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The Class of 1180note 
This page details the characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes.

Due to the large amount of characters spread out among multiple factions across the game's various routes, this character page is split into multiple sections.

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    The Three Houses (In General) 

The Three Houses

The houses of the Officers Academy are each made up of students from one of three nations in Fódlan. They are the titular protagonist groups of the game. As a teacher, the player gets to choose one of them to lead and instruct.
  • Animal Motifs: Each house is represented by an animal that has particular symbolic or mythological meaning to either the church or the respective nation: Eagle, Lion, and Deer. The Church of Seiros is represented by a white dragon while the Abyss is represented by a wolf via their own House.
    • The Black Eagles are inspired by the twin-headed eagle that serves as their nation's coat of arms, and the black armor their soldiers wear.
    • The Blue Lions owe their name to their founding king, Loog, who was known as the King of Lions and had a penchant for the color blue.
    • The Golden Deer are coined from creatures of the same name that are said to have been sacred protectors of the Leicester region since ancient times.
    • The Church of Seiros is represented on their banner by the white dragon known as the Immaculate One, said to have been sent by the goddess herself to assist Seiros.
    • The Ashen Wolves are named for creatures said to guard the goddess' home, the star Sirius, the name specifically having been given to them by Rhea.
  • Aristocrat Team: Each house is primarily composed of royal and noble youths from their respective countries.
  • Badass Adorable: All of the students arguably qualify for this trope, whether through their eagerness to learn, their overall charm, or just being plain cute in looks. Whether they lose or keep this status in the timeskip depends on the student.
  • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Each of the factions, as with the nations they represent, is associated with a color:
    • Black Eagles/Adrestian Empire: Red
    • Blue Lions/Holy Kingdom of Faerghus: Blue
    • Golden Deer/Leicester Alliance: Yellow
    • Church of Seiros/Knight of Seiros: Silver and Purple, but the leadership is associated with Green
    • Resistance Army: Gray and Red
    • Those who slither in the dark/Nemesis and his Liberation Army: Black
    • Ashen Wolves/Abyss: Silver and Purple
  • Dysfunction Junction: A majority of the characters have issues which are apparent in higher Support levels. Parental Abuse, being saddled with the responsibilities expected of Crest-bearers, victim of dark experiments resulting in shortened lifespans... Some even take Undying Loyalty to disturbing extremes, like Hubert executing his own father as part of Edelgard's purge, assassinating people Edelgard spared, etc., or Catherine burning down all of Fhirdiad under Rhea's orders on the Crimson Flower route despite her own misgivings about the idea. The list goes on.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble:
    • All the houses have an even amount of students in both genders (with the exception of the Blue Lions, which is predominately male*). This also includes the freely recruitable characters of the Church of Seiros note , even if the player sides with Edelgard, as Seteth, Cyril, Catherine, and Flayn are not available on Crimson Flower.
    • Freely recruitable students are also this way, with three females and three males that can be taken from their native houses into another house. note 
  • Geodesic Cast: The three main classes are organized with a general similarity, although there are a few outliers and role overlaps.
    • In terms of their roles and gameplay in general, the three houses are consisted of: a house leader, a retainer, a healer, an offensive spellcaster, a warrior, an archer, a tank, a flier, and a cavalier or two.
      • Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are house leaders, having major story importance and being one of the most powerful units. All three also have access to the exclusive Lord class.
      • Hubert, Dedue, and to a lesser extent Hilda are retainers, incredibly loyal to the house leader and unable to be recruited to other houses.note  They also parallel each other's roles in their scenes on their respective routes.
      • Linhardt, Mercedes, and Marianne are healers, excelling at Faith magic and having access to the long-range healing spell Physic. Their default class is the priest line.
      • Dorothea, Annette, and Lysithea are offensive spellcasters, excelling in Reason magic and have access to numerous offensive black and/or dark magic spells. Their default class is the mage line.
      • Bernadetta, Ashe, and Ignatz are archers, excelling in Bow. Their default class is the archer line. All three also tend to be socially awkward among people, fitting their roles of fighting away from the front lines.
