had the fortune to meet many different people during my life.
I feel it's made me a good judge of character.
For example, those who talk the talk rarely walk the walk. And they often run away.
Then there are those who hardly say a word and never boast, yet are quick to help others.
Such a person saved me when I was a child. That's how I know that I can trust you fully.
And I devote my skills to your cause and will continue to do so. It's an honor to serve you.

Clarine: My word! Is it just me, or is nearly every single person here sorely lacking in etiquette?
I don't mean you, of course. Never you—for I have the sort of manners never to say so!
But I must risk offense and tell you the truth. People look to you to set a higher standard.
What? They do! All are quite aware that if we don't use our napkins properly, it will be anarchy!
So, because I am grateful for everything that you do, I will take you on as a special project.
You'll have manners coming out your ears by the time I'm finished with you. Won't this be fun?

Zephiel: I've long had the conviction that humanity had no more worth than the least of all fleas.
Your deeds here, and those of the others... Every good act has whittled at my certainty.
What I am saying is that you have earned my attention. Still, be careful.
The last person to toy with my respect was my father. Ultimately, I had to put an end to him.
Now, you have a throat. And I, a hand. Let us hope the two never have need to meet.

Narcian: I, Narcian, have a bone to pick with you! I heard that you said I am completely full of myself!
Did you mean it as an insult? Because it's not! I am full of nothing BUT me!
How else would I have clawed my way to the top? Confidence is king, and I would be emperor!
Hmpf. You might be the first one to ever stand there and say such a thing to my face.
I'll make you regret that you picked a fight with me, Narcian! One day I'll make you kneel.
Then I'll pet your head like a little kitty—and keep you at my side forever! Ha ha ha ha!

Thea: I'd like to have a word with you, [Summoner]!
During the last battle, you put me in the rear, on standby! Why?
It doesn't matter if the enemy wields bows. I am a soldier. Where you need me, I go.
I trust you, and I rely on your orders, so, please—trust in me as well.
No matter where the fight takes us, I will be there to intercept any attack. I hope you know you can rely on me.
Well then! That's settled. Leave it to me. I swear on Ilia and on my pride as a mercenary—you will be safe.

Shanna: Some people say I'm childish. Not nice to say, but maybe not totally wrong either.
But since I've come here and fought alongside everyone, I feel like I've grown up a lot!
Hey, and here you are, I bet, thinking that ol' Shanna looks just the same, right?
How do I know? Oh, I know. Everyone looks at me like I'm just the same.
Looky there—it's Shanna! And there—it's Shanna!
The thing is, I like being me. So I wouldn't mind putting off this whole growing-up thing.
That is, if you don't mind. Ha! I knew you wouldn't!

Sue: The sound of the breeze, the warmth of the sun...
Not long ago, my grandfather told me something. "Discard your ill feeling. Listen to the voices."
Being beside you, I feel the world tremble. Every time that happens, I realize how small my troubles are.
It is hard not to cling to hatred... What I can do is find the courage not to let it imprison me. That is my goal.
The sounds of war the wind carries to me are fearful. I must do what I can to bring silence back quickly.
When the fighting finally reaches its end, I hope that we can ride the plains of Sacae together.

Bartre: So, I've gotten the sense that you think I should be paying more attention in battle.
What, not just go in swinging? That's what you should be doing—swinging ALL the time!
Bwaaah! Yaahhh! All you need is lefty and righty. We all got 'em, so why not USE 'em?
No use complicating battle with all that fancy stuff. At least, not for me.
Now, are we all good here? Ha! Of course we are, friend!

Fir: I've fought and sparred, and sparred and fought, pretty much constantly since I got here.
I think I'm nearer to mastering the sword, but I have to say that you've taught me something new.
You've shown me that strength isn't just about blades and battles, [Summoner].
It takes far greater strength to want to protect others and keep the peace—as you do.
I would like to stay by your side and continue learning what strength truly is.
You seem to be great at so many things—not just tactics. I look forward to learning from the master!

Rutger: Revenge was my purpose. I fought. I had to. But I didn't take pride in it.
The people you've gathered here... These "Heroes"... They're nothing like me.
I never had an ally—or followed orders. And visiting other realms... All of this is new to me.
Father Sky and Mother Earth are distant... Until I know my path, I'll stay with you.
I don't need revenge anymore. I can slay your foes. Where to?

Sophia: Your future...has shifted and swirled since we met.
At first, your future was a fog that not even my eyes could pierce.
Over time, I made out the faintest nimbus around you. A weak glow, if you will.
That glow has grown, illumined by light—many lights, from many sources!
These have mystified me until recently, when I realized that one of those lights.
You invite such lights to you, and your glow is becoming like a beacon, banishing the fog!
And so...I want to stay with you to see what your future will look like when the gone.

Fae: Ha ha! I'm having so much fun here, getting to play with everyone!
Every day, all the time! Play, play, play, play, play...zzz...
Zzzzz... Oh, what? Sorry— getting sleepy. Is it nap time yet? Nap time, nap time, nap...

Fae (Winter): Hey, guess what! I got A LOT of presents from SO MANY people!
Toys, books, shiny stones...all kinds of stuff!
But you know what? What I like the best is seeing how happy everybody is.
When everybody's smiling, it makes me smile too. I just feel warm inside!
You know, winter isn't cold—it's warm! Oooh, is it too early to start planning for next year's festival?

Idunn: His Highness told me that humans were a stain on the world that had to be scrubbed out...
You believe the precise opposite. Your goal is to protect the world and those in it.
I find this very confusing. What will humans do with the world? And what should I do?
Was it to help fulfill your purpose that I was pulled to this place beyond time?
Can I believe the things you tell me?
For now...I will follow where you lead and seek those answers.

Eliwood: Looking back on our first meeting, it now seems that we were destined to cross paths from the start.
You believe in every one of us, of course, and you give your us all.
But I take special courage from knowing you. It's as if you're a beacon of hope.
I feel as if I could overcome any obstacle, and I have too rarely felt such strength.
This is why I hope to keep fighting alongside you, for as long as you'll have me.

Eliwood (Love Abounds): Many people say the Day of Devotion is for celebrating those we have romantic feelings for...
But in truth, it's much more than that. It's a day for expressing your love to your friends and family as well.
If people were more compassionate toward others, there just might be far less fighting. And then someday...
The world could become a truly peaceful place.
I believe the Day of Devotion is also a wish for peace. Thank you for all you do, [Summoner].
My gift to you is my undying feeling of gratitude.

Eliwood (Legendary): Hello, [Summoner]...
Your coordination of the troops on the field the other day was superb. It reminded me of an old friend...
Tell me—does someone as powerful as you find me...lacking? Please, you may speak freely...
I ask only because...I am no match for Hector in strength, nor can I match you in wisdom.
The one gift I have is my unyielding resolve. I am willing to weather any storm in order to seize victory.
Even if I'm not the most impressive person here, I am proud of that gift. And proud to be at your command.

Eliwood (Brave): I've had some time to think since arriving here, and I keep coming back to this: Why me, of all people?
The answer has eluded me so far, but perhaps the gods have seen fit to grant me some sort of respite here.
I've learned much in my time here. Being surrounded by Heroes has revealed how far I have yet to go...
But the voices that called me here, those who called to me with support and praise... I owe them a debt.
Those voices filled me with a resolve I've not known previously. I have a duty to live up to their expectations.
Even so, resolve alone is not enough. So I humbly request you allow me to continue leaning on your support.

Lyn: I'd like to offer my thanks today. It's for all the times you've helped me. Nothing more, nothing less.
But while I'm at it, I should also thank you for giving me courage and never failing to be kind.
Those are rarer qualities than you'd think. In fact...
I think you're as precious to me as the breeze that blows across the open plains of Sacae.
Oh my! Pay me no mind. But, please, know that I'm always here for you, all right?

Lyn (Bride): Oh, sorry. I was staring at you. You just remind me of someone I know, [Summoner].
My husband? You're kidding, right?
No, another tactician. We helped each other out, and we traveled a long way together...
That friendship means a lot to me.
I'm not sure if you're that much alike, but spending time with you does make me happy.
If you feel the same, I hope we're never separated...
That sounds like a proposal? Of course it isn't! Why would you even think that?

Lyn (Brave): Two types of blood run through my veins: that of a noble household, and that of the Sacaen Plains.
I hold these two sides in equal importance. This heritage is what makes me who I am, but moreover...
It allows me to feel as though my father and mother look after me still.
And should I someday be wed and have children of my own, I'll watch over them in turn.
Hm... That's a strange thing to think about at a time like this, isn't it? I could die tomorrow, after all.
But maybe that's why I think about such things. Someone to carry on my parents' bloodline...
And their happiness.

Lyn (Love Abounds): T-tell me, [Summoner]. Is there a gift of...some sort...that you'd like?
Oh, I'm sorry for asking such a strange question out of the blue like that. Was it very odd to hear?
You've been so helpful to me, I wanted to thank you. I'm just not sure the best way to say it...
So, I'll give you any gift that is within my ability to give. Don't hold back. Ask for anything.
Now, tell me... What is it you want?

Lyn (Legendary): Eliwood, Hector, and I once fought a fierce battle—together wiping away a calamity that threatened the world.
The Archsage Athos said an evil star would rise and see the land once again awash in blood.
I used to await that day in fear, constantly wondering when it would finally arrive.
However, I'm no longer afraid. If we saved the world once, we can save it again.
It's thanks to the time I've spent with you that I feel this way.
The next time I'm all alone on the plains, or whenever my chest tightens with worry... Thanks to you, I...
It's these precious moments with you that will allow me to carry on. Thank you, [Summoner].

Lyn (Summer): The ocean seems to stretch out forever... It reminds me of the plains of Sacae...
I bathed in a lake before, back home, but I've never swum quite so much as we have here...
A-at first I was worried I would be ill-prepared for combat, wearing something like this...
But there's something about this place... The sun and the sea have relaxed my nerves, perhaps...
Better start training more, so I don't lose my edge. Oh! Let's race to that rock out there! Ready? Let's go!

Hector: I'm no poet, friend, so bear with me here. I have a hard time putting my thoughts into words.
But before I joined you, I thought that as long as I just kept on swinging in battle...
I'd always come out on top and bring everyone back from battle, safe and sound.
Then I noticed how you, as tactician, see the line between life and death like no one else.
Not sure why, but that hit me hard. Anyway, know that I've got your back—long as you've got mine.

Hector (Love Abounds): Gift giving isn't really my thing, but I know a good gift can show someone how grateful you are to them.
So I guess that means I should hand some out... I'll get something for my daughter Lilina, and for Eliwood.
But I never know what to say when I hand over a gift. It's always just kind of...embarrassing...
Say, [Summoner]... Why don't you help me come up with something? I'm really hopeless here.
You'll do it? Great! I owe you big time! Heh, guess that means I'll have to get something for you, too.

Hector (Legendary): Mind sitting with me for a bit? There's something I want to ask you.
Do you...believe in destiny?
Not too long ago, I would've laughed at the idea. But now... Well, things sure have changed.
Whether or not you believe in destiny isn't what matters. What matters is that you don't regret your decisions.
As long as you're strong to the core, you'll be ready no matter what the future throws at you.
You won't blink when faced with a life- or-death moment.
This goes for me... But it goes for you, too. I can just tell. The look on your face says it all.
I know, I know, I'm not usually one for talks such as these. Being marquess is one thing I'm not cut out for.
But I guess... It is what it is, right? And that means I've gotta lecture from time to time, so just work with me.

Hector (Brave): Hey, let me ask you a question... What qualities do you suppose are most important for a ruler to have?
I've been thinking about this since I succeeded the throne. And aside from bravery, I'm at a total loss...
The respect of the people, you say? Hm... Without the backing of the people, one isn't qualified to rule...
Yes, I think that makes good sense.
However, respect is not something you can see with your eyes.
Huh? Seeing isn't always believing? There you go again, doling out wisdom faster than I can keep up!
Well, if that's the expectation set for me as a ruler, then I'll just have to meet it.
For those who have put their faith in me...and for my brother.

Hector (Halloween): Enjoying the festival, are you? My daughter and I are too—tremendously!
Lilina: It's SO much fun! Why don't they have a festival every day?
Hector: Ha-ha! If everybody's busy having fun, who'd grow food? Who'd gather it? What would we do when it runs out?
Lilina: Oh... I guess the only reason we can have a festival like this is because everybody worked so hard!
Hector: That's right. Work hard and enjoy the rewards—that's what festivals like this are all about!
I hope you can understand that, Lilina—if not now, maybe when you're a little bit older.
Lilina: I'll remember that, Father! I'm studying hard. I'll make you proud!

Matthew: Whoa, never a dull moment with you around, is there? You really keep a spy on his toes!
Speaking of which, you know how we spies stick to the shadows? It's not smart to have close friends.
Makes sense, right? A spy needs the flexibility to do what he needs to, when he needs to.
Friends just muck things up.
The only problem with all this is you. You're the kind of person a spy can't evade forever.
Oh, I'll keep trying, friend, but for now, forget I said anything.

Serra: By Saint Elimine, you certainly have turned my life upside down since you brought me here!
Go here...battle there...heal this person...then that person...
Why, don't you realize that I'm pretty as a petal and TWICE as fragile?
But I do need to offer my thanks. I have developed a...thicker skin, thanks to you.
And by that, I mean that my skin has actually gotten THICK, being in such harsh conditions!
Still, it's not entirely awful having everyone dote on me, hoping that I'll help them out.
Don't worry. I'll always make time to help you too—as long as you call me Lady Serra at all times. Got it?

Raven: It's nothing worth talking about, but there's something I might as well tell you, [Summoner].
A long time ago, I was from a royal house—a house that was destroyed by our enemies.
That was why I became a mercenary—to seek revenge on those who did it.
I sought power—and always more of it—to better exact my revenge.
But now, none of that matters. I've come to my senses after watching you at work here.
Does any of that make sense? If not, forget I said anything. I'll still fight hard for you.

Lucius: I have come to trust you more than most I meet, so I feel it's safe to share my story with you.
When I was young, I suffered terribly in an orphanage—children ought never be so tormented.
I also suffer what some might call a sickness of the soul. What it is, exactly, is difficult to say.
Even now, when I think of how I that body falls into lapses and strange fits.
I'm sorry. I should have told you all about this, but I wasn't yet comfortable confiding it.
I feared that you'd lose respect for me if you knew the truth—or would even be repulsed.
I do such good works that I shouldn't allow myself to care, but when it comes to you...I do.
I put myself in your hands. Will you like or loathe me? But know this, you will have my loyalty.

Rebecca: I just can't say how glad I am to be here. Everyone's friendly as friendly gets!
There's never a dull moment, which is good for me, since I don't like being left alone.
Years ago, my brother left our village without saying a word. Never came back either.
I know, day after day, week after week, and year after...
Oh, my! Sorry for carrying on. Don't want to get weepy all over you!
Besides, that's all in the past. I've got you and everyone else around here now.
Just don't you get any funny ideas about disappearing on me, all right? Good.

Pent (Groom): Over their years, people tend to find value in all manner of things.
Perhaps a legendary sword or tome for one—or the power of influence and position for another.
In my case, the most valuable thing I have, without question, is my wife, Louise.
I must become stronger to protect her, for she deserves only kindness and affection in her life.
If you look, I'm sure you'll find the same for yourself... Something you value above all else, I mean.

Louise (Bride): Thank you, [Summoner].
Words cannot express how grateful I am that you prepared such a grand venue for our celebration.
I will remember the well-wishes Lord Pent and I received from everyone for the rest of my days.
And to keep those memories and this happiness alive, I will risk my life and limb protecting them.
Whatever it takes to create a peaceful future for all those I hold dear!

Priscilla: May I ask you a question? I don't mean to trouble you. I seem stronger to you?
I barely recognize myself in the mirror, now that I've been here for a while.
I knew nothing of the world—or worlds—before all of this. And what did I know of battle?
I've changed so much, and I believe that you deserve much of the credit. Don't you?
Well, some goes to me. I do think that you and I make a fine team. And I hope we always will!

Dorcas: I became a mercenary to earn money for my wife's medicine. The job took me off the straight and narrow.
But then I met Lyn and the others... They set me straight. Helped me see things clearly again.
I want to do right by them for all they've done for Natalie and me.
I know you're all fighting for a good cause, just like Lyn... And I don't plan on making the same mistake twice.
I hope you'll let me continue fighting by your side for as long as I can.

Dorcas (Halloween): To be honest, this outfit had me, uh... a little bit...perplexed at first.
I've never been any good at showing my emotions. So I've never been sure if a guy like me could be any fun.
But thanks to these children's smiling faces...all that uneasiness just melts away.
This getup actually makes people smile. Kids call out to me, and they laugh... That's a first.
This harvest festival is a good thing... I see that now.
Next time I'm with Natalie, maybe I'll let her see me in this costume. It may bring a smile to her face, too.

