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Examples from specific games:

Other/unsorted examples:

  • In general:
    • Any time you promote one of your units.
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    • Seeing a single unit tank an entire segment of the enemy army within a chapter, usually having the upper-hand from favorable terrain and the weapons triangle. For example, "Vortex of Strategy" in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade seems to be designed for Dorcas to crush an entire fleet of soldiers and knights by himself.
    • Pick a critical hit, any critical hit.
      • While critical hits are indeed awesome, they can't really compare to mastery skills from the Tellius duology. These range from Astra's five-hit combo in Bullet Time to the impossible jumping skills involved in Impale, Deadeye, and Aether.
    • Have a unit take down a particular boss that has negative ties to them. (Example: Marth taking down Jiol, Nino taking down Sonia, Cormag taking down Valter, etc.)
  • Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones:
    • Chapter 15 is a tense showdown against not one but two of the Grado Empire's Six Generals. Even better, it can be made very personal as two of your party members take vengeance against said generals; Cormag against Valter for killing his brother, and Joshua against Caellach for killing his mother.
      Valter: You're right, Cormag! I was the one who cut your brother down. He was just like you, a weak, pitiful fool.
      Cormag: ……Ha…… ha ha ha…
      Valter: Why do you laugh, dolt?
      Cormag: How can I not? I've dreamt of revenge, chased it for days… And now, it's here before me! Oh, Valter… Your death will be slow and agonizing.
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    • Genki Girl and Lord Error-Prone L'Arachel has a Moment of Awesome by talking Eirika out of a Heroic BSoD over Lyon being completely consumed by Fortmortiis and how he tricked her into giving up her nation's Sacred Stone. Same happens in Ephraim's path, when the one who pulls him outta his own Heroic BSoD is the other Genki Girl of the team and Eirika's best friend, Tana.
    • Eirika calmly telling the Demon King to shut his mouth, and that she is going to kill him.
      • Even better if you manage to land a high-damaging Critical and wind up killing him on your first attack.
        Ephraim: Demon King... I'm going to kill you!
        [Ephraim proceeds to stab his victim, and doubles up with a critical attack that puts him away]
    • Innes' defeat quote, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a Determinator through and through.
      Innes: I won't give up... Not here... Not in this place... I'll keep going, even if I have to crawl...

