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The Fire Emblem franchise has already proven that it has good comedy in its many previous entries. So what happens in a Spin-Off game that puts almost everything that the franchise has to offer together into a single, more casual setting? You get more Funny Moments than you can shake a sword at!

Moments from the manga can be found here.

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  • Many things that come out of Serra's mouth:
    "Excuse me. Girl praying here."
    "Saint Elimine... Please make sure everyone stays safe... And that they all give me my fair share."
    • When most characters get a new skill, they either express gratitude towards the player, or boast about their new power. Serra's response?
      "Wha-? You made me stronger? Now I have to do more?!"
    • Just like in her home game, Serra's reasons for disliking war are very different to most units..
      "Battles have such a terrible cost...All that time in the sun? My skin is so dry!"
  • Speaking to Chrom in the castle can have him ask if you can spar with him. Then he considers self-defense drills, so he won't break anything. Alternatively, he can mention how he broke a pot while training.
  • One of Virion's quotes has him brew tea from herbs grown in Askr... except you had to tell him that those "herbs" were weeds.
  • Arthur is just as hammy as he always was.
    "Hahaha! My chin is one of the great wonders of the world!"
    "Do we not all strike a pose when victorious? I do. All heroes should!
    "You may think me a clumsy fellow...and, my friend, you're right!"
  • When talked to in the castle, Setsuna may mention that she nearly hit Alfonse during archery practice. She says that Alfonse gave her a weird face in response.
  • One of Wrys's quotes in the castle has him boast the simplicity of grooming with his hair style, and offers to give you the same style. He's bald. This doubles as a Mythology Gag from Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem ~ Heroes of Light and Shadow, where Wrys does the exact same thing to the avatar in that game.
  • When talking to Saizo (tapping on his image when viewing his full character), he may drop this little gem:
    Saizo: I never get tired, so don't insult me with coffee or tea, or candy. Never candy.
  • One of Setsuna's tap quotes has her exclaim that she fell into a pit...although she hasn't yet; it's just a reminder where to look if she goes missing.
  • If you get Stahl, he says this upon joining the group:
    Stahl: Sorry - can't tell if my stomachache is nerves or my three lunches!
  • Female Corrin's speech upon reaching level 40 starts off with her apologizing for patting you on the head so much, revealing that it's "a bad habit [she] picked up back home". She then encourages you to pat her on the head, and laughs at how gentle you are.
  • Once Soren reaches level 40, his speech begins with wrapping up his hero analysis. While he yearns to return home, he sticks around mainly so that he could sneak into other worlds and spy on the enemies to learn their secrets.
  • Most heroes will introduce themselves as you draw them and make a personal note. Soren, Seth, and Bantu just ask if their respective game's protagonists are there (Ike for Soren, the Renais twins for Seth, Tiki for Bantu).
  • Leon expresses displeasure about being pulled away from Valbar when summoned.
  • One of Takumi's voiced clips is him asking if you were happy to see him when he showed up, bordering on Leaning on the Fourth Wall knowing Takumi's normal summoning rates means he's only available as a five star unit.
  • Selena may have given away her identity indirectly...
    "You're bored too, huh? You should show me around this place. It's my third world I've ever—Uh, I mean two. Just two."
  • Leo has a couple gems to say at 5 stars.
    Leo: You'll never guess which vegetable really catches my fancy...tomatoes.
    Leo: If you ever see my collar inside out, please tell me! ...Not that it ever happens.
  • Some of the heroes have very amusing lines when visiting your castle.
    Azama: I bear a load of hellos from (Friend's name)! Glad to be little more than a mule in this situation.
  • If a friend's Odin comes to visit:
    Odin: A friend of yours sent me with a missive of massive import. Now, [Friend] says...
    Odin: Hi.
  • Sharena, like always, is delighted by interdimensional shenanigans.
    Sharena: How do you do? Huh? So this is another Askran Kingdom...hey tell me! How's the ME here? Nice, huh?
  • Even regular greetings can become this if a friend's name is just right.
    Azura: I bring best wishes from our group to yours in the name of Jesus.
  • The way the heroes appear in the player's home area ensures there will always be the leader, the currently selected team, 3-4 random characters from the rest of your army, and your friend's leader. The lines each character has when tapped remain the exact same. This can result in things like Bartre calling for his daughter when she's standing right next to him. Or Minerva talking about how she had to execute her brother Michalis while he's flapping away on his wyvern right beside her. Or even Eldigan wondering if he could meet the son of his friend Sigurd, when said son can be right in front of him. Or when Gerome muses that as a summoner you can call upon his deceased parents, but backpedals saying to forget what he said, while Cherche and whatever father you chose for him (provided that they're in the game) can be seen nearby.
  • One of Ursula's voice lines when tapped on. Misty Lee's delivery is what really sells it.
  • Michalis' Badass Boast about how the Player Character (Kiran the Summoner) will "never control" him and how he will "defy you at every turn" becomes hilarious once Gameplay and Story Segregation sets in during battle and he's forced to follow orders like any other unit.
    • It gets even funnier if you have Clarisse in your team...
      Clarisse: Hmpf...Heroes...from other worlds... I bet there's at least one of them who's not totally loyal to you. You give the word, and then I'll get rid of whomever it is. Permanently.
    • His voiced quotes are pretty hilarious, too. He demands that you address him as "KING Michalis of Macedon" and announces his intention of conquering the worlds. All of them. David Vincent was clearly having a LOT of fun with those lines.
  • Ninian's level 40 quote has her mention her dragon blood as if Kiran had no idea she had it. Despite turning into a dragon regularly during gameplay. It might be lampshading how her dragon form is supposed to be a huge spoiler in her home game.
  • Pretty much all of Berkut's voiced lines are him getting annoyed at the player constantly poking him. What really makes these lines hilarious is Ian Sinclair's delivery.
    • Since this Berkut is from before his horrible and tragic Sanity Slippage, some of his reactions are surprisingly close to Tsundere ones. Specially...:
      "You there. Show me to a jeweler. Not for myself, I'll have you know. Not that I owe you an explanation!"
  • Apparently Athena misheard the Order of Heroes as Odor of Heroes, which makes her think that they smell like slop and asks why don't they just take a bath.
  • Spring Camilla may mention that Xander hides eggs around their castle back home for the Spring Festival (i.e. Easter). The idea that somebody as intimidating and serious as Xander is the one to hide the eggs is just silly.
  • Luke is just as much of a Large Ham and Small Name, Big Ego as he is in his home game, always boasting about "The legend of Luke!"
  • Most characters get a flattering title. What does Tobin's say? The Clueless One.
  • What Summer Robin has to say about her choice of clothes:
    Robin: This swimsuit? It is a tactic to confuse the enemy. Can you concentrate on battle right now? Nope!
  • Almost every voice line for Summer Leo is dripping with sarcasm or disdain regarding being at the beach.
    Leo: Tropical islands? Forget it! And this swimsuit? Don't even get me started.
  • One of Summer Elise's castle lines has her suggest that the Order of Heroes needs to have a swimming party, then realizes that it would be terrible if the enemy ambushes them during the event.
  • In a Black Comedy sort of way, Valter. One of his 4* voice lines has him warn you to never think of him as being yours. Then, upon reaching 5*, one of his voice lines has him declare that you are his now. He demands that you entertain him.
  • Nephenee has a Running Gag in which she is attempting to speak normally, but her country accent slips in and causes her to backpedal and correct herself. This even happens when she's summoned:
    Nephenee: I'll fight alongside y'all—uh, you all... So...I'm pleased to be here.
  • Sigurd's Level 40 quote mentions about how his son Seliph is currently trying to avenge his death and clean up his mess, implying that this version of Sigurd might actually be a ghost.