Fiora (Summer): My sisters and I were raised in Ilia, a country blanketed in snow. We never knew the rays of the summer sun...
Spending time on the beach has introduced me to a whole new world, exposing me to a new way of life.
As a mercenary, I feel I must learn more about what awaits me out in the wider world.
Being here has helped me understand how bright and vivid the world can be—along with the virtues of peace...
I suppose what I mean to say is... Thank you for putting me on this mission, [Summoner]!

Florina: Could you maybe give me a moment of your time?
Sorry to bother you, but there's something I...I have to say.
You know how hard I find it to put things into words. But I'm...
I'm really happy to have fought under your guidance! I've gotten more capable in battle!
So I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Hee hee! I hope that made it clear how much I want to keep fighting for you!

Canas: My apologies... I didn't even see you there, with my nose buried in this book...
But you must understand how fascinating it is! Truly! You want to know why I'm always reading?
You could say that I am driven by curiosity... Once I identify a topic of interest, I must study it from every angle.
I do wonder, sometimes, where this habit will take me...
When I consider the fate that befell my brothers, as they pushed the limits of magical study, I...
But I must be honest with you. I cannot control my thirst for knowledge. It is a flaw in my character.
One could even call it greed... The short answer to your question is this: For me, to read is to live.
Now, while I have you here, perhaps you could answer one of my questions... Observe the pattern on this page.
It is totally unfamiliar to me—like nothing from my realm. Tell me...

Karel: You are a puzzle to me. I am on the path of the sword and cut down those strong enough to matter.
Yet you cannot fight—not with a sword, not even any magic. Still, you are on my path.
How troubling. Why don't I just walk around you? Why do I continue to fight for you? Perhaps...
Perhaps it is because having you at my side propels me faster along my path!
In any case, here we are—the sword and the swordless!
What else can I do but continue? That is, until the day when I see you standing IN my way.

Karla: My clan lives by the sword. Our lives are spent improving our skills and slaying our foes.
Even our kin fall to our blades...
After leaving the plains, I came to realize that this is not the only form that strength takes.
A sword is just a sword. One man showed me how to truly become stronger...
My brother also realized that the way of the sword is not merely killing others.
And after spending some time observing you, I have seen a new kind of strength.
How can I describe it? It's a strength honored by choosing not to fight.
I find it fascinating. Until I can fully understand it, I will stay by your side.

Hawkeye: It is time for us to have words of weight. You and I, now.
I sense that you find me strange. Perhaps even stranger than most people here find me.
I am from the deep desert, and those from outside it see me as outside themselves.
Do you feel the same? About me? Or more importantly, about yourself?
You and I are the same in one regard. We both want to ensure that peace persists.
Like the sands of time, which flow but never change, you and I will always be there for the world.

Ninian: So you surely realize by now that...dragon blood courses through my veins.
Dragons have not often lived in harmony with humans...or is it vice versa?
Yet here I feel as if I can truly be myself without fear or shame. That's because of you.
You have the rare gift of seeing others, or at least me, as if there are no divisions between us.
I appreciate this more than you can know. And so, I offer you all my dances in deep gratitude.

Ninian (Bride): I once stopped in a village and saw a wedding ceremony. The couple looked so happy together.
I remember how the bride's smile was so bright, it filled me with joy as well.
That sort of happiness, though... Well, I know it's meant only for humans.
But when I wear this dress, I feel like I'm in a dream. And even if it's just for a moment... I'm happy.
Hm? Maybe you're right... Maybe someday, I will be able to smile just like that bride.
And not just while in a dream. Thank you so much, [Summoner].

Lloyd: Got some truth for you. You know the Black Fang that I'm always talking about?
Well, I'm more proud of what we were...than what we are.
Oh, we've always been covered in blood, but it was always for a decent cause—uh, back then.
When? Well, before a bunch of stuff happened. But the Fang fell into some shadowy business.
Still, being here brings back good memories of dark deeds done for the right reasons.
You remind me of my brother too. So I'd better stick around to keep you out of his kind of trouble.

Linus: I'm fighting at my peak, day after day.
I was on edge when I first got here, but you've put me at ease. You make a good leader.
I'm stronger than just about anyone, but I'm not a deep thinker. I leave that to my brother and my father.
I can be impulsive, and it's gotten me into trouble, I'll admit.
But I can tell that you're sharp, and your heart is in the right place, too.
I've seen the worst of humanity, and you're one of the good ones. Believe me—I know.
That's why I trust you, and why I fight just as hard for you as I do for my brother.
Enough talk. Where's our next target? I promise to bring down the Fang's justice on them!

Jaffar: You are too kind—to me, to all around us, to everyone.
That is your weak spot, [Summoner].
You make a grave mistake if you think me a friend. I am your tool to use. Nothing else.
When I fail, cast me into the heap with the trash and offal. You must, for that is the way of life...
What? You won't? Then you leave me no choice but to live on and on, serving you.
Know than that there is no mission too cruel for me to handle on your behalf.
I will finish it. I will return to you. There is no need to worry.

Ursula: You may have gleaned that I will only serve a perfect master, [Summoner].
I have no friendship to offer you. Nor will I take any. It would be an insult to the both of us.
Why, what are two friends but a pair of failures who've merely agreed to cover for each other?
I give you my loyalty because you're worthy. You don't battle, but your tactics are exquisite!
I will say that if you falter, even in the slightest, you do know how our little agreement ends, right?
Hmm, yes, I think you do. Then best you make yourself productive. The Blue Crow... is watching.

Ursula (Summer): Half measures are one thing that I simply cannot stand. I demand perfection in all things.
Not only do I expect perfection from others, but I seek to model it myself.
I tell you this because...I want you to know you will get only flawlessness from me. You have my word.
That have my word so long as you continue to prove you are deserving, of course.
At the moment, though, I am duly satisfied with your command. Just... see that you don't disappoint me.

Nino: I'm so happy to be here, where I can spend time with so many nice people. Every day is so fun.
I had this once before, surrounded by people I loved. They were family.
That life is over, but it was so much fun while it lasted. I'm glad now, thinking back on it.
Those memories were painful for a while, but you helped me remember the good times.
Thank you! I promise to work so very hard for you. Just you wait and see!

Nino (Scattered Fangs): You know, you're really kind. And so is everyone else around here, for that matter.
They're all so serious about helping others - not just themselves. I can feel their kindness... And their strength.
Sometimes I think that if I had people like these around back then... Maybe my life would have gone differently.
But you can't change the past, right? I have to focus on what I can do for the future!
And I'll start by helping the people who are super close to me. So if you're ever in trouble, come to me!
I'll be sure to do my very best for you. Got it? Then it's a promise!

Legault: Hi there, [Summoner]. You did well today. I did... well enough, I suppose.
You might guess it by looking at me, but I don't scare easily. Coming here put me on edge, though...
I wondered what bunch of scoundrels might summon somebody like me to fight for them. Now, though...
We've been through it all. I've come to realize you're not up to no good.
In fact, you have an aura of downright goodness. It reminds me of old times...
Keep to your path, and keep moving forward. I'd hate to see something like this fall to pieces again.
    Sacred Stones 
Eirika: Do you think I've gotten strong enough? Let me just say that if you're happy, then I'm happy.
When I was a child, my father and brother praised how gentle I was. I value such a quality.
But it can be a weakness in the face of oppression or deception. I wish it wasn't true, but it is.
When you need to protect those you must, strength is crucial.
Still, I refuse to give up my kindness and compassion.
You have helped me stay my course—growing stronger while remaining myself.
For that, I thank you and continue to pledge myself to your cause!

Eirika (Sacred Memories): In the world I come from...I had a friend who was very dear to me.
Lyon... I wish those days we spent laughing with my brother could have lasted forever.
That feeling stays with me, even now... A picturesque happiness, almost like in a book...
The memories... My regrets... They catch at my heart.
Spending time with you, like this... I wish that this new happiness could last forever, too.
We can never really know, can we? All the same, I'd quite like to spend a little bit more time with you.

Eirika (Legendary): Do you mind resting here for a moment, [Summoner]?
After these past days of battle, you must be exhausted. Close your eyes... Feel peace. not like fighting. I do not like to see people get hurt. But wishing and hoping rarely bring results...
I learned that I can only protect what is important to me with my own power, and I swore to become strong.
I think you understand what I mean. Don't you, [Summoner]?
I thank you for your thoughts and for this time. Let's stay here a little while longer, shall we?

Eirika (Winter): Taking part in this festival with Ephraim... It's been so long since I've enjoyed myself this much.
Everyone's in a cheery mood, with laughter in the air... And they give presents that really mean something.
The weather may be cold, but the warmth of the heart more than makes up for that.
I hope that one day the chill of war may be replaced by this warmth and everyone can enjoy days like these.
It's up to me to do what I can to realize a world where everyone comes together in kindness.

Ephraim: It seems that I've gotten much stronger here. My power has grown almost to overflowing.
That isn't enough. Oh, I don't mean my strength. I've always been capable enough there.
I mean that strength isn't always enough to protect us. Yes, it helps force a foe to submit.
But strength can also blind one to others' feelings. That is exactly how I once lost a good friend.
I must become kinder and more compassionate, or else I risk repeating my mistakes.
You have those qualities. And so I must remain with you. Then I will learn all I need to.
You'll find that I'm a grateful student...and friend.

Ephraim (Legendary): Thanks to your ability to summon Heroes, you've been thrust into the position of a leader.
That power is truly profound. It has the potential to shake the worlds.
You should consider the impact you could make. What foe could possibly be beyond your grasp?
I know that's a strange thought, but I've pondered this for a long time...
You see, I'm drawn to battle. The stronger I get, the more I want to fight. I'm driven to test myself.
I know that's just how I am. But I also realize that this is not a healthy impulse for a king.
People here call me a Legendary Hero, and sing my praises...
They say that I am a good king, one who has vowed to protect his people.
I will become king, one day. And though I am not yet that man, I hope to be. And I will protect my people...
Not just them. My friend also hoped to save his people, and I will protect them, too...
My goal is to be a king beyond kings—one who breaks the bounds of human frailty.
I hope I can reach that goal one day.

Ephraim (Brave): After my father's life was stolen... After our homeland was stolen... After everything I knew fell away...
That's when I vowed that I would protect my kingdom in my father's stead.
When my father was alive...that thought would never have crossed my mind.
I know that something I once said disappointed him greatly.
You see, I said that Eirika should succeed the throne while I lived the life of a mercenary, lance in hand.
What would my father say if he could see me now? Would he be satisfied with the man I've become?
I'm sure he'd upbraid me. "You have a long way to go," he'd say. He would be right.
I want to do what I can to become a good king—to get ever closer to the ideals he upheld.
For no other reason than to not disappoint him once more.

Ephraim (Winter): When I fight, how do you see me? Have I been able to show you skill worthy of a winter envoy?
You're saying that the winter envoy's job is not to fight? Hmm. That's quite different from the legends I've heard.
Does it matter? I feel like I haven't seen Eirika smile like this in a very long time.
This winter festival has been good for her. That's what's important.
Thank you for inviting us to join you here, [Summoner].
I don't have a gift to give you, I'm afraid—unless you require my strength. I will happily give you that.

Seth: I must express my gratitude for your leadership. As a knight, all I ask for is an opportunity to serve.
However, permit me to say just one thing.
Feelings have no place on the battlefield. You issue orders. I obey them. That is all.
In battle, a life-or-death moment could come at any time. Emotions could cloud your judgment.
If my mind was on you instead of the opponent before me, that could end up costing us a victory.
So I must ask that you keep your distance. This will ensure that I can continue to protect you in the future.

Lute: I've been examining you since the day you summoned me here. My daily records are impeccable.
This journal is entitled [Summoner]: Daily Observations and Habits.
You'll be impressed to find I did not miss a single day. Please examine it.
"Morning: [Summoner] rose early and ate a hearty breakfast and then trained until lunchtime.
"Noon: [Summoner] ate a meager lunch and then patrolled the castle's perimeter.
"Evening: [Summoner] ate dinner, took a bath, and then retired to bed without dessert."
Quite insightful and thorough, as you can see. I review this journal nightly.
At first, I thought you may be a threat to my natural superiority, so I sought to discover your weaknesses.
But as I continued to study you, my motives began to change. It was quite the odd phenomenon.
Further observations are required for me to fully understand it, so I must continue my daily research.
Please go about your business as usual. I'll compile volume two of my journal from a distance, as before.

Innes: Someday, I will inherit the throne of Frelia. And so I dwell on one thing... A king must be perfect.
This is why I apply myself so thoroughly to my studies and my bowmanship.
The more that I learn, though, the more I realize the breadth and depth of learning I must strive for.
I've come to understand how far away my goal - perfection - truly is.
Consider my sister. I'll speak frankly. She is but a child. She lacks both my strength and my knowledge.
What she has that I lack is innocence. People find it much easier to trust her than they do me.
But there is no way for me to regain that purity of spirit. I know too much of the ways of the battlefield.
Yet I have no choice but to find a way to become a man people can trust unreservedly.
This is what I mean when I speak of the struggle for perfection... As a man who will be king, I must find a way.
This may be difficult to comprehend, given our stations in life...
Understand this. It is my way of making a pledge to you.
I shall study with you, fight for you, and, yes, become the ideal monarch.

Innes (Summer): Approaching from this angle won't lead to a clean split. But if I were to change my tactics, what then?
Don't just stand there gawping. Did you have need of my counsel, [Summoner]?
No? Well, then. I imagine this mound of melons has already led you to deduce my intentions...but I'll explain.
I'm practicing splitting watermelons. This is a folk custom from some realm or other... A summertime contest.
Whoever can split a watermelon most powerfully and cleanly while blindfolded is judged victorious.
Even if it's a silly custom, my pride won't allow for any less than top performance.
There is always a chance that, some day, I may face Ephraim in this trial! I must be prepared!
Join me! Grip the stick, and strike at the melon as at the heart of your rival!

Tana: I had seen so little of the world. But somehow, when I left the castle, I thought I was ready...
But no. Coming here has simply shown me that there is so much that I don't yet understand.
Traveling with you has opened my eyes, though. I am sure of it.
Eirika is my best friend. Of that, I have no doubt. But you've become just as important to me.
I love Eirika, Ephraim, and my brother with all of my heart. And I feel the same about you!

Tana: Just look at that sunset. Gorgeous! A beautiful end to another perfect day. It makes me a bit sad...
I'm having so much fun here with everyone that the sunsets are making me a little melancholy.
Right now, I feel like I'm living in a dream...
My days are filled with joy and kindness, spent with my brother and my friends.
We all fought so hard for this peace— Innes, Eirika, Ephraim, and so many others. I treasure each moment.
Don't tell Innes about this conversation. He'd laugh at my naiveté... This is our little secret, OK?
Now... What do you feel like doing tomorrow? The day is wide open!

Lyon: To tell the truth...some of my memories from before I came to this world...are lost.
It's all so indistinct, as though a fog has been cast on them. And other things, I can't remember at all...
I feel like I may have done some things that would make the people dear to me so very sad.
Oh, [Summoner]...
You are far too kind. Please don't look at me so. I want to see you smile. Always.
I had friends back home who worried about me just as you do... Dear friends.
Ephraim, Eirika... I hope that someday, we can gather together for a good, long chat.

Valter: A senile old fool once called me a beast—a wretched beast that lives only to kill and take what it can.
I will kill that man one day. Still, he is correct, of course. I am a beast, with a mouth full of fangs.
I do take what I want. I'll take whatever I desire. From anyone.
Knowing this, you have made use of me. And you have granted me much power...
I cannot understand your actions.
Do you intend to control me? Or do you long for me to be your master?
Either way, you have become my finest prey. I will not permit another to sate their bloodlust on you...
Just me.

Amelia: Have I gotten stronger since I came here? Do you think I'm a soldier now, truly?
To me, a soldier is somebody who can protect the people they care about...
You see, when I was little...bandits raided our village. They took my mother.
And I couldn't do a thing for her. I just hid and watched, terrified. I...couldn't protect her.
That's why I have to become stronger. I need to be able to protect the people who matter to me.
Thanks for listening, [Summoner].
I hope you'll keep looking out for me. No matter what, I swear that I will protect those who I hold dear.

Joshua: I left my home at a young age to travel the land. I spent a long time just wandering all over.
Looking back, it may not have been the smartest decision... But it did lead me to you.
I'll return to my country eventually. Then I'll succeed to the throne and devote myself fully to ruling.
Oh, did I mention? I'm the crown prince of Jehanna. And when I go back, I want you to come with me.
I don't need your answer now, but give it some thought. Maybe we can flip a coin to decide?

Marisa: I'm used to you watching me practice. No idea why you think it's interesting to watch me swing a sword, though.
I practice every day. I've fought a thousand men, and I won every single time.
If I'm facing an enemy, I refuse to give in. And if I have to confront myself...I won't give in either.
Battles happen once. They're no time to test your skills—you win, or you lose. It's black and white.
I don't know where the road you're on will lead. And some day, you may have to face yourself.
When that day comes, the only one you can depend you.
Keep getting stronger. Until you have walked your path as far as it can take you.