    Personal Stories 
  • Most players do have personal crowning moments of awesome at some point while playing Fire Emblem. For example, I once had Zihark (whose low Defense due to bad luck with the Random Number God made him a Glass Cannon) dodge an attack that would have killed him that had an 85% chance to hit and land a critical blow on the attacker...and then, in that same turn, trigger Vantage on yet another attack that would have killed him, and critical with it for the kill. This was all on 3-13.
    • On that selfsame 3-13, a 20/15/— Edward goes down to face off with Ike — dropping Soren with one hit. Ike attacks on his turn, grievously wounds — but fails to kill — Edward, who promptly activates Wrath and double-Criticals Ike, ending the battle on Turn 8.
    • If this isn't a Moment of Awesome, I don't know what is. For the uninformed: that sword is the Brave Sword, which normally caps at 4 attacks. Mia (the girl) triggers her Mastery Skill, Astra, which turns 1 attack into 5. Twice. Bear in mind that Astra has a 30% chance of activation at absolute maximum (it's usually significantly lower). Then she triggers Adept (which doubles one attack). And then criticals. To kill a dragon with 66 HP when in all rights she should have done 20 damage, maybe 40 with a little luck.
    • If that's not a Moment of Awesome, then the sequel, where much the same thing happens, except it's on a dragon with more HP, and Mia should only be doing 4 damage on a hit, instead of 5 damage on a hit from the previous video, definitely is. And in both videos, she hits the dragon 14 times before it can even make its first attack on her! Not that it would've mattered. The dragon's chances of hitting Mia were so low as to be not worth mentioning.
  • My Geoffrey literally pulled a Foe-Tossing Charge on one of his maps. To my knowledge, the chances of Sol activating 7 times in a row is a bit...
  • I had one during Ike's final battle with the Black Knight, which is an epic battle in its own right for the whole Duel Boss thing. It was made even more so when said opponent walked up to Ike, swung his blade, missed with a 71% chance to hit, and then proceeded to let himself get ripped up by Ike rolling a 5% chance for a critical hit and removing 6/7 of the boss's HP in one round. Needless to say, the level ended the next turn.
  • On chapter 4-5, I had brought Mia, Boyd, Ike, Nailah, and Heather, all of whom were level 20/20 (except Nailah). Heather was an okay fighter at best throughout the game and she was mostly there for extra kills and treasure-looting. Then as Ike, Mia, and Boyd were approaching the final stairway to Oliver, the bishop with a sleep staff hit Boyd. I would have continued had reinforcements not arrived, slowing us down, which gave the sleep bishop the time to put Ike and Mia to sleep, leaving them to get killed slowly in their defenseless state (Mia most of all). Nailah was able to rescue Mia, but after saving her, she started to get attacked and nearly died. I was out of ideas besides having Heather run up and try to defend them the best she could, although that would only have gone so far. Heather then proceeded to spam Bane and criticals, and by the time everyone woke up, all but Oliver and his bishops were dead.
  • Nephenee...
  • Genealogy of the Holy War: Lakche vs. Yurius on Chapter 10: She has a Berserk Hero Sword with 98 Kill Stars and is attacked by him. Due to her attack power being halved, she doesn't do much damage. The fight:
    • Yurius: Miss
    • Lakche: Astra! x4 (a lot of hits were crits) Charge! Astra x2 (all Crits).
    • Yurius: Miss
    • Lakche: Astra! x2 (All Crits)
    • Yurius is defeated. Yeah. Astra crit stream to the Final Boss Preview going down.
  • Path of Radiance, final mission. I had three fronts and only two characters (Ike and Nasir) who I was really happy about sending in for a round against dragons. And no Reyson. So, in order to deal with this, I used the much-maligned Pegasus Knight Triangle Attack. In nearly every FE game, if three peg knights are adjacent to an enemy and one attacks, they automatically hit and crit, even if that were ordinarily impossible. Most times, it's an excessive and inefficent investment. This was not one of those times. Tanith with a forged silver lance was running around obliterating the toughest non-boss enemy in the game with 100% odds of killing them in one shot.
  • In my experience, Reyson is the most awesome supporting unit ever. One chapter, the Alliance was facing off against Begnion, we were on the offense. I moved Reyson out in the field without paying much attention, and a man with a crossbow attacked him. I began to despair. However, Reyson took the first hit with one HP left then dodged the second. Normally, not even Naesala survives a battle with a crossbow at this point.
  • During the battle with Emperor Walhart in Awakening, I wasn't aware that he would move from his position at the front gate, and thus moved my units forward rather carelessly. When he rode forward and attacked Severa, a recently promoted Bow Knight armed with a silver sword, I thought she was done for. My suspicions were confirmed when the boss activated a critical and charged forward, and I prepared to reset... when out of nowhere, Gaius (her assassin father, who she was paired with) shoved her aside and blocked the blow, reducing it to no damage. Severa then proceeded to activate Lethality...
  • Any time you beat any of the more brutal games on the hardest difficulty, but I distinctly remember my final victory over Shadow Dragon's H5 difficulty. I only had 11 units who were fighting fit due to constant deaths among my men, forcing me to send four bench warmers to the upper right corner of the map to draw away the enemies and buy myself some time. I was stuck on the endgame for a couple of years before I finally mustered up the will to crawl to the save point at the entrance to Medeus' room... with only five survivors left on the map: Marth, Lena, Merric, Barst, and Roger. Lena only had one Fortify charge remaining, and only Barst was close enough to help Marth fight the final boss. Marth himself lacked the necessary bulk to survive a round with Medeus, and all hope rested on him and Barst breaking through the final Mooks and scoring a 9% critical hit to win the game. After countless resets and getting munched on by Medeus six times, Marth finally raised his sword for the critical, and I screamed "DIIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!" at the top of my lungs and went Laughing Mad until Mom asked if I was OK. Good times.
  • Early in Path of Radiance, I ended up with a wounded Soren (6 out of 18 HP with awful Defense) who was about to get taken out by the boss. He dodged the javelin that was thrown at him, and promptly followed up with a DOUBLE CRITICAL, instantly killing him.
  • Endgame. My Micaiah, the Light Priestess, gets attacked by a White Dragon. The Hit/Dmg/Crt reads 100/0/0 for Michaiah and 64/18/0 for the dragon. Dragon misses. Michaiah attacks next (me thinking it'll be No Damage!x2). Instead, her Corona ability pops. Twice. Down goes the dragon.
  • In my mind, one of the most memorable awesome moments I had playing Fire Emblem was in during the battle against the fire dragon in Blazing Blade when I had my very first playthrough of Eliwood's Tale. After several turns whittling down their HP, they were in optimal position for Eliwood to finish the job, but I instead gave the honour to Lyn. Cue her finishing the job with a critical hit. Doubles as Book-Ends as she had also finished off the very first boss of the game with a critical hit as well.
  • An entertaining one that comes to mind happened in Sacred Stones during Chapter 11 on Eirika's route. Amelia, having just recently received a spot of training beforehand as well as recently received a Knight promotion, went on a Foe-Tossing Charge wiping out a good chunk of the monsters on the map. By the end of the fight, she had already hit Level 12! Granted, she was involved in a good chunk of the map's fights, but still...
  • One that comes to my mind is the fight against Zephiel in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. The rest of the army had whittled him down, but had taken a lot of damage in the process. I was feeling rather confident about our chances, so I got careless with my unit placement and accidentally put Sophia into his range. Zephiel attacked, missed, Sophia attacked, and I prepared to do scratch damage. Instead? Critical hit. All hail Kingslayer Sophia.
  • In Fire Emblem Fates, this troper's Felicia singlehandedly defeated Kilma. Her own father. In spite of him seemingly having the advantage due to Felicia being one of my weaker units, she dodged every single one of his Nosferatu and whittled him down from there.
  • In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Youtuber BlunZ (who is well-known for his meme videos of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 & various gacha games, as well as his playthroughs of all 3 Xenoblade games) has (major spoilers) a truly epic battle during Chapter 12 of the Black Eagles route when the Death Knight & Thunder Catherine face off against each other. The attacker, who is incredibly powerful, also has a special weapon that enables four hits (to do a total of 132 HP's worth of damage!): the defender is a very powerful unit as well, but even it will lose nearly 95% health from a single hit and die from a second. The defender character does dodge the first hit, but takes the second, and then counters with a critical hit that instantly destroys the enemy. Although it immediately dies to a ballista attack right after, this one move changes the entire map battle from certain defeat to guaranteed victory for BlunZ by eliminating his biggest threat on the battlefield. The stream chat went crazy at that moment.

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