  • One of Minerva's lines had her mention that in her better days, she rode an adorable Pegasus. In addition on referring how in her home game Pegasus Knights promote into Wyvern Riders, the punchline is that she's never going to be seen riding said adorable Pegasus because no matter what game, she's already a prepromoted Wyvern Rider. And then you realize that this can apply to Michalis too...note 
  • Joshua's greeting quote has him say that his Summoner sent him to your castle with "this" (presumably the feathers you get when you receive greetings from friends), and "was insistent that [he] not gamble it away".
    • How does he reveal his status as royalty in his Level 40 confession? Very casually, as though he couldn't remember if he'd already told you or not.
    • On a meta note, the fact that Joshua is a free reward for the Tempest Trials is funny. Any player can get him without spending orbs on the random Summoning that most characters are locked behind. In other words, The Gambling Addict of the Heroes cast can be obtained without gambling at all.
  • One of Dorcas's voiced lines gives a Shout-Out to the commercial that made him famous.
    Dorcas: How's my health? Well, I had some bad mutton earlier, but I feel fine otherwise.
  • One of Christmas Chrom's voiced lines has him commenting that Lissa made him wear the seasonal outfit. The delivery on the line makes him sound dead inside.
    • One of his castle lines has him say that he convinced Alfonse to try on his Santa costume. Made funnier by Chrom showing dismay at how the costume suits Alfonse better than it does him.
    • The above is made even funnier when you consider that both Alfonse and Chrom are very similar, given that they are both blue haired lords, and are mighty glaciers.
  • Gunnthrá's sprite in the castle shows her reading a tome. With Skill inheritance, you can replace her tome with a green egg, making the sight of reading the egg completely hilarious.
    • She also mentions that Askr is rather warm compared to her homeland. Hot, even. She nonchalantly says that she's sweating and asks if you know where she might be able to bathe.
  • Delthea seems to be aware that she's drawn by a Moe artist:
    Delthea: (After learning a skill) I see how it is. You're giving me this because you think I'm cute!
  • One of L'Arachel's voiced lines almost gives her away as Rausten's princess, only for her to catch herself at the last minute. Her title? Princess of Light. And another one of her lines (emphasis hers)?
    L'Arachel: I am L'Arachel, the beautiful princess of peerless beauty. You would do well to remember that.
    • Similarly, one of her Halloween alt's quotes is this:
    L'Arachel: This costume is PERFECT! Who would look at this and imagine me to be the princess of Rausten?
  • Upon summoning Myrrh, you apparently ask her age right off the bat. Evidently the summoner has learned from the previous dragons to never assume anything. (Even better, Myrrh gets annoyed about it - she's evidently gotten sensitive about her age from hearing Ephraim & other talk! (Granted, it's also cribbed from her support with Dozla, but even so.))
  • Valentine Hector has some funny stuff about him, from his title being "Just Here to Fight", to his line about his daughter Lilina, where he's on the verge of tears.
    Hector: Never thought I'd see the day my daughter was giving me presents. *sniff*
  • In a case of Black Comedy, Fallen Hero Robin decides to vent his frustrations about not being able to regain his memories.
    Robin: Maybe I'll go start a war to cheer myself up.
  • One of male Morgan's quotes is a nice Call-Back to his supports from Awakening. His tone of voice and sudden pointedness of the latter half of his statement make the line utterly hilarious.
    Morgan: (quietly) Heh. I dug a pitfall nearby. Don't tell anyone.
    • In the same vein, one of female Morgan's castle quotes notes that there is a pitfall dug in the patrol route, also a nod to her supports from Awakening.
  • While male and female Possessed Robin/Grima largely have the same quotes, their quote about letting you serve them is a bit different between the two of them. Male Grima seems quite sincere about the subject, while female Grima...
    Female Grima: You show promise, despite being human. Of course, that's like being the smartest worm in the dirt.
  • Julius insists that he wasn't hunting children, merely educating his subjects. His idea of fun? Crushing bugs in a flower bed. He also doesn't mince words when visiting another castle.
    Julius: My name is Julius. I was forced to visit this tedious hovel by [Friend].
    • One of his voiced lines (even funnier given that Reinhardt is considered a Game-Breaker and a real pain in the butt to face):
      Julius: I cannot stand the sight of Reinhardt.
  • One of Canas's castle lines has him hear about a Summoner in the Order of Heroes and tells you that he'd like to meet them. Now, who's been summoning all those heroes on your roster?
  • Should you summon Olivia's flier alt, her falicorn just takes off as she introduces herself.
  • Walhart may be a menacing Evil Overlord, but his vegetarianism is as staunch as ever.
    Walhart: Those who stalk the battlefield must take the utmost care to maintain a strong heart and a robust body. In other words, you have to eat your vegetables!
  • Nina's Shipping Goggles are as strong as ever, she's even taken to shipping weapons.
    Nina: Is it just me, or does your weapon share a special bond with Prince Alfonse's weapon? Hey, let's store them beside each other in the armory and see if any sparks fly!
  • When Owain tries to greet the Summoner in one of his quotes, he can't seem to decide what title he should give them. This goes on for twenty seconds (making it the longest quote in the game) and the only reason why it is only so long is because the Summoner seems to walk away from Owain while he is still busy trying to decide on a title.
  • One of Edelgard's quotes when you interact with her has her Freak Out! when she sees what she describes as "My painting", questioning how you found it, before demanding you leave in an embarrassed and hurried tone. Her word line leaves it unclear if she meant you found a painting of her or found a painting she made, but her embarassment breaks her usual stoic and calm tone.
  • Aether Resort allows the heroes to interact with each other. One animation that can occur has one hero sneak and playfully poke another hero from behind, then whistle innocently when the other hero turns around. If the mischievous one is an otherwise serious character, it can be even funnier.
    • In particular, the Dining Hall and Field structures has character animations that can be very funny depending on who the character(s) are. For the Dining Hall, while the character itself has no placement on the quality of the dish created, having a character known to be a Lethal Chef (like Felicia) prepare a foul dish that causes the four other heroes to wince in pain can be hilarious. For the Field, one animation has the characters get chased off-screen by a bee. Depending on who the character is, it can be very hilarious to see Naga or Fallen Robin get frightened by a mere bee.

  • In Chapter 8 part 1, the player gets to face male Robin for the first time. While he couldn't have Chrom with him, he has other friends. Among the units joining him in the battle is one that puzzles him:
    Robin: Oh, uh, Tharja? Where'd you come from? Are you following me around again?
  • In the "Family Bonds" paralogue, Ephraim suddenly diverges from his description of his bond with Eirika to angrily insult people who take their relationship the wrong way. For those who know the prevailing fandom opinion about the two, it's a hilarious reference. Eirika's reaction to his rant is not helping either.
    Ephraim: Ours is so strong that some fools dare to spread lies about us. Disgusting.
    Eirika: Ephraim, they are here to battle, not to hear you rant.
  • Xenologue 1 manages to double-down on the Incest Subtext, with Veronica forcing Ephraim to prove the strength of his sibling bond.
  • The entire premise of paralogue 2-1. The premise is to prove which pair of siblings have the strongest bonds. And then you faced Klein and... Sanaki? This strange pair up is lampshaded in their conversation.
    Klein: But why am I here? I am not your brother.
    Sanaki: Nor I your sister. But... I am Sanaki, Empress of Begnion! The Apostle! The voice of the Goddess! And what's more, I refuse to let any other little sister to prove herself of greater standing than me. So, to battle!
    Klein: What have I gotten myself into this time?
