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Although TinkerQuarry can be surprisingly dark at times, it still has the adorable, feel-good moments you'd expect from a game about cute living toys.

  • The scene where Adeline meets Skid and Whiskers. Not only is the music beautiful, but it's very nice to see the story take a quick break from its usually dark nature. Despite a few characters showing disdain for the two, Skid and Whiskers turn out to be very sweet guys who warmly welcome you into their hideout. Talking to them reveals that they've missed Adeline and are happy to see her again, despite how horribly she allegedly treated the toys before the events of the game. One question you can ask them is "Was I a bad person?", to which Whiskers replies:
    "Listen, (player's name). I know ya want to know more about your past... but I think ya should look forward to who you are becoming rather than what ya were."
  • The "comfort" scene near the end of the game. By this point, Adeline is becoming physically exhausted in her journey, so just before they enter the Mirror Room, Peter stops to comfort her. The cutscene image in this scene is just beautiful, with whichever characters you have in your party looking concerned for Adeline:
    • Peter is hugging her. Based on his position, the poor bunny would certainly be resting her on his lap if only he still had his legs.
    • Whiskers has his arm on Peter's shoulder, and Skid sits on Peter's head. Both of them look at Adeline sadly.
    • Clint stands beside the group, not looking at them, which diminishes the effect a little, but considering that he's almost always aloof, it's still kind of nice that he's at least staying by their side.
    • Meta example: Since it's impossible to have every character in the party at once (simply because you have to choose between Skid or Whiskers), Hallowraith made a separate, non-canon version of the image (shown here) where they are all together.
  • JingleQuarry, the holiday-themed spinoff game, is just really sweet in general. Almost all the NPCs, even Sera and Stella who are bosses in the main game, come out of their hiding places to celebrate Christmas together. All those who are celebrating will greet you warmly as well. The terrifying enemies and intense battles in the main game are absent here, instead you only have a fun collection quest. Even the normally mysterious and dark music is replaced with a cheerful version of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas."


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