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*ringing noises* *grabs trope page* Hello? It's Burns speaking!

Griffin William Burns (born October 26, 1989) is an actor, known for playing Young Prompto in Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto, Akira Fudo in Devilman Cry Baby, and Julius in Fire Emblem Heroes. He usually gets cast as either Hot-Blooded, Affably Evil and overall Nice Guys.

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Kid Geordo & Alan (Sub vs Dub)

In the Japanese version, the childhood versions of Geordo and his brother, Alan, were voiced by female voice actresses, Asami Seto (Geordo) and Mutsumi Tamura (Alan), which is a typical thing in voice acting. The dub for some reason averts it by having Griffin Burns and Bryce Papenbrook voice the childhood versions of Geordo and Alan, respectively, in addition to voicing them in their teens.

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