    • What caps this off as funny is the fact that Clarine, Klein's actual sister, was already in the game as part of the initial Hero line-up. The poor man makes his debut and his own sister is nowhere to be seen!
    • If you check the news involving their focus, Anna's reaction is basically a Double Take noting this oddity.
  • While Jaffar and Nino's chapter in Paralogue 3 is one of the biggest moments of heartwarming in the game, it is also entirely possible to read the scene as Jaffar getting savagely friend-zoned by Nino. (It's probably more to do with Nino's apparent age in her art and the writers wanting to avoid even a whiff of impropriety, but the timing is... ouch. Poor Jaffar.)
  • It might just be a coincidence, but in what might possibly be a new record for fastest Ascended Meme ever, when defeated in Paralogue 3, Raven says Ephraim's "Disgusting" quote in the exact same manner, just in regards to running away defeated instead of any sort of implications of Incest Yay Shipping. It's even funnier when you consider that his sister Priscilla, who he made a Childhood Marriage Promise (albeit, not seriously) and who definitely has some Big Brother Worship going on, is right there next to him.
  • Speaking of which, Raven manages to dodge the Incest Subtext completely by... not addressing poor Priscilla at all. On the other hand, he only converses with Lucius, turning up the Ho Yay factor instead.
    • Even funnier? This is completely in line with their original game, where Raven attempts to avoid Priscilla at all costs and demands Lucius to stay safe away from enemy lines.
  • In Chapter 11, the second level is the game's first boat level, simply titled "Pirates!". One level after that there is an another boat level, this time called "More Pirates!" Considering that Gaiden is sort of famous for shoving the boat maps down your throat in Celica's first chapter, it becomes hilarious in a meta sense.
  • A meta example: since the Masked Man's actual identity as Zacharias instead of Prince Bruno tends to fall into the I Knew It! category, the fact that the player character (who's said to have been drawn into the game's universe from a modern day world) being the one that points out the possibility to Alfonse and Sharena comes off less as "This is who he based on the clues so far, and that one detail that didn't match up can be explained in another way", and more as "I've seen all the cutscenes so far and I know how these stories always go. It's him because duh, who the hell else could he be?".
  • A small example, but the end of Book II, Chapter 4 has Surtr, Xander, and Veronica arguing over whether to destroy an Askrian town, only for Loki to pop up and casually snark that the town they're arguing over is empty.
  • Chapter 5 of Book II has Fjorm stating that she's sure her sister Gunnthrá is waiting for her in their homeland. If you've already summoned her, this can be unintentionally hilarious, particularly if you have them in a party together.
  • Although a much more serious situation than Chapter 5, in Chapter 7 Gunnthrá is burned alive by Surtr in front of her younger sister. Of course, as Gameplay and Story Segregation is in full effect, it doesn't matter if you have Gunnthrá in your team already, so Fjorm will break down over the dead story Gunnthrá and then immediately go into battle with her definitely-alive counterpart. Even funnier considering you're taking Gunnthrá and having her watch her own death.

    Tempest Trials 
  • In the intro cutscene for the first Tempest Trials, we get both Male Robin/Female Robin and Lucina/"Marth" (aka Masked Lucina) interacting with each other. One wonders how this meeting of Alternate Selves went completely unquestioned by the characters.
  • The start of the "Less Than Heroic" Tempest Trials is a hilarious change of pace compared to previous ones. After "Marth" explains what the Tempest is, he asks the Farfetched Heroes gang for their help, to which Dorcas immediately says "no". Marth is taken aback by his rather blunt answer, not being used to taking "no" for an answer in this regard. Joshua pipes in, asking if they're going to get paid for this (30,000 a piece, to be exact. You need to reach 30,000 points in the Tempest Trials to unlock Joshua at 5*). Since he has no money, Marth is about to leave before Mia says that she wants to help, but only because she feels sorry for him. Lute also offers to help, but only because she wants to flaunt her "natural superiority".
    • At the end, as everyone is celebrating, Joshua suddenly says he wants Marth to pay him, even though Marth doesn't have any money. Joshua says he'll accept an I.O.U. with a 100% interest rate per month, then offers to erase the debt if Marth can win a coin toss, resulting in Marth nervously switching between calling heads and tails.
  • For the mini Tempest Trials "Stepping into the New Year", Marth calls upon the heroes and tells them that fate of the world rests in their hands. The heroes in question are the New Years versions of Azura, Camilla, Takumi, and Corrin. After they note their weapons, Marth wonders if they're being serious, lampshading the usual strangeness of seasonal weapons. Then Azura mentions how if she can wield a pine branch and emerge victorious, they can use the abnormal weapons just fine.
  • In the "Invisible Ties" Tempest Trials, Female Robin meets Grima, who uses Male Robin as his avatar. While Robin is understandably confused and awkward, Grima finds the whole situation fascinating and offhandedly wonders if wanting to kill his female counterpart counts as self-loathing.
  • At the beginning of the "Sweet Dreams" Tempest Trials+, Masked Marth does his usual intro to what the tempest is... only for Summer Young Tiki greets him as Mar-Mar. Masked Marth (who is obviously not Tiki's Mar-Mar), suddenly getting flustered, goes with it and claims himself as the Mar-Mar Tiki thinks he is, then Tiki asks why he's wearing a mask.
    "Mar-Mar": Well, you see... There's... There's a very good reason for that...
    Summer Young Tiki: Oh, don't tell me! Let me guess! It's because... Because Mar-Mar was... Hmm...
    "Mar-Mar": W-was? You mean "is"! The real Mar-Mar, I mean, the real Marth... Ahem, I am—
    Summer Young Tiki: I got it! We were splitting watermelons on the beach, and it was your turn, so you put on a blindfold!
    "Mar-Mar": Y-yes! That's exactly right. You're a good guesser, Tiki. I was in the middle of some special training. In fact, this mask helped me become quite the watermelon-splitting expert.
  • The end of the "Familiar Faces" Tempest Trials+ has Dorcas tell Marth that Joshua wanted to see Marth again about a bet they had. After a brief acknowledgement, Marth suddenly decides to leave, prompting Dorcas to say, "Turned tail and ran..." This suggests that Marth lost his bet against Joshua and currently owes him a massive debt. That this is happening to Lucina of all people makes it even funnier.
  • Tempest Trials+: Life Is But Fleeting opens with Fae experiencing how difficult it can be to keep balance on ice. Immediately afterward, however, she gets the hang of it and even starts skating on the ice.
    Fae: Ice is! Whoa! Now, spin, spin, spin around... Wow! This is amaaaaazing!
  • The end of the "Heating Things Up" Tempest Trials+, "Marth", soaked after battling in the springs, reminisces on how he himself went to a hot spring and wore a Yukata. Interested, Ryoma asks if he can join him in the men's hot springs and talk about his experiences. "Marth", however, grows flustered and blurbs up his words as he turns down Ryoma's request, in which Camilla states that it would be more fitting if "he" went to the women's hot spring, in which "he" messes up "his" words more. Stuck in a Morton's Fork situation where going to either of the baths will reveal "Marth's" secret and make "him" uncomfortable and embarrassed, "he" decides to get out while "he" still can, still soaked from fighting near the water.
  • "Taste of Spring" summed up in two words: Felicia's cooking. It's so bad that it gets affected by - or perhaps even caused - the Tempest that interrupts the picnic. And poor Masked Marth doesn't catch a break, getting invited to the picnic after clearing the Tempest, making an honest prayer to Naga that she'll survive the ordeal...
    Felicia: Even the picnic goodies I made have returned to their original color!
    Masked Marth: Wh-what?! H-how cou- That sickly nightmare purple was the goal? It doesn't even look like anything I would call food...
