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  • Acting in the Dark: Chris Hackney didn't know who the Flame Emperor was until he voiced Dimitri's lines for The Reveal.
  • Actor-Shared Background:
    • Patrick Seitz, who was previously a high school teacher, voices Jeritza, a teacher at the Officer's Academy.
    • Joe Zieja, like his character Claude, attended a military academy in the Air Force Academy before going on to serve in the Air Force and then into military intelligence.
    • Sylvain's English voice actor, Joe Brogie, works as a magician in-between acting gigs. He mentioned how it would be neat to voice a dedicated mage character, so the dev team decided to give Sylvain a budding talent in Reason magic.
  • Beam Me Up, Scotty!:
    • Rhea is often quoted as saying "I'll rip your heart out!" when referring to her role in Crimson Flower as an antagonist. She never actually says that; she instead actually says "I shall rip your chest open, and TAKE BACK YOUR HEART MYSELF!"
    • Edelgard in the Verdant Wind route is quoted as saying Claude, as an outsider, has no right to change Fódlan. In reality, she never says that; her boss dialogue states since Claude has insufficient knowledge of Fódlan's suffering, she cannot work with him despite knowing they share similar ideals.
    • Rhea is often depicted in fan works as calling Sitri her daughter. This is a valid interpretation, but in the actual game as well as the DLC she never says this explicitly, instead using vague or less personal language.
  • B-Team Sequel: Most of the development was done directly by the Kou Shibusawa team at Koei Tecmo, with primarily developer Intelligent Systems mainly taking on a supervisory role in this game’s development.
  • Content Leak:
    • Mid-May 2019, a Reddit poster by the name of thanibomb leaked several details about the game, including the Time Skip and several character details.
    • The different DLC content has been leaked quite a bit before their releases as well, including it being revealed before her release that Anna would be a playable unit.
  • Creator Couple: In the English version, Kyle McCarley voiced a guard at the Officer's Academy. His wife, Katelyn Gault, voices Ladislava, the Adrestian Empire soldier.
  • Directed by Cast Member: Patrick Seitz is the English voice director of the game, and voices Jeritza and Lambert personally.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Many fans that first saw the trailer called Edelgard "Edgelord". Even her English VA for the E3 2018 trailer was guilty of this at first.
    • The Black Eagles faction are commonly called the Beagles for short.
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    • The game is occasionally called "Romance of the Three Houses" due to being co-developed by Koei-Tecmo, famous for games based on China's Three Kingdoms, like Dynasty Warriors, and also applying the company's usage of Chromatic Arrangement and at least one color having the same placement in the region (Blue Lions and Wei located at north). And after the time skip, even Dimitri himself sports an eyepatch in similar manner to Xiahou Dun. This was even noted by the directors themselves in an interview with VG247.
      Genki Yokota: We can’t say it was very conscious, but you know, we always talk with Koei Tecmo people – and some of them have been working with Three Kingdoms for a very, very long time.In our discussions, maybe it was an unconscious decision. We didn’t say ‘let’s make a homage to Three Kingdoms’ – it didn’t happen like that.
      Toshiyuki Kusakihara: Perhaps it was for us a good starting point – to say 'okay, let’s do our version of three kingdoms with three people, three countries'.
    • In a similar vein, "Fire Emblem GX" due to the academia setting and heavy dose of Cerebus Syndrome from the timeskip drawing comparisons to Seasons 3 and 4 of GX.
    • After the E3 2019 trailer showed Dimitri after a five-year timeskip sporting an eyepatch, presumably after some sort of traumatic event, the "Punished Dimitri" jokes practically wrote themselves.
    • Being a green-haired woman cladded in white who is revered by a Church, Seiros quickly gained the nickname Palutena. This quickly got applied to Rhea as well, being another wise green-haired woman and the archbishop of said Church who the protagonist works under. This being applied to both works even better after The Reveal they're the same person and are really divine.
      • Following this, Cyril has been nicknamed Pit, due to being a young and devoted servant to Rhea in a similar fashion as Pit is to Palutena. Coincidentially, both are also associated with bows and can't read, cementing the nickname further.
    • Felix is commonly called 'Vergil' due to being an aloof and stoic swordsman with a similar attitude and hairstyle to the elder son of Sparda.