Marisa (Spring): As a mercenary, I get jobs done. Whatever jobs come my way. That's how I live.
If I'm told to cut down an enemy, I cut. If I'm told to protect someone, I protect them.
To me, the contract is the law.
Right now, my job is to be a rabbit. And so...I'm a rabbit.
This is the first time I've had to dress up like this for a job... I don't really get it.
But you seem to be having a good time, so that's good enough.

L'Arachel: So this is where you've been! There's something we need to talk about, and that's you.
In the world I come from, monsters crept from the Darkling Woods and beset the people.
My parents took it upon themselves to defend the citizenry, and I am told that this is how they lost their lives.
They are the pride of Rausten. They are my pride, too.
Like them, you're on a grand mission to bring righteousness and order to this world. I can see that.
Then we are agreed! You had better not go dying in battle on me. Do I have your word?

L'Arachel (Halloween): Should the people be besieged by demons in the east, she appears without warning to exorcise the filth!
Should the people starve for love in the west, she appears without hesitation to fill their hearts with joy!
She is everywhere, yet nowhere—that beautiful princess of peerless beauty!
And still none shall ever know her true identity...
I can hear the people's voices rise in chorus: their hopes, their dreams, their "trick or treats!"
What's that? They just want candy? Well, then! Candy they shall have! If the people are happy, then so am I!

Dozla (Halloween): In all the long years I've served Princess L'Arachel, I've attended festivals across the lands...
This harvest festival is amongst the best of the bunch, I say! Everyone's in high spirits, dancing and smiling!
Of course, Princess L'Arachel shines the brightest of all. I've not seen her so happy in quite an age!
I've you to thank for that. It's your doing that we've been able to enjoy such a fine time.
I'll repay you in kind—I swear it. I know the princess feels the same! We won't let you down. Gwah ha ha!

Myrrh: You worry about me a lot, don't you? I'm fine. I promise.
People are born every day. They laugh, they cry, and someday...they die. I've seen it so many times...
Dragons...are both human and monster. And so we are also neither, and part of neither community.
That used to make me sad. It doesn't anymore. I think it's better this way.
I will watch over everyone, until the very end... And I will live with their memories.
You work harder than anybody else. I love to see that. I promise that I will always, always remember you.

Myrrh (Halloween): I've been alive for so long...but this is the first time I've experienced such a fun festival.
Everyone's laughing and dancing. They're all handing out candy...
And, well, there are some scary monsters wandering around, but still, I'm having so much fun!
Even though I think all the people I've met here will be gone in a thousand years...
I won't forget any of them. Even after a thousand years...and then another thousand!
I'll remember this festival and the time I spent with everyone.
Trick or treat! I'd never even heard this phrase before coming here, but it'll remind me of all the fun I had.
Ike: Back when my father was teaching me how to use a sword, I was barely more than a boy.
Every training battle was more frustrating than the last. I...I just struggled with it constantly.
Then he died.
I had to protect my sister, the Greil Mercenaries, everyone that he was all on me.
But I was told to use what I'd been given. If I did, then great things would happen.
That really stuck with me. Now here I am, fighting in battles with real Heroes.
And I'm battling enemies that are sometimes stronger than I am. Do I really have a place here?
But you hired me—rolled the dice that I might help you do great things here.
So...right. Let's just cut this short there. You believed in me, so I'm glad to give my all for you.

Ike (Brave): I had the strangest dream... It was of another world, and there were entire crowds calling my name.
Countless people, all cheering for me. Can you believe it? I don't pretend to understand magic, but...
Well, it wouldn't surprise me if that cheering is why I was summoned to this world.
But if that is the case... I have to make sure I don't let them down.
I'm no knight, and certainly no nobleman. My father was my only example of how a man should be.
So I need to carry out his vision and make sure our mercenary company is something he would be proud of.
To fight for the people, not for the money... That is my desire.

Ike (Valentine): If you want to get stronger, it helps to have something you want to protect.
Is it a place? Is it peace? Maybe you have a vision for how things should be.
That's how I kept taking steps forward. Look at me now.
All I needed to do was keep the people who meant the most to me in mind.
And in battle, I'm not on my own. I have comrades, and that's why I can fight so hard.
I'm not good with words, so I'll have to show them just how grateful I am.

Titania: Today I'd like to show you what it's like to wield an axe, [Summoner].
First lesson! Make sure you swing the axe so the axe doesn't swing you.
Now, give my axe a try. Good, but set your hips so it makes a base that will not sway.
Oh? Ready to stop so soon? Working such training into your bones and blood could save you.
But I suppose that's my job, and I'm glad that you've summoned me into this world to do it.
It's long been my desire to fight with pride, saving people, with no regard for money or honor.
How lucky I am to have found a friend in you.
So, if you wish it, I'll protect your life, as one of your truest friends, for as long as you'll have me.

Titania (Valentine): I was wondering if I should even go to the festival, and I ended up having so much fun I lost track of time.
Everywhere you look, you see people giving gifts and sharing their feelings. Everyone's grateful to one another.
Telling someone how you feel about them makes you feel alive...
Fate can be cruel. You may never get the chance to tell someone how you really feel about them.
If you have something you want to tell someone, don't hesitate.
This is the Day of Devotion, after all. Your feelings will blossom beautifully. I'm sure of it.

Soren: ...and yes, that concludes my analysis of the abilities of Heroes from other worlds.
As you can now fully understand, they would make dangerous foes if they weren't our allies.
And furthermore... Excuse me? I sense your attention drifting away, [Summoner].
For goodness sake, you are sometimes so vexing to me that I can hardly—
Oh, never mind. But you shouldn't get the wrong idea.
I don't care a whit about anything but getting back home. Being here is only temporary for me.
Oh, you wonder why I haven't left of my own accord then?! It's because
I mean, it's because staying lets me sneak into the other worlds and learn our enemies' secrets.
That's useful to me. But if I can continue to be useful to you...?
Then I am happy to say that we can consider it mutually beneficial.

Soren (Valentine): When we first met, I had some objections to your tactical decisions.
It seemed to me you directed your troops to move in ways that they couldn't possibly comprehend.
The results proved me wrong, however. It's like you could see the battlefield from on high...
Since then, I've kept a close watch on your decisions. You've given me plenty of food for thought.
I am grateful for the chance you gave me to improve myself. Meeting you has proven valuable.
Since it's the Day of Devotion...
I felt like I should at least make the effort to express my gratitude to you. That's it.

Mist: Oh, [Summoner]!
You caught me in the middle of working on laundry. It's something that really helps me relax.
You know I'm not that comfortable being in the middle of battles, but I do like helping everyone.
I've come to love being here with so many people. You must have seen that I was nervous at first.
Some of the Heroes seemed a bit intimidating! But I knew I could trust you from the very start.
I don't really know why, but I knew it from the second I saw you. Anyway, I've been glad to work hard for you.
So, right... What was my point? Oh, yes. Thanks! And you can count on me to keep doing my best!

Mist (Valentine): Love may not be something you can see, but you can feel it. That warms my heart.
And if you want to give it a shape... you can always give the ones you love presents.
Even if you're far away from someone you care about, you can show them you're thinking about them.
Friends really are nice to have, aren't they?
Because you've helped me so much, I thought I could show you how I really feel with a present.
I hope you like it—I chose it just for you. Let's never drift apart, OK?

Greil (Valentine): As mercenaries, we fight and win. We have to stay in perfect condition, or we won't survive. That's the job.
If you do survive, all that fighting wears on you. Believe me, I know!
There's no magic medicine that'll heal that wear and tear on your heart.
Money, status, honor... They won't do the trick either.
It's people who help. My comrades, and more than that, my children... They lift my spirits.
It's thanks to them that I can see a path forward. I'm truly grateful to them, from the bottom of my heart.

Oscar: Attend the war council, procure supplies, coach a training session... Let's see, what else is there to do...
Oh, hey, [Summoner]. Sorry I'm so busy all the time. Such is the life of a jack-of-all-trades.
People come to me for help with all sorts of things, and I'm more than glad to help with all of them.
In fact, I'm happy people rely on me for things like that.
I'm the oldest of three brothers, so helping out like this reminds me of different times.
So if you need anything, just—
Hm? Oh, I know. I'll do my best without pushing past my breaking point. It's a promise.
Your consideration for me is kind of heartwarming, you know!

Rolf (Halloween): Hey, [Summoner]...
Check out this haul! Have you EVER seen this much candy in one place?
The harvest festival is way too much fun! I can dress up as a ghost, and they give me CANDY too? Woo!
I never would have imagined that this much fun was even possible...
If peace came to the world, we could enjoy festivals like this whenever we wanted to, couldn't we?
I'll lend you whatever strength I've got!
Till this time next year, that is—I'll need a short break, of course. That candy won't collect itself!

Mia: Heya, Boss! It must be my lucky day to run into you right now. No way you're getting out of a spar this time!
I won't take no for an answer! I'll teach you how to hold a sword, and you teach me about tactics and stuff.
I've been keeping an eye on you ever since you defeated me with those tactics of yous.
I want to become stronger myself, but I also want an archrival that will grow with me. You know?
We would train to defeat each other in combat, and through victory and defeat become all the more bonded.
And then comes the final, decisive battle! Isn't that just the most exciting thing you can imagine?
I knew you'd agree, Boss! So let's get started! Don't worry, I'll go easy on you... For now!

Elincia: I spent most of my life living at the mercy of circumstance. I was never able to relieve my own uneasiness.
However, traveling with my lord Ike and the others, and spending time here...
It's allowed me to see a clearer picture of what it is I need to do.
My power alone is not enough to accomplish anything. However, if my rising up will help other people...
If it will help even a little, then that is the path I choose for myself. I no longer have doubt about that.

Nephenee: Excuse me, [Summoner]...
A-actually, never mind...
But, actually... Um, well...
Maybe you already know this about me, but I'm just a country gal...
I don't take to talkin' all that often on account of my accent... It's a mite embarrassing...
But I just wanted to tell ya... Well...

Nephenee (Splendid Soiree): This brings back memories. The festivals in my village sure were somethin'. We danced and danced.
The young, the old...we all got in a circle, everybody dancin' and laughin'.
We broke our backs in the fields day after day... But come festival time, we danced even harder than we worked.
That's the way to live.
That ain't possible when war is in the air.
We gotta get rid of it—make the world a place where there ain't nothin' to fight over.
Well, enough tough talk. Gotta focus on my dancin'! Ready to teach me, [Summoner]?

Sanaki (Bride): I am the 37th Empress of Begnion. it is for this purpose I was born and to this end I was raised.
I am different from the common person... So my wedding, too, will be different from the common person's.
My groom will not be chosen based upon feelings alone. However I think my desire to be with someone I love...
Is the same as any other person's... Spending this time with you has allowed me to realize this.
And someday, when I, too... H-hey, you better not tell anyone I'm telling you all this!
This is our secret, got it?! *ahem* Understood?

Sigrun (Bride): If you ask me, spending time with the one you love is the definition of joy.
That joy doesn't come freely—it's something you have to protect and nurture with your own two hands...
It's a vow you must make to protect what is precious to you...which is something even I can understand.
I will continue my fight—and I hope you do too, [Summoner].
Protect and support those close to you...and stride toward your future, together.

Sigrun: So, tell me...has even the Summoner concluded that I worry too much?
Well, war isn't won just by crossing swords. There are supplies to gather, troops to train, tactics to study...
Even a large and mighty army may collapse without support, by virtue of its size alone! ...Hey! You listening?
Hmm... So nonchalant... Not unlike Empress Sanaki in that regard... *ahem* Moving on...
Oh! Allow me to offer some insight into proper battle preparations. Point me toward the nearest chalkboard!

Tanith (Bride): My life's purpose is to protect the apostle. I don't have time to dream about the future—let alone marriage.
The apostle did, however, say I look good in this outfit... And if that's true, I'm happy.
And I will hold your compliments dear too, [Summoner].
Victory in battle isn't everything. Sharing smiles with those you care about is important too.
I suppose this silly outfit helped me realize that... So for that, at least, I am grateful.

Black Knight: I learned the sword from one of my fellow Four Riders, Gawain. He was a general without compare...
I fought my master, and I won. However, by then he had already cast aside his true skill.
This means I have not truly surpassed him.
But defeating one whose strength rivaled his own could be another means of achieving that goal.
I have forever longed for such a battle.
Not everyone would understand such drive, but as one who also lives by battle, I though that perhaps you...
Well, that is all.

Ilyana (Halloween): I love festivals... Food stalls, seasonal dishes, desserts as far as the eye can see... They're bursting with flavor.
And the most wonderful of all is the harvest festival, held to celebrate autumn's bounty.
Just saying the words "harvest festival" makes my mouth water...
Look at all of this candy... All I had to do was threaten people with tricks, and they just gave it to me!
I really must thank you for inviting me here, [Summoner].
I'll even share some of my haul with you. Just a little bit. What do you like?

Micaiah: You know, you're kind and thoughtful, [Summoner].
My brother and I live apart, now...but the way you worry about me reminds me of him.
It's strange to feel this way, yet it's also intensely familiar...
The skies that separate me from my brother are vast. But I'm starting to think of you as family, too.
Still, there's something I haven't been able to tell you yet—something about myself.
Even now, I can't reveal everything about myself or my powers.
Someday, though... I'm certain I'll be able to tell you everything.

Micaiah (Festival): The time I've spent with everyone here—laughing, dancing, will live within my heart forever.
These memories will become my beacon of hope. And I sense that one day...
this same light will shine upon everyone's future.
Endless fighting can wear down our hearts, and swelling stagnation can lead us toward even greater calamity.
However, the joy we feel today will become a light that never fades. One that drives the darkness away.
I want to step into that light with the people most precious to me...
Each of us carrying this summer's memories deep within our hearts.

Micaiah (Brave): My world is one of constant strife. People fought for power, influence, and even just for their daily bread...
The fact is, the weak are no match for the strong... But I couldn't stay silent and watch from a distance.
Thus, the Dawn Brigade was born... and with help from Sothe and the others, Daein has been restored.
By following my heart and giving a voice to those who had none, I was able to change Tellian history...
You and I are similar in that sense. This world needs you just as mine needed me. I can feel it.
But I wouldn't call that a prophecy... more like a belief. Nevertheless, I am happy to join you in walking this path.

Sothe: Micaiah and I don't really look alike? Well, of course we don't. We're not related by blood.
When I was a kid, Micaiah took me by the hand. All she wanted was for me to not have to cry anymore...
She held me tight. That's when we became a family.
Our bond is thicker than blood. No matter what, we support one another. We trust each other completely.
When I see you fight alongside Alfonse and the others, never asking for any kind of reward...
Well, if I squint, it's almost like looking at Micaiah.
I can't say I really trust you just yet. Not like I trust her.
That said, I've come to believe in you. Why? Because you fight for the people. I can trust in that.

Mia (Halloween): People often ask me why a girl is out on the battlefield. Can you believe that?
I tell them that underestimating my skills can be hazardous to their health!
Once they see me in action, they understand I can fight as well as any soldier out there. If not better!
But I just know I'll get that question again before the next battle.
That's why I like festivals like these. It doesn't matter whether you're a boy or girl, old or young.
Everyone just accepts that you're here to have fun!
Whether you're playing a trick, being tricked, or just eating candy, you can't help but smile through it all.
Well, anyway, festivals like these don't happen everyday. So let's get out there and enjoy ourselves!
Come on, boss, you're with me!

Ike (Legendary): It's always the same. No matter the era, no matter the world... War. The fighting never ends.
You fight to make peace. And it may seem like that battle will never end... That it's out of your reach.
Don't get discouraged. Your feelings are what drive you. Your actions have purpose.
No matter how hard things get, you have to keep fighting. I know that you'll press on. I respect that.
Let me walk your road with you. Once I get started, I don't give in. I'll stay by your side until the end, if you'll let me.

Elincia (Festival): Have you taken time to look upon the smiling faces of those participating in the summer festival?
What we should fight to protect is not history or kingdoms but those smiling citizens.
Taking part in this festival, having the chance to dance with everyone, has reaffirmed my resolve to fight.
I know not what storms may come in the future, but I'll never hesitate to raise my weapon for my people.
Once peace has been restored, let's dance together again. Hand in hand, my lord [Summoner].

Caineghis: This country's history is fascinating. It teaches a very different lesson than Gallia's.
Perhaps I'm showing my age by saying this, but it feels wonderful to know I still have things to learn...
Courage, of itself, is not power. Knowledge can be sharper than a sword.
As long as you live, you should continue to fight, and you should always learn.
Let us both aim to improve ourselves, [Summoner].
If that is your goal, I will spare no effort to help you realize it. Two of the same mind, fighting with pride.

Ranulf: You are one focused individual, aren't you? Are you on a mission of self-improvement or something?
You look a little tired, if you ask me. There's a lot of tension stored in your shoulders. Try to relax...
Look, I know how it is. All the people here expect the world from you, and you push yourself way too hard.
This is a beorc thing, I guess. But no matter how strong you are, if you exhaust yourself, that's it.
You can rely on me sometimes, you know. Just forget about today's battle and let me handle it.
That would be irresponsible? No, you're completely turned around. If you drop, what happens then?
Well, I've said my piece for today. Just give your pal Ranulf a call when you need him, OK?

