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Heartwarming / Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

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  • The Homs feel useless in comparison to Keina, so Meruru challenges them to battles against Keina involving things like cleaning to boost their confidence. After losing two battles, they become very depressed and tell Meruru to dispose them as she likes. Meruru has them do one last battle, this time to go out and buy ingredients for food for her. They do a good job gathering, but on their way back home encounter a hungry cat and can't help feeding it. They feel that they've failed again, but Meruru and Keina point out the kindness of their action, leading to a happy ending for them.
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  • The ending of the game, provided you accomplish the goals, when Arls merges with Arland and Meruru is praised by Dessier and everyone steps boldly into a new future.

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