    Felicia: Heehee... This one turned out way better than my last few attempts. I'm pretty proud of it, actually!

    Forging Bonds 
  • The Forging Bonds event High Tea Jinks feature various shenanigans with Alfonse and the Fates representatives.
    • Flora, Silas, and Ophelia set off to find the tea leaves that will soothe the drinker as Alfonse guides them, while Nina hides in a barrel to spy on Alfonse and Silas.
    • During the C rank event, Ophelia ponders how she feels chills during the trek, only to find that it was only due to Flora's icy aura.
    • During Ophelia's B rank event, she lampshades how many "chosen ones" there are in Askr and feeling like she isn't standing out.
  • Owain and Kliff's interactions during the Brave Redux paralogue and the Forging Bonds event Dueling Desires are priceless, with Owain's love for theatrics and Kliff, being the Only Sane Man of the group, wanting none of it. Kliff even objected to being called "Villager Ablaze" by Owain during the Forging Bonds introduction.
    • Owain's C rank conversation has him baffled that he ran into Odin, his Fates Alternate Self.
    • Owain's B and A rank conversations are about Owain trying to give a second name to your Breidablik. You turn him down, of course, but in his S Rank conversation, you explain that Breidablik already has a second name, and uttering it would warp space and time. He then asks you to start posing with him. Anna and Alfonse just happen to be eavesdropping...
      Alfonse: I had no idea the Breidablik had a legend of that...severity...behind it...
      Anna: I, um... Yeah... Pretty sure that's just a load of-
  • The Forging Bonds event Hearts as One: Leanne was encouraged to speak with other heroes to improve her speech. Come her A rank conversation, Reyson rushes to Alfonse showing concern about her. Turns out she decided to speak to some questionable folks and picked up their quirks.
    Leanne: Ha ha ha ha...
    Alfonse: Er...
    Leanne: I am strong... I am clever...
    Alfonse: Oh, no. Don't tell me... I know who she's been talking to. Leanne... He's...abnormal. Find someone else to talk to.
  • The Forging Bonds event "The Orb Case" revolves around the kitsune trying to figure out who stole the Orbs from the summoner. The culprit, as revealed in the A rank segment? Anna, who was testing a new case to sell and used the Orbs as test contents. Awkwardness ensues.
  • In "A Trust Earned", Mordecai's conversations involve the surprise appearance of Fjorm. Fjorm's normally calm and dignified personality causes the silliness she gets into to be much funnier than normal, such as being embarrassed that Mordecai can smell her, and trying to become friends with animals by scattering food and wearing cat ears.
  • In Kjelle's C support, while in a mock battle resembling Rival Domains, Kjelle was knocked out. When she came to, she remembered that a "knight in black armor" came out of nowhere and took her down in one attack. The image of either the Black Knight using Wings of Mercy or Zelgius using his Warp Powder and taking down Kjelle with a charged up Black Luna is amusing enough.
    • In Kjelle's A support, Brady tells her that he was training with a monk, but did a number on him "with this smile on his smug mug". Looks like Brady is another victim of Azama and his Pain+ and Double Savage Blow.
    • In Kjelle's S Support, she was beaten by a demonic giant carrying a pumpkin. Poor Dorcas was mistaken for a demon in his Halloween costume.
    • In Brady's C support, Fjorm's reaction to Brady is to run away. She thought Brady was going to rob her money and run when poor Brady was going to tell her his admiration.
  • In Claude's support, in an attempt to find a sneaky way to defeat the enemy, he makes a powder from poisonous mushrooms. Only problem is that he accidentally inhales some of the powder.
  • "A Time to Shine"
    • Phina tries to have everyone stand out compared to other heroes by wearing accessories. When things aren't going her way, she suggest Sirius to put a dramatic performance.
    Phina: Sirius already has a mask... Maybe he could show up places and put on some kind of of dramatic performance? "The Great Sirius, masked wanderer and knight who fights for true love!" ...Something like that—but better?
    Sirius: ...Never.
    • Phina continues to deliver in her Support chain, roping Fjorm, Silvia and Olivia into trying to answer the Riddle for the Ages of why dancers don't dance for dancers. The given explanation, other than that it would obviously be a Game-Breaker for multiple reasons, is that this was attempted by a pair of dancing goddesses that kept it up for a hundred days... and spontaneously died by Heroic RRoD immediately after.
    • Norne's conversations has her wonder about a divine voice who wanted to guide her as she tries to find someone who will train her. The owner of said voice, as revealed in her S rank conversation? Setsuna, who has once again fallen into a trap.
    • In Nagi's supports, Sharena tries to find some similar Heroes to help with her Identity Amnesia. Instead of finding Tiki and Naga like you would expect, she finds... Robin, Deirdre and both Morgans, in other words other amnesiacs. The conversation goes about as well as you'd expect.
  • "Common Virtues"
    • Catria's C and B rank conversations have Florina and Shanna, respectively, mistaking Catria for one of their own sisters.
    • In Python's A rank conversation, Fjorm demands that he teach her about slacking off, in an effort to learn about human nature. The S rank conversation reveals that Python decided to train instead of skip it like he usually does just to get away from Fjorm.

    Seasonal events 
  • There's an Easter Egg event. Including Camilla, Xander, Chrom, and Lucina in bunny outfits.
    • Xander's Clothing Damage will show that he has an actual rabbit in his hat, something that never comes up anywhere else.
    • When Spring Lucina takes too much damage, her bunny hat somehow makes a sad face.
    • In the bulletin board introduction to the new heroes, there is normally a small comment about the hero's strengths. However, the spring character's quip is replaced with them commenting about their situation. Xander laments how he got goaded into wearing such outlandish outfit by his siblings (notably Camilla based on her comments), Chrom comments how frail his weapon is and misses Falchion and Lucina is snoozing off.
    • In part 2, Lucina seems to be rather oblivious to how Xander doesn't think that her egg is painted that well.
    • After clearing part 3, Sharena starts celebrating before Camilla comes and tries to rope her in to wearing a costume similar to hers. And while everyone is leaving, Xander makes sure to make you know that he doesn't usually dress like this.
    • In Camilla's bio when she's wearing her Spring Festival costume, it mentions that she started to like the outfit after Corrin said it was cute.
    • The fact that recurring antagonist Xander debuts as a playable character in this form before his regular one.
    • Spring Lucina's Special Skill quotes are a riot:
      "I say when winter's over!"
      "Spring gives me strength!"
      "You will not stop my festivity!"
      "Bunny blast!"
      • While Chrom shares all but the last quote with Lucina, it's much funnier coming from Lucina considering she's The Comically Serious.
    • Lucina's attack portrait looks like she is very excited to dunk the egg like a basketball.
  • The Bridal Blessings event is chock full of comedy, as shown in the trailer alone. To wit...
    • The ridiculous weapons the new Units have, including a bouquet (used as a Blue Tome by Caeda), a candle (used as a Staff by Lyn), and a giant spoon (used as a Lance by Charlotte). The spoon is even full of a helping of wedding cake — which splatters everywhere when Charlotte attacks.
    • Lyn's incredibly frustrated reaction to being stuffed in a fancy wedding dress.
      "This dress wasn't my idea!"
    • Anna wants to participate in the event and seize the bridal bouquet not to guarantee herself getting married, but to auction the bouquet off to someone who does want to get married.
  • Ylissean Summer:
    • Alfonse being horrified by the way Anna laughs as she goes out to make a profit from the swimsuit wearers.
      Alfonse: I know that laugh... That is not a good laugh.