Mordecai: Hello, [Summoner].
It's rare to see you here, in the deep forest. Taking a walk?
I like this place. Air is quiet and gentle here, like where I come from. Here, I can relax.
Without words, my forest friends can understand me. Not so with beorc. So hard to share thoughts...
Sometimes, you beorc say the opposite of what you think. Understanding is so difficult for me.
When I get tired, I always come here. If you get tired, you come here, too.
Lie in the sun, get comfortable, rest... It is our secret place. Promise me, OK?

Lethe: Can't you take a hint? How many times do I have to tell you that friendships don't interest me?
Friends or not, I must admit these so-called Heroes are as skilled in battle as the laguz.
Somewhere along the way, I've started to see them as warriors. They have strength I can count on.
And you, in particular, seem not to hold prejudice against the laguz. That's rare for a beorc.
Hey, I'm not planning to cozy up to you. That wasn't an invitation to take my hand.
But if you want to train, well...that, I can do. What, now? All right... But no complaining about the workout!

Tibarn: It's refreshing to be out on my own, in the thick of it. The pressures of kingship can be stifling.
It seems I've got a little more chaos in me than most folk. If I sit still for too long, I start itching for a fight.
We laguz have strong instincts for battle. And that includes kings, no matter how civilized.
Zelgius of Begnion, the beorc hero Ike... The world I came from sure didn't lack worthy competition.
Seems I won't get bored anytime soon here, though, either. Speaking of...we should get back to it.

Reyson: I am grateful to you for saving my life, [Summoner]. To fall to the spirit of chaos was...shameful for me.
It is frustrating to feel as if I offer only feelings in battle. I envy Tibarn's powerful body and strong wings.
If I'd had his strength, I may have been able to save myself from capture, my home from the torch.
Thinking of my people's fate cleaves my heart in two. I feel as if I failed them, and I cannot forgive myself.
What I can do is focus on my talents. I know that I possess a rare gift, and I do not mean to waste it.
So as thanks for saving me, and as a sign of my trust and friendship... I will sing for you.

Leanne: Hello, [Summoner]... Are you...sad?
You want to...protect us.
Your feelings...I know.
Like Elincia-queen, Naesala...
Me too! We our best fighting. Together.
Here—my hand. To sky, so far away... We promise.

Naesala: You seem to take your work quite seriously. What leverage must these people have over you, I wonder...
Oh, relax. It was only a little joke. As for my reason to fight? Simple. Kilvas desperately requires funds.
In my country, mercenary work is the best—and sometimes only—way to keep the people fed.
Selling one's services to the highest bidder may be unsavory, but worrying about your reputation is for the rich.
The people of Kilvas depend on me. That is why I fight. You'll continue to keep me well-supplied, won't you?

Nailah: Something is troubling you—I can tell by your face. I will lend you an ear. Go on, speak.
I see. You lack the strength to take the field yourself, and you fret for the ones you send to battle in your stead.
Listen, [Summoner]. Everyone has a purpose. Take heart knowing you have found yours.
My companion is the same. He too lacks the strength for battle, but his beauty and kindness bring me peace.
Beorc live short lives—focus on what you can do rather than what you can't, and yours will be free of regret.

Sanaki: Hmpf. I seem to have grown while here in this world. Have you noticed any differences?
I mean, avert your eyes! You gaze upon the Empress of Begnion! I am a privilege to behold!
And yet, you don't give a fig for all that, do you? You stand in my presence without fear.
Most would beg my permission to approach. But not you. I must say that I find it...refreshing.
Still, I am not a commoner, and though I seem to be a girl like any other, I am not.
I don't have the luxury of acting juvenile. But when I'm with you, I wish I did.
I think you might be a bad influence on me. How curious. I wonder what it means...
Still, never forget who I am—the Empress of Begnion!

Zelgius: Here to check on me, are you? I am surprised you'd spare time for someone like me. How generous.
I have seen the way you cut to the heart of the matter, and deliver even the cruelest order without hesitation...
Your rationality befits the battlefield. But, [Summoner]...
You are still young. Do not rush. Results are not everything, and you will find your own answers in time.
It is sometimes only possible to realize how precious something is until after you've lost it.
You may do what you want with this advice. However, if ever you cannot see the road ahead...
I will cleave a path for you with my blade—straight through your enemies.
I vow this on my contract with you, and on my holy sword.

Oliver: I've noticed something. Lately, you're always scowling.
This is not only unsightly—it is pointless. Tedious, even.
By the gods, what do you think you might accomplish by worrying about matters you cannot control?
You have but one life, and one chance to shine!
We both know that you are, essentially, ordinary. What you spend your time on is of little consequence.
Bearing that in mind, you must simply do what you can and only then consider the result. Get on with it!
Troubles reside in the mind, and beauty is found in a smile—that's the saying.
Those who truly grasp their fates can smile with ease. Learn well, and you'd be less unpleasant to look upon.
Ho! I see that grin! It looks as though my words have resounded in your soul.
I hope that you will continue to find my counsel so scintillating for many a year to come!

Haar: Oh, so it's you. Here to interrupt my nap once again, are you?
Look, it's not like I dislike you. I just need my space. Dealing with people is—*yawn*—pretty tiring.
I'll get the job done, of course. But in my spare time, I like to be left to my own devices.
You remind me of somebody. You're both way too serious, and give your all to get things done...
I'm not going to babysit you, but I do have your back. I'll rest a lot easier if I know you're doing OK.

Yune: Here I am, far from my own world. This is not something I anticipated!
But... No, I'm not bothered... My curiosity has been ignited. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.
This world is a crucible of chaos... Just what I like to soak in.
You hope, take, give, kill, struggle... Out of all of those needs and desires, hate and strife are born.
My other half could never countenance this. She might just destroy this beautiful mess one day...
You—you're my champion. We must continue fighting for this world!
Chrom: It seems like a lot of time has passed since you and I first met. At first I was bewildered, but...
your guidance has made me stronger. May we ever remain side by side.
You know, when I first met you, you reminded me a lot of Robin.
Not just your manner, but the way you plan, help everyone, and work to keep all of your allies alive.
There is no one I'd rather have guiding my steps. This bond we've built will last forever.

Chrom (Spring): Ah, if it isn't [Summoner]!
I just finished painting some spring-festival eggs. Not bad, if I say so myself. Take a look.
What? Curious what all that lettering is? It's written in the language of Ylisse.
It's a bit of a poem, I guess, that says how much I value your presence here.
And see? On this side, I've painted a picture of you. Good likeness, don't you think?
What, it isn't? Well, I tried, and at least now you know that I truly do value our strong bond.
Now, may we spend many spring festivals together and...I promise to work on my painting skills.

Chrom (Winter): Here fore a chat? I appreciate that you braved the cold to come and find me, but spare a thought for your health.
If you caught a cold, you wouldn't be able to enjoy the winter celebrations.
In Ylisse, we have a tradition... On the day of the winter festival, we give gifts to our family and our closest friends.
Normally, I'd be giving out the gifts. But hear me out, no matter how odd this sounds...
It seems to me that, ever since I arrived in Askr, it's been you that's been giving gifts to me.
Does that make any sense?
Gifts aren't just things. You spend time with me. You're by my side, cheering me on.
You make me stronger.
That...makes me happier than you can guess. I'm truly grateful. I'll do what I can to do the same for you.

Chrom (Knight Exalt): I've got a question for you. When somebody says "knight," what does that mean to you?
Someone noble—someone who would sacrifice themselves for their allies. Hmm...
A warrior who battles with pride and who doesn't flinch in the face of battle? I see.
So, that's not quite how I think about things...
The willingness to sacrifice yourself to save someone else is admirable, certainly. Not everyone can do that.
But think about it... If you sacrifice yourself, you'll end up hurting the people who care about you. Right?
Yeah, you got me. I'm talking about you, [Summoner].
You face some hard decisions. If you want to protect others, you'd better protect yourself first.
We can help each other. Let's talk about our hardships and share our ideals...
We're comrades, now. That bond can't be broken—ever!

Robin (Male): I appreciate the opportunity you've given me to observe your battle tactics in depth.
Every time we head out, I can't help but be proud that you've chosen me to fight at your side.
But I do feel bad for interfering with the bonding process between partners.
You and Alfonse share something special, right? Similar to the bond between Chrom and me?
But there is also an understanding between fellow tacticians, and I vow to support you to the end.

Robin (Male, Winter): I was just mulling over a plan. What plan? How to help my dear friend— that's you—enjoy the winter festival.
Well, first, you're going to need a red outfit like mine.
Then we'd decorate a tree and eat a huge feast. When it got late, we'd go around delivering presents...
It's hard to put presents next to everyone's pillows without waking them up, you realize.
We're both tacticians, though, so I'm sure we could figure it out.
In fact, maybe we should brainstorm some tactics before we begin. This is kind of exciting—a council of war!
I've been looking forward to winter ever since I got here, you see...
If I got my wish, I'd spend the winter festival with you for years to come!

Robin (Male, Fallen): You are a curious one... You willingly come to chat with me? The fell dragon? Alone?
You know full well how I detest humans.
They have no qualms asking for divine assistance when it meets their fickle needs...
But how quick they are to shun their benefactors once they get what they desire.
They become arrogant and make the same mistakes repeatedly, incapable of learning the folly of their ways.
They claim their actions are for the good of others, but that's merely a show of self-indulgence.
Humans are selfish. And the ugliness of mankind has turned me repulsive.
It's the world that wants me to be evil. And yet you claim to need me here? Enough of your lies, worm.
How dare you look at me with such a gaze. Do not dare pity me!

Robin (Female): We've been through a lot together on the battlefield, and I've watched you every step of the way.
Not to be presumptuous, but the way you fight, your tactical skill, the way you keep everyone safe...
It all reminds me of myself and how I led my friends in battle back in my own world.
That means I also know how much you care about all of us and how painful your position can be.
If that weight gets to be too much, I want you to lean on me. After all, I've been at this for a while...
I might just come up with an amazing plan that solves all your problems, on or off the battlefield!

Robin (Female, Summer): We did a good job out there, despite the heat. Did you lose focus during the battle? No? That's good!
At the resort, fighting in the heat didn't bother me one bit, but does. It's strange.
Maybe it's because there, I was focused on strategy! You know what I'm talking about, don't you?
I'm so glad we met. It's nice to have another tactician to talk to. You understand what I'm saying...
I had a great time at the resort, but I think it's even more fun to talk about strategy like this.
And it doesn't hurt that you're letting me take a vacation from being a tactician during battle!
I hope we can keep talking like this... Two tacticians, striving for the ultimate strategy!

Robin (Female, Legendary): Come to butter me up some more? How very irksome. I've nothing to chat about with a human.
Humans spout their ideals, but it's nothing but lip service. Let's all join together and hold hands, you'll say.
We can overcome our differences despite being different species, despite our differing core ideologies.
The truth is what you see daily in this place. Day after day, night after night, all you have is never-ending war.
One person's satisfaction means another must suffer. That is the truth of all worlds.
But my power of destruction is the one true equalizer.
If you think there's someone out there capable of leading the world with such high-minded ideas of love and bonds...
I'd love to meet them.
Hmph. After all that, you still talk your big talk? Very well. I'll watch over you... Right until your bitter end.

Lissa: Hey! I was thinking that I've grown up a lot since I got here. Don'tcha think, [Summoner]?
I've learned to fight, I've made friends with people in the Order, and I always clean my plate!
...Thanks! Glad you agree! Of course, it's all because of your help that I'm so princessy now!
I feel like I'm one step closer to being the ideal lady. I hope you'll keep helping me get there!
Oh, and I've gotten better at little pranks, too. I can't wait for you to find the frog I just hid!

Lissa (Winter): Hey there! I've been waiting for you. Ta-da! It's your present! Hurry up and open it!
Are you kidding me? This is not a "bottle of some random liquid." That's just plain rude.
I'll have you know that we always serve this during the winter festival.
Though, does look a tad off. I'm not sure what I got wrong...
It's the thought that counts, though. Right? I just wanted to thank you for being such a great friend.
Bottoms up, you say? Well...thanks!
Er... it?
You don't look so good...
Somebody! Anybody! I need a staff! QUICK!

Frederick: Why, you're hard at work as always, [Summoner]!
If you're on patrol, please allow me to assist you.
I shall try to predict your path and remove any pebbles or weeds that might obstruct your progress.
My foremost duty will always be to the royal house of Ylisse—that will never change. But...
I feel I should make time to look after you as well. Perhaps I've grown attached to you...
Well, enough lollygagging—I have pebbles to clear. Please, don't mind me! Continue patrolling!

Frederick (Summer): I feel that I've gotten much stronger since I came here. You've put a lot of time and energy into my training.
Honestly, I had my misgivings at first. I never expected you to take me seriously, dressed like this...
How wrong I was. You helped me train. Even so, I worried that you might earn my trust and then...
you'd spring a terrible surprise on me. I spent my nights sleepless, certain you'd suddenly force me to eat bear...
But thinking about it, I confess I can see no reason you'd ever do that, Summoner.
To make amends, I'll give my utmost on the battlefield.
I've always relied on my armor, but now it's my zeal that will see me through!

Sully: Hey, you gonna be fighting by our side again today? Good to hear, [Summoner].
Fighting here has been a great experience for me. And you're pretty damn inspiring, you know?
I know you can't fight directly, but you still always seem like the biggest deal on the field.
Someday maybe I'll inspire courage in my allies like you do. That's my dream since I came here.
Until that dream comes true, I guess I'll just have to stay near you! Thanks, partner.

Stahl: Whew, good training session! Must be time to find a sna— Oh, hey, [Summoner]!
Awww! You brought me a sandwich! I was just about to grab something to eat! Thanks!
You're always looking out for me. I can't even count how many times you've saved me on the battlefield!
But I've noticed that people who take care of others sometimes forget to take care of themselves.
That's why I'm keeping my eye on you! Don't push yourself too hard, and I'll do my best to support you.

Sumia: I can do it. I can't do it... I can do it. I can't do it... I can— Oh, hello, [Summoner].
I was just doing flower fortunes. I'm trying to figure out if I can become a proper Hero or not.
Fighting by your side has given me a new goal. I don't want to be a klutz forever. I want to become stronger.
I want to become a Hero that looks like she belongs by your side. But I'm...just not that confident...
So I thought I'd consult the flowers. I can't do it. I can do it... I can't... I can!
Oh, thank goodness! The flower says I can do it! Now I just need to work hard to prove it right.
I'll become your strongest wings!

Maribelle: Goodness me, that slack posture of yours simply will not do. Aren't you some sort of great hero in this world?
Then you should carry yourself accordingly.
You must straighten your neck like so, and puff out your chest with pride. No, no, that is ALL wrong!
Imagine yourself bound tightly to a rod that keeps you stiff from head to toe.
Well! I see you can do it if you truly apply yourself. I suppose you have a decent base to work from...
Even just a tiny improvement can make a world of difference.
As a noblewoman, I do not care to follow anyone who lacks the proper decorum. You, however...
Even as you are now, I would follow you to the end.
Now, let us have a small break and partake of some tea, shall we? I use only the highest quality herbs.
And since you did so well with your posture, I won't even scold you for your dreadful tea-drinking manners!

Cordelia: Let's summon Heroes, first I'd have to pose, then fire a shot like so... Yes, I have the moves down perfec—
Ahhh! Were you watching me? Why didn't you say something sooner, [Summoner]?!
Hm? Because I let my guard down? You're very rude to spy on me like that!
But I must's nice that you can see me this way and not just as everyone's "natural talent."
I won't let my guard down on the battlefield, though. You are precious to me, and I swear to protect you.

Cordelia (Bride): I've finished my patrol. I've checked our supplies, too. I've been looking for you, [Summoner].
What? That's not a job for a bride? Don't kid around. You know I'm a soldier.
Wait.. Is it that you don't want me to spoil my dress?
I'm right? Er... How embarrassing! But thanks for the compliment, all the same.
Well, why not? You've been so nice to me... I'll try being a bride for you.
Ha! You're blushing! How cute.
Shall we walk onto the battlefield, arm-in-arm? Maybe we do make a good couple...

Cordelia (Summer): Are you tired already? I think you may need to spend more time on training. Don't skip a day, either.
I can tell by your expression that you thought today would be a little more... relaxing.
Sorry to disappoint, but summertime training for a pegasus knight is always intense.
We always have to be prepared. I'm concerned that you aren't ready for battlefield emergencies...
You can't stay on the sidelines forever. And I'm happy to help whip you into shape.
Well... We did complete today's training regimen. So we can take it easy for the rest of the day.
If you want to goof off, you have to earn it. I'll race you to those rocks over there—then we can play!

Libra: Oh, dear. It seems that you have discovered me. I was attempting to paint a portrait of you just now.
I don't do this all that often, but observing you moved me...
You're a captivating person—how you move, how you summon, and even your demeanor when we talk.
Before I knew it, I had brush in hand. Perhaps the fact that you summoned me draws me to you...
I'd like to believe that my affection for you is my own, though.
I am thankful that I had this chance to share my feelings with you today.
That said, do you mind if I continue to paint? I'd love to have you all to myself, even for only a short time.