    • After the game's release, some fans call Byleth "Blyat", both as a Mondegreen to their name and as an Inherently Funny Word.
      • Fans also differentiate between the male and female forms of Byleth by calling them "Bylad" and "Bylass" respectively. Some also use the Japanese romanizations ("Bereto" for male Byleth and "Beresu" for female Byleth).
      • Another nickname for the player character often popping up on image boards seems to be “Frog” due to their appearance especially after they acquire green hair. There’s also “Manleth” for the male player character and “Femleth” for the female.
    • Nightcrawlers was a common Fan Translation for the "those who slither in the dark" group before the official localization's more literal rendering was revealed. Since then, they have been often called "Slytherins" or "Slitherins" for short in reference to the Hogwarts house of the same name. Together with the game's titular Three Houses, they form a perceived counterpart quartet of sorts.
    • The game is occasionally referred to as some variation of "Otome Emblem", owing to its combination of Elaborate University High, medieval political intrigue, and intimate relationship bonding through tea, all elements well-known in fantasy Shoujo series and Otome games. The use of otome powerhouse Uta No Prince Sama's artist Chinatsu Kurahana also adds to it.
    • The hilarious nickname of "Dubstep Mole People" to stand in for those who slither in the dark, referring to Shambhala being underground and having the heaviest dubstep musical theme. Other nicknames include TWS, Slytherin, Slitherers, Those Who Dubstep, and Dubsteppers.
    • Like how Black Knight is called "Burger King" due to his initials, Death Knight is called "Donkey Kong".
    • Dimitri, Ingrid, Sylvain and Felix are often referred by fans as the “Childhood Friend Quartet” or the “Faerghus Four”.
    • The Silver Snow route is more commonly known as the Church of Seiros route (or simply Church route) in the fandom, which was acknowledged by the developers themselves.
  • I Knew It!:
    • Almost everybody predicted and expected that Jeralt dies at some point in the story, especially due to the number of other main lords' fathers dying in the series.
    • Fans also called the Church of Seiros being a major antagonist, though this was also spoiled beforehand by Nintendo UK (although Church of Seiros are only the major antagonist during the Black Eagles route, other routes usually have them siding with the player by default). On the same note, Sothis' status as the Goddess and a Divine Dragon was also predicted.
    • A lot of fans also speculated that the Flame Emperor is actually Edelgard and she'll always be the main antagonist in the Blue Lions and Golden Deer routes, and even the Black Eagles route if certain conditions are met.
    • Two major fan theories surrounding the Cindered Shadows DLC were proven correct upon release: that Aelfric was Evil All Along, and that Yuri was the commoner that Bernadetta befriended as a child.
    • It was a common theory that Claude was an assumed name to help him blend into Fódlan. A March 2020 interview not only confirmed this to be true, but also revealed his real name; Khalid.
    • It had been speculated by the fanbase that either the Blue Lions route or the Silver Snow route were the first routes created by the developers, due to the similarities the other routes share with them. As of the Nintendo Dream 2020 interview, it was confirmed that the Silver Snow route was created first and that the development of the three lords and other characters went from there.
    • On a lesser note, due to the Gray and Gray Morality of the game it was theorized by some that there is no true villain of the game, while others argued that Edelgard was the true villain due to the role they filled and the traditional role of the archetype embodied by their character. It was confirmed by Word of God in the Nintendo Dream 2020 interview that Edelgard/The Empire was in fact intended to be the antagonist of the game, dubbing their route the “Conquest” route and that their route was intended to be harder to enter due to this fact.
  • Inspiration for the Work: A certain plot point in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War served as the bases of Three Houses, namely how Sigurd, Quan, and Eldigan once went to the same military academy. The setting of Three Houses also seems directly inspired from the story and world of Jugdral.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The game will come in a Seasons of Warfare Edition for North America, complete with Steelbook case, a sample soundtrack CD, an artbook, and a year 2020 calendar. The Limited Edition in Europe swaps out the CD for a USB stick and the calendar with a pin badge set. The limited edition in Japan only has the CD, steelbook case, and artbook.
  • Meme Acknowledgement:
  • Name's the Same:
    • This game isn't the first time Fire Emblem had someone named Hilda. Thankfully, Fódlan's Hilda is Spoiled Sweet who is eventually loved by the fanbase, quite unlike Jugdral's utterly evil Hilda who is rightfully hated.
