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Quotes / Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

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Dessier: Take a look around. Look at the person standing next to you. I see no one with a look of disappointment on their face. The faces I see are filled with smiles, with strong-willed eyes, with spirits overflowing with hope. Why? Because for the past five years, everyone has given everything in order to advance our kingdom. Because of your sacrifices, we - the people of Arls - can proudly become one with Arland. And today, I want to thank you all for recognizing, and reaching, your full potential. This does not mean the end of our storied history of Arls. No, today marks yet another chapter in that history. We dream of a better tomorrow, and in that dream's name we take our first step today. We hold our fate in our hands. I'm sure you all recognize - this is not the end, but the beginning!
Meruru: From today, I am no longer a princess. But that's okay. I and everyone else in the kingdom are headed toward a new future. No matter what problems arise, as long as everyone stands together, we will always overcome.
—From the game's normal ending

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