Gaius: Hey there. Seems like I've been seeing a lot of you lately, [Summoner].
Here to beg more candy off me?
I'm not sharing this one, though— it's my favorite right now. Packed with sweet, sweet honey...
Hm? You don't want candy? You got work for me, then? ...No?
Wait, you're not just here to spend time with me, are ya? 'Cause that'd make you a big ol' marshmallow.
Only softies try to build relationships up for their own sake. And here you are—soft as cotton candy.
Heh. I changed my mind. Take the honey candy. No reason—just my way of saying thanks.

Gaius (Summer): Man, is it hot... Wait. What do you want? I don't have any sweets to share...
You saw the tattoo on my arm when I was swimming?!
Keep it down! I'm trying to keep a lid on that...
It's a mark they put on convicts where I come from. I did a favor for a buddy, and that's what it got me...
Talk is cheap, and I don't need your pity.'s nice to know you're not judging me for my past.
And you know what? It's summer. I should let loose and try to have fun. Be a good guy for once.
After all, I've got you on my side, don't I? Things could be worse!

Donnel: Well, well! There you are, [Summoner]!
I wanted ta give you these fresh veggies from my garden!
Dunno if you've seen the garden— I planted it in the courtyard... Sorry if that was wrong o' me...
Aw, shucks! Thanks for not bein' mad. I'll keep on helping the Order any way I can.
You're always so nice about stuff— that's why I like you so much. Just feels natural, you know?
I'll keep raisin' great vegetables and getting stronger and stronger... Just see the fighter I'll be for you!

Lon'qu: You're here again. Why? What have I done to deserve this attention?
I have no wealth, no power. Nothing but my skills as a swordsman.
What? You value my presence? You find my help...reassuring?
No one has ever said that to me before, but I am glad my presence gives you strength.
Understood. I shall be your bodyguard, then.
I will stay by your side for as long as you want me.

Olivia: Umm... Thank you for always taking time out of your busy day to come and watch me dance!
I've traveled a lot, but I've never been somewhere like this before. I was pretty nervous at first...
But you always stayed near me and kept a friendly eye on me. I think that's why I've adjusted so well.
I...I hope this isn't too forward, but I'd like you to see my newest dance.
I chose the choreography in honor of our world...and the relationship you and I share.

Olivia (Performing Arts): 5...6...7...8... Oh, hi there! Are you curious to learn more about this dance? That's great!
I'm thinking about performing this at the next festival.
When people watch dances from across the worlds... You should see the way their faces light up.
I'm working out how to include some Askran flourishes. No, I misspoke... I'm basing my choreography on you.
I always keep an eye on you—and how you move.
When you summon, during battle... And in particular, how you look at all of us Heroes. Your kindness shines.
You see, when I return home someday... I want everyone to really see what a wonderful person you are.
Thank you for that smile. It...means a lot to me. You'll always have a place in my heart.

Olivia (Ylissean Travelers): O-oh! Were you watching me dance? Well, yes, you have a good eye... It is a brand-new dance I'm working on.
But please don't tell anyone about it! It's not ready for an audience yet, so promise me. OK?
I thought I could make my dances much more expressive by making better use of the sky and my falicorn.
Flying through the sky on his back for the first time was such a moving experience for me.
The sound of cutting through the wind, the color of the sky, the brisk air all around me...
I want to convey all of those things through my dancing!
My hope is to give people who have never flown before a sense of how amazing it is.
I've been trying a lot of new moves, but it isn't going as well as I had hoped.
I've taken my fair share of tumbles lately...
But when this new dance is finally ready, I want you to be the first person who sees it!

Henry: Oh! Planning on sending me out to kill some more, [Summoner]?
Nya ha! That's great!
Who's my target? A Hero? Emblian soldier? Oh! Could it be someone in the Order of Heroes?
Huh? Allies don't kill each other? Who told you THAT? Eh, if you say so, I guess...
Then again, I like this place, and I wouldn't want anyone to die.
You won't die, will you, [Summoner]?
If you died, I'd have to invent a horrible new hex for whoever killed you. So just...stay alive, OK?

Henry (Trick or Defeat!): Something just popped into my head. I was wondering what kind of harvest makes you the happiest!
Do you love to mow down your enemies? Or would you rather harvest hard-to-get Heroes?
Of course, I love to kill my enemies. But being harvested by you was a bounty for me!
If I didn't meet you, my harvest festival would have ended after a single day. My days as a bloodsucker...
They'd be dead and buried! Nya ha ha!
That's why I'm so grateful to you. So I'll keep on hexing and killing. You can reap the rewards!

Tharja: Ah, excellent—it seems my hex to summon you worked immediately.
Yes, that's right. You came here because of a hex—a hex that made you want to talk to me.
I sprinkled powdered lizard on this paper, and you were drawn toward it. ...Hm? The lizard's worn off...
So you came here of your own free will? Surprising, yet...not.
Heehee... I already have someone I'm destined to be with, but you're just as precious to me.

Tharja (Winter): Why good day, [Summoner]! How fare you? Enjoying the weather?
Huzzah, I baked you a pie! I do so adore baking. It's even topped with a blood-colored—er, red—berry sauce.
It's a special gift just for Y-O-U, for taking such good care of me.
Give me just a moment to slash it—I mean, slice it—into ribbons—I mean, into pieces...
Oh-ho-ho, what a lovely and deep cut! Doesn't the oozing sauce remind you of a beautiful curse?
Oh, er... I mean... Huzzah, or... Hm. I seem to have forgotten my "normal practice."
Well, I guess it's no use pretending anymore. This is the real me: a hex-loving, curse-slinging witch.
I take it you're disappointed?
You're not disappointed at all? Well, thank you. You're...surprisingly kind...
I suppose it's OK to celebrate the winter festival as my true self... Just because it's with you.

Tharja (Bride): I'm glad you're here, [Summoner]. I...need your advice on something...
I know who I'm fated to be with, of course. After all, I'm dressed up just for him.
But then I came here and met you...And, well, somehow you've become just as important to me.
So how am I supposed to choose between the two of you? Ugh, this is all your fault.
So now what should I do? I used to think love was a hex of happiness.
But now I see it's a curse as dark and malicious as any other.

Aversa: You come all the way out here rather often, don't you? I guess you don't trust me. I'm not a spy, you know.
That's not it? You think I look sad? You don't miss much, do you? It's true. I have many regrets.
I've done terrible things to a lot of people. There is no way I can atone for it all...
My past clings to me. No matter what I do, I can't make peace with it.
And whenever I try to speak with others, gets in the way.
Speak plainly, you say? As if that'd ever work.
If you're that interested in me, why don't we spend a little time together? Until moonrise, perhaps?
As you may have noticed, I'm the fiercely loyal type.

Walhart: You deserve praise for your strategies. They have led to many successes in battle...
But you lack something crucial.
Ask yourself this: Am I merely a spectator and not a participant? It is as if the battle does not reach you!
Summoned to another world, yet you treat the struggles unfolding before you as an exercise in theory!
This cannot stand.
You must think of yourself as a Hero! The battle rages within your heart!
Victory is decided by the strongest of wills. The will to rule over people, to surpass even the gods...
Your will must be unbending if you would grasp victory.
You have yet to mature, but talent does lie within you.
I will follow you into battle and see how you develop. I trust you have no objections!

Virion: Ah, may I steal a bit of your time, [Summoner]?
I've grown fascinated with the board games of other cultures lately. Care to play one now?
Take a look—this board is the battlefield and this dazzling little gemstone is yours truly.
All of these pieces—you move them around the board as you would fighters in a battle.
Yes, yes... Of course... Very good. You grasp the game quickly, as I suspected you would.
But I see that you're not willing to sacrifice that dazzling little gemstone...
Who can blame you? It is more scintillating than all the rest! Still, I need to tell you...
You're playing that wrong. It's better strategy to sacrifice any piece for the greater good.
Much as you could choose to rid yourself of me from your team to serve your purposes.
There are other Heroes to bring into the fold. But do I sense...that you're repelled by the idea?
You don't want to sacrifice anyone, do you? Very well. Then as the first Hero you summoned...
I will make it my duty to keep polishing myself into the most dazzling stone in your possession!

Cherche: Thank you for always supporting me and my precious Minerva. We both feel so safe with you!
To be honest, I was worried at first. About living in a different world... About fighting new enemies...
I did leave home once before, but coming here is not the same as crossing from Valm to Ylisse.
But spending time with you—learning about this world—has filled me with determination to protect it.
My homeland of Rosanne is a green and beautiful place, just like Askr. I hope to show it to you someday.

Tiki (Adult): Tell you look forward to or dread the day you'll go home from this world?
Personally, I can't stop thinking about the sad day I will have to part with all my new friends.
The thought of saying good-bye to you is especially sad. I suppose it's a sign of how close we've grown.
Heh. That's borrowing trouble from the future, isn't it? Better to concentrate on the happy present.
There is still plenty of time for us to spend together, and I plan to enjoy every moment of it.
Someday, when I look back on these days, you will shine ever so brightly in my memory...

Tiki (Adult, Summer): Thanks for taking the time to come and see me, even with this heat... Or is it just me?
We Heroes who dropped in from the resort seem to be stuck in an eternal summer... I'm not sure why.
This world is certainly mysterious. I've seen so many summers, but none have been as thrilling as this one.
I thought I'd gotten to an age where nothing could surprise me, but I was wrong about that!
This summer has filled me with the joy of a child. I find myself wishing it would not end.
I want to stay here with you.

Nowi: Found you, [Summoner]! Let's play together! How about some hide-and-dragonseek? Tag?
Huh? You just want to chat? I like to run around a bunch, but if that's what you want, we can do that!
I love playing with you—you're nice and you're fun and I feel safe with you. Hm? Aww! How sweet!
Well, if that's how we both feel, let's stick together forever and ever!
Since I'm older, I'll be sure to always keep you safe, [Summoner]! It's a promise!

Nowi (Trick or Defeat!): Hi there! There's something I wanted to tell you, actually. Thanks for always coming to say hi. I'm sorry, though...
Why? Because you keep coming, but I never have any candy! I mean, it's the harvest festival, after all...
Huh? You don't come for the candy? Then... does that mean you're here to see me?
That's totally amazing! Honestly, I'd rather chat with you than get candy, too! How about that?
Come say hi anytime you want. You know, it doesn't matter if you say something selfish or play a trick...
I'll always forgive you! I'm an adult, after all. I have to take the high road!

Panne: Ah, I thought you might be heading this way. I've come to recognize the sound of your footsteps.
What would you like to chat about today? I could tell you about the exalt Emmeryn if you'd like.
Or perhaps the history of the taguel? Although, that is not the cheeriest of subjects to discuss.
Why not tell me about yourself? I know the sound of your footsteps, but I have not memorized your voice.
You're surprisingly quiet for a human, so I end up doing most of the talking. But in truth, I'm a better listener.
No need to look embarrassed. I'll listen to any topic you wish to speak on. It'll only help us grow closer.

Lucina: This world is a truly beautiful place. The white castle, clear blue skies... and all the flowers, of course.
They are, all of them, irreplaceable. We must protect this world at all costs, [Summoner].
My homeland was destroyed by war. I can't bear to let anyone else experience that loss.
...Hm? Thank you for trying to lift my spirits...
I'm always touched by your kindness. I hope that, whatever may come, we'll remain side by side.

Lucina (Spring): I imagine that you could only be curious about spring-festival outfits, [Summoner].
We have many kinds of these festival costumes in Ylisse.
One was an egg—cracked on one side. Another was a shirt that showed my bunny ears!
People even go around swinging carrot weapons!
I'm sure that our bond would strengthen if we both dressed up to enjoy such festivities!
Oh...not interested? I see. I was only thinking that if our bond was as strong as possible...
Well, then that would be enough for me if I go back home. I'd like to remember you forever.
Sorry to get melancholy. Anyway, even if we don't go hopping down the trail together in costumes...
I know our bond is strong as it is, and I hope you'll have me stay here and help you as long as I can.

"Marth" (Masked): It has been some time since you summoned me here. Really, I should be elsewhere. And I am no Hero.
I am grateful to you, though. I can use the strength you've given me to fulfill the mission that lies ahead.
The day will come when I have to leave, [Summoner].
I muse return to the land so dear to me—the one where we all swore to meet again...
The one where we promised we would change our fates. When the time comes, I hope I can explain.
Unlike the other Heroes, I must guard my secrets. I cannot open up to you. But for now, my sword is yours.

Lucina (Brave): I learned all my sword techniques from my father. He started training me when I was still very young.
Though at that age, our "training" may have been more like playing. Those are precious memories...
But despite all our time together, he never got the chance to teach me how to use a lance.
This world has an odd effect on me... It has renewed my sense of hope.
It offers the chance to reunite with the people I've lost. Those most important to me...
I'm no stranger to traveling between worlds, so you can rest assured I will not waste this opportunity.

Lucina (Legendary): Oh, [Summoner]! M-my apologies. I must seem so flustered right now...
Was my visage truly contorted in such a manner? I heard the fell dragon Grima may have appeared in this world, as well...
The very same that led my own world to ruin. I was not strong enough back then...
I was unable to protect my own own precious friends and allies... I could protect no one.
When I think that the same awful fate may befall another world, I suppose I cannot help but scowl.
Even the aid of a legendary weapon such as this does little to console me.
But, [Summoner]... Thank you. You are kind to offer your assistance. I will never turn it down.
I don't want to lose anyone so special to me ever again. And with your aid, perhaps I won't.

Owain: You've done well to temper my strength, producing something truly formidable, friend.
Or shall I call you...Master?!
Not only have you enlisted the aid of a champion such as myself, but you have given me power without limit.
Yet I know that if I do not appeal to your scrupulous and iron will, then...
Huh? Why are you backing away from me? Wait, wait, come back, [Summoner]! Please!
I shall—I mean, I will—speak more plainly. Promise! I'm just glad you've taken me under your wing is all.
I'm really grateful for all you've done. It's because of you I've grown so strong and remained safe in battle.
Someday I'll become a true hero of legend... And even then, I'll continue to stand by your side!

Inigo (Performing Arts): I have to thank you for calling me to this world and letting me dance for so many Heroes.
I've been to a lot of places, seen a lot of things, and met a lot of people... Many of them are dear to me now.
But none of them—not a single one—was able to see me as I am now. Nobody saw my dream made real.
But now, thanks to you, my dream IS real. Nothing could make me happier.
It's not so easy to say this, and maybe it's not easy to hear it, either... Your support means a lot. I'm in your debt.
I hope to stay by your side for a long time to come. I want to help you reach your dream. I want to see you smile.
Now, and heart brims with affection for you.

Brady: Oh, hey—good to see you aren't hurt. But you do look a bit tired... You don't have your usual go-get-'em spirit.
Luckily, I have just the cure. I scrounged up some decent tea and some pretty tasty cookies!
And if that doesn't pep you up, I'll play your favorite song on my violin! If that fails, I ain't got a clue what I'll do.
Yeah, it's true I focus mostly on healin' up cuts and scars, but healing hearts is important too, ya know?
Especially yours. This army needs you to lead it.
Nah, that ain't the only reason...
It's 'cause you've become pretty important to me. So if ya don't cheer up soon, I might just start to cry!
Ha, so hurry up and get some tea in you before it gets cold. Got it?

Gerome: You've come to chat yet again? Some people just can't take a hint.
And now it seems Minerva has taken a liking to you, against my wishes.
Yet, I suppose I cannot be cruel to someone Minerva approves of.
As I've said before, I have no desire to meddle in the affairs of other worlds. If Askr is destined to fall...
then so be it.
However, if you truly wish to protect this world and its inhabitants, then Minerva and I will be by your side.
After all... We understand the pain of loss all too well.

Yarne: Hey, [Summoner]...
Did you notice? I didn't jump when you spoke to me. I heard you coming.
Lately, I catch myself listening for your footsteps, wondering where you're going...
If you ended up getting attacked, summoners would go extinct! And I'd be pretty lonely.
If you're ever in danger, shout my name, or just make a loud noise. I'll hear it and come running!
Thanks to you, I've gotten plenty strong. Now I can protect you! Thanks for giving me the courage to help.

Morgan (Male): Oh, so I guess you spotted me! I was watching you from over there, but I didn't think you'd notice...
But I shouldn't be surprised. I expect nothing less from the second smartest tactician I know!
The smartest tactician I know is my own mother, of course. But you could be her rival for sure!
That's why I've been looking for an opportunity to ask to be your apprentice.
Oh, wait! I just let my own plan slip! No way you'd ever take me on as your apprentice now...
Huh? You will? Really?! Oh, thank you! You're amazing! And every bit as kind as my mother.
I'm so excited I get to learn all about tactics from you. Now that it's official, I'll stick to your side like glue!
Because no matter what happens, I'll believe in you right up to the end!

