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"Such a brutal, irrational world we live in. Some say the crests, tokens of the goddess's power, are necessary to maintain order. But they are wrong, teacher. The crests are to blame!"
"Do you dare to walk this path with me? One misstep and we fall to our ruin. So take your first step! It's now or never!"
"I will return here someday my teacher. Promise me, you won't forget me."
Edelgard, E3 2018 Trailer

"The icy winds of the Oghma Mountains have begun to scatter, and the verdant fields once again spring to life across Fódlan, heralding the start of a new year. As they celebrate the dawning year, the people pray that they may realize their full potential, just as a tiny sprout hopes to one day grow into a great tree.

The continent of Fódlan, said to be protected by a revered goddess, has existed since time immemorial. Three ruling powers now control the land. In the south lies a region long held by a more than one-thousand-year-old dynasty— the Adrestian Empire. Beyond its borders, to the frigid north, is the home of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, ruled by the royal family and its knights. To the east, a league of nobles that heeds no king nor emperor rules what is called the Leicester Alliance. Once consumed by a tempest of war and turmoil, Fódlan and these three mighty powers now exist in relative harmony."
—Narration for Chapter 1, "Three Houses" (Great Tree Moon)

"In honor of the saints whose births or deaths took place under this moon, the people perform music once beloved by those divine beings. Whether by harp, flute, or voice alone, joyous melodies are shared between farmers as they sow their seeds across the vast plains of Tailtean and Gronder."
—Narration for Chapter 2, "Familiar Scenery" (Harpstring Moon)

"When the warm winds blow from the sea to the south of Adrestia, residents of Fódlan know that the rainy season is upon them. Before the heavy rain takes their toll, young women hurry to pick the last of the white roses. The ivory buds are woven into garlands and given as gifts to close friends or potential lovers."
—Narration for Chapter 3, "Mutiny in the Mist" (Garland Moon)

"As the sun grows stronger and the nights grow ever shorter, the Blue Sea Star returns to the sky once more. Believed to be the goddess's home, her followers look to the star and commence celebrations of her rebirth. On the grounds of Garreg Mach Monastery, a grand ceremony is held in honor of this much anticipated event. Every true follower of the Church of Seiros is sure to be in attendance."
—Narration for Chapter 4, "The Goddess's Rite of Rebirth" (Blue Sea Moon)

"As unwavering as your convictions may be, the others also feel strongly about their beliefs. If you hate all those whose beliefs are different from yours, you will hate everyone eventually. People with exactly the same beliefs as you simply do not exist."
Seteth to Felix (B support)

"Is this some kind of twisted joke?! I've been looking for you...I will take that head from your shoulders and HANG IT FROM THE GATES OF ENBARR!"
Dimitri to the Flame Emperor

     The Edge of Dawn (Seasons of Warfare) 
Reach for my hand,
I'll soar away
Into the dawn,
Oh, I wish I could stay
Here in cherished halls,
In peaceful days
I fear the edge of dawn,
Knowing time betrays

Faint lights pass through colored glass,
In this beloved place
Silver shines, the world dines,
A smile on each face
As joy surrounds, comfort abounds,
And I can feel I'm breaking free
For just this moment lost in time,
I am finally me

Yet still I hide,
Behind this mask that I have become
My blackened heart,
Scorched by flames, a force I can't run from

I look to you
Like a red rose
Seeking the sun
No matter where it goes
I long to stay
Where the light dwells
To guard against the cold
That I know so well

As the rain falls on the path
I chase your shadow
I don't feel a single drop,
Or the ground below
Then you turn to me and I
Stop before I know
And the lie upon my lips
I let it go

Cross my heart
Making vows I know will be betrayed
A sad girl's pleas
Live only for a breath and then they fade

My dearest wish
Is that you’ll know
These tender thoughts
That only seem to grow
They are as snow,
Melting away
Yet seeking your warmth
If only for a day

The blue moonlight
Cuts across our sight
As pure and clear as a ringing bell
Reaching for us in the night
As the wind calms my thoughts,
I held strong on this terrace
I feel at peace,
Carried away by the wind's song

Open the door
And walk away
Never give in
To the call of yesterday
Memories that made
Those days sublime
These ruined halls entomb
Stolen time

Reach for my hand
I'll soar away
Into the dawn
Oh, I wish I could stay
Here in cherished halls
In peaceful days
I fear the edge of dawn
Knowing time betrays


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