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     Main Story 
  • Meeting up with Tsubasa in the Prologue. She had tried to keep her audition a secret from Itsuki and Touma, only to be foiled by Touma arranging Itsuki to meet him at the venue.
  • During her audition, Tsubasa shows off her Adorkable side and flubs her greeting by saying "I'm meased to pleat you".
  • After clearing Chapter 1, Maiko has some fun and invites Itsuki for a "private lesson", right in front of the whole party. You can politely refuse, of course, but if you accept, Tsubasa starts to protest, only for Itsuki to ask her what's wrong with a little extra practice, as he's still a newbie and could use all the help he can get. Tsubasa ends up admonishing herself, remarking that it makes it look like she was the one with dirty thoughts.
  • When Maiko is kidnapped by a Mirage-possessed ex-photographer of hers, Tsubasa has to learn how to perform a photoshoot like a model to break the photographer's brainwashing. This involves the group finding Maiko's old photo collection of her modeling days, which is full of pictures that make Itsuki and Tsubasa's jaws hit the floor.
  • During the Daitou TV station arc, the gang is trying to save Barry but to reach him they have to help a mirage director set up for a show. Nobody even tries to suggest the idea of just killing him and moving on like every other mirage.
    • One of the things to get through a door is to have someone sing the main song of Barry's favorite witch anime. It's an over-the-top cute song for a little girl's show. So you can make Kiria do it. The fact that she turns out to be surprisingly good at it makes it even funnier.
      • Or, even better, one of the immediate choices when the issue comes up is "quick, Touma, sing!" Turns out Touma apparently knows the song to some degree because said anime and Raiga both air at around the same time frame, much to his shame.note 
  • During the final dungeon's Boss Rush, you'll get a text from your party members after you defeat each evil Mirage, specifically the ones that suffered personally due to boss' actions. All except Maiko, who mentions that she was paralyzed when she was kidnapped so she doesn't really have any memories of Gangrel, nor does she really care.

     Side Stories 
  • Touma lands a part in a show that requires him to be a ladies' man, but feels that he lacks the experience to do it properly. In order to get into character, he takes Itsuki out to help him hit on girls. It basically ends up being Operation Babe Hunt 3.0, except this time Touma is being absolutely hopeless while Itsuki keeps being successful through mere casual conversation.
  • The premise of the TV show that Ellie acts in. It starts as a typical teen drama romance show but later shifts to an action horror program akin to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
    • During said side quest, Ellie admits that she can't handle horror stories. Itsuki can be helpful in this regard, OR he can trick her by pointing at a "ghost"... that is her own mirage, Virion.
  • During one of Kiria's side stories you come back to the office to find her standing in the corner quietly seething with rage. You then find out that Maiko has booked her to do a cute show, something that contrasts with the image Kiria has built for herself. What's the solution to get rid of her "cuteness"? Go into an Idolasphere and murder the crap out of some cute Mirages until she's "cured". Even Tharja, whose canon counterpart threatened to murder the player character in their sleep if they left her, thinks it's a bit extreme.
    Tharja: You know that makes no sense, right?.. You've really got issues, lady.
    • And while she's seething in the corner, she declares...
    Kiria: ...I'll kill you all... I'llkillyouI'llkillmyselfI'llobviouslykillMaikoandthenfornoreasonatallI'llkillToumatoo...
    • She then tops it off with a hilariously creepy laugh that sounds almost like Tharja's.
  • When it's announced that Kiria and Tsubasa are going to do perform a duet together, Tsubasa gets flustered because she's always been a Kiria Fangirl. Then Tharja appears and talks about treating it as a competition for Itsuki's love, and Tsubasa gets jealous, before then becoming confused because she can't figure who she's supposed to be jealous of, Kiria or Itsuki.
    • Later in the side quest, Tharja comes up with a solution to Kiria and Tsubasa's contrasting cool and cute images and how to help them improve on their weaker traits. She creates some golems for them to charm, only for the golems to go haywire and try and kill the group. Everyone, including Chrom and Caeda, call Tharja out on what she really expected to happen.
    • During the fight with Tharja's golems, Tsubasa and Kiria each get a special move for this encounter that will inflict charm on a specific boss. The animation for the attack is the same as one of Tsubasa's Debut Smile special performances, so the player probably won't think it's weird. But then the same animation gets used for Kiria, which can range from funny to unsettling when seeing her act so friendly and adorable.
  • Yashiro's first side story, "The Hungry Man", starts out with him being his usual aloof self, only to reveal that he hasn't eaten in days, and doesn't know what people usually do for food. Although it's kind of dark, it is pretty silly to see the stoic swordsman who gave you so much trouble up 'till now collapsing from hunger right outside the cafe.
    • Yashiro wants to learn how to review food, so he asks Itsuki to eat some food for him and then provide an example. Itsuki's over-the-top and outrageously poetic reviews on the food are pretty funny given his normal Vanilla Protagonist attitude on everything else.
      • The reason for his wanting to learn how to review food is because he got chewed out by Mamori (who hosts a cooking show) for treating the enjoyment of food as unnecessary.
    • After learning how to do a food report, Yashiro then appears as a guest on Mamori's cooking show where he acts like an over-the-top, cheerful foodie. The man is a Master Actor.
      • Mamori's reaction to Yashiro's acting on the cooking show. She says nothing and just keeps a frozen expression for a few seconds, as if trying to comprehend what she just witnessed.
    • Not to mention the reason why Yashiro doesn't know anything about food is because his assistant left when he switched to Fortuna, and his father thought that eating was a worthless skill compared to acting.
    • At the end of the story Yashiro tells Itsuki that he ran into the unfortunate side effect of gaining 44 pounds from trying out so many new dishes in a short span of time, then casually mentions having lost the weight again soon after.
  • During Maiko's last side story, Kiria texts Itsuki and asks Maiko if she can borrow him for a minute while he's in the middle of a task. Maiko agrees and says that she would never get in the way of two people's date. Neither Itsuki nor Kiria even acknowledge this quip, which makes you realize that they probably have to put up with Maiko saying things like this all the time and have just learned to tune it out.
    • Later on, Tiki and Maiko butt into a Topic conversation and Maiko tries to give an anecdote, but everyone just completely ignores it. It's funny because of her reaction but also because it makes one wonder how does Topic work anyway? What kind of texting service just lets you barge in on other people's conversations?
  • Tsubasa's second side-story her taking Touma's advice about "cat-like charm" literally, roping Itsuki into hunting down a stray cat called Little Devil...
    • Firstly, if you take long enough searching, she apparently manages to catch sight of the cat, but is soon distracted by a crepe shop. Then she finds out that not only was the "cat" a raccoon, the raccoon steals her crepe, much to her displease.
    • Then she spends what is implied to be hours trying to communicate with Little Devil, in spite of the numerous onlookers. It works. Kiria evens stops by, and her reaction is "this is completely ridiculous, but I can't fault her dedication."
  • Both heartwarming and funny is when TikiIsMyWaifu gets to actually meet Tiki during the latter's final side story. The montage shows her glomping Tiki followed by them enjoying some donuts together.