Morgan (Female): [Summoner]... I have a huge request for you today... Please...
Make me your apprentice!
Your strategies are so wonderful, you could almost rival my father!
And he's a genius tactician, as I may have mentioned five or six times already...
I'll even do odd jobs! I'll wash your robe, I'll polish the Breidablik, anything you ask!
Really?! I can be your apprentice?! Oh, thank you so much! I'm going to learn so much from you!
Heehee... There's something about your smile that reminds me of my father, actually... It's kind.
Ever since we first met, I just knew I had to follow your lead.
Even without this Summoner-Hero relationship, I'm sure we would have been just as close!
Anyway, I hope I can follow you right to the very end!

Oh, [Summoner]!
I'm so s-sorry... I'm not scared of you... I was just caught up in an old memory.
Life was so scary where I used to be... But it's so calm here. I catch myself wondering if it's even real...
I hope that I can take my mother and all of my friends to visit the sparkling ocean I visited during the summer.
It would be so nice, and we'd always have something beautiful to remember...
I would be so happy if you came along, too, and stayed by my side.

Nah: Hiya! Do you need my help with something? Whatever it is, just leave it to me!
Huh? You just want to...spend time with me? But that doesn't sound helpful... I'd really rather be helpful.
You'd let me stay here if I didn't help? Really? Even if I was weak? Even if I asked for things?!
[Summoner], that's... That's so kind of you...
I was raised by a foster family so I was always trying to prove my worth. But I guess I don't need to here...
Thank you for this. I'll stay by your side for ever and ever, [Summoner]!
Even when I'm an old lady!

Kjelle: Who's there? Oh, it's you. I wasn't expecting to see you here. All done with your daily tasks?
You sure know how to keep busy. I was just training, myself. There just aren't enough hours in the day for it...
I must become stronger, both physically and mentally. That way I'll be ready to face any challenge.
I was uneasy when I first arrived here. I have unfinished business back home, you see. But...
You've been helping me become stronger. So while I'm here, your ways are my own.
Your will is more determined than that of anyone else. Only you can guide us to victory.

Cynthia: I've been doing some thinking, and I came up with a cool way for the Order of Heroes to take the battlefield!
OK, so, picture this... We start with me, right? High up on a mountain, showering Heroes with flower petals.
Then, boom! You enter! You pose in the center of the group and raise your divine weapon as you declare—!
Huh? You think the enemy would strike before all this played out? Well, I guess you have a point...
I wanted to come up with this idea as a way to thank you, but I guess it's no good. On to plan B!
Which is just me saying... Thank you for giving me this power, and for calling me a Hero, and for...
Well, for generally looking out for me.
I still have a long way to go, and I may be sort of clumsy, but... Someday, I will be the Wings of Justice!
And when that day comes, I just know you and I will look so cool together in battle!

Naga: Come here. Gaze deep into my eyes, [Summoner]...
Yes, I see. I, too, now understand the warmth and peace that arises when one is at your side.
It is strange for one such as I, with strength rival to none, who watches over and guides the world...
to drift into another world and find myself sharing feelings with mortals previously unknown to me.
Yet...these feelings have put down roots in my heart. And your eyes tell me you feel the same warmth.
Corrin (Male): It's good to see you. We've spent so much time together, I'm uneasy when you're not around.
I'd like to just keep you where I can see you, but people would call me overprotective. Heh.
I've felt...overprotected my whole life, so it's a strange feeling to want to do it myself.
You are obviously essential to the realm's defense, so it's natural to protect you, I suppose.
I guess I'm saying we've got your back, so don't worry about what path to choose. Just keep going.

Corrin (Male, New Year): Thanks for spending so much time with me. I had a wonderful New Year's thanks to you!
In Hoshido, we use ink and brushes to write down our goals for the new year. It's called kakizome.
I wonder what you'd write... Something to reflect your desire to bring this fighting to an end?
Or maybe you'd write something about wanting strong Heroes instead.
Heh, if that's your wish, I guess I need to work even harder. I want to stay by your side, after all.
I want to become a Hero who can make all your wishes come true. I think that's what I'll write down.

Corrin (Male, Adrift): Some people find pleasure in attacking those who can't fight back. Sad to say, but it's true.
Azura's heart has been wounded by people like that. And as long as she seeks revenge, it will never heal.
That is why I want to stay at her side. If I protect her and give those wounds time to heal...
then perhaps she can grow stronger and find a way to live on her own someday.
I know she has the strength to walk on her own two feet. She just has to find it.
Until then, I will watch over her. Always.

Corrin (Female): Ah, [Summoner]! Thanks for coming to visit me again!
Oh, sorry I keep patting you on the head—it's a bad habit I picked up back home.
But I do think that touch can bring friends closer than words can, you know? Wanna try it?
Heehee—you're so gentle! It's been a while since someone patted ME on the head. It's nice!
Anytime you want to pat or be patted, let me know! It can only help us be stronger together.

Corrin (Female, Summer): The tropical island was amazing. I can see the crystal-clear water and blue sky every time I close my eyes.
I spent so many years cooped up inside a fortress, so seeing such vivid colors was a whole new experience.
I had always dreamed of such sights. I could have spent the rest of my life just staring out at the water...
But I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad you called out to me, and I'm glad I answered. It allowed us to meet.
Spending time here with you and making so many new friends are the perfect summer memories.
This place is every bit as wonderful as that island.
Oh, here I am just rambling on and on... Anyone ever tell you you're a pretty good listener?
Well, I hope you'll tell me about yourself the next time we get a chance to talk.

Corrin (Female, Adrift): Whether you are born to an unkind fate or have it thrust upon can always find meaning in it.
Even if you can't bear the cruelty of it alone, there are others who will help you clear a path to the future.
You should remember that for the times when your confidence falters, for when you lose sight of the dawn.
Never forget all those who support you.
Someday, your dream will become reality... So let us take each other's hands and move forward together.

Corrin (Female, Fallen): Somewhere deep down...I can feel a wild hunger I can't control. Each day, it grows a little stronger...
I can suppress it for now, but...the time will come when I won't be able to anymore.
If... When that happens, I...might hurt you. Or worse.
I don't want to hurt anyone I care about...ever again. I want to protect, but...this power yearns to destroy.
I beg you... If my power ever awakens to threaten you or anyone, please... stop me, [Summoner].

Azura: You are the ocean's gray waves—♪ So you've come to see me again, [Summoner]...
You visit so often, I find myself looking for you whenever I am singing. You are a lovely audience.
My song is powerful, but that power is both great and terrible.
It can be used to rally and refresh the spirit...or enslave it.
But it seems the song's power is much less in this world, as is the danger to the singer.
So I can stay by your side to the end. And one day I will tell you of the kingdom of silence I was born in.

Azura (Performing Arts): While I was performing, I heard your voice, clear and strong. It said that I was needed.
My first thought was that I must go. I didn't understand what a summoner was, then. But now, I'm happy to help.
Even so, I cannot stay here very long. I'm on a journey into the darkness...and my true allies are waiting for me.
The path before me is dim. I don't know whether I'll make it to the end... If a cruel fate awaits me...
If I disappear... Call to me. Your voice can give me form. I believe this, and I believe in you.

Azura (New Year): I just love New Year's. The crisp air at the break of dawn truly makes it feel like a new start.
Hmm, I know... Let's celebrate with a song, shall we? What kind of music do you enjoy?
I like songs that remind me of people from my past. To be honest, those songs can make me feel lonely...
But when I sing them, I feel like my thoughts and feelings can reach someone no matter the distance.
Though, maybe it's best to ring in the new year with a happier song.
I don't want to sing for people who are far away. I'd rather sing for you, right here in front of me.
I'm so happy to have met you. I'll sing to show you my gratitude, so I hope I can stay by your side all year.

Azura (Young): I felt trapped, trapped in a world where I hated everything.
I hated it so much that I wanted it to just go away...all of it.
But there are a few people I can trust...and so many voices calling to me in my dreams.
There are people like you—you're nice to me. You're very gentle, and you even pat me on the head.
Maybe...maybe I should spend a little longer here.
I don't know what's going to happen next...
But if I'm with you, maybe things will be OK. I feel like I can keep going.

Azura (Legendary): There's a shadow darkening your brow, [Summoner]. Does something trouble you?
If you don't wish to speak, I won't press you. There are silent secrets nestled in all our hearts...
Such a secret plagued me once. I couldn't share my burden with anyone...
Not even with one as dear to me as a sibling. But words swallowed can cause much pain.
It seems as though you may be carrying too much. Please... Speak with me if you trust me.
...Now I'm pressing you, as I promised I wouldn't. Forgive me, if you will. I merely want to help.
When you can no longer swallow your secret, come speak with me. With song, I'll soothe your soul.

Gunter: I heard from your commander that you're a...Great Hero.
Come now—out with it. Are you a Great Hero? Perhaps you're too humble to say as much.
You might not have my years, but embrace who you are and develop your potential!
That weapon of yours—make yourself into the sort of person who is worthy of holding it!
I have known another one in my days who faced a similar dilemma.
Now, before you dismiss this as the ramblings of an old man, know this:
I have also sensed it while we've been in battle—a gap between your title and your confidence.
No need to apologize. It's only natural, and it's also where I come in.
Let this veteran fight for you a bit longer. I offer my sword and my years, until you are great inside and out.

Felicia: Oh! I'm so glad I found you! Here, take this! I made you a pot of tea! It's basically a miracle!
Don't laugh—it took me 14 tries! Here, taste some! ...So, how is it?
You like it?! I'm so relieved! I've finally been able to do SOMETHING to repay you.
I'm such a klutz, but you're always so understanding and kind. I wanted to thank you for that.
I've been working hard to be a good help to you, and I promise to keep doing my best!

Felicia (Picnic): Where am I? I've gone and gotten myself lost again...when all I wanted was to share this lunch.
Oh, [Summoner]! Is that you?
What are you doing here? You're looking for me? That's...that's so sweet! *sniffle*
I'm so grateful to you for putting up with all of my clumsiness.
I suppose it's a little late in the day to eat now, isn't it? Don't worry—I'll make you something nice soon!

Jakob: Oh. Did you need something? You've brought me tea? I'm not thirsty at the moment...
But I shall drink it nonetheless. I wouldn't want to waste tea.
It's a bit cold. And too bitter. I would never have served it. But... I sense the effort that went into it.
Regardless of skill, there is flavor in devotion, a taste in affection. You thought of me in making this.
Next time, I shall make the tea for you, and it will taste better than anything you have ever known.

Jakob (Trick or Defeat!): Is that you, my liege? Oh, no... Of course not. It's you. How could I make such a mistake?
Perhaps it is this costume. I feel as though I've been a bit off since I arrived at this castle.
Normally, I would serve only my liege, Corrin. For some reason, however, I feel compelled to follow you...
I fight for you, and even care about your safety. I simply cannot understand it.
Aha! You've played a vicious trick on me, because I haven't given you any candy. No? You haven't? Then...
I must have formed some affection for you myself, without even realizing...
Well, when next we meet, the least I could do would be to offer you a cup of tea, I suppose.

Mikoto: Am I dreaming? Or is my existence itself a dream?
I have the sense that I fell before I was able to accomplish everything I had hoped...
But here, I am able to see how all of my children have grown.
It was your power that brought me here, [Summoner]. You and young Azura's voice.
Even if I cannot stay...I am grateful to the both of you. You have shown me the continuation of my dream.
For my part, I can help by tending to you and to Azura.
I can only hope that if I nurture you, you can both move forward.
And as long as this dream continues... I will be right here beside you.

Ryoma: Care to join me for some meditation? Then close your eyes. Empty your mind. Envision a relaxing place.
I am thinking of Hoshido—cherry-blossom trees in bloom...rain in the gardens...a moon on the wane.
I must admit that when I've been meditating of late, I have also envisioned something new.
Places from this realm...the faces of members in the Order of Heroes...and, most of all...
I see you, standing on the battlefield. That image lets me achieve inner balance like no other.
I hope that you would feel just the same from my presence here.
One more thing—in my own kingdom, I would never pledge my katana in service to another.
But here, it is my honor and my privilege to serve you to the end with my blade.

Ryoma (Legendary): I must admit, being summoned to this world and called a Hero has lit a fire inside me.
The warrior within me feels joy at fighting alongside Heroes from so many other worlds...
And also pride at being able to lend my skills on so many different battlefields.
However, what I've felt most keenly since arriving is just how precious peace and tranquility truly are.
Endless fighting should by no means be the norm for any country.
We must restore peace to this kingdom, just as we once did for my homeland Hoshido.
I wish to one day soar through the peaceful skies of Askr. You and I can achieve this goal together.
But for now, we must continue to soar into battle... Let's fly, [Summoner]!

Ryoma (Festival): You're getting quite good at that dance. Were you a performer back in your world?
You know, this dance is just one part of Hoshido's summer festival.
The festival is also a sacred time of year, dedicated to remembering those we've lost.
But in truth, it's more a festival for the living. Remembering the dead gives us the strength we need to carry on.
Everyone comes together to dance and laugh, our hearts joining as one.
Come. Let us dance until the sun sets so that I might never forget this summer spent with you.

Ryoma (Bath): A warrior must never neglect training and always strive for a clear and focused mind.
Tension is the enemy of strength. It could cost you dearly, all in a single moment.
Training is not just about learning to wield your weapon. It is also about preparing yourself for battle.
If you are not ready for the fight when it comes to you, that is your own failure.
In my training, the hot spring is an essential tool. It is the support I lean on as I look toward my next fight.
I will show you my appreciation for revealing this secluded spring to me when next we fight together.

Saizo: Hmpf. You always spot me now when I'm around. Not bad, [Summoner].
You couldn't for a while, you know. I'd be standing right here, in front of your face, and you'd be oblivious.
You, our great summoner, were wide open to attack from the shadows! Truly disturbing.
And that's not all. I could follow you for half the day without you ever noticing that I was there.
Oh, now before you run away with any foolish ideas, like maybe I was watching out for you...
I should set the matter straight— that I was only monitoring our weak link.
If you get taken out, then I'll be put in danger. If I get taken out, then my lord, Ryoma, loses my protection.
What I'm trying to say is since you got better at taking care of yourself...
I may be willing to watch out for you from the shadows. A little.

Kagero: I've been doing flower arrangements from whatever I can find in this world. Here's my latest creation.
What do you think of it? Ah. It looks like something from a hellscape? Well, I appreciate your honesty.
Curious to think how I'd have never been able to work with these flowers had I not come to this world.
In a way, you have played a large part in the creation of this flower arrangement.
I can thank you for many things, and most of all, that every one of us remains safe.
So I vow to keep you safe, no matter what dread events come to pass, [Summoner].

Kagero (Spring): Spring is beautiful no matter where you find yourself...
I hope I can capture even a small part of this beauty on paper.
Cherry blossoms, flowers in bud, gently thawing streams...
Spring dazzles us with the pulse of life begun anew.
And if I had never come here, to you, I could never have seen this springtime scenery.
Thank you for guiding me to this place. Please continue to guide me.
We have chosen to spend this lovely day together. I hope that I can keep spending times like these with you.

Kagero (Halloween): As a ninja, it is my duty to swiftly and silently carry out any mission commanded of me.
No matter what fate may await me upon its completion.
Participating in this harvest festival is a sort of mission, which means I must not let my emotions interfere.
However...interacting with fellow festival goers, seeing their warm and welcoming smiles...
Something changed.
I suppose I realized that to truly participate, I must truly enjoy myself.
So I must not hesitate. For the sake of the mission, I must begin enjoying myself immediately.
Now, tell me... Do you desire a trick or a treat? I, Kagero, ninja of Hoshido, will fulfill your wish!

Hinoka: Hey, you! I just finished grooming my pegasus and was wondering if you'd like to take a ride with us.
I've been wanting something to do to bring us closer together, and this is perfect!
We can talk while we admire the view, soaring through the sky—you'll love it!
Hm? We're already close? That's really sweet...and I'm a little embarrassed now.
Well, I still think a joyride though the skies is in order—you coming?

Hinoka (Wings of Fate): You sure put in a hard day's work in that last battle. I've gotta say, it's impressive watching you out there!
Heh, my fighting was worthy of a warrior princess? Aw, shucks. Thanks for saying! Although...
I wasn't always a warrior like I am now. When I was younger, I was more like a typical little girl.
But then, something...happened... And afterward, I decided I would learn how to fight.
Ever since, I've been training to hone my battle skills. And I'm glad I did, too!
Otherwise, I'd have never been summoned here, and I'd never have the chance to fight by your side.
Heh, I should be sending a thank-you note to my past self.
Umm... Well, that was all a little embarrassing to say out loud, so I'm gonna go for a stroll in the sky.
And you're coming with!

Hinoka (Bath): What wonderful water! I was able to fully relax and recover from all those battles I've been fighting...
It's a little strange to be fighting in a towel, but it's perfect for cooling off. Let's leave it at that.
I got a little nervous when I ran into that Nohrian princess... But nobody wanted to ruin the mood.
In this world, we are allies, after all. We were able to soak side by side without quarrel.
Just thinking about it makes me want to take another quick dip... Next time, I'll invite Sakura and Setsuna!