    • During the event, there's the return of the snapshot tome. Just like the Anna in Awakening's DLC, this game's Anna plans to capture pictures of the swimsuit-clad heroes for profit. At the end, once Anna gets the chance to take pictures Frederick delivers a letter from that world's Anna that a contract fee must be paid if there are images of heroes in swimsuit attire, and it's hefty. This game's Anna is outright shocked by the price.
    • Anna's comment about Tiki and Female Robin's swimsuits just screaming "profit" is hilarious enough on its own. But it takes on a whole new level of funny when you consider it in a meta sense that Intelligent Systems knows fans will be more than willing to shell out some serious cash to try and summon these summer units. Males for Tiki and Robin, females for Frederick and Gaius... they are thirsty anyway.
    • Gaius constantly expresses his disdain for the summer, specifically the heat (which melts all his candy) and having to wear a skimpy swimsuit (which he can't hide any candy in at all).
    • After the Heroes Anna reads the Awakening Anna's letter and finds out she won't be able to take pictures to sell, she tries to force Frederick to hand over his seashells in a vain attempt to squeeze some profit out of the trip.
    • Then Anna hopes for dear god the group picture she takes ends up leaking somehow so she can make money.
    • A Black Comedy version: A closeup on Robin's trident shows a skewered fish still alive. Even when Robin is sufficiently damaged, the poor thing looks like it's begging to die after being broken off. Meanwhile the octopus in her pouch acts as if it's her minion.
  • Nohrian Summer:
    • While Corrin and Elise couldn't be happier to hit the beach, Xander and Leo are less than pleased. Xander is embarrassed because, despite usually being The Ace, he can't swim, and Leo doesn't like getting sun tanned.
    • Xander has an extremely funny special line that is so blunt, it has to heard to be enjoyed.
    • The silly weapons are just as funny as they usually are. Special mention goes to Xander, who uses a Lilith Floatie beach toy as a makeshift Axe, and Leo, who uses a Red Tome that makes tomatoes rain from the heavens.
    • Anna, still wanting to make a profit during summer, now decided to go after the Heroes of Nohr for pictures. Alfonse tries to get her direct her efforts to helping the Order, which Anna keeps on saying it is for the Order.
      Alfonse: Didn't you learn your lesson last time, Commander Anna?
      Anna: Nope!
    • After getting the Nohrian Heroes where she wants them, Heroes Anna gets a letter from Fates Anna. At first she thinks that she is checking on her since they had a deal, it turns out that Fates Anna only gave her permission to take still images, and not moving images. And Heroes Anna just had to upgrade her tome to take those. And the fee to use moving images is even higher than the last time, causing Anna to have a Freak Out! over the possibility of the Order going bankrupt.
    • After getting her plans foiled again, Anna gets so desperate that she tries to get Alfonse, Sharena and even the player to dress up in swimsuits (while bluntly yelling at them to take their clothes off), causing the three of them to try to drag her back to the Castle.
    • Just about everything Summer Leo says or does involves him complaining about the beach, often in a sarcastic manner.
      Leo: [after getting a level up with minimal stat gains] If you are disappointed by these results, then give me clothes.
    • Instead of doing a casting pose during the start of the Player Phase, Leo uses his hand to keep the sun out of his eyes.
    • All the characters in this banner say "Tropical Attack!" as one of their special quotes. While everyone else seems excited to say it, Leo sounds like he's wondering "What am I doing here?" Made funnier by the fact that this is completely in character for him, and that he's the only one in the group to be against going on vacation.
  • Trick or Defeat:
    • Sakura's Sweet Tooth rivals Gaius's here. Her quotes are all related to getting candy, and she was entranced by the idea of a legendary candy during the paralogue.
      • Furthermore, her first line in the paralogue was to show concern for Nowi, thinking her to be a lost child—completely at odds with the childishness that she herself shows at all other times.
      • All her Special quotes are hilarious as they are adorable. Especially the cat pun on one of her original's Critical quotes in Fates.
        Halloween Sakura: It's all me-ow!
  • Winter's Envoy
    • Tharja's holiday variant has the epithet "Normal Girl", quote marks included. Apparently she believes that a costume that goes way past Sexy Santa Dress and is basically a bikini with a cape is "normal" Christmas attire.
    • The Winter's Envoy version of Tharja tries to repress her curse-happy tendencies and act merry, but she sometimes lets her usual self slip out.
      Holiday Tharja: For getting in the way of my "normal practice," I'll curse each and every one of you! Uh... No. That's not right. What I meant to say was... Let's all celebrate together!
    • Holiday Robin uses a Christmas tree as a weapon, called the Tannenboom! (exclamation point included).
    • Holiday Lissa's special 5-star level 40 conversation has her hand the summoner a self-prepared gift that's of a special winter festival drink and not a bottle of some random liquid, though she says she might have messed up the recipe. The summoner takes a drink, and afterwards Lissa is calling for someone to heal the summoner.
    • One of Winter Chrom's character selection quotes is a rather drunken-sounding "Party?".
    • One of Winter Chrom's quotes on the character screen has him conclude that the Falchion can be used to slice cake.
    • One of Winter Chrom's special quotes is a twist on his regular version's "Our bonds give me strength!" line.
      Winter Chrom: Parties give me strength!
    • Winter Robin's "laughing" clip is literally him going "HO HO HO" in a deep, Santa-like voice.
  • Love Abounds
    • While the other members of the banner change up their weapon specialties and are celebrating Valentine's Day, Hector only bothered to trade in his usual armor for a dress shirt; he's taking his Armads to a party, and his title is literally "Just Here to Fight".
      Valentine's Hector: In fact, I've got some questions for you... Why are you using those weapons? Do you even want to win?
      • As it turns out, there was supposed to be a festival that all of the characters are going to, which happens to have a tournament that Hector wants to enter, thus his title. More hilariously is that because Roy is coming, Lilina's best friend and potential love interest, as well as Eliwood, he probably carried Armads with him just in case.
      • That and there is the matter-of-fact way he announces it. Lyn makes a comment about how the weapons they carry best represent the festival. She asks Hector what weapon he brought and he bluntly replies "Armads".
      • Even more hilarious is that typically, all characters on the event typically show up on the final map in the Paralogues. For this map we have the three lords of The Blazing Blade... and Lilina.
    • Upon seeing Hector carry Armads into the fight, Lyn shows concern towards the opponents (your army). Once the map's cleared, she notices that she shouldn't worry about them at she contemplates about bringing Sol Katti or Mulagir to the tournament, to Eliwood's chagrin.
    • A slightly amusing little reference in Hector's attack lines. Back in the Performing Arts Banner, Azura and Shigure both had a line "My heart is singing!". Here, Hector has a similar line, with a very different meaning.
      Hector: MY ARM IS SINGIN'!
    • The story itself has Hector in full Overprotective Dad mode when he starts thinking that Lilina bought her gift to give to Roy.
  • Hares at the Fair
    • The second Spring Festival features Catria, Kagero, and even Alfonse and Sharena, all sporting bunny outfits. Catria is clearly uncomfortable with wearing such an outfit, while Kagero states that she'll bring honor to her lord, no matter what she's wearing. One of her Special quotes in particular is downright hilarious.
      Spring Kagero: Ninjabbit attack!
      • One of Catria's special quotes shows that she's Not So Above It All at the end.
        Spring Catria: Fear the rabbit!
    • Sharena insists that Alfonse act like a rabbit in order to fit in with the festival, while Alfonse complains that their ridiculous outfits are enough.
    • Many of Spring Catria's lines are her complaining about her attire. She really doesn't like having to wear it. It's to the point that it's part of her dying words—
      Spring Catria: Don't bury me in this...
    • The Paralogue maps for the event include some hilarious interactions between Alfonse, Sharena, and their Spring Festival selves. Highlights include...