      • Ferdinand/Petra, Sylvain/Ingrid, and Lorenz/Leonie all excel as mounted units. Ferdinand, Sylvain, Lorenz, and Leonie all default into the cavalry class line, one of Petra's default classes is Wyvern Rider, and Ingrid's default class is Pegasus Knight. The male main cavalry units—Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz—also serve as Jack of All Stats outside of being mounted units; they have no exceptionally good stats but no exceptionally poor ones and many skill strengths but few—if any—weaknesses which means they can fill nearly any role in the party if need be. The female secondary mounted units—Petra, Ingrid, and Leonie—also have a similarity in that they are nimble speedsters with high dodge and speed stats, and as such all three are able to easily dodge attacks and deal double hits.
      • Petra, Ingrid, and Claude are the fliers, with strength in Flying and affinity for a flying class (or in Claude's case, an automatic promotion)
      • Edelgard/Ferdinand, Dedue, and Raphael are the tanks, having very high Defence and HP growths, and affinity for heavy armour (or in Edelgard's case, an automatic promotion).
      • Caspar, Felix, and Raphael are the infantry physical combatants, having excellent offensive stats, though their defenses and speed vary greatly between them (Felix has the best speed but the worst defenses, Raphael has the best defenses but the worst speed, and Caspar strikes a middle ground). All three also have a hobby of training their combat prowess, as well as having an affinity in Brawl, while conversely starting with a weakness in Reason.note 
    • In terms of characterization:
      • Ferdinand, Felix, and Lorenz are all the sons of high-ranking nobles within their respective nations, and act as a rival to Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude, respectively. On their respective routes, they challenge their leader to better themselves.
      • Dorothea, Sylvain, and Lorenz are the designated "flirt" of their respective houses. Dorothea and Lorenz are actively looking for a spouse for their respective goals and as a result flirt with almost everyone, while Sylvain is—as described by Dimitri— a "skirt chaser".
      • Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Lorenz are The Friend Nobody Likes of their respective houses, with most of their supports beginning with people being utterly annoyed at their quirks and flaws (though they become more well-liked as time progresses).
      • Ferdinand, Ingrid, and Lorenz are the Noblesse Oblige nobles of their respective houses. They take their status as nobles extremely seriously, and see it as their duty to use their privilege to help commoners and to be a good role model for them, being so strict that they have specific expectations for how nobles should act and often criticize their fellow nobles for acting in ways they consider to be unfitting of a noble. They also notably take great pride in their nations, and are the main students to explain to Byleth about their respective Houses at the beginning of the game.
      • Petra, Dedue, and Claude are the outsiders. All three have distinctive appearance compared to the rest of their house members and have experienced discrimination due to it in one way or another.
      • Bernadetta and Marianne are the resident Shrinking Violets of their houses, being socially awkward and tending to avoid conversing or socializing with others if they can get away with it.
      • Dorothea, Ashe, and Leonie are students who come from poor backgrounds, pursuing an education at the Officer's Academy to better themselves and their stations in life: Dorothea, by finding someone wealthy to settle down with; Ashe, by becoming a knight; and Leonie, by following in Jeralt's footsteps as a mercenary.
      • Caspar, Felix, and Raphael are the major Blood Knights of their houses, the ones most ready to throw down and fight as a first option.
      • Linhardt, Annette, and Lysithea are the magic masters of their respective houses, the students who study magic the most and excel at it.
      • Linhardt and Hilda are Brilliant, but Lazy: both are noted for excelling when they put their minds to their task, but often choose not to (Linhardt prefers to sleep while Hilda suffers from an inferiority complex to her big brother).
      • Claude and Linhardt are historians, curious about the nature of things like crests and the church's history. The Blue Lions, who don't have such a character, also have the route with the least information on the setting.
  • Guys Smash, Girls Shoot:
    • In regards to magic, the majority of spellcasters are females, with only Linhardt and Hubert being "canonical" male mages (Sylvain and Lorenz can make good magic knights, but their "canonical" class is Paladin which cannot use magic). Which kinda hurts the use of Dark Mages/Bishops in the base game, as these classes are male-only. DLC rectifies this by adding four magic wielding classes, two unisex and two female-only.
    • Inverted in regards to bows- of the four "canon" archers among students, three (Claude, Ashe, and Ignatz) are boys, with Bernadetta being the only girl.
  • Team Title: Because of the game being known outside of Japan as Three Houses and its setting, the houses are the focus of the story and gameplay.

Alternative Title(s): Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes, Fire Emblem Three Houses Main Protagonists, Fire Emblem Three Houses Antagonists