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Dwayne held the muzzle of his gun in his mouth for a while. He tasted oil. The gun was loaded and cocked. There were neat little metal packages containing charcoal, potassium nitrate and sulphur only inches from his brains. He had only to trip a lever, and the powder would turn to gas. The gas would blow a chunk of lead down a tube and through Dwayne's brains.

You wrote a little book, got 'em fired up
Had a Beer Hall Putsch, got 'em fired up
And when your bunker started getting fired up,
You put a gun in your mouth and fired up.

"When someone insults you, even murder is forgivable? I see. What you told me is very important... that you insulted that innocent old man's life. So I changed one of your guns into a banana. You should savor your last meal as best you can."
A final note from Giorno Giovanna to Polpo, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo

Oh hi, Gun Barrel!
Bill Corbett on Johnny's suicide, RiffTrax, The Room

I do not know how the hell Ride to Heck got cleared for release unless the entire QA team simultaneously resigned to start a shotgun tasting business.

He married, of course. And inherited his millions. But the crash of '29 hit his interests hard, and he put a pistol in his mouth that year. Or so I read.
Rose, Titanic (1997), about Cal Hockley

"Well, what do you wanna hear, man? Do you wanna hear that sometimes I think about eatin' a bullet? Huh? Well, I do! I even got a special bullet for the occasion with a hollow point, look! Make sure it blows the back of my goddamned head out and do the job right!"
Martin Riggs, Lethal Weapon (1987)


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