Azama: Ah, it is you! I should have known from the ever-busy pitter-pat of your footsteps.
You must have far too much free time on your hands if you're always spending it with me.
Why, who am I to deserve it? I'm just a holy man, not worth even the time of day.
Now, speaking of free time, do you plan to ever free me of my time here with you?
I mean, of course, final release. The good-bye. The farewell. The ta-ta and toodle-oo!
I shouldn't let myself be troubled by the idea that we'd be separated.
But I've grown fond of you. I'd like to give you more of my time, not less.
So please, don't give me any of that sort of free time—not for years and years. All right?

Setsuna: Woo-hoo. It's you, Summoner. You going to do more of that summoning thing today?
I like a crowd. It's nice. And more of us means more people around to help if I fall into a trap.
That happens all the time, you know. Have I ever mentioned it?
But you know, more of us also means you have less time for me. Sad.
What? You promise you won't forget about me? What? You never could?
Yay. I feel the same. Are you sure we're not the same person? It wouldn't surprise me at all!

Takumi: I've been wondering... How do you think of me? Am I just another Hero to you?
Not that it matters to me. Just curious. But I feel like you acknowledge me and my skill.
If you didn't, why would you spend so much time looking out for me? ...I appreciate that, by the way.
I guess that's all I ever wanted—to be acknowledged for my own abilities. Thank you.
Now just you watch—I'll be the strongest Hero you've ever known.

Takumi (New Year): I've been here since the new year's start. Do you celebrate New Year's where you're from?
We have all sorts of traditions in Hoshido.
For instance, we'll hang decorations resembling the Dawn Dragon facing the sunrise to ward off evil.
We also have many delicious soups we'll prepare— Hm? Why are you looking at me like that?
Oh, you'd like to learn more about Hoshidan New Year's traditions?
Well, they're pretty involved, and explaining them thoroughly will likely take some time...
But as long as you're OK with that, I'd be glad to tell you whatever you want to know.
I can't say whether it's good fortune or bad, but there's no way of knowing if I'll ever be able to return home...
So, for as long as I'm here, I'll continue to chat with you like this. After all, I don't...dislike you.
So let's keep working together. Sound good?

Takumi (Fallen): What are you doing here, [Summoner]? It's time for battle. The enemy... Must die.
Why... do I fight? Because I must... I hear the anger inside me welling up, shouting for me to fight.
Yes... Anger... I cannot forgive... my enemy! Abandoning us siblings... Abandoning our kingdom...
That person is my enemy. I must... Kill... That's why I... when I jumped from the wall, I... I couldn't be saved...
I was... beyond saving... But if I wasn't saved... How am I here? What... am I? It doesn't matter. None of it matters.
I must defeat... my enemy... That is all that drives me!

Takumi (Summer): The tropical island was so much more than I expected. Each day was as exciting as the last.
I was in a literal paradise, so you can't blame me for being a little bitter when you first summoned me here...
That said, being here is just as satisfying. This smile is all natural, if you couldn't tell.
I'm not ungrateful for the chance to be here, but I do still have unfinished business back on the island.
So let's end this world's fighting quickly and go back to it together.
I'll show you how to really have some summer fun! That's a promise, [Summoner].

Hinata: Hey there! Just wanna throw a whole bucket of thanks on you for putting me in battle a lot.
You know I live for that, and that sorta thing helps me keep my skills sharp, [Summoner]!
Have to admit that when I first landed here, I was all kinds of homesick.
I mean, seriously! This place doesn't have anything good from Hoshido! No dojos. No miso soup.
But you know what? I love this place now, even without the soup!
Good for a guy to open up to new things, right? Otherwise, life's just dull.
Besides, battling strong foes from so many worlds helps me get better at protecting Lord Takumi.
Ha! Don't think I forgot about you. Me and my katana? We are SO here to keep you safe!

Oboro: Oh, is something wrong, [Summoner]?
You haven't ruined your nice clothes, have you? Or ripped a stitch? Or spilled soup on yourself?
Oh, I'm only kidding. I know you come around for more than my needle and thread.
You know, I do like it when I see you in your nice, clean uniform. It's so dapper!
I like it even more when you don't get blood all over it—means you've come back safe from battle!
Clothes can always be replaced, but you're one of a kind. I just couldn't do without you.
So I promise to always protect you...and to help you keep your uniform in top shape!

Sakura: Oh! Thank you so very much for checking up on me, [Summoner].
I'm doing well, but may I tell you something? When I first got here, I wasn't sure how to act around you.
They call you a Great Hero, so I thought I should respect such a great person by keeping my distance.
But then I got to know you. You're so kind and put everyone at ease - most of all, me.
It's almost like you've become a part of my family. I mean, here we are now, simply chatting.
S-so now... I have s-something to ask you. Would you consider thinking of m-me...
as a friend?
What? You already do? Why, that's wonderful! I am so glad you summoned me into your life.
I promise to help you any way that I can... friend!

Sakura (Trick or Defeat!): Meow! Hee hee. What do you think? I've gotten used to wearing this costume.
This isn't the only Hoshidan spirit... There are stories of ones with long necks, ones in willow trees...
There's one that really frightens me. It's the ghost that appears in the royal castle...
It stands at the end of dark hallways and sings in a sobbing voice! It's one of the seven wonders of the castle.
Why are you making that face? Are you scared? I'm so sorry!
But don't worry! As long as I'm here with you, you have nothing to fear. I'll protect you. I promise.

Sakura (Bath): Ahh... What a relaxing soak... I'm completely warm, from the inside out! I'm so glad there are hot springs here.
Relaxing in a hot spring was one of the few comforts I could enjoy while Hoshido was at war.
Through my studies as a healer, I learned they're actually very effective at treating injuries.
And I don't just mean physical injuries. A good soak can heal your soul, too.
W-well, that's how I look at it, anyway...
I always feel like I can give each day my very best as long as I know a hot spring is waiting at the end of it.
So you be sure to take some time for yourself and have a good soak, too, OK?

Hana: Hya! And...hyaaa-hyaaa! Whew. That's enough training for now. I think I did pretty well!
What? My footwork was a little sloppy? And my follow-up was slow? And I wasn't flexible enough?
Yikes, Commander, you're so picky!
Huh? So what if I called you my commander? You're really the most important one around here.
Oh, come on! You know it! I know it! Everyone knows it! Don't be so modest.
I didn't mean to demote anyone else around here. I'll just let it be our little nickname...
OK, Commander?

Subaki: You and I have been in battle plenty of times now. Haven't we, [Summoner]?
I'm sure you've seen me make little mistakes now and then. It's only natural.
But it still bothers me, especially here where I rank among the Heroes called upon in this world.
I feel like I must be even more perfect here than back home.
And you, Great Hero! You must be under an even greater pressure to be the best...of the best!
What? You say sometimes your tactics aren't up to snuff?
Aha! How wonderful. You and I have been hiding our little failures. Well, your secret is safe with me.
We will help each other achieve total perfection. Until then, you can count on me—absolutely!

Kaze: I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me, but you need not pay me attention simply because I'm near.
Think of me as a simple stone, if you will. Always near—
Oh? You talk with me because you want to, not merely out of obligation? Well, you really are too kind.
In that case, if you ever desire to chat, call upon me anytime. I will fulfill such a request with the utmost devotion.
I'm glad to continue serving under your command. I will remain as focused on your protection as ever.

Kaden: What a gorgeous and fun castle you have here, [Summoner]!
It's full of interesting and friendly people. What fun!
I want to pay you back for summoning me to such an amazing place. I insist!
Oh, don't tell me that I don't need to. I really want to! Try and think of something you want, OK?
There must be SOMETHING you'd like me to do for you. Don't be shy! Tell me what it is.

Garon: There is a difference between you and the preening and posturing fools here, [Summoner]...
You seem to have purpose.
Hehehe... Do not misunderstand me. Do not expect praise! Your life has no worth to it. No one's does!
I am no exception. Devote yourself to your land, your people, your wife, your children... They will all vanish.
Hehe...bwahaha! Do you understand? Everything...will be gone one day.
Together, all will perish. It is the will of Anankos, and I understand it acutely...

Xander: Here, take this practice sword, [Summoner]. I borrowed it from Commander Anna.
You're going to join me for training. What, don't you want to? I'm not trying to forge you into a fighter.
I believe that meeting a friend blade to blade is the truest way to give voice to our inner qualities.
In swordplay, you can share your hopes and fears as our leader and I can parry with things unsaid.
I wouldn't spar like this with just anyone. You've proven yourself worthy on the battlefield!
Now, what say you? Would you still rather not...?
Oh, you'll join me! Well then, know that it is my honor completely, [Summoner].

Xander (Spring): I have hidden an egg for you to find, [Summoner].
Now, try your best to locate the— What? You think it's in the hand behind my back?
Hmm. You are correct. I should have known that I couldn't outwit you, Summoner.
Maybe you will be impressed by how I painted this egg. On this side is the symbol of Nohr.
Beside it is the symbol of the Order of Heroes.
Thus, this egg represents our friendship, created in the spring and strengthened in battle.
Now, you should be careful with this egg, taking great care never to break it.
Other painted eggs may be made to be rolled through grass in festival games...
But not this one.

Xander (Summer): Pardon my saying, but I've had this on my mind for some time...
It's awfully bold of you to force a crown prince such as myself to fight in little more than a swimsuit.
No, no, I don't mean to sound upset. On the contrary, in fact. I seldom get the chance to feel free of my armor.
And even more seldom do I feel so free from the burdens of the crown.
My title of Crown Prince of Nohr carries no weight in this realm.
I can walk along clutching my water toy Lilith and none give me a second glance.
I've experienced nothing like it before. So, [Summoner] you have my gratitude.
Thank you for an unforgettable summer. I shall remain by your side until I must return home.

Xander (Festival): Many chronicles of the past describe the history of humankind as one of war.
Given my experience, the sentiment rings true to me.
But could it be that we exist solely to fight and kill one another? I do not believe so.
Sometimes we can come together in celebration, link hands, and step forward into the future.
All the proof I need is in the smiling faces of the people joining in the summer festival's celebrations.
In their eyes, borders and nations do not exist. Here, there is no division between Hoshido and Nohr.
The festival brings people together, uniting us as one... I pray that peace like this can endure forever.

Laslow: Well, this must be fate! I was just thinking about you, and here you are, [Summoner].
There's something I've been wanting to share with you. But, please, tell no one else.
This isn't the first time I've been summoned from one world to another. No, indeed.
You see, I came to this world from Nohr—but I am not really OF Nohr.
I was summoned there from yet a third world. I changed my look and my name for Nohr.
I needed to tell you because I don't want there to be any secrets between us, friend.
My real name is Inigo, and you have my promise to always fight for you—with a smile on my face!
Now, how about you and I go run off and grab a cup of tea?

Peri: Oh, I've been looking for you. I have something tasty-wasty that I made for you!
Cooked it myself. Oh, and I sliced and diced the meat—and all the veggies too!
Eat up while it's hot. Like it? Scrumptious, right? YAY!
My mommy was great at cooking. That's why I want to be good at it too. That way, it's like she's with me!
More than anything, it means that I know how to make you happy-wappy!
So, count on Peri to spice things up in the battle AND the kitchen from now on!

Camilla: Why, if it isn't the one in this whole group who makes me shiver in delight. You, [Summoner]!
I mean, that adorable face. What sort of meanie would think of hurting one hair on your sweet head!
And that weapon of yours! It leaves you totally defenseless. That makes me want to just squeeze you to death!
You can count on your favorite, Camilla, to take care of all of your enemies.
Now, whether I feel that way because you're the summoner and I'm a Hero...then so be it.
I'm in favor of anything that brings us together, even if for a short time. I adore you completely!

Camilla (Spring): Did you want to celebrate the spring festival with me today, [Summoner]?
Delighted to oblige. Shall I pop some rabbit ears on your head? Rest your head in my lap?
No one relaxes better than I do. Back in my world, we lounge all day in public baths. Or at least I do.
Oh, wouldn't it just be the icing on the cake to luxuriate in such steaming-hot water right now?
Hmm? That has nothing to do with this festival? Well, leave it to you to stay on task.
Great Hero of another world, you have outmaneuvered me. I was hoping we'd get a holiday together.
I love to get away from it all with members of my family—and I do consider you family.
That means I'll also protect you as I would a brother or sister, even if you are my superior here.
Still, if you ever grow weary and need to get some sleep, remember my lap is forever yours.

Camilla (New Year): Ahh, [Summoner]! Are you enjoying the new year?
We may come from different cultures, but spending the new year with family seems to be common all around.
And yet, I realize you have no family of your own here to spend it with.
I was worried you might be feeling lonely. So, if there's ever anything I can do, don't hesitate to tell me.
After all, you and I are practically family by now, aren't we? Maybe I should start tucking you in at night.
That may even help ensure our first dreams of the new year are of each other! Wouldn't that be lovely?
My New Year's wish is to be closer to you than any other Hero. Do you think you can help make it come true?

Camilla (Summer): The enemy wasted so much time sizing me up before that last battle. The poor fools...
Might as well have signed their own death warrants, the way they just gawked as I tore through their ranks.
You, however... You've had me all figured out since day one, haven't you?
You know I'm at my best when sent to the front lines to obliterate your foes.
Oh, don't look so worried. I may be a princess, but I'm not so delicate. I'll never shy away from my inner warrior.
Heehee, you're sweet for wanting to shield me. Come, now... Give me a hug. Allow me to shield you instead.

Camilla (Adrift): Smothering someone with affection is one way to express your love for them, I know...
But is it the right way? No, I do not believe it is. You mustn't be sweet all the time. Love requires resolve.
If you truly love someone, you want to help them become strong. And to do must be harsh at times.
That is why I am strict with you as often as I am kind.
I believe that this is the way I can help you achieve your aims in the long run, [Summoner].

Camilla (Bath): That bath was so rejuvenating... I feel completely refreshed, body and soul.
Just as you'd care for your weapons, you need to make sure to care for your body, too.
Do you know who I met in the bath? A Hoshidan princess! She was shocked to see me there.
What an adorable little voice she had! You know, next time I'll invite Corrin and Elise along.
I get the feeling you're hoping for an invitation, too. I'll think about it! Hee-hee.

Camilla (Brave): Ah! There you are. Can we speak a moment, [Summoner]?
I've been thinking... I shouldn't overuse the power of the dragon that flows in my blood...
It was so much simpler before. I had only to kill anyone who posed a threat to my country or siblings.
Leading a country is another matter altogether... I think I'm beginning to understand Father a bit better.
Can I really lead Nohr? Someone like me? ...Speaking to you has at least gotten it off my chest, so thank you.
So that I may be the light that shines for Nohr—so the darkness cannot swallow me...keep ahold of my hand.

Selena: Ah, THERE you are! Hey, do you want to form a team with me? I mean, we already hang out...
Great! We are now the Selen[Summoner] Alliance!
Why are you making that face?! It does NOT sound dumb!
I'll have you know I put A LOT of time and effort into that name so we could become closer friends!
Huh? Oh, well, that's better. I knew you'd come around. Now that we're a team, no secrets!
My name's not Selena, and I'm not from the world you found me in. You can call me Severa...privately.

Beruka: [Summoner]... I am glad to see you are still alive.
Why am I glad? ...I don't know.
I am not obligated to you. You are not my liege—we have no contractual arrangement.
However, I...worry about your well-being. Presumably because of your irreplaceable abilities.
Assassins like myself do not get emotionally attached, so I'm sure it's your abilities that concern me.

Leo: I'm not surprised to see you here, [Summoner]. You always seem eager to chat.
Even when I am cold and distant with you, you check up on me after battle with a kind word.
And that concern and connection have made me stronger than I've ever been.
This isn't something I would normally say aloud, but you make me feel valuable—even needed.
That's why...I want you always to stay by my side.
I never would have imagined this when I first got here, but...I feel as if I could trust my life to you.
Argh, I sound pathetic. I don't imagine you'll ever let me hear the end of this, will you?

Leo (Summer): You seem to be holding up well, despite the heat. You're always wearing that hooded robe...
Are you trying to avoid the sun as well?
The sun can burn me in an instant so I avoid it at all costs. I'd rather not be colored red from head to toe.
...I beg your pardon? You say I'd look like a tomato if that happened? How in the world do you...
Come up with such amazing ideas?! How could I possibly hate looking like something I so cherish?
Maybe I'll go get some sun right now.
You think...that's a bad idea? Well, if that's your advice, I'll take it. But you have given me food for thought.

Leo (Picnic): What's your most enjoyable memory, [Summoner]?
You might be surprised to hear that today may well be one of mine.
I've had so few chances to simply relax with my friends and family, you see...
Seeing everyone gobble up the food I made put a smile on my face.
I'd be happy to cook for you again. So please, eat as much as you like.

Odin: Ha! My third eye told me you would appear in this holy shrine to heroism and warfare.
I would speak with the anointed champion, plucked by fate from— Wait, come back! Don't leave!
I just wanted to say I knew I'd run into you if I waited here. I actually need to talk with you.
I feel like we've gotten real close, and I don't want to keep secrets from you.
I must therefore reveal that I am NOT Odin at all but a warrior of hope from another time...Owain!
Yeah, yeah, enough with the theatrics... But let me tell you this: I have not and will not lie to you.