      • Alfonse immediately says "Oh no..." upon seeing his Spring counterpart, immediately feeling sorry for him for being trapped in such a stupid outfit.
      • Later on, when the Sharenas ask how they're able to meet alternate versions of themselves, Alfonse tries to explain to them about Alternate Universes work, the Summoner's name being different in other realities, how those realities are connected...only for his Sharena to cut him off mid-sentence, much to his dismay.
  • Bridal Bloom
    • Anna is so bummed out about the bouquet's non-transferable blessing that she doesn't even want to go to the bridal festival anymore and would rather laze about at home.
    • Why did Anna think Sharena wanted the bouquet? For herself...and the Summoner.
    • Like her winter variant, Bridal Tharja tries to tone town her curse-happy ways. She almost succeeds.
      Bridal Tharja: Welcome home, dear! I sacrificed a chicken for dinner.
  • Summer's Arrival
    • During the event, Anna's new scheme to earn money for the Order of Heroes is to record voices of heroes on the beach, and even had the foresight to negotiate with the other Anna to charge them less than last time. However, all of the audio that was recorded... was the crashing waves. Sharena comments that it reminds her of the beach, so Anna salvages this by trying to sell it as a relaxation soundtrack.
    • At the end, Alfonse asks the summoner to help him come up with a way to prevent the Order from going bankrupt.
    • Summer Innes's defeat quote.
      Innes: Stepped on a jellyfish…
  • A Sketchy Summer
    • Enemy mooks are now equipped with swimming goggles and the same joke weapons that seasonal units have been wielding up to this point.
    • The beginning shows that Anna's relaxation book from the last paralogue didn't sell a single copy, so in desperation she forces Alfonse, Sharena, and the summoner to draw people on the beach as a way to make revenue, with Anna herself needing to learn how to draw. However, Sharena and Anna are shown at the end to be bad artists, with even Anna asking why Sharena drew a smiley face on the sun.
      Anna: I like your spirit, Sharena! Now let's take...a...look... Are you serious? This is a joke, right? A child could scribble better! And did you give the sun a smiley face?!
      Sharena: Hey, hurtful! And I happen to think my sun is very cute! Anyway, it's not like your drawing is any better.
      Anna: Hey, I'm the big-idea person. I've got business sense, not artistic sense!
    • Should you summon Summer Takumi, you catch him mid-cannonball:
      Takumi: Cannonbaaaall—Waah! Wh-where'd the water go?! And where did I go?! And who are you?!
    • One of Summer Takumi's special activation voice lines is "Drown already!" which is unintentionally hilarious when paired with his smiling special skill art.
    • Summer Camilla's special skill art has her standing on a massive seashell, probably referencing The Birth of Venus.
    • Sketchy Summer Tiki's 5* conversation has her go on a tangent about water from the ocean being salty and questioning why. She ends the conversation by trying to get you to drink some.
  • Festival in Hoshido
    • Yukata Xander's dance animation. Even though it is a real dance, called the Awa Odori/Bon Odori, that being done by the usually stern and stoic Xander alone is enough for players to want to pull for him.
      Xander: I shall dance!
    • One of Elincia's voiced lines shows her having trouble with her dance.
  • The Land's Bounty
    • The Paralogue has the Order Of Heroes competing in a tournament to win candy, because they can't afford to buy food anymore.
    • Halloween Kagero's flavor text is a spectacular example of Skewed Priorities.
      Description: A ninja of Hoshido who is ready to lay down her life to obtain some candy.
    • Myrrh tries to be scary, but just comes off as all the more adorable for it.
      • One of her Special quotes is just "Boo!". It comes off as really saccharine.
      • She pounces just before transforming into her dragon form.
      • Her attack portrait depicts her mid-pounce. Her special portrait gives her an eager smile, making it as if she's really anticipating robbing you of all your candy.
      • Myrrh's quote when learning a new skill is already adorably hilarious, but it's also used for Skill Inheritance. Since Skill Inheritance involves either sacrificing a unit or using a combat manual, one can interpret it as either Myrrh eating another person or eating a book.
        Myrrh: Om nom nom! Thish candy ish deelishush!
    • Mia will sometimes yell "WAH!" when doing her basic attack. This was highlighted in the trailer, and comparisons to Waluigi soon followed.
    • Dorcas, despite looking like The Stoic on the outside and wearing a ridiculous outfit, reassures the player that he is really happy deep down.
      Dorcas: Don't worry... My face isn't made for smiling, but this is my happy face. Take my word for it.
      • Dorcas in the Paralogue is confused as to why they're fighting, and seems oblivious to Niles' innuendo. Then, during the final battle, he's absent. Niles casually reveals that he ran away after the last battle. Can you blame him?
  • Gifts of Winter:
    • The fact that Ephraim still wields his Siegmund despite being in his Holiday Mode. Guess that Ephraim and Hector are still more alike to each other.
    • In Paralogue 28-2, Ephraim is interested in being taught magic by the Mage General Cecilia. However, she has this to say:
      Cecilia: Unfortunately, no. You have no talent for magic.
      Ephraim: ...N-none at all? Oh. Well...I'd be lying if I said that wasn't what I had expected to hear.
    • At the end of the paralogue, Sharena is revealed to still believe in the winter festival envoy (the Heroes version of Santa Claus), stating that she always receives presents and that Alfonse even saw them once, much to Anna's shock. Alfonse, however, doesn't have the guts to tell her that they're not real, stating to Anna that he did see the winter festival envoy... which Alfonse expresses his disappointment when he really knows who the winter festival envoy is when he saw them.
  • At the end of Hostile Springs, Sharena and Anna decide to dig a pit to make their own hot spring. Alfonse promptly snarks that they had better get some rope so they can haul them out once they get themselves stuck.
  • Regal Rabbits:
    • Marisa, who is usually very serious and deadpan, gives us this gem:
      Spring Marisa: If this outfit isn't good for fighting, I'll have to hop away.
    • There's also this voice clip that may play when you pick her during a map.
      Spring Marisa: Fur sure.
    • And her skill inheritance quote being so deadpan, despite showing some joy.
      Spring Marisa: I want to hop.
    • The fact that Bruno, of all people, made his playable debut with a bunny variant rather than his usual self. The snark in this variant's description makes it funnier:
      Prince of the Emblian empire, whose lineage remains something of a mystery. Dressing as a rabbit isn't clarifying things for anybody.
  • A Season For Picnics:
    • Poor Felicia doesn't catch a break with her Lethal Chef tendencies:
      Picnic Felicia: Everyone says my cooking is to die for... and then they laugh.
    • The fact that Felicia's attack is to just thrust her weapon towards her enemies as she nearly trips, with said weapon being a pan full of bad food.
    • In Paralogue 33-2, Felicia shares her "cooking" with Lukas and Leo, but Leo is wary about her "cooking" due to her reputation in their home game, but Lukas however is not and tries it out. Then we have this gem from Leo:
      Picnic Leo: You don't know what you're getting yourself into. In case you haven't heard, Felicia's dishes are bad.
    • By a twist of fate, Lukas actually enjoys Felicia's bad cooking (if only because this is a man who puts up with being fed raw wheat flour if you’re that much of an ass in Echoes), and his agreement has Leo obliged to join in, with Felicia offering tomatoes to him, stating that it wouldn't kill him to try. At end of the part, he states that the "tomato" has some unwanted qualities.
      Picnic Leo: Wh-what is that!? You've somehow combined the texture slime and... dust! And what's this film on top? ...You say that was a TOMATO?
  • Summer's Return:
    • Anna has promised not to try any get rich quick schemes this time, but it's quite clear that she's having trouble with restraint. Eventually, she collapses from the stress.
