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OverClocked ReMix is a website and musical community "dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of video game music as an art form." As the name suggests, OC Remix focuses on remixes of video game music; since 1999, it has offered a place for musicians to perfect and share their work while accumulated some three thousand remixes which cover games on everything from the Amiga to the Xbox. If you have a favorite genre of music — hard-rock, classical, trance/electronica, whatever — OC Remix likely has something for you. Besides hosting individual tracks, the site has also allowed artists to collaborate on remix projects, starting with the acclaimed Super Metroid album Relics of the Chozo in 2003.

These aren't just a few amateurs messing around with keyboards and chiptunes, by the way — some of these guys are professional musicians who offer remixes on the side; a few have gone on to do work in the video game industry after getting exposure on OC ReMix (see the Trivia page for more info). Thanks to a panel of judges that assures quality control, the majority of the music on the site can qualify as Awesome Music, depending on your tastes; in some cases, it can even be better than the original music that's being remixed. And it's all absolutely free to download.


There was a general bias towards techno remixes early in the site's history, but due to advances in samples and decreasing costs for quality home studios, it has since expanded to include rock, folk, acoustic, jazz, and even orchestrated symphonic mixes as more musicians contribute to the site.

OC ReMix had a Moment of Awesome in 2008 when several artists from the site were tapped to handle the Remixed soundtrack for Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix. And it rocked.

The site has its own YouTube channel (subscription) for those who prefer to stream instead of download, with every track you can find on the site available.

The site celebrated its fifteen-year anniversary in December of 2014, further cementing its status as an Internet Long Runner.

The list of recommended remixes has been moved to the Awesome Music subpage. Please put your recommendations there.


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