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Funny / Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk

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  • Whenever Regina levels up she mentions she feels her muscles are getting stronger, but quickly backtracks.
  • When you beat Harry in the first contest he has to try and justify it:
    Harry: Going all-out against a girl is unbecoming of a grown man, so, you know I hope you all understand.
    Marietta: Just be honest and congratulate her!
    • After beating Harry twice he ends up becoming depressed, so Ayesha tries to cheer him up... and ends up making herself his lifelong rival.
  • Regina brings up that Glide walked in on her after she got out of the shower naked because he didn't knock. His response:
    Glide: Well, don't worry, your naked body was as noticeable as a pebble on the ground to me.
    Regina: That still kinda hurts...
    • He later tells her she has to learn to calm down or she'll never find a husband. Regina is fine with that, since she can just marry Ayesha instead.
      Glide: Hmmm... You'd make a nice partner for Regina. How about it? Want to switch teams?
      Ayesha: S-Switch teams?
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  • Harry mistaking the stick you bring him from the factory as a toothpick and claiming the ancients were giants at least 10 meters tall.
  • Ayesha brings up the notion of working to Ranun. He balks and makes up excuses on waiting for the wind and then makes even more excuses afterwards, leaving Ayesha with a headche.
    Ayesha: But I feel like you're not overcoming anything... Nope, nothing.
  • Ayesha's first meeting with Ranun is by stepping on him... twice.
  • Marietta spots Keithgriff at a Baazar and tries to chase him down to talk to him, but every time she tries she runs into Harry.
  • After working for Ernie, Ranun practically runs the moment he thinks he hears his carriage coming.
  • Ayesha is talking with Tanya when a breeze is kicked up and she gets a Panty Shot (offscreen). Tanya's impressed by what she sees.
    Tanya: I'm sure anyone you show them (underwear) to will tell you they're beautiful.
    Ayesha: Whaaa... I don't need that kind of attention! Hrgh, this is so embarrassing...
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  • Regina has Ayesha lure Juris over to her house and then tells him to Take Off Your Clothes while Ayesha blocks the exit. They then turn him into a dress-up doll.
    Juris: Wh-What's going on...? I feel like now I know how it feels to be hunted.... Wah!
  • Ayesha's battle with Keithgriff is a fight you're supposed to lose. But it is possible to beat him. However, when you do... he still leaves with the prize you were fighting over.
    Ayesha: ...He took it with him. But I won... That's cheating.
  • Ayesha tries to teach Linca how to cook. It goes poorly, to where Marion eventually feels the pain as she's forced to endure her cooking.
  • After Ernie "recruits" Ranun to do work for him, he begs Ayesha to help him since he equates it to suffering.
    • He hates it so much he flees if he hears Ernie's carriage coming for him.
  • Fred freezing up when he runs into Marietta.
  • Initially, Ayesha was hesitant to help Kyle with his prank on Juris. Then he offered her free meals and desserts, causing her to answer subconsciously that she would.
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  • When Odelia has a breakdown, Keithgriff has to repair her. When he mentions that it was a opportunity and he checked her over thoroughly, she can only hang her head in embarrassment over him seeing "everything" of her and tells him to take responsiblity by becoming her new Master.
  • Marietta tries to convince Ayesha to help her strip Ernie down only for Mister Fred to walk in and completely misinterprets it.
  • Ayesha takes a sip of alcohol for her birthday and immediately gets hammered.
  • A presumably unintentional source of comedy springs from the use of the word "slag" for the metal-based monster class. It obviously comes from the term for waste materials produced during smelting/refining ore...but in UK slang, "slag" is a sexist insult: it means a promiscuous woman with no morals or class. So when Ayesha and Regina have long dialogues about how the slags are breeding too much, or are filling in all the holes at the mines, they sound like snobs condemning the lower classes.

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