    • Summer Ylgr sometimes has something very important to say when she activates her special.
      Summer Ylgr: I love to swim!
  • Summer Refreshes: Lyn gets to lampshade the outlandish outfits seasonal units wear into combat.
    Lyn: Wait—what? Fight? In THIS?! Have you lost your mind?
  • A Splendid Soiree: Sometimes when you select Soiree Berkut, he says "Let me have my fun!" in a rather annoyed tone. Taken in a meta context with his tragic path in Shadows of Valentia, it's darkly humorous.
  • Treat Fiends
    • As Ilyana is asking L'Arachel for food, L'Arachel tries to go fetch a pumpkin for her. Once she gets to it, she finds it mysteriously missing. According to Rolf, Ilyana already ate the whole thing.
    • Teaching Ilyana a skill or passing down a skill via inheritance prompts her to ask if it's tasty. Just like Myrrh before her, the implications of eating another unit or a manual are bound to ensue.

  • Characters will sometimes say one of their skill quotes when they start a mission instead of their turn action quotes. Some can be simply amusing, like Barst yelling "TIMBERRR!" at the top of his lungs. And there are those that are just hilariously inappropriate for mission starts, like Soren's condescending "Are you ready to die?"
  • And then there's the absolutely PRICELESS expression of Narcian's "damaged" portrait.
  • Setsuna gives this gem when she learns a skill:
    "One step closer to...uh, not stepping into more traps."
  • Not even special attack messages are safe from being funny.
    Odin: Overdoing it - as usual!
    Henry: It's curse o'clock!
    Shanna: [sounding incredibly flustered] Fine, fine! Everything's fine!
    Florina: Whoaaa!
    Nino: Ahhhhhh!
    Nowi: A-ah-aCHOO!
    Setsuna: Look, a butterfly!
    Leon: Excuse me?!
    Mae: Eat THIS, pal!
    Chrom (Branded King): I'm being helpful!
    Chrom (Branded King): I can't stop this thing!
    L'Arachel: I have arrived!
    Ylgr: Boring, boring, boring.
    Hilda: You're making me work!
    Velouria: Hey! You're no dust bunny!
    • Anna's special attack image shows her in her regular attack position, with yellow streaks showing her weapon's swing — and her tongue sticking out!
  • Florina's damaged artwork is an oddity. Most wounded images are fanservicey or play up how hurt the hero is, but Shrinking Violet Florina just glares down at the enemy calmly, as if to say "Round 2, bitch".
  • Many characters have some pretty funny lines for when they level up but get only none to two stat boosts, but special mention goes to Beruka, Navarre, and the Black Knight.
    Beruka/Navarre/Black Knight: ...
    • Nephenee deserves a mention here. Her minimum stat boosts quote turns out to be "Aw, horsefeathers!" This is Nephenee we're talking about, so we can imagine her being flustered that she let her rural accent slip.
    • Typically heroes who gain stats across the board will show some delight in their growths. Haar...not so much.
      Haar: This is no good. If I stand out, you're going to put me in the front lines, are you?
  • Robin's quote in his summoning video is a hilarious Call-Back.
    Robin: Where did I wake up this time?
    • One of his lines also has him grateful that he retained his memories this time.
  • In battle, Ninian turns into a dragon. Sounds impressive, right? It is, but her quotes while attacking mostly consist of her saying things like "rawr" and "grr" in a somewhat cute, soft voice.
  • Definitely subjective, likely depending on what character you were supporting, but some find it hilarious just how hard Lucina absolutely destroyed all of her opponents in the first Voting Gauntlet.
  • In the news bulletin about the second voting gauntlet, Anna takes notice of how Subaki is The One Guy in the entire competition, and says "Good luck, guy!" This is even funnier when one realizes that before the official release of Fates, the VERY girlish-looking Subaki was frequently mistaken for a woman by fans.
  • Among the updates that came with version 1.6.0, Gaius's summer artwork was adjusted. The issue? He was neglecting the bowstring in his original attack artwork.
  • Brave Heroes Roy and Ike have some very familiar voice lines.
    Roy: Roy's our boy!
    Ike: You... like Ike?
  • While beneficial, the support system allows you to pair up whichever set of units you please. You may go with canon pairings or go nuts. For example, you can have Tiki pair up with her younger self, or have Eirika bond with Valter.
  • The B rank support animation has two units share training techniques. This is usually normal, unless if it's a Summoner support, in which case your avatar trains alongside your unit of choice with the Breidablik!
  • Sigurd's skillset can bring some ironic Black Comedy laughs, considering he may very well be on the way to be one of the newest Mage Killer units that could counter powerful units like Reinhardt, but none of that would save him from getting roasted by Arvis. Even in Heroes, Arvis can still defeat Sigurd by using Growing Flame, which ignores all of Sigurd's special skills that would otherwise let him take the hit. Alas, History Repeats for poor Sigurd. More Black Comedy is had due to Sigurd being voiced by either Grant George (who's well-known for playing another character infamous for his Plotline Death, and sometimes due to a cruel betrayal) or by Toshiyuki Morikawa (well known for kickstarting a whole story by killing a certain character and then dealing many, many deaths). It's clear that the people in charge of developing this version of him on both Japan and the West had loads of fun while doing their work...
  • November's Voting Gauntlet focuses on hair: short-haired girls note  and long-haired guys note . For the latter, there's this exchange:
    Anna: If they lose in the first round, I'm going to shave some heads!
    Feh: Don't do it!
    • Shanna's upset victory is absolutely hilarious when you consider that fact she was one of the biggest underdogs. Brownie points for beating two Hoshidans (Hinoka and Takumi). And because of this, there has been some fan arts about Anna fulfilling that promise of hers against every participant not named Shanna.
  • One of the Special Maps from the "Devs Say Thanks!" set is titled 'The Alluring Four'. The four in question are Jagen, Ogma, Zephiel and Gunter.note 
  • The four new characters from January are all from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn: Micaiah, Sothe, Zelgius (aka the Black Knight, now unmasked) and... Oliver. For added hilarity, this is Oliver's damaged portrait.
  • The Feh Channel presentation on January 30, 2018 celebrates the game's first anniversary. It features a cake with macarons detailing the main stories which Feh is eager to dig into. Resident Big Eater Effie sneaks some bites from the cake while Feh is sharing the upcoming news stories. Eventually, the rest of the Order of Heroes join in until the cake is all gone, and Feh never even gets a single bite.
  • One of the events for the first anniversary is rotating reruns of various Grand Hero Battles, including the long awaited return of Xander's... which Feh points out in the Feh Channel announcement.
    Feh: Oh hi, Xander! It's been a while.
  • Tap Battle:
    • Bringing a staff-user to Tap Battle results in them fighting by smacking enemies upside the head with said staff.
    • Dragonstone-users don't transform into their dragon form in this mode. They just present their dragonstone and the enemy goes flying.
    • If you use a character without an equipped weapon, it results in them hitting enemies with their fists. While someone like the Black Knight or Dorcas would be passably capable of doing so, it looks silly when performed by, say, Fae or Soren.
    • At the end of a level, the characters zip out of the stage. This is already silly enough with someone with one of the standard ready poses, but characters with unique ready poses (like Jakob, Felica, most Dancers) look extra silly.
    • Offensive skill quotes can occasionally be heard from the last unit to land an attack once a certain combo level is reached. Some, aside from previously mentioned quotes, can be rather silly in this mode:
      Soren: Are we done here?
      Bridal Lyn: I want my sword back!
      Ephraim: Give me more—more!
      Leanne: No!