    • Tomas has the same name as the archer from Archanea as well, whose only notable trait is his complete lack of characterization and his vague similarity to Alm.
    • One would also assume that the Blue Lions have nothing to do with the 70th Blue Lions elite heavy attack squadron.
    • Two of the neighboring countries to Fódlan's west coast share their names with recruitable bandits from the Jugrdral games; Dagda from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 and Brigid from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Brigid even has a affiliation with bows, which was Brigid's holy blood weapon/weapon of choice as a sniper.
  • The Other Marty:
    • Cristina Valenzuela voiced Edelgard in the E3 2018 reveal trailer and was under the impression she would be playing her in game, but was replaced by Tara Platt sometime between then and the February 2019 direct after it was decided to take the character in a different direction voice-wise.
    • A first for the Fire Emblem franchise in that Nintendo replaced an actor post-release. Originally, Chris Niosi was cast in the role of Male Byleth for this game as well as Heroes. However, only six days before the game's July 23rd release date, Niosi admitted to violating his non-disclosure agreement on Discord. Nintendo decided to clean house and replace Niosi with Zach Aguilar for Version 1.0.2 onwards.
  • The Pete Best: Quite a few people tend to acknowledge Zach Aguilar as the voice of Male Byleth, especially in the wake of his original voice actor Chris Niosi violating his non-disclosure agreement only one month before the game's release.
  • Playing Against Type:
  • Promoted Fanboy: Of a sort, anyway. Claude's voice actor Joe Zieja played Skull Kid in a Nintendo fan film called A Terrible Fate back in 2016, and has been producing Nintendo-related tracks on OverClocked ReMix since 2012. Now he's a voice actor in an official Nintendo first party game.
  • Queer Character, Queer Actor: Coincidentally, Dorothea's English voice actor, Allegra Clark, is bisexual like her.
  • Reclusive Artist: The English singer for "The Edge of Dawn" is known only as "Buttercup". Nothing else is known about her, and Greg Chun, who localized the song, has stated that she would like to keep her privacy.
  • Recycled Set: The temporary base the Black Eagles occupy at the end of Part 1 is a reskinned version of Miklan's boss arena from Chapter 5.
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: With this game, Nintendo showcased that breaking a non-disclosure agreement is a bad thing:
    • After Chris Niosi publicly violated his NDA by announcing on Discord that he couldn't wait for his character to get into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in addition to admitting to his abusive behavior only mere days before the game's release, Zach Aguilar was brought in to replace Niosi as the voice of Male Byleth from Version 1.0.2 onwards. By the time Byleth was announced as a DLC character for Ultimate in January 2020, however, the damage was already done and Aguilar reprised his role for that game.
    • Fortunately averted by Robbie Daymond, the English voice of Hubert. Not long after the first voiced trailer, he made a tweet implying he was doing voice work for the game. Within only a few days, he removed the tweet and made a joke about how he meant nothing by it. However, since Daymond never confirmed a character or definitively said he was voicing someone (nor did he have the same type of controversy surrounding him as Niosi), he was kept in the game and was allowed to announce his reveal alongside his fellow actors in the weeks leading to its release.
  • Spoiled by the Cast List: The credits doesn't hide any alias like Rhea and Seiros/Edelgard and the Flame Emperor sharing the same voice actress or Arundel and Thales sharing the same voice actor.
  • Star-Making Role:
    • Joe Zieja being the voice of Claude scored him mainstream spotlight after several minor roles over the years (his biggest role prior to Three Houses was being the voice of Achilles in Fate/Apocrypha) and primarily being an author. It helped that his frequent interaction with fans on Twitter and uploading videos on YouTube which has made Claude (and the Golden Deer as a whole) into a Fountain of Memes within the fandom.
    • The same applies to Chris Hackney. He'd played several supporting characters before such as Boey in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, but Dimitri was the first time he played a main character. Both that and his phenomenal voice acting saw him massively rising in acclaim; he even mentions in an interview that his Twitter blew up with followers in the pre-release and post-release period.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Originally the game was going to use a mechanic called "Formations", where the unit would use a squad of NPC like soldiers that would adjust their formation to do various effects that the player could use in battle, such as attacking from a distance, charge over the enemy, or use other effects. The feature was shown in the initial trailer, but during E3 2019 it was revealed this feature was scrapped and changed to the Battalion/Gambit system instead, which focuses on individual moves and roles instead of formations.