  • The masked Anna vendor at the Hee Ho Mart talks in a silly, high pitched voice.
  • Whenever you have food or drink, Itsuki always delivers a review of the food worthy of any food critic like it's nothing, complimenting the items and singing their praises. However, the are three meals, (two for a sidequest, one that appears as a result of that sidequest,) that cause him nothing but agony. Oddly enough, Yashiro's luck is boosted if you have these after he joins the party.
  • At certain points in the game, Maiko will call Itsuki to the office, as she has been struck with inspiration for a collaboration idea between certain party members, getting them their Duo Arts. Every time, she talks it up as if it's the greatest idea, and every time Itsuki just agrees nervously, though he does agree that they could prove interesting. Checking her profile after each event credits the idea as a "spark of inspiration" (read:Random idea), or (read:ulterior motives) in the case of Mamori and Tiki's teamup.
  • The Ad-Lib performances are inspired by the character's side stories and are a great boon to the player when they go off in battle. That being said, a lot of them are pretty silly and contrast heavily with the already contrasting battle sets.
    • Touma's Raging Stampede has him dress up as a villain from a Henshin Hero show, complete with goofy monster minions as he charges into battle.
    • Tsubasa's Kiss puts Tsubasa into a soda commercial where she's dressed up in a swimsuit, spraying soda into the camera's face and then sliding down a water slide to stab her opponent with her lance.
    • Ellie's One-sided Love turns her into her cute school girl persona from the tv show she acts in before firing a cupid arrow at a target to charm it.
    • Yashiro's Hungry Man has him take a bite out of a dumpling before unleashing an enormous Breath Weapon of savory delight upon his enemies.
  • Just like the Ad-Lib performances, most of the Special Performances are powerful attacks that are based on the personal stories of the characters. And just like the Ad-Lib performances, a lot of them are ridiculous.
    • Itsuki's Strike a Pose...where he does just that. For some reason it gives everyone an extra action.
    • Kiria's Pastel Power where she channels her inner cuteness in a cat outfit to the point of it making the player diabetic.
    • Touma's Gaia's Whisper increases the stats of his team as he walks on stage as The Casanova to charm all his female fans. Though it doesn't inflict the charm effect.
    • Mamori's Microwaving Heart has her microwave a meal for the team to get their HP back and give her an extra action.
  • The non-hostile mirages in the dungeons are an Unusually Uninteresting Sight. All of them take the forms of enemies that you fight on the regular in the dungeon, but there are several that just stand around, make requests and help you out like any normal NPC and Itsuki and co. never point out how strange it is. It gets to the points where while in the Daitou TV Station Idolasphere, Itsuki and friends get hired as production assistants for the mirage director.
  • Dual Arts have two characters coming together, fighting in sync and pulling off a cool combat sequence. Except for Ellie and Touma, which starts with them clumsily bumping into each other at the start, then Ellie using Touma's head as a stepping stone to get to a higher vantage point for her bow.
    • Itsuki can even point out that the two don't get along because they're too similar while learning the move.
  • Mamori's Oh, Crap! face as part of her Carnage Form transformation when Draug carries her in to and sets her on the arena floor, making her look like she's more afraid of that than fighting Mirages.
  • One that's easy to miss is Mamori's Dislike on her profile after learning about her role on a cooking show: "Frozen Foods (Please no more...)"
  • One of the in-game achievements is to let the camera linger on Tsubasa, Kiria, or Ellie when it's their turn in battle while wearing one of their more Stripperiffic outfits. That's right, you get an achievement for Male Gaze.
  • Tharja's introduction in the blossom garden. Tharja being introduced hiding behind a rock *staaaaaare*-ing at the protagonist is normal... except Itsuki notices because she's Saying Sound Effects Out Loud. Tiki coaxes her out from behind the rock and tries to coach her on making friends, only for Tharja to imply that staring like a creepazoid is just more fun to her. She then takes up permanent residence half-hidden behind a pillar at the back of the garden, where it always looks like she's creeping on Itsuki.

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