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Funny / Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

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  • Meruru cooing over Little Rorona, stating that she's so cute she wants to wash her hair.
  • Just about any scene involving the Masked G
  • Rufus and Sterk initially seeming like they're going to be friends because they each have pigeons and respect their noble nature. Then, they discover that their pigeons are different colors (Sterk's - white, Rufus's - black) and get into an argument, then get into a further series of arguments about various topics.
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  • Meruru spotting Sterk talking with his pigeon and thinking that he's some sort of Dr. Dolittle who can speak pigeon-language, despite his denials.
  • Little Rorona ignoring Astrid's demands of formality and telling her to read her a story.
  • Meruru tends shop for Hanna and Gio shows up and asks about one of the items being sold at the shop, a carrot. He doesn't recognize for it what it is because he's only ever eaten them cooked and buttered before. He offers 100 cole for it, but Meruru says that's way too much and sells it to him for 10 cole, which is actually still 3 more than what the player pays for it in the shop.

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