    • There is a Running Gag of the 80th floor having a Bait-and-Switch Boss. Sadly, it seems to have ended as of Sanctuary of the Mages... Until the fourth boss of Summer of Heroes brought it back. All of the named characters you first meet in Heir of Light are Bait And Switch Bosses, though in this case, it's less based on humor than it is based on the events of Genealogy.
      • The first run has Fae appear as a boss wanting to play with your team. After her quick defeat, the real boss, Sophia, comes in wondering where Fae ran off to. Even funnier if you actually brought a Fae of your own to the dungeon.
      • The second features a fight against Caeda as the 4th boss. Defeating her causes her to go humorously flying off the screen, only to return in her Bridal variant for a second round!
      • The third event sees Bartre appear as a boss, loudly boasting about his goal to become the World's Strongest Man. He dies in only one hit. Then the game brings out Arthur, being as hammy and confident as ever, and it looks like the real fight with regular enemies showing up. Arthur folds in just two hits. And then the much more humble and calm Dorcas comes out as the real boss, stating that he just wants to go home.
      • In the Summer of Heroes, after 2 events with no Bait And Switch Bosses, Tana shows off her swimsuit and states that if you tried something funny, Ephraim and her brother will be there to show you your place. You easily beat her and sure enough, Innes shows up, stating that you should appreciate his flawless swimming skills.
      • Sharena's boss battle in the Festival of Heroes is notable in that her Bait-and-Switch Boss happens on the 60th floor instead of the 80th. Nevertheless, you catch her in the middle of changing, and when she's defeated, her real boss battle starts... with her in her bunny outfit.
    • The final boss for the third event is Sigurd assisted by an army of cavalry. This is already a funny nod to how dominant cavalry are in Genealogy of the Holy War, but the real clincher is one of the units is the armored knight Arden, who moves so slowly that several waves of cavalry will reach you before he does.
    • Floor 100. After you finally beat the boss, what is your prize? A hot spring scene. And if your team is filled with mounted units, they jump in horse/pegasus/wyvern and all.
      • In the Tap Battles that ran during the summer, the Floor 100 reward is a summer ocean instead.
      • And if two of the units on your team happen to have an S-Support, they'll wade closer together... if the other two units aren't S-supported, they'll simply stare at the ones who are.
      • If Gúnnthra is present in the scene after floor 100 is cleared, she'll be in her idle pose where she is reading her tome, and thus not be looking at the hot spring. Becomes even funnier when she's the lead unit of the team and thus the one who notices the hot spring first. Her steed must be doing the seeing for her.
    • In the Festival of Heroes Extra Stage 3, the Boss is Spring Chrom, with all the other Spring units backing him up. Instead of sliding in like normal, they all bounce into position.
  • Due to a programming error prior to version 2.3.0, if poor Zelgius had the misfortune of being selected as an enemy during the Breath of Destiny Tempest Trials, he had to fight you with his bare hands. Point and laugh as the level 7 Valentine Lilina you brought for the point bonus proves she could chip him to death if you weren't on the clock.
  • Skill Inheritance can be grounds for humorous sprites. You could have gems such as Navarre wielding a bamboo shoot, Michalis beating people to death with a floatie toy, Reinhardt holding a bouquet of flowers, Effie holding a big spoon, like she did in the 1st Anniversary Feh Channel presentation, or Ishtar and her floating cocktail.
  • Tiki and Nowi's Bound Hero Battle starts off with Nowi wanting to play hide-and-dragonseek, and Tiki just wanting a nap.
  • If you look closely at Kana's Grand Hero Battle map, you'll notice that one bridge leads smack into a wall.
  • The 2.6.0 update adds accessories that can be given to heroes to change their appearance. Depending on the character, this can cause some funny sights.
    • Masked Marth's mask can be given to the actual Marth, which is shown in the first image announcing it.
    • Masks can be worn by characters that already have their faces concealed, like Masked Marth, Gerome, or the Black Knight.
    • There's a doll of Feh that characters can wear like a hat. It's especially amusing if Micaiah wears it since she already has her own bird Yune perched on her shoulder.
  • The November 7, 2018 Feh Channel:
    • Aether Raids are introduced by having Feh take a crack at them. She opens by sending Sharena against Helbindi, seemingly unaware of how the weapon triangle works. It all goes downhill from there and her team completely wipes. Reflecting on her defeat, she concludes that structures could have saved her.
    • Feh on deciding who to summon with her Heroic Grails:
      "One potato, two potato... three potato... ...Xander!"
  • Bartre's personal weapon is called "Axe of Virility." "Virility" is another word for "manliness"; in other words, Bartre's personal weapon can be referred to as "Axe of Manliness".
  • All of Ylgr's "selected" quotes are merely her saying "okay" with different inflections.
  • In this image commemorating the eventual release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Feh has been sent flying by Male Corrin and looks rather pleased with it, even though players should avoid being sent flying in Smash.
  • The March 2019 Grand Conquest, featuring Radiant Dawn, pits Micaiah, Sanaki, and Black Knight against each other. Micaiah and Sanaki ready themselves for mock battles, while the Black Knight questions why he's here.
    Micaiah: If we wish to promote an understanding between nations and a cultural exchange... a mock battle is an option, isn't it?
    Sanaki: Although it may be under a different banner, it is deeply moving to keep my promise to my sister in this way. I refuse to lose!
    Black Knight: Should I be here? Should I yet live? Is this another miracle?
  • Considering how much Yune hates being called a dark god, one can only imagine how she'd react if she knew she was a dark Mythic Hero.
  • One day in 2019, a Legendary Beast was added to the game: Feh!
    • Her weapon is Feh's Talons, which has 999+ Mt, 9+ range, increases all of her stats by 99, and does not let the enemy counterattack while Feh can counterattack at any range; her Assist skill is Feh's Mimicry, where she does her best impression of any hero; her Special skill is Eavesdropping Owl, which lets her get information on Fire Emblem Heroes, but it has a charge time of 100; her A skill is Feh's Mighty Flap, where she uses her wings to send paper flying off the notification board; and her B skill is just ???, which says the target can't help but watch what happens.
    • Feh has 999 HP, deals 999 damage per attack, and hits 99 times.
    • Her banner consists entirely of her wearing different hats, each one capable of using some of the most powerful magic in the series like Loptous, as well as one using Black Luna. The banner has an appearance rate of 0%. Did we mention the video was uploaded on April 1? At least the orb hat is real.
  • Out of his other two dramatic select quotes, one of Fallen Berkut's lines when you tap him on the field is a very annoyed "what", like you personally interrupted him during his power trip.
  • The May 2019 Grand Conquest features the Fates nations Hoshido and Nohr. They are led by their respective elder princes, Ryoma and Xander, who give a rousing speech to their armies. There's also Corrin.
    Corrin: B-brothers, I'm here too! Er, uh... Let's do our best out there, green team. Don't let them intimidate you!
  • Sothis' appearance as an Infantry Dragon in Heroes means she could potenially spoil her dragon form in her home game to many players, since at the time of her release, it was under a week after Fire Emblem: Three Houses was released worldwide, so her dragon form... is herself floating in the air.
    • The fact that her default portrait art includes her throne as well, which is not included in her battle sprite at all, for obvious reasons. It does make one imagine if she did bring it all over the place, such as on the battlefield, the castle screen, the hotsprings...
  • During a R⌀kkr Sieges event, the theme is that your party will do damage to the R⌀kkr, and then a bunch of other players will add the damage from their runs to yours - killing the R⌀kkr without this happening is impossible. If you finish your battle with the R⌀kkr before anyone else does, the game fixes the problem by having Anna show up and do 1 damage. What makes it funnier is that R⌀kkr bosses start at 200,000 HP, which is achievable by a single player, so it's entirely possible for Anna to vanquish the R⌀kkr.

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