Niles: Here you are. And here I am! Aren't we a pair.
I must confess that I've grown after each of your visits—really and truly, I have!
I must also say that when I first met you, Summoner, I thought you were a fussy bit of butter.
I served you, but not happily. But now! Oh, what a difference! I long to always be with you.
I wonder, have you only indulged your servant Niles? Or are we becoming friends now?
I know some see me as unsavory. To them I say, variety is the spice of life! But, what say you?
Eh? You trust me? How curious. Someone dear to me once said the very same thing.
So, you and I will be friends through thick and thin. And, you know me... I always delight my friends.

Niles (Halloween): There's no time of year quite like festival time. The wild enthusiasm ignites the very soul.
It allows us to show a whole new side of become entirely new people.
There's no need to hide who you are in the first place, as far as I'm concerned.
Bring out your true self, the you that truly burns deep inside. If you keep it locked up...
It can get so hot you'll feel as though it will burn you from the inside out.
You are not a truly virtuous person. Your one true wish is not for peace. Deep down, you yearn for more.
This is not the only time of the year you wear a mask...
I'm right, aren't I? It's a good thing, being true to yourself. I'll reach down deep and harvest it out of you myself.
There is no need to hide who you need to restrain yourself... when it comes to us.

Elise: Yay! I always love it when you come chat with me, [Summoner]!
I know how busy you are. Wait... Are you hurt? Even a little? Then I'll heal you up real fast!
Whew! There. I can't stand to see you hurt. It's like I'm hurt too. And you know why?
Sure you do. Because I love you bunches and bunches—more than anyone from any other world!
You were the first friend I made here. And you know what? That kind of friendship lasts forever!

Elise (Summer): Tropical attaaaaack! Hyah!! Heehee, did I scare you? Seeing you just got me so excited!
That tropical island was a lot of fun, but I've really come to love the Askran Kingdom, too.
Everyone in the Order of Heroes is just so nice, and I get to play with so many new people!
But... Well, can you keep a secret?
I have the most fun playing with you, [Summoner]! I always look forward to your visits!
Hey, when we're all done fighting someday, let's visit the beach together.
Pinky swear! That makes it a promise!

Elise (Bath): Hey, come here! Look at this! My skin is soooo smooth!
The hot spring washed away all of my cares, and I feel...radiant!
I love hot springs. Everyone looks so happy, relaxing in the bath...
No matter what troubles they have or how exhausted they may be, they all have faces of pure bliss...
Do you get it? A hot spring smooths your skin and warms your heart all in one! We've got to go again!

Arthur: Ah, [Summoner]! I wanted to tell you—the town is abuzz about the Order of Heroes!
True heroes set the gossips to their work! Perhaps you should adopt a new heroic pose!
I've practiced a few, but every time I try one out, I am struck from above by wild-pegasus dung.
Does that happen to you as well? No? Just me? Then you can pose without worry!
And don't worry about being vulnerable to attack when posing. I'll eliminate any villainous fiends!
I will fight off any number of them, my strength fueled by the flames of our friendship!

Effie: *munch munch* Tasty... Oh, hey, [Summoner]! Is it snack time for you, too?
You brought me a sandwich? Thanks! Nice of you to hand-deliver it and everything!
I've been eating even more since I got here. Got to be ready to protect Lady Elise and...
you know...protect you as well.
I need to eat a lot and train even more so I can be the shield that keeps you safe.
Thanks again for the sandwich. *munch munch* That was great—packed with kindness.

Silas: Thanks for coming to chat with me. It's a good distraction. I've grown used to this world by now, but...
There are still a lot of Heroes around here I don't know. I didn't realize how tense that made me.
And you wouldn't believe how stiff that's made my shoulders!
Huh? You want to give me a shoulder rub? Heh, I must be a pretty big deal to garner such attention from you!
I'm kidding of course... But that does feel better already. Speaking with you is just as soothing, I might say.
You'll have to let me return the favor. Do you have any problems you'd like me to help you resolve?
No need to hold back. Ask me anything. After all, our friendship spans both space and time, right?

Charlotte (Bride): Are you going to summon a Hero? Oh, please! Let me come too! C'mon, [Summoner]!
Picture this: Someone tall and handsome, strong yet gentle, VERY rich...and single. My destined one!
WHAT? It doesn't work that way? What is that thing even good for, then? Never mind.
But even without a man like that, I do have a friend in you, don't I? Love fades, but friendship is forever.
In other words...for now, you'll do.
Enough talk! It's time for action. Make way for the Bride of the Battlefield!

Flora: Ah, [Summoner]. Did you need me for something? If you're tired, I'll prepare a cup of warm tea.
I apologize if I seem overattentive at times, but when I see you, I feel so compelled to take care of you.
For some reason, you remind me of my liege, Corrin... Isn't that strange? You do not resemble one another.
Maybe it's because you both maintain a rather mysterious air... Or that you both spend so much time with me.
Why is that, anyway? There are many other Heroes you could give your attention to, yet you've chosen me.
But please don't think me unappreciative of our time together. Quite the opposite, in fact.
I feel like I can be myself when I'm with you. You make me feel like I'm truly worth something.
But most importantly...I can be completely honest and express my true feelings for you...

Flora (Picnic): The warmth of the truly a wonderful thing.
I am of the Ice Tribe, and my body is quite cold. Please, touch my cheek. Do you see what I mean?
Usually, I do very poorly in the heat... But for some reason, I feel very comfortable right now.
Perhaps it is because you are beside me.
I hope that we never part. Promise me...

Keaton: In a wolfskin pack, those who contribute can walk with pride.
So what do you say? Am I pulling my weight?
Really? That's a relief. I know I can trust you to be honest with me.
I mean...not that I was worried. I'm not happy to hear you say that. Nope.
If I stick with you, I can avoid getting lost and maybe even accomplish something!
Leave it to me! I'll hunt your enemies and collect some awesome hair balls along the way!

Kana (Male): Hey, Mama! Look what I—wait, you're [Summoner], not my mama!
That was a funny mistake to make! I wonder what made me think you were Mama? You don't look like her...
I guess it's just 'cause I love you just like I love her. Did you know that? It's true!
You always wanna play with me, and you also show me what to do in our battles.
I'm practicing all the time to be even better in fights—have you noticed? Have you seen how strong I am?
You just watch—I'll keep you safe with my dragon powers forever!

Kana (Female): Yay, it's you! Thanks for coming to see me, [Summoner]!
I'm polishing my dragonstone—isn't it pretty? I think I get stronger when it's really clean and shiny!
I like to be strong, 'cause then I can help you more... I hope I'm doing enough...
Don't tell anybody, but I think you're a lot like my papa. He's really kind and brave, too!
Someday I'm gonna be just like you and him. I'm getting stronger all the time—I hardly ever cry anymore!
You watch, I'm gonna be a super- strong Hero you can be proud of.
But it might take a while, so let's stay together forever—that way you won't miss it!

Shigure (Performing Arts): You've come to hear me sing some more? I like that you come alone. It helps me concentrate.
I prefer singing for just one person. I know that you must be wondering why I performed at that festival, then...
I'm searching for someone—my mother. She went missing after the war ended.
You see, I thought that maybe, just maybe...if I sang there, and if I used the power I have...
Then maybe I'd see her in the audience. That's why I was there. I sound like a fool, don't I?
I may not have found my mother, but I did find you. You need me, so I'll sing for you while I can.

Shigure: I'm glad you've come to see me. Do you want my company on a mission? Or perhaps to just look for a rainbow.
I do enjoy being by myself, but spending time with you is also quite relaxing. Perhaps it's because...
You're not the chatty type.
I have grown fond of you. I hope you'll remember me even after we one day part ways.
Nothing would make me happier than if every time you glance at the sky or hear a song, you think of me.
Perhaps it's a bit selfish for a mere Hero to ask for such a thing from a Summoner, but it's simply how I feel.
And I thought you should know.

Shiro: Yo, you got some time today? Then let's chat! I've had something on my mind for a while now...
You're the strongest member of the Order of Heroes, right? I mean, your strategies are pretty solid...
Not to mention how you can summon all those awesome Heroes!
Since coming here, you helped me realize there's more to being strong than swinging a weapon.
I've really come to admire your type of strength. So I'll make up for the fact that you can't fight like the rest of us.
If you ever need help, just give me a holler and I'll come running. I'll take out any enemy who gets in your way!
You've truly mastered the power of your soul. So until I learn how to use that sort of strength for myself...
allow me to fight by your side.

Selkie: I've never felt afraid before. As soon as something crosses my mind, I go for it.
Fighting is the same way. No matter how strong a foe I'm facing, I never think twice.
That's because I have a lot of friends who back me up. I can do anything because I know they're there.
What about you? Have you ever felt afraid during a fight?
You can stop worrying. I'll be there to protect you. I won't let ANYTHING happen to you!

Rhajat: Heehee... You're talking with me again. I'm keeping a count of all the times we've spoken.
But the exact number is my little secret, of course...
It's been a while since I arrived in this world, and I'll be honest... It took some getting used to.
The sun is too bright, and everything is just so...pretty.
But ever since you started spending time with me, it feels like I've been cursed with...kindness.
Somehow, I've come to like this place.
That's why I'll fight alongside you to protect this world. Well, and because I'd like to keep watch over you...
That's all I wanted to say. Now I'll go back to waiting around until you come chat with me again—so don't be shy.
See you soon... Heehee...

Siegbert: Well met, [Summoner]. Checking in while on patrol, are you? There's nothing to report here.
Huh? You're not on patrol, but you're here to chat? Well, I must admit... I do look forward to talking with you.
Back home, most are too aware that I'm the future king of Nohr to engage me with anything but pleasantries.
But I'm glad people are more open to approaching me here.
It's not that I dislike my home—that's not it at all. However, here I can be honest and I can truly express myself.
You've become important to me, in a way that exceeds friendship. I raise my sword for you, my compatriot.

Velouria: I really like being alone the best. Nothing bothers me, and I can do whatever I want.
Well...actually, I've changed my mind a little bit since I came here.
There are so many people here, and each has their own way of looking at things...
But they accept each other's differences.
Nobody tries to bother me if I don't want to be bothered... Nobody forces me to do anything I don't want to do.
Everyone here is so good to me... It really motivates me.
I have the feeling that if I stick with you, I'll find treasures I never could have found by myself.

Ophelia: I was searching for you—the chosen one born to bear the title of Summoner.
Today, I confer a sparkle unto you! Ta-daaa! This is the sacred stone of friendship!
I found it soon after coming to this world. It's the exact same color as your eyes!
I thought it would make a good gift, so I polished it bit by bit—on days we chatted or days we battled together.
Those memories twinkle like the stars, and now they're in this stone.
In other words, it's sparkly enough to be worthy of being called a sacred stone!
That's why now is the perfect time to give it to you.
I hope you'll give this stone a good name. It sparkles because you've made so many memories with me.
And I also hope that we'll always get along this well, for the rest of time.

Soleil: There you are! Thanks for always taking the time to chat with me. What do you say to a date this time?
Hah! I'm just kidding. I know you're way too busy with your Order of Heroes business.
It's a bit embarrassing to put it into words, but watching you work so hard is a real pleasure.
Maybe that sounded a little forward... I just think you look cool when you work so hard to help everybody.
You're kind of like a coolness role model for me, so keep it up!
But if you ever want to let me have you all to myself, let me know. I'll scout out a great café just for us!

Nina: Heehee... I've had such good daydreams since coming here. It feels like I'm still in one.
I can even feel a shoulder... EEK! [Summoner]?!
Wh-what's the big idea, huh? Speak up before approaching someone who's daydreaming!
I was just imagining what might happen if a Summoner happened to summon a certain Hero...
Don't tell me that's not the best combo! Summoner and summoned! A story of the bond they share...
And the sad fate that awaits them as they're one day forced to return to their homes.
It practically writes itself because it describes us so— So...perfectly... Hadn't thought about that before...
Kinda makes me sad. After all this time we've spent together, one day...
Well, let's not dwell on it. We've still got a long way to go before we say our good-byes!
I'll find all sorts of creative ways to keep you happy until then...
Like sending all our enemies up to the heavens!

    Three Houses 
Byleth (Male and Female): How long has it been since I was summoned to this world to fight alongside you?
The flow of time brought us together, and now we are bound inextricably. I am your ally, and you are mine.
I have not forgotten the needs of my students. But I have no regrets about my decision to join your cause.
The Sword of the Creator empowers me to sever my doubts—to carve a path through tangles of uncertainty.
With this sword in hand, I will defeat our foes and lead us to victory.

Sothis: Hello! How good it is to see you. You look surprised. Is it truly a shock that I enjoy your company?
I lost my worldly form so long ago. This shape you see before you is just a shadow, or perhaps a dream.
Yet here I spend my days conversing with friends and battling foes, just like a worldly being.
One might say you gave me new life by bringing me here. For that I feel indebted to you.
As thanks, I will gladly grant you any wish I can. Impart your desires to me...The Beginning.

Edelgard: You tend to look at me as though you expect me to leave at any moment. I suppose it can't be helped.
You need not worry, however. Even if I did not care about this country and its people...
For the sake of my own ambitions, I would still be sure to see this effort to its end. I promise you that.
Remember who I am. I am Edelgard von Hresvelg, and I am sworn to help you vanquish your enemies.
With my allegiance to your cause, victory is a foregone conclusion.

Hubert: You have a useful talent for expelling enemies from the world of the living. I find it charming.
Provided you held no ill will toward Lady Edelgard, I would consider inviting you to join me in the Empire.
Of course, I cannot allow a personal attachment to compromise my devotion to Lady Edelgard.
I am sworn eternally and irrevocably to her service. However...
If there existed a version of me who had never thus pledged himself, he may have offered his life to you.

Petra: In Brigid, there is a phrase we say. "A small flame will be burning to be a large flame."
I am thinking there was a small flame between us that has grown into a bigger flame.
When I had distance from my land of home, I was lonely and cold, but now my heart is burning hot.
This is because of you. Do you have understanding? You are causing my happiness.
I have been swearing to protect my home, and now I promise the spirits, I will also be giving protection to you.

Dimitri: I never expected to stand beside you for this long. In truth, I was more than willing to give my life to your cause.
I am grateful to you, [Summoner]...
That's why I need to say this... You should stay far, far away from me.
No need to look so shocked. I did not mean right now. I know I have a duty to help you save this world.
I will protect you no matter the cost. But when the day finally comes that you no longer need Heroes...
Forget about men like me who are stained with blood. Live in happiness. That is my hope for you, dear friend.

Mercedes: How long has it been since we met? It feels like so long ago—but at the same time, I remember it vividly.
I felt nervous to be in this unfamiliar world, far away from the land I had called home.
I was trying to put on a brave face, but deep down, I was feeling uneasy. I had no idea what might happen.
Yet when I saw your face... It's hard to explain. Somehow I knew I would be safe here.
You're so unlike me. You don't wait in fear for "what might happen." You carve your own path.
You have shown me that I, too, can carve my own path. And I'll make sure my path hews close to yours.

Claude: I didn't plan on staying here this long. Time flies, I guess. Sometimes I wish I could leave, but then I think about...
You. There's something about you. You have a presence that compels people to follow you—me included.
I've never been much of a follower, but you make me so curious, I can't help but stay by your side.
I'll go back to my world someday. Before that happens, though, I want to learn more about you.
So I'm planning to stick close to you from now on. That won't be an issue, right? I'm a useful guy to have around.

Hilda: You probably think that I'm just a run-of-the-mill slacker, don't you?
Well, you're right. But you're also wrong. See, I just don't like dealing with people's expectations.
If someone overestimates my ability and I let them down, they're just going to be disappointed in me.
That...kinda scares me, to be honest. So I avoid doing anything that might end in failure.
But when it comes to you, I have this weird, unexplainable urge to help out.
I'm going to make more of an effort around here. Just don't bury me in high expectations, OK?

Kronya: Just the sight of your face makes me so angry! Can I kill you now, just to get it over with? Please?
Gah! Why not? It would be easy. You're such a weak creature that I'd hardly have to lift a finger.
Fighting alongside you, sharing our victories and defeats... I'm beginning to feel attached to you.
I don't know why. I'm an Agarthan, and you're just a pathetic little worm. It's unthinkable. It's repulsive!
But that's how I feel. So if you won't let me kill you, you'll have to agree to be my plaything. Forever. All right?

Death Knight: I have a talent for murder that demands expression. How dare you constrict me?
Know that my truest, deepest wish is to engage you in a mortal duel...and, in that duel, to die by your hand.
You are capable of ending my life, are you not?
I eagerly await that day. Meanwhile, I will sharpen my scythe and slay any weakling foolish enough to cross me.

Book III Intro and Hel Bosses battle theme

Only want one future, only want one world,
Only need one answer, let this be it!
Throw away everything to bring a dead world back to life!
Sacrifice another self!
Life and death must balance in the end!
Throw away the world that you do not need!
Throw it away, throw it away, throw it all away!
Throw it away, throw it away, throw it all away!
Only want one future, only want one world,
Only need one answer, return to life!


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