    • The reveal trailer shows a few elements that were changed before the games release.
      • Mercedes was intended to have brown hair, and not the blonde hair she has in the final version.
      • Ashe was going to be part of the Golden Deer before being switched to the Blue Lions at some point. Given Ashe's backstory and commoner status, this implies that early on Lonato would have been from the Leicester Alliance, before the choice was made to make him from Faerghus.
      • Edelgard was originally supposed to start with Magic of some kind, based on her having the ability to use Magic on the menu in the trailer, but instead Edelgard's Magic skills start too low to cast any spells in Chapter 1.
      • Crit animations originally were framed as a large amount of the character model looking towards the center of the screen as it zooms in towards the users face.
    • Datamining has found some hidden elements as well:
      • Jeralt, Rhea, Seiros, and Sothis have unique player battle and level up quotes, including critical quotes as well note , with Jeralt also having his own unique personal skill "Blade Breaker" and also a second set of unused victory and critical hit quotes. This suggests that, early on, they would have been playable in some manner, but were removed at some point. Sothis especially stands out since she is not playable in any form and only appears in battle when Byleth uses the Sothis Shield ability. Jeralt also has Tea Time lines, with one comment being that he figured Byleth would be surprised by him liking it. In game, Jeralt cannot be taken to Tea Time.
      • Characters were originally going to able to die pre-timeskip, as evidenced by every character having a hidden death quote specific to their timeskip appearance. In the final product, if a character falls pre-timeskip, they instead retreat and simply are unusable for the rest of the game.
      • Game files reveal that both Byleths were supposed to be able to become the Dancer class, but in game, the Dancer class is only available to students. This appears to be because Byleth has a high Charm stat and growth, meaning Byleth would win easily by the time of the event, and so to make things more fair, was prevented from entering, alongside being a professor and not a student like the requirement states. The 4th DLC wave gives them the option to DRESS as a dancer, though not take the class.
      • Datamining reveals that Catherine, Flayn, Cyril, and Seteth all have a second S support image with Byleth depicting them with their original hair color. In game, this is impossible, as the only route where Byleth's hair returns to normal is the Crimson Flower route, suggesting that at one point, Byleth would have possibly either regained their natural hair color in one of the other routes, or that all four were possibly recruitable to the Crimson Flower route before being removed.
      • Datamining has revealed that Hilda actually has a written paired epilogue with Byleth for the Crimson Flower route, despite the fact that she cannot be recruited during it in the final game.
    • Apparently there was going to be a scenario in which Annette and Felix might defect during the Azure Moon campaign and side with Cornelia's army, forcing you to kill them. Annette because of something to do with her mother and uncle, and Felix being disgusted with Dimitri for the death of Rodrigue, Felix's father, and that Dimitri was technically responsible for it. See here for the English version.
    • Datamining the Cindered Shadows DLC reveals that all of the games playable cast have builds setup as if they were usable in the DLC, including weapons and skills. This implies the original idea was that you could take any unit you wanted with you, but likely because of the cost of having to record that much dialogue and work it into the game's story, the choice was made to stick to Linhardt, Ashe, and Hilda instead.
    • There was originally meant to be a scene where Nader reveals that Claude's real name is Khalid, but it ended up not fitting anywhere in the story.
    • Rhea was meant to be shown as being really fond of animals and originally had a bathroom full of animal items. This ended up scrapped but might have influenced the large number of cats and dogs that appear in Garreg Mach.
    • The reason why Edelgard gets the Crest of Flames is because originally she was supposed to be able to interfere with Byleth's Divine Pulse ability.
    • Dimitri wasn't initially going to have an eyepatch after the timeskip, and the decision to give him one was taken later in development. Similarly, it was decided he wouldn't get one during Edelgard's route as a means to communicate he went through different experiences compared to non-Crimson Flower routes.
  • Word of God: An interview with Nintendo Dream revealed that Claude is a fake name, and his real name is Khalid. While they originally wanted to reveal this in-game, they never really found